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Dynamical system approach of non-minimal coupling in AdS/CFT cosmologyMay 08 2018Nov 13 2018We study the dynamical system approach of non minimally coupled scalar field to induced gravity on the brane in the framework of the AdS/CFT correspondence. In this context, we derive the modified Friedmann equation and the equation of motion. The dynamics ... More
Induced gravity effect on inflationary parameters in an holographic cosmologyApr 12 2019We investigate observational constraints on inflationary parameters in the context of an holographic cosmology with an induced gravity correction. We consider two situations where a universe is firstly filled with a scalar field and secondly with a tachyon ... More
Comparison of constructive multi-typed theory with subsystems of second order arithmeticApr 30 2015This paper describes an axiomatic theory BT for constructive mathematics. BT has a predicative comprehension axiom for a countable number of set types and usual combinatorial operations. BT has intuitionistic logic, is consistent with classical logic ... More
A strong intuitionistic theory of functionalsMar 12 2014In this paper we construct a Beth model for intuitionistic functionals of high types and use it to create a relatively strong theory SLP containg intuitionistic principles for functionals, in particular, the theory of the "creating subject", axioms for ... More
High-dimensional change-point detection with sparse alternativesDec 06 2013Feb 26 2014We consider the problem of detecting a change in mean in a sequence of Gaussian vectors. Under the alternative hypothesis, the change occurs only in some subset of the components of the vector. We propose a test of the presence of a change-point that ... More
On rational triangles via algebraic curvesOct 25 2016A rational triangle is a triangle with rational side lengths. We consider three different families of rational triangles having a fixed side and whose vertices are rational points in the plane. We display a one-to-one correspondence between each family ... More
Asymmetric Fuglede Putnam's Theorem for operators reduced by their eigenspacesMar 24 2016Fuglede-Putnam Theorem have been proved for a considerably large number of class of operators. In this paper by using the spectral theory, we obtain a theoretical and general framework from which Fuglede-Putnam theorem may be promptly established for ... More
Kaluza-Klein Cosmology with Varying G and $Λ$Apr 13 2011In this paper we investigate non-compact FRW type Kaluza-Klein cosmology coupled with 5D energy-momentum tensor. The field equations are solved by taking gravitational and cosmological constants as a function of time $t$. We use $\Lambda(t)=\epsilon H^{2}$ ... More
Study of semileptonic decays of D_{s} meson within R-parity violating supersymmetric modelAug 06 2011We present the comaprative study of semileptonic and leptonic decays of D_{s},D^{\pm} and D^0 meson (D\rightarrowM l_{{\alpha}}^+l_{{\beta}}^-,D\rightarrowl_{{\alpha}}^+l_{{\beta}}^-,D\rightarrowl_{{\alpha}}^+v_{{\alpha}};{\alpha},{\beta}=e,{\mu}) within ... More
Some spectral properties for generalized derivationsSep 18 2014Given Banach spaces $\mathcal{X}$ and $\mathcal{Y}$ and Banach space operators $A\in L(\mathcal{X})$ and $B\in L(\mathcal{Y}).$ The generalized derivation $\delta_{A,B} \in L(L(\mathcal{Y},\mathcal{X}))$ is defined by $\delta_{A,B}(X)=(L_{A}-R_{B})(X)=AX-XB$. ... More
Kaluza-Klein Cosmology With Modified Holographic Dark EnergyJun 13 2011We investigate the compact Kaluza-Klein cosmology in which modified holographic dark energy is interacting with dark matter. Using this scenario, we evaluate equation of state parameter as well as equation of evolution of the modified holographic dark ... More
Path Equations In Absolute Parallelism SpaceApr 05 2017Apr 18 2017Riemannian and Absolute Parallelism (AP) geometries are discussed. A lavish treatment of path equations in the AP-space using the Bazanski-type Lagrangian is presented; We write down an expression that is absolutely conserved along a curve in the AP-space ... More
Anisotropic Dark Energy and the Generalized Second Law of ThermodynamicsNov 12 2011We consider a Bianchi type $I$ model in which anisotropic dark energy is interacting with dark matter and anisotropic radiation. With this scenario, we investigate the validity of the generalized second law of thermodynamics. It is concluded that the ... More
A Single Equation Of Gravity And Electromagnetism On Parallelizable Manifold Using Dolan-McCrea Variational MethodApr 18 2017The crucial but undocumented Dolan-McCrea variational method is richly applied. Using the said method, we analytically derived a field equation comprising entirely of geometric structures and we investigate how effectively it describes gravitational and ... More
A New Look At Gravitational Coupling Constant And The Dark Energy ProblemMar 20 2015In this paper, we establish that the solution to the dark energy problem is connected to the cutoff Ultraviolet scale manifesting itself as linearly independent infrared sectors of the effective theory of gravity interacting with QCD fields. We work in ... More
Absolute values of nonstandard interaction parameters in ν_{e}e and ν_{e}e-scatteringsFeb 09 2011Oct 30 2017We present a novel approach for constraining nonstandard neutrino interaction (NSI) coupling parameters ({\epsilon}_{ee}^{eL} and {\epsilon}_{ee}^{eR}) in low energy flavor conserving {\nu}_{e}e and {\nu}_{e}e-scattering processes. Here we exploit an ... More
Absolute values of nonstandard interaction parameters in ν_{e}e and ν_{e}e-scatteringsFeb 09 2011Feb 14 2011We present a novel approach for constraining nonstandard neutrino interaction (NSI) coupling parameters ({\epsilon}_{ee}^{eL} and {\epsilon}_{ee}^{eR}) in low energy flavor conserving {\nu}_{e}e and {\nu}_{e}e-scattering processes. Here we exploit an ... More
Strong Gravity Approach to QCD and General RelativityMay 17 2016Aug 31 2016A systematic study of the Weyl-type / Yang-Mills-type action possessing local conformal invariance and quadratic curvature is undertaken. The dynamical breaking of this conformal invariance / scale invariance induces general relativity (GR) as an effective ... More
Nonstandard interactions and interference effect in low energy ν_{e}e-scattering processJan 17 2011Sep 26 2011We calculated the size and sign of interference (I) in elastic {\nu}_{e}e-scattering process in the presence of nonstandard neutrino interactions (NSI). The size of interference predicted by standard model (SM) is -1.09, while that measured in the LSND ... More
ev->ev Aspirant for New PhysicsFeb 06 2019This work focuses on the topical survey of precision measurements via ev->ev scattering in the frame work of Non-Standard Interaction (NSI). Both Model Independent (MI) and Model Dependent (MD) are used in addition the Standard Model (SM). R-parity violating ... More
Joint segmentation and classification of retinal arteries/veins from fundus imagesMar 04 2019Objective Automatic artery/vein (A/V) segmentation from fundus images is required to track blood vessel changes occurring with many pathologies including retinopathy and cardiovascular pathologies. One of the clinical measures that quantifies vessel changes ... More
New Physics from NSIs in charm DecaysOct 22 2014Nov 04 2014We study rare decays of Charm in NSIs. We calculate the NSIs Branching ratios of these decays. There is a strong dependence of these on new physics parameter. They provide, stringent constraints on free parameter in tau.
Lepton Polarization Asymmetry in B l l(bar) decays in R-parity violating Minimal Supersymmetric Standard ModelJul 16 2007Jul 26 2007We study the implication of R-parity violating Rp Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM) model in lepton polarization asymmetry ALP in B l l(bar) decays . The analysis show that the ALP is significant in a certain phenomenological parametric region ... More
Bump detection in heterogeneous Gaussian regressionApr 28 2015May 03 2016We analyze the effect of a heterogeneous variance on bump detection in a Gaussian regression model. To this end we allow for a simultaneous bump in the variance and specify its impact on the difficulty to detect the null signal against a single bump with ... More
Image Quality Assessment for Performance Evaluation of Focus Measure OperatorsApr 02 2016This paper presents the performance evaluation of eight focus measure operators namely Image CURV (Curvature), GRAE (Gradient Energy), HISE (Histogram Entropy), LAPM (Modified Laplacian), LAPV (Variance of Laplacian), LAPD (Diagonal Laplacian), LAP3 (Laplacian ... More
Probing new physics through B->K l+ l- decays in R-parity violating minimal supersymmetric standard modelMar 05 2009We study the decay rate of process B->K l+ l- (l=e,mu) and some of its other related observables, like forward backward asymmetry (A_{FB}), polarization asymmetry (PA) and CP-asymmetry (A_{CP}) in R-parity violating (R_{p}) Minimal Supersymmetric Standard ... More
The study of NSIs in B and KL rare decays with three generations of quarks and interference effects between the standard model and NSIsJan 20 2015Jun 16 2015We study the rare decays of B meson. We want to constraint the NSIs by using these reactions. We show that there is a strong dependence of these reactions on new physics parameter. We include second and third generation of quarks in the loop for these ... More
New Physics Through Rare Decays Of MesonsNov 10 2014Nov 26 2014We study the contribution of 2nd generation of quarks in NSIs. We investigate it through the rare decays of mesons involving neutrinos in the final state. We show the C and s quarks can effect NSIs just like u and s. We explore constraints on free parameter ... More
Question Embeddings Based on Shannon Entropy: Solving intent classification task in goal-oriented dialogue systemMar 25 2019Question-answering systems and voice assistants are becoming major part of client service departments of many organizations, helping them to reduce the labor costs of staff. In many such systems, there is always natural language understanding module that ... More
Memory Efficient Multi-Scale Line Detector Architecture for Retinal Blood Vessel SegmentationDec 06 2016This paper presents a memory efficient architecture that implements the Multi-Scale Line Detector (MSLD) algorithm for real-time retinal blood vessel detection in fundus images on a Zynq FPGA. This implementation benefits from the FPGA parallelism to ... More
Robust diffusion imaging framework for clinical studiesFeb 17 2015Clinical diffusion imaging requires short acquisition times and good image quality to permit its use in various medical applications. In turn, these demands require the development of a robust and efficient post-processing framework in order to guarantee ... More
Bounds on R-parity violating SUSY Yukawa couplings from semileptonic decays of baryonsJul 21 1998We consider tree-level corrections to hypercharge changing semileptonic decays of certain baryons induced by a minimal supersymmetric standard model with explicitly broken R-parity via $L$-violation. This study leads to a new set of constraints on the ... More
Robust adaptive strategies for the guidance of users in road networksJun 29 2016We present an algorithm for optimal guidance of users in road networks. It is a "stochastic-on-time-arrival (SOTA)"-like algorithm which calculates optimal guidance strategies with reliable paths, for road network origin-destination pairs. Our contribution ... More
Study of rare mesonic decays involving di-neutrinos in their final stateSep 26 2017We have carried out phenomenological implication of R-parity violating ($\NEG% {R}_{p}$) Minimal Supersymmetric Model (MSSM) via analyses of pure leptonic($% M\rightarrow \nu \bar{\nu}$) and semileptonic decays of pseudo-scalar mesons(% $M\rightarrow ... More
A hybrid vanadium fluoride with structurally isolated S = 1 kagome layersApr 07 2014A new organically-templated vanadium (III) fluoride, (NH4)2(C2H8N)[V3F12], has been prepared using an ionothermal approach. This compound has a unique layered structure featuring distorted S = 1 kagome planes separated by the cationic species. The compound ... More
Percolation cluster formation at ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisionsJul 11 2007We expect that the experimental study of percolation cluster formation and appearance of the critical transparency of the strongly interacting matter can give the information about the onset state of deconfinement.
Centrality dependence of some characteristics of relativistic nuclear interactions and percolation cluster formationOct 12 2007Some of the centrality experiments indicate regime change and saturation in the behaviour of characteristics of the secondary particles produced in relativistic nuclear interactions. We discuss that the responsible mechanism to explain the phenomena could ... More
Search for deconfinement in the cluster at ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisionsJun 07 2007Some of the centrality experiments indicate regime change and saturation in the behavior of characteristics of the secondary particles. It is observed as a critical phenomenon for hadron-nuclear, nuclear-nuclear interactions and ultrarelativistic heavy ... More
Application of semi-invariants to proof of the central limit theorem on a latticeApr 27 2015Apr 28 2015Statistical mechanics describes interaction between particles of a physical system. Particle properties of the system can be modelled with a random field on a lattice and studied at different distance scales using renormalization group transformation. ... More
Alternative proof of existence of Gibbs measure at high temperatureMay 27 2018Jun 15 2018Mathematical models in equilibrium statistical mechanics describe physical systems with many particles interacting with an external force and with one another. Gibbs measure is a fundamental concept in this theory. In existing literature infinite-volume ... More
A Novel Approach to Skew-Detection and Correction of English Alphabets for OCRJan 02 2018Optical Character Recognition has been a challenging field in the advent of digital computers. It is needed where information is to be readable both to humans and machines. The process of OCR is composed of a set of pre and post processing steps that ... More
Approximate perfect fluid solutions with quadrupole momentFeb 09 2019We investigate the interior Einstein's equations in the case of a static, axially symmetric, perfect fluid source. We present a particular line element that is specially suitable for the investigation of this type of interior gravitational fields. Assuming ... More
Sensing ion channels in neuronal networks with graphene transistorsApr 30 2017May 08 2017Graphene, the atomically-thin honeycomb carbon lattice, is a highly conducting 2D material whose exposed electronic structure offers an ideal platform for sensing. Its biocompatible, flexible, and chemically inert nature associated to the lack of dangling ... More
Some Properties of the Central pi--Meson Carbon Interactions at 40 Gev/CJan 08 2009We discuss some properties of the central pi--meson carbon reactions at 40 GeV/c. While these results were obtained many years ago they have not been explained completely. We attempt to interpret following: results regime change on the behavior of some ... More
Optimization of the image contrast in SPECT-CT bremsstrahlung imaging for Selective Internal Radiation Therapy of liver malignancies with Y-90 microspheresSep 29 2015The quality of SPECT Bremsstrahlung images of patients treated with Y-90 is poor, mainly because of scattered radiation and collimator septa penetration. To minimize the latter effect, High Energy (HE) or Medium Energy (ME) collimators can be used. Scatter ... More
Search for a Signal on QCD Critical Point in Central Nucleus-Nucleus CollisionsApr 19 2008We discuss that the QCD critical point could appear in central collisions in percolation cluster. We suggest using the nuclear transparency effect and the one of the light nuclear production to identify the critical point.
SAPHIR - a multi-scale, multi-resolution modeling environment targeting blood pressure regulation and fluid homeostasisJun 12 2008We present progress on a comprehensive, modular, interactive modeling environment centered on overall regulation of blood pressure and body fluid homeostasis. We call the project SAPHIR, for "a Systems Approach for PHysiological Integration of Renal, ... More