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Thermal conductivity and thermal rectification of nanoporous graphene: A molecular dynamics simulationJun 11 2019Using non-equilibrium molecular dynamics (NEMD) simulation, we study thermal properties of the so-called nanoporous graphene (NPG) sheet which contains a series of nanoporous in an ordered way and was synthesized recently (Science 360 (2018), 199). The ... More
Weak Faddeev-Takhtajan-Volkov algebras; Lattice $W_n$ algebras;Feb 15 2017In this article, as always we will start by deliberating at our project's historical general view and then we will try to construct a new Poisson bracket on our simplest example $sl_2$ and then we will try to give a universal construction based on our ... More
Local coordinate systems on quantum flag manifoldsOct 29 2016This paper consist of 3 sections. In the first section, we will give a brief introduction to the "Feigin's homomorphisms" and will see how they will help us to prove our main and fundamental theorems related to quantum Serre relations and screening operators. ... More
Thermal rectification of a single-wall carbon nanotube: a molecular dynamics studySep 18 2014We have investigated the thermal rectification phenomenon in a single-wall mass graded carbon nanotube by molecular dynamics simulation. Second generation Brenner potential has been used to model the inter atomic carbon interaction. Fixed boundary condition ... More
Magnetic Solitons for Non Heisenberg Anisotropic Hamiltonians in Linear Quadrupole ExcitationsMay 13 2015We discuss system with non-isotropic non-Heisenberg Hamiltonian with nearest neighbor exchange within a mean field approximation process. We drive equations describing non-Heisenberg non-isotropic model using coherent states in real parameters and then ... More
Deformed Calogero-Sutherland model and fractional Quantum Hall effectMar 19 2016Apr 29 2016The deformed Calogero-Sutherland (CS) model is a quantum integrable system with arbitrary numbers of two types of particles and reducing to the standard CS model in special cases. We show that a known collective field description of the CS model, which ... More
Series solutions of the non-stationary Heun equationSep 08 2016We consider the non-stationary Heun equation, also known as quantum Painlev\'e VI, which has appeared in different works on quantum integrable models and conformal field theory. We use a generalized kernel function identity to transform the problem to ... More
Series Solutions of the Non-Stationary Heun EquationSep 08 2016Feb 16 2018We consider the non-stationary Heun equation, also known as quantum Painlev\'e VI, which has appeared in different works on quantum integrable models and conformal field theory. We use a generalized kernel function identity to transform the problem to ... More
Optimal Quantum Circuits for General Two-Qubit GatesAug 01 2003Mar 25 2004In order to demonstrate non-trivial quantum computations experimentally, such as the synthesis of arbitrary entangled states, it will be useful to understand how to decompose a desired quantum computation into the shortest possible sequence of one-qubit ... More
An Automated Spectral Clustering for Multi-scale DataFeb 06 2019Spectral clustering algorithms typically require a priori selection of input parameters such as the number of clusters, a scaling parameter for the affinity measure, or ranges of these values for parameter tuning. Despite efforts for automating the process ... More
On Free Polyadic GroupsMay 25 2019In this article, for a polyadic group(G,f),derived from group G by automorphism G and element b, we give a necessary and sufficient condition in terms of the group, the automorphism G, and the element b, in order that the polyadic group becomes free.
Quadrupole Excitations in hysteresis loops of magnetic NanoCluster $Fe_8$Aug 10 2015Aug 12 2015Experiments show several steps in hysteresis loops of high spin nanocluster $Fe_8$. It is thought that these steps are due to thermally assisted resonant tunneling between different quanta spin states. Up to now, in calculatiing it, only dipole excitations ... More
Gender Recognition Based on Sift FeaturesAug 06 2011This paper proposes a robust approach for face detection and gender classification in color images. Previous researches about gender recognition suppose an expensive computational and time-consuming pre-processing step in order to alignment in which face ... More
A comparative analysis of methods for estimating axon diameter using DWIAug 24 2013Nov 12 2013The importance of studying the brain microstructure is described and the existing and state of the art non-invasive methods for the investigation of the brain microstructure using Diffusion Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DWI) is studied. In the ... More
The Asymptotic Capacity of the Optical FiberOct 20 2016It is shown that signal energy is the only available degree-of-freedom (DOF) for fiber-optic transmission as the input power tends to infinity. With $n$ signal DOFs at the input, $n-1$ DOFs are asymptotically lost to signal-noise interactions. The main ... More
Improved Approximation Algorithms for Earth-Mover Distance in Data StreamsApr 24 2014For two multisets $S$ and $T$ of points in $[\Delta]^2$, such that $|S| = |T|= n$, the earth-mover distance (EMD) between $S$ and $T$ is the minimum cost of a perfect bipartite matching with edges between points in $S$ and $T$, i.e., $EMD(S,T) = \min_{\pi:S\rightarrow ... More
The Kolmogorov-Zakharov Model for Optical Fiber CommunicationNov 24 2014Mar 10 2017A mathematical framework is presented to study the evolution of multi-point cumulants in nonlinear dispersive partial differential equations with random input data, based on the theory of weak wave turbulence (WWT). This framework is used to explain how ... More
Maximal Tracial AlgebrasJun 09 2018We introduce and study the notion of maximal tracial algebras. We prove several results in a general setting based on dual pairs and multiplier pairs. In a special case that X is a Banach space we determine the abelian subalgebras of B(X) that are maximal ... More
Realization of a General Three-Qubit Quantum GateJan 29 2004Jan 30 2004We prove that a generic three-qubit quantum logic gate can be implemented using at most 98 one-qubit rotations about the $y$- and $z$-axes and 40 CNOT gates, beating an earlier bound of 64 CNOT gates.
Bounds for weight distribution of weakly self-dual codesApr 02 2001Upper bounds are given for the weight distribution of binary weakly self-dual codes. To get these new bounds, we introduce a novel method of utilizing unitary operations on Hilbert spaces. This method is motivated by recent progress on quantum computing. ... More
Newton type method for nonlinear Fredholm integral equationsFeb 24 2016This paper present a numerical method for solving nonlinear Fredholm integral equations. The method is based upon Newton type approximations. Illustrative examples are included to demonstrate the validity and applicability of the technique.
Reliability Analysis of Systems Subject To Mutually Dependent Competing Failure Processes With Changing Degradation RateFeb 28 2019In this paper, a new reliability model has been developed for a single system degrading stochastically which experiences soft and hard failure. Soft failure occurs when the physical deterioration level of the system is greater than a predefined failure ... More
On a Linear Program for Minimum-Weight TriangulationNov 22 2011Oct 04 2013Minimum-weight triangulation (MWT) is NP-hard. It has a polynomial-time constant-factor approximation algorithm, and a variety of effective polynomial- time heuristics that, for many instances, can find the exact MWT. Linear programs (LPs) for MWT are ... More
Time Divergence-Convergence Learning Scheme in Multi-Layer Dynamic Synapse Neural NetworksJul 25 2017A new learning scheme called time divergence-convergence (TDC) is proposed for two-layer dynamic synapse neural networks (DSNN). DSNN is an artificial neural network model, in which the synaptic transmission is modeled by a dynamic process and the information ... More
Image modeling of compact starburst clusters: I. R136May 24 2016Continuous progress in data quality from HST, recent multiwavelength high resolution spectroscopy and high contrast imaging from ground adaptive optics on large telescopes need modeling of R136 to understand its nature and evolutionary stage. To produce ... More
Centralizers in Free Associative Algebras and Generic MatricesDec 08 2018Jun 05 2019In this short note, we complete a proof of Bergman's centralizer theorem for the free associative algebra using generic matrices approach based on our previous work Alexei Kanel Belov, Farrokh Razavinia, Wenchao Zhang, "Bergman's Centralizer Theorem and ... More
Bergman's Centralizer Theorem and quantizationAug 16 2017We prove Bergman's theorem on centralizers by using generic matrices and Kontsevich's quantization method. For any field $\textbf{k} $ of positive characteristics, set $A=\textbf{k} \langle x_1,\dots,x_s\rangle$ be a free associative algebra, then any ... More
Investigation of robust population transfer using quadratically chirped laser interacting with two-level systemFeb 12 2019We have proposed and demonstrated a fast and robust method of population transfer between two quantum states using a quadratically chirped laser source. Incorporating the Jaynes-Cummings in a full quantum description of the interaction, and numerically ... More
A Dual Fast and Slow Feature Interaction in Biologically Inspired Visual Recognition of Human ActionSep 09 2015Sep 12 2015Computational neuroscience studies that have examined human visual system through functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) have identified a model where the mammalian brain pursues two distinct pathways (for recognition of biological movement tasks). ... More
A Simple Classification of SolitonsJun 06 2012Jun 07 2012In this report, fundamental educational concepts of linear and non-linear equations and solutions of nonlinear equations from the book High-Temperature Superconductivity: The Nonlinear Mechanism and Tunneling Measurements (Kluwer Academic Publishers, ... More
Linear and Nonlinear Frequency-Division MultiplexingMar 14 2016May 05 2016Two signal multiplexing strategies for multi-user optical fiber communication are considered: Wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) and nonlinear frequency-division multiplexing (NFDM), based on the nonlinear Fourier transform (NFT). The inverse NFT ... More
Sequential Coding of Markov Sources over Burst Erasure ChannelsFeb 23 2012We study sequential coding of Markov sources under an error propagation constraint. An encoder sequentially compresses a sequence of vector-sources that are spatially i.i.d. but temporally correlated according to a first-order Markov process. The channel ... More
Dictionary Learning for Blind One Bit Compressed SensingAug 30 2015This letter proposes a dictionary learning algorithm for blind one bit compressed sensing. In the blind one bit compressed sensing framework, the original signal to be reconstructed from one bit linear random measurements is sparse in an unknown domain. ... More
A Robust Frame-based Nonlinear Prediction System for Automatic Speech CodingJan 22 2016In this paper, we propose a neural-based coding scheme in which an artificial neural network is exploited to automatically compress and decompress speech signals by a trainable approach. Having a two-stage training phase, the system can be fully specified ... More
Bio-Inspired Human Action Recognition using Hybrid Max-Product Neuro-Fuzzy Classifier and Quantum-Behaved PSOSep 13 2015Feb 21 2016Studies on computational neuroscience through functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and following biological inspired system stated that human action recognition in the brain of mammalian leads two distinct pathways in the model, which are specialized ... More
Dynamic Inspection Planning for Systems with Individually Repairable ComponentsMar 03 2019In this paper a multi-component system is studied where each component can be repaired within the system. We consider that each component is subject to two dependent competing failure processes due to degradation and random shocks and each shock increases ... More
Linear and Nonlinear Frequency-Division MultiplexingMar 14 2016Apr 23 2018Two signal multiplexing schemes for optical fiber communication are considered: Wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) and nonlinear frequency-division multiplexing (NFDM), based on the nonlinear Fourier transform (NFT). Achievable information rates (AIRs) ... More
Semi classical modeling of isotropic Non-Heisenberg magnets for spin S=1 and linear quadrupole excitation dynamicsMar 31 2013In this paper, equations describing one-dimensional Non-Heisenberg model are studied by use of generalized coherent states in real parameterization and then dissipative spin wave equation for dipole and quadrupole branches is obtained if there is a small ... More
Quadrupole Excitation in Tunnel Splitting Oscillation in Nano-Particle $Mn_{12}$Jun 07 2012Jun 04 2015We analyze the interference between tunneling paths that occurs for a spin system with special Hamiltonian both for dipole and quadrupole excitation. Using an instanton approach, we find that as the strength of the second-order transverse anisotropy is ... More
Semiclassical description of anisotropic magnets for spin S=1Jan 14 2012In this paper, nonlinear equations describing one-dimensional non-Heisenberg ferromagnetic model are studied by use of generalized coherent states in a real parameterization. Also dissipative spin wave equation for dipole and quadruple branches is obtained ... More
Coherent states in real parameterization up to SU(5) and classical dynamics of spin systemsMar 31 2011In this paper, we develop the formulation of the spin coherent state in real parameterization up to SU(5). The path integral in this representation of coherent state and its classical consequence are investigated. Using the resolution of unity of the ... More
Sparse Diffusion Steepest-Descent for One Bit Compressed Sensing in Wireless Sensor NetworksJan 03 2016This letter proposes a sparse diffusion steepest-descent algorithm for one bit compressed sensing in wireless sensor networks. The approach exploits the diffusion strategy from distributed learning in the one bit compressed sensing framework. To estimate ... More
OFDM pilot allocation for sparse channel estimationJun 22 2011In communication systems, efficient use of the spectrum is an indispensable concern. Recently the use of compressed sensing for the purpose of estimating Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) sparse multipath channels has been proposed to ... More
Robust population transfer by finite chirping method in a two-level systemOct 10 2018Considering a two-level quantum system, we have proposed and represented a new approach for robust population transfer. In this scheme, the laser frequency has been swept in a finite time interval which simplifies the experimental limitations of the population ... More
Zero-Delay Sequential Transmission of Markov Sources Over Burst Erasure ChannelsOct 09 2014A setup involving zero-delay sequential transmission of a vector Markov source over a burst erasure channel is studied. A sequence of source vectors is compressed in a causal fashion at the encoder, and the resulting output is transmitted over a burst ... More
Centralizers in Free Associative Algebras and Generic MatricesDec 08 2018May 15 2019In this short note, we complete a proof of Bergman's centralizer theorem for the free associative algebra using generic matrices approach based on our previous work Alexei Kanel Belov, Farrokh Razavinia, Wenchao Zhang, "Bergman's Centralizer Theorem and ... More
Partial recovery of entanglement in bipartite entanglement transformationsMay 06 2001Apr 03 2002Any deterministic bipartite entanglement transformation involving finite copies of pure states and carried out using local operations and classical communication (LOCC) results in a net loss of entanglement. We show that for almost all such transformations, ... More
Orthogonality of super-Jack polynomials and a Hilbert space interpretation of deformed Calogero-Moser-Sutherland operatorsFeb 06 2018We prove orthogonality and compute explicitly the (quadratic) norms for super-Jack polynomials $SP_\lambda((z_1,\ldots,z_n),(w_1,\ldots,w_m);\theta)$ with respect to a natural positive semi-definite, but degenerate, Hermitian product $\langle\cdot,\cdot\rangle_{n,m}^\prime$. ... More
Centralizers in Free Associative Algebras and Generic MatricesDec 08 2018Dec 11 2018In this short note, we complete a proof of Bergman's centralizer theorem for the free associative algebra using generic matrices approach based on our previous work Alexei Kanel Belov, Farrokh Razavinia, Wenchao Zhang, "Bergman's Centralizer Theorem and ... More
Multi-Task Learning with Group-Specific Feature Space SharingAug 13 2015When faced with learning a set of inter-related tasks from a limited amount of usable data, learning each task independently may lead to poor generalization performance. Multi-Task Learning (MTL) exploits the latent relations between tasks and overcomes ... More
Single-User mmWave Massive MIMO: SVD-based ADC Bit Allocation and Combiner DesignApr 23 2018In this paper, we propose a Singular-Value-Decomposition-based variable-resolution Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) bit allocation design for a single-user Millimeter wave massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output receiver. We derive the optimality condition ... More
Bounds on the Approximation Power of Feedforward Neural NetworksJun 29 2018The approximation power of general feedforward neural networks with piecewise linear activation functions is investigated. First, lower bounds on the size of a network are established in terms of the approximation error and network depth and width. These ... More
Information Transmission using the Nonlinear Fourier Transform, Part III: Spectrum ModulationFeb 12 2013Oct 07 2014Motivated by the looming "capacity crunch" in fiber-optic networks, information transmission over such systems is revisited. Among numerous distortions, inter-channel interference in multiuser wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) is identified as the ... More
Effect of low anisotropy on cosmological models by using supernova dataJan 03 2018Jul 13 2018By using the supernovae type Ia data we study influence of the anisotropy (although low) on the evolution of the universe and compare ${\Lambda}$CDM model with 6 representative parametrizations of the recent Hubble expansion history $H(z)$. To compare ... More
Morphology and Kinetics of Random Sequential Adsorption of Superballs: From Hexapods to CubesMay 30 2019Superballs represent a class of particles whose shapes are defined by ${|x|}^{2p}+{|y|}^{2p}+{|z|}^{2p} \le R^{2p}$, with $p\in(0,\infty)$ being the "deformation parameter". $0<p<0.5$ represents a family of hexapodlike (concave octahedrallike) particles, ... More
On the Per-Sample Capacity of Nondispersive Optical FibersOct 07 2014The capacity of the channel defined by the stochastic nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation, which includes the effects of the Kerr nonlinearity and amplified spontaneous emission noise, is considered in the case of zero dispersion. In the absence of dispersion, ... More
On the functorial properties of the p-analog of the Fourier-Stieltjes algebras and their homomorphismsFeb 26 2019Let G be a locally compact group, and 1 < p < \infty, and let Ap(G) and Bp(G) denote the Figa-Talamanca-Herz algebra and the p-analog of the Fourier-Stieltjes algebra, repectively. In this paper for a locally compact group H, a subset Y \in \Omega 0(H), ... More
A Joint Combiner and Bit Allocation Design for Massive MIMO Using Genetic AlgorithmNov 17 2017In this paper, we derive a closed-form expression for the combiner of a multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) receiver equipped with a minimum-mean-square-error (MMSE) estimator. We propose using variable-bit-resolution analog-to- digital converters (ADC) ... More
A Fast Survey on Methods for Classification Anonymity RequirementsOct 03 2015Anonymity has become a significant issue in security field by recent advances in information technology and internet. The main objective of anonymity is hiding and concealing entities privacy inside a system. Many methods and protocols have been proposed ... More
A Joint Localization and Clock Bias Estimation Technique Using Time-of-Arrival at Multiple Antenna ReceiversMar 03 2013May 12 2014In this work, a system scheme is proposed for tracking a radio emitting target moving in two-dimensional space. The localization is based on the use of biased time-of-arrival (TOA) measurements obtained at two asynchronous receivers, each equipped with ... More
Strictly Balancing Matrices in Polynomial Time Using Osborne's IterationApr 24 2017Osborne's iteration is a method for balancing $n\times n$ matrices which is widely used in linear algebra packages, as balancing preserves eigenvalues and stabilizes their numeral computation. The iteration can be implemented in any norm over $\mathbb{R}^n$, ... More
Stable and Norm-stable Invariant SubspacesJan 07 2010Aug 18 2010We prove that if T is an operator on an infinite-dimensional Hilbert space whose spectrum and essential spectrum are both connected and whose Fredholm index is only 0 or 1, then the only nontrivial norm-stable invariant subspaces of T are the finite-dimensional ... More
Capacity-Achieving Input Distribution in Per-Sample Zero-Dispersion Model of Optical FiberApr 17 2017Sep 23 2018The per-sample zero-dispersion channel model of the optical fiber is considered. It is shown that capacity is uniquely achieved by an input probability distribution that has continuous uniform phase and discrete amplitude that takes on finitely many values. ... More
Appointment scheduling model in healthcare using clustering algorithmsMay 03 2019In this study we provided a scheduling procedure which is combination of machine learning and mathematical programming. Outpatients who request for appointment in healthcare facilities have different priorities. Determining the priority of outpatients ... More
Mobile Localization in Non-Line-of-Sight Using Constrained Square-Root Unscented Kalman FilterMay 01 2014Localization and tracking of a mobile node (MN) in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) scenarios, based on time of arrival (TOA) measurements, is considered in this work. To this end, we develop a constrained form of square root unscented Kalman filter (SRUKF), ... More
A Robust Advantaged Node Placement Strategy for Sparse Network GraphsDec 09 2018Dec 26 2018Establishing robust connectivity in heterogeneous networks (HetNets) is an important yet challenging problem. For a HetNet accommodating a large number of nodes, establishing perturbation-invulnerable connectivity is of utmost importance. This paper provides ... More
Optimal Bit Allocation Variable-Resolution ADC for Massive MIMOFeb 09 2019In this paper, we derive an optimal ADC bit-allocation (BA) condition for a Single-User (SU) Millimeter wave (mmWave) Massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (Ma-MIMO) receiver equipped with variable-resolution ADCs under power constraint with the following ... More
Capacity analysis and bit allocation design for variable-resolution ADCs in Massive MIMOSep 08 2018We derive an expression for the capacity of massive multiple-input multiple-output Millimeter wave (mmWave) channel where the receiver is equipped with a variable-resolution Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) and a hybrid combiner. The capacity is shown ... More
The convergence of operational Tau method for solving a class of nonlinear Fredholm fractional integro-differential equations on Legendre basisNov 25 2017Dec 12 2017In this paper, we investigate approximate solutions for nonlinear Fredholm integro-differential equations of fractional order. We present an operational Tau method by obtaining the Tau matrix representation. We solve a special class of nonlinear Fredholm ... More
Information Transmission using the Nonlinear Fourier Transform, Part II: Numerical MethodsApr 03 2012Oct 07 2014In this paper, numerical methods are suggested to compute the discrete and the continuous spectrum of a signal with respect to the Zakharov-Shabat system, a Lax operator underlying numerous integrable communication channels including the nonlinear Schr\"odinger ... More
Modeling and Efficient Verification of Wireless Ad hoc NetworksApr 25 2016Wireless ad hoc networks, in particular mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), are growing very fast as they make communication easier and more available. However, their protocols tend to be difficult to design due to topology dependent behavior of wireless ... More
An IAC Approach for Detecting Profile Cloning in Online Social NetworksMar 08 2014Nowadays, Online Social Networks are popular websites on the internet, which millions of users register on and share their own personal information with others. Privacy threats and disclosing personal information are the most important concerns of OSNs ... More
Distributed Cooperative Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks without NLOS IdentificationMar 03 2014In this paper, a 2-stage robust distributed algorithm is proposed for cooperative sensor network localization using time of arrival (TOA) data without identification of non-line of sight (NLOS) links. In the first stage, to overcome the effect of outliers, ... More
The Legendre Spectral-Collocation method for a class of fractional integral equationsFeb 03 2018In this paper, we consider spectral-collocation method base on Legendre-Gauss-Lobatto point. We present a computational method for solving a class of fractional integral equation of the second kind. Then based on Legendre-Gauss-Lobatto point and using, ... More
Matrix Balancing in Lp Norms: A New Analysis of Osborne's IterationJun 26 2016We study an iterative matrix conditioning algorithm due to Osborne (1960). The goal of the algorithm is to convert a square matrix into a balanced matrix where every row and corresponding column have the same norm. The original algorithm was proposed ... More
Information Transmission using the Nonlinear Fourier Transform, Part I: Mathematical ToolsFeb 16 2012Oct 07 2014The nonlinear Fourier transform (NFT), a powerful tool in soliton theory and exactly solvable models, is a method for solving integrable partial differential equations governing wave propagation in certain nonlinear media. The NFT decorrelates signal ... More
Variational orthogonalizationJul 15 2013We introduce variational methods for finding approximate eigenfunctions and eigenvalues of quantum Hamiltonians by constructing a set of orthogonal wave functions which approximately solve the eigenvalue equation.
Sum Capacity Bounds and Design of Suboptimal Codes for Asynchronous CDMA SystemsMar 17 2019In this paper, we study two issues in asynchronous communication systems. The first issue is the derivation of sum capacity bounds for finite dimensional asynchronous systems. In addition, asymptotic results for the sum capacity bounds are obtained. The ... More
A proposed Optimized Spline InterpolationDec 02 2010Apr 29 2011The goal of this paper is to design compact support basis spline functions that best approximate a given filter (e.g., an ideal Lowpass filter). The optimum function is found by minimizing the least square problem ($\ell$2 norm of the difference between ... More
A new proof for the existence of mutually unbiased basesMar 29 2001Sep 07 2001We develop a strong connection between maximally commuting bases of orthogonal unitary matrices and mutually unbiased bases. A necessary condition of the existence of mutually unbiased bases for any finite dimension is obtained. Then a constructive proof ... More
How much of quantum mechanics is really needed to defy Extended Church-Turing Thesis?Mar 13 2011Mar 16 2011This paper has been withdrawn by the author as one of the coauthors needs institutional permission.
The tautological ring of $\mathcal{M}_{g,n}$ via Pandharipande-Pixton-Zvonkine $r$-spin relationsMar 02 2017We use relations in the tautological ring of the moduli spaces $\overline{\mathcal{M}}_{g,n}$ derived by Pandharipande, Pixton, and Zvonkine from the Givental formula for the $r$-spin Witten class in order to obtain some restrictions on the dimensions ... More
Algorithms on Ensemble Quantum ComputersJul 21 1999In ensemble (or bulk) quantum computation, measurements of qubits in an individual computer cannot be performed. Instead, only expectation values can be measured. As a result of this limitation on the model of computation, various important algorithms ... More
Impulsive Noise Robust Sparse Recovery via Continuous Mixed NormApr 12 2018This paper investigates the problem of sparse signal recovery in the presence of additive impulsive noise. The heavytailed impulsive noise is well modelled with stable distributions. Since there is no explicit formulation for the probability density function ... More
Optimized Spline InterpolationApr 29 2011In this paper, we investigate the problem of designing compact support interpolation kernels for a given class of signals. By using calculus of variations, we simplify the optimization problem from an infinite nonlinear problem to a finite dimensional ... More
Unsupervised Learning with Imbalanced Data via Structure Consolidation Latent Variable ModelJun 30 2016Unsupervised learning on imbalanced data is challenging because, when given imbalanced data, current model is often dominated by the major category and ignores the categories with small amount of data. We develop a latent variable model that can cope ... More
Brane $f(\cal R)$ gravityOct 10 2009We consider a brane world scenario in which the bulk action is assumed to have the form of a generic function of the Ricci scalar $f(\mathcal{R})$ and derive the resulting Einstein field equations on the brane. In a constant curvature bulk a conserved ... More
Kolmogorov-Zakharov Model for Optical Fiber CommunicationNov 24 2014Feb 04 2015A power spectral density based on the theory of weak wave turbulence is suggested for calculating the interference power in dense wavelength-division multiplexed optical systems. This power spectrum, termed Kolmogorov-Zakharov (KZ) model, results in a ... More
Multi-Task Learning Using Neighborhood KernelsJul 11 2017This paper introduces a new and effective algorithm for learning kernels in a Multi-Task Learning (MTL) setting. Although, we consider a MTL scenario here, our approach can be easily applied to standard single task learning, as well. As shown by our empirical ... More
Malytics: A Malware Detection SchemeMar 09 2018Jun 18 2018An important problem of cyber-security is malware analysis. Besides good precision and recognition rate, a malware detection scheme needs to be able to generalize well for novel malware families (a.k.a zero-day attacks). It is important that the system ... More
Robust Bipedal Locomotion Control Based on Model Predictive Control and Divergent Component of MotionFeb 28 2017In this paper, previous works on the Model Predictive Control (MPC) and the Divergent Component of Motion (DCM) for bipedal walking control are extended. To this end, we employ a single MPC which uses a combination of Center of Pressure (CoP) manipulation, ... More
VeriVANca: An Actor-Based Framework for Formal Verification of Warning Message Dissemination Schemes in VANETsApr 16 2019One of the applications of vehicular ad-hoc networks is warning message dissemination among vehicles in dangerous situations to prevent more damage. The only communication mechanism for message dissemination is multi-hop broadcast; in which, forwarding ... More
Local Rademacher Complexity-based Learning Guarantees for Multi-Task LearningFeb 18 2016Feb 09 2017We show a Talagrand-type concentration inequality for Multi-Task Learning (MTL), using which we establish sharp excess risk bounds for MTL in terms of distribution- and data-dependent versions of the Local Rademacher Complexity (LRC). We also give a new ... More
Learning Genomic Representations to Predict Clinical Outcomes in CancerSep 27 2016Genomics are rapidly transforming medical practice and basic biomedical research, providing insights into disease mechanisms and improving therapeutic strategies, particularly in cancer. The ability to predict the future course of a patient's disease ... More
A Novel Motion Detection Method Resistant to Severe Illumination ChangesDec 11 2016Oct 05 2017Recently, there has been a considerable attention given to the motion detection problem due to the explosive growth of its applications in video analysis and surveillance systems. While the previous approaches can produce good results, an accurate detection ... More
A new approach for solving nonlinear Thomas-Fermi equation based on fractional order of rational Bessel functionsJun 24 2016In this paper, the fractional order of rational Bessel functions collocation method (FRBC) to solve Thomas-Fermi equation which is defined in the semi-infinite domain and has singularity at $x = 0$ and its boundary condition occurs at infinity, have been ... More
A Fully Bayesian Infinite Generative Model for Dynamic Texture SegmentationJan 13 2019Generative dynamic texture models (GDTMs) are widely used for dynamic texture (DT) segmentation in the video sequences. GDTMs represent DTs as a set of linear dynamical systems (LDSs). A major limitation of these models concerns the automatic selection ... More
A Customer Choice Model with HALO EffectMay 04 2018In this paper, we propose an extension to the multinomial logit (MNL) model, the Halo MNL, that takes into account the interaction effects among products in an assortment. In particular, this model incorporates pairwise interactions of items in an effort ... More
Polarization-Division Multiplexing Based on the Nonlinear Fourier TransformJul 26 2017Polarization-division multiplexed (PDM) transmission based on the nonlinear Fourier transform (NFT) is proposed for optical fiber communication. The NFT algorithms are generalized from the scalar nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation for one polarization to ... More
Bipartite Graph Matching for Keyframe Summary EvaluationDec 19 2017A keyframe summary, or "static storyboard", is a collection of frames from a video designed to summarise its semantic content. Many algorithms have been proposed to extract such summaries automatically. How best to evaluate these outputs is an important ... More