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Adaptive Bayesian phase estimation for quantum error correcting codesApr 12 2019Realisation of experiments even on small and medium-scale quantum computers requires an optimisation of several parameters to achieve high-fidelity operations. As the size of the quantum register increases, the characterisation of quantum states becomes ... More
A natural extension of the universal enveloping algebra functor to crossed modules of Leibniz algebrasMar 21 2016The universal enveloping algebra functor between Leibniz and associative algebras defined by Loday and Pirashvili is extended to crossed modules. We prove that the universal enveloping crossed module of algebras of a crossed module of Leibniz algebras ... More
A new characterisation of groups amongst monoidsJun 08 2016We prove that a monoid $M$ is a group if and only if, in the category of monoids, all points over $M$ are strong. This sharpens and greatly simplifies a result of Montoli, Rodelo and Van der Linden which characterises groups amongst monoids as the protomodular ... More
Majorization in General Grover's Algorithms: Efficient vs Non-efficient casesJun 08 2018We study the characterisation of efficient and non-efficient families of Grover's algorithms according to the majorization principle. We develop a geometrical interpretation based on the parameters that appears on these algorithms. Using this interpretation ... More
Hypoxic Cell Waves around Necrotic Cores in Glioblastoma: A Biomathematical Model and its Therapeutic ImplicationsApr 17 2012Glioblastoma is a rapidly evolving high-grade astrocytoma that is distinguished pathologically from lower grade gliomas by the presence of necrosis and microvascular hiperplasia. Necrotic areas are typically surrounded by hypercellular regions known as ... More
Phenomenological interpolation of the inclusive J/psi cross section to proton-proton collisions at 2.76 TeV and 5.5 TeVMar 11 2011Apr 24 2012We present a study of the inclusive J/psi cross section at 2.76 TeV and 5.5 TeV. The energy dependence of the cross section, rapidity and transverse momentum distributions are evaluated phenomenologically. Their knowledge is crucial as a reference for ... More
Non-abelian tensor product and homology of Lie SuperalgebrasJul 07 2014Dec 18 2015We introduce the non-abelian tensor product of Lie superalgebras, study some of its properties including nilpotency, solvability and Engel, and we use it to describe the universal central extensions of Lie superalgebras. We present the low-dimensional ... More
Rigidity and bifurcation results for CMC hypersurfaces in warped product spacesJul 28 2014In this paper, we deduce some rigidity results in warped product spaces under normal variations of CMC hypersurfaces. In particular, we prove the existence of one-parameter families locally rigid on the spatial fiber of Anti-de Sitter Schwarzschild spacetime ... More
Abelian extensions and crossed modules of Hom-Lie algebrasFeb 12 2018In this paper we study the low dimensional cohomology groups of Hom-Lie algebras and their relation with derivations, abelian extensions and crossed modules. On one hand, we introduce the notion of $\alpha$-abelian extensions and we obtain a five term ... More
Theoretical study of phase transitions in Sb2S3, Bi2S3 and Sb2Se3 under compressionApr 19 2019We report a theoretical study of Sb2S3, Sb2Se3 and Bi2S3 sesquichalcogenides at hydrostatic pressures up to 60 GPa. We explore the possibility that the R-3m, C2/m, C2/c and Im-3m phases observed in sesquichalcogenides with heavier cations, viz. Bi2Se3, ... More
Making of a nonlinear optical cavityOct 04 2016In the article we explain in detail how to build a photorefractive oscillator (PRO), which is a laser-pumped nonlinear optical cavity containing a photorefractive crystal. The specific PRO whose construction we describe systematically, is based on a Fabry-Perot ... More
A non-abelian exterior product and homology of Leibniz algebrasDec 23 2016We introduce a non-abelian exterior product of two crossed modules of Leibniz algebra and investigate its relation to the low dimensional Leibniz homology. Later this non-abelian exterior product is applied to the construction of eight term exact sequence ... More
A characterisation of Lie algebras amongst anti-commutative algebrasJan 19 2017Jan 23 2019Let $\mathbb{K}$ be an infinite field. We prove that if a variety of anti-commutative $\mathbb{K}$-algebras - not necessarily associative, where $xx=0$ is an identity - is locally algebraically cartesian closed, then it must be a variety of Lie algebras ... More
Pattern Formation in Populations with Density-Dependent Movement and Two Interaction ScalesMar 12 2015May 24 2015We study the spatial patterns formed by a system of interacting particles where the mobility of any individual is determined by the population crowding at two different spatial scales. In this way we model the behavior of some biological organisms (like ... More
Structure of Finite dihedral group algebraMay 14 2014In this article, we show the relation between the irreducible idempotents of the cyclic group algebra $\mathbb F_qC_n$ and the central irreducible idempotents of the group algebras $\mathbb F_qD_{2n}$, where $\mathbb F_q$ is a finite field with $q$ elements ... More
Number of minimal cyclic codes with given length and dimensionJun 17 2014In this article, we count the quantity of minimal cyclic codes of length $n$ and dimension $k$ over a finite field $\mathbb F_q$, in the case when the prime factors of $n$ satisfy a special condition. This problem is equivalent to count the quantity of ... More
Fracture toughness characterization through notched small punch test specimensNov 07 2017In this work a novel methodology for fracture toughness characterization by means of the small punch test (SPT) is presented. Notched specimens are employed and fracture resistance is assessed through a critical value of the notch mouth displacement {\delta^SPT}. ... More
New results on q-positivityNov 25 2011Dec 31 2011In this paper we discuss symmetrically self-dual spaces, which are simply real vector spaces with a symmetric bilinear form. Certain subsets of the space will be called q-positive, where q is the quadratic form induced by the original bilinear form. The ... More
Applying AOSE Concepts to Model Crosscutting Variability in Variant-Rich ProcessesDec 02 2013Software process models need to be variant-rich, in the sense that they should be systematically customizable to specific project goals and project environments. It is currently very difficult to model Variant-Rich Process (VRP) because variability mechanisms ... More
Universal central extensions of Lie-Rinehart algebrasMar 27 2014In this paper we study the universal central extension of a Lie--Rinehart algebra and we give a description of it. Then we study the lifting of automorphisms and derivations to central extensions. We also give a definition of a non-abelian tensor product ... More
Critical Analysis of Electronic Simulation of Financial Market FluctuationsMar 04 2002An interesting analog circuit for simulating a signal with fluctuations having a probability density function with a power tail has recently been proposed and constructed. The exponent of the power law can be fixed by tuning an appropriate circuit element. ... More
Hereditary Interval Algebras and Cardinal Characteristics of the ContinuumMay 31 2019An interval algebra is a Boolean algebra which is isomorphic to the algebra of finite unions of half-open intervals, of a linearly ordered set. An interval algebra is hereditary if every subalgebra is an interval algebra. We answer a question of M. Bekkali ... More
Non Equilibrium Electronic Distribution in Single Electron DevicesMay 21 1997The electronic distribution in devices with sufficiently small diemnsions may not be in thermal equilibrium with their surroundings. Systems where the occupancies of electronic states are solely determined by tunneling processes are analyzed. It is shown ... More
Spatial eco-evolutionary feedbacks mediate coexistence in prey-predator systemsFeb 08 2019Eco-evolutionary frameworks can explain certain features of communities in which ecological and evolutionary processes occur over comparable timescales. In the particular case of prey-predator systems, a combination of empirical and theoretical studies ... More
Mass diffusion and liner material effect in a MagLIF fusion-like plasmaJul 10 2018In this paper, liner - fuel mass diffusion and the effect of the liner material on mass ablation, energy and magnetic flux losses are studied in a MagLIF fusion-like plasma. The analysis performed in [Garc\'ia-Rubio and Sanz, Phys. Plasmas 24, 072710 ... More
The use of controlled vocabularies in requirements engineering activities: a protocol for a systematic literature reviewApr 03 2017Context: The Evidence-Based Software Engineering (EBSE) paradigm and the planning phase of a systematic literature review. Objective: A protocol to do a systematic literature review with detailed information about the processes suggested by several guidelines ... More
Cosmic acceleration in unimodular gravityMar 15 2019May 24 2019We study unimodular gravity in the context of cosmology, particularly some interesting consequences that might be able to describe the background cosmology and the late cosmic acceleration. We focus our attention on the hypothesis of \textit{non conservation ... More
An experiment in distributed Internet address management using blockchainsJul 27 2018The current system to manage the global pool of IP addresses is centralized in five transnational organizations, the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). Each of these RIRs manage the address pool for a large number of countries. Because the RIRs are ... More
Chemistry in the dIrr galaxy Leo AAug 18 2018We present chemical abundance determinations of two H II regions in the dIrr galaxy Leo A, from GTC OSIRIS long-slit spectra. Both H II regions are of low excitation and seem to be ionised by stars later than O8V spectral type. In one of the H II regions ... More
Bootstrap independence test for functional linear modelsOct 03 2012Feb 26 2014Functional data have been the subject of many research works over the last years. Functional regression is one of the most discussed issues. Specifically, significant advances have been made for functional linear regression models with scalar response. ... More
Joint analysis of Rayleigh-wave dispersion curves and diffuse-field HVSR for site characterization: The case of El Ejido town (SE Spain)Jan 15 2019Feb 27 2019The location of El Ejido town over a deep sedimentary basin in a zone of high seismicity in the Spanish context has motivated research on its seismic response characterization. To this aim, S-wave velocity models have been obtained from joint inversion ... More
The PNe and H II regions in NGC 6822 revisited. Clues to AGB nucleosynthesisOct 19 2015Nov 28 2015(Abridged) The chemical behaviour of an ample sample of PNe in NGC6822 is analyzed. Spectrophotometric data of 11 PNe and two H II regions were obtained with the OSIRIS spectrograph attached to the Gran Telescopio Canarias. Data for other 13 PNe and three ... More
Kinematic study of planetary nebulae in NGC 6822May 21 2014By measuring precise radial velocities of planetary nebulae (which belong to the intermediate age population), H II regions, and A-type supergiant stars (which are members of the young population) in NGC 6822, we aim to determine if both types of population ... More
Cosmic acceleration in unimodular gravityMar 15 2019We study unimodular gravity in the context of cosmology, particularly some interesting consequences that might be able to describe the background cosmology and the late cosmic acceleration. We focus our attention on the hypothesis of \textit{non conservation ... More
Interaction driven phases in the honeycomb lattice from exact diagonalizationAug 28 2013Aug 29 2013We investigate the fate of interaction driven phases in the half-filled honeycomb lattice for finite systems via exact diagonalization with nearest and next nearest neighbour interactions. We find evidence for a charge density wave phase, a Kekul\'e bond ... More
Compressed Vertical Partitioning for Full-In-Memory RDF ManagementOct 18 2013Oct 21 2013The Web of Data has been gaining momentum and this leads to increasingly publish more semi-structured datasets following the RDF model, based on atomic triple units of subject, predicate, and object. Although it is a simple model, compression methods ... More
Shell-model half-lives for r-process waiting point nuclei including first-forbidden contributionsJan 22 2013We have performed large-scale shell-model calculations of the half-lives and neutron-branching probabilities of the r-process waiting point nuclei at the magic neutron numbers N=50, 82, and 126. The calculations include contributions from allowed Gamow-Teller ... More
Spacetime transformation acousticsJun 20 2013Jul 08 2014A recently proposed analogue transformation method has allowed the extension of transformation acoustics to general spacetime transformations. We analyze here in detail the differences between this new analogue transformation acoustics (ATA) method and ... More
The resolved star formation history of M51a through successive Bayesian marginalizationOct 25 2017May 23 2018We have obtained the time and space-resolved star formation history (SFH) of M51a (NGC 5194) by fitting GALEX, SDSS, and near infrared pixel-by-pixel photometry to a comprehensive library of stellar population synthesis models drawn from the Synthetic ... More
Correlations and Flow of Information between The New York Times and Stock MarketsJul 18 2017We use Random Matrix Theory (RMT) and information theory to analyze the correlations and flow of information between 64,939 news from The New York Times and 40 world financial indices during 10 months along the period 2015-2016. The set of news was quantified ... More
Surface Dynamic Deformation Estimates from Local Seismicity: the Itoiz Reservoir, SpainFeb 26 2014May 27 2016We analyze the ground motion time histories due to the local seismicity near the Itoiz reservoir to estimate the near-source, surface 3D displacement-gradients and dynamic deformations. The seismic data were obtained by a semi-permanent broadband and ... More
LIUM Machine Translation Systems for WMT17 News Translation TaskJul 14 2017This paper describes LIUM submissions to WMT17 News Translation Task for English-German, English-Turkish, English-Czech and English-Latvian language pairs. We train BPE-based attentive Neural Machine Translation systems with and without factored outputs ... More
Lyman break and UV-selected galaxies at $z \sim 1$ I. Stellar populations from ALHAMBRA surveyFeb 10 2013May 11 2013We take advantage of the exceptional photometric coverage provided by the combination of GALEX data in the UV and the ALHAMBRA survey in the optical and near-IR to analyze the physical properties of a sample of 1225 GALEX-selected Lyman break galaxies ... More
Polariton Chemistry: controlling molecular dynamics with optical cavitiesFeb 23 2018Molecular polaritons are the optical excitations which emerge when molecular transitions interact strongly with confined electromagnetic fields. Increasing interest in the hybrid molecular-photonic materials that host these excitations stems from recent ... More
A simple mechanism for the anti-glitch observed in magnetar 1E 2259+586Feb 04 2014In this short communication we present a simple internal mechanism that accounts for the recently observed anti-glitch in magnetar 1E 2259+586. We propose that the decay of an internal toroidal magnetic field component would de-stabilize an originally ... More
Bilinear forms and the $\Ext^2$-problem in Banach spacesAug 09 2018Let $X$ be a Banach space and let $\kappa(X)$ denote the kernel of a quotient map $\ell_1(\Gamma)\to X$. We show that $\Ext^2(X,X^*)=0$ if and only if bilinear forms on $\kappa(X)$ extend to $\ell_1(\Gamma)$. From that we obtain i) If $\kappa(X)$ is a ... More
Temporal Parallelization of Bayesian Filters and SmoothersMay 30 2019This paper presents algorithms for the temporal parallelization of Bayesian filters and smoothers. We define the elements and the operators to pose these problems as the solutions to all-prefix-sums operations for which efficient parallel scan-algorithms ... More
Robust plasmon waveguides in strongly-interacting nanowire arraysJun 11 2008Arrays of parallel metallic nanowires are shown to provide a tunable, robust, and versatile platform for plasmon interconnects, including high-curvature turns with minimum signal loss. The proposed guiding mechanism relies on gap plasmons existing in ... More
Magnetised accretion discs in Kerr spacetimesDec 01 2014We study the effect caused by external magnetic fields on the observed thermal spectra and iron line profiles of thin accretion discs formed around Kerr black holes and naked singularities. We aim to provide a tool that can be used to estimate the presence ... More
Li and Be depletion in metal-poor subgiantsDec 12 2005A sample of metal-poor subgiants has been observed with the UVES spectrograph at the Very Large Telescope and abundances of Li and Be have been determined. Typical signal-to-noise per spectral bin values for the co-added spectra are of the order of 500 ... More
Trajectory PHD and CPHD filtersNov 21 2018This paper presents the probability hypothesis density filter (PHD) and the cardinality PHD (CPHD) filter for sets of trajectories, which are referred to as the trajectory PHD (TPHD) and trajectory CPHD (TCPHD) filters. Contrary to the PHD/CPHD filters, ... More
Can ultrastrong coupling change ground state chemical reactions?May 25 2017Jun 12 2017Recent advancements on the fabrication of organic micro- and nanostructures have permitted the strong collective light-matter coupling regime to be reached with molecular materials. Pioneering works in this direction have shown the effects of this regime ... More
A database for quarkonium and open heavy-flavour production in hadronic collisions with HepDataApr 08 2013We report on the creation of a database for quarkonium and open heavy-flavour production in hadronic collisions. This database, made as a collaboration between HepData and the ReteQuarkonii network of the integrating activity I3HP2 of the 7th Framework ... More
K-Theory for group C^*-algebrasAug 07 2009These notes are based on a lecture course given by the first author in the Sedano Winter School on K-theory held in Sedano, Spain, on January 22-27th of 2007. They aim at introducing K-theory of C^*-algebras, equivariant K-homology and KK-theory in the ... More
Kinematic clues to bar evolution for galaxies in the local universe: why the fastest rotating bars are rotating most slowlyFeb 06 2017We have used Spitzer images of a sample of 68 barred spiral galaxies in the local universe to make systematic measurements of bar length and bar strength. We combine these with precise determinations of the corotation radii associated with the bars, taken ... More
Imaging the Renner-Teller effect using laser-induced electron diffractionMay 17 2018Mar 20 2019Structural information on electronically excited neutral molecules can be indirectly retrieved, largely through pump-probe and rotational spectroscopy measurements with the aid of calculations. Here, we demonstrate the direct structural retrieval of neutral ... More
Strain gradient plasticity-based modeling of hydrogen environment assisted crackingNov 16 2017Finite element analysis of stress about a blunt crack tip, emphasizing finite strain and phenomenological and mechanism-based strain gradient plasticity (SGP) formulations, is integrated with electrochemical assessment of occluded-crack tip hydrogen (H) ... More
Conformal Killing vector fields and a virial theoremOct 08 2014The virial theorem is formulated both intrinsically and in local coordinates for a Lagrangian system of mechanical type on a Riemann manifold. An import case studied in this paper is that of an affine virial function associated to a vector field on the ... More
The donor star of the X-ray pulsar X1908+075May 04 2015High-mass X-ray binaries (HMXBs) consist of a massive donor star and a compact object. While several of those systems have been well studied in X-rays, little is known for most of the donor stars as they are often heavily obscured in the optical and ultraviolet ... More
Does Multimodality Help Human and Machine for Translation and Image Captioning?May 30 2016Aug 16 2016This paper presents the systems developed by LIUM and CVC for the WMT16 Multimodal Machine Translation challenge. We explored various comparative methods, namely phrase-based systems and attentional recurrent neural networks models trained using monomodal ... More
Temperature-independent quantum logic for molecular spectroscopyJun 16 2011Jan 25 2012We propose a fast and non-destructive spectroscopic method for single molecular ions that implements quantum logic schemes between an atomic ion and the molecular ion of interest. Our proposal relies on a hybrid coherent manipulation of the two-ion system, ... More
A finite element framework for distortion gradient plasticity with applications to bending of thin foilsNov 15 2017A novel general purpose Finite Element framework is presented to study small-scale metal plasticity. A distinct feature of the adopted distortion gradient plasticity formulation, with respect to strain gradient plasticity theories, is the constitutive ... More
A phase field formulation for hydrogen assisted crackingJul 26 2018We present a phase field modeling framework for hydrogen assisted cracking. The model builds upon a coupled mechanical and hydrogen diffusion response, driven by chemical potential gradients, and a hydrogen-dependent fracture energy degradation law grounded ... More
Möbius-Frobenius maps on irreducible polynomialsDec 21 2018Let $n$ be a positive integer and let $\mathbb F_{q^n}$ be the finite field with $q^n$ elements, where $q$ is a power of a prime. This paper introduces a natural action of the Projective Semilinear Group $\text{P}\Gamma \text{L}(2, q^n)=\text{PGL}(2, ... More
Radiative $b$-baryon decays to measure the photon and $b$-baryon polarizationFeb 13 2019Feb 18 2019The radiative decays of $b$-baryons facilitate the direct measurement of photon helicity in $b\to s\gamma$ transitions thus serving as an important test of physics beyond the Standard Model. In this paper we analyze the complete angular distribution of ... More
Physical properties of Lyman-alpha emitters at $z\sim 0.3$ from UV-to-FIR measurementsApr 03 2012The analysis of the physical properties of low-redshift Ly$\alpha$ emitters (LAEs) can provide clues in the study of their high-redshift analogues. At $z \sim 0.3$, LAEs are bright enough to be detected over almost the entire electromagnetic spectrum ... More
Versatile Graphene-Based Platform for Robust Nanobiohybrid InterfacesApr 26 2019Technologically useful and robust graphene-based interfaces for devices require the introduction of highly selective, stable, and covalently bonded functionalities on the graphene surface, whilst essentially retaining the electronic properties of the ... More
Weight enumerator of some irreducible cyclic codesApr 28 2014May 08 2014In this article, we show explicitly all possible weight enumerators for every irreducible cyclic code of length $n$ over a finite field $\mathbb F_q$, in the case which each prime divisor of $n$ is also a divisor of $q-1$.
Proposal to Use the Fractional Derivative of Radial Functions in Interpolation ProblemsJun 10 2019In this document we present the construction of a radial functions that have the objective of emulating the behavior of the radial basis function thin plate spline (TPS), which we will name as function TPS, we propose a way to partially and totally apply ... More
Consistency of Bayesian procedures for variable selectionApr 20 2009It has long been known that for the comparison of pairwise nested models, a decision based on the Bayes factor produces a consistent model selector (in the frequentist sense). Here we go beyond the usual consistency for nested pairwise models, and show ... More
Pbca-type In2O3: the lost pressure-induced post-corundum phaseNov 26 2013Contradictory results of high-pressure studies in cubic bixbyite-type indium oxide (c-In2O3) at room temperature (RT) have motivated us to perform high-pressure powder x-ray diffraction and Raman scattering measurements in this material. On increasing ... More
Local complementation and the extension of bilinear mappingsJun 25 2011We study different aspects of the connections between local theory of Banach spaces and the problem of the extension of bilinear forms from subspaces of Banach spaces. Among other results, we prove that if $X$ is not a Hilbert space then one may find ... More
Stellar populations of galaxies in the ALHAMBRA survey up to $z \sim 1$. II. Stellar populations of quiescent galaxies within the stellar mass- and the $UVJ$ colour-colour diagramsNov 28 2017We aim at discerning the distribution of stellar population parameters (extinction, age, metallicity, and sSFR) of quiescent galaxies within the rest-frame stellar mass- and $UVJ$ colour-colour diagrams up to $z\sim1$ and down to $I=23$ AB, as well as ... More
The ALHAMBRA survey: reliable morphological catalogue of 22,051 early- and late-type galaxiesAug 14 2013ALHAMBRA is a photometric survey designed to trace the cosmic evolution and cosmic variance. It covers a large area of ~ 4 sq. deg in 8 fields, where 7 fields overlap with other surveys, allowing to have complementary data in other wavelengths. All observations ... More
Stellar populations of galaxies in the ALHAMBRA survey up to $z \sim 1$. III. The stellar content of the quiescent galaxy population during the last $8$ GyrFeb 19 2018Feb 22 2018We aim at unveiling the stellar content properties of quiescent galaxies, as well as how these galaxies evolved and assembled their stellar populations since $z\sim1$ up to the present days. Using the multi-filter photometric data from ALHAMBRA and the ... More
Theory for polariton-assisted remote energy transferNov 30 2017Jan 01 2018Strong-coupling between light and matter produces hybridized states (polaritons) whose delocalization and electromagnetic character allow for novel modifications in spectroscopy and chemical reactivity of molecular systems. Recent experiments have demonstrated ... More
Probing Quantum Optical Excitations with Fast ElectronsMay 16 2019Jun 06 2019Probing optical excitations with nanometer resolution is important for understanding their dynamics and interactions down to the atomic scale. Electron microscopes currently offer the unparalleled ability of rendering spatially-resolved electron spectra ... More
Routh reduction and the class of magnetic Lagrangian systemsMar 15 2012Jun 08 2012In this paper, some new aspects related to Routh reduction of Lagrangian systems with symmetry are discussed. The main result of this paper is the introduction of a new concept of transformation that is applicable to systems obtained after Routh reduction ... More
An Implementation of the Poisson Multi-Bernoulli Mixture Trajectory Filter via Dual DecompositionNov 29 2018This paper proposes an efficient implementation of the Poisson multi-Bernoulli mixture (PMBM) trajectory filter. The proposed implementation performs track-oriented N-scan pruning to limit complexity, and uses dual decomposition to solve the involved ... More
An optical surface resonance may render photonic crystals ineffectiveJun 28 2007In this work we identify and study the presence of extremely intense surface resonances that frustrate the coupling of photons into a photonic crystal over crucial energy ranges. The practical utility of photonic crystals demands the capability to exchange ... More
Aspects of reduction and transformation of Lagrangian systems with symmetryFeb 06 2014This paper contains results on geometric Routh reduction and it is a continuation of a previous paper where a new class of transformations is introduced between Lagrangian systems obtained after Routh reduction. In general, these reduced Lagrangian systems ... More
Corrigendum to: Oscillatory motions in restricted $N$-body problems [J. Differential Equations 265 (2018) 779-803]May 10 2019We consider the planar restricted $N$-body problem where the $N-1$ primaries are assumed to be in a central configuration whereas the infinitesimal particle escapes to infinity in a parabolic orbit. We prove the existence of transversal intersections ... More
Plasmon generation through electron tunneling in twisted double-layer graphene and metal-insulator-graphene systemsDec 25 2018Feb 26 2019The generation of highly-confined plasmons through far-field optical illumination appears to be impractical for technological applications due to their large energy-momentum mismatch with external light. Electrical generation of plasmons offers a possible ... More
Molecular Sensing with Tunable Graphene PlasmonsMay 05 2018We study the potential of graphene plasmons for spectrometer-free sensing based on surface-enhanced infrared absorption and Raman scattering. The large electrical tunability of these excitations enables an accurate identification of infrared molecular ... More
Magnetised Accretion Discs in Kerr Spacetimes II: Hot SpotsNov 30 2015Context. Quasi-periodic variability has been observed in a number of X-ray binaries harboring black hole candidates. In general relativity, black holes are uniquely described by the Kerr metric and, according to the cosmic censorship conjecture, curvature ... More
Generalized optimal sub-pattern assignment metricJan 21 2016Sep 12 2018This paper presents the generalized optimal sub-pattern assignment (GOSPA) metric on the space of finite sets of targets. Compared to the well-established optimal sub-pattern assignment (OSPA) metric, GOSPA is unnormalized as a function of the cardinality ... More
Kullback-Leibler Divergence Approach to Partitioned Update Kalman FilterMar 15 2016Kalman filtering is a widely used framework for Bayesian estimation. The partitioned update Kalman filter applies a Kalman filter update in parts so that the most linear parts of measurements are applied first. In this paper, we generalize partitioned ... More
Labelled OSPA metric for fixed and known number of targetsApr 11 2014Oct 29 2014The evaluation of multiple target tracking algorithms with labelled sets can be done using the labelled optimal subpattern assignment (LOSPA) metric. In this paper, we provide the expression of the same metric for fixed and known number of targets when ... More
Characterizing Corson and Valdivia compact spacesJul 01 2016We give a new characterization of Valdivia compact spaces: A compact space is Valdivia if and only if it has a dense commutatively monotonically retractable subspace. This result solves Problem 5.12 from \cite{sal-rey}. Besides, we introduce the notion ... More
Majorana Fermions and Orthogonal Complex StructuresDec 14 2017Feb 21 2018Ground states of quadratic Hamiltonians for fermionic systems can be characterized in terms of orthogonal complex structures. The standard way in which such Hamiltonians are diagonalized makes use of a certain "doubling" of the Hilbert space. In this ... More
A metric on the space of finite sets of trajectories for evaluation of multi-target tracking algorithmsMay 04 2016Feb 22 2017In this paper, we propose a metric on the space of finite sets of trajectories for assessing multi-target tracking algorithms in a mathematically sound way. The metric can be used, e.g., to compare estimates from algorithms with the ground truth. It includes ... More
Continuity properties of sequentially asymptotically center-complete spacesMar 18 2014We obtain formulae to calculate the asymptotic center and radius of bounded sequences in ${\cal C}_0(L)$ spaces. We also study the existence of continuous selectors for the asymptotic center map in general Banach spaces. In Hilbert spaces, even a H\"older-type ... More
$σ$-Ideals and outer measures on the real lineAug 12 2016A {\it weak selection} on $\mathbb{R}$ is a function $f: [\mathbb{R}]^2 \to \mathbb{R}$ such that $f(\{x,y\}) \in \{x,y\}$ for each $\{x,y\} \in [\mathbb{R}]^2$. In this article, we continue with the study (which was initiated in \cite{ag}) of the outer ... More
Bubble-like structures generated by activation of internal shape modes in two-dimensional sine-Gordon line solitonsMay 17 2016Sep 01 2016Nonlinear waves that collide with localized defects exhibit complex behavior. Apart from reflection, transmission, and annihilation of an incident wave, a local inhomogeneity can activate internal modes of solitons, producing many impressive phenomena. ... More
The ZEUS Forward Plug Calorimeter with Lead-Scintillator Plates and WLS Fiber ReadoutDec 20 1999Dec 21 1999A Forward Plug Calorimeter (FPC) for the ZEUS detector at HERA has been built as a shashlik lead-scintillator calorimeter with wave length shifter fiber readout. Before installation it was tested and calibrated using the X5 test beam facility of the SPS ... More
LIUM-CVC Submissions for WMT17 Multimodal Translation TaskJul 14 2017This paper describes the monomodal and multimodal Neural Machine Translation systems developed by LIUM and CVC for WMT17 Shared Task on Multimodal Translation. We mainly explored two multimodal architectures where either global visual features or convolutional ... More
First measurement of several $β$-delayed neutron emitting isotopes beyond N=126Nov 04 2015The $\beta$-delayed neutron emission probabilities of neutron rich Hg and Tl nuclei have been measured together with $\beta$-decay half-lives for 20 isotopes of Au, Hg, Tl, Pb and Bi in the mass region N$\gtrsim$126. These are the heaviest species where ... More
Lyman break and UV-selected galaxies at z ~ 1: II. PACS-100um/160um FIR detectionsJun 05 2013Jul 17 2013We report the PACS-100um/160um detections of a sample of 42 GALEX-selected and FIR-detected Lyman break galaxies (LBGs) at z ~ 1 located in the COSMOS field and analyze their ultra-violet (UV) to far-infrared (FIR) properties. The detection of these LBGs ... More
Massive Galaxies at High-z: Assembly Patterns, Structure & Dynamics in the Fast Phase of Galaxy FormationMar 22 2011Relaxed, massive galactic objects have been identified at redshifts z = 4;5; and 6 in hydrodynamical simulations run in a large cosmological volume. This allowed us to analyze the assembly patterns of the high mass end of the galaxy distribution at these ... More
A search for magnetic fields on central stars in planetary nebulaeJan 24 2014One of the possible mechanisms responsible for the panoply of shapes in planetary nebulae is the presence of magnetic fields that drive the ejection of ionized material during the proto-planetary nebula phase. Therefore, detecting magnetic fields in such ... More