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Exact sampling of corrugated surfacesOct 15 2008We discuss an algorithm for the exact sampling of vectors v in [0,1]^N satisfying a set of pairwise difference inequalities. Applications include the exact sampling of skew Young Tableaux, of configurations in the Bead Model, and of corrugated surfaces ... More
Extra-dimensional models on the latticeMay 13 2016Aug 09 2016In this review we summarize the ongoing effort to study extra-dimensional gauge theories with lattice simulations. In these models the Higgs field is identified with extra-dimensional components of the gauge field. The Higgs potential is generated by ... More
Scalar mass corrections from compact extra dimensions on the latticeMar 26 2012We explore the phase diagram of the SU(2) Yang-Mills theory in 5 dimensions by numerical simulations. The lattice system shows a dimensionally-reduced phase where the extra dimension is small compared to the four dimensional correlation length. In the ... More
SU(N_c) gauge theories at deconfinementFeb 29 2012May 10 2012The deconfinement transition in SU($N_c$) Yang--Mills is investigated by Monte Carlo simulations of the gauge theory discretized on a spacetime lattice. We present new results for $ 4 \le N_c \le 8$ (in particular, for $N_c = 5$ and $N_c = 7$), which ... More
The glueball spectrum at large NOct 28 2010The lowest-lying glueball masses are computed in SU($N$) gauge theory on a spacetime lattice for constant value of the lattice spacing $a$ and for $N$ ranging from 3 to 8. The lattice spacing is fixed using the deconfinement temperature at temporal extension ... More
Neutrinoless double beta decay from lattice QCDAug 16 2016While the discovery of non-zero neutrino masses is one of the most important accomplishments by physicists in the past century, it is still unknown how and in what form these masses arise. Lepton number-violating neutrinoless double beta decay is a natural ... More
Light scalar spectrum in extra-dimensional gauge theoriesNov 05 2012The phase diagram of five-dimensional SU(2) gauge theories with one compactified dimension on anisotropic lattices has a rich structure. In this contribution we show how to control non-perturbatively the scale hierarchy between the cut-off and the compactification ... More
Lattice QCD input for axion cosmologyMay 27 2015One intriguing BSM particle is the QCD axion, which could simultaneously provide a solution to the Strong CP problem and account for some, if not all, of the dark matter density in the universe. This particle is a pNGB of the conjectured Peccei-Quinn ... More
Glueball masses in the large N limitJul 22 2010Jun 15 2011The lowest-lying glueball masses are computed in SU($N$) gauge theory on a spacetime lattice for constant value of the lattice spacing $a$ and for $N$ ranging from 3 to 8. The lattice spacing is fixed using the deconfinement temperature at temporal extension ... More
Simulating the weak death of the neutron in a femtoscale universe with near-Exascale computingOct 03 2018Oct 10 2018The fundamental particle theory called Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) dictates everything about protons and neutrons, from their intrinsic properties to interactions that bind them into atomic nuclei. Quantities that cannot be fully resolved through experiment, ... More
Light scalars in strongly-coupled extra-dimensional theoriesMar 09 2012Jul 03 2012The low-energy dynamics of five-dimensional Yang-Mills theories compactified on S^1 can be described by a four-dimensional gauge theory coupled to a scalar field in the adjoint representation of the gauge group. Perturbative calculations suggest that ... More
Vulnerability and power on networksDec 19 2013Dec 19 2014Inspired by socio-political scenarios, like dictatorships, in which a minority of people exercise control over a majority of weakly interconnected individuals, we propose vulnerability and power measures defined on groups of actors of networks. We establish ... More
The vanishing of strong turbulent fronts in bent pipesFeb 06 2019Isolated patches of turbulence in transitional straight pipes are sustained by a strong instability at their upstream front, where the production of turbulent kinetic energy (TKE) is up to five times higher than in the core. Direct numerical simulations ... More
Edge state modulation by mean viscosity gradientsDec 14 2017Motivated by the relevance of edge state solutions as mediators of transition, we use direct numerical simulations to study the effect of spatially non-uniform viscosity on their energy and stability in minimal channel flows. What we seek is a theoretical ... More
Investigation of the scalar spectrum in SU(3) with eight degenerate flavorsOct 22 2015The Lattice Strong Dynamics collaboration is investigating the properties of a SU(3) gauge theory with $N_f = 8$ light fermions on the lattice. We measure the masses of the lightest pseudoscalar, scalar and vector states using simulations with the nHYP ... More
Lattice Gauge Theory for Physics Beyond the Standard ModelApr 22 2019This document is one of a series of whitepapers from the USQCD collaboration. Here, we discuss opportunities for lattice field theory research to make an impact on models of new physics beyond the Standard Model, including composite Higgs, composite dark ... More
Inflation and reheating in scale-invariant scalar-tensor gravityOct 20 2016We consider the scale-invariant inflationary model studied in [1]. The Lagrangian includes all the scale-invariant operators that can be built with combinations of $R, R^{2}$ and one scalar field. The equations of motion show that the symmetry is spontaneously ... More
Searching for a continuum 4D field theory arising from a 5D non-abelian gauge theorySep 24 2013The anisotropic 5D SU(2) Yang-Mills model has been widely investigated on the lattice during the last decade. In the case where all dimensions are large in size, it was previously claimed that there is a new phase in the phase diagram, called the Layer ... More
Finite-temperature study of eight-flavor SU(3) gauge theoryJun 29 2015We present new lattice investigations of finite-temperature transitions for SU(3) gauge theory with Nf=8 light flavors. Using nHYP-smeared staggered fermions we are able to explore renormalized couplings $g^2 \lesssim 20$ on lattice volumes as large as ... More
An accurate calculation of the nucleon axial charge with lattice QCDApr 04 2017We report on a lattice QCD calculation of the nucleon axial charge, $g_A$, using M\"{o}bius Domain-Wall fermions solved on the dynamical $N_f=2+1+1$ HISQ ensembles after they are smeared using the gradient-flow algorithm. The calculation is performed ... More
A percent-level determination of the nucleon axial coupling from Quantum ChromodynamicsMay 30 2018The $\textit{axial coupling of the nucleon}$, $g_A$, is the strength of its coupling to the $\textit{weak}$ axial current of the Standard Model of particle physics, in much the same way as the electric charge is the strength of the coupling to the electromagnetic ... More
Infrared conformality and bulk critical points: SU(2) with heavy adjoint quarksSep 06 2013The lattice phase structure of a gauge theory can be a serious obstruction to Monte Carlo studies of its continuum behaviour. This issue is particularly delicate when numerical studies are performed to determine whether a theory is in a (near-)conformal ... More
Scaling properties of SU(2) gauge theory with mixed fundamental-adjoint actionDec 04 2012We study the phase diagram of the SU(2) lattice gauge theory with fundamental-adjoint Wilson plaquette action. We confirm the presence of a first order bulk phase transition and we estimate the location of its end-point in the bare parameter space. If ... More
Gauged And Ungauged: A Nonperturbative TestFeb 08 2018We study the thermodynamics of the `ungauged' D0-brane matrix model by Monte Carlo simulation. Our results appear to be consistent with the conjecture by Maldacena and Milekhin.
A critical point for bifurcation cascades and featureless turbulenceApr 30 2019In this Letter we show that a bifurcation cascade and fully sustained turbulence can share the phase space of a fluid flow system, resulting in the presence of competing stable attractors. We analyse the toroidal pipe flow, which undergoes subcritical ... More
A critical point for bifurcation cascades and featureless turbulenceApr 30 2019May 02 2019In this Letter we show that a bifurcation cascade and fully sustained turbulence can share the phase space of a fluid flow system, resulting in the presence of competing stable attractors. We analyse the toroidal pipe flow, which undergoes subcritical ... More
A simplicial decomposition framework for large scale convex quadratic programmingMay 25 2017In this paper, we analyze in depth a simplicial decomposition like algorithmic framework for large scale convex quadratic programming. In particular, we first propose two tailored strategies for handling the master problem. Then, we describe a few techniques ... More
The transition to a layered phase in the anisotropic five-dimensional SU(2) Yang-Mills theoryMay 03 2013We extend to large lattices the work of a previous investigation of the phase diagram of the anisotropic five-dimensional SU(2) Yang-Mills model using Monte Carlo simulations in the regime where the lattice spacing in the fifth dimension is larger than ... More
Unified Scenario for Composite Right-Handed Neutrinos and Dark MatterSep 04 2017Dec 12 2017We entertain the possibility that neutrino masses and dark matter (DM) originate from a common composite dark sector. A minimal effective theory can be constructed based on a dark $SU(3)_D$ interaction with three flavors of massless dark quarks; electroweak ... More
Nucleon axial coupling from Lattice QCDOct 17 2017We present state-of-the-art results from a lattice QCD calculation of the nucleon axial coupling, $g_A$, using M\"obius Domain-Wall fermions solved on the dynamical $N_f = 2 + 1 + 1$ HISQ ensembles after they are smeared using the gradient-flow algorithm. ... More
Precision lattice test of the gauge/gravity duality at large-$N$Jun 15 2016We pioneer a systematic, large-scale lattice simulation of D0-brane quantum mechanics. The large-$N$ and continuum limits of the gauge theory are taken for the first time at various temperatures $0.4 \leq T \leq 1.0$. As a way to directly test the gauge/gravity ... More
Supergravity from D0-brane Quantum MechanicsJun 15 2016The gauge/gravity duality conjecture claims the equivalence between gauge theory and superstring/M-theory. In particular, the one-dimensional gauge theory of D0-branes and type IIA string theory should agree on properties of hot black holes. Type IIA ... More
Phase Structure Study of SU(2) Lattice Gauge Theory with 8 FlavorsOct 31 2014Dec 17 2014We present the investigation of the strong bare-coupling regime of SU(2) lattice gauge theory with 8 fermion flavors in the fundamental representation. The simulations are performed with unimproved staggered fermions and the plaquette gauge action. One ... More
Neutron-antineutron oscillations from lattice QCDSep 01 2018Jan 24 2019Fundamental symmetry tests of baryon number violation in low-energy experiments can probe beyond the Standard Model (BSM) explanations of the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the universe. Neutron-antineutron oscillations are predicted to be a signature ... More
Lattice QCD determination of neutron-antineutron matrix elements with physical quark massesJan 22 2019Matrix elements of six-quark operators are needed to extract new physics constraints from experimental searches for neutron-antineutron oscillations. This work presents in detail the first lattice quantum chromodynamics calculations of the necessary neutron-antineutron ... More
Nuclear Parity Violation from Lattice QCDNov 06 2015The electroweak interaction at the level of quarks and gluons are well understood from precision measurements in high energy collider experiments. Relating these fundamental parameters to Hadronic Parity Violation in nuclei however remains an outstanding ... More
The number of directed k-convex polyominoesJan 05 2015We present a new method to obtain the generating functions for directed convex polyominoes according to several different statistics including: width, height, size of last column/row and number of corners. This method can be used to study different families ... More
The spectrum of the Schrödinger Hamiltonian for trapped particles in a cylinder with a topological defect perturbed by two attractive delta interactionsJan 29 2018May 15 2019In this paper we exploit the technique used in \cite{A}-\cite{5b} to deal with delta interactions in a rigorous way in a curved spacetime represented by a cosmic string along the $z$ axis. This mathematical machinery is applied in order to study the discrete ... More
Basel II for Physicists: A Discussion PaperJan 13 2005On June 26th, 2004, Central bank governors and the heads of bank supervisory authorities in the Group of Ten (G10) countries issued a press release and endorsed the publication of "International Convergence of Capital Measurement and Capital Standards: ... More
Interchain coherence of coupled Luttinger liquids at all orders in perturbation theoryNov 21 1997We analyze the problem of Luttinger liquids coupled via a single-particle hopping $\tp$ and introduce a systematic diagrammatic expansion in powers of $\tp$. An analysis of the scaling of the diagrams at each order allows us to determine the power-law ... More
Renormalization-Group Approach to a Three-Legs Fermionic LadderSep 24 1995Jun 24 1996We study the spin and charge phase diagram of a three-legs ladder (at zero temperature) as a function of fermion density and of transverse single-particle hopping by means of a Renormalization-Group analysis rigorously controlled in the weak-coupling ... More
Wormholes, Void Bubbles and Vacuum Energy SuppressionMay 11 2007The gargantuan discrepancy between the value of the observed cosmological constant and that expected from the zero-point energy of known matter fields can be eliminated by supposing that on macroscopic scales the overwhelming majority of any volume of ... More
The theta dependence of the vacuum energy density in chiral effective Lagrangian models at finite temperature (above $T_c$)Mar 25 2019In this work, extending a previous study at zero temperature ($T=0$), we perform a systematic study of the modifications to the QCD vacuum energy density $\epsilon_{vac}$ in the finite-temperature case, above the chiral transition at $T_c$, caused by ... More
Joint spectra and nilpotent Lie algebras of linear transformationsFeb 16 2016Given a complex nilpotent finite dimensional Lie algebra of linear transformations $L$, in a complex finite dimensional vector space $E$, we study the joint spectra $Sp(L,E)$, $\sigma_{\delta,k}(L,E)$ and $\sigma_{\pi,k}(L,E)$. We compute them and we ... More
Joint spectra of the tensor product representation of the direct sum of two solvable Lie algebrasAug 12 2016Given two complex Banach spaces $X_1$ and $X_2$, a tensor product $X_1\tilde{\otimes} X_2$ of $X_1$ and $X_2$ in the sense of [14], two complex solvable finite dimensional Lie algebras $L_1$ and $L_2$, and two representations $\rho_i\colon L_i\to {\rm ... More
On Cartan Joint SpectraJul 10 2014In this work several results regarding the Cartan version of the Taylor, the Slodkowski, the Fredholm, the split and the Fredholm split joint spectra will be studied.
Quantum Bases in Uq(g)Sep 01 2008This paper is devoted to analize inside the infinitely many possible bases of Uq(g), same that can be considered "more equal then others". The element of selection has been a privileged relation with the bialgebra. A new parameter z' has been found that ... More
Drazin spectra of Banach space operators and Banach algebra elementsJul 26 2013Given a Banach Algebra $A$ and $a\in A$, several relations among the Drazin spectrum of $a$ and the Drazin spectra of the multiplication operators $L_a$ and $R_a$ will be stated. The Banach space operator case will be also examined. Furthermore, a characterization ... More
$L^p$-parabolic regularity and non-degenerate Ornstein-Uhlenbeck type operatorsMay 20 2014We prove $L^p$-parabolic a-priori estimates for $\partial_t u + \sum_{i,j=1}^d c_{ij}(t)\partial_{x_i x_j}^2 u = f $ on $R^{d+1}$ when the coefficients $c_{ij}$ are locally bounded functions on $R$. We slightly generalize the usual parabolicity assumption ... More
On the joint spectra of the two dimensional Lie algebra of operators in Hilbert spacesMar 09 2016We consider the complex solvable non-commutative two dimensional Lie algebra $L$, $L=<y>\oplus <x>$, with Lie bracket $[x,y]=y$, as linear bounded operators acting on a complex Hilbert space $H$. Under the assumption $R(y)$ closed, we reduce the computation ... More
Inflation at the TipFeb 20 2008Feb 28 2008We study the motion of a (space filling) D3-brane at the tip of a warped deformed conifold, looking for inflationary trajectories. In our setup no anti D3-brane is present and the inflaton potential is induced by threshold corrections to the superpotential. ... More
Optimal higher-dimensional Dehn functions for some CAT(0) latticesMay 22 2012Let $X=S\times E \times B$ be the metric product of a symmetric space $S$ of noncompact type, a Euclidean space $E$ and a product $B$ of Euclidean buildings. Let $\Gamma$ be a discrete group acting isometrically and cocompactly on $X$. We determine a ... More
On weak uniqueness for some degenerate SDEs by global $L^p$ estimatesMay 30 2013Sep 02 2014We prove uniqueness in law for possibly degenerate SDEs having a linear part in the drift term. Diffusion coefficients corresponding to non-degenerate directions of the noise are assumed to be continuous. When the diffusion part is constant we recover ... More
Optimal Model Points Portfolio in Life InsuranceAug 02 2018Aug 24 2018We consider the problem of seeking an optimal set of model points associated to a fixed portfolio of life insurance policies. Such an optimal set is characterized by minimizing a certain risk functional, which gauges the average discrepancy with the fixed ... More
Joint spectra of representations of Lie algebras by compact operatorsMay 15 2014Given $X$ a complex Banach space, $L$ a complex nilpotent finite dimensional Lie algebra, and $\rho\colon L\to L(X)$, a representation of $L$ in $X$ such that $\rho (l)\in K(X)$ for all $l\in L$, the Taylor, the Slodkowski, the Fredholm, the split and ... More
The Drazin spectrum of tensor product of Banach algebra elements and elementary operatorsApr 11 2014Given unital Banach algebras $A$ and $B$ and elements $a\in A$ and $b\in B$, the Drazin spectrun of $a\otimes b\in A\overline{\otimes} B$ will be fully characterized, where $A\overline{\otimes} B$ is a Banach algebra that is the completion of $A\otimes ... More
Crossover from Luttinger- to Fermi-liquid behavior in strongly anisotropic systems in large dimensionsMar 30 1999Jun 09 1999We consider the low-energy region of an array of Luttinger liquids coupled by a weak interchain hopping. The leading logarithmic divergences can be re-summed to all orders within a self-consistent perturbative expansion in the hopping, in the large-dimension ... More
Steady State Visually Evoked Potentials detection using a single electrode consumer-grade EEG device for BCI applicationsNov 15 2016Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) implement a direct communication pathway between the brain of an user and an external device, as a computer or a machine in general. One of the most used brain responses to implement non-invasive BCIs is the so called ... More
Denouement of a Wormhole-Brane EncounterAug 18 2009Higher-dimensional black holes have long been considered within the context of brane worlds. Recently, it was shown that the brane-world ethos also permits the consideration of higher-dimensional wormholes. When such a wormhole, preexisting in the bulk, ... More
Higher-Dimensional Bulk Wormholes and their Manifestations in Brane WorldsJan 04 2007There is nothing to prevent a higher-dimensional anti-de Sitter bulk spacetime from containing various other branes in addition to hosting our universe, presumed to be a positive-tension 3-brane. In particular, it could contain closed, microscopic branes ... More
Proceedings 18th international workshop on Cellular Automata and Discrete Complex Systems and 3rd international symposium Journées Automates CellulairesAug 13 2012This volume contains the proceedings of the 18th International workshop AUTOMATA and the 3rd international symposium JAC. AUTOMATA workshop series aims at gathering researchers from all over the world working in fundamental aspects of cellular automata ... More
Finite Quantum Grand Canonical Ensemble and Temperature from Single Electron Statistics in a Mesoscopic DeviceJan 14 2010I present a theoretical model of a quantum statistical ensemble for which, unlike in conventional physics, the total number of particles is extremely small. The thermodynamical quantities are calculated by taking a small $N$ by virtue of the orthodicity ... More
The Nature of Time: from a Timeless Hamiltonian Framework to Clock Time of MetrologyJul 10 2009The problem of the Nature of Time is twofold: whether or not time is a fundamental quantity of Nature, and how does clock time of metrology emerge in the experimental description of dynamics. This work strongly supports the fundamental timelessness of ... More
Learning from Galileo's errorsJun 19 2012Four hundred years after its publication, Galileo's masterpiece Sidereus Nuncius is still a mine of useful information for historians of science and astronomy. In his short book Galileo reports a large amount of data that, despite its age, has not yet ... More
The evolution of massive black holes and their spins in their galactic hostsJan 27 2012Apr 16 2014[Abridged] [...] We study the mass and spin evolution of massive black holes within a semianalytical galaxy-formation model that follows the evolution of dark-matter halos along merger trees, as well as that of the baryonic components (hot gas, stellar ... More
On Baryogenesis and $n \bar n$-OscillationsAug 19 2014We study a simple model where color sextet scalars violate baryon number at tree level but do not give rise to proton decay. In particular, we include one light and two heavy sextets with $\Delta B=2$ baryon number violating interactions that induce neutron ... More
Fast and automated oscillation frequency extraction using Bayesian multi-modalityMar 22 2019Since the advent of CoRoT, and NASA Kepler and K2, the number of low- and intermediate-mass stars classified as pulsators has increased very rapidly with time, now accounting for several $10^4$ targets. With the recent launch of NASA TESS space mission, ... More
An addendum to: Analytically Riesz operators and Weyl and Browder type theoremsJul 20 2015In this note a characterization of anallytically Riesz operators is given. This work completes the article [1].
Further results on regular Fredholm pairs and chainsSep 12 2013The main objective of the present article is to characterize regular Fredholm pairs and chains in terms of Fredholm operators.
On the Moore-Penrose inverse in $C^*$-algebrasAug 15 2013In this article, two results regarding the Moore-Penrose inverse in the frame of $C^*$-algebras are considered. In first place, a characterization of the so-called reverse order law is given, which provides a solution of a problem posed by M. Mbekhta. ... More
Lift in the 3-sphere of knots and links in lens spacesDec 04 2013An important geometric invariant of links in lens spaces is the lift in the 3-sphere of a link $L$ in $L(p,q)$, that is the counterimage $\widetilde L$ of $L$ under the universal covering of $L(p,q)$. If lens spaces are defined as a lens with suitable ... More
Further results on the $(b, c)$-inverse, the outer inverse $A^{(2)}_{T, S}$ and the Moore-Penrose inverse in the Banach contextOct 27 2017In this article properties of the $(b, c)$-inverse, the inverse along an element, the outer inverse with prescribed range and null space $A^{(2)}_{T, S}$ and the Moore-Penrose inverse will be studied in the contexts of Banach spaces operators, Banach ... More
Reduction theory for mapping class groups and applications to moduli spacesJan 10 2008Let $S=S_{g,p}$ be a compact, orientable surface of genus $g$ with $p$ punctures and such that $d(S):=3g-3+p>0$. The mapping class group $\textup{Mod}_S$ acts properly discontinuously on the Teichm\"uller space $\mathcal T(S)$ of marked hyperbolic structures ... More
Global Schauder estimates for a class of degenerate Kolmogorov equationsMay 19 2007We consider a class of possibly degenerate second order elliptic operators $\cal A$ on $\R^n$. This class includes hypoelliptic Ornstein-Uhlenbeck type operators having an additional first order term with unbounded coefficients. We establish global Schauder ... More
Davie's type uniqueness for a class of SDEs with jumpsSep 24 2015A result of A.M. Davie [Int. Math. Res. Not. 2007] states that a multidimensional stochastic equation $dX_t = b(t, X_t)\,dt + dW_t$, $X_0=x$, driven by a Wiener process $W= (W_t)$ with a coefficient $b$ which is only bounded and measurable has a unique ... More
The role of Dirac equations in the classical mechanics of the relativistic topAug 24 2008Jul 15 2011A rigorous \textit{ab initio} derivation of the (square of) Dirac's equation for a single particle with spin is presented. The general Hamilton-Jacobi equation for the particle expressed in terms of a background Weyl's conformal geometry is found to be ... More
On the Theory of Collisions between Atoms and Electrically Charged ParticlesMay 09 2002In the fall of 1924, Enrico Fermi visited Paul Ehrenfest at Leyden on a 3-month fellowship from the International Education Board (IEB). Fermi was 23 years old. In his trip report to the IEB, Fermi says he learned a lot about cryogenics and worked on ... More
From the long jump random walk to the fractional LaplacianJan 21 2009This note illustrates how a simple random walk with possibly long jumps is related to fractional powers of the Laplace operator. The exposition is elementary and self-contained.
The Challenge of Machine Learning in Space Weather Nowcasting and ForecastingMar 12 2019The numerous recent breakthroughs in machine learning (ML) make imperative to carefully ponder how the scientific community can benefit from a technology that, although not necessarily new, is today living its golden age. This review paper is focused ... More
Characterizations of Fredholm pairs and chains in Hilbert spacesApr 03 2014In this work characterizations of Fredholm pairs and chains of Hilbert space operators are given. Following a well-known idea of several variable operator theory in Hilbert spaces, the aforementioned objects are characterized in terms of Fredholm linear ... More
Tensor products and joint spectra for solvable Lie algebras of operatorsJan 09 2016Given two complex Hilbert spaces, $H_1$ and $H_2$, and two complex solvable finite dimensional Lie algebras of operators, $L_1$ and $L_2$, such that $L_i$ acts on $H_i$ (i= 1,2), the joint spectrum of the Lie algebra $L_1\times L_2$, which acts on $H_1\overline\otimes ... More
Davie's type uniqueness for a class of SDEs with jumpsSep 24 2015Dec 16 2016A result of A.M. Davie [Int. Math. Res. Not. 2007] states that a multidimensional stochastic equation $dX_t = b(t, X_t)\,dt + dW_t$, $X_0=x$, driven by a Wiener process $W= (W_t)$ with a coefficient $b$ which is only bounded and measurable has a unique ... More
On the Moore-Penrose inverse, EP Banach space operators and EP Banach algebra elementsAug 08 2013The main concern of this note is the Moore-Penrose inverse in the context of Banach spaces and algebras. Especially attention will be given to a particular class of elements with the aforementioned inverse, namely EP Banach space operators and Banach ... More
A class of CTRWs: Compound fractional Poisson processesMar 03 2011This chapter is an attempt to present a mathematical theory of compound fractional Poisson processes. The chapter begins with the characterization of a well-known L\'evy process: The compound Poisson process. The semi-Markov extension of the compound ... More
On the neutrino vector and axial vector charge radiusDec 18 2002A Majorana neutrino is characterized by just one flavor diagonal electromagnetic form factor: the anapole moment, that in the static limit corresponds to the axial vector charge radius <r^2_A>. As is the case for the vector charge radius of a Dirac neutrino, ... More
Role of phytochemicals in the chemoprevention of tumorsMay 15 2016Phytochemicals are plant-derived secondary metabolites, which may exert many biological activities in humans, including anticancer properties. Although recent findings appear to support their role in cancer prevention and treatment, this issue is still ... More
Atomic scale nanoelectronics for quantum neuromorphic devices: comparing different materialsJun 03 2016I review the advancements of atomic scale nanoelectronics towards quantum neuromorphics. First, I summarize the key properties of elementary combinations of few neurons, namely long-- and short--term plasticity, spike-timing dependent plasticity (associative ... More
On the Validity of the EFT for Dark Matter Searches at the LHCSep 23 2014We review the limitations to the use of the effective field theory approach to study dark matter at the LHC. Due to the high energy reach, the low energy description breaks down, and may lead to incorrect results. The use of simplified models is suggested. ... More
Landau levels on the 2D torus: a numerical approachApr 23 2008Apr 30 2008A numerical method is presented which allows to compute the spectrum of the Schroedinger operator for a particle constrained on a two dimensional flat torus under the combined action of a transverse magnetic field and any conservative force. The method ... More
Ideals with maximal local cohomology modulesDec 12 2002We characterize the class of ideals of a polynomial ring such that the hilbert series of their graded local cohomology modules is maximal.
Space nutrition: the key role of nutrition in human space flightOct 02 2016From the basic impact of nutrient intake on health maintenance to the psychosocial benefits of mealtime, great advancements in nutritional sciences for support of human space travel have occurred over the past 60 years. Nutrition in space has many areas ... More
Analytically Riesz operators and Weyl and Browder type theoremsJul 20 2015Several spectra of analytically Riesz operators will be characterized. These results will led to prove Weyl and Browder type theorems for the aforementioned class of operators.
On the spectral set of a solvable Lie algebra of operatorsOct 30 2015Given $L$ a complex solvable finite dimensional Lie Algebra of operators acting on a Banach space $E$ and $\{ x_i\}_{1\le i\le n}$ a Jordan-H\"older basis of $ L$, we study the relation between $Sp(L,E)$ and $\Pi Sp(x_i)$.
Joint spectrum for quasi-solvable Lie algebras of operatorsMar 26 2016Given a complex Banach space $X$ and a joint spectrum for complex solvable finite dimensional Lie algebras of operators defined on $X$, we extend this joint spectrum to quasi-solvable Lie algebras of operators, and we prove the main spectral properties ... More
Frequency-dependent fluctuational conductivity above Tc in anisotropic superconductors: effects of a short wavelength cutoffAug 11 2002We discuss the excess conductivity at nonzero frequencies in a superconductor above T_c within the gaussian approximation. We focus the attention on the temperature range not too close to T_c: within a time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau formulation, we phenomenologically ... More
Moore-Penrose inverse and doubly commuting elements in $C^*$-algebrasSep 26 2013In this work it is proved that the Moore-Penrose inverse of the product of $n$-doubly commuting regular $C^*$-algebra elements obeys the so-called reverse order law. Conversely, conditions regarding the reverse order law of the Moore-Penrose inverse are ... More
A Gauss-Bonnet formula for moduli spaces of Riemann surfacesDec 18 2013We prove a Gauss-Bonnet theorem for (finite coverings of) moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces endowed with the McMullen metric. The proof uses properties of an exhaustion of moduli spaces by compact submanifolds with corners and the Gauss-Bonnet formula ... More
Pathwise uniqueness for singular SDEs driven by stable processesMay 23 2010Jun 02 2010We prove pathwise uniqueness for stochastic differential equations driven by non-degenerate symmetric $\alpha$-stable L\'evy processes with values in $\R^d$ having a bounded and $\beta$-H\"older continuous drift term. We assume $\beta > 1 - \frac{\alpha}{2} ... More
Direct and inverse limits of normed modulesFeb 11 2019The aim of this note is to study existence and main properties of direct and inverse limits in the category of normed $L^0$-modules (in the sense of Gigli) over a metric measure space.
Two-Nucleon Higher Partial-Wave Scattering from Lattice QCDAug 04 2015We present a determination of nucleon-nucleon scattering phase shifts for l>=0. The S,P,D and F phase shifts for both the spin-triplet and spin-singlet channels are computed for the first time with lattice Quantum ChromoDynamics. This required the design ... More