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Evolving Fuzzy Image Segmentation with Self-ConfigurationApr 23 2015Current image segmentation techniques usually require that the user tune several parameters in order to obtain maximum segmentation accuracy, a computationally inefficient approach, especially when a large number of images must be processed sequentially ... More
Autoencoding the Retrieval Relevance of Medical ImagesJul 05 2015Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) of medical images is a crucial task that can contribute to a more reliable diagnosis if applied to big data. Recent advances in feature extraction and classification have enormously improved CBIR results for digital ... More
Improving Prognostic Value of CT Deep Radiomic Features in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Using Transfer LearningMay 23 2019Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is one of the most aggressive cancers with an extremely poor prognosis. Radiomics has shown prognostic ability in multiple types of cancer including PDAC. However, the prognostic value of traditional radiomics pipelines, ... More
CNN-based Survival Model for Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma in Medical ImagingJun 25 2019Cox proportional hazard model (CPH) is commonly used in clinical research for survival analysis. In quantitative medical imaging (radiomics) studies, CPH plays an important role in feature reduction and modeling. However, the underlying linear assumption ... More
Improving Prognostic Performance in Resectable Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma using Radiomics and Deep Learning Features Fusion in CT ImagesJul 10 2019As an analytic pipeline for quantitative imaging feature extraction and analysis, radiomics has grown rapidly in the past a few years. Recent studies in radiomics aim to investigate the relationship between tumors imaging features and clinical outcomes. ... More
Medical Image Classification via SVM using LBP Features from Saliency-Based Folded DataSep 15 2015Good results on image classification and retrieval using support vector machines (SVM) with local binary patterns (LBPs) as features have been extensively reported in the literature where an entire image is retrieved or classified. In contrast, in medical ... More
Prostate Cancer Detection using Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksMay 30 2019Prostate cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer and the third leading cause of cancer death in North America. As an integrated part of computer-aided detection (CAD) tools, diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (DWI) has been intensively ... More
Discovery Radiomics for Multi-Parametric MRI Prostate Cancer DetectionSep 01 2015Oct 20 2015Prostate cancer is the most diagnosed form of cancer in Canadian men, and is the third leading cause of cancer death. Despite these statistics, prognosis is relatively good with a sufficiently early diagnosis, making fast and reliable prostate cancer ... More
On an extension of the Landau-Gonek formulaFeb 14 2019We prove an extension of the Landau-Gonek formula. As an application we recover unconditionally some of the consequences of a pair correlation estimate that previously was known under the Riemann hypothesis. As one corollary we prove that at least two-thirds ... More
A Semantic Without Syntax 1Mar 14 2012Here, by introducing a version of "Unexpected hanging paradox" we try to open a new way and a new explanation for paradoxes, similar to liar paradox. Also, we will show that we have a semantic situation which no syntactical logical system could support ... More
Discovery Radiomics via Evolutionary Deep Radiomic Sequencer Discovery for Pathologically-Proven Lung Cancer DetectionMay 10 2017Oct 20 2017While lung cancer is the second most diagnosed form of cancer in men and women, a sufficiently early diagnosis can be pivotal in patient survival rates. Imaging-based, or radiomics-driven, detection methods have been developed to aid diagnosticians, but ... More
Sparse Reconstruction of Compressive Sensing MRI using Cross-Domain Stochastically Fully Connected Conditional Random FieldsDec 25 2015Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a crucial medical imaging technology for the screening and diagnosis of frequently occurring cancers. However image quality may suffer by long acquisition times for MRIs due to patient motion, as well as result in great ... More
Noise-Compensated, Bias-Corrected Diffusion Weighted Endorectal Magnetic Resonance Imaging via a Stochastically Fully-Connected Joint Conditional Random Field ModelDec 15 2015Jul 05 2016Diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging (DW-MR) is a powerful tool in imaging-based prostate cancer screening and detection. Endorectal coils are commonly used in DW-MR imaging to improve the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the acquisition, at the ... More
Discovery Radiomics for Pathologically-Proven Computed Tomography Lung Cancer PredictionSep 01 2015Mar 28 2017Lung cancer is the leading cause for cancer related deaths. As such, there is an urgent need for a streamlined process that can allow radiologists to provide diagnosis with greater efficiency and accuracy. A powerful tool to do this is radiomics: a high-dimension ... More
Discovery Radiomics via StochasticNet Sequencers for Cancer DetectionNov 11 2015Radiomics has proven to be a powerful prognostic tool for cancer detection, and has previously been applied in lung, breast, prostate, and head-and-neck cancer studies with great success. However, these radiomics-driven methods rely on pre-defined, hand-crafted ... More
On the Scalar Curvature for the Noncommutative Four TorusOct 31 2014The scalar curvature for the noncommutative four torus $\mathbb{T}_\Theta^4$, where its flat geometry is conformally perturbed by a Weyl factor, is computed by making the use of a noncommutative residue that involves integration over the 3-sphere. This ... More
Distribution of squares modulo a composite numberFeb 17 2015In this paper we study the distribution of squares modulo a square-free number $q$. We also look at inverse questions for the large sieve in the distribution aspect and we make improvements on existing results on the distribution of $s$-tuples of reduced ... More
A Semantic Situation without Syntax (Non- axiomatizibility of Theories)Jun 26 2015Here, by introducing a version of Unexpected hanging paradox first we try to open a new way and a new explanation for paradoxes, similar to liar paradox. Also, we will show that we have a semantic situation which no syntactical logical system could support ... More
A Noncommutative Residue on Tori and a Semiclassical LimitDec 28 2011We define a noncommutative residue for classical Euclidean pseudodifferential operators on a torus of arbitrary dimension. We prove that, up to multiplication by a constant, it is the unique trace on the algebra of classical pseudodifferential operators ... More
The distribution of $k$-tuples of reduced residuesFeb 10 2013Jul 23 2014In 1940 Paul Erd\H{o}s made a conjecture about the distribution of reduced residues. Here we study the distribution of $k$-tuple of reduced residues.
Discovery Radiomics for Computed Tomography Cancer DetectionSep 01 2015Oct 20 2015Objective: Lung cancer is the leading cause for cancer related deaths. As such, there is an urgent need for a streamlined process that can allow radiologists to provide diagnosis with greater efficiency and accuracy. A powerful tool to do this is radiomics. ... More
ProstateGAN: Mitigating Data Bias via Prostate Diffusion Imaging Synthesis with Generative Adversarial NetworksNov 14 2018Nov 21 2018Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) have shown considerable promise for mitigating the challenge of data scarcity when building machine learning-driven analysis algorithms. Specifically, a number of studies have shown that GAN-based image synthesis ... More
On binary and quadratic divisor problemsFeb 21 2015We study the shifted convolution sum of the divisor function and some other arithmetic functions.
The Center and Radius of the Regular Graph of IdealsJul 21 2015The regular graph of ideals of the commutative ring $R$, denoted by ${\Gamma_{reg}}(R)$, is a graph whose vertex set is the set of all non-trivial ideals of $R$ and two distinct vertices $I$ and $J$ are adjacent if and only if either $I$ contains a $J$-regular ... More
The coloring of the regular graph of idealsJan 02 2015The regular graph of ideals of the commutative ring $R$, denoted by $\Gamma_{reg}(R)$, is a graph whose vertex set is the set of all non-trivial ideals of $R$ and two distinct vertices $I$ and $J$ are adjacent if and only if either $I$ contains a $J$-regular ... More
Self-Configuring and Evolving Fuzzy Image ThresholdingSep 15 2015Every segmentation algorithm has parameters that need to be adjusted in order to achieve good results. Evolving fuzzy systems for adjustment of segmentation parameters have been proposed recently (Evolving fuzzy image segmentation -- EFIS [1]. However, ... More
Ferromagnetic Damping/Anti-damping in a Periodic 2D Helical surface; A Non-Equilibrium Keldysh Green Function ApproachAug 02 2016Aug 13 2016In this paper, we investigate theoretically the spin-orbit torque as well as the Gilbert damping for a two band model of a 2D helical surface state with a Ferromagnetic (FM) exchange coupling. We decompose the density matrix into the Fermi sea and Fermi ... More
An Iterative Regularized Incremental Projected Subgradient Method for a Class of Bilevel Optimization ProblemsSep 26 2018We study a class of bilevel convex optimization problems where the goal is to find the minimizer of an objective function in the upper level, among the set of all optimal solutions of an optimization problem in the lower level. A wide range of problems ... More
Weyl's Law and Connes' Trace Theorem for Noncommutative Two ToriNov 05 2011Nov 06 2012We prove the analogue of Weyl's law for a noncommutative Riemannian manifold, namely the noncommutative two torus $\mathbb{T}_\theta^2$ equipped with a general translation invariant conformal structure and a Weyl conformal factor. This is achieved by ... More
Distributed Nash Equilibrium Seeking via the Alternating Direction Method of MultipliersDec 01 2016In this paper, the problem of finding a Nash equilibrium of a multi-player game is considered. The players are only aware of their own cost functions as well as the action space of all players. We develop a relatively fast algorithm within the framework ... More
Distributed Nash Equilibrium Seeking By Gossip in Games on GraphsOct 06 2016We consider a gossip approach for finding a Nash equilibrium in a distributed multi-player network game. We extend previous results on Nash equilibrium seeking to the case when the players' cost functions may be affected by the actions of any subset of ... More
On the Chern-Gauss-Bonnet Theorem and Conformally Twisted Spectral Triples for $C^*$-Dynamical SystemsJun 25 2015Feb 10 2016The analog of the Chern-Gauss-Bonnet theorem is studied for a $C^*$-dynamical system consisting of a $C^*$-algebra $A$ equipped with an ergodic action of a compact Lie group $G$. The structure of the Lie algebra $\mathfrak{g}$ of $G$ is used to interpret ... More
Sorting of Permutations by Cost-Constrained TranspositionsJul 24 2010We address the problem of finding the minimum decomposition of a permutation in terms of transpositions with non-uniform cost. For arbitrary non-negative cost functions, we describe polynomial-time, constant-approximation decomposition algorithms. For ... More
Twisted Spectral Triples and Connes' Character FormulaJun 30 2011We give a proof of an analogue of Connes' Hochschild character theorem for twisted spectral triples obtained from twisting a spectral triple by scaling automorphisms, under some suitable conditions. We also survey some of the properties of twisted spectral ... More
The Gauss-Bonnet Theorem for Noncommutative Two Tori With a General Conformal StructureMay 26 2010Aug 09 2010In this paper we give a proof of the Gauss-Bonnet theorem of Connes and Tretkoff for noncommutative two tori $\mathbb{T}_{\theta}^2$ equipped with an arbitrary translation invariant complex structure. More precisely, we show that for any complex number ... More
Curvature in Noncommutative GeometryJan 22 2019Our understanding of the notion of curvature in a noncommutative setting has progressed substantially in the past ten years. This new episode in noncommutative geometry started when a Gauss-Bonnet theorem was proved by Connes and Tretkoff for a curved ... More
A complete mean-field theory for dynamics of binary recurrent neural networksJan 25 2017Oct 17 2017We develop a unified theory that encompasses the macroscopic dynamics of recurrent interactions of binary units within arbitrary network architectures. Using the martingale theory, our mathematical analysis provides a complete description of nonequilibrium ... More
The Algebra of Formal Twisted Pseudodifferential Symbols and a Noncommutative ResidueOct 02 2008Jan 14 2009We extend the Adler-Manin trace on the algebra of pseudodifferential symbols to a twisted setting.
Periods and motives in the spectral action of Robertson-Walker spacetimesNov 06 2016We show that, when considering the scaling factor as an affine variable, the coefficients of the asymptotic expansion of the spectral action on a (Euclidean) Robertson-Walker spacetime are periods of mixed Tate motives, involving relative motives of complements ... More
Investigation of Bouncing Universe and Phantom Crossing in Modified Gravity Coupled with Weyl Tensor and its ReconstructionMar 24 2014Apr 03 2014In this study, FRW cosmology in modified gravity containing arbitrary function $f(R)$ is taken into consideration when our action are coupled with Weyl tensor. It is indicated that the bouncing solution emerges in the model while the equation of state ... More
Reconciling Similar Sets of DataSep 12 2018In this work, we consider the problem of synchronizing two sets of data where the size of the symmetric difference between the sets is small and, in addition, the elements in the symmetric difference are related through the Hamming distance metric. Upper ... More
Modeling the Dynamics of User Preferences for Sequence-Aware Recommendation Using Hidden Markov ModelsMay 14 2019In a variety of online settings involving interaction with end-users it is critical for the systems to adapt to changes in user preferences. User preferences on items tend to change over time due to a variety of factors such as change in context, the ... More
Efficient Capacity Computation and Power Optimization for Relay NetworksNov 18 2011The capacity or approximations to capacity of various single-source single-destination relay network models has been characterized in terms of the cut-set upper bound. In principle, a direct computation of this bound requires evaluating the cut capacity ... More
Approximation of subsets of natural numbers by c.e. setsFeb 09 2019The approximation of natural numbers subsets has always been one of the fundamental issues in computability theory. Computable approximation, $\Delta_2$-approximation, as well as introducing the generically computable sets have been some efforts for this ... More
Multipermutation Codes in the Ulam Metric for Nonvolatile MemoriesDec 08 2013We address the problem of multipermutation code design in the Ulam metric for novel storage applications. Multipermutation codes are suitable for flash memory where cell charges may share the same rank. Changes in the charges of cells manifest themselves ... More
Scalar Curvature for Noncommutative Four-ToriJan 25 2013In this paper we study the curved geometry of noncommutative 4-tori $\mathbb{T}_\theta^4$. We use a Weyl conformal factor to perturb the standard volume form and obtain the Laplacian that encodes the local geometric information. We use Connes' pseudodifferential ... More
Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problem by the Alternating Direction Method of MultipliersMar 24 2017In this paper, the problem of finding a generalized Nash equilibrium (GNE) of a networked game is studied. Players are only able to choose their decisions from a feasible action set. The feasible set is considered to be a private linear equality constraint ... More
Co-ordering and Type 2 co-orderingFeb 12 2011In [arXiv:1006.4939] the enumeration order reducibility is defined on natural numbers. For a c.e. set A, [A] denoted the class of all subsets of natural numbers which are co-order with A. In definition 5 we redefine co-ordering for rational numbers. One ... More
Enumeration Order complexity EquivalencyNov 27 2010Throughout this article we develop and change the definitions and the ideas in "arXiv:1006.4939", in order to consider the efficiency of functions and complexity time problems. The central idea here is effective enumeration and listing, and efficiency ... More
Spectrum Sharing Between A Surveillance Radar and Secondary Wi-Fi NetworksFeb 02 2016Co-existence between unlicensed networks that share spectrum spatio-temporally with terrestrial (e.g. Air Traffic Control) and shipborne radars in 3-GHz band is attracting significant interest. Similar to every primary-secondary coexistence scenario, ... More
Using Superposition Codebooks and Partial Decode and Forward in Low SNR Parallel Relay NetworksMay 15 2012A new communication scheme for Gaussian parallel relay networks based on superposition coding and partial decoding at the relays is presented. Some specific examples are proposed in which two codebook layers are superimposed. The first level codebook ... More
An iterative regularized mirror descent method for ill-posed nondifferetiable stochastic optimizationJan 28 2019A wide range of applications arising in machine learning and signal processing can be cast as convex optimization problems. These problems are often ill-posed, i.e., the optimal solution lacks a desired property such as uniqueness or sparsity. In the ... More
Capacity Considerations for Secondary Networks in TV White SpaceMar 28 2013The so-called `TV white spaces' (TVWS) - representing unused TV channels in any given location as the result of the transition to digital broadcasting - designated by U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for unlicensed use presents significant ... More
Minimum Energy Source Coding for Asymmetric Modulation with Application to RFIDMar 28 2013Minimum energy (ME) source coding is an effective technique for efficient communication with energy-constrained devices, such as sensor network nodes. In this paper, the principles of generalized ME source coding is developed that is broadly applicable. ... More
Invariance Principles for Tempered Fractionally Integrated ProcessesMar 07 2017We discuss invariance principles for autoregressive tempered fractionally integrated moving averages in $\alpha$-stable $(1< \alpha \le 2)$ i.i.d. innovations and related tempered linear processes with vanishing tempering parameter $\lambda \sim \lambda_*/N$. ... More
On the Role of Counterterms in Holographic ComplexityJun 23 2019We consider the Complexity=Action (CA) proposal in Einstein gravity and investigate new counterterms which are able to remove all the UV divergences of holographic complexity. We first show that the two different methods for regularizing the gravitational ... More
A Distributed Nash Equilibrium Seeking in Networked Graphical GamesMar 28 2017This paper considers a distributed gossip approach for finding a Nash equilibrium in networked games on graphs. In such games a player's cost function may be affected by the actions of any subset of players. An interference graph is employed to illustrate ... More
Nash Equilibrium Seeking with Non-doubly Stochastic Communication Weight MatrixDec 21 2016Mar 30 2017A distributed Nash equilibrium seeking algorithm is presented for networked games. We assume an incomplete information available to each player about the other players' actions. The players communicate over a strongly connected digraph to send/receive ... More
Advanced Super-Resolution using Lossless Pooling Convolutional NetworksDec 14 2018In this paper, we present a novel deep learning-based approach for still image super-resolution, that unlike the mainstream models does not rely solely on the input low resolution image for high quality upsampling, and takes advantage of a set of artificially ... More
Scalar Curvature for the Noncommutative Two TorusOct 16 2011We give a local expression for the {\it scalar curvature} of the noncommutative two torus $ A_{\theta} = C(\mathbb{T}_{\theta}^2)$ equipped with an arbitrary translation invariant complex structure and Weyl factor. This is achieved by evaluating the value ... More
The term a_4 in the heat kernel expansion of noncommutative toriNov 29 2016We consider the Laplacian associated with a general metric in the canonical conformal structure of the noncommutative two torus, and calculate a local expression for the term a_4 that appears in its corresponding small-time heat kernel expansion. The ... More
Signatures of electron-magnon interaction in charge and spin currents in magnetic tunnel junctions: A nonequilibrium many-body perturbation theory approachOct 31 2013Jun 04 2014We develop a numerically exact scheme for resumming certain classes of Feynman diagrams in the self-consistent perturbation expansion for the electron and magnon self-energies in the nonequilibrium Green function formalism applied to a coupled electron-magnon ... More
Acoustic Analogues of High-Index Optical Waveguide DevicesFeb 08 2018High index optical waveguide devices such as slab waveguides, strip waveguides and fibers play extremely important roles in a wide range of modern applications including telecommunications, sensing, lasing, interferometry, and resonant amplification. ... More
Performing Mathematical Operations using High-Index Acoustic MetamaterialsMar 07 2018The recent breakthrough in metamaterial-based optical computing devices [Science 343, 160 (2014)] has inspired a quest for similar systems in acoustics, performing mathematical operations on sound waves. So far, acoustic analog computing has been demonstrated ... More
Acoustic Birefringence via Non-Eulerian MetamaterialsMar 24 2018The recently proposed concept of metamaterials has opened exciting venues to control wave-matter interaction in unprecedented ways. Here we demonstrate the relevance of metamaterials for inducing acoustic birefringence, a phenomenon which has already ... More
Random lifts of $K_5\setminus e$ are 3-colourableMar 07 2010Jul 31 2011Amit, Linial, and Matou\vsek (Random lifts of graphs III: independence and chromatic number, Random Struct. Algorithms, 2001) have raised the following question: Is the chromatic number of random $h$-lifts of $K_5$ asymptotically (for $h\to\infty$) almost ... More
Renewal Approach to the Analysis of the Asynchronous State for Coupled Noisy OscillatorsJan 30 2015We develop a framework in which the activity of nonlinear pulse-coupled oscillators is posed within the renewal theory. In this approach, the evolution of inter-event density allows for a self-consistent calculation that determines the asynchronous state ... More
Modeling Software Development Methodologies: A Logic Based ApproachJul 20 2016Aug 03 2016In the last two decades, the growing trend of software development industry has made different aspects of software engineering more interesting for the computer science research community. Software development life-cycle is one of these aspects that has ... More
Non-linear second-order topological insulatorsJun 15 2019We demonstrate, both theoretically and experimentally, the concept of non-linear second-order topological insulators, a class of bulk insulators with quantized Wannier centers and a bulk polarization directly controlled by the level of non-linearity. ... More
Enumeration Order EquivalencyJun 25 2010In this paper we have investigated enumeration orders of elements of r.e. sets enumerated by means of Turing machines. We have defined a reducibility based on enumeration orders named "Enumeration Order Reducibility" on computable functions and also r.e. ... More
Large Deviations of Linear Models with Regularly-Varying Tails: Asymptotics and Efficient EstimationMar 28 2019We analyze the Large Deviation Probability (LDP) of linear factor models generated from non-identically distributed components with regularly-varying tails, a large subclass of heavy tailed distributions. An efficient sampling method for LDP estimation ... More
Topological Fano ResonancesSep 14 2018The Fano resonance is a widespread wave scattering phenomenon associated with a peculiar asymmetric and ultra-sharp line shape, which has found applications in a large variety of prominent optical devices. While its substantial sensitivity to geometrical ... More
Relation between the Usual Order and the Enumeration Orders of Elements of r.e. SetsApr 23 2009In this paper, we have compared r.e. sets based on their enumeration orders with Turing machines. Accordingly, we have defined novel concept uniformity for Turing machines and r.e. sets and have studied some relationships between uniformity and both one-reducibility ... More
Enumeration Order ReducibilityJan 30 2010Mar 03 2010In this article we define a new reducibility based on the enumeration orders of r.e. sets.
Spatial Integration by a Dielectric Slab Waveguide and its Planar Graphene-based CounterpartMar 08 2017Motivated by the recent progress in analog computing [Science 343, 160 (2014)], a new approach to perform spatial integration is presented using a dielectric slab waveguide. Our approach is indeed based on the fact that the transmission coefficient of ... More
Acoustic Analogues of High-Index Optical Waveguide DevicesFeb 08 2018Apr 27 2018High index optical waveguide devices such as slab waveguides, strip waveguides and fibers play extremely important roles in a wide range of modern applications including telecommunications, sensing, lasing, interferometry, and resonant amplification. ... More
Characterization of equality in a generalized Dunkl--Williams inequalityAug 06 2011We establish a generalization of the Dunkl--Williams inequality and its inverse in the framework of Hilbert $C^*$-modules and characterize the equality case. As applications, we get some new results and some known results due to Pe\v{c}ari\'c and Raji\'c ... More
How to construct the proper gauge-invariant density matrix in steady-state nonequilibrium: Applications to spin-transfer and spin-orbit torquesMay 14 2013Jul 11 2013Experiments observing spin density and spin currents (responsible for, e.g., spin-transfer torque) in spintronic devices measure only the nonequilibrium contributions to these quantities, typically driven by injecting unpolarized charge current or by ... More
On the denotational semantics of Linear Logic with least and greatest fixed points of formulasJun 13 2019We develop a denotational semantics of Linear Logic with least and greatest fixed points in coherence spaces (where both fixed points are interpreted in the same way) and in coherence spaces with totality (where they have different interpretations). These ... More
Optimal robust smoothing extragradient algorithms for stochastic variational inequality problemsMar 21 2014We consider stochastic variational inequality problems where the mapping is monotone over a compact convex set. We present two robust variants of stochastic extragradient algorithms for solving such problems. Of these, the first scheme employs an iterative ... More
Towards single face shortest vertex-disjoint paths in undirected planar graphsJul 21 2015Given $k$ pairs of terminals $\{(s_{1}, t_{1}), \ldots, (s_{k}, t_{k})\}$ in a graph $G$, the min-sum $k$ vertex-disjoint paths problem is to find a collection $\{Q_{1}, Q_{2}, \ldots, Q_{k}\}$ of vertex-disjoint paths with minimum total length, where ... More
Error-Correction in Flash Memories via Codes in the Ulam MetricFeb 05 2012Apr 22 2013We consider rank modulation codes for flash memories that allow for handling arbitrary charge-drop errors. Unlike classical rank modulation codes used for correcting errors that manifest themselves as swaps of two adjacently ranked elements, the proposed ... More
A Novel Distance-Based Approach to Constrained Rank AggregationDec 06 2012We consider a classical problem in choice theory -- vote aggregation -- using novel distance measures between permutations that arise in several practical applications. The distance measures are derived through an axiomatic approach, taking into account ... More
Alternating Markov Chains for Distribution Estimation in the Presence of ErrorsFeb 04 2012We consider a class of small-sample distribution estimators over noisy channels. Our estimators are designed for repetition channels, and rely on properties of the runs of the observed sequences. These runs are modeled via a special type of Markov chains, ... More
Fluorescence coherence with anodic aluminum oxide hybrid photonic-plasmonic structure: numerical analysis using an innovative statistical approachNov 17 2018Nov 27 2018A class of hybrid photonic-plasmonic structures (HPPS) with vertical cylindrical cavities is proposed and its performance in providing a coherent light from spontaneous emission is investigated. It is shown that the proposed easy-to-fabricate and robust ... More
How much could we cover a set by c.e sets?Mar 05 2012"How much c.e. sets could cover a given set?" in this paper we are going to answer this question. Also, in this approach some old concepts come into a new arrangement. The major goal of this article is to introduce an appropriate definition for this purpose. ... More
Distributed Nash Equilibrium Seeking under Partial-Decision Information via the Alternating Direction Method of MultipliersJul 06 2017Feb 09 2019In this paper, we consider the problem of finding a Nash equilibrium in a multi-player game over generally connected networks. This model differs from a conventional setting in that players have partial information on the actions of their opponents and ... More
Spectral Action for Bianchi Type-IX Cosmological ModelsJun 22 2015A rationality result previously proved for Robertson-Walker metrics is extended to a homogeneous anisotropic cosmological model, namely the Bianchi type-IX minisuperspace. It is shown that the Seeley-de Witt coefficients appearing in the expansion of ... More
Stochastic quasi-Newton methods for non-strongly convex problems: convergence and rate analysisMar 15 2016Motivated by applications in optimization and machine learning, we consider stochastic quasi-Newton (SQN) methods for solving stochastic optimization problems. In the literature, the convergence analysis of these algorithms relies on strong convexity ... More
On Distance Function among Finite Set of PointsMar 28 2012In practical purposes for some geometrical problems in computer science we have as information the coordinates of some finite points in surface instead of the whole body of a surface. The problem arised here is: "How to define a distance function in a ... More
Modification of the Elite Ant System in Order to Avoid Local Optimum Points in the Traveling Salesman ProblemFeb 07 2012This article presents a new algorithm which is a modified version of the elite ant system (EAS) algorithm. The new version utilizes an effective criterion for escaping from the local optimum points. In contrast to the classical EAC algorithms, the proposed ... More
Novel Distance Measures for Vote AggregationMar 28 2012We consider the problem of rank aggregation based on new distance measures derived through axiomatic approaches and based on score-based methods. In the first scenario, we derive novel distance measures that allow for discriminating between the ranking ... More
Adaptation Reduces Variability of the Neuronal Population CodeJul 20 2010Feb 07 2011Sequences of events in noise-driven excitable systems with slow variables often show serial correlations among their intervals of events. Here, we employ a master equation for general non-renewal processes to calculate the interval and count statistics ... More
S2VC: An SDN-based Framework for Maximizing QoE in SVC-Based HTTP Adaptive StreamingSep 10 2018HTTP adaptive streaming (HAS) is quickly becoming the dominant video delivery technique for adaptive streaming over the Internet. Still considered as its primary challenges are determining the optimal rate adaptation and improving both the quality of ... More
Integrating NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerator (NVDLA) with RISC-V SoC on FireSimMar 05 2019NVDLA is an open-source deep neural network (DNN) accelerator which has received a lot of attention by the community since its introduction by Nvidia. It is a full-featured hardware IP and can serve as a good reference for conducting research and development ... More
A model of language inflection graphsJun 22 2015Inflection graphs are highly complex networks representing relationships between inflectional forms of words in human languages. For so-called synthetic languages, such as Latin or Polish, they have particularly interesting structure due to abundance ... More
Optimal Quantum Subtracting MachineNov 17 2018Jul 12 2019The impossibility of undoing a mixing process is analysed in the context of quantum information theory. The optimal machine to undo the mixing process is studied in the case of pure states, focusing on qubit systems. Exploiting the symmetry of the problem ... More
Risk minimization and portfolio diversificationNov 24 2014Dec 15 2014We consider the problem of minimizing capital at risk in the Black-Scholes setting. The portfolio problem is studied given the possibility that a correlation constraint between the portfolio and a financial index is imposed. The optimal portfolio is obtained ... More
Distributed adaptive steplength stochastic approximation schemes for Cartesian stochastic variational inequality problemsJan 08 2013Motivated by problems arising in decentralized control problems and non-cooperative Nash games, we consider a class of strongly monotone Cartesian variational inequality (VI) problems, where the mappings either contain expectations or their evaluations ... More
On Stochastic Gradient and Subgradient Methods with Adaptive Steplength SequencesMay 23 2011The performance of standard stochastic approximation implementations can vary significantly based on the choice of the steplength sequence, and in general, little guidance is provided about good choices. Motivated by this gap, in the first part of the ... More