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Efficient Kernel-based Subsequence Search for User Identification from Walking ActivityJun 11 2019This paper presents an efficient approach for subsequence search in data streams. The problem consists in identifying coherent repetitions of a given reference time-series, eventually multi-variate, within a longer data stream. Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) ... More
Reachability-based safe learning for optimal control problemNov 09 2018In this work we seek for an approach to integrate safety in the learning process that relies on a partly known state-space model of the system and regards the unknown dynamics as an additive bounded disturbance. We introduce a framework for safely learning ... More
Application of HUBzero platform for the educational process in astroparticle physicsDec 04 2018In the frame of the Karlsruhe-Russian Astroparticle Data Life Cycle Initiative it was proposed to deploy an educational resource for the training of students in the field of astroparticle physics. This resource is based on HUBzero, ... More
A distributed data warehouse system for astroparticle physicsDec 05 2018A distributed data warehouse system is one of the actual issues in the field of astroparticle physics. Famous experiments, such as TAIGA, KASCADE-Grande, produce tens of terabytes of data measured by their instruments. It is critical to have a smart data ... More
Mountain Peak Detection in Online Social MediaAug 12 2015We present a system for the classification of mountain panoramas from user-generated photographs followed by identification and extraction of mountain peaks from those panoramas. We have developed an automatic technique that, given as input a geo-tagged ... More
On the Grothendieck-Serre conjecture on principal bundles in mixed characteristicJan 17 2015Nov 13 2016Let R be a regular local ring. Let G be a reductive R-group scheme. A conjecture of Grothendieck and Serre predicts that a principal G-bundle over R is trivial if it is trivial over the quotient field of R. The conjecture is known when R contains a field. ... More
Biphoton ququarts as either pure or mixed states, features and reconstruction from coincidence measurementsSep 17 2012Features of biphoton polarization-frequency ququarts are considered. Their wave functions are defined as functions of both polarization and frequency variables of photons with the symmetry obligatory for two-boson states taken into account. In experiments, ... More
A Discretization of the Nonholonomic Chaplygin Sphere ProblemDec 15 2006Mar 12 2007The celebrated problem of a non-homogeneous sphere rolling over a horizontal plane was proved to be integrable and was reduced to quadratures by Chaplygin. Applying the formalism of variational integrators (discrete Lagrangian systems) with nonholonomic ... More
Algebraic Closed Geodesics on a Triaxial EllipsoidJun 29 2005Oct 10 2005We propose a simple method of explicit description of families of closed geodesics on a triaxial ellipsoid $Q$ that are cut out by algebraic surfaces in ${\mathbb R}^3$. Such geodesics are either connected components of spatial elliptic curves or rational ... More
Variations of Hodge structures for hypergeometric differential operators and parabolic Higgs bundlesMay 07 2015Dec 26 2015Consider the holomorphic bundle with connection on $\mathbb P^1-\{0,1,\infty\}$ corresponding to the regular hypergeometric differential operator \[ \prod_{j=1}^h(D-\alpha_j)-z\prod_{j=1}^h(D-\beta_j), \qquad D=z\frac{d}{dz}. \] If the numbers $\alpha_i$ ... More
Formation of Cooper Pairs as a Consequence of Exchange InteractionJan 15 2015Aug 03 2016Analyzing the exchange energy of two conduction electrons in the crystal at a many-body approach we find, that the exchange energy may be negative and, thus, the singlet state may be favorable. A full overlap in the real space of the wave functions of ... More
Uniform bounds for robust mean estimatorsDec 09 2018Dec 29 2018Median-of-means technique is an elegant and general method for estimating the expectation of a random variable that provides strong non-asymptotic guarantees under minimal assumptions on the underlying distribution. We consider generalizations of the ... More
Landau dispersion relationship in self-consistent field theoryMar 05 2019The spectral problem is studied associated with Maxwell-Boltzmann equations describing collisionless plasma. Formula for instability index is obtained and effective conditions of two-stream instability are given.
Entanglement of qutrits and ququartsSep 14 2010Sep 27 2010We investigate in a general form entanglement of biphoton qutrits and ququarts, i.e. states formed in the processes of collinear and, correspondingly, degenerate and non-degenerate Spontaneous Parametric Down-Conversion. Indistinguishability of photons ... More
Smoothed quantile regression processes for binary response modelsFeb 22 2013In this paper, we consider binary response models with linear quantile restrictions. Considerably generalizing previous research on this topic, our analysis focuses on an infinite collection of quantile estimators. We derive a uniform linearization for ... More
On Some Extensions of Bernstein's Inequality for Self-adjoint OperatorsDec 22 2011Mar 12 2013We present some extensions of Bernstein's inequality for random self-adjoint operators. The main feature of these results is that they can be applied in the infinite-dimensional setting. In particular, our inequalities refine the previous results of D. ... More
Halfspace depth does not characterize probability distributionsOct 22 2018We give examples of different multivariate probability distributions whose halfspace depths coincide at all points of the sample space.
Measurement of the particle production properties with the ATLAS DetectorNov 03 2017In this contribution, the results on soft hadron physics concerning the underlying event and Bose-Einsten correlations obtained using data collected in proton-proton collisions with the ATLAS experiment are presented.
On Pauli PairsSep 06 2012Feb 11 2013The state of a system in classical mechanics can be uniquely reconstructed if we know the positions and the momenta of all its parts. In 1958 Pauli has conjectured that the same holds for quantum mechanical systems. The conjecture turned out to be wrong. ... More
Cyclically regular semigroupsMar 16 2011We study varieties of semigroups related to completely 0-simple semigroup. We present here an algorithmic descriptions of these varieties interms of "forbidden" semigroups.
Spectrum of magnetohydrodynamic turbulenceNov 10 2005Feb 24 2006We propose a phenomenological theory of strong incompressible magnetohydrodynamic turbulence in the presence of a strong large-scale external magnetic field. We argue that in the inertial range of scales, magnetic-field and velocity-field fluctuations ... More
Framed moduli spaces and tuples of operatorsMar 14 2012In this work we address the classical problem of classifying tuples of linear operators and linear functions on a finite dimensional vector space up to base change. Having adopted for the situation considered a construction of framed moduli spaces of ... More
Moduli space of symmetric connectionsDec 28 2001The action of origin-preserving diffeomorphisms on a space of jets of symmetric connections is considered. Dimensions of moduli spaces of generic connections are calculated. Poincar\'e series of the geometric structure of symmetric connection is constructed, ... More
Kolmogorov-Burgers Model for Star Forming TurbulenceAug 18 2001Oct 23 2001The process of star formation in interstellar molecular clouds is believed to be controlled by driven supersonic magnetohydrodynamic turbulence. We suggest that in the inertial range such turbulence obeys the Kolmogorov law, while in the dissipative range ... More
Hypercyclic operators on topological vector spacesAug 19 2010Bonet, Frerick, Peris and Wengenroth constructed a hypercyclic operator on the locally convex direct sum of countably many copies of the Banach space $\ell_1$. We extend this result. In particular, we show that there is a hypercyclic operator on the locally ... More
The Connection between the Quantum Frequency of Radiation and Frequencies of Circling of the Electron in Atom of HydrogenFeb 04 2002The connection between the quantum frequency of radiation by the transition of the electron from orbit n to orbit k and frequencies of circling of electron in these orbits for the atom of hydrogen is determined.
B-spline normal multi-scale transforms for planar curvesNov 18 2013Normal multi-scale transform [4] is a nonlinear multi-scale transform for representing geometric objects that has been recently investigated [1, 7, 10]. The restrictive role of the exact order of polynomial reproduction $P_e$ of the approximating subdivision ... More
Effect of slip boundary conditions on interfacial stability of two-layer viscous fluids under shearJun 06 2015Jun 09 2015The traditional approach in the study of hydrodynamic stability of stratified fluids includes the stick boundary conditions between layers. However, this rule may be violated in polymer systems and as a consequence various instabilities may arise. The ... More
Operators Similar to Contractions and Their Similarity to a Normal OperatorNov 10 2001It is proved recently by Benamara-Nikolski that a contraction having finite defects and spectrum not filling in the closed unit disc, is similar to a normal operator if and only if it has the so-called linear resolvent growth property. We obtain results ... More
On The Painleve Property For A Class Of Quasilinear Partial Differential EquationsSep 11 2018The last decades saw growing interest across multiple disciplines in nonlinear phenomena described by partial differential equations (PDE). Integrability of such equations is tightly related with the Painleve property - solutions being free from moveable ... More
The role of environment in the observed Fundamental Plane of radio Active Galactic NucleiMay 17 2018The optical Fundamental Plane of black hole activity relates radio continuum luminosity of Active Galactic Nuclei to [O III] luminosity and black hole mass. We examine the environments of low redshift ($z<0.2$) radio-selected AGN, quantified through galaxy ... More
Towards understanding feedback from supermassive black holes using convolutional neural networksDec 02 2017Supermassive black holes at centers of clusters of galaxies strongly interact with their host environment via AGN feedback. Key tracers of such activity are X-ray cavities -- regions of lower X-ray brightness within the cluster. We present an automatic ... More
Approximation of Bergman kernels by rational functions with fixed polesOct 10 2017Nov 14 2017We solved the problem of the best rational approximation of the Bergman kernels on the unit circle of the complex plane in the quadratic and uniform metrics.
Formation of Cooper Pairs as a Consequence of Exchange InteractionJan 15 2015Sep 18 2018Analyzing the exchange energy of two conduction electrons in a crystal at many-body approach we find that the exchange energy may be negative and, thus, the singlet state may be favorable. A full overlap in the real space of the wave functions of two ... More
Existence of Nontrivial Negative Resonances for Polynomial Ordinary Differential Equations With Painlevé PropertyDec 30 2014The Painlev\'e classification is one of the central problems in analytics theory of differential equations rooted in the XIX century. Although it saw many significant advances in analyzing certain classes of equations, the classification still remains ... More
Non-sequential weak supercyclicity and hypercyclicitySep 07 2012A bounded linear operator $T$ acting on a Banach space $\B$ is called weakly hypercyclic if there exists $x\in \B$ such that the orbit ${T^n x: n=0,1,...}$ is weakly dense in $\B$ and $T$ is called weakly supercyclic if there is $x\in \B$ for which the ... More
Concordance invariants from higher order coversSep 05 2008We generalize the Manolescu-Owens smooth concordance invariant delta(K) of knots K in the 3-sphere to invariants delta_{p^n}(K) obtained by considering covers of order p^n, with p prime. Our main result shows that for any odd prime p, the direct sum of ... More
The rational Witt class and the unknotting number of a knotJul 14 2009We use the rational Witt class of a knot in the 3-sphere as a tool for addressing questions about its unknotting number. We apply these tools to several low crossing knots (151 knots with 11 crossing and 100 knots with 12 crossings) and to the family ... More
A complete locally convex space of countable dimension admitting an operator with no invariant subspacesSep 14 2010We construct a complete locally convex topological vector space $X$ of countable algebraic dimension and a continuous linear operator $T:X\to X$ such that $T$ has no non-trivial closed invariant subspaces.
Hypercyclic tuples of operators on $C^n$ and $R^n$Aug 20 2010A tuple $(T_1,\dots,T_n)$ of continuous linear operators on a topological vector space $X$ is called hypercyclic if there is $x\in X$ such that the the orbit of $x$ under the action of the semigroup generated by $T_1,\dots,T_n$ is dense in $X$. This concept ... More
Self-detection of x-ray Fresnel transmissivity using photoelectron-induced gas ionizationMay 27 2015Jan 18 2016Electric response of an x-ray mirror enclosed in a gas flow ionization chamber was studied under the conditions of total external reflection for hard x-rays. It is shown that the electric response of the system as a function of the incidence angle is ... More
Painleve Classification of Polynomial Ordinary Differential Equations of Arbitrary Order and Second DegreeOct 09 2014The problem of Painleve classification of ordinary differential equations lasting since the end of XIX century saw significant advances for the limited equation order, however not that much for the equations of higher orders. In this work we propose the ... More
On the Spectrum of Magnetohydrodynamic TurbulenceMar 02 2005Jun 17 2005We propose a phenomenological model for incompressible magnetohydrodynamic turbulence. We argue that nonlinear-wave interaction weakens as the energy cascade proceeds to small scales, however, the anisotropy of fluctuations along the large-scale magnetic ... More
Powers of sets in free groupsMay 11 2010Nov 23 2012We prove that |A^n| > c_n |A|^{[\frac{n+1}{2}]} for any finite subset A of a free group if A contains at least two noncommuting elements, where c_n>0 are constants not depending on A. Simple examples show that the order of these estimates are the best ... More
Operators commuting with the Volterra operator are not weakly supercyclicMar 10 2009We prove that any bounded linear operator on $L_p[0,1]$ for $1\leq p<\infty$, commuting with the Volterra operator $V$, is not weakly supercyclic, which answers affirmatively a question raised by L\'eon-Saavedra and Piqueras-Lerena. It is achieved by ... More
The Spectral Problem and Algebras Associated with Extended Dynkin GraphsApr 06 2009The Spectral Problem is to describe possible spectra $\sigma (A_j)$ for an irreducible $n$-tuple of Hermitian operators s.t. $A_1+...+A_n$ is a scalar operator. In case when $m_j= | \sigma (A_j)|$ are finite and a rooted tree ${\rm T}_{m_1,..., m_n}$ ... More
Rapid growth sequencesFeb 01 2002Feb 02 2002Studying Fermat sequence we can simply find infinitely many other rapidly growing sequences of similar properties. On the other hand this approach allows us simple construction of such sequences.
Symplectic surfaces and generic J-holomorphic structures on 4-manifoldsJul 04 2002Feb 12 2004It is a well known fact that every embedded symplectic surface $\Sigma$ in a symplectic 4-manifold $(X^4,\omega)$ can be made $J$-holomorphic for some almost-complex structure $J$ compatible with $\omega$. In this paper we investigate when such a $J$ ... More
Aproximation of periodical function in weighted Orlicz spacesJan 12 2015In this paper we obtained some direct and inverse theorems of approximation theory for $\psi$-differentiable functions in the metric weighted Orlicz spaces with weights, which belong to the class of Muckenhoupt.
Discrete Complex Analysis and ProbabilitySep 30 2010We discuss possible discretizations of complex analysis and some of their applications to probability and mathematical physics, following our recent work with Dmitry Chelkak, Hugo Duminil-Copin and Cl\'ement Hongler.
Conformal invariance in random cluster models. I. Holomorphic fermions in the Ising modelJul 31 2007We construct discrete holomorphic observables in the Ising model at criticality and show that they have conformally covariant scaling limits (as mesh of the lattice tends to zero). In the sequel those observables are used to construct conformally invariant ... More
On O^*-representability and C^*-representability of *-algebrasSep 24 2007May 10 2008Characterization of the *-subalgebras in the algebra of bounded operators acting on Hilbert space is presented. Sufficient conditions for the existence of a faithful representation in pre-Hilbert space of a *-algebra in terms of its Groebner basis are ... More
On the Rees-Sushkevich varietySep 15 2010May 31 2011We study varieties of semigroups related to completely 0-simple semigroup. We present here an algorithmic descriptions of these varieties in terms of "forbidden" semigroups. We also describe residually completely 0-simple varieties of semigroups in terms ... More
Generalized Hermitian Codes over GF(2^r)Nov 08 2005In this paper we studied generalization of Hermitian function field proposed by A.Garcia and H.Stichtenoth. We calculated a Weierstrass semigroup of the point at infinity for the case q=2, r>=3. It turned out that unlike Hermitian case, we have already ... More
Chosen-ciphertext attack on noncommutative Polly CrackerAug 02 2005Nov 08 2005We propose a chosen-ciphertext attack on recently presented noncommutative variant of the well-known Polly Cracker cryptosystem. We show that if one chooses parameters for this noncommutative Polly Cracker as initially proposed, than the system should ... More
Norm attaining operators and pseudospectrumSep 06 2012It is shown that if $1<p<\infty$ and $X$ is a subspace or a quotient of an $\ell_p$-direct sum of finite dimensional Banach spaces, then for any compact operator $T$ on $X$ such that $\|I+T\|>1$, the operator $I+T$ attains its norm. A reflexive Banach ... More
Dimension of quasicirclesApr 07 2009We introduce canonical antisymmetric quasiconformal maps, which minimize the quasiconformality constant among maps sending the unit circle to a given quasicircle. As an application we prove Astala's conjecture that the Hausdorff dimension of a $k$-quasicircle ... More
Grafting Seiberg-Witten monopolesOct 26 2001Feb 23 2003We demonstrate that the operation of taking disjoint unions of J-holomorphic curves (and thus obtaining new J-holomorphic curves) has a Seiberg-Witten counterpart. The main theorem asserts that, given two solutions (A_i, psi_i), i=0,1 of the Seiberg-Witten ... More
Framed moduli and Grassmannians of submodulesOct 22 2010Dec 20 2010In this work we study a realization of moduli spaces of framed quiver representations as Grassmannians of submodules devised by Marcus Reineke. Obtained is a generalization of this construction for finite dimensional associative algebras and for quivers ... More
Smoothed quantile regression processes for binary response modelsFeb 22 2013Apr 04 2019In this paper, we consider binary response models with linear quantile restrictions. Considerably generalizing previous research on this topic, our analysis focuses on an infinite collection of quantile estimators. We derive a uniform linearisation for ... More
Orbits of coanalytic Toeplitz operators and weak hypercyclicityOct 11 2012We prove a new criterion of weak hypercyclicity of a bounded linear operator on a Banach space. Applying this criterion, we solve few open questions. Namely, we show that if $G$ is a region of $\C$ bounded by a smooth Jordan curve $\Gamma$ such that $G$ ... More
Compact operators without extended eigenvaluesSep 07 2012A complex number $\lambda$ is called an extended eigenvalue of a bounded linear operator $T$ on a Banach space $\B$ if there exists a non-zero bounded linear operator $X$ acting on $\B$ such that $XT=\lambda TX$. We show that there are compact quasinilpotent ... More
On Some Extensions of Bernstein's Inequality for Self-adjoint OperatorsDec 22 2011Apr 14 2017We present some extensions of Bernstein's concentration inequality for random matrices. This inequality has become a useful and powerful tool for many problems in statistics, signal processing and theoretical computer science. The main feature of our ... More
Moduli space of Fedosov structuresOct 30 2003We consider the space of germs of Fedosov structures at a point, together with the group of origin-preserving diffeomorphisms acting on it. We calculate dimensions of moduli spaces of $k$-jets of generic structures and construct Poincar\'e series. It ... More
Electrodynamics of accelerated charges or Why electron does not radiate in Rutherford's atomMar 20 2000It is shown, that the radiation of the charge, moving with uniform acceleration or uniformly moving round a circle and also freely moving in a gravitational field, contradicts the principle of equivalence. It is also shown, that the interaction of the ... More
Moduli Space of General ConnectionsOct 25 2010We consider local invariants of general connections (with torsion). The group of origin-preserving diffeomorphisms acts on a space of jets of general connections. Dimensions of moduli spaces of generic connections are calculated. Poincar\'e series of ... More
Chaotic Banach algebrasAug 19 2010We construct an infinite dimensional non-unital Banach algebra $A$ and $a\in A$ such that the sets $\{za^n:z\in\C,\ n\in\N\}$ and $\{({\bf 1}+a)^na:n\in\N\}$ are both dense in $A$, where $\bf 1$ is the unity in the unitalization $A^{\#}=A\oplus \spann\{{\bf ... More
Stokes Theorem for Lipschitz forms on a smooth manifoldMay 27 2008Stokes theorem holds for Lipschitz forms on a smooth manifold.
Forest fires on $\Z_+$ with ignition only at 0Jul 10 2009Sep 15 2009We consider a version of the forest fire model on graph $G$, where each vertex of a graph becomes occupied with rate one. A fixed vertex $v_0$ is hit by lightning with the same rate, and when this occurs, the whole cluster of occupied vertices containing ... More
Logical methods of object recognition on satellite images using spatial constraintsApr 27 2010A logical approach to object recognition on image is proposed. The main idea of the approach is to perform the object recognition as a logical inference on a set of rules describing an object shape.
Structure and Growth in the Living Tissue and in Carbon NanotubesJun 28 2011The topological organisation of cells in a model of living tissue (the crypt of intestinal epithelium) is identical to the topological organisation of atoms in carbon nanotubes. The existing models of growth of these two structures contain identical elements. ... More
Asymptotic control theory for a system of linear oscillatorsAug 28 2013May 29 2016We present an asymptotic control theory for a system of an arbitrary number of linear oscillators under a common bounded control. We suggest a design method of a feedback control for this system. By using the DiPerna-Lions theory of singular ODEs, we ... More
Collective Decoherence of Nuclear Spin ClustersFeb 27 2005Sep 12 2005The problem of dipole-dipole decoherence of nuclear spins is considered for strongly entangled spin cluster. Our results show that its dynamics can be described as the decoherence due to interaction with a composite bath consisting of fully correlated ... More
Decoherence Rate of Semiconductor Charge Qubit Coupled to Acoustic Phonon ReservoirSep 01 2003Sep 06 2003We analyze decoherence of an electron in a double-dot due to the interaction with acoustic phonons. For large tunneling rates between the quantum dots, the main contribution to decoherence comes from the phonon emission relaxation processes, while for ... More
Asymptotically optimal feedback control for a system of linear oscillatorsNov 29 2016Dec 01 2016Problem of damping of an arbitrary number of linear oscillators under common bounded control is considered. We are looking for a feedback control steering the system to the equilibrium. The obtained control is asymptotically optimal: the ratio of motion ... More
Separation of variables and explicit theta-function solution of the classical Steklov--Lyapunov systems: A geometric and algebraic geometric backgroundDec 09 2009The paper revises the explicit integration of the classical Steklov--Lyapunov systems via separation of variables, which was first made by F. K\"otter in 1900, but was not well understood until recently. We give a geometric interpretation of the separating ... More
Mutual information-energy inequality for thermal states of a bipartite quantum systemDec 18 2014Mar 19 2015In this work, we consider an upper bound for the quantum mutual information in thermal states of a bipartite quantum system. This bound is related with the interaction energy and logarithm of the partition function of the system. We demonstrate the connection ... More
Quaternion representation and symplectic spin tomographyAug 29 2013Dec 31 2013Quantum tomography for continuous variables is based on the symplectic transformation group acting in the phase space. A particular case of symplectic tomography is optical tomography related to the action of a special orthogonal group. In the tomographic ... More
Frobenius manifold structures on the spaces of abelian integralsJan 21 2007Dec 26 2010Frobenius manifold structures on the spaces of abelian integrals were constructed by I. Krichever. We use D-modules, deformation theory, and homological algebra to give a coordinate-free description of these structures. It turns out that the tangent sheaf ... More
A proof of the Grothendieck-Serre conjecture on principal bundles over regular local rings containing infinite fieldsNov 12 2012Nov 12 2015Let R be a regular local ring, containing an infinite field. Let G be a reductive group scheme over R. We prove that a principal G-bundle over R is trivial, if it is trivial over the fraction field of R.
Azimuthal entanglement and multichannel Schmidt-type decomposition of non-collinear biphotonsJan 08 2016Purely azimuthal entanglement is analyzed for noncollinear frequency-degenerate biphoton states. The degree of azimuthal entanglement is found to be very high, with the Schmidt parameter $K$ on the order of the ratio of the pump waist to its wavelength. ... More
Blow-ups of three-dimensional terminal singularities: cA caseNov 29 2001Divisors with minimal discrepancy over cA points are classified
Feedback control for damping a system of linear oscillatorsSep 20 2015Nov 13 2015The paper is devoted to a design of a common bounded feedback control steering a system of an arbitrary number of linear oscillators to the equilibrium. At high energies, the control is based on the asymptotic theory of reachable sets of linear systems. ... More
Damping of a system of linear oscillators using the generalized dry frictionAug 31 2015Jul 17 2016The problem of damping a system of linear oscillators is considered. The problem is solved by using a control in the form of dry friction. The motion of the system under the control is governed by a system of differential equations with discontinuous ... More
Motion of a system of oscillators under the generalized dry friction controlMay 04 2015Aug 30 2015The problem of the existence and uniqueness of the motion of the system of an arbitrary number linear oscillators under a generalized dry-friction type control is studied. This type of control arises in the problem of steering the system to equilibrium. ... More
Perturbation theory of observable linear systemsApr 28 2014Sep 22 2015The present work is motivated by the asymptotic control theory for a system of linear oscillators: the problem is to design a common bounded scalar control for damping all oscillators in asymptotically minimal time. The motion of the system is described ... More
Partial Fourier--Mukai transform for integrable systems with applications to Hitchin fibrationAug 05 2014Nov 03 2014Let X be an abelian scheme over a scheme B. The Fourier--Mukai transform gives an equivalence between the derived category of X and the derived category of the dual abelian scheme. We partially extend this to certain schemes X over B (which we call degenerate ... More
Leduc-Righi effect in superconductors with nontrivial density of statesAug 27 1997Sep 09 1997Increasing of electronic thermal conductivity of superconductor in the model with nontrivial density of states was considered. The electronic thermal conductivity K(T) of SC in the presence of external magnetic field was investigated. It was shown that ... More
Asymptotically optimal control for a simplest distributed systemDec 05 2016We study the problem of the minimum-time damping of a closed string under a bounded load, applied at a single fixed point. A constructive feedback control law is designed, which allows bringing the system to a bounded neighbourhood of the terminal manifold. ... More
Large scale near-duplicate image retrieval using Triples of Adjacent Ranked Features (TARF) with embedded geometric informationMar 19 2016Most approaches to large-scale image retrieval are based on the construction of the inverted index of local image descriptors or visual words. A search in such an index usually results in a large number of candidates. This list of candidates is then re-ranked ... More
Russian-German Astroparticle Data Life Cycle InitiativeNov 29 2018Modern large-scale astroparticle setups measure high-energy particles, gamma rays, neutrinos, radio waves, and the recently discovered gravitational waves. Ongoing and future experiments are located worldwide. The data acquired have different formats, ... More
A note on Brill--Noether existence for graphs of low genusSep 07 2016In an influential 2008 paper, Baker proposed a number of conjectures relating the divisor theory of algebraic curves with an analogous combinatorial theory on finite graphs. In this note, we examine Baker's Brill--Noether existence conjecture for special ... More
Conformal invariance of boundary touching loops of FK Ising modelSep 29 2015In this article we show the convergence of a loop ensemble of interfaces in the FK Ising model at criticality, as the lattice mesh tends to zero, to a unique conformally invariant scaling limit. The discrete loop ensemble is described by a canonical tree ... More
Scintillations and Levy flights through the interstellar mediumApr 09 2002Temporal broadening of pulsar signals results from electron density fluctuations in the interstellar medium that cause the radiation to travel along paths of different lengths. The Gaussian theory of fluctuations predicts that the pulse temporal broadening ... More
Exotic solutions in string theoryJun 05 1999Solutions of classical string theory, correspondent to the world sheets, mapped in Minkowsky space with a fold, are considered. Typical processes for them are creation of strings from vacuum, their recombination and annihilation. These solutions violate ... More
Quasisymmetric distortion spectrumOct 25 2009We give improved bounds for the distortion of the Hausdorff dimension under quasisymmetric maps in terms of the dilatation of their quasiconformal extension. The sharpness of the estimates remains an open question and is shown to be closely related to ... More
Existence of sublattice points in lattice polygonsJun 02 2016Aug 20 2016We state the formula for the critical number of vertices of a convex lattice polygon that guarantees that the polygon contains at least one point of a given sublattice and give a partial proof of the formula. We show that the proof can be reduced to finding ... More
Nonlinear Fokker-Planck equations with reaction as gradient flows of the free energyJun 27 2017We interpret a class of nonlinear Fokker-Planck equations with reaction as gradient flows over the space of Radon measures equipped with the recently introduced Hellinger-Kantorovich distance. The driving entropy of the gradient flow is not assumed to ... More
Moment inequalities for matrix-valued U-statistics of order 2Jan 18 2018Jun 29 2018We present Rosenthal-type moment inequalities for matrix-valued U-statistics of order 2. As a corollary, we obtain new matrix concentration inequalities for U-statistics. One of our main technical tools, a version of the non-commutative Khintchine inequality ... More
Hermitian quasi-exactly solvable matrix Shroedinger operatorsDec 01 1998We construct six multi-parameter families of Hermitian quasi-exactly solvable matrix Schroedinger operators in one variable. The method for finding these operators relies heavily upon a special representation of the Lie algebra o(2,2) whose representation ... More