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Dilating Method for Cayley digraphs on finite Abelian groupsNov 16 2016A geometric method for obtaining an infinite family of Cayley digraphs of constant density on finite Abelian groups is presented. The method works for any given degree and it is based on consecutive dilates of a minimum distance diagram associated with ... More
Structure of eigenstates and quench dynamics at an excited state quantum phase transitionJun 22 2015Nov 25 2015We study the structure of the eigenstates and the dynamics of a system that undergoes an excited state quantum phase transition (ESQPT). The analysis is performed for two-level pairing models characterized by a U(n+1) algebraic structure. They exhibit ... More
Li and Be depletion in metal-poor subgiantsDec 12 2005A sample of metal-poor subgiants has been observed with the UVES spectrograph at the Very Large Telescope and abundances of Li and Be have been determined. Typical signal-to-noise per spectral bin values for the co-added spectra are of the order of 500 ... More
Fano resonances and Aharonov-Bohm effects in transport through a square quantum dot moleculeJun 26 2001Oct 28 2001We study the Aharonov-Bohm effect in a coupled 2$\times$2 quantum dot array with two-terminals. A striking conductance dip arising from the Fano interference is found as the energy levels of the intermediate dots are mismatched, which is lifted in the ... More
Effects of excited state quantum phase transitions on system dynamicsApr 23 2016Aug 20 2016This work is concerned with the excited state quantum phase transitions (ESQPTs) defined in Ann.Phys. 323, 1106 (2008). In many-body models that exhibit such transitions, the ground state quantum phase transition (QPT) occurs in parallel with a singularity ... More
Mesospheric optical signatures of possible lightning on VenusJan 20 2018A self-consistent two-dimensional model is proposed to account for the transient mesospheric nighttime optical emissions associated to possible intra-cloud (IC) lightning occurring in the Venusian troposphere. The model calculates the mesospheric (between ... More
Three-dimensional modeling of lightning-induced electromagnetic pulses on Venus, Jupiter and SaturnJan 20 2018While lightning activity in Venus is still controversial, its existence in Jupiter and Saturn was first detected by the Voyager missions and later on confirmed by Cassini and New Horizons optical recordings in the case of Jupiter, and recently by Cassini ... More
On the electrostatic field created at ground level by a haloJan 20 2018We investigate the effect of halo activity on the electrostatic field measured at ground level. We use electrostatic arguments as well as self-consistent simulations to show that, due to the screening charge in the ionosphere, the distant electrostatic ... More
ClassSTRONG: Classical simulations of Strong Field processesAug 17 2013A set of Mathematica functions is presented to model classically two of the most important processes in strong field physics, namely high-order harmonic generation (HHG) and above-threshold ionization (ATI). Our approach is based on the numerical solution ... More
Fast graph operations in quantum computationOct 13 2015The connection between certain entangled states and graphs has been heavily studied in the context of measurement-based quantum computation as a tool for understanding entanglement. Here we show that this correspondence can be harnessed in the reverse ... More
Excited-state quantum phase transitions in many-body systems with infinite-range interaction: Localization, dynamics, and bifurcationApr 14 2016Jul 26 2016Excited state quantum phase transitions (ESQPTs) are generalizations of quantum phase transitions (QPTs) to excited levels. They are associated with local divergences in the density of states. Here, we investigate how the presence of an ESQPT can be detected ... More
Device-Independent Verifiable Blind Quantum ComputationFeb 09 2015Dec 02 2015As progress on experimental quantum processors continues to advance, the problem of verifying the correct operation of such devices is becoming a pressing concern. The recent discovery of protocols for verifying computation performed by entangled but ... More
Identifying the order of a quantum phase transition by means of Wehrl entropy in phase-spaceOct 12 2016We propose a method to identify the order of a Quantum Phase Transition by using area measures of the ground state in phase space. We illustrate our proposal by analyzing the well known example of the Quantum Cusp, and four different paradigmatic boson ... More
Combined therapies of antithrombotics and antioxidants delay in silico brain tumor progressionJan 10 2014Glioblastoma multiforme, the most frequent type of primary brain tumor, is a rapidly evolving and spatially heterogeneous high-grade astrocytoma that presents areas of necrosis, hypercellularity and microvascular hyperplasia. The aberrant vasculature ... More
From quantum to classical modelling of radiation reaction: a focus on the radiation spectrumFeb 08 2018Soon available multi petawatt ultra-high-intensity (UHI) lasers will allow us to probe high-amplitude electromagnetic fields interacting with either ultra-relativistic electron beams or hot plasmas in the so-called moderately quantum regime. The correct ... More
The SuperB factory: Physics Prospects and Project StatusDec 17 2012I will briefly review of some highlights of the SuperB physics programme, the status of the accelerator and detector studies, and the future plans.
Ionizing stellar population in the disc of NGC 3310 - II. The Wolf-Rayet populationSep 26 2014Nov 09 2014We use integral field spectroscopy to study in detail the Wolf-Rayet (WR) population in NGC 3310, spatially resolving 18 star-forming knots with typical sizes of 200-300 pc in the disc of the galaxy hosting a substantial population of WRs. The detected ... More
Asteroseismology of delta Scuti stars in open clusters: PraesepeJul 05 2007The present paper provides a general overview of the asteroseismic potential of delta Scuti stars in clusters, in particular focusing on convection diagnostics. We give a summarise of the last results obtained by the authors for the Praesepe cluster of ... More
High-order harmonic generation driven by metal nanotip photoemission: theory and simulationsSep 02 2013We present theoretical predictions of high-order harmonic generation (HHG) resulting from the interaction of short femtosecond laser pulses with metal nanotips. It has been demonstrated that high energy electrons can be generated using nanotips as sources; ... More
Oxygen abundances in metal-poor subgiants as determined from [O I], O I and OH linesDec 12 2005The debate on the oxygen abundances of metal-poor stars has its origin in contradictory results obtained using different abundance indicators. To achieve a better understanding of the problem we have acquired high quality spectra with the Ultraviolet ... More
Coherent XUV generation driven by sharp metal tips photoemissionJan 23 2014It was already experimentally demonstrated that high-energy electrons can be generated using metal nanotips as active media. In addition, it has been theoretically proven that the high-energy tail of the photoemitted electrons is intrinsically linked ... More
Electron momentum distributions and photoelectron spectra of atoms driven by intense spatially inhomogeneous fieldJan 21 2013We use three dimensional time-dependent Schr\"odinger equation (3D--TDSE) to calculate angular electron momentum distributions and photoelectron spectra of atoms driven by spatially inhomogeneous fields. An example for such inhomogeneous fields is the ... More
A synchrotron jet from a post-AGB starAug 27 2013(Abridged) The evolution of low- and intermediate-initial-mass stars beyond the asymptotic giant branch (AGB) remains poorly understood. High-velocity outflows launched shortly after the AGB phase are thought to be the primary shaping mechanism of bipolar ... More
Radio continuum and X-ray emission from the most extreme FIR-excess galaxy NGC 1377: An extremely obscured AGN revealedJul 14 2016Galaxies which strongly deviate from the radio-far IR correlation are of great importance for studies of galaxy evolution as they may be tracing early, short-lived stages of starbursts and active galactic nuclei (AGNs). The most extreme FIR-excess galaxy ... More
Homological dimensions and abelian model structures on chain complexesFeb 12 2012Apr 01 2014We construct Abelian model structures on the category of chain complexes over a ring $R$, from the notion homological dimensions of modules. Given an integer $n > 0$, we prove that the left modules over a ringoid $\mathfrak{R}$ with projective dimension ... More
Rule or exception? Planetary nebulae around hot subdwarf starsDec 21 2012In this work, we present the first results of an ongoing survey to search for planetary nebulae (PNe) around hot subdwarf stars (sdOs). Deep images and intermediate-resolution long-slit spectra of RWT 152, the only confirmed PN+sdO system in the northern ... More
Constraints on Enhanced Dark Matter Annihilation from IceCube ResultsJul 12 2011May 25 2012Excesses on positron and electron fluxes measured by ATIC, and the PAMELA and Fermi--LAT telescopes can be explained by dark matter annihilation in our Galaxy. However, this requires large boosts on the dark matter annihilation rate. There are many possible ... More
Gerber-Shiu functionals at Parisian ruin for Lévy insurance risk processesJul 25 2014Mar 12 2015Inspired by works of Landriault et al. \cite{LRZ-0, LRZ}, we study discounted penalties at ruin for surplus dynamics driven by a spectrally negative L\'evy process with Parisian implementation delays. To be specific, we study the so-called Gerber-Shiu ... More
Local complementation and the extension of bilinear mappingsJun 25 2011We study different aspects of the connections between local theory of Banach spaces and the problem of the extension of bilinear forms from subspaces of Banach spaces. Among other results, we prove that if $X$ is not a Hilbert space then one may find ... More
Gorenstein Homological Dimensions and Abelian Model StructuresDec 07 2012May 21 2014We construct new complete cotorsion pairs in the categories of modules and chain complexes over a Gorenstein ring $R$, from the notions of Gorenstein homological dimensions, in order to obtain new Abelian model structures on both categories. If $r$ is ... More
Double-electron ionization driven by inhomogeneous fieldsNov 02 2016Electron-electron correlation effects play an instrumental role in our understanding of sequential (SDI) and non-sequential double ionization (NSDI) mechanisms. Here, we present a theoretical study of NSDI driven by plasmonic-enhanced spatial inhomogeneous ... More
Expected constraints on the Galactic magnetic field using PLANCK dataJan 27 2012We explore in this paper the ability to constrain the Galactic magnetic field intensity and spatial distribution with the incoming data from the Planck satellite experiment. We perform realistic simulations of the Planck observations at the polarized ... More
High-order harmonic generation by enhanced plasmonic near-fields in metal nanoparticulesFeb 11 2013We present theoretical investigations of high-order harmonic generation (HHG) resulting from the interaction of noble gases with localized surface plasmons. These plasmonic fields are produced when a metal nanoparticle is subject to a few-cycle laser ... More
Integral field spectroscopy of M1-67. A Wolf-Rayet nebula with LBVN appearanceApr 12 2013This work aims to disentangle the morphological, kinematic, and chemical components of the nebula M1-67 to shed light on its process of formation around the central Wolf-Rayet (WR) star WR124. We have carried out integral field spectroscopy observations ... More
Ionization structure and chemical abundances of the Wolf-Rayet nebula NGC6888 with integral field spectroscopyApr 25 2012This work aims to search for the observational footprints of the interactions between the interstellar medium (ISM) and stellar winds in the Wolf-Rayet (WR) nebula NGC6888 in order to understand its ionization structure, chemical composition, and kinematics. ... More
Focused ion beam preparation of atom probe specimens containing a single crystallographically well-defined grain boundaryJan 24 2006Needle-shaped atom probe specimens containing a single grain boundary were produced using the focused ion beam (FIB) of a dual-beam FIB/SEM (scanning electron microscope) system. The presented specimen preparation approach allows the unprecedented study ... More
Projective filtering of a single spatial radiation eigenmodeFeb 23 2015Aug 28 2015Lossless filtering of a single coherent (Schmidt) mode from spatially multimode radiation is a problem crucial for optics in general and for quantum optics in particular. It becomes especially important in the case of nonclassical light that is fragile ... More
A comprehensive study of NGC 2023 with XMM-Newton and SpitzerNov 13 2012Nearby star-forming regions are ideal laboratories to study high-energy emission of different stellar populations, from very massive stars to brown dwarfs. NGC 2023 is a reflection nebula situated on the south of the Flame Nebula (NGC 2024) and at the ... More
Non-galvanic primary thermometry of a two-dimensional electron gasSep 09 2013Dec 10 2013We report the experimental realization of a non-galvanic, primary thermometer capable of measuring the electron temperature of a two-dimensional electron gas with negligible thermal load. Such a thermometer consists of a quantum dot whose temperature-dependent, ... More
Integral Field Spectroscopy of Local LCBGs: NGC 7673, a case study. Physical properties of star-forming regionsNov 18 2010Physical properties of the star-forming regions in the local Luminous Compact Blue Galaxy NGC 7673 are studied in detail using 3D spectroscopic data taken with the PPAK IFU at the 3.5-m telescope in CAHA. We derive integrated and spatially resolved properties ... More
High-Resolution Imaging in the Visible on Large Ground-Based TelescopesAug 01 2014Lucky Imaging combined with a low order adaptive optics system has given the highest resolution images ever taken in the visible or near infrared of faint astronomical objects. This paper describes a new instrument that has already been deployed on the ... More
3D Spectroscopy of Local Luminous Compact Blue Galaxies: Kinematics of NGC 7673Nov 05 2009The kinematic properties of the ionized gas of local Luminous Compact Blue Galaxy (LCBG) NGC 7673 are presented using three dimensional data taken with the PPAK integral field unit at the 3.5-m telescope in the Centro Astron\'omico Hispano Alem\'an. Our ... More
Compact convex sets in 2-dimensional asymmetric normed latticesMar 27 2014Sep 09 2014We study the geometric structure of compact convex sets in 2-dimensional asymmetric normed lattices. We prove that every q-compact convex set is strongly q-compact and we give a complete geometric description of the compact convex sets with non empty ... More
The Fixed Initial Credit Problem for Energy Games with Partial-Observation is ACK-completeDec 14 2015Feb 14 2016In this paper we study two-player games with asymmetric partial-observation and an energy objective. Such games are played on a weighted graph by Eve, choosing actions, and Adam, selecting a transition labelled with the given action. Eve attempts to maintain ... More
Real valued functions and metric spaces quasi-isometric to treesMar 30 2011We prove that if X is a complete geodesic metric space with uniformly generated first homology group and $f: X\to R$ is metrically proper on the connected components and bornologous, then X is quasi-isometric to a tree. Using this and adapting the definition ... More
A Bourgain-like property of Banach spaces with no copies of $c_0$Mar 29 2016We give a characterization of the existence of copies of $c_{0}$ in Banach spaces in terms of indexes. As an application, we deduce new proofs of James Distortion theorem and Bessaga-Pe{\l}czynski theorem about weakly unconditionally Cauchy series.
Directed harmonic currents for laminations on certain compact complex surfacesApr 10 2013Let $\mathcal{L}$ be a Lipschitz lamination by Riemann surfaces embedded in $M$. If $M$ is a complex torus, $\mathbb{CP}^1\times\mathbb{CP}^1$ or $\mathbb{T}^1\times\mathbb{CP}^1$ and there is no directed closed current then there exists a unique directed ... More
Laser emission with excitonic gain in a ZnO planar microcavityJun 01 2011The lasing operation of a ZnO planar microcavity under optical pumping is demonstrated from T=80 K to 300 K. At the laser threshold, the cavity switches from the strong coupling to the weak coupling regime. A gain-related transition, which appears while ... More
Joint 3D modelling of the polarized Galactic synchrotron and thermal dust foreground diffuse emissionMar 23 2010We present for the first time a coherent model of the polarized Galactic synchrotron and thermal dust emissions which are the main diffuse foreground for the measurement of the polarized power spectra of the CMB fluctuations with the Planck satellite ... More
A Two--Exponent Mass-Size Power Law for Celestial ObjectsAug 26 1996The Universe that we know is populated by structures made up of aggregated matter that organizes into a variety of objects; these range from stars to larger objects, such as galaxies or star clusters, composed by stars, gas and dust in gravitational interaction. ... More
Finite presentability of normal fibre productsFeb 12 2013May 29 2013We use Bieri-Strebel invariants to determine when a normal fibre product in the product of two finitely presented groups is finitely presented. We give conditions that imply and in some cases characterize the existence of such finitely presented fibre ... More
Obtaining a contradiction between local realism and quantum mechanics using only one correlation functionMar 05 2015An ensemble consisting on systems of two entangled spin 1/2 particles, all of them in the same global quantum state, are considered. The two spins are measured, each of them, on a fixed direction, at two randomly selected measurement times. Realism, plus ... More
Area and Perimeter of the Convex Hull of Stochastic PointsDec 16 2014Sep 09 2015Given a set $P$ of $n$ points in the plane, we study the computation of the probability distribution function of both the area and perimeter of the convex hull of a random subset $S$ of $P$. The random subset $S$ is formed by drawing each point $p$ of ... More
Soap bubbles and isoperimetric regions in the product of a closed manifold with Euclidean spaceDec 21 2013For any closed Riemannian manifold $X$ we prove that large isoperimetric regions in $X\times{\mathbb R}^n$ are of the form $X\times$(Euclidean ball). We prove that if $X$ has non-negative Ricci curvature then the only soap bubbles enclosing a large volume ... More
Geometry of $Q$-recurrent mapsNov 20 2003Given a critically periodic quadratic map with no secondary renormalizations, we introduce the notion of $Q$-recurrent quadratic polynomials. We show that the pieces of the principal nest of a $Q$-recurrent map $f_c$ converge in shape to the Julia set ... More
A note on Saint Raymond's Theorem about the weak compactness of sublevel setsJan 23 2018In this work we prove that if $X$ is a complete locally convex space and $f:X\to \mathbb{R}\cup \{+\infty \}$ is a function such that $f-x^\ast$ attains its minimum for every $x^\ast \in U$, where $U$ is an open set with respect to the Mackey topology. ... More
Targets, local weak $σ$-Gibbs measures and a generalized Bowen dimension formulaMay 26 2016For a dynamical system, we study the set of points $\cal W$ whose orbit approximates any chosen point at certain specified rates. Our basic setting is that of left shift acting on topological Markov chains endowed with a local weak Gibbs measure. Our ... More
Kelly criterion for variable pay-offNov 13 2014We determine Kelly criterion for a game with variable pay-off. The Kelly fraction satisfies a fundamental integral equation and is smaller than the classical Kelly fraction for the same game with the constant average pay-off.
Equivariant absolute extensor property on hyperspaces of convex setsJan 12 2014Feb 07 2014Let G be a compact group acting on a Banach space L by means of linear isometries. The action of G on L induces a natural continuous action on cc(L), the hyperspace of all compact convex subsets of L endowed with the Hausdorff metric topology. The main ... More
LDQL: A Query Language for the Web of Linked Data (Extended Version)Jul 16 2015Jul 19 2015The Web of Linked Data is composed of tons of RDF documents interlinked to each other forming a huge repository of distributed semantic data. Effectively querying this distributed data source is an important open problem in the Semantic Web area. In this ... More
On the Theory of Self-Adjoint Extensions of the Laplace-Beltrami Operator, Quadratic Forms and SymmetryAug 09 2013Sep 17 2013The main objective of this dissertation is to analyse thoroughly the construction of self-adjoint extensions of the Laplace-Beltrami operator defined on a compact Riemannian manifold with boundary and the role that quadratic forms play to describe them. ... More
Crossed-Product Extensions of $L_p$-Bounds for Amenable ActionsNov 25 2016We will extend earlier transference results of Neuwirth and Ricard from the context of noncommutative $L_p$-spaces associated with amenable groups to that of noncommutative $L_p$-spaces over crossed products of amenable and trace-preserving actions. Namely, ... More
A metric between quasi-isometric treesFeb 05 2010It is known that PQ-symmetric maps on the boundary characterize the quasi-isometry type of visual hyperbolic spaces, in particular, of geodesically complete \br-trees. We define a map on pairs of PQ-symmetric ultrametric spaces which characterizes the ... More
Equilibrium properties of self-interacting neutrinos in the quasi-particle approachSep 01 2004In this work a neutrino gas in equilibrium is studied both at T=0 and at finite temperature. Neutrinos are treated as massive Dirac quasi-particles with two generations. We include self-interactions among the neutrinos via neutral currents, as well as ... More
A study of decoherence effects in the Stern-Gerlach experiment using matrix Wigner functionsJul 30 2015We analyze the Stern-Gerlach experiment in phase space with the help of the matrix Wigner function, which includes the spin degree of freedom. Such analysis allows for an intuitive visualization of the quantum dynamics of the apparatus. We include the ... More
Hardy spaces of vector-valued Dirichlet seriesMar 07 2016Given a Banach space $X$ and $1 \leq p \leq \infty$, it is well known that the two Hardy spaces $H_p(\mathbb{T},X)$ ($\mathbb{T}$ the torus) and $H_p(\mathbb{D},X)$ ($\mathbb{D}$ the disk) have to be distinguished carefully. This motivates us to define ... More
Quadratic polynomials and combinatorics of the principal nestOct 19 2003The definition of principal nest is supplemented with a system of frames that make possible the classification of combinatorial types for every level of the nest. As a consequence, we give necessary and sufficient conditions for the admissibility of a ... More
The full Ward-Takahashi Identity for colored tensor modelsAug 29 2016Sep 09 2016We derive the full $\mathrm{U}(\infty)$-Ward-Takahashi Identities for random colored tensor models. The strategy is to expand the free energy in boundary graphs determined by the combinatorics of the sources. This is carried out for arbitrary interactions ... More
Realization of quantum diffraction of a thermal fluxOct 02 2013Nov 20 2013The first evidence of the dc Josephson effect dates back to 1963 when J. S. Rowell measured the diffraction pattern of the critical current flowing through a single superconducting tunnel junction subjected to an in-plane magnetic field. Interference ... More
On Gagliardo-Nirenberg type inequalitiesNov 06 2012We present a Gagliardo-Nirenberg inequality which bounds Lorentz norms of the function by Sobolev norms and homogeneous Besov quasinorms with negative smoothness. We prove also other versions involving Besov or Triebel-Lizorkin quasinorms. These inequalities ... More
On the nature of the near-UV extended light in Seyfert galaxiesJul 01 2009We study the nature of the extended near-UV emission in the inner kiloparsec of a sample of 15 Seyfert galaxies which have both near-UV (F330W) and narrow band [OIII] high resolution Hubble images. For the majority of the objects we find a very similar ... More
Dissipative particle dynamics simulations of weak polyelectrolyte adsorption on charged and neutral surfaces as a function of the degree of ionizationSep 28 2012The influence of the chain degree of ionization on the adsorption of weak polyelectrolytes on neutral and on oppositely and likely charged surfaces is investigated for the first time, by means of Monte Carlo simulations with the mesoscopic interaction ... More
On the morphology of dust lanes in galactic barsApr 09 2015The aim of our study is to use dynamical simulations to explore the influence of two important dynamical bar parameters, bar strength and bar pattern speed, on the shape of the bar dust lanes. To quantify the shape of the dust lanes we have developed ... More
Discovery of $^{34g,m}$Cl$(p,γ)^{35}$Ar resonances activated at classical nova temperaturesOct 14 2015Background: The thermonuclear $^{34g,m}$Cl($p,\gamma$)$^{35}$Ar reaction rates are unknown due to a lack of experimental nuclear physics data. Uncertainties in these rates translate to uncertainties in $^{34}$S production in models of classical novae ... More
Abelian Cayley digraphs with asymptotically large order for any given degreeFeb 10 2015Abelian Cayley digraphs can be constructed by using a generalization to $Z^n$ of the concept of congruence in $Z$. Here we use this approach to present a family of such digraphs, which, for every fixed value of the degree, have asymptotically large number ... More
The XMM-Newton deep survey in the CDF-S VI. Obscured AGN selected as infrared power-law galaxiesJul 04 2013Accretion onto SMBH is believed to occur mostly in obscured AGN. Such objects are proving rather elusive in surveys of distant galaxies, including those at X-ray energies. Our main goal is to determine whether the revised IRAC criteria of Donley et al. ... More
3D Spectroscopy of Local Luminous Compact Blue Galaxies: Kinematic Maps of a Sample of 22 ObjectsAug 15 2011We use three dimensional optical spectroscopy observations of a sample of 22 local Luminous Compact Blue Galaxies (LCBGs) to create kinematic maps. By means of these, we classify the kinematics of these galaxies into three different classes: rotating ... More
Frontier Fields : Combining HST, VLT and Spitzer data to explore the $z$$\sim$8 Universe behind the lensing cluster MACS0416$-$2403Dec 02 2014Dec 04 2014(Abridged) The HST Frontier Fields project started at the end of 2013 with the aim of providing extremely deep images of 6 massive galaxy clusters. One of the main goals of this program is to push several telescopes to their limits in order to provide ... More
Testing particle trapping in transition disks with ALMASep 10 2015Oct 13 2015We present new Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) continuum observations at 336GHz of two transition disks, SR21 and HD135344B. In combination with previous ALMA observations from Cycle 0 at 689GHz, we compare the visibility profiles ... More
Venus cloud morphology and motions from ground-based images at the time of the Akatsuki orbit insertionNov 14 2016We report Venus image observations around the two maximum elongations of the planet at June and October 2015. From these images we describe the global atmospheric dynamics and cloud morphology in the planet before the arrival of JAXA Akatsuki mission ... More
Low-Noise YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_7$ NanoSQUIDs for Performing Magnetization-Reversal Measurements on Magnetic NanoparticlesMar 20 2015We fabricated YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_7$ (YBCO) direct current (dc) nano superconducting quantum interference devices (nanoSQUIDs) based on grain boundary Josephson junctions by focused ion beam patterning. Characterization of electric transport and noise properties ... More
Characterising the environments of supernovae with MUSENov 04 2015We present a statistical analysis of the environments of 11 supernovae (SNe) which occurred in 6 nearby galaxies (z $\lesssim$ 0.016). All galaxies were observed with MUSE, the high spatial resolution integral field spectrograph mounted to the 8m VLT ... More
Overcoming efficiency constraints on blind quantum computationNov 18 2014Blind quantum computation allows a user to delegate a computation to an untrusted server while keeping the computation hidden. A number of recent works have sought to establish bounds on the communication requirements necessary to implement blind computation, ... More
The entangled accelerating universeAug 08 2009Using the known result that the nucleation of baby universes in correlated pairs is equivalent to spacetime squeezing, we show in this letter that there exists a T-duality symmetry between two-dimensional warp drives, which are physically expressible ... More
Detecting Faint Galaxies by Stacking at 24 micronDec 07 2005We stack Spitzer 24 micron images for ~7000 galaxies with 0.1<z<1 in the Chandra Deep Field South to probe the thermal dust emission in low-luminosity galaxies over this redshift range. Through stacking, we can detect mean 24 micron fluxes that are more ... More
New ATLAS9 And MARCS Model Atmosphere Grids for the Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment (APOGEE)Aug 09 2012We present a new grid of model photospheres for the SDSS-III/APOGEE survey of stellar populations of the Galaxy, calculated using the ATLAS9 and MARCS codes. New opacity distribution functions were generated to calculate ATLAS9 model photospheres. MARCS ... More
Ac magnetic susceptibility of a molecular magnet submonolayer directly patterned onto a microSQUID sensorMar 21 2011Sep 27 2011We report the controlled integration, via Dip Pen Nanolithography, of monolayer dots of ferritin-based CoO nanoparticles (12 Bohr magnetons) into the most sensitive areas of a microSQUID sensor. The nearly optimum flux coupling between these nanomagnets ... More
Census of HII regions in NGC 6754 derived with MUSE: Constraints on the metal mixing scaleNov 18 2014We present a study of the HII regions in the galaxy NGC 6754 from a two pointing mosaic comprising 197,637 individual spectra, using Integral Field Spectrocopy (IFS) recently acquired with the MUSE instrument during its Science Verification program. The ... More
Pipe3D, a pipeline to analyze Integral Field Spectroscopy data: I. New fitting phylosophy of FIT3DSep 29 2015Dec 08 2015We present an improved version of FIT3D, a fitting tool for the analysis of the spectroscopic properties of the stellar populations and the ionized gas derived from moderate resolution spectra of galaxies. FIT3D is a tool developed to analyze Integral ... More
Effective potentials in a bidimensional vibrated granular gasFeb 12 2016Jul 01 2016We present a numerical study of the spatial correlations of a quasi-two-dimensional granular fluid kept in a non-static steady state via vertical shaking. The simulations explore a wide range of packing fractions, vertical accelerations and restitution ... More
From thermal to excited-state quantum phase transitions ---the Dicke modelOct 26 2016We study the thermodynamics of the full version of the Dicke model, including all the possible values of the total angular momentum $j$, with both microcanonical and canonical ensembles. We focus on how the excited-state quantum phase transition, which ... More
Isomorphisms of Brin-Higman-Thompson groupsDec 07 2011Sep 10 2012Let $m, m', r, r',t, t'$ be positive integers with $r, r' \ge 2$. Let $L_r$ denote the ring that is universal with an invertible $1 \times r$ matrix. Let $M_m(L_r^{\otimes t})$ denote the ring of $m \times m$ matrices over the tensor product of $t$ copies ... More
A Typeful Characterization of Multiparty Structured Conversations Based on Binary SessionsJul 16 2014Relating the specification of the global communication behavior of a distributed system and the specifications of the local communication behavior of each of its nodes/peers (e.g., to check if the former is realizable by the latter under some safety and/or ... More
On the Refracted-Reflected Spectrally Negative Lévy ProcessesNov 19 2015We study a combination of the refracted and reflected L\'evy processes. Given a spectrally negative L\'evy process and two boundaries, it is reflected at the lower boundary while, whenever it is above the upper boundary, a linear drift at a constant rate ... More
HNN extensions and stackable groupsMay 19 2016Stackability for finitely presented groups consists of a dynamical system that iteratively moves paths into a maximal tree in the Cayley graph. Combining with formal language theoretic restrictions yields auto- or algorithmic stackability, which implies ... More
Refraction-reflection strategies in the dual modelNov 24 2015Aug 22 2016We study the dual model with capital injection under the additional condition that the dividend strategy is absolutely continuous. We consider a refraction-reflection strategy that pays dividends at the maximal rate whenever the surplus is above a certain ... More
Synthetic Generation of Social Network Data With EndorsementsNov 23 2014In many simulation studies involving networks there is the need to rely on a sample network to perform the simulation experiments. In many cases, real network data is not available due to privacy concerns. In that case we can recourse to synthetic data ... More
Interlayer coherence and entanglement in bilayer quantum Hall states at filling factor $ν=2/λ$Mar 11 2014Sep 19 2014We study coherence and entanglement properties of the state space of a composite bi-fermion (two electrons pierced by $\lambda$ magnetic flux lines) at one Landau site of a bilayer quantum Hall system. In particular, interlayer imbalance and entanglement ... More
Optimality of hybrid continuous and periodic barrier strategies in the dual modelDec 07 2016Avanzi et al. (2016) recently studied the optimal dividend problem where dividends can be paid both periodically and continuously at different transaction costs. In the Brownian model with Poissonian periodic dividend payment opportunities, they showed ... More
Ehrenfest's adiabatic hypothesis in Bohr's quantum theoryFeb 10 2015It is widely known that Paul Ehrenfest formulated and applied his adiabatic hypothesis in the early 1910s. Niels Bohr, in his first attempt to construct a quantum theory in 1916, used it for fundamental purposes in a paper which eventually did not reach ... More