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Multi-layer Depth and Epipolar Feature Transformers for 3D Scene ReconstructionFeb 18 2019We tackle the problem of automatically reconstructing a complete 3D model of a scene from a single RGB image. This challenging task requires inferring the shape of both visible and occluded surfaces. Our approach utilizes viewer-centered, multi-layer ... More
3D Scene Reconstruction with Multi-layer Depth and Epipolar TransformersFeb 18 2019Aug 27 2019We tackle the problem of automatically reconstructing a complete 3D model of a scene from a single RGB image. This challenging task requires inferring the shape of both visible and occluded surfaces. Our approach utilizes viewer-centered, multi-layer ... More
A Fusion Approach for Multi-Frame Optical Flow EstimationOct 23 2018Nov 29 2018To date, top-performing optical flow estimation methods only take pairs of consecutive frames into account. While elegant and appealing, the idea of using more than two frames has not yet produced state-of-the-art results. We present a simple, yet effective ... More
Joint Modeling of Multiple Related Time Series via the Beta ProcessNov 17 2011We propose a Bayesian nonparametric approach to the problem of jointly modeling multiple related time series. Our approach is based on the discovery of a set of latent, shared dynamical behaviors. Using a beta process prior, the size of the set and the ... More
A sticky HDP-HMM with application to speaker diarizationMay 15 2009Aug 16 2011We consider the problem of speaker diarization, the problem of segmenting an audio recording of a meeting into temporal segments corresponding to individual speakers. The problem is rendered particularly difficult by the fact that we are not allowed to ... More
Joint modeling of multiple time series via the beta process with application to motion capture segmentationAug 22 2013Nov 13 2014We propose a Bayesian nonparametric approach to the problem of jointly modeling multiple related time series. Our model discovers a latent set of dynamical behaviors shared among the sequences, and segments each time series into regions defined by a subset ... More
Bayesian Nonparametric Inference of Switching Linear Dynamical SystemsMar 19 2010Many complex dynamical phenomena can be effectively modeled by a system that switches among a set of conditionally linear dynamical modes. We consider two such models: the switching linear dynamical system (SLDS) and the switching vector autoregressive ... More
Gibbs Sampling in Open-Universe Stochastic LanguagesMar 15 2012Languages for open-universe probabilistic models (OUPMs) can represent situations with an unknown number of objects and iden- tity uncertainty. While such cases arise in a wide range of important real-world appli- cations, existing general purpose inference ... More
The Nonparametric Metadata Dependent Relational ModelJun 27 2012We introduce the nonparametric metadata dependent relational (NMDR) model, a Bayesian nonparametric stochastic block model for network data. The NMDR allows the entities associated with each node to have mixed membership in an unbounded collection of ... More
Prediction-Constrained Training for Semi-Supervised Mixture and Topic ModelsJul 23 2017Supervisory signals have the potential to make low-dimensional data representations, like those learned by mixture and topic models, more interpretable and useful. We propose a framework for training latent variable models that explicitly balances two ... More
Clouds of Oriented Gradients for 3D Detection of Objects, Surfaces, and Indoor Scene LayoutsJun 11 2019We develop new representations and algorithms for three-dimensional (3D) object detection and spatial layout prediction in cluttered indoor scenes. We first propose a clouds of oriented gradient (COG) descriptor that links the 2D appearance and 3D pose ... More
Fast Learning of Clusters and Topics via Sparse PosteriorsSep 23 2016Mixture models and topic models generate each observation from a single cluster, but standard variational posteriors for each observation assign positive probability to all possible clusters. This requires dense storage and runtime costs that scale with ... More
Cascaded Scene Flow Prediction using Semantic SegmentationJul 26 2017Oct 05 2017Given two consecutive frames from a pair of stereo cameras, 3D scene flow methods simultaneously estimate the 3D geometry and motion of the observed scene. Many existing approaches use superpixels for regularization, but may predict inconsistent shapes ... More
Bayesian Paragraph VectorsNov 10 2017Dec 07 2017Word2vec (Mikolov et al., 2013) has proven to be successful in natural language processing by capturing the semantic relationships between different words. Built on top of single-word embeddings, paragraph vectors (Le and Mikolov, 2014) find fixed-length ... More
Prediction-Constrained Topic Models for Antidepressant RecommendationDec 01 2017Supervisory signals can help topic models discover low-dimensional data representations that are more interpretable for clinical tasks. We propose a framework for training supervised latent Dirichlet allocation that balances two goals: faithful generative ... More
Simulation of phase transitions in highly asymmetric fluid mixturesAug 10 2006We present a novel method for the accurate numerical determination of the phase behavior of fluid mixtures having large particle size asymmetries. By incorporating the recently developed geometric cluster algorithm within a restricted Gibbs ensemble, ... More
Polarization Drift Channel Model for Coherent Fibre-Optic SystemsJul 03 2015Nov 04 2015A theoretical framework is introduced to model the dynamical changes of the state of polarization during transmission in coherent fibre-optic systems. The model generalizes the one-dimensional phase noise random walk to higher dimensions, accounting for ... More
Anisotropic GaAs island phase grown on flat GaP: spontaneously formed quantum wire arrayOct 09 1997A dense phase of GaAs wires forms in the early stages of strained growth on GaP,assembling from elongated Stranski-Krastanow islands. The electron diffraction during growth is consistent with long, faceted GaAs islands that are anisotropically deformed ... More
Experimental evidence for pressure-induced first order transition in cerium nitride from B1 to B10 structure typeJan 16 2017The crystal structure of CeN was investigated up to pressures of 82 GPa, using diamond anvil cell powder X-ray diffraction in two experiments with He and Si-oil as the pressure transmitting media. In contrast to previous reports, we do not observe the ... More
Benchmarking Multimodal Sentiment AnalysisJul 29 2017We propose a framework for multimodal sentiment analysis and emotion recognition using convolutional neural network-based feature extraction from text and visual modalities. We obtain a performance improvement of 10% over the state of the art by combining ... More
Evaluation of defects in cuprous oxide through exciton luminescence imagingDec 08 2014The various decay mechanisms of excitons in cuprous oxide (Cu2O) are highly sensitive to defects which can relax selection rules. Here we report cryogenic hyperspectral imaging of exciton luminescence from cuprous oxide crystals grown via the floating ... More
Monte Carlo simulation of spin models with long-range interactionsJun 15 1999An efficient Monte Carlo algorithm for the simulation of spin models with long-range interactions is discussed. Its central feature is that the number of operations required to flip a spin is independent of the number of interactions between this spin ... More
Attractors and the Holomorphic AnomalyDec 14 2004Motivated by the recently proposed connection between N=2 BPS black holes and topological strings, I study the attractor equations and their interplay with the holomorphic anomaly equation. The topological string partition function is interpreted as a ... More
Resolving observable features of galaxy cluster merger 'El Gordo' using idealized cluster models in SPH simulationsAug 18 2017Sep 02 2017The merger scenario of two galaxy subclusters to form the massive galaxy cluster 'El Gordo' is investigated using smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) simulations. Idealized cluster models are used to initialize the states of both subclusters prior to ... More
Periodic orbit theory for realistic cluster potentials: The leptodermous expansionMar 25 1998The formation of supershells observed in large metal clusters can be qualitatively understood from a periodic-orbit-expansion for a spherical cavity. To describe the changes in the supershell structure for different materials, one has, however, to go ... More
Yet another category of setoids with equality on objectsApr 21 2013When formalizing mathematics in (generalized predicative) constructive type theories, or more practically in proof assistants such as Coq or Agda, one is often using setoids (types with explicit equivalence relations). In this note we consider two categories ... More
Bond Market Completeness and Attainable Contingent ClaimsFeb 23 2004Mar 03 2005A general class, introduced in [Ekeland et al. 2003], of continuous time bond markets driven by a standard cylindrical Brownian motion $\wienerq{}{}$ in $\ell^{2},$ is considered. We prove that there always exist non-hedgeable random variables in the ... More
Localization and free energy asymptotics in disordered statistical mechanics and random growth modelsJun 18 2019Aug 30 2019This dissertation develops, for several families of statistical mechanical and random growth models, techniques for analyzing infinite-volume asymptotics. In the statistical mechanical setting, we focus on the low-temperature phases of spin glasses and ... More
A resonant chain of four transiting, sub-Neptune planetsDec 21 2016Surveys have revealed many multi-planet systems containing super-Earths and Neptunes in orbits of a few days to a few months. There is debate whether in situ assembly or inward migration is the dominant mechanism of the formation of such planetary systems. ... More
Trigonometry of The Gold-BugMay 31 2012The classic Edgar Allan Poe story The Gold-Bug involves digging for pirate treasure. Locating the digging sites requires some simple trigonometry.
Enhancing Tc in field-doped Fullerenes by applying uniaxial stressDec 18 2001Capitalizing on the two-dimensional nature of superconductivity in field-effect doped C60, we show that it should be possible to increase the transition temperature Tc by applying uniaxial stress perpendicular to the gate electrode. This method not only ... More
Supershells in Metal Clusters: Self-Consistent Calculations and their Semiclassical InterpretationJun 05 1996To understand the electronic shell- and supershell-structure in large metal clusters we have performed self-consistent calculations in the homogeneous, spherical jellium model for a variety of different materials. A scaling analysis of the results reveals ... More
On the 3n+l Quantum Number in the Cluster ProblemJun 08 1996It has recently been suggested that an exactly solvable problem characterized by a new quantum number may underlie the electronic shell structure observed in the mass spectra of medium-sized sodium clusters. We investigate whether the conjectured quantum ... More
Vertex Operators and Moduli Spaces of SheavesJun 09 2009The Nekrasov partition function in supersymmetric quantum gauge theory is mathematically formulated as an equivariant integral over certain moduli spaces of sheaves on a complex surface. In ``Seiberg-Witten Theory and Random Partitions'', Nekrasov and ... More
The dominating colour of an infinite Pólya urn modelJun 19 2015Jun 29 2015We study a P\'olya-type urn model defined as follows. Start at time 0 with a single ball of some colour. Then, at each time n>0, choose a ball from the urn uniformly at random. With probability 1/2<p<1, return the ball to the urn along with another ball ... More
Commutator inequalities via Schur productsDec 15 2015For a self-adjoint unbounded operator D on a Hilbert space H, a bounded operator y on H and some complex Borel functions g(t) we establish inequalities of the type ||[g(D),y]|| \leq A|||y|| + B||[D,y]|| + ...+ X|[D, [D,...[D, y]...]]||. The proofs take ... More
A penalty free non-symmetric Nitsche type method for the weak imposition of boundary conditionsJun 28 2011Nov 04 2011In this note we show that the non-symmetric version of the classical Nitsche's method for the weak imposition of boundary conditions is stable without penalty term. We prove optimal $H^1$-error estimates and $L^2$-estimates that are suboptimal with half ... More
Stabilised finite element methods for non-symmetric, non-coercive and ill-posed problems. Part I: elliptic equationsApr 08 2013Aug 02 2013In this paper we propose a new method to stabilise non-symmetric indefinite problems. The idea is to solve a forward and an adjoint problem simultaneously using a suitable stabilised finite element method. Both stabilisation of the element residual and ... More
Convolutions with the continuous primitive integralSep 23 2009If $F$ is a continuous function on the real line and $f=F'$ is its distributional derivative then the continuous primitive integral of distribution $f$ is $\int_a^bf=F(b)-F(a)$. This integral contains the Lebesgue, Henstock--Kurzweil and wide Denjoy integrals. ... More
Localization of directed polymers with general reference walkAug 11 2017Jun 18 2019Directed polymers in random environment have usually been constructed with a simple random walk on the integer lattice. It has been observed before that several standard results for this model continue to hold for a more general reference walk. Some finer ... More
Vertex Operators, Grassmannians, and Hilbert SchemesOct 29 2009May 21 2010We describe a well-known collection of vertex operators on the infinite wedge representation as a limit of geometric correspondences on the equivariant cohomology groups of a finite-dimensional approximation of the Sato grassmannian, by cutoffs in high ... More
Henstock--Kurzweil Fourier transformsDec 07 2002The Fourier transform is considered as a Henstock--Kurzweil integral. Sufficient conditions are given for the existence of the Fourier transform and necessary and sufficient conditions are given for it to be continuous. The Riemann--Lebesgue lemma fails: ... More
The $L^p$ primitive integralAug 17 2012For each $1\leq p<\infty$ a space of integrable Schwartz distributions, $L^'^{\,p}$, is defined by taking the distributional derivative of all functions in $L^p$. Here, $L^p$ is with respect to Lebesgue measure on the real line. If $f\in L^'^{\,p}$ such ... More
From type theory to setoids and backSep 03 2019Sep 16 2019A model of Martin-L\"of extensional type theory with universes is formalized in Agda, an interactive proof system based on Martin-L\"of intensional type theory. This may be understood, we claim, as a solution to the old problem of modelling the full extensional ... More
Stabilized finite element methods for nonsymmetric, noncoercive and ill-posed problem. Part II: hyperbolic equationsAug 02 2013May 02 2014In this paper we consider stabilised finite element methods for hyperbolic transport equations without coercivity. Abstract conditions for the convergence of the methods are introduced and these conditions are shown to hold for three different stabilised ... More
Robust error estimates in weak norms for advection dominated transport problems with rough dataMar 08 2013May 02 2014We consider mixing problems in the form of transient convection--diffusion equations with a velocity vector field with multiscale character and rough data. We assume that the velocity field has two scales, a coarse scale with slow spatial variation, which ... More
Ice Formation via Deposition Mode Nucleation on Bare and Alcohol-covered Graphite SurfacesSep 12 2013Deposition of water on aerosol particles contributes to ice cloud formation in the atmosphere with implications for the water cycle and climate on Earth. The heterogeneous ice nucleation process is influenced by physico-chemical properties of the substrate, ... More
Generalized integrands and bond portfolios: Pitfalls and counter examplesSep 12 2009Jan 05 2011We construct Zero-Coupon Bond markets driven by a cylindrical Brownian motion in which the notion of generalized portfolio has important flaws: There exist bounded smooth random variables with generalized hedging portfolios for which the price of their ... More
Detection of a Hypercharge Axion in ATLASMay 28 2001This Master of Science thesis treats the hypercharge axion, which is a hypothetical pseudo-scalar particle with electroweak interactions. First, the theoretical context and the motivations for this study are discussed. In short, the hypercharge axion ... More
Tomography of random social networksSep 15 2005We study the statistical properties of large random networks with specified degree distributions. New techniques are presented for analyzing the structure of social networks. Specifically, we address the question of how many nodes exist at a distance ... More
Limit points of the iterative scaling procedureJul 23 2012The iterative scaling procedure (ISP) is an algorithm which computes a sequence of matrices, starting from some given matrix. The objective is to find a matrix 'proportional' to the given matrix, having given row and column sums. In many cases, for example ... More
Path correlations in a randomly oriented complete bipartite graphFeb 08 2011In a randomly oriented graph containing vertices $x$ and $y$, denote by $\{x\to y\}$ the event that there is a directed path from $x$ to $y$. We study the correlation between the events $\{x\to y\}$ and $\{y\to z\}$ for a (large) oriented complete bipartite ... More
Laplacian Growth, Elliptic Growth, and Singularities of the Schwarz PotentialSep 27 2010The Schwarz function has played an elegant role in understanding and in generating new examples of exact solutions to the Laplacian growth (or "Hele- Shaw") problem in the plane. The guiding principle in this connection is the fact that "non-physical" ... More
Characterizing the Set of Coherent Lower Previsions with a Finite Number of Constraints or VerticesMar 15 2012The standard coherence criterion for lower previsions is expressed using an infinite number of linear constraints. For lower previsions that are essentially defined on some finite set of gambles on a finite possibility space, we present a reformulation ... More
Outbursts of WZ Sge stars/TOADs: a phenomenological comparison with soft X-ray transientsDec 01 1998The outbursts of WZ Sge stars (or TOADs), are compared to those seen in the (soft) X-ray transients. Both types of outbursts exhibit strong similarities: large amplitudes, long recurrence times, occurrence of superhumps, and of rebrightenings or reflares ... More
Towards 4U 1630-47: a black-hole soft X-ray transient odysseyJul 27 1998Aug 12 19984U 1630-47 is a black-hole X-ray transient with one of the shortest recurrence times. Despite its regular outburst behaviour little is known about this source. Only recently has attention to this system increased. I discuss there the basic known (X-ray) ... More
Categories with families and first-order logic with dependent sortsMay 05 2016Jul 07 2019First-order logic with dependent sorts, such as Makkai's first-order logic with dependent sorts (FOLDS), or Aczel's and Belo's dependently typed (intuitionistic) first-order logic (DFOL), may be regarded as logic enriched dependent type theories. Categories ... More
Estimates of the remainder in Taylor's theorem using the Henstock--Kurzweil integralJun 18 2004When a real-valued function of one variable is approximated by its $n^{th}$ degree Taylor polynomial, the remainder is estimated using the Alexiewicz and Lebesgue $p$-norms in cases where $f^{(n)}$ or $f^{(n+1)}$ are Henstock--Kurzweil integrable. When ... More
Rapidly growing Fourier integralsJan 02 2001The Riemann-Lebesgue Lemma says that the Fourier transform of an absolutely integrable function on the real line tends to zero as the transform parameter tends to infinity. When the integral is allowed to converge conditionally, the transform can have ... More
Robust error estimates for stabilized finite element approximations of the two dimensional Navier-Stokes equations with application to implicit large eddy simulationMar 08 2013Apr 12 2013We consider error estimates in weak parametrised norms for stabilized finite element approximations of the two-dimensional Navier-Stokes' equations. These weak norms can be related to the norms of certain filtered quantities, where the parameter of the ... More
Error estimates for shock capturing finite element approximations of the one dimensional Burgers' equationNov 04 2011May 07 2014We propose an error analysis in weak norms of a shock capturing finite element method for the Burgers' equation. The estimates can be related to estimates of certain filtered quantities and are robust in the inviscid limit. Using a total variation apriori ... More
Test of renormalization predictions for universal finite-size scaling functionsNov 02 1999We calculate universal finite-size scaling functions for systems with an n-component order parameter and algebraically decaying interactions. Just as previously has been found for short-range interactions, this leads to a singular epsilon-expansion, where ... More
Black Hole Evaporation and ComplementarityMar 17 1995About twenty years ago Hawking made the remarkable suggestion that the black hole evaporation process will inevitably lead to a fundamental loss of quantum coherence. The mechanism by which the quantum radiation is emitted appears to be insensitive to ... More
Torsion and electron motion in Quantum Dots with crystal lattice dislocationsNov 25 1997The motion of a conducting electron in a quantum dot with one or several dislocations in the underlying crystal lattice is considered in the continuum picture, where dislocations are represented by torsion of space. The possible effects of torsion are ... More
Endomorphisms of quantized Weyl algebrasJul 15 2010Belov-Kanel and Kontsevich conjectured that the group of automorphisms of the n'th Weyl algebra and the group of polynomial symplectomorphisms of C^2 are canonically isomorphic. We discuss how this conjecture can be approached by means of (second) quantized ... More
Comment on "Geometric phases for mixed states during cyclic evolutions"Apr 30 2004Jul 08 2004It is shown that a recently suggested concept of mixed state geometric phase in cyclic evolutions [2004 {\it J. Phys. A} {\bf 37} 3699] is gauge dependent.
Rapidity Dependence of Elliptic Flow at RHICJan 04 2006The measured elliptic flow (v2) of identified particles as a function of pT and centrality at RHIC suggests the created medium in Au+Au collisions achieves early local thermal equilibrium that is followed by hydrodynamic expansion. It is not known if ... More
Bootstrap percolation on the Hamming torus with threshold 2Jul 09 2014Nov 01 2017This paper analyzes various questions pertaining to bootstrap percolation on the $d$-dimensional Hamming torus where each node is open with probability $p$ and the percolation threshold is 2. For each $d'<d$ we find the critical exponent for the event ... More
A Constructive Examination of a Russell-style Ramified Type TheoryApr 22 2017In this paper we examine the natural interpretation of a ramified type hierarchy into Martin-L\"of type theory with an infinite sequence of universes. It is shown that under this predicative interpretation some useful special cases of Russell's reducibility ... More
Some divergent trigonometric integralsJan 02 2001Some divergent trigonometric integrals have appeared in standard tables for many years, listed as converging. We give a simple proof that these integrals diverge and trace their history. The original error was made when a (startlingly) famous mathematician ... More
On weakly D-differentiable operatorsMar 29 2013Mar 11 2015For an unbounded self-adjoint operator D on a Hilbert space H and a bounded operator a on H we say that a is weakly D-differentiable if for any pair of vectors x, y in H the function <exp(itD) a exp(-itD)x, y> is differentiable at t =0. We find several ... More
The regulated primitive integralNov 15 2009A function on the real line is called regulated if it has a left limit and a right limit at each point. If $f$ is a Schwartz distribution on the real line such that $f=F'$ (distributional or weak derivative) for a regulated function $F$ then the regulated ... More
Simulation Tools for Detector and Instrument DesignAug 07 2017The high performance requirements at the European Spallation Source have been driving the technological advances on the neutron detector front. Now more than ever is it important to optimize the design of detectors and instruments, to fully exploit the ... More
The Intermodulation Lockin AnalyzerAug 16 2010Nonlinear systems can be probed by driving them with two or more pure tones while measuring the intermodulation products of the drive tones in the response. We describe a digital lock-in analyzer which is designed explicitly for this purpose. The analyzer ... More
Liquid state properties from first principles DFT calculations: Static propertiesMay 04 2010Oct 06 2010In order to test the Vibration-Transit (V-T) theory of liquid dynamics, ab initio density functional theory (DFT) calculations of thermodynamic properties of Na and Cu are performed and compared with experimental data. The calculations are done for the ... More
Heavy and Excited Leptons in the OPAL Detector?Sep 20 2002Dec 02 2002This M.Sc. thesis describes a search for exotic leptons. The search has been performed using data from the OPAL detector at the Large Electron Positron collider at CERN. The total integrated luminosity was 663 pb$^{-1}$ with center of mass energies in ... More
Random Networks with Tunable Degree Distribution and ClusteringMay 17 2004Jun 04 2004We present an algorithm for generating random networks with arbitrary degree distribution and Clustering (frequency of triadic closure). We use this algorithm to generate networks with exponential, power law, and poisson degree distributions with variable ... More
Warped black holes in 3D general massive gravityJun 17 2010Jun 29 2010We study regular spacelike warped black holes in the three dimensional general massive gravity model, which contains both the gravitational Chern-Simons term and the linear combination of curvature squared terms characterizing the new massive gravity ... More
A superburst from GX 3+1Dec 20 2001I found one long X-ray flare from the X-ray burster GX 3+1 in almost 6 years of observations with the RXTE All Sky Monitor (ASM). The event had a peak flux of about 1.1 Crab (1.5-12 keV), lasted between 4.4 and 16.2 hours and exhibited a fluence of more ... More
On equality of objects in categories in constructive type theoryAug 06 2017In this note we remark on the problem of equality of objects in categories formalized in Martin-L\"of's constructive type theory. A standard notion of category in this system is E-category, where no such equality is specified. The main observation here ... More
Eplett's theorem for self-converse generalised tournamentsJun 07 2016The converse of a tournament is obtained by reversing all arcs. If a tournament is isomorphic to its converse, it is called self--converse. Eplett provided a necessary and sufficient condition for a sequence of integers to be realisable as the score sequence ... More
Complete vector fields on (C-0)^nAug 19 1998We prove necessary and sufficient conditions for completeness of a rational vector field on C^n minus n hyperplanes in general position (n>1).
$K$-theory of moduli spaces of sheaves and large GrassmanniansFeb 13 2012Mar 20 2012We prove a theorem classifying the equivariant $K$-theoretic pushforwards of the product of arbitrary Schur functors applied to the tautological bundle on the moduli space of framed rank $r$ torsion-free sheaves on $\mathbb{P}^2$, and its dual. This is ... More
Parameter estimation for gravitational-wave bursts with the BayesWave pipelineDec 06 2016Apr 10 2017We provide a comprehensive multi-aspect study on the performance of a pipeline used by the LIGO-Virgo Collaboration for estimating parameters of gravitational-wave bursts. We add simulated signals with four different morphologies (sine-Gaussians, Gaussians, ... More
An Upper Mass Limit on a Red Supergiant Progenitor for the Type II-Plateau Supernova SN 2006mySep 10 2008Jan 17 2009We analyze two pre-supernova (SN) and three post-SN high-resolution images of the site of the Type II-Plateau supernova SN 2006my in an effort to either detect the progenitor star or to constrain its properties. Following image registration, we find that ... More
Direct observation of a sharp transition to coherence in Dense CoresFeb 15 2010We present NH3 observations of the B5 region in Perseus obtained with the Green Bank Telescope (GBT). The map covers a region large enough (~11'x14') that it contains the entire dense core observed in previous dust continuum surveys. The dense gas traced ... More
Critical polymer-polymer phase separation in ternary solutionsJul 26 2005We study polymer-polymer phase separation in a common good solvent by means of Monte Carlo simulations of the bond-fluctuation model. Below a critical, chain-length dependent concentration, no phase separation occurs. For higher concentrations, the critical ... More
Generalized Geometric Cluster Algorithm for Fluid SimulationMar 17 2005We present a detailed description of the generalized geometric cluster algorithm for the efficient simulation of continuum fluids. The connection with well-known cluster algorithms for lattice spin models is discussed, and an explicit full cluster decomposition ... More
Optimized energy calculation in lattice systems with long-range interactionsOct 28 1999We discuss an efficient approach to the calculation of the internal energy in numerical simulations of spin systems with long-range interactions. Although, since the introduction of the Luijten-Bl\"ote algorithm, Monte Carlo simulations of these systems ... More
Singular localization for Quantum groups at generic $q$Feb 21 2011Sep 20 2013We quantize parabolic flag manifolds and describe categories of equivariant quantum $\D$-modules on them at a singular central character. We compute global sections at any $q \in \C^*$ and we also prove a singular version of Beilinson-Bernstein localization ... More
The Bilateral Vandermonde ConvolutionNov 10 2003A new and easy way of deriving Gauss's Generalized Hypergeometric Theorem is presented by using the Bilateral Binomial Theorem.
Observation of anisotropic diffusion of light in compacted granular porous materialsNov 07 2011Nov 24 2011It is known that compaction of granular matter can lead to anisotropic mechanical properties. Recent work has confirmed the link to pore space anisotropy, but the relation between compression, mechanical properties and material microstructure remains ... More
One-electron bands, quantum Monte Carlo, and real superconductorsNov 22 1999We use the doped Fullerenes as an example of how realistic systems can be described by simple models. Starting from the band structure we set up a tight-binding model that describes the t_{1u} conduction band. Adding correlation terms we arrive at a generalized ... More
A computational systems biology study of the lambda-lac mutantsDec 21 2007We present a comprehensive computational study of some 900 possible "lambda-lac" mutants of the lysogeny maintenance switch in phage lambda, of which up to date 19 have been studied experimentally (Atsumi & Little, PNAS 103: 4558-4563, (2006)). We clarify ... More
Dyonic black holes in $\mathfrak{su}(\infty)$ anti-de Sitter Einstein-Yang-Mills theory, characterised by an infinite set of global chargesDec 13 2018We here investigate static, spherically symmetric solutions to $\mathfrak{su}(\infty)$ Einstein-Yang-Mills theory with a negative cosmological constant $\Lambda$ in the case of dyonic solutions, which possess a non-trivial electric sector of the gauge ... More
Wall's finiteness obstructionJul 25 2017The purpose of this note is to give a self contained description of Walls finiteness obstruction.
Higher Sobolev regularity for the fractional $p-$Laplace equation in the superquadratic caseAug 05 2015Feb 20 2016We prove that for $p\ge 2$ solutions of equations modeled by the fractional $p$-Laplacian improve their regularity on the scale of fractional Sobolev spaces. Moreover, under certain precise conditions, they are in $W^{1,p}_{loc}$ and their gradients are ... More
Approximation of the least Rayleigh quotient for degree $p$ homogeneous functionalsFeb 15 2016We present two novel methods for approximating minimizers of the abstract Rayleigh quotient $\Phi(u)/ \|u\|^p$. Here $\Phi$ is a strictly convex functional on a Banach space with norm $\|\cdot\|$, and $\Phi$ is assumed to be positively homogeneous of ... More
On Whitham's conjecture of a highest cusped wave for a nonlocal dispersive equationFeb 17 2016Mar 15 2019We consider the Whitham equation $u_t + 2u u_x+Lu_x = 0$, where L is the nonlocal Fourier multiplier operator given by the symbol $m(\xi) = \sqrt{\tanh \xi /\xi}$. G. B. Whitham conjectured that for this equation there would be a highest, cusped, travelling-wave ... More
Monotonicity and robustness in Wiener disorder detectionOct 30 2017Jan 16 2019We study the problem of detecting a drift change of a Brownian motion under various extensions of the classical case. Specifically, we consider the case of a random post-change drift and examine monotonicity properties of the solution with respect to ... More