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The Dilating Method for Cayley digraphs on finite Abelian groupsNov 16 2016Mar 18 2017A geometric method for obtaining an infinite family of Cayley digraphs of constant density on finite Abelian groups is presented. The method works for any given degree and it is based on consecutive dilates of a minimum distance diagram associated with ... More
Abelian Cayley digraphs with asymptotically large order for any given degreeFeb 10 2015Abelian Cayley digraphs can be constructed by using a generalization to $Z^n$ of the concept of congruence in $Z$. Here we use this approach to present a family of such digraphs, which, for every fixed value of the degree, have asymptotically large number ... More
Fano resonances and Aharonov-Bohm effects in transport through a square quantum dot moleculeJun 26 2001Oct 28 2001We study the Aharonov-Bohm effect in a coupled 2$\times$2 quantum dot array with two-terminals. A striking conductance dip arising from the Fano interference is found as the energy levels of the intermediate dots are mismatched, which is lifted in the ... More
Li and Be depletion in metal-poor subgiantsDec 12 2005A sample of metal-poor subgiants has been observed with the UVES spectrograph at the Very Large Telescope and abundances of Li and Be have been determined. Typical signal-to-noise per spectral bin values for the co-added spectra are of the order of 500 ... More
On Gagliardo-Nirenberg type inequalitiesNov 06 2012We present a Gagliardo-Nirenberg inequality which bounds Lorentz norms of the function by Sobolev norms and homogeneous Besov quasinorms with negative smoothness. We prove also other versions involving Besov or Triebel-Lizorkin quasinorms. These inequalities ... More
Impact of the mean pressure profile of galaxy clusters on the cosmological constraints from the $Planck$ tSZ power spectrumMay 13 2019Cosmological analyses based on surveys of galaxy clusters observed through the thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich (tSZ) effect strongly rely on the mean pressure profile of the galaxy cluster population. A tension is currently observed between the cosmological ... More
Hypoxic Cell Waves around Necrotic Cores in Glioblastoma: A Biomathematical Model and its Therapeutic ImplicationsApr 17 2012Glioblastoma is a rapidly evolving high-grade astrocytoma that is distinguished pathologically from lower grade gliomas by the presence of necrosis and microvascular hiperplasia. Necrotic areas are typically surrounded by hypercellular regions known as ... More
Audio-Visual Model Distillation Using Acoustic ImagesApr 16 2019In this paper, we investigate how to learn rich and robust feature representations for audio classification from visual data and a novel audio data modality, namely acoustic images. Former models learn audio representations from raw signals or spectral ... More
Besov-weak-Herz spaces and global solutions for Navier-Stokes equationsApr 24 2017We consider the incompressible Navier-stokes equations (NS) in $\mathbb{R}^{n}$ for $n\geq2$. Global well-posedness is proved in critical Besov-weak-Herz spaces (BWH-spaces) that consist in Besov spaces based on weak-Herz spaces. These spaces are larger ... More
Identifying the order of a quantum phase transition by means of Wehrl entropy in phase-spaceOct 12 2016We propose a method to identify the order of a Quantum Phase Transition by using area measures of the ground state in phase space. We illustrate our proposal by analyzing the well known example of the Quantum Cusp, and four different paradigmatic boson ... More
Asymptotics for Laguerre-Sobolev type ortogonal polynomials modified within their oscillatory regimeJun 27 2013Mar 12 2014In this paper we consider sequences of polynomials orthogonal with respect to certain discrete Laguerre-Sobolev inner product, with two perturbations (involving derivatives) located inside the oscillatory region for the classical Laguerre polynomials. ... More
Sobolev orthogonal polynomials on product domainsJun 03 2014Orthogonal polynomials on the product domain $[a_1,b_1] \times [a_2,b_2]$ with respect to the inner product $$ \langle f,g \rangle_S = \int_{a_1}^{b_1} \int_{a_2}^{b_2} \nabla f(x,y)\cdot \nabla g(x,y)\, w_1(x)w_2(y) \,dx\, dy + \lambda f(c_1,c_2)g(c_1,c_2) ... More
Gerber-Shiu functionals at Parisian ruin for Lévy insurance risk processesJul 25 2014Mar 12 2015Inspired by works of Landriault et al. \cite{LRZ-0, LRZ}, we study discounted penalties at ruin for surplus dynamics driven by a spectrally negative L\'evy process with Parisian implementation delays. To be specific, we study the so-called Gerber-Shiu ... More
Local complementation and the extension of bilinear mappingsJun 25 2011We study different aspects of the connections between local theory of Banach spaces and the problem of the extension of bilinear forms from subspaces of Banach spaces. Among other results, we prove that if $X$ is not a Hilbert space then one may find ... More
High-order harmonic generation in atomic and molecular systemsJan 18 2017High-order harmonic generation (HHG) results from strong-field laser matter interaction and it is one of the main processes that are used to extract electron structural and dynamical information about the atomic or molecular targets with sub-femtosecond ... More
Transformation Optics Approach to Plasmon-Exciton Strong Coupling in NanocavitiesMay 30 2016Jul 08 2016We investigate the conditions yielding plasmon-exciton strong coupling at the single emitter level in the gap between two metal nanoparticles. A quasi-analytical transformation optics approach is developed that makes possible a thorough exploration of ... More
A class of orthogonal functions given by a three term recurrence formulaMay 14 2013The main goal in this manuscript is to present a class of functions satisfying a certain orthogonality property for which there also exists a three term recurrence formula. This class of functions, which can be considered as an extension to the class ... More
Heat conduction in systems with Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser phase space structureSep 28 2012We study heat conduction in a billiard channel formed by two sinusoidal walls and the diffusion of particles in the corresponding channel of infinite length; the latter system has an infinite horizon, i.e., a particle can travel an arbitrary distance ... More
Integral Field Spectroscopy of HII region complexes. The outer disk of NGC 6946Jul 07 2010Integral Field Spectroscopy obtained with PPak and the 3.5m telescope at the Calar Alto Observatory has been used to study an outer HII region complex in the well studied galaxy NGC 6946. This technique provides detailed maps of the region in different ... More
On the reflexivity of $\mathcal{P}_{w}(^{n}E;F)$Mar 20 2017In this paper we prove that if $E$ and $F$ are reflexive Banach spaces and $G$ is a closed linear subspace of the space $\mathcal{P}_{w}(^{n}E;F)$ of all $n$-homogeneous polynomials from $E$ to $F$ which are weakly continuous on bounded sets, then $G$ ... More
The Role of Short-Range Order and Hyperuniformity in the Formation of Band Gaps in Disordered Photonic MaterialsFeb 02 2016Jun 19 2016We study photonic band gap formation in two-dimensional high refractive index disordered materials where the dielectric structure is derived from packing disks in real and reciprocal space. Numerical calculations of the photonic density of states demonstrate ... More
Local adsorption structure and bonding of porphine on Cu(111) before and after self-metalationMay 07 2019We have experimentally determined the lateral registry and geometric structure of free-base porphine (2H-P) and copper-metalated porphine (Cu-P) adsorbed on Cu(111), by means of energy-scanned photoelectron diffraction (PhD), and compared the experimental ... More
Projective filtering of a single spatial radiation eigenmodeFeb 23 2015Aug 28 2015Lossless filtering of a single coherent (Schmidt) mode from spatially multimode radiation is a problem crucial for optics in general and for quantum optics in particular. It becomes especially important in the case of nonclassical light that is fragile ... More
Integral Field Spectroscopy of Local LCBGs: NGC 7673, a case study. Physical properties of star-forming regionsNov 18 2010Physical properties of the star-forming regions in the local Luminous Compact Blue Galaxy NGC 7673 are studied in detail using 3D spectroscopic data taken with the PPAK IFU at the 3.5-m telescope in CAHA. We derive integrated and spatially resolved properties ... More
Non-galvanic primary thermometry of a two-dimensional electron gasSep 09 2013Dec 10 2013We report the experimental realization of a non-galvanic, primary thermometer capable of measuring the electron temperature of a two-dimensional electron gas with negligible thermal load. Such a thermometer consists of a quantum dot whose temperature-dependent, ... More
Observational study of hydrocarbons in the bright photodissociation region of Messier 8Mar 25 2019Hydrocarbons are ubiquitous in the interstellar medium, but their formation is still not well understood, depending on the physical environment they are found in. M8 is host to one of the brightest HII regions and PDRs in our galaxy. Using the APEX, and ... More
On the properties of $α$-unchaining single linkage hierarchical clusteringFeb 18 2014In the election of a hierarchical clustering method, theoretic properties may give some insight to determine which method is the most suitable to treat a clustering problem. Herein, we study some basic properties of two hierarchical clustering methods: ... More
On the geometrical interpretation of locality in anomaly cancellationMay 18 2018A notion of local section of the determinant line bundle is defined giving necessary and suficient conditions for anomaly cancellation compatible with locality. This definition gives an intrinsic geometrical interpretation of the local counterterms allowed ... More
Notes on the Riemann HypothesisJul 05 2017Feb 21 2018These notes were written from a series of lectures given in March 2010 at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and then in Barcelona for the centennial anniversary of the Spanish Mathematical Society (RSME). Our aim is to give an introduction to the ... More
The full Ward-Takahashi Identity for colored tensor modelsAug 29 2016Dec 02 2018Colored tensor models (CTM) is a random geometrical approach to quantum gravity. We scrutinize the structure of the connected correlation functions of general CTM-interactions and organize them by boundaries of Feynman graphs. For rank-$D$ interactions ... More
Ergodic Approach for Nonconvex Robust Optimization ProblemsFeb 27 2019In this work we show the consistency of an approach for solving robust optimization problems using sequences of sub-problems generated by erogodic measure preserving transformations. The main result of this paper is that the minimizers and the optimal ... More
Sharp weighted bounds involving A_\inftyMar 29 2011We improve on several weighted inequalities of recent interest by replacing a part of the A_p bounds by weaker A_\infty estimates involving Wilson's A_\infty constant \[ [w]_{A_\infty}':=\sup_Q\frac{1}{w(Q)}\int_Q M(w\chi_Q). \] In particular, we show ... More
Towards exact symplectic integrators from Liouvillian formsSep 02 2015Dec 20 2015In this article we introduce a low order implicit symplectic integrator designed to follow the Hamiltonian flow as close as possible. This integrator is obtained by the method of Liouvillian forms proposed by the author in a previous work and does not ... More
Targets, local weak $σ$-Gibbs measures and a generalized Bowen dimension formulaMay 26 2016For a dynamical system, we study the set of points $\cal W$ whose orbit approximates any chosen point at certain specified rates. Our basic setting is that of left shift acting on topological Markov chains endowed with a local weak Gibbs measure. Our ... More
On the Theory of Self-Adjoint Extensions of the Laplace-Beltrami Operator, Quadratic Forms and SymmetryAug 09 2013Sep 17 2013The main objective of this dissertation is to analyse thoroughly the construction of self-adjoint extensions of the Laplace-Beltrami operator defined on a compact Riemannian manifold with boundary and the role that quadratic forms play to describe them. ... More
On Normal Forms of Singular Levi-Flat Real Analytic HypersurfacesMar 25 2010Aug 04 2010Let $F(z)=\mathcal{R}e(P(z)) + h.o.t$ be such that $M=(F=0)$ defines a germ of real analytic Levi-flat at $0\in\mathbb{C}^{n}$, $n\geq{2}$, where $P(z)$ is a homogeneous polynomial of degree $k$ with an isolated singularity at $0\in\mathbb{C}^{n}$ and ... More
Generalized chordality, vertex separators and hyperbolicity on graphsAug 21 2017Let $G$ be a graph with the usual shortest-path metric. A graph is $\delta$-hyperbolic if for every geodesic triangle $T$, any side of $T$ is contained in a $\delta$-neighborhood of the union of the other two sides. A graph is chordal if every induced ... More
A Kulikov-Type Classification Theorem for a One Parameter Family of K3-Surfaces Over a p-ADIC Field and a Good Reduction CriterionFeb 09 2018Mar 25 2019In this paper, we prove a $p$-adic analogous of the Kulikov-Persson-Pinkham classification theorem [Persson:1981wp] for the central fiber of a degeneration of $K3$-surfaces in terms of the nilpotency degree of the monodromy of the family. Namely, let ... More
Ergodicity of laminations with singularities in Kähler surfacesApr 11 2013May 07 2013If $\mathcal{L}$ is a laminations with hyperbolic singularities, embedded in a compact homogeneous K\"ahler surface, without directed closed positive currents. Then, $\mathcal{L}$ has a unique directed positive harmonic current of mass one. This result ... More
The $L(\log L)^ε$ endpoint estimate for maximal singular integral operatorsMar 13 2015We prove in this paper the following estimate for the maximal operator $T^*$ associated to the singular integral operator $T$: $ \|T^*f\|_{L^{1,\infty}(w)} \lesssim \frac{1}{\epsilon} \int_{\mathbb{R}^n} |f(x)| M_{L(\log L)^{\epsilon}} (w)(x)dx$, for ... More
Equilibrium properties of self-interacting neutrinos in the quasi-particle approachSep 01 2004In this work a neutrino gas in equilibrium is studied both at T=0 and at finite temperature. Neutrinos are treated as massive Dirac quasi-particles with two generations. We include self-interactions among the neutrinos via neutral currents, as well as ... More
A simple dynamical model leading to Pareto wealth distribution and stabilitySep 17 2014Oct 03 2014We propose a simple dynamical model of wealth evolution. The invariant distributions are of Pareto type and are dynamically stable as conjectured by Pareto.
A metric between quasi-isometric treesFeb 05 2010It is known that PQ-symmetric maps on the boundary characterize the quasi-isometry type of visual hyperbolic spaces, in particular, of geodesically complete \br-trees. We define a map on pairs of PQ-symmetric ultrametric spaces which characterizes the ... More
A study of decoherence effects in the Stern-Gerlach experiment using matrix Wigner functionsJul 30 2015We analyze the Stern-Gerlach experiment in phase space with the help of the matrix Wigner function, which includes the spin degree of freedom. Such analysis allows for an intuitive visualization of the quantum dynamics of the apparatus. We include the ... More
Geometrization of symplecticity conditions for implicit schemesDec 13 2015In this note we give simple symplecticity conditions for implicit schemes in the linear case. We consider implicit maps on generic symplectic manifold and we introduce the concept of consistent implicit maps, to generalize the symplecticity conditions ... More
Symplectic maps: from generating functions to Liouvillian formsAug 13 2015Feb 19 2017In this article we introduce a new method for constructing implicit symplectic maps using special symplectic manifolds and Liouvillian forms. This method extends, in a natural way, the method of generating functions to 1-forms which are globally defined ... More
Quasi-isometries between visual hyperbolic spacesOct 24 2008Nov 14 2008We prove that a PQ-symmetric homeomorphism between two complete metric spaces can be extended to a quasi-isometry between their hyperbolic approximations. This result is used to prove that two visual Gromov hyperbolic spaces are quasi-isometric if and ... More
Subdifferential formulae for the supremum of an arbitrary family of functionsJan 02 2018Dec 03 2018This work provides calculus for the Fr\'echet and limiting subdifferential of the pointwise supremum given by an arbitrary family of lower semicontinuous functions. We start our study showing fuzzy results about the Fr\'echet subdifferential of the supremum ... More
The Frobenius exponent of Cartier subalgebrasNov 08 2018Let $R$ be a standard graded finitely generated algebra over an $F$-finite field of prime characteristic, localized at its maximal homogeneous ideal. In this note, we prove that that Frobenius complexity of $R$ is finite. Moreover, we extend this result ... More
STEAM-MakerspaceSep 22 2018Implementation of a STEAM Makerspace to dynamize the teaching and learning processes of mathematics (with emphasis on geometry) of second-year students in the upper secondary level.
Bushy pseudocharacters and group actions on quasi-treesApr 05 2011Given a group acting on a graph quasi-isometric to a tree, we give sufficent conditions for a pseudocharacter to be bushy. We relate this with the conditions studied by M. Bestvina and K. Fujiwara on their work on bounded cohomology and obtain some results ... More
Surgery in colored tensor modelsJul 31 2016Jun 19 2017Rooted in group field theory and matrix models, random tensor models are a recent background-invariant approach to quantum gravity in arbitrary dimensions. Colored tensor models (CTM) generate random triangulated orientable (pseudo)-manifolds. We analyze, ... More
Hardy spaces of vector-valued Dirichlet seriesMar 07 2016Given a Banach space $X$ and $1 \leq p \leq \infty$, it is well known that the two Hardy spaces $H_p(\mathbb{T},X)$ ($\mathbb{T}$ the torus) and $H_p(\mathbb{D},X)$ ($\mathbb{D}$ the disk) have to be distinguished carefully. This motivates us to define ... More
Degenerate conformal structuresMay 22 2014We present new rectification theorems of degenerate quasi-conformal structures that give a meaning to quotients of Riemann surfaces with empty interior "fundamental domains". These techniques are used to define the unique renormalization of polynomials ... More
Zig-zag chains and metric equivalences between ultrametric spacesSep 01 2009We study the classification of ultrametric spaces based on their small scale geometry (uniform homeomorphism), large scale geometry (coarse equivalence) and both (all scale uniform equivalences). We prove that these equivalences can be characterized with ... More
Weak compactness of sublevel sets in complete locally convex spacesJan 23 2018Mar 29 2018In this work we prove that if $X$ is a complete locally convex space and $f:X\to \mathbb{R}\cup \{+\infty \}$ is a function such that $f-x^\ast$ attains its minimum for every $x^\ast \in U$, where $U$ is an open set with respect to the Mackey topology ... More
Degenerate Poincaré-Sobolev inequalitiesMay 25 2018Mar 02 2019We study weighted Poincar\'e and Poincar\'e-Sobolev type inequalities with an explicit analysis on the dependence on the $A_p$ constants of the involved weights. We obtain inequalities of the form $$ \left (\frac{1}{w(Q)}\int_Q|f-f_Q|^{q}w\right )^\frac{1}{q}\le ... More
On Normal Forms for Levi-flat hypersurfaces with an Isolated Line SingularityApr 09 2013Jan 27 2014We prove the existence of normal forms for some local real-analytic Levi-flat hypersurfaces with an isolated line singularity. We also give sufficient conditions for that a Levi-flat hypersurface with a complex line as singularity to be a pullback of ... More
On Levi-flat hypersurfaces tangent to holomorphic websSep 08 2011Sep 12 2011We investigate germs of real analytic Levi-flat hypersurfaces tangent to germs of codimension one holomorphic webs. We introduce the notion of first integrals for local webs. In particular, we prove that a $k$-web with finitely many invariant analytic ... More
On quasi-invariant curvesFeb 16 2018May 24 2018Quasi-invariant curves are used in the study of hedgehog dynamics. Denjoy-Yoccoz lemma is the preliminary step for Yoccoz's complex renormalization techniques for the study of linearization of analytic circle diffeomorphisms. We give a geometric interpretation ... More
Real valued functions and metric spaces quasi-isometric to treesMar 30 2011We prove that if X is a complete geodesic metric space with uniformly generated first homology group and $f: X\to R$ is metrically proper on the connected components and bornologous, then X is quasi-isometric to a tree. Using this and adapting the definition ... More
Chordality properties and hyperbolicity on graphsMay 21 2015Let $G$ be a graph with the usual shortest-path metric. A graph is $\delta$-hyperbolic if for every geodesic triangle $T$, any side of $T$ is contained in a $\delta$-neighborhood of the union of the other two sides. A graph is chordal if every induced ... More
A Bourgain-like property of Banach spaces with no copies of $c_0$Mar 29 2016We give a characterization of the existence of copies of $c_{0}$ in Banach spaces in terms of indexes. As an application, we deduce new proofs of James Distortion theorem and Bessaga-Pe{\l}czynski theorem about weakly unconditionally Cauchy series.
A Flexible Convolutional Solver with Application to Photorealistic Style TransferJun 13 2018We propose a new flexible deep convolutional neural network (convnet) to perform fast visual style transfer. In contrast to existing convnets that address the same task, our architecture derives directly from the structure of the gradient descent originally ... More
Intuitionistic Logic Programming for SQL (Extended Abstract)Aug 11 2016Sep 22 2016Intuitionistic logic programming provides the notion of embedded implication in rule bodies, which can be used to reason about a current database modified by the antecedent. This can be applied to a system that translates SQL to Datalog to solve SQL WITH ... More
A new quantitative two weight theorem for the Hardy-Littlewood maximal operatorMay 02 2013A quantitative two weight theorem for the Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator is proved improving the known ones. As a consequence a new proof of the main results in [HP] and in [HPR12] is obtained which avoids the use of the sharp quantitative reverse ... More
A density-sensitive hierarchical clustering methodOct 23 2012Feb 06 2014We define a hierarchical clustering method: $\alpha$-unchaining single linkage or $SL(\alpha)$. The input of this algorithm is a finite metric space and a certain parameter $\alpha$. This method is sensitive to the density of the distribution and offers ... More
Dilating Method for Cayley digraphs on finite Abelian groupsNov 16 2016A geometric method for obtaining an infinite family of Cayley digraphs of constant density on finite Abelian groups is presented. The method works for any given degree and it is based on consecutive dilates of a minimum distance diagram associated with ... More
Wannier-Bloch approach to localization in high harmonics generation in solidsJul 26 2016Emission of high-order harmonics from solids provides a new avenue in attosecond science. On one hand, it allows to investigate fundamental processes of the non-linear response of electrons driven by a strong laser pulse in a periodic crystal lattice. ... More
Overcoming efficiency constraints on blind quantum computationNov 18 2014Blind quantum computation allows a user to delegate a computation to an untrusted server while keeping the computation hidden. A number of recent works have sought to establish bounds on the communication requirements necessary to implement blind computation, ... More
The entangled accelerating universeAug 08 2009Using the known result that the nucleation of baby universes in correlated pairs is equivalent to spacetime squeezing, we show in this letter that there exists a T-duality symmetry between two-dimensional warp drives, which are physically expressible ... More
Structure of eigenstates and quench dynamics at an excited state quantum phase transitionJun 22 2015Nov 25 2015We study the structure of the eigenstates and the dynamics of a system that undergoes an excited state quantum phase transition (ESQPT). The analysis is performed for two-level pairing models characterized by a U(n+1) algebraic structure. They exhibit ... More
Effects of excited state quantum phase transitions on system dynamicsApr 23 2016Aug 20 2016This work is concerned with the excited state quantum phase transitions (ESQPTs) defined in Ann.Phys. 323, 1106 (2008). In many-body models that exhibit such transitions, the ground state quantum phase transition (QPT) occurs in parallel with a singularity ... More
Arrested dynamics of the dipolar hard-sphere modelMar 15 2019We report the combined results of molecular dynamics simulations and theoretical calculations concerning various dynamical arrest transitions in a model system representing a dipolar fluid, namely, N (softcore) rigid spheres interacting through a truncated ... More
Realization of quantum diffraction of a thermal fluxOct 02 2013Nov 20 2013The first evidence of the dc Josephson effect dates back to 1963 when J. S. Rowell measured the diffraction pattern of the critical current flowing through a single superconducting tunnel junction subjected to an in-plane magnetic field. Interference ... More
Dissipative particle dynamics simulations of weak polyelectrolyte adsorption on charged and neutral surfaces as a function of the degree of ionizationSep 28 2012The influence of the chain degree of ionization on the adsorption of weak polyelectrolytes on neutral and on oppositely and likely charged surfaces is investigated for the first time, by means of Monte Carlo simulations with the mesoscopic interaction ... More
Interaction Effects on the Magneto-optical Response of Magnetoplasmonic DimersApr 27 2014The effect that dipole-dipole interactions have on the magneto-optical (MO) properties of magnetoplasmonic dimers is theoretically studied. The specific plasmonic versus magnetoplasmonic nature of the dimer's metallic components and their specific location ... More
The dependence of oxygen and nitrogen abundances on stellar mass from the CALIFA surveyAug 16 2016We analysed the optical spectra of HII regions extracted from a sample of 350 galaxies of the CALIFA survey. We calculated total O/H abundances and, for the first time, N/O ratios using the semi-empirical routine HII-CHI-mistry, which, according to P\'erez-Montero ... More
Mesospheric optical signatures of possible lightning on VenusJan 20 2018A self-consistent two-dimensional model is proposed to account for the transient mesospheric nighttime optical emissions associated to possible intra-cloud (IC) lightning occurring in the Venusian troposphere. The model calculates the mesospheric (between ... More
Universality classes for general random matrix flowsJan 09 2019We consider matrix-valued processes described as solutions to stochastic differential equations of very general form. We study the family of the empirical measure-valued processes constructed from the corresponding eigenvalues. We show that the family ... More
Interlayer coherence and entanglement in bilayer quantum Hall states at filling factor $ν=2/λ$Mar 11 2014Sep 19 2014We study coherence and entanglement properties of the state space of a composite bi-fermion (two electrons pierced by $\lambda$ magnetic flux lines) at one Landau site of a bilayer quantum Hall system. In particular, interlayer imbalance and entanglement ... More
Refraction-reflection strategies in the dual modelNov 24 2015Aug 22 2016We study the dual model with capital injection under the additional condition that the dividend strategy is absolutely continuous. We consider a refraction-reflection strategy that pays dividends at the maximal rate whenever the surplus is above a certain ... More
Synthetic Generation of Social Network Data With EndorsementsNov 23 2014In many simulation studies involving networks there is the need to rely on a sample network to perform the simulation experiments. In many cases, real network data is not available due to privacy concerns. In that case we can recourse to synthetic data ... More
On profitability of selfish miningMay 16 2018Jan 22 2019We review the so called selfish mining strategy in the Bitcoin network and compare its profitability to honest mining.We build a rigorous profitability model for repetition games. The time analysis of the attack has been ignored in the previous literature ... More
Is the unusual near-threshold potential behavior in elastic scattering of weakly bound nuclei a precision error?Dec 13 2018Jun 11 2019We present the first example of a rigorous uncertainty quantification on elastic Nucleus-Nucleus scattering at energies near the Coulomb barrier. Experimental data has been analyzed using an energy dependent effective optical model potential with physical ... More
Model of the polarized foreground diffuse Galactic emissions from 33 to 353 GHzApr 16 2012We present 3D models of the Galactic magnetic field including regular and turbulent components, and of the distribution of matter in the Galaxy including relativistic electrons and dust grains. By integrating along the line of sight, we construct maps ... More
Three-dimensional modeling of lightning-induced electromagnetic pulses on Venus, Jupiter and SaturnJan 20 2018While lightning activity in Venus is still controversial, its existence in Jupiter and Saturn was first detected by the Voyager missions and later on confirmed by Cassini and New Horizons optical recordings in the case of Jupiter, and recently by Cassini ... More
On the electrostatic field created at ground level by a haloJan 20 2018We investigate the effect of halo activity on the electrostatic field measured at ground level. We use electrostatic arguments as well as self-consistent simulations to show that, due to the screening charge in the ionosphere, the distant electrostatic ... More
A catalog of visual-like morphologies in the 5 CANDELS fields using deep-learningSep 17 2015We present a catalog of visual like H-band morphologies of $\sim50.000$ galaxies ($H_{f160w}<24.5$) in the 5 CANDELS fields (GOODS-N, GOODS-S, UDS, EGS and COSMOS). Morphologies are estimated with Convolutional Neural Networks (ConvNets). The median redshift ... More
Modeling the chemical impact and the optical emissions produced by lightning-induced electromagnetic fields in the upper atmosphere: the case of halos and elves triggered by different lightning dischargesJan 22 2019Halos and elves are Transient Luminous Events (TLEs) produced in the lower ionosphere as a consequence of lightning-driven electromagnetic fields. These events can influence the upper-atmospheric chemistry and produce optical emissions. We have developed ... More
A CO survey in planet-forming disks: characterizing the gas content in the epoch of planet formationMay 27 2014We carried out a 12CO(3-2) survey of 52 southern stars with a wide range of IR excesses (LIR/L*) using the single dish telescopes APEX and ASTE. The main aims were (1) to characterize the evolution of molecular gas in circumstellar disks using LIR/L* ... More
Mechanisms for photon sorting based on slit-groove arraysApr 16 2014Mechanisms for one-dimensional photon sorting are theoretically studied in the framework of a couple mode method. The considered system is a nanopatterned structure composed of two different pixels drilled on the surface of a thin gold layer. Each pixel ... More
Algebraic dependence in generating functions and expansion complexityMay 03 2019In 2012, Diem introduced a new figure of merit for cryptographic sequences called expansion complexity. Recently, a series of paper has been published for analysis of expansion complexity and for testing sequences in terms of this new measure of randomness. ... More
Residue-type indices and holomorphic foliationsMar 03 2017We investigate residue-type indices for germs of holomorphic foliations in the plane and characterize second type foliations - those not containing tangent saddle-nodes in the reduction of singularities - by an expression involving the Baum-Bott, variation ... More
Conformal Spinning Quantum Particles in Complex Minkowski Space as Constrained Nonlinear Sigma Models in U(2,2) and Born's ReciprocityJun 30 2010We revise the use of 8-dimensional conformal, complex (Cartan) domains as a base for the construction of conformally invariant quantum (field) theory, either as phase or configuration spaces. We follow a gauge-invariant Lagrangian approach (of nonlinear ... More
On the amenability of partial and enveloping actionsJun 08 2009We prove that a partial action is amenable if and only if so is its Morita enveloping action. As applications we prove that any partial representation of a discrete group is positive definite, and we extend a result of Zeller-Meier concerning the amenability ... More
Modular Hamiltonian of a chiral fermion on the torusMay 13 2019May 18 2019We consider a chiral fermion at non-zero temperature on a circle (i.e., on a torus in the Euclidean formalism) and compute the modular Hamiltonian corresponding to a subregion of the circle. We do this by a very simple procedure based on the method of ... More
Probing excited-state quantum phase transition in a quantum many body system via out-of-time-ordered correlatorDec 05 2018As a measure of information scrambling and quantum chaos, out-of-time-ordered correlator (OTOC) plays more and more important role in many different fields of physics. In this work, we verify that the OTOC can also be used as a prober of the excited-state ... More
Comparing Type Systems for Deadlock-FreedomOct 01 2018Communication-centric software systems exhibit non trivial forms of concurrency and distribution, they are expected to respect intended protocols among interacting services, but also to never "get stuck". This intuitive requirement has been expressed ... More
Lehmann-Suwa residues of codimension one holomorphic foliations and applicationsJun 13 2018Let $\mathcal{F}$ be a singular codimension one holomorphic foliation on a compact complex manifold $X$ of dimension at least three such that its singular set has codimension at least two. In this paper, we determine Lehmann-Suwa residues of $\mathcal{F}$ ... More