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Exact charges from heterotic black holesJun 28 2019We derive exact relations to all orders in the $\alpha'$ expansion for the charges of a bound system of heterotic strings, solitonic 5-branes and, optionally, a Kaluza-Klein monopole. The expressions, which differ from those of the zeroth-order supergravity ... More
Hairy black holes in N=2 gauged supergravityMay 12 2015May 22 2015We construct black holes with scalar hair in a wide class of four-dimensional N=2 Fayet-Iliopoulos gauged supergravity theories that are characterized by a prepotential containing one free parameter. Considering the truncated model in which only a single ... More
Black holes in Sol minoreAug 20 2019We consider black holes in five-dimensional $N=2$ $\text{U}(1)$-gauged supergravity coupled to vector multiplets, with horizons that are homogeneous but not isotropic. We write down the equations of motion for electric and magnetic ans\"atze, and solve ... More
Rotating black holes in the FI-gauged $N=2$, $D=4$ $\overline{\mathbb{C}\text{P}}^n$ modelFeb 08 2019We construct supersymmetric black holes with rotation or NUT charge for the $\overline{\mathbb{C}\text{P}}^n$- and the $\text{t}^3$ model of $N=2$, $D=4$ $\text{U}(1)$ FI-gauged supergravity. The solutions preserve 2 real supercharges, which are doubled ... More
Rotating black holes in the FI-gauged $N=2$, $D=4$ $\overline{\mathbb{C}\text{P}}^n$ modelFeb 08 2019Mar 25 2019We construct supersymmetric black holes with rotation or NUT charge for the $\overline{\mathbb{C}\text{P}}^n$- and the $\text{t}^3$ model of $N=2$, $D=4$ $\text{U}(1)$ FI-gauged supergravity. The solutions preserve 2 real supercharges, which are doubled ... More
Rare Kaon Decays K->pi n n and KL->pi l+l-Dec 12 2005Over the next years, the Flavour Physics community will be looking for inconsistencies of the Standard Model (SM) by exploiting new and precise measurements. In these ``indirect new physics'' searches, the key strategy is to concentrate on observables, ... More
The IR-Completion of Gravity: What happens at Hubble Scales?Jul 06 2009Nov 30 2009We have recently proposed an "Ultra-Strong" version of the Equivalence Principle (EP) that is not satisfied by standard semiclassical gravity. In the theory that we are conjecturing, the vacuum expectation value of the (bare) energy momentum tensor is ... More
Backlund transformations for the elliptic Gaudin model and a Clebsch systemJan 25 2011A two-parameters family of Backlund transformations for the classical elliptic Gaudin model is constructed. The maps are explicit, symplectic, preserve the same integrals as for the continuous flows and are a time discretization of each of these flows. ... More
High availability using virtualizationOct 09 2009High availability has always been one of the main problems for a data center. Till now high availability was achieved by host per host redundancy, a highly expensive method in terms of hardware and human costs. A new approach to the problem can be offered ... More
A Note on Edwards' Hypothesis for Zero-Temperature Ising DynamicsOct 21 2004We give a simple criterion for checking the so called Edwards' hypothesis in certain zero-temperature, ferromagnetic spin-flip dynamics and use it to invalidate the hypothesis in various examples in dimension one and higher.
A population-based approach to background discrimination in particle physicsOct 28 2010Mar 15 2013Background properties in experimental particle physics are typically estimated using control samples corresponding to large numbers of events. This can provide precise knowledge of average background distributions, but typically does not consider the ... More
Closed graph theorems for bornological spacesAug 06 2015The aim of this paper is that of discussing Closed Graph Theorems for bornological vector spaces in a way which is accessible to non-experts. We will see how to easily adapt classical arguments of functional analysis over $\mathbb{R}$ and $\mathbb{C}$ ... More
Turbulent amplification of magnetic field driven by dynamo effect at rippled shocksApr 17 2013We derive analytically the vorticity generated downstream of a two-dimensional rippled hydromagnetic shock neglecting fluid viscosity and resistivity. The growth of the turbulent component of the downstream magnetic field is driven by the vortical eddies ... More
Optimal Polynomial Admissible Meshes on Some Classes of Compact Subsets of $\R^d$Feb 19 2013Dec 10 2015We show that any compact subset of $\R^d$ which is the closure of a bounded star-shaped Lipschitz domain $\Omega$, such that $\complement \Omega$ has positive reach in the sense of Federer, admits an \emph{optimal AM} (admissible mesh), that is a sequence ... More
Coarsening in inhomogeneous systemsApr 01 2015This Article is a brief review of coarsening phenomena occurring in systems where quenched features - such as random field, varying coupling constants or lattice vacancies - spoil homogeneity. We discuss the current understanding of the problem in ferromagnetic ... More
Brownian Loops and Conformal FieldsJan 20 2015Feb 11 2016The main topic of these lecture notes is the continuum scaling limit of planar lattice models. One reason why this topic occupies an important place in the theory of probability and mathematical statistical physics is that scaling limits provide the link ... More
Proportionality Principle for the Lipschitz simplicial volumeNov 01 2014We prove the Proportionality Principle for the Lipschitz simplicial volume without any restriction on curvature. Our argument is based on the construction of a suitable \emph{pseudostraightening} for simplices.
On a generalization of affinoid varietiesJan 22 2014Jun 20 2016In this thesis we develop the foundations for a theory of analytic geometry over a valued field, uniformly encompassing the case when the base field is equipped with a non-archimedean valuation and the case when it has an archimedean one. Our building ... More
Testing for separability is hardJan 18 2014This paper shows that it is computationally hard to decide (or test) if a consumption data set is consistent with separable preferences.
Reconstructing a website's lost past: Methodological issues concerning the history of www.unibo.itApr 20 2016This paper describes how born digital primary sources could be used to reconstruct the recent history of scientific institutions. The case study is an analysis of the first 25 years online of the University of Bologna. The focus of this work is primarily ... More
CLT for the zeros of Kostlan Shub Smale random polynomialsApr 21 2015Apr 23 2015In this paper we find the asymptotic main term of the variance of the number of roots of Kostlan-Shub-Smale random polynomials and prove a central limit theorem for the number of roots as the degree goes to infinity.
A sum-shuffle formula for zeta values in Tate algebrasSep 28 2016Oct 13 2016We prove a sum-shuffle formula for double zeta values in Tate algebras. This follows from an analog result for double twisted power sums, implying that an F\_p-vector space generated by multiple zeta values in Tate algebras is an F\_p-algebra.
Infrared-modified UniverseApr 18 2012We consider a Hubble expansion law modified in the infra-red by distance-dependent terms, and attempt to enforce homogeneity upon it. As a warm-up, we re-derive the basic kinematics of a Friedman Robertson Walker universe without using standard general ... More
Neither Name, Nor NumberDec 20 2011Since its origins, Quantum mechanics has presented problems with the concept of individuality. It is argued that quantum particles do not have individuality, and so, one can speak about "entities without identity". On the contrary, we claim that the problem ... More
On Natural Deduction for Herbrand Constructive Logics I: Curry-Howard Correspondence for Dummett's Logic LCSep 11 2016Sep 27 2016Dummett's logic LC is intuitionistic logic extended with Dummett's axiom: for every two statements the first implies the second or the second implies the first. We present a natural deduction and a Curry-Howard correspondence for first-order and second-order ... More
The number of halving circlesAug 25 2004A set S of 2n+1 points in the plane is said to be in general position if no three points of S are collinear and no four are concyclic. A circle is called halving with respect to S if it has three points of S on its circumference, n-1 points in its interior, ... More
Modern Random Access for Satellite CommunicationsJun 30 2017The present PhD dissertation focuses on modern random access (RA) techniques. In the first part an slot- and frame-asynchronous RA scheme adopting replicas, successive interference cancellation and combining techniques is presented and its performance ... More
On the Noether Problem for torsion subgroups of toriDec 13 2018We consider the Noether Problem for stable and retract rationality for the sequence of $d$-torsion subgroups $T[d]$ of a torus $T$, $d\geq 1$. We show that the answer to these questions only depends on $d\pmod{e(T)}$, where $e(T)$ is the period of the ... More
The extremal plurisubharmonic function of the torusNov 07 2018We compute the extremal plurisubharmonic function of the real torus viewed as a compact subset of its natural algebraic complexification.
Development and regression of a large fluctuationMar 08 2017We study the evolution leading to (or regressing from) a large fluctuation in a Statistical Mechanical system. We introduce and study analytically a simple model of many identically and independently distributed microscopic variables $n_m$ ($m=1,M$) evolving ... More
Essential dimension and genericity for quiver representationsOct 20 2018We study the essential dimension of representations of a fixed quiver with given dimension vector. We also consider the question of when the genericity property holds, i.e., when essential dimension and generic essential dimension agree. We classify the ... More
On the motivic class of an algebraic groupJul 31 2018We give an example of a torus $G$ over a finitely generated field extension $F$ of $\mathbb{Q}$ whose classifying stack $BG$ is stably rational and such that $\{BG\}\neq \{G\}^{-1}$ in the Grothendieck ring of algebraic stacks over $F$. We also give an ... More
On Natural Deduction for Herbrand Constructive Logics III: The Strange Case of the Intuitionistic Logic of Constant DomainsMar 20 2018Oct 18 2018The logic of constant domains is intuitionistic logic extended with the so-called forall-shift axiom, a classically valid statement which implies the excluded middle over decidable formulas. Surprisingly, this logic is constructive and so far this has ... More
Synchronization of a double pendulum with moving pivots: a study of the spectrumFeb 14 2018The model we consider consists in a double pendulum set, where the pivot points are free to shift along a horizontal line. Moreover, the two pendula are coupled by means of a spring whose extremities connect two points of each pendulum, at a fixed distance ... More
A true real-time success story: the case of collecting beauty-ful data at the LHCb experimentJun 22 2018Jun 25 2018The LHCb experiment at CERN is currently completing its first big data taking campaign at the LHC started in 2009. It has been collecting data at more than 2.5 times its nominal design luminosity value and with a global efficiency of ~92%. Even more striking, ... More
The Two-fold Role of Observables in Classical and Quantum KinematicsNov 18 2017Apr 11 2018Observables have a dual nature in both classical and quantum kinematics: they are at the same time \emph{quantities}, allowing to separate states by means of their numerical values, and \emph{generators of transformations}, establishing relations between ... More
Pluripotential NumericsApr 11 2017We introduce numerical methods for the approximation of the main (global) quantities in Pluripotential Theory as the \emph{extremal plurisubharmonic function} $V_E^*$ of a compact $\mathcal L$-regular set $E\subset \C^n$, its \emph{transfinite diameter} ... More
Laplace Beltrami operator in the Baran metric and pluripotential equilibrium measure: the ball, the simplex and the sphereMar 24 2017Apr 11 2017The Baran metric $\delta_E$ is a Finsler metric on the interior of $E\subset \R^n$ arising from Pluripotential Theory. We consider the few instances, namely $E$ being the ball, the simplex, or the sphere, where $\delta_E$ is known to be Riemaniann and ... More
Towards Conformal Invariance and a Geometric Representation of the 2D Ising Magnetization FieldMay 14 2012We study the continuum scaling limit of the critical Ising magnetization in two dimensions. We prove the existence of subsequential limits, discuss connections with the scaling limit of critical FK clusters, and describe work in progress of the author ... More
Tutte polynomials of hyperplane arrangements and the finite field methodOct 04 2017The Tutte polynomial is a fundamental invariant associated to a graph, matroid, vector arrangement, or hyperplane arrangement. This short survey focuses on some of the most important results on Tutte polynomials of hyperplane arrangements. We show that ... More
Quadratic Vector EquationsApr 09 2010Jun 07 2011We study in an unified fashion several quadratic vector and matrix equations with nonnegativity hypotheses. Specific cases of such problems (QBD equations, nonsymmetric algebraic Riccati equations, Lu's simple equation, Markovian binary trees equations) ... More
Sufficient conditions for local solvability of some degenerate PDO with complex subprincipal symbolJun 29 2018Oct 02 2018We will show a local solvability result for a class of degenerate second order linear partial differential operators with a complex subprincipal symbol. Due to the form of the operators in the class the subprincipal symbol is invariantly defined and we ... More
A nonlocal stochastic Cahn-Hilliard equationOct 27 2015Mar 07 2016We consider a stochastic extension of the nonlocal convective Cahn-Hilliard equation containing an additive Wiener process noise. We first introduce a suitable analytical setting and make some mathematical and physical assumptions. We then establish, ... More
A sum-shuffle formula for zeta values in Tate algebrasSep 28 2016We prove a sum-shuffle formula for double zeta values in Tate algebras. This follows from an analog result for double twisted power sums, implying that an F\_p-vector space generated by multiple zeta values in Tate algebras is an F\_p-algebra.
The Escaramujo Project: instrumentation courses during a road trip across the AmericasNov 18 2016The Escaramujo Project was a series of eight hands-on laboratory courses on High Energy Physics and Astroparticle Instrumentation, in Latinamerican Institutions. The Physicist Federico Izraelevitch traveled on a van with his wife and dogs from Chicago ... More
Quantum degrees of freedom of a region of spacetimeNov 29 2005The holographic principle and the thermodynamics of de Sitter space suggest that the total number of fundamental degrees of freedom associated with any finite-volume region of space may be finite. The naive picture of a short distance cut-off, however, ... More
Data-driven estimation of neutral pileup particle multiplicity in high-luminosity hadron collider environmentsNov 11 2015The upcoming operation regimes of the Large Hadron Collider are going to place stronger requirements on the rejection of particles originating from pileup, i.e. from interactions between other protons. For this reason, particle weighting techniques have ... More
Some results on the rational Bernstein Markov property in the complex planeFeb 11 2015Dec 10 2015The Bernstein Markov Property, shortly BMP, is an asymptotic quan- titative assumption on the growth of uniform norms of polynomials or rational functions on a compact set with respect to L {\mu} 2 -norms, where {\mu} is a positive finite measure. We ... More
Measure expanding actions, expanders and warped conesOct 19 2016We define a way of approximating actions on measure spaces using finite graphs; we then show that in quite general settings these graphs form a family of expanders if and only if the action is expanding in measure. This provides a somewhat unified approach ... More
Logic, Geometry And Probability TheoryNov 29 2013We discuss the relationship between logic, geometry and probability theory under the light of a novel approach to quantum probabilities which generalizes the method developed by R. T. Cox to the quantum logical approach to physical theories.
Toward particle-level filtering of individual collision events at the Large Hadron Collider and beyondNov 05 2013Dec 19 2014Low-energy strong interactions are a major source of background at hadron colliders, and methods of subtracting the associated energy flow are well established in the field. Traditional approaches treat the contamination as diffuse, and estimate background ... More
The cubic nonlinear Dirac equationJan 29 2013We present some results obtained in collaboration with prof. Piero D'Ancona concerning global existence for the 3D cubic non linear massless Dirac equation with a potential for small initial data in $H^1$ with slight additional assumptions. The new crucial ... More
The LHCb UpgradeOct 01 2013The LHCb experiment is designed to perform high-precision measurements of CP violation and search for New Physics using the enormous flux involving beauty and charm quarks produced at the LHC. The operation and the results obtained from the data collected ... More
Functorial resolution of tame quotient singularities in positive characteristicNov 02 2015The object of the present is a proof of the existence of functorial resolution of tame quotient singularities for quasi-projective varieties over algebraically closed fields.
On the generalized Carlitz moduleOct 09 2012Oct 16 2012The aim of this note is to gather formal similarities between two apparently different functions; {\em Euler's function} $\Gamma$ and {\em Anderson-Thakur function} $\omega$. We discuss these similarities in the framework of the {\em generalized Carlitz's ... More
Introduction aux formes modulaires de Hilbert et a leur proprietes differentiellesJul 22 2004An elementary introduction to Hilbert modular forms, with a particular attention to their differential properties: Rankin-Cohen brakets, structure of differential rings... This text will appear in SMF Seminaires et Congres.
The Catalan matroidSep 25 2002We show how the set of Dyck paths of length 2n naturally gives rise to a matroid, which we call the "Catalan matroid" C_n. We describe this matroid in detail; among several other results, we show that C_n is self-dual, it is representable over the rationals ... More
Nonlinear stability for the Maxwell--Born--Infeld system on a Schwarzschild backgroundJun 23 2017In this paper we prove small data global existence for solutions to the Maxwell--Born--Infeld (MBI) system on a fixed Schwarzschild background. This system has appeared in the context of string theory and can be seen as a nonlinear model problem for the ... More
Scaling Limit and Critical Exponents for Two-Dimensional Bootstrap PercolationOct 21 2004Consider a cellular automaton with state space $\{0,1 \}^{{\mathbb Z}^2}$ where the initial configuration $\omega_0$ is chosen according to a Bernoulli product measure, 1's are stable, and 0's become 1's if they are surrounded by at least three neighboring ... More
Natural Deduction and Normalization Proofs for the Intersection Type DisciplineApr 23 2019Refining and extending previous work by Retor\'e, we develop a systematic approach to intersection types via natural deduction. We show how a step of beta reduction can be seen as performing, at the level of typing derivations, Prawitz reductions in parallel. ... More
An extended Lagrangian formalismFeb 14 2018A simple formal procedure makes the main properties of the lagrangian binomial extendable to functions depending to any kind of order of the time--derivatives of the lagrangian coordinates. Such a broadly formulated binomial can provide the lagrangian ... More
Searches for Light Exotics at LHCbMar 05 2017We report on the latest direct searches for light exotics at LHCb, conducted during Run I of LHC. This proceedings are divided into two sections, the first part will cover the search for the lepton number violating decay ${B}\rightarrow {\pi^{+}\mu^{-}\mu^{-}}$ ... More
New numerical invariants for representations of algebrasApr 02 2018Sep 26 2018Let $k$ be a field, $A$ a finitely generated associative $k$-algebra and $\operatorname{Rep}_A[n]$ the functor $\operatorname{Fields}_k\to \operatorname{Sets}$, which sends a field $K$ containing $k$ to the set of isomorphism classes of representations ... More
A novel method for reconstruction of collision vertices at high-intensity hadron collidersApr 28 2017This paper presents a novel method for the reconstruction of interaction vertices in particle collision data. The algorithm is an agglomerative clustering technique designed for high-luminosity environments in current and future proton-proton colliders. ... More
Propagating weights of tori along free resolutionsJun 07 2014May 09 2015The action of a torus on a graded module over a polynomial ring extends to the entire minimal free resolution of the module. We explain how to determine the action of the torus on the free modules in the resolution, when the resolution can be calculated ... More
Free resolutions of orbit closures for the representations associated to gradings on Lie algebras of type $E_6$, $F_4$ and $G_2$Oct 24 2012Mar 14 2014The irreducible representations of complex semisimple algebraic groups with finitely many orbits are parametrized by graded simple Lie algebras. For the exceptional Lie algebras, Kraskiewicz and Weyman exhibit the Hilbert polynomials and the expected ... More
Isotrivial unfoldings and structural theorems for foliations on Projective spacesFeb 02 2015Nov 19 2015Following T. Suwa, we study unfoldings of algebraic foliations and their relationship with families of foliations, making focus on those unfoldings related to trivial families. The results obtained in the study of unfoldings are then applied to obtain ... More
Transversal and cotransversal matroids via the Lindstrom lemmaMay 23 2006It is known that the duals of transversal matroids are precisely the strict gammoids. The purpose of this short note is to show how the Lindstrom-Gessel-Viennot lemma gives a simple proof of this result.
A tropical morphism related to the hyperplane arrangement of the complete bipartite graphApr 16 2004We undertake a combinatorial study of the piecewise linear map g : R^{2m+2n} --> R^{mn} which assigns to the four vectors a, A in R^m and b, B in R^n the m by n matrix given by g_{ij} = min (a_i + b_j, A_i+B_j). This map arises naturally in Pachter and ... More
Scaling Limits of Two-Dimensional Percolation: an OverviewOct 06 2008We present a review of the recent progress on percolation scaling limits in two dimensions. In particular, we will consider the convergence of critical crossing probabilities to Cardy's formula and of the critical exploration path to chordal SLE(6), the ... More
Fundamental groups as limits of discrete fundamental groupsOct 19 2017Jun 18 2018In this note we investigate to what extent the fundamental group of a metric space can be described as the inverse limit of its discrete fundamental groups. We show that some mild conditions suffice to imply the existence of an isomorphism and we provide ... More
Learning, Realizability and Games in Classical ArithmeticDec 22 2010Jun 02 2011In this dissertation we provide mathematical evidence that the concept of learning can be used to give a new and intuitive computational semantics of classical proofs in various fragments of Predicative Arithmetic. First, we extend Kreisel modified realizability ... More
Non-Locality and Theories of CausationNov 05 2001The aim of the paper is to investigate the characterization of an unambiguous notion of causation linking single space-llike separated events in EPR-Bell frameworks. This issue is investigated in ordinary quantum mechanics, with some hints to no collapse ... More
Interactive Learning Based Realizability and 1-Backtracking GamesJan 28 2011We prove that interactive learning based classical realizability (introduced by Aschieri and Berardi for first order arithmetic) is sound with respect to Coquand game semantics. In particular, any realizer of an implication-and-negation-free arithmetical ... More
Gauss-Codazzi thermodynamics on the timelike screenMay 27 2010Oct 25 2010It is a known result by Jacobson that the flux of energy-matter through a local Rindler horizon is related with the expansion of the null generators in a way that mirrors the first law of thermodynamics. We extend such a result to a timelike screen of ... More
The Role of Incentives for Opening Monopoly Markets: Comparing GTE and BOC Cooperation with Local EntrantsSep 06 2001While the 1996 Telecommunications Act requires all incumbent local telephone companies to cooperate with local entrants, section 271 of the Act provides the Bell companies (but not GTE) additional incentives to cooperate. Using an original data set, I ... More
A note on certain representations in characteristic p and associated functionsMar 25 2016May 26 2016We discuss certain representations of GL 2 Fq[T] in equal characteristic and associated vectorial modular forms
Large deviations, condensation, and giant response in a statistical systemMay 05 2015Sep 25 2015We study the probability distribution $P$ of the sum of a large number of non-identically distributed random variables $n_m$. Condensation of fluctuations, the phenomenon whereby one of such variables provides a macroscopic contribution to the global ... More
Prehomogeneous tensor spacesJun 23 2016Jun 27 2016We refine the classification of prehomogeneous vector spaces, provided by Sato-Kimura, in the case of tensor spaces, presenting a quick way to check whether a given tensor space is prehomogeneous or not.
The inner regions of disk galaxies: a constant baryonic fraction?Jun 19 2014For disk galaxies (spirals and irregulars), the inner circular-velocity gradient (inner steepness of the rotation curve) correlates with the central surface brightness with a slope of ~0.5. This implies that the central dynamical mass density scales almost ... More
Frequency Transient of Three-Dimensional Perturbations in Shear Flows. Similarity Properties and Wave Packets Linear FormationApr 12 2013Jun 27 2013The present thesis deals with the non-modal linear analysis of 3D perturbations in wall flows. In the first part,a solution to the Orr-Sommerfeld and Squire IVP, in the form of orthogonal functions expansion, is researched. The Galerkin method is successfully ... More
A sampling algorithm to estimate the effect of fluctuations in particle physics dataMay 26 2012Dec 19 2014Background properties in experimental particle physics are typically estimated using large data sets. However, different events can exhibit different features because of the quantum mechanical nature of the underlying physics processes. While signal and ... More
Constructions of General Covering DesignsMay 22 2012Dec 20 2012Given five positive integers $v, m,k,\lambda$ and $t$ where $v \geq k \geq t$ and $v \geq m \geq t,$ a $t$-$(v,k,m,\lambda)$ general covering design is a pair $(X,\mathcal{B})$ where $X$ is a set of $v$ elements (called points) and $\mathcal{B}$ a multiset ... More
tau-recurrent sequences and modular formsMay 29 2011Jun 24 2011In this paper we deal with Drinfeld modular forms, defined and taking values in complete fields of positive characteristic. Our aim is to study a sequence of families of Drinfeld modular forms depending on a parameter t that produces, for certain values ... More
On the Robustness of NK-Kauffman Networks Against Changes in their Connections and Boolean FunctionsMar 24 2009NK-Kauffman networks {\cal L}^N_K are a subset of the Boolean functions on N Boolean variables to themselves, \Lambda_N = {\xi: \IZ_2^N \to \IZ_2^N}. To each NK-Kauffman network it is possible to assign a unique Boolean function on N variables through ... More
CP Violation and K0 decays revelation: study and simulation of neutral Trigger in NA48 experiment -- Violazione di CP e rivelazione dei decadimenti del K0: studio e simulazione del Trigger neutro nell'esperimento NA48Jan 15 2007At the INFN laboratory in Pisa I have prepared my dissertation, which essentially concerned Montecarlo simulation of subnuclear particles decays and investigation of low-noise electronic devices for analyzing high-frequency signals. The team-work was ... More
On the arithmetic properties of complex values of Hecke-Mahler seriesJul 22 2004Here we characterise in a complete and explicit way the relations of algebraic dependence over $\QQ$ of complex values of Hecke-Mahler series taken at algebraic points of the multiplicative group $\GG_m^2(\CC)$. Our result contains previous theorems by ... More
Local solvability of a class of degenerate second order operatorsSep 27 2017In this paper we will first present some results about the local solvability property of a class of degenerate second order linear partial differential operators with smooth coefficients. The class under consideration (which in turn is a generalization ... More
Observation of CP violation in charm decays at LHCbMay 14 2019A search for charge-parity (CP) violation in $D^0 \to K^- K^+$ and $D^0 \to \pi^-\pi^+$ decays is reported, using $pp$ collision data corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 5.9 $\mathrm{fb}^{-1}$ collected at a center-of-mass energy of 13 TeV with ... More
Breeding electric zebras in the fields of MedicineJan 15 2017Jan 27 2017A few notes on the use of machine learning in medicine and the related unintended consequences.
Ideaux stables dans certains anneaux differentiels de formes quasi-modulaires de HilbertJul 22 2004Nesterenko proved, among other results, the algebraic independence over $\QQ$ of the numbers $\pi,e^{\pi},\Gamma(1/4)$. A very important feature of his proof is a multiplicity estimate for quasi-modular forms associated to $\SL_2(\ZZ)$ which involves ... More
The coefficients of a Fibonacci power seriesSep 22 2004We give a short proof of the result that all the coefficients of the series (1-x)(1-x^2)(1-x^3)(1-x^5)(1-x^8)(1-x^13)(1-x^21)... are equal to -1, 0, or 1, and most of them are equal to 0.
Constructing matrix geometric meansJun 17 2009Jul 24 2010In this paper, we analyze the process of "assembling" new matrix geometric means from existing ones, through function composition or limit processes. We show that for n=4 a new matrix mean exists which is simpler to compute than the existing ones. Moreover, ... More
Off-Criticality and the Massive Brownian Loop SoupSep 24 2013Feb 11 2016We introduce a natural "massive" version of the Brownian loop soup of Lawler and Werner which displays conformal covariance and exponential decay. We show that this massive Brownian loop soup arises as the near-critical scaling limit of a random walk ... More
Semimatroids and their Tutte polynomialsAug 31 2004We define and study "semimatroids", a class of objects which abstracts the dependence properties of an affine hyperplane arrangement. We show that geometric semilattices are precisely the posets of flats of semimatroids. We define and investigate the ... More
On the ideal generated by all squarefree monomials of a given degreeSep 21 2016Oct 24 2017An explicit construction is given of a minimal free resolution of the ideal generated by all squarefree monomials of a given degree. The construction relies upon and exhibits the natural action of the symmetric group on the syzygy modules. The resolution ... More
A note on the O(n)-storage implementation of the GKO algorithmMar 26 2009Dec 01 2009We propose a new O(n)-space implementation of the GKO-Cauchy algorithm for the solution of linear systems with Cauchy-like matrix. Despite its slightly higher computational cost, this new algorithm makes a more efficient use of the processor cache memory. ... More
A priori positivity of solutions to a non-conservative stochastic thin-film equationNov 19 2018Stochastic conservation laws are often challenging when it comes to proving existence of non-negative solutions. In a recent work by J. Fischer and G. Gr\"un (2018, Existence of positive solutions to stochastic thin-film equations, SIAM J. Math. Anal.), ... More
Modifying Gravity in the Infra-Red by imposing an "Ultra-Strong" Equivalence PrincipleApr 28 2009Jul 04 2009The equivalence principle suggests to consider gravity as an infra-red phenomenon, whose effects are visible only outside Einstein's free-falling elevator. By curving spacetime, General Relativity leaves the smallest systems free of classical gravitational ... More
Glimmers of a pre-geometric perspectiveJun 15 2005Nov 20 2007Space-time measurements and gravitational experiments are made by using objects, matter fields or particles and their mutual relationships. As a consequence, any operationally meaningful assertion about space-time is in fact an assertion about the degrees ... More