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Copper sulfide nanosheets with shape-tunable plasmonic properties in the NIRDec 14 20182D copper sulfide nanocrystals are promising building blocks for plasmonic materials in the near-infrared (NIR) spectral region. We demonstrate precise shape and size control (hexagonal/triangle) of colloidal plasmonic copper sulfide (covellite) nano-prisms ... More
Colloidal Lead Iodide NanoringsDec 14 2018Colloidal chemistry of nanomaterials experienced a tremendous development in the last decades. In the course of the journey 0D nanoparticles, 1D nanowires, and 2D nanosheets have been synthesized. They have in common to possess a simple topology. We present ... More
In-plane anisotropic faceting of ultralarge and thin single-crystalline colloidal SnS nanosheetsMar 14 2019The colloidal synthesis of large thin two-dimensional (2D) nanosheets is fascinating but challenging, since the growth along the lateral and vertical dimensions need to be controlled independently. In-plane anisotropy in 2D nanosheets is attracting more ... More
Halogens in the synthesis of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystalsApr 09 2018In this review, we highlight the role of halogenated compounds in the colloidal synthesis of nanostructured semiconductors. Halogen-containing metallic salts used as precursors and halogenated hydrocarbons used as ligands allow stabilizing different shapes ... More
On rotating solitons in general relativityDec 15 2005We review a number of results recently obtained in the area of constructing rotating solitons in a four dimensional asymptotically flat spacetime. Various models are examined, special attention being paid to the monopole-antimonopole and gauged skyrmion ... More
Gravity-induced instability of an electron on the D-3-braneJun 08 2015We study the effect of gravity on stability of an electron living on the 3-brane. Our recently proposed fermion self-energy model is augmented by the energy of self-gravitating electron. This energy is evaluated using the gravitational field of a spherical ... More
Energy quantization for matter orbiting black hole and Hawking radiationAug 31 2012The energy of a test particle orbiting a Schwarzschild black hole is quantized owing to the quantization of the angular momentum. For smallest stable circular orbit, the excitation energy is found to resemble closely the expression for the temperature ... More
Flux quantization for a vortex in two-gap superconductorApr 27 2006Contrary to recent theoretical prediction, we show that the magnetic flux of a vortex in SU(2) model of two-gap superconductor is quantized in units of 2\pi/g, not 4 \pi/g. For the U(1) version of this model, the flux is quantized in units of 2 \pi\alpha/g ... More
Moufang symmetry V. Triple closureFeb 27 2008Feb 28 2008Triple closure of the infinitesimal translations of an analytic Moufang loop is inquired. This property is equivalent to reductivity and relates Mal'tsev algebras to the Lie triple systems.
Moufang symmetry X. Generalized Lie and Maurer-Cartan equations of continuous Moufang transformationsMar 06 2008The differential equations for a continuous birepresentation of a local analytic Moufang loop are established. The commutation relations for the infinitesimal operators of the representation are found. These commutation relations can be seen as a (minimal) ... More
Moufang symmetry XII. Reductivity and hidden associativity of infinitesimal Moufang transformationsFeb 26 2008Feb 27 2008It is shown how integrability of the generalized Lie equations of continous Moufang transformatiosn is related to the reductivity conditions and Sagle-Yamaguti identity.
Bernoulli free-boundary problems in strip-like domains and a property of permanent waves in water of finite depthAug 31 2007We study weak solutions for a class of free boundary problems which includes as a special case the classical problem of traveling waves on water of finite depth. We show that such problems are equivalent to problems in fixed domains and study the regularity ... More
Stability of an electron embedded in Higgs condensateJan 29 2015We study stability of an electron distributed on the surface of a spherical cavity in Higgs condensate. The surface tension of the cavity prevents the electron from flying apart due to Coulomb repulsion. A similar model was introduced by Dirac in 1962, ... More
Invitation to operadic dynamicsOct 23 2006Mar 04 2007Based on the Gerstenhaber Theory, clarification is made of how operadic dynamics may be introduced. Operadic observables satisfy the Gerstenhaber algebra identities and their time evolution is governed by operadic evolution equation. The notion of an ... More
On the Measurement Problem and the EPR ParadoxApr 26 2016Oct 26 2016Polarized photons are in the measured state prior to a measurement. This information comes into existence only after the measurement was performed. As a consequence, photons in singlet state do not exhibit action at a distance. After detecting particle ... More
A note on Schwarzschild black hole thermodynamics in a magnetic universeNov 11 2002We prove that the thermodynamic properties of a Schwarzschild black hole are unaffected by an external magnetic field passing through it. Apart from the background substraction prescription, this result is obtained also by using a counterterm method.
Operadic deformations as a tool for cogravityFeb 03 2002Feb 07 2002The deformation equation and its integrability condition (Bianchi identity) of a non-(co)associative deformation in operad algebra are found. Based on physical analogies, cogravity equations are proposed.
The Opium for the Poor Is Opium. Medicare Providers in States with Low Income Prescribe High Levels of OpiatesJul 18 2016Aug 26 2016The majority of Medicare opioid prescriptions originate with family practice and internal medicine providers. I show that the average number of Medicare opium prescriptions by these providers vary strongly by state and that 54% of the variance is accounted ... More
Preliminary Evidence -- Diagnosed Alzheimer's Disease But Not MCI Affects Working Memory Capacity - 0.7 of 2.7 Memory Slots is LostMar 24 2016Recently it was shown explicitly that free recall consists of two stages: the first few recalls empty working memory (narrowly defined) and a second stage, a reactivation stage, concludes the recall (Tarnow, 2015). It was also shown that the serial position ... More
Direct Evidence Delay with A Task Decreases Working Memory Content in Free RecallApr 07 2016Recently it was shown that free recall consists of two stages: the first few recalls empty the working memory and a second stage concludes the recall (Tarnow, 2015; for a review of the theoretical prediction see Murdock, 1974). It is commonly believed ... More
Large individual differences in free recallApr 04 2016Using single factor ANOVA I show that there are large individual differences in free recall ({\eta} ranges from 0.09-0.26) including the total recall, the balance between recency and primacy, and the initial recall (subsequent recalls show smaller individual ... More
Conditional Response Probabilities Confirm Two Stages of Free Recall, Working Memory Very Localized, Second Stage Delocalized, Both with Strong Tendencies to Forward Subsequent RecallsApr 04 2016Recently it was shown that free recall consists of two stages: the first few recalls empty working memory and a second stage concludes the recall (Tarnow, 2015; for a review of the theoretical prediction see Murdock, 1974). Here I investigate conditional ... More
Contiguity is limited in free recallApr 04 2016Does the "law of contiguity" apply to free recall? I find that conditional response probabilities, often used as evidence for contiguity in free recall, have been displayed insufficiently, limiting the distance from the last item recalled, and only averaged ... More
Gravitational field of twisted Baby Skyrmion strings and loopsJan 28 2010We consider the gravitational field of infinite straight and stationary twisted Baby Skyrmion cosmic string. Using the approximate solution of Einstein equations, it is shown that the internal phase rotation (twist) along the string axis is responsible ... More
Local stability analysis of differential equations with state-dependent delayFeb 10 2015In the present article, we discuss some aspects of the local stability analysis for a class of abstract functional differential equations. This is done under smoothness assumptions which are often satisfied in the presence of a state-dependent delay. ... More
On the existence of extreme waves and the Stokes conjecture with vorticityJul 15 2007Mar 31 2008This is a study of singular solutions of the problem of traveling gravity water waves on flows with vorticity. We show that, for a certain class of vorticity functions, a sequence of regular waves converges to an extreme wave with stagnation points at ... More
New ways to synthesize lead sulfide nanosheets - substituted alkanes direct the growth of 2D nanostructuresJul 29 2016Two-dimensional colloidal nanosheets represent very attractive optoelectronic materials. They combine good lateral conductivity with solution-processability and geometry-tunable electronic properties. In case of PbS nanosheets, so far the synthesis was ... More
VII$^{\hbar}_a$, III$_{a=1}^{\hbar}$, VI$_{a\neq1}^{\hbar}$Jan 27 2009Apr 06 2014Operadic Lax representations for the harmonic oscillator are used to construct the quantum counterparts of some 3d real Lie algebras in Bianchi classification. The Jacobians of these quantum algebras are studied. It is conjectured that the tangent algebras ... More
Geodesic multiplication as a tool for classical and quantum gravityMar 08 2008Algebraic systems called the local geodesic loops and their tangent Akivis algebras are considered. Their possible role in theory of gravity is considered. Quantum conditions for the infinitesimal quantum events are proposed.
Streaming Multimedia Information Using the Features of the DVB-S CardMay 04 2011This paper presents a study of audio-video streaming using the additional possibilities of a DVB-S card. The board used for experiments (Technisat SkyStar 2) is one of the most frequently used cards for this purpose. Using the main blocks of the board's ... More
Twin problems from the Monthly and the Stolz-Cesaro LemmaJan 17 2011In this note we present solutions to two problems which appeared in the American Mathematical Monthly. Although the problems seem to be of different nature when it comes to the hypothesis we show that they can be proved using essentially the same technique. ... More
Density of potentially crystalline representations of fixed weightNov 13 2013Mar 03 2014Let K be a finite extension of Qp. We fix a continuous absolutely irreducible representation of the absolute Galois group of K over a finite dimensional vector space with coefficient in a finite field of characteristic p and consider its universal deformation ... More
New Chern-Simons densities in both odd and even dimensionsJan 26 2011After reviewing briefly the dimensional reduction of Chern--Pontryagin densities, we define new Chern--Simons densities expressed in terms of Yang-Mills and Higgs fields. These are defined in all dimensions, including in even dimensional spacetimes. They ... More
Conformally coupled scalar solitons and black holes with negative cosmological constantMar 22 2005Jul 20 2005We present arguments for the existence of both globally regular and black hole solutions of the Einstein equations with a conformally coupled scalar field, in the presence of a negative cosmological constant, for space-time dimensions greater than or ... More
Equivalence of weak formulations of the steady water waves equationsMay 09 2011We prove the equivalence of three weak formulations of the steady water waves equations, namely the velocity formulation, the stream function formulation, and the Dubreil-Jacotin formulation, under weak Holder regularity assumptions on their solutions. ... More
Small-angle scattering from fat fractalsJul 07 2014A number of experimental small-angle scattering (SAS) data are characterized by a succession of power-law decays with arbitrarily decreasing values of scattering exponents. To describe such data, here we develop a new theoretical model based on 3D fat ... More
Note on operadic harmonic oscillatorJun 05 2007Jan 24 2008It is explained how the time evolution of the operadic variables may be introduced. As an example, an operadic Lax representation of the harmonic oscillator is considered.
2D binary operadic Lax representation for harmonic oscillatorMar 05 2008May 10 2008It is explained how the time evolution of operadic variables may be introduced by using the operadic Lax equation. As an example, a 2-dimensional binary operadic Lax representation for the harmonic oscillator is constructed.
A Geometric Consideration of the Erdős-Straus ConjectureNov 13 2014Dec 08 2014In this paper we will explore the solutions to the diophantine equation in the Erd\H{o}s-Straus conjecture. For a prime $p$ we are discussing the relationship between the values $x,y,z \in \mathbb{N}$ so that $$ \frac{4}{p} = \frac{1}{x} + \frac{1}{y} ... More
Random countable iterated function systems with overlaps and applicationsMay 12 2014Mar 23 2015We study invariant measures for random countable (finite or infinite) conformal iterated function systems (IFS) with arbitrary overlaps. We do not assume any type of separation condition. We prove, under a mild assumption of finite entropy, the dimensional ... More
New hairy black hole solutions with a dilaton potentialOct 13 2004Jan 19 2005We consider black hole solutions with a dilaton field possessing a nontrivial potential approaching a constant negative value at infinity. The asymptotic behaviour of the dilaton field is assumed to be slower than that of a localized distribution of matter. ... More
Static BPS 'monopoles' in all even spacetime dimensionsFeb 02 2005Two families of SO(2n) Higgs models in $2n$ dimensional spacetime are presented. One family arises from the {\it dimensional reduction} of higher dimensional Yang-Mills systems while the construction of the other one is {\it ad hoc}, the $n=2$ member ... More
Unit Fractions in Norm-Euclidean Rings of IntegersMay 15 2014May 25 2014In this paper we make a Gaussian integer version of the Erd\H{o}s-Straus conjecture and we solve the Erd\H{o}s-Straus diophantine equation over the rings of integers of norm-Euclidean quadratic fields.
On Symmetry of Independence PolynomialsMay 11 2011An independent set in a graph is a set of pairwise non-adjacent vertices, and alpha(G) is the size of a maximum independent set in the graph G. A matching is a set of non-incident edges, while mu(G) is the cardinality of a maximum matching. If s_{k} is ... More
On the Erdos-Straus conjectureJan 07 2010Paul Erdos conjectured that for every n in N, n>1, there exist a, b, c natural numbers, not necessarily distinct, so that 4/n=1/a+1/b+1/c (see \cite{rg}). In this paper we prove an extension of Mordell's theorem and formulate a conjecture which is stronger ... More
On the Core of a Unicyclic GraphFeb 23 2011A set S is independent in a graph G if no two vertices from S are adjacent. By core(G) we mean the intersection of all maximum independent sets. The independence number alpha(G) is the cardinality of a maximum independent set, while mu(G) is the size ... More
Melvin solution with a dilaton potentialNov 21 2003Mar 28 2004We find new Melvin-like solutions in Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton gravity with a Liouville-type dilaton potential. The properties of the corresponding solution in Freedman-Schwarz gauged supergravity model are extensively studied. We show that this configuration ... More
Things to do with a broken stickSep 05 2010Apr 21 2013We use the idea of the broken stick problem (which goes back to Poincare) and calculate the corresponding probabilities for the cases in which the three broken part are: the medians in a triangle, the altitudes, radii of excircles, angle bisectors, distances ... More
A characterization of all equilateral triangles in \Bbb Z^3Oct 03 2007This paper is a continuation of previous work of the authors. We extend one of the theorems that gave a way to construct equilateral triangles whose vertices have integer coordinates to the general situation. An approximate extrapolation formula for the ... More
Simultaneous Translational and Multiplicative Tiling and Wavelet Sets in R^2Aug 08 2006Simultaneous tiling for several different translational sets has been studied rather extensively, particularly in connection with the Steinhaus problem. The study of orthonormal wavelets in recent years, particularly for arbitrary dilation matrices, has ... More
Critical Independent Sets of a GraphJul 28 2014Let $G$ be a simple graph with vertex set $V\left( G\right) $. A set $S\subseteq V\left( G\right) $ is independent if no two vertices from $S$ are adjacent, and by $\mathrm{Ind}(G)$ we mean the family of all independent sets of $G$. The number $d\left( ... More
On the Intersection of All Critical Sets of a Unicyclic GraphAug 18 2011A set S is independent in a graph G if no two vertices from S are adjacent. The independence number alpha(G) is the cardinality of a maximum independent set, while mu(G) is the size of a maximum matching in G. If alpha(G)+mu(G)=|V|, then G=(V,E) is called ... More
The Intersection of All Maximum Stable Sets of a Tree and its Pendant VerticesDec 06 1999Nov 16 2004One theorem of Nemhauser and Trotter ensures that, under certain conditions, a stable set of a graph G can be enlarged to a maximum stable set of this graph. For example, any stable set consisting of only simplicial vertices is contained in a maximum ... More
An Algorithm Computing the Core of a Konig-Egervary GraphFeb 06 2011A set S of vertices is independent in a graph G if no two vertices from S are adjacent, and alpha(G) is the cardinality of a maximum independent set of G. G is called a Konig-Egervary graph if its order equals alpha(G)+mu(G), where mu(G) denotes the size ... More
Very Well-Covered Graphs of Girth at least Four and Local Maximum Stable Set GreedoidsAug 17 2010A \textit{maximum stable set} in a graph $G$ is a stable set of maximum cardinality. $S$ is a \textit{local maximum stable set} of $G$, and we write $S\in\Psi(G)$, if $S$ is a maximum stable set of the subgraph induced by $S\cup N(S)$, where $N(S)$ is ... More
1-well-covered graphs revisitedOct 13 2016A graph is well-covered if all its maximal independent sets are of the same size (M. D. Plummer, 1970). A well-covered graph (with at least two vertices) is 1-well-covered if the deletion of every vertex leaves a graph which is well-covered as well (J. ... More
Singularities of axisymmetric free surface flows with gravityOct 13 2012We consider a steady axisymmetric solution of the Euler equations for a fluid (incompressible and with zero vorticity) with a free surface, acted on only by gravity. We analyze stagnation points as well as points on the axis of symmetry. At points on ... More
A characterization of Konig-Egervary graphs using a common property of all maximum matchingsNov 24 2009The independence number of a graph G, denoted by alpha(G), is the cardinality of an independent set of maximum size in G, while mu(G) is the size of a maximum matching in G, i.e., its matching number. G is a Konig-Egervary graph if its order equals alpha(G)+mu(G). ... More
Colloidal Tin Sulfide Nanosheets: Formation Mechanism, Ligand-mediated Shape Tuning and Photo-detectionAug 13 2018Colloidal materials of tin(II) sulfide (SnS), as a layered semiconductor with a narrow band gap, are emerging as a potential alternative to the more toxic metal chalcogenides (PbS, PbSe, CdS, CdSe) for various applications such as electronic and optoelectronic ... More
Symplectic monodromy, quasi-homogeneous polynomials and spectral flowApr 12 2011Dec 19 2014We encode the variation structure of a quasihomogeneous polynomial with an isolated singularity as introduced by Nemethi in a set of spectral flows of the signature operator on the Milnor bundle by varying global elliptic boundary conditions in a specific ... More
Searches for Gauge Mediated SUSY Breaking at LEPMay 29 2002Searches for neutralinos and sleptons with arbitrary lifetimes, as predicted in the framework of the Gauge Mediated Supersymmetry Breaking (GMSB) model, have been performed by the four LEP collaborations. No evidence for these particles has been found ... More
A statistical derivation of non-relativistic quantum theorySep 28 2011Dec 22 2014A previous derivation of the single-particle Schr\"odinger equation from statistical assumptions is generalized to an arbitrary number $N$ of particles moving in three-dimensional space. Spin and gauge fields are also taken into account. It is found that ... More
Mathematical Problems in Synthetic Aperture RadarOct 23 2010This thesis is concerned with problems related to Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). The thesis is structured as follows: The first chapter explains what SAR is, and the physical and mathematical background is illuminated. The following chapter points out ... More
Harrison transformation of hyperelliptic solutions and charged dust disksDec 22 2005We use a Harrison transformation on solutions to the stationary axisymmetric Einstein equations to generate solutions of the Einstein-Maxwell equations. The case of hyperelliptic solutions to the Ernst equation is studied in detail. Analytic expressions ... More
Exact relativistic treatment of stationary counter-rotating dust disks II: Axis, Disk and Limiting CasesFeb 19 2001This is the second in a series of papers on the construction of explicit solutions to the stationary axisymmetric Einstein equations which can be interpreted as counter-rotating disks of dust. We discuss the class of solutions to the Einstein equations ... More
Observation of $Au + Au \to Au + Au + ρ^0$ and $Au + Au \to Au^* + Au^* + ρ^0$ with STARApr 20 2001We report the first observation of the reactions $Au + Au \to Au + Au + \rho^0$ and $Au + Au \to Au^* + Au^* + \rho^0$ with the STAR detector. The $\rho$ are produced at small perpendicular momentum, as expected if they couple coherently to both nuclei. ... More
First Measurements of FL at Low Bjorken xOct 21 2008The first measurements of the longitudinal proton structure function FL in deep inelastic positron-proton scattering at low Bjorken x are described. Theoretical predictions in higher order QCD and using dipol model calculations are consistent with the ... More
Loop-Effects in Pseudo-SupersymmetrySep 25 2002Nov 26 2002We analyze the transmission of supersymmetry breaking in brane-world models of pseudo-supersymmetry. In these models two branes preserve different halves of the bulk supersymmetry. Thus supersymmetry is broken although each sector of the model is supersymmetric ... More
Complementary Lipschitz continuity results for the distribution of intersections or unions of independent random sets in finite spacesOct 24 2018We prove that intersections and unions of independent random sets in finite spaces achieve a form of Lipschitz continuity. More precisely, given the distribution of a random set $\Xi$, the function mapping any random set distribution to the distribution ... More
Totally geodesic submanifolds in Riemannian symmetric spacesOct 24 2008In the first part of this expository article, the most important constructions and classification results concerning totally geodesic submanifolds in Riemannian symmetric spaces are summarized. In the second part, I describe the results of my classification ... More
The Eta invariant on the Milnor fibration of a quasihomogeneous polynomialJan 07 2011Aug 15 2012We calculate the eta-invariant for the odd signature operator relative to a specific submersion metric on the Milnor fibration of a quasihomogeneous hypersurface singularity using certain global boundary conditions in terms of the data of its fibre intersection ... More
Spectral data for simply-periodic solutions of the sinh-Gordon equationJan 11 2017This note summarizes results that were obtained by the author in his habilitation thesis (arXiv:1607.08792) concerning the development of a spectral theory for simply periodic, 2-dimensional, complex-valued solutions of the sinh-Gordon equation. Spectral ... More
Symplectic monodromy, Leray residues and quasi-homogeneous polynomialsJan 18 2011Apr 27 2014We formulate certain sufficient conditions for the symplectic monodromy of an isolated quasihomogeneous singularity to be of infinite order in the relative symplectic mapping class group of the Milnor fibre and give a proof using Maslov classes, stability ... More
Foundations of self-consistent particle-rotor models and of self-consistent cranking modelsApr 23 2000The Kerman-Klein formulation of the equations of motion for a nuclear shell model and its associated variational principle are reviewed briefly. It is then applied to the derivation of the self-consistent particle-rotor model and of the self-consistent ... More
What is the limit $\hbar \to 0$ of quantum theory ?Dec 30 2011Oct 21 2012An analysis is made of the relation between quantum theory and classical mechanics, in the context of the limit $\hbar \to 0$. Several ways in which this limit may be performed are considered. It is shown that Schr\"odinger's equation for a single particle ... More
A Two-dimensional Superconductor in a Tilted Magnetic Field - new states with finite Cooper-pair momentumDec 03 2003Varying the angle Theta between applied field and the conducting planes of a layered superconductor in a small interval close to the plane-parallel field direction, a large number of superconducting states with unusual properties may be produced. For ... More
The statistical origins of quantum mechanicsOct 14 2008Mar 08 2011It is shown that Schroedinger's equation may be derived from three postulates. The first is a kind of statistical metamorphosis of classical mechanics, a set of two relations which are obtained from the canonical equations of particle mechanics by replacing ... More
Comment on "Exchange bias-like phenomenon in SrRuO3" by Pi et al (Appl. Phys. Lett. 88, 102502 (2006)Jul 19 2006Pi et al report in their letter [1] that SrRuO3 exhibits "exchange bias-like phenomenon". In our comment we would like to point out that the data presented in the letter is qualitatively different from what is known as exchange-bias behavior; furthermore, ... More
Evidence for Modified Newtonian Dynamics from Cavendish-type gravitational constant experimentsJan 09 2019Jan 24 2019Recent experimental results for the gravitational constant G from Cavendish-type experiments were analysed in the framework of MOND (Modified Newtonian Dynamics). The basic assumption for the analysis is that MOND corrections apply only to the component ... More
Hamiltonian spectral invariants, symplectic spinors and Frobenius structures IIJan 17 2019Feb 02 2019In this article, we continue our study of 'Frobenius structures' and symplectic spectral invariants in the context of symplectic spinors. By studying the case of $C^1$-small Hamiltonian mappings on symplectic manifolds $M$ admitting a metaplectic structure ... More
Unique continuation principle for spectral projections of Schr\" odinger operators and optimal Wegner estimates for non-ergodic random Schr\" odinger operatorsSep 21 2012Jan 09 2013We prove a unique continuation principle for spectral projections of Schr\" odinger operators. We consider a Schr\" odinger operator $H= -\Delta + V$ on $\mathrm{L}^2(\mathbb{R}^d)$, and let $H_{\Lambda}$ denote its restriction to a finite box $\Lambda$ ... More
Relative tensor triangular Chow groups, singular varieties and localizationOct 01 2015We extend the scope of Balmer's tensor triangular Chow groups to compactly generated triangulated categories $\mathcal{K}$ that only admit an action by a compactly-rigidly generated tensor triangulated category $\mathcal{T}$ as opposed to having a compatible ... More
Intersection products for tensor triangular Chow groupsMay 28 2015We show that under favorable circumstances, one can construct an intersection product on the Chow groups of a tensor triangulated category $\mathcal{T}$ (as defined by Balmer) which generalizes the usual intersection product on a non-singular algebraic ... More
Anderson localization for one-frequency quasi-periodic block Jacobi operatorsSep 09 2016We consider a one-frequency, quasi-periodic, block Jacobi operator, whose blocks are generic matrix-valued analytic functions. We establish Anderson localization for this type of operator under the assumption that the coupling constant is large enough ... More
Future Low x Physics and FacilitiesDec 27 2001Jan 05 2002A brief overview is given on the physics and future lepton-nucleon collider facilities to explore the domain of high parton densities at low Bjorken $x$, with HERA, the electron-ion collider (EIC) and with THERA - in $ep$, polarised $\overrightarrow{e} ... More
Structure Functions in Deep Inelastic Lepton-Nucleon ScatteringJan 27 2000Latest results on structure functions, as available at the Lepton-Photon Symposium 1999, are presented. This report focusses on three experimental areas: new structure function measurements, in particular from HERA at low x and high Q2; results on light ... More
Totally geodesic submanifolds of the exceptional Riemannian symmetric spaces of rank 2Sep 08 2008The present article is the final part of a series on the classification of the totally geodesic submanifolds of the irreducible Riemannian symmetric spaces of rank 2. After this problem has been solved for the 2-Grassmannians in my previous papers cited ... More
Localization for quasiperiodic Schrodinger operators with multivariable Gevrey potential functionsApr 13 2012May 29 2013We consider an integer lattice quasiperiodic Schrodinger operator. The underlying dynamics is either the skew-shift or the multi-frequency shift by a Diophantine frequency. We assume that the potential function belongs to a Gevrey class on the multi-dimensional ... More
A spectral theory for simply periodic solutions of the sinh-Gordon equationJul 29 2016In this work a spectral theory for 2-dimensional, simply periodic, complex-valued solutions u of the sinh-Gordon equation is developed. Spectral data for such solutions are defined (following Hitchin and Bobenko) and the space of spectral data is described ... More
Characterizing finite length local cohomology in terms of bounds on Koszul cohomologyOct 02 2018Oct 17 2018Let $(R,m, \kappa)$ be a local ring. We give a characterization of $R$-modules $M$ whose local cohomology is finite length up to some index in terms of asymptotic vanishing of Koszul cohomology on parameter ideals up to the same index. In particular, ... More
Solitons and soliton-antisoliton pairs of a Goldstone model in 3+1 dimensionsSep 08 2005Feb 08 2006We study finite energy static solutions to a global symmetry breaking model in 3+1 dimensions described by an isovector scalar field. The basic features of two different types of configurations are discussed, one of them corresponding to axially symmetric ... More
Charged, rotating black objects in Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton theory in $D\ge 5$May 18 2016We show that the general framework proposed in arXiv:1410.0581 for the study of asymptotically flat vacuum black objects with $k+1$ equal magnitude angular momenta in $D\geq 5$ spacetime dimensions (with $0\leq k\leq \big[\frac{D-5}{2} \big]$) can be ... More
The Gregory-Laflamme instability and non-uniform generalizations of NUT stringsOct 31 2013We explore via linearized perturbation theory the Gregory-Laflamme instability of the NUT string (i.e the D=4 Lorentzian NUT solution uplifted to five dimensions). Our results indicate that the Gregory-Laflamme instability persists in the presence of ... More
Rotating Black Holes in Dilatonic Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet TheoryJan 14 2011We construct generalizations of the Kerr black holes by including higher curvature corrections in the form of the Gauss-Bonnet density coupled to the dilaton. We show that the domain of existence of these Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet-dilaton (EBGd) black holes ... More
New AdS solitons and brane worlds with compact extra-dimensionsJun 16 2010We construct new static, asymptotically AdS solutions where the conformal infinity is the product of Minkowski spacetime $M_n$ and a sphere $S^m$. Both globally regular, soliton-type solutions and black hole solutions are considered. The black holes can ... More
Deciding security properties for cryptographic protocols. Application to key cyclesAug 27 2007Mar 20 2009There is a large amount of work dedicated to the formal verification of security protocols. In this paper, we revisit and extend the NP-complete decision procedure for a bounded number of sessions. We use a, now standard, deducibility constraints formalism ... More
Relating two standard notions of secrecyJun 04 2007Jul 06 2007Two styles of definitions are usually considered to express that a security protocol preserves the confidentiality of a data s. Reachability-based secrecy means that s should never be disclosed while equivalence-based secrecy states that two executions ... More
Coalgebras, Cocompositions and CohomologyDec 03 1993The (co)homology theory of n-ary (co)compositions is a functor associating to $n$-ary (co)composition a complex. We present unified approach to the cohomology theory of coassociative and Lie coalgebras and for $2n$-ary cocompositions. This approach points ... More
Stable Cosmic VortonsMar 05 2013Oct 28 2013We present for the first time solutions in the gauged $U(1)\times U(1)$ model of Witten describing vortons -- spinning flux loops stabilized against contraction by the centrifugal force. Vortons were heuristically described many years ago, however, the ... More
Linear dielectric response of clustered living cellsFeb 03 2010The dielectric behavior of a linear cluster of two or more living cells connected by tight junctions is analyzed using a spectral method. The polarizability of this system is obtained as an expansion over the eigenmodes of the linear response operator, ... More