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Adaptive Bayesian phase estimation for quantum error correcting codesApr 12 2019Realisation of experiments even on small and medium-scale quantum computers requires an optimisation of several parameters to achieve high-fidelity operations. As the size of the quantum register increases, the characterisation of quantum states becomes ... More
A natural extension of the universal enveloping algebra functor to crossed modules of Leibniz algebrasMar 21 2016The universal enveloping algebra functor between Leibniz and associative algebras defined by Loday and Pirashvili is extended to crossed modules. We prove that the universal enveloping crossed module of algebras of a crossed module of Leibniz algebras ... More
A new characterisation of groups amongst monoidsJun 08 2016We prove that a monoid $M$ is a group if and only if, in the category of monoids, all points over $M$ are strong. This sharpens and greatly simplifies a result of Montoli, Rodelo and Van der Linden which characterises groups amongst monoids as the protomodular ... More
Universal central extensions of $\mathfrak{sl}(m, n, A)$ of small rank over associative superalgebrasMay 15 2014Jul 07 2014We complete the solution of the problem of finding the universal central extension of the matrix superalgebras $\mathfrak{sl}(m, n, A)$ where $A$ is an associative superalgebra and computing $H_2\big(\mathfrak{sl}(m, n, A)\big)$. The Steinberg Lie superalgebra ... More
Universal central extensions of superdialgebras of matricesFeb 14 2016We complete the problem of finding the universal central extension in the category of Leibniz superalgebras of $\mathfrak{sl}(m, n, D)$ when $m+n \geq 3$ and $D$ is a superdialgebra, solving in particular the problem when $D$ is an associative algebra, ... More
Hypoxic Cell Waves around Necrotic Cores in Glioblastoma: A Biomathematical Model and its Therapeutic ImplicationsApr 17 2012Glioblastoma is a rapidly evolving high-grade astrocytoma that is distinguished pathologically from lower grade gliomas by the presence of necrosis and microvascular hiperplasia. Necrotic areas are typically surrounded by hypercellular regions known as ... More
Actor of a crossed module of Leibniz algebrasJun 15 2016We extend to the category of crossed modules of Leibniz algebras the notion of biderivation via the action of a Leibniz algebra. This results into a pair of Leibniz algebras which allow us to construct an object which is the actor under certain circumstances. ... More
The behavior of the pitch angle of spiral arms depending on optical wavelengthAug 21 2014Based on integral field spectroscopy data from the CALIFA survey, we investigate the possible dependence of spiral arm pitch angle with optical wavelength. For three of the five studied objects, the pitch angle gradually increases at longer wavelengths. ... More
Joint moments of proper delay timesAug 02 2014We calculate negative moments of the $N$-dimensional Laguerre distribution for the orthogonal, unitary, and symplectic symmetries. These moments correspond to those of the proper delay times, which are needed to determine the statistical fluctuations ... More
Quarkonium production measurements with the ALICE detector at the LHCJun 29 2011In this new energy regime, quarkonium provides a unique probe to study the properties of the high-density, strongly interacting system formed in the early stages of high-energy heavy-ion collisions. In ALICE, quarkonium states are reconstructed down to ... More
Rigidity and bifurcation results for CMC hypersurfaces in warped product spacesJul 28 2014In this paper, we deduce some rigidity results in warped product spaces under normal variations of CMC hypersurfaces. In particular, we prove the existence of one-parameter families locally rigid on the spatial fiber of Anti-de Sitter Schwarzschild spacetime ... More
A note on split extensions of bialgebrasJan 03 2017Mar 13 2017We prove a universal characterization of Hopf algebras among cocommutative bialgebras over a field: a cocommutative bialgebra is a Hopf algebra precisely when every split extension over it admits a join decomposition. We also explain why this result cannot ... More
Abelian extensions and crossed modules of Hom-Lie algebrasFeb 12 2018In this paper we study the low dimensional cohomology groups of Hom-Lie algebras and their relation with derivations, abelian extensions and crossed modules. On one hand, we introduce the notion of $\alpha$-abelian extensions and we obtain a five term ... More
A characterisation of Lie algebras via algebraic exponentiationNov 02 2017Oct 22 2018In this article we describe varieties of Lie algebras via algebraic exponentiation, a concept introduced by Gray in his Ph.D. thesis. For $\mathbb{K}$ an infinite field of characteristic different from $2$, we prove that the variety of Lie algebras over ... More
Non-abelian tensor product and homology of Lie SuperalgebrasJul 07 2014Dec 18 2015We introduce the non-abelian tensor product of Lie superalgebras, study some of its properties including nilpotency, solvability and Engel, and we use it to describe the universal central extensions of Lie superalgebras. We present the low-dimensional ... More
A non-abelian exterior product and homology of Leibniz algebrasDec 23 2016We introduce a non-abelian exterior product of two crossed modules of Leibniz algebra and investigate its relation to the low dimensional Leibniz homology. Later this non-abelian exterior product is applied to the construction of eight term exact sequence ... More
A characterisation of Lie algebras amongst anti-commutative algebrasJan 19 2017Jan 23 2019Let $\mathbb{K}$ be an infinite field. We prove that if a variety of anti-commutative $\mathbb{K}$-algebras - not necessarily associative, where $xx=0$ is an identity - is locally algebraically cartesian closed, then it must be a variety of Lie algebras ... More
Pattern Formation in Populations with Density-Dependent Movement and Two Interaction ScalesMar 12 2015May 24 2015We study the spatial patterns formed by a system of interacting particles where the mobility of any individual is determined by the population crowding at two different spatial scales. In this way we model the behavior of some biological organisms (like ... More
Number of minimal cyclic codes with given length and dimensionJun 17 2014In this article, we count the quantity of minimal cyclic codes of length $n$ and dimension $k$ over a finite field $\mathbb F_q$, in the case when the prime factors of $n$ satisfy a special condition. This problem is equivalent to count the quantity of ... More
Structure of Finite dihedral group algebraMay 14 2014In this article, we show the relation between the irreducible idempotents of the cyclic group algebra $\mathbb F_qC_n$ and the central irreducible idempotents of the group algebras $\mathbb F_qD_{2n}$, where $\mathbb F_q$ is a finite field with $q$ elements ... More
Collective Phase-like Mode and the Role of Lattice Distortions at TN~TC in RMn2O5 (R= Pr, Sm, Gd, Tb, Bi)Apr 16 2012We report on electronic collective excitations in RMn2O5 (R= Pr, Sm, Gd, Tb) showing condensation starting at and below TN\simTC\sim40-50 K. Its origin is understood as partial delocalized eg electron orbitals in the Jahn-Teller distortion of the pyramids ... More
Fracture toughness characterization through notched small punch test specimensNov 07 2017In this work a novel methodology for fracture toughness characterization by means of the small punch test (SPT) is presented. Notched specimens are employed and fracture resistance is assessed through a critical value of the notch mouth displacement {\delta^SPT}. ... More
New results on q-positivityNov 25 2011Dec 31 2011In this paper we discuss symmetrically self-dual spaces, which are simply real vector spaces with a symmetric bilinear form. Certain subsets of the space will be called q-positive, where q is the quadratic form induced by the original bilinear form. The ... More
Using Fuzzy Logic to Leverage HTML Markup for Web Page RepresentationJun 14 2016The selection of a suitable document representation approach plays a crucial role in the performance of a document clustering task. Being able to pick out representative words within a document can lead to substantial improvements in document clustering. ... More
Stacking from Tags: Clustering Bookmarks around a ThemeFeb 20 2013Since very recently, users on the social bookmarking service Delicious can stack web pages in addition to tagging them. Stacking enables users to group web pages around specific themes with the aim of recommending to others. However, users still stack ... More
A sharp height estimate for compact hypersurfaces with constant $k$-mean curvature in warped product spacesMay 25 2012Jul 05 2013In this paper we obtain a sharp height estimate concerning compact hypersurfaces immersed into warped product spaces with some constant higher order mean curvature, and whose boundary is contained into a slice. We apply these results to draw topological ... More
Critical Analysis of Electronic Simulation of Financial Market FluctuationsMar 04 2002An interesting analog circuit for simulating a signal with fluctuations having a probability density function with a power tail has recently been proposed and constructed. The exponent of the power law can be fixed by tuning an appropriate circuit element. ... More
A track-before-detect labelled multi-Bernoulli particle filter with label switchingMar 31 2016This paper presents a multitarget tracking particle filter (PF) for general track-before-detect measurement models. The PF is presented in the random finite set framework and uses a labelled multi-Bernoulli approximation. We also present a label switching ... More
Spatial eco-evolutionary feedbacks mediate coexistence in prey-predator systemsFeb 08 2019Eco-evolutionary frameworks can explain certain features of communities in which ecological and evolutionary processes occur over comparable timescales. In the particular case of prey-predator systems, a combination of empirical and theoretical studies ... More
Electronic implementation of a dynamical network with nearly identical hybrid nodes via unstable dissipative systemsSep 11 2018A circuit architecture is proposed and implemented for a dynamical network composed of a type of hybrid chaotic oscillator based on Unstable Dissipative Systems (UDS). The circuit architecture allows selecting a network topology with its link attributes ... More
Comparing Single and Multiobjective Evolutionary Approaches to the Inventory and Transportation ProblemSep 18 2009EVITA, standing for Evolutionary Inventory and Transportation Algorithm, is a two-level methodology designed to address the Inventory and Transportation Problem (ITP) in retail chains. The top level uses an evolutionary algorithm to obtain delivery patterns ... More
Factoring polynomials of the form $f(x^n)\in \mathbb{F}_q[x]$Nov 28 2015Let $f(x)\in \mathbb{F}_q[x]$ be an irreducible polynomial of degree $m$ and exponent $e$, and $n$ be a positive integer such that $\nu_p(q-1)\ge \nu_{p}(e)+\nu_p(n)$ for all $p$ prime divisor of $n$. We show a fast algorithm to determine the irreducible ... More
Removing biases in resolved stellar mass-maps of galaxy disks through successive Bayesian marginalizationDec 03 2016Stellar masses of galaxies are frequently obtained by fitting stellar population synthesis models to galaxy photometry or spectra. The state of the art method resolves spatial structures within a galaxy to assess the total stellar mass content. In comparison ... More
An experiment in distributed Internet address management using blockchainsJul 27 2018The current system to manage the global pool of IP addresses is centralized in five transnational organizations, the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). Each of these RIRs manage the address pool for a large number of countries. Because the RIRs are ... More
Bootstrap independence test for functional linear modelsOct 03 2012Feb 26 2014Functional data have been the subject of many research works over the last years. Functional regression is one of the most discussed issues. Specifically, significant advances have been made for functional linear regression models with scalar response. ... More
Chemistry in the dIrr galaxy Leo AAug 18 2018We present chemical abundance determinations of two H II regions in the dIrr galaxy Leo A, from GTC OSIRIS long-slit spectra. Both H II regions are of low excitation and seem to be ionised by stars later than O8V spectral type. In one of the H II regions ... More
Joint analysis of Rayleigh-wave dispersion curves and diffuse-field HVSR for site characterization: The case of El Ejido town (SE Spain)Jan 15 2019Feb 27 2019The location of El Ejido town over a deep sedimentary basin in a zone of high seismicity in the Spanish context has motivated research on its seismic response characterization. To this aim, S-wave velocity models have been obtained from joint inversion ... More
The influential effect of blending, bump, changing period and eclipsing Cepheids on the Leavitt lawApr 17 2016The investigation of the non-linearity of the Leavitt law is a topic that began more than seven decades ago, when some of the studies in this field found that the Leavitt law has a break at about ten days. The goal of this work is to investigate a possible ... More
The use of controlled vocabularies in requirements engineering activities: a protocol for a systematic literature reviewApr 03 2017Context: The Evidence-Based Software Engineering (EBSE) paradigm and the planning phase of a systematic literature review. Objective: A protocol to do a systematic literature review with detailed information about the processes suggested by several guidelines ... More
Effect of heavy-quark energy loss on the muon differential production cross section in Pb-Pb collisions at \sqrtsNN=5.5 TeVDec 01 2007Mar 13 2008We study the nuclear modification factors RAA and RCP of the high transverse momentum 5<pt<60 GeV/c distribution of muons in Pb--Pb collisions at LHC energies. We consider two pseudo-rapidity ranges covered by the LHC experiments: $|\eta|<2.5$ and $2.5<\eta<4$. ... More
Optimizing the search for resources by sharing information: Mongolian gazelles as a case studyJan 23 2013Jun 20 2013We investigate the relationship between communication and search efficiency in a biological context by proposing a model of Brownian searchers with long-range pairwise interaction. After a general study of the properties of the model, we show an application ... More
The PNe and H II regions in NGC 6822 revisited. Clues to AGB nucleosynthesisOct 19 2015Nov 28 2015(Abridged) The chemical behaviour of an ample sample of PNe in NGC6822 is analyzed. Spectrophotometric data of 11 PNe and two H II regions were obtained with the OSIRIS spectrograph attached to the Gran Telescopio Canarias. Data for other 13 PNe and three ... More
Cosmic acceleration in unimodular gravityMar 15 2019We study unimodular gravity in the context of cosmology, particularly some interesting consequences that might be able to describe the background cosmology and the late cosmic acceleration. We focus our attention on the hypothesis of \textit{non conservation ... More
Electrical spin manipulation in graphene nanostructuresDec 20 2017We propose a mechanism to drive singlet-triplet spin transitions electrically, in a wide class of graphene nanostructures that present pairs of in-gap zero modes, localized at opposite sublattices. Examples are rectangular nanographenes with short zigzag ... More
Correlations and Flow of Information between The New York Times and Stock MarketsJul 18 2017We use Random Matrix Theory (RMT) and information theory to analyze the correlations and flow of information between 64,939 news from The New York Times and 40 world financial indices during 10 months along the period 2015-2016. The set of news was quantified ... More
K-Theory for group C^*-algebrasAug 07 2009These notes are based on a lecture course given by the first author in the Sedano Winter School on K-theory held in Sedano, Spain, on January 22-27th of 2007. They aim at introducing K-theory of C^*-algebras, equivariant K-homology and KK-theory in the ... More
Bilinear forms and the $\Ext^2$-problem in Banach spacesAug 09 2018Let $X$ be a Banach space and let $\kappa(X)$ denote the kernel of a quotient map $\ell_1(\Gamma)\to X$. We show that $\Ext^2(X,X^*)=0$ if and only if bilinear forms on $\kappa(X)$ extend to $\ell_1(\Gamma)$. From that we obtain i) If $\kappa(X)$ is a ... More
An internal mechanism for the anti-glitch observed in AXP 1E 2259+586Mar 12 2015Magnetars are fascinating objects that are thought to be neutron stars powered by their strong internal magnetic fields. Clear evidence of a sudden spin-down was detected in the Anomalous X-ray Pulsar AXP 1E 2259+586, an object cataloged as a magnetar. ... More
Trajectory probability hypothesis density filterMay 24 2016Sep 13 2018This paper presents the probability hypothesis density (PHD) filter for sets of trajectories: the trajectory probability density (TPHD) filter. The TPHD filter is capable of estimating trajectories in a principled way without requiring to evaluate all ... More
Electrical Detection of Single Graphene PlasmonsMay 05 2018Plasmons --the collective oscillations of electrons in conducting materials-- play a pivotal role in nanophotonics because of their ability to couple electronic and photonic degrees of freedom. In particular, plasmons in graphene --the atomically thin ... More
Can ultrastrong coupling change ground state chemical reactions?May 25 2017Jun 12 2017Recent advancements on the fabrication of organic micro- and nanostructures have permitted the strong collective light-matter coupling regime to be reached with molecular materials. Pioneering works in this direction have shown the effects of this regime ... More
Polariton Chemistry: controlling molecular dynamics with optical cavitiesFeb 23 2018Molecular polaritons are the optical excitations which emerge when molecular transitions interact strongly with confined electromagnetic fields. Increasing interest in the hybrid molecular-photonic materials that host these excitations stems from recent ... More
Polariton-assisted Singlet Fission in Acene AggregatesNov 30 2017Jan 09 2018Singlet fission is an important candidate to increase energy conversion efficiency in organic photovoltaics by providing a pathway to increase the quantum yield of excitons per photon absorbed in select materials. We investigate the dependence of exciton ... More
InAs/InP single quantum wire formation and emission at 1.5 micronsJun 06 2006Oct 05 2006Isolated InAs/InP self-assembled quantum wires have been grown using in situ accumulated stress measurements to adjust the optimal InAs thickness. Atomic force microscopy imaging shows highly asymmetric nanostructures with average length exceeding more ... More
Radiative $b$-baryon decays to measure the photon and $b$-baryon polarizationFeb 13 2019Feb 18 2019The radiative decays of $b$-baryons facilitate the direct measurement of photon helicity in $b\to s\gamma$ transitions thus serving as an important test of physics beyond the Standard Model. In this paper we analyze the complete angular distribution of ... More
PACS-Herschel FIR detections of Lyman-alpha emitters at 2.0<z<3.5Feb 05 2012In this work we analyze the physical properties of a sample of 56 spectroscopically selected star-forming (SF) Ly$\alpha$ emitting galaxies at 2.0$\lesssim$z$\lesssim$3.5 using both a spectral energy distribution (SED) fitting procedure from rest-frame ... More
Imaging the Renner-Teller effect using laser-induced electron diffractionMay 17 2018Mar 20 2019Structural information on electronically excited neutral molecules can be indirectly retrieved, largely through pump-probe and rotational spectroscopy measurements with the aid of calculations. Here, we demonstrate the direct structural retrieval of neutral ... More
A phase field formulation for hydrogen assisted crackingJul 26 2018We present a phase field modeling framework for hydrogen assisted cracking. The model builds upon a coupled mechanical and hydrogen diffusion response, driven by chemical potential gradients, and a hydrogen-dependent fracture energy degradation law grounded ... More
Numerical models of blackbody-dominated gamma-ray bursts -- I. Hydrodynamics and the origin of the thermal emissionAug 06 2014Nov 10 2014GRB 101225A is a prototype of the class of blackbody-dominated (BBD) gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). It has been suggested that BBD-GRBs result from the merger of a binary system formed by a neutron star and the helium core of an evolved star. We have modelled ... More
On a family of frames for Krein spacesDec 07 2011A definition of frames for Krein spaces is proposed, which extends the notion of $J$-orthonormal basis of Krein spaces. A $J$-frame for a Krein space $(\HH, \K{\,}{\,})$ is in particular a frame for $\HH$ in the Hilbert space sense. But it is also compatible ... More
Factorization of composed polynomials and applicationsJan 09 2019Let $\mathbb{F}_q$ be the finite field with $q$ elements, where $q$ is a prime power and $n$ be a positive integer. In this paper, we explore the factorization of $f(x^{n})$ over $\mathbb{F}_q$, where $f(x)$ is an irreducible polynomial over $\mathbb ... More
Möbius-Frobenius maps on irreducible polynomialsDec 21 2018Let $n$ be a positive integer and let $\mathbb F_{q^n}$ be the finite field with $q^n$ elements, where $q$ is a power of a prime. This paper introduces a natural action of the Projective Semilinear Group $\text{P}\Gamma \text{L}(2, q^n)=\text{PGL}(2, ... More
Physical properties of Lyman-alpha emitters at $z\sim 0.3$ from UV-to-FIR measurementsApr 03 2012The analysis of the physical properties of low-redshift Ly$\alpha$ emitters (LAEs) can provide clues in the study of their high-redshift analogues. At $z \sim 0.3$, LAEs are bright enough to be detected over almost the entire electromagnetic spectrum ... More
On the existence of a luminosity threshold of GRB jets in massive starsJan 18 2018Motivated by the many associations of $\gamma$-ray bursts (GRBs) with energetic supernova (SN) explosions, we study the propagation of relativistic jets within the progenitor star in which a SN shock wave may be launched briefly before the jets start ... More
Poincaré problem for weighted projective foliationsJun 16 2014Feb 06 2015We give a bounding of degree of quasi-smooth hypersurfaces which are invariant by a one dimensional holomorphic foliation of a given degree on a weighted projective space.
Conformal Killing vector fields and a virial theoremOct 08 2014The virial theorem is formulated both intrinsically and in local coordinates for a Lagrangian system of mechanical type on a Riemann manifold. An import case studied in this paper is that of an affine virial function associated to a vector field on the ... More
Virial theorem in quasi-coordinates and Lie algebroid formalismMay 26 2014May 27 2014In this paper, the geometric approach to the virial theorem developed in \cite{CFR12} is written in terms of quasi-velocities (see \cite{CNCS07}). A generalization of the virial theorem for mechanical systems on Lie algebroids is also given, using the ... More
Explicit idempotents of finite group algebrasApr 24 2014Let $\mathbb F_q$ be a finite field with $q$ elements, $G$ a finite cyclic group of order $p^k$ and $p$ is an odd prime with ${\rm gcd}(q,p)=1$. In this article, we determine an explicit expression for the primitive idempotents of $\mathbb F_qG$. This ... More
Consistency of Bayesian procedures for variable selectionApr 20 2009It has long been known that for the comparison of pairwise nested models, a decision based on the Bayes factor produces a consistent model selector (in the frequentist sense). Here we go beyond the usual consistency for nested pairwise models, and show ... More
Vegetation pattern formation in a sinuous free-scale landscapeMar 18 2019The original Hardenberg's model of biomass patterns in arid and semi-arid regions is revisited to extend it to more general non flat regions. It is proposed a technique to study these more generalized (non-flat) regions using both a conservation criterion ... More
Weight enumerator of some irreducible cyclic codesApr 28 2014May 08 2014In this article, we show explicitly all possible weight enumerators for every irreducible cyclic code of length $n$ over a finite field $\mathbb F_q$, in the case which each prime divisor of $n$ is also a divisor of $q-1$.
Pbca-type In2O3: the lost pressure-induced post-corundum phaseNov 26 2013Contradictory results of high-pressure studies in cubic bixbyite-type indium oxide (c-In2O3) at room temperature (RT) have motivated us to perform high-pressure powder x-ray diffraction and Raman scattering measurements in this material. On increasing ... More
Generic dynamical features of quenched interacting quantum systems: Survival probability, density imbalance and out-of-time-ordered correlatorApr 20 2017Feb 27 2018We study numerically and analytically the quench dynamics of isolated many-body quantum systems. Using full random matrices from the Gaussian orthogonal ensemble, we obtain analytical expressions for the evolution of the survival probability, density ... More
Entanglement detection in coupled particle plasmonsFeb 28 2014When in close contact, plasmonic resonances interact and become strongly correlated. In this work we develop a quantum mechanical model, using the language of continuous variables and quantum information, for an array of coupled particle plasmons. This ... More
Stellar populations of galaxies in the ALHAMBRA survey up to $z \sim 1$. II. Stellar populations of quiescent galaxies within the stellar mass- and the $UVJ$ colour-colour diagramsNov 28 2017We aim at discerning the distribution of stellar population parameters (extinction, age, metallicity, and sSFR) of quiescent galaxies within the rest-frame stellar mass- and $UVJ$ colour-colour diagrams up to $z\sim1$ and down to $I=23$ AB, as well as ... More
The impact from survey depth and resolution on the morphological classification of galaxiesJul 21 2015We consistently analyse for the first time the impact of survey depth and spatial resolution on the most used morphological parameters for classifying galaxies through non-parametric methods: Abraham and Conselice-Bershady concentration indices, Gini, ... More
The ALHAMBRA survey: 2-D analysis of the stellar populations in massive early-type galaxies at z < 0.3Jul 25 2017We present a technique that permits the analysis of stellar population gradients in a relatively low cost way compared to IFU surveys analyzing a vastly larger samples as well as out to larger radii. We developed a technique to analyze unresolved stellar ... More
The ALHAMBRA survey: Accurate merger fractions by PDF analysis of photometric close pairsSep 03 2014Our goal is to develop and test a novel methodology to compute accurate close pair fractions with photometric redshifts. We improve the current methodologies to estimate the merger fraction f_m from photometric redshifts by (i) using the full probability ... More
Stellar populations of galaxies in the ALHAMBRA survey up to $z \sim 1$. I. MUFFIT: A Multi-Filter Fitting code for stellar population diagnosticsMay 28 2015We present MUFFIT, a new generic code optimized to retrieve the main stellar population parameters of galaxies in photometric multi-filter surveys, and we check its reliability and feasibility with real galaxy data from the ALHAMBRA survey. Making use ... More
Theory for polariton-assisted remote energy transferNov 30 2017Jan 01 2018Strong-coupling between light and matter produces hybridized states (polaritons) whose delocalization and electromagnetic character allow for novel modifications in spectroscopy and chemical reactivity of molecular systems. Recent experiments have demonstrated ... More
Characterizing Corson and Valdivia compact spacesJul 01 2016We give a new characterization of Valdivia compact spaces: A compact space is Valdivia if and only if it has a dense commutatively monotonically retractable subspace. This result solves Problem 5.12 from \cite{sal-rey}. Besides, we introduce the notion ... More
Continuity properties of sequentially asymptotically center-complete spacesMar 18 2014We obtain formulae to calculate the asymptotic center and radius of bounded sequences in ${\cal C}_0(L)$ spaces. We also study the existence of continuous selectors for the asymptotic center map in general Banach spaces. In Hilbert spaces, even a H\"older-type ... More
$σ$-Ideals and outer measures on the real lineAug 12 2016A {\it weak selection} on $\mathbb{R}$ is a function $f: [\mathbb{R}]^2 \to \mathbb{R}$ such that $f(\{x,y\}) \in \{x,y\}$ for each $\{x,y\} \in [\mathbb{R}]^2$. In this article, we continue with the study (which was initiated in \cite{ag}) of the outer ... More
Bubble-like structures generated by activation of internal shape modes in two-dimensional sine-Gordon line solitonsMay 17 2016Sep 01 2016Nonlinear waves that collide with localized defects exhibit complex behavior. Apart from reflection, transmission, and annihilation of an incident wave, a local inhomogeneity can activate internal modes of solitons, producing many impressive phenomena. ... More
Gaussian process classification using posterior linearisationSep 13 2018This paper proposes a new algorithm for Gaussian process classification based on posterior linearisation (PL). In PL, a Gaussian approximation to the posterior density is obtained iteratively using the best possible linearisation of the conditional mean ... More
Damped Posterior Linearization FilterApr 04 2017Feb 16 2018The iterated posterior linearization filter (IPLF) is an algorithm for Bayesian state estimation that performs the measurement update using iterative statistical regression. The main result behind IPLF is that the posterior approximation is more accurate ... More
On the number of L-shapes in embedding dimension fourMay 06 2015\textit{Minimum distance diagrams}, also known as \textit{\textsf{L}--shapes}, have been used to study some properties related to \textit{weighted Cayley digraphs} of \textit{degree} two and \textit{embedding dimension three numerical semigroups}. In ... More
Quantum Effects in the Nonlinear Response of Graphene PlasmonsApr 11 2017The ability of graphene to support long-lived, electrically tunable plasmons that interact strongly with light, combined with its highly nonlinear optical response, has generated great expectations for application of the atomically-thin material to nanophotonic ... More
Molecular Sensing with Tunable Graphene PlasmonsMay 05 2018We study the potential of graphene plasmons for spectrometer-free sensing based on surface-enhanced infrared absorption and Raman scattering. The large electrical tunability of these excitations enables an accurate identification of infrared molecular ... More
Plasmon generation through electron tunneling in twisted double-layer graphene and metal-insulator-graphene systemsDec 25 2018Feb 26 2019The generation of highly-confined plasmons through far-field optical illumination appears to be impractical for technological applications due to their large energy-momentum mismatch with external light. Electrical generation of plasmons offers a possible ... More
Characterization of the material response in the granular ratchetingMay 20 2005The existence of a very special ratcheting regime has recently been reported in a granular packing subjected to cyclic loading \cite{alonso04}. In this state, the system accumulates a small permanent deformation after each cycle. After a short transient ... More
Aspects of reduction and transformation of Lagrangian systems with symmetryFeb 06 2014This paper contains results on geometric Routh reduction and it is a continuation of a previous paper where a new class of transformations is introduced between Lagrangian systems obtained after Routh reduction. In general, these reduced Lagrangian systems ... More
Nonlinear atom-plasmon interactions enabled by nanostructured grapheneMar 26 2019Electrically tunable graphene plasmons are anticipated to enable strong light-matter interactions with resonant quantum emitters. However, plasmon resonances in graphene are typically limited to infrared frequencies, below those of optical excitations ... More
Circular Dichroism in Rotating ParticlesApr 01 2019Light interaction with rotating nanostructures gives rise to phenemona as varied as optical torques and quantum friction. Here we reveal that circular dichroism of rotating optically-isotropic particles has an unexpectedly strong dependence on their internal ... More
Fisher-Shannon product and quantum revivals in wavepacket dynamicsSep 19 2014We show the usefulness of the Fisher-Shannon information product in the study of the sequence of collapses and revivals that take place along the time evolution of quantum wavepackets. This fact is illustrated in two models, the quantum bouncer and a ... More
Gaussian process classification using posterior linearisationSep 13 2018Apr 02 2019This paper proposes a new algorithm for Gaussian process classification based on posterior linearisation (PL). In PL, a Gaussian approximation to the posterior density is obtained iteratively using the best possible linearisation of the conditional mean ... More
An Implementation of the Poisson Multi-Bernoulli Mixture Trajectory Filter via Dual DecompositionNov 29 2018This paper proposes an efficient implementation of the Poisson multi-Bernoulli mixture (PMBM) trajectory filter. The proposed implementation performs track-oriented N-scan pruning to limit complexity, and uses dual decomposition to solve the involved ... More
Performance Evaluation of Random Set Based Pedestrian Tracking AlgorithmsOct 25 2012The paper evaluates the error performance of three random finite set based multi-object trackers in the context of pedestrian video tracking. The evaluation is carried out using a publicly available video dataset of 4500 frames (town centre street) for ... More
Multiple target tracking based on sets of trajectoriesMay 26 2016Feb 11 2019We propose a solution of the multiple target tracking (MTT) problem based on sets of trajectories and the random finite set framework. A full Bayesian approach to MTT should characterise the distribution of the trajectories given the measurements, as ... More
Signatures of Vibrational Strong Coupling in Raman ScatteringNov 06 2015In this Letter we analyze theoretically how the emergence of collective strong coupling between vibrational excitations and confined cavity modes affects Raman scattering processes. This work is motivated by recent experiments [Shalabney et al., Angew. ... More