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Kolmogorov extension theorem for general (quantum) stochastic processesDec 07 2017In classical physics, the Kolmogorov extension theorem provides the foundation for the definition and investigation of stochastic processes. In its original form, it does not hold in quantum mechanics. More generally, it does not hold in any theory -- ... More
Non-Markovian quantum control as coherent stochastic trajectoriesFeb 09 2018Feb 12 2018We develop a notion of stochastic quantum trajectories. First, we construct a basis set of trajectories, called elementary trajectories, and go on to show that any quantum dynamical process, including those that are non-Markovian, can be expressed as ... More
Characterization of a quasi-static environment with a qubitMar 15 2019We consider a qubit initalized in a superposition of its pointer states, exposed to pure dephasing due to coupling to a quasi-static environment, and subjected to a sequence of single-shot measurements projecting it on chosen superpositions. We show how ... More
Non-Markovian quantum control as coherent stochastic trajectoriesFeb 09 2018Sep 19 2018We develop a notion of stochastic quantum trajectories. First, we construct a basis set of trajectories, called elementary trajectories, and go on to show that any quantum dynamical process, including those that are non-Markovian, can be expressed as ... More
Kolmogorov extension theorem for (quantum) causal modelling and general probabilistic theoriesDec 07 2017Jul 07 2018In classical physics, the Kolmogorov extension theorem lays the foundation for the theory of stochastic processes. It has been known for a long time that, in its original form, this theorem does not hold in quantum mechanics. More generally, it does not ... More
Eigenvalues of Dirichlet Laplacian within the class of open sets with constant diameterJan 12 2018This paper is about a shape optimization problem related to the Dirichlet Laplacian eingevalues in the Euclidean plane. More precisely we study the shape of the minimizer in the class of open sets of constant width. We prove that the disk is not a local ... More
An Evaluation of Structural Parameters for Probabilistic Reasoning: Results on Benchmark CircuitsFeb 13 2013Many algorithms for processing probabilistic networks are dependent on the topological properties of the problem's structure. Such algorithms (e.g., clustering, conditioning) are effective only if the problem has a sparse graph captured by parameters ... More
Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP): Robust and Efficient for Data Centre ApplicationsDec 02 2013Due to rapid advancement in modern technology, as one of the major concerns is the stability of business. The organizations depend on their systems to provide robust and faster processing of information for their operations. Efficient data centers are ... More
Optimising Rule-Based Classification in Temporal DataJul 20 2016This study optimises manually derived rule-based expert system classification of objects according to changes in their properties over time. One of the key challenges that this study tries to address is how to classify objects that exhibit changes in ... More
Measuring Player's Behaviour Change over Time in Public Goods GameSep 09 2016An important issue in public goods game is whether player's behaviour changes over time, and if so, how significant it is. In this game players can be classified into different groups according to the level of their participation in the public good. This ... More
Semiparametric estimation for space-time max-stable processes: F -madogram-based estimation approachMay 20 2019Max-stable processes have been expanded to quantify extremal dependence in spatio-temporal data. Due to the interaction between space and time, spatio-temporal data are often complex to analyze. So, characterizing these dependencies is one of the crucial ... More
Censored pairwise likelihood-based tests for mixing coefficient of spatial max-mixture modelsDec 08 2017Max-mixture processes are defined as Z = max(aX, (1 -- a)Y) with X an asymptotic dependent (AD) process, Y an asymptotic independent (AI) process and a $\in$ [0, 1]. So that, the mixing coefficient a may reveal the strength of the AD part present in the ... More
Back-to-back Converter Control of Grid-connected Wind Turbine to Mitigate Voltage Drop Caused by FaultsJul 11 2017Power electronic converters enable wind turbines, operating at variable speed, to generate electricity more efficiently. Among variable speed operating turbine generators, permanent magnetic synchronous generator (PMSG) has got more attentions due to ... More
A Model-Free Selection Criterion For The Mixing Coefficient Of Spatial Max-Mixture ModelsJan 03 2018One of the main concerns in extreme value theory is to quantify the dependence between joint tails. Using stochastic processes that lack flexibility in the joint tail may lead to severe under-or over-estimation of probabilities associated to simultaneous ... More
Control of the electromagnetic environment of a quantum emitter by shaping the vacuum field in a coupled-cavity systemMar 20 2015We propose a scheme for the ultrafast control of the emitter-field coupling rate in cavity quantum electrodynamics. This is achieved by the control of the vacuum field seen by the emitter through a modulation of the optical modes in a coupled-cavity structure. ... More
On finite T_0 topological spacesApr 10 2002Finite topological spaces became much more essential in topology, with the development of computer science. The task of this paper is to study and investigate some properties of such spaces with the existence of an ordered relation between their minimal ... More
Reliability Assessment of Distribution System Using Fuzzy Logic for Modelling of Transformer and Line UncertaintiesJul 11 2017Reliability assessment of distribution system, based on historical data and probabilistic methods, leads to an unreliable estimation of reliability indices since the data for the distribution components are usually inaccurate or unavailable. Fuzzy logic ... More
A Time-Frequency Domain Approach of Heart Rate Estimation From Photoplethysmographic (PPG) SignalApr 01 2017Apr 18 2017Objective- Heart rate monitoring using wrist type Photoplethysmographic (PPG) signals is getting popularity because of construction simplicity and low cost of wearable devices. The task becomes very difficult due to the presence of various motion artifacts. ... More
SPECMAR: Fast Heart Rate Estimation from PPG Signal using a Modified Spectral Subtraction Scheme with Composite Motion Artifacts Reference GenerationOct 15 2018Nov 27 2018The task of heart rate estimation using photoplethysmographic (PPG) signal is challenging due to the presence of various motion artifacts in the recorded signals. In this paper, a fast algorithm for heart rate estimation based on modified SPEctral subtraction ... More
Graphene: Free electron scattering within an inverted honeycomb latticeAug 18 2018Theoretical progress in graphene physics has largely relied on the application of a simple nearest-neighbor tight-binding model capable of predicting many of the electronic properties of this material. However, important features that include electron-hole ... More
High Transmission Bit Rate of A thermal Arrayed Waveguide Grating (AWG) Module in Passive Optical NetworksJun 20 2009In the present paper, high transmission bit rate of a thermal arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) which is composed of lithium niobate (LiNbO3)/polymethyl metha acrylate (PMMA) hybrid materials on a silicon substrate in Passive Optical Networks (PONs) has ... More
Robust Surface Doping of Bi$_2$Se$_3$ by Rb IntercalationAug 02 2012Rubidium adsorption on the surface of the topological insulator Bi$_2$Se$_3$ is found to induce a strong downward band bending, leading to the appearance of a quantum-confined two dimensional electron gas states (2DEGs) in the conduction band. The 2DEGs ... More
Plasmonics in Atomically-Thin Crystalline Silver FilmsJan 23 2019Light-matter interaction at the atomic scale rules fundamental phenomena such as photoemission and lasing, while enabling basic everyday technologies, including photovoltaics and optical communications. In this context, plasmons --the collective electron ... More
Hybrid Multi Micropattern Gaseous Photomultiplier for detection of liquid-xenon scintillationOct 27 2011Gaseous PhotoMultipliers (GPM) are a very promising alternative of vacuum PMTs especially for large-size noble-liquid detectors in the field of Functional Nuclear Medical Imaging and Direct Dark Matter Detection. We present recent characterization results ... More