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Learning the Wireless V2I Channels Using Deep Neural NetworksJul 10 2019For high data rate wireless communication systems, developing an efficient channel estimation approach is extremely vital for channel detection and signal recovery. With the trend of high-mobility wireless communications between vehicles and vehicles-to-infrastructure ... More
A Speculative Study on 6GFeb 18 2019While 5G is being tested worldwide and anticipated to be rolled out gradually in 2019, researchers around the world are beginning to turn their attention to what 6G might be in 10+ years time, and there are already initiatives in various countries focusing ... More
A new method of determining the inclination angle in interacting binariesMar 25 1998We describe a method of determining the system parameters in non-eclipsing interacting binaries. We find that the extent to which an observer sees the shape of the Roche-lobe of the secondary star governs the amount of distortion of the absorption line ... More
An Interference-Aware Virtual Clustering Paradigm for Resource Management in Cognitive Femtocell NetworksApr 19 2012Femtocells represent a promising alternative solution for high quality wireless access in indoor scenarios where conventional cellular system coverage can be poor. Femtocell access points (FAP) are normally randomly deployed by the end user, so only post ... More
Numerical Computations of Viscous, Incompressible Flow Problems Using a Two-Level Finite Element MethodSep 17 2001We consider two-level finite element discretization methods for the stream function formulation of the Navier-Stokes equations. The two-level method consists of solving a small nonlinear system on the coarse mesh, then solving a linear system on the fine ... More
Numerical Solution of a Singularly - Perturbed Boundary-Value Problems by Using A Non-Polynomial SplineJun 12 2012We consider a non-polynomial cubic spline to develop the classes of methods for the numerical solution of singularly perturbed two-point boundary value problems. The proposed methods are second and fourth order accurate and applicable to problems both ... More
A Psychovisual Analysis on Deep CNN Features for Perceptual Metrics and A Novel Psychovisual LossDec 02 2018Feb 25 2019The efficacy of Deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) features as perceptual quality features has been demonstrated by researchers. Nevertheless, any thorough analysis in the context of human visual perception on 'why deep CNN features perform well ... More
Image Annotation using Multi-Layer Sparse CodingMay 06 2017Automatic annotation of images with descriptive words is a challenging problem with vast applications in the areas of image search and retrieval. This problem can be viewed as a label-assignment problem by a classifier dealing with a very large set of ... More
The leading digit distribution of the worldwide Illicit Financial FlowsJan 17 2012Nov 15 2012Benford's law states that in data sets from different phenomena leading digits tend to be distributed logarithmically such that the numbers beginning with smaller digits occur more often than those with larger ones. Particularly, the law is known to hold ... More
The mass structure of SU(3) baryon antidecuplet and pion muon mass differenceMar 13 2009Apr 23 2009We show that the mass intervals among the pentaquark baryons $\Theta^{+}$, $N^{*}(1685)$ and $\Xi_{3/2}^{-}$ proposed to be the members of the SU(3) antidecuplet are exact integral multiples of the mass difference between a neutral pion and a muon i.e. ... More
Revisiting the pentaquark episode for lattice QCDNov 05 2007This work revisits the pentaquark episode, particularly in reference to lattice QCD, to collect in one place the lessons that have been or should be learnt. This also examines whether, and if yes, where, there might be any prospect for future studies ... More
Theoretical Estimates of Integrated Sachs-Wolfe Effect Detection through EMU-ASKAP Survey with Confusion, Position Uncertainty, Shot Noise and SNR analysisSep 18 2014The paper discusses ISW estimates through EMU-ASKAP survey. The main ideas this paper covers include: 1- Discussion on source distribution, confusion, position accuracy and shotnoise (with discussion focusing on SN ratios). 2- Selection of maximum redshift ... More
Quantum Multiplexers, Parrondo Games, and Proper QuantizationJun 03 2009A quantum logic gate of particular interest to both electrical engineers and game theorists is the quantum multiplexer. This shared interest is due to the facts that an arbitrary quantum logic gate may be expressed, up to arbitrary accuracy, via a circuit ... More
Nash equilibrium quantum states and optimal quantum data classificationFeb 22 2015Jul 27 2015This letter reports a novel application of game theory to quantum informational processes which can be used to optimally classify data generated by these processes. To this end, the notion of simultaneously distinguishing a pure quantum state, generated ... More
Theoretical Estimates of Integrated Sachs-Wolfe Effect Detection through EMU-ASKAP Survey with Confusion, Position Uncertainty, Shot Noise and SNR analysisSep 18 2014Nov 22 2018The paper discusses ISW estimates through EMU-ASKAP survey. The main ideas this paper covers include: 1- Discussion on source distribution, confusion, position accuracy and shotnoise (with discussion focusing on SN ratios). 2- Selection of maximum redshift ... More
Deep Neural Network Based Resource Allocation for V2X CommunicationsJun 24 2019This paper focuses on optimal transmit power allocation to maximize the overall system throughput in a vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication system. We propose two methods for solving the power allocation problem namely the weighted minimum mean square ... More
The Benford law behavior of the religious activity dataMay 05 2014An important aspect of religious association is that adherents, as part of their religious duty, carry out various activities. One religious group known for keeping the elaborate records of day-to-day activities of its members is the Jehovah's Witnesses ... More
The Impact of Digital Financial Services on Firm's Performance: a Literature ReviewMay 03 2017Digital Financial Services continue to expand and replace the delivery of traditional banking services to the customers through innovative technologies to meet the growing complex needs and globalization challenges. These diversified digital products ... More
A Framework for Extracting and Modeling HIPAA Privacy Rules for Healthcare ApplicationsMar 09 2016Some organizations use software applications to manage their customers' personal, medical, or financial information. In the United States, those software applications are obligated to preserve users' privacy and to comply with the United States federal ... More
Proper Matter Collineations of Plane Symmetric SpacetimesNov 27 2006We investigate matter collineations of plane symmetric spacetimes when the energy-momentum tensor is degenerate. There exists three interesting cases where the group of matter collineations is finite-dimensional. The matter collineations in these cases ... More
Effects of Interface Steps on the Valley Orbit coupling in a Si/SiGe quantum dotApr 26 2019Valley-orbit coupling is a key parameter for a silicon quantum dot in determining its suitability for applications in quantum information processing. In this paper we study the effect of interface steps on the magnitude and phase of valley-orbit coupling ... More
The multi-wavelength polarization of Cygnus X-1Dec 03 2013Polarization measurements of the microquasar Cygnus X-1 exist at gamma-ray, X-ray, UV, optical and radio frequencies. The gamma-ray emission has been shown to be highly linearly polarized. Here, we present new infrared polarimetric data of Cygnus X-1 ... More
The Effect of the Earth Matter on Three Neutrino Oscillations and Sensitivity to CP Phase ParameterOct 30 2018We find an analytical expression of neutrino evolution operator in the Earth matter using perturbative approach in the context of three neutrino oscillations. We find that our analytical expression is highly accurate by comparing its results with the ... More
Nearest Neighbor Imputation for Categorical Data by Weighting of AttributesOct 03 2017Missing values are a common phenomenon in all areas of applied research. While various imputation methods are available for metrically scaled variables, methods for categorical data are scarce. An imputation method that has been shown to work well for ... More
Equalization of Response Functions of SK and SNOFeb 28 2004Sep 13 2006We have studied the equalization of the response functions of the SK and SNO for total event rate and event rate for the energy bins. To calculate the response functions of SNO, we have used the latest theoretical values of the cross section of the neutrino-deuteron ... More
Adiabatic solution of Dirac equation of "graphinos" in an intense electromagnetic field and emission of high order harmonics near the Dirac pointsFeb 08 2011Mar 01 2011We obtain a class of adiabatic solutions of Dirac equation for the charged massless relativistic quasi-particles that arise from the low-energy excitations \cite{foot-1} in a 2D graphene sheet, interacting with an electromagnetic field. The analytic solutions ... More
A 4-Component Dirac Theory of Ionization of Hydrogen Molecular Ion in a Super-Intense Laser FieldJul 10 2009Jul 11 2009In this paper a 4-component Dirac theory of ionization of hydrogen molecular ion in a super-intense laser field is developed. Simple analytic expressions for the spin specific as well as the total ionization currents emitted from the ground state of the ... More
Nash embedding: a road map to realizing quantum hardwareJun 09 2019Jun 15 2019The non-Euclidean nature of the mathematical model of quantum circuits leaves open the question of their practical implementation in hardware platforms which necessarily reside in the Euclidean space $\mathbb{R}^3$. On the other hand, reversible circuits ... More
Robot human interface for housekepeer with wireless capabilitiesJul 12 2018This paper presents the design and implementation of a Human Interface for a housekeeper robot. It bases on the idea of making the robot understand the human needs without making the human go through the details of robots work, for example, the way that ... More
$Υ$ absorption cross sections by nucleonsSep 11 2013Sep 13 2013The cross sections of $\Upsilon $\ absorption by nucleons are calculated in meson-baryon exchange model using an effective hadronic Lagrangian. Calculated cross sections are found to peak near threshold followed by an increase which tends to settle at ... More
Strong-Field S-Matrix Theory With Coulomb-Volkov Final State in All OrdersJun 07 2016Despite its long standing usefulness for the analysis of various processes in intense laser fields, it is well-known that the so-called strong-field KFR or SFA ansatz does not account for the final-state Coulomb interaction. Due to its importance for ... More
Dominant Strategies in Two Qubit Quantum ComputationsOct 03 2014Feb 04 2015Nash equilibrium is a solution concept in non-strictly competitive, non-cooperative game theory that finds applications in various scientific and engineering disciplines. A non-strictly competitive, non-cooperative game model is presented here for two ... More
On Fast and Robust Information Spreading in the Vertex-Congest ModelJul 05 2015This paper initiates the study of the impact of failures on the fundamental problem of \emph{information spreading} in the Vertex-Congest model, in which in every round, each of the $n$ nodes sends the same $O(\log{n})$-bit message to all of its neighbors. ... More
Properties of the angular gap in a one dimensional photonic band gap structure containing single negative materialsSep 17 2007The linear properties of the angular gap in a one dimensional photonic band gap structure containing single negative material layers are investigated. This gap forms at oblique incidence due to total internal reflection into air when the Snell's law breaks ... More
On the Complexity of Multi-Parameterized Cluster EditingNov 30 2015The Cluster Editing problem seeks a transformation of a given undirected graph into a disjoint union of cliques via a minimum number of edge additions or deletions. A multi-parameterized version of the problem is studied, featuring a number of input parameters ... More
An Alternative Quantization Protocol for the History Dependent Parrondo GameJun 09 2008Earlier work on the quantization of the history dependent (HD) Parrondo game by Flitney, Ng, and Abbott led to the FNA protocol. We propose an alternative quantization protocol for this game which differs from the FNA protocol in various aspects.
Contextual Relabelling of Detected ObjectsJun 06 2019Contextual information, such as the co-occurrence of objects and the spatial and relative size among objects provides deep and complex information about scenes. It also can play an important role in improving object detection. In this work, we present ... More
Dynamic Dark Energy Equation of State (EoS) and Hubble Constant analysis using type Ia supernovae from Union 2.1 datasetJul 04 2019Jul 09 2019This paper constraints dynamic dark energy equation of state (EoS) parameters using the type Ia supernovae from Union 2.1 dataset. The paper also discusses the dependency of dynamic dark energy EoS parameters on the chosen or assumed value of the Hubble ... More
Charge carrier mobility degradation in graphene sheet under induced strainAug 26 2010Oct 12 2010Impact of induced strain on charge carrier mobility is investigated for a monolayer graphene sheet. Mobility is computed within Born approximation by including impurity scattering, surface roughness effects and interaction with lattice phonons. Unlike ... More
Equivalence of the velocity and length gauge perturbation seriesOct 04 2008We derive a "master" perturbation expansion for the quantum transition amplitude in a light field between the field-free initial and final atomic states in the minimal-coupling (MC) "velocity" gauge. The result is used to prove that the traditional "velocity" ... More
A Road-map Towards Explainable Question Answering A Solution for Information PollutionJul 04 2019The increasing rate of information pollution on the Web requires novel solutions to tackle that. Question Answering (QA) interfaces are simplified and user-friendly interfaces to access information on the Web. However, similar to other AI applications, ... More
Approximation by Kantorovich type (p,q)-Bernstein-Schurer OperatorsMay 25 2015In this paper, we introduce a Shurer type genaralization of (p,q)-Bernstein-Kantorovich operators based on (p,q)-integers and we call it as (p,q)-Bernstein-Schurer Kantorovich operators. We study approximation properties for these operators based on Korovkin's ... More
Benford's law: a 'sleeping beauty' sleeping in the dirty pages of logarithmic tablesFeb 02 2017Benford's law is an empirical observation, first reported by Simon Newcomb in 1881 and then independently by Frank Benford in 1938: the first significant digits of numbers in large data are often distributed according to a logarithmically decreasing function. ... More
The Political Economy of FDI flows into Developing Countries: Does the depth of International Trade Agreements Matter?Feb 02 2014There is considerable debate whether the domestic political institutions (specifically, the country s level of democracy) of the host developing country toward foreign investors are effective in establishing the credibility of commitments are still underway, ... More
Synthesis of multi-qudit Hybrid and d-valued Quantum Logic Circuits by DecompositionNov 03 2005Aug 20 2006Recent research in generalizing quantum computation from 2-valued qudits to d-valued qudits has shown practical advantages for scaling up a quantum computer. A further generalization leads to quantum computing with hybrid qudits where two or more qudits ... More
Performance Enhancement Factors of ERP Projects in a Telecom Public Sector Organization of Pakistan : An Exploratory StudyJul 12 2012Sep 21 2012Public sector organizations are treated in a different manner, as Information technology/information system has become necessity in a highly competitive environment. Importance of information systems is becoming more and more vital as the global technology ... More
An envelope-function approach for a one-dimensional photonic crystal containing single negative materialsSep 21 2006Jan 07 2007An envelope function approach is used to study the wave propagation in a one-dimensional Photonic Crystal containing single negative layers. This approach enables one to obtain the analytic expressions of the parameters of an equivalent effective medium. ... More
Emotion Controlled Spectrum Mobility Scheme for Efficient Syntactic Interoperability In Cognitive Radio Based Internet of VehiclesAug 06 2017Blind spots are one of the causes of road accidents in the hilly and flat areas. These blind spot accidents can be decreased by establishing an Internet of Vehicles (IoV) using Vehicle-2-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-2-Infrastrtructure (V2I) communication ... More
On some classes of Abel-Grassmann's groupoidsOct 28 2010Oct 29 2010In this paper, we have investigated different classes of an AG-groupoid by their structural properties. We have prove that weakly regular, intra-regular, right regular, left regular, left quasi regular and completely regular coincide in an AG-groupoid ... More
Designing Autonomous Vehicles: Evaluating the Role of Human Emotions and Social NormsAug 06 2017Humans are going to delegate the rights of driving to the autonomous vehicles in near future. However, to fulfill this complicated task, there is a need for a mechanism, which enforces the autonomous vehicles to obey the road and social rules that have ... More
Dynamic networks reveal key players in agingJul 12 2013Motivation: Since susceptibility to diseases increases with age, studying aging gains importance. Analyses of gene expression or sequence data, which have been indispensable for investigating aging, have been limited to studying genes and their protein ... More
No fixed point guarantee of Nash equilibrium in quantum gamesSep 27 2016Nash equilibrium is not guaranteed in finite quantum games. In this letter, we revisit this fact using John Nash's original approach of countering sets and Kakutani's fixed point theorem. To the best of our knowledge, this mathematically formal approach ... More
Towards Social Autonomous Vehicles: Efficient Collision Avoidance Scheme Using Richardson's Arms Race ModelAug 06 2017Background Road collisions and casualties pose a serious threat to commuters around the globe. Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) aim to make the use of technology to reduce the road accidents. However, the most of research work in the context of collision avoidance ... More
The structure of the semigroup of proper holomorphic mappings of a planar domain to the unit discMar 07 2007Given a bounded n-connected domain in the plane bounded by non-intersecting Jordan curves, and given one point on each boundary curve, L. Bieberbach proved that there exists a proper holomorphic mapping of the domain onto the unit disc that is an n-to-one ... More
Deep Learning and Conditional Random Fields-based Depth Estimation and Topographical Reconstruction from Conventional EndoscopyOct 30 2017Nov 27 2017Colorectal cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide and the second leading cause in the United States. The risk of colorectal cancer can be mitigated by the identification and removal of premalignant lesions through optical colonoscopy. ... More
Censorship Resistance: Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom?Dec 04 2014This paper argues that one of the most important decisions in designing and deploying censorship resistance systems is whether one set of system options should be selected (the best), or whether there should be several sets of good ones. We model the ... More
Group Visual Sentiment AnalysisJan 07 2017In this paper, we introduce a framework for classifying images according to high-level sentiment. We subdivide the task into three primary problems: emotion classification on faces, human pose estimation, and 3D estimation and clustering of groups of ... More
Efficient traveltime solution of the acoustic TI eikonal equationNov 17 2013Numerical solutions of the eikonal (Hamilton-Jacobi) equation for transversely isotropic (TI) media are essential for imaging and traveltime tomography applications. Such solutions, however, suffer from the inherent higher-order nonlinearity of the TI ... More
Calculation of Beam Propagation through a Defected or a Misaligned Two-Lens SystemMay 08 2016An inadvertent or unwanted angular deviation to a passing beam can be introduced by any single optical component within an optical system. The problem arises due to an imperfect tilt alignment of the optical component or manufacturing defects which results ... More
Vaccination strategies to control Ebola epidemics in the context of variable household inaccessibility levelsJun 11 2019Despite a very effective vaccine, active conflict and community distrust during the ongoing DRC Ebola epidemic are undermining control efforts, including a ring vaccination strategy. However, 20% or more of close contacts cannot be reached or refused ... More
A HVS-inspired Attention Map to Improve CNN-based Perceptual Losses for Image RestorationMar 30 2019Deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) features have been demonstrated to be effective perceptual quality features. The perceptual loss, based on feature maps of pre-trained CNN's has proven to be remarkably effective for CNN based perceptual image restoration ... More
Constrained Path Monte Carlo method for spin $ 1/2 $ fermions at unitarity limitAug 15 2017Oct 17 2017We present calculations for spin $ 1/2 $ fermions at unitarity limit, where the effective range of the interaction is zero and the scattering length is infinite. We compute the ground-state energy for a system of 6, 10,14,18 and 20 particles, with equal ... More
Synthesis of Ternary Quantum Logic Circuits by DecompositionNov 04 2005Recent research in multi-valued logic for quantum computing has shown practical advantages for scaling up a quantum computer. Multivalued quantum systems have also been used in the framework of quantum cryptography, and the concept of a qudit cluster ... More
Γ-Abel-Grassmann's groupoids characterized by their intuitionistic Γ-idealsNov 12 2010In this paper, we have discussed several properties of intuitionistic fuzzy {\Gamma}-ideals of a {\Gamma}-AG-groupoid which is the generalization of ideals in AG-groupoid We have characterized an intra-regular {\Gamma}-AG^{**}-groupoid in terms of intuitionistic ... More
Characterizations of intra-regular gamma AG-groupoids by the properties of their gamma idealsNov 05 2010We have characterized an intra-regular {\Gamma}-AG^{**}-groupoids by using the properties of {\Gamma}-ideals (left, right, two-sided ), {\Gamma}-interior, {\Gamma}-quasi, {\Gamma}-bi and {\Gamma}-generalized bi and {\Gamma}-(1,2)). We have prove that ... More
Unified mobile public health care system (UMPHCS) for underdeveloped countriesOct 15 2014In this paper, we have proposed a new smartphone based system for health care, monitoring and diagnosis, which is specially designed to efficiently increase the public health care system in the distant, rural, unreached areas of the underdeveloped and ... More
Movement Coordination in Human-Robot Teams: A Dynamical Systems ApproachMay 04 2016In order to be effective teammates, robots need to be able to understand high-level human behavior to recognize, anticipate, and adapt to human motion. We have designed a new approach to enable robots to perceive human group motion in real-time, anticipate ... More
Adapting sample size in particle filters through KLD-resamplingJun 13 2013This letter provides an adaptive resampling method. It determines the number of particles to resample so that the Kullback-Leibler distance (KLD) between distribution of particles before resampling and after resampling does not exceed a pre-specified ... More
Peering into the dark side: magnesium lines establish a massive neutron star in PSR J2215+5135May 22 2018New millisecond pulsars (MSPs) in compact binaries provide a good opportunity to search for the most massive neutron stars. Their main-sequence companion stars are often strongly irradiated by the pulsar, displacing the effective center of light from ... More
Dithymoquinone as a novel inhibitor for 3-carboxy-4-methyl-5-propyl-2-furanpropanoic acid (CMPF) to prevent renal failureJul 23 20173-carboxy-4-methyl-5-propyl-2-furanpropanoic acid (CMPF) is a major endogenous ligand found in the human serum albumin (HSA) of renal failure patients. It gets accumulated in the HSA and its concentration in sera of patients may reflect the chronicity ... More
Unsupervised uncertainty estimation using spatiotemporal cues in video saliency detectionJan 06 2019In this paper, we address the problem of quantifying reliability of computational saliency for videos, which can be used to improve saliency-based video processing and enable more reliable performance and risk assessment of such processing. Our approach ... More
General solutions of Einstein's spherically symmetric gravitational equations with junction conditionsJul 03 2003Sep 10 2003Einstein's spherically symmetric interior gravitational equations are investigated. Following Synge's procedure, the most general solution of the equations is furnished in case $T^{1}_{1}$ and $T^{4}_{4}$ are prescribed. The existence of a total mass ... More
Data science for assessing possible tax income manipulation: The case of ItalySep 07 2017This paper explores a real-world fundamental theme under a data science perspective. It specifically discusses whether fraud or manipulation can be observed in and from municipality income tax size distributions, through their aggregation from citizen ... More
No fixed-point guarantee of Nash equilibrium in quantum gamesSep 27 2016Nov 07 2016The theory of quantum games permits players to choose strategies that prepare and measure quantum states. Whereas conventional game theory provides guarantees for fixed-point stability in non-cooperative games, so-called Nash equilibria, we find this ... More
Accelerated expansion of the universe and chasing photons from the CMB to study the late time integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect over different redshift rangesNov 14 2016Nov 22 2018In this study, we are going to discuss the accelerated expansion of the universe and how this accelerated expansion affects the paths of photons from cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB). Then we will see how wide-field galaxy surveys along with ... More
Gaze-based, Context-aware Robotic System for Assisted Reaching and GraspingSep 21 2018Mar 06 2019Assistive robotic systems endeavour to support those with movement disabilities, enabling them to move again and regain functionality. Main issue with these systems is the complexity of their low-level control, and how to translate this to simpler, higher ... More
Power Transmittance of a Laterally Shifted Gaussian Beam through a Circular ApertureMay 08 2016Gaussian beams are often used in optical systems. The fundamental Gaussian TEM00 mode is the most common of the Gaussian modes present in various optical devices, systems and equipment. Within an optical system, it is common that this Gaussian TEM00 beam ... More
Non-Linear Langevin and Fractional Fokker-Planck Equations for Anomalous Diffusion by Levy Stable ProcessesOct 05 2018The~numerical solutions to a non-linear Fractional Fokker--Planck (FFP) equation are studied estimating the generalized diffusion coefficients. The~aim is to model anomalous diffusion using an FFP description with fractional velocity derivatives and Langevin ... More
Vaccination strategies to control Ebola epidemics in the context of variable household inaccessibility levelsJun 11 2019Jun 21 2019Despite a very effective vaccine, active conflict and community distrust during the ongoing DRC Ebola epidemic are undermining control efforts, including a ring vaccination strategy. However, 20% or more of close contacts cannot be reached or refused ... More
The use of the fractal Brouers-Sotolongo formalism to analyze the kinetics of drug releaseJul 02 2019We have applied the Brouers-Sotolongo fractal kinetic equation (BSf(t,n,{\alpha})), improving notably the precision, to nine cases reported recently in the literature on drug release. The reason of using this equation is that it contains as approximations ... More
$b\to ss{\bar d} $ decay in Randall-Sundrum modelsJul 26 2016The extremely small branching ratio of $b\to ss{\bar d}$ decay in the Standard Model makes it a suitable channel to explore new physics through various extensions of the Standard Model. We study this $\Delta S=2$ process in Randall-Sundrum models, including ... More
Performance Analysis of Machine Learning Techniques to Predict Diabetes MellitusJan 10 2019Diabetes mellitus is a common disease of human body caused by a group of metabolic disorders where the sugar levels over a prolonged period is very high. It affects different organs of the human body which thus harm a large number of the body's system, ... More
Extension functors of generalized local cohomology modulesOct 24 2018Let $R$ be a commutative Noetherian ring with non-zero identity, $\mathfrak{a}$ an ideal of $R$, $M$ a finitely generated $R$--module, and $X$ an arbitrary $R$--module. In this paper, for non-negative integers $s, t$ and a finitely generated $R$--module ... More
Rethinking Table Parsing using Graph Neural NetworksMay 31 2019Document structure analysis, such as zone segmentation and table parsing, is a complex problem in document processing and is an active area of research. The recent success of deep learning in solving various computer vision and machine learning problems ... More
Determining Relative Argument Specificity and Stance for Complex Argumentative StructuresJun 26 2019Systems for automatic argument generation and debate require the ability to (1) determine the stance of any claims employed in the argument and (2) assess the specificity of each claim relative to the argument context. Existing work on understanding claim ... More
Nash embedding and equilibrium in pure quantum statesJan 06 2018Aug 16 2018With respect to probabilistic mixtures of the strategies in non-cooperative games, quantum game theory provides guarantee of fixed-point stability, the so-called Nash equilibrium. This permits players to choose mixed quantum strategies that prepare mixed ... More
Properly Quantized History Dependent Parrondo Games, Markov Processes, and Multiplexing CircuitsOct 21 2009In the context of quantum information theory, "quantization" of various mathematical and computational constructions is said to occur upon the replacement, at various points in the construction, of the classical randomization notion of probability distribution ... More
Preferences in Quantum GamesFeb 22 2015A quantum game can be viewed as a state preparation in which the final output state results from the competing preferences of the players over the set of possible output states that can be produced. It is therefore possible to view state preparation in ... More
Cavity-induced mirror-mirror entanglement in a single-atom Raman laserMay 20 2019We address an experimental scheme to analyze the optical bistability and the entanglement of two movable mirrors coupled to a two-mode laser inside a doubly resonant cavity. With this aim we investigate the master equations of the atom-cavity subsystem ... More
On King type modification of $(p,q)$-Lupaş Bernstein operatorsFeb 25 2018In this paper, a King-type modification of $(p,q)$-Lupa\c{s} Bernstein operators are introduced. The rate of convergence of these operators are studied by means of modulus of continuity and Lipschitz class functional. Further, it has been shown that the ... More
Text writing in the airApr 27 2016This paper presents a real time video based pointing method which allows sketching and writing of English text over air in front of mobile camera. Proposed method have two main tasks: first it track the colored finger tip in the video frames and then ... More
Compress Voice Transference over low Signal Strength in Satellite CommunicationApr 26 2016This paper presents the comparison of compression algorithms for voice transferring method over SMS in satellite communication. Voice transferring method over SMS is useful in situations when signal strength is low and due to poor signal strength voice ... More
Controlling Home Appliances Remotely through Voice CommandDec 08 2012Controlling appliances is a main part of automation. The main object of Home automation is to provide a wireless communication link of home appliances to the remote user. The main objective of this work is to make such a system which controls the home ... More
Number counts, confusion, mapping issues and sky coverage analysis for radio continuum surveys through EMU Early Science, EMU-ASKAP, and WODAN especially for cosmology science goalsDec 25 2016Feb 25 2019Looking deep into the space in search for truth has been a long time goal of humanity. With the development of new technologies and observational techniques, we are now well equipped to see objects billions of light years away from us. In this study we ... More
Higher-order squeezing for the codirectional Kerr nonlinear couplerJul 29 2009In this Letter we study the evolution of the higher-order squeezing, namely, $n$th-order single-mode squeezing, sum- and difference-squeezing for the codirectional Kerr nonlinear coupler. We show that the amount of squeezing decreases when $n$, i.e. the ... More
B_{c} absorption cross sections by nucleonsSep 11 2013Sep 16 2013The cross sections of $B_{c}$\ absorption by nucleons are calculated in meson-baryon exchange model using hadronic Lagrangian based on SU(4)/SU(5) flavor symmetries. The values of different coupling constants used in the model are obtained from vector ... More
On the Well-Posedness of Generalized Darcy Forchheimer EquationJan 22 2018Under necessary compatibility condition, and some mild regularity assumptions on the interior and the boundary data, we prove the existence, uniqueness, and stability of the solution of generalized Dary-Forchheimer model.
Accelerated expansion of the universe and chasing photons from the CMB to study the late time integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect over different redshift rangesNov 14 2016In this study, we are going to discuss the accelerated expansion of the universe and how this accelerated expansion affects the paths of photons from cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB). Then we will see how wide-field galaxy surveys along with ... More
Sparseness helps: Sparsity Augmented Collaborative Representation for ClassificationNov 29 2015Many classification approaches first represent a test sample using the training samples of all the classes. This collaborative representation is then used to label the test sample. It was a common belief that sparseness of the representation is the key ... More
A theory of intense-field dynamic alignment and high harmonic generation from coherently rotating molecules and interpretation of intense-field ultrafast pump-probe experimentsSep 26 2008Oct 09 2008A theory of ultra-fast pump-probe experiments proposed by us earlier [F.H.M. Faisal et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 143001 (2007) and F.H.M. Faisal and A. Abdurrouf, Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 123005 (2008)] is developed here fully and applied to investigate ... More