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Solution for a bipartite Euclidean traveling-salesman problem in one dimensionFeb 05 2018May 17 2018The traveling salesman problem is one of the most studied combinatorial optimization problems, because of the simplicity in its statement and the difficulty in its solution. We characterize the optimal cycle for every convex and increasing cost function ... More
The Random Fractional Matching ProblemFeb 08 2018May 04 2018We consider two formulations of the random-link fractional matching problem, a relaxed version of the more standard random-link (integer) matching problem. In one formulation, we allow each node to be linked to itself in the optimal matching configuration. ... More
Plastic number and possible optimal solutions for an Euclidean 2-matching in one dimensionMay 18 2018Aug 25 2018In this work we consider the problem of finding the minimum-weight loop cover of an undirected graph. This combinatorial optimization problem is called 2-matching and can be seen as a relaxation of the traveling salesman problem since one does not have ... More
Selberg integrals in 1D random Euclidean optimization problemsOct 01 2018May 06 2019We consider a set of Euclidean optimization problems in one dimension, where the cost function associated to the couple of points $x$ and $y$ is the Euclidean distance between them to an arbitrary power $p\ge1$, and the points are chosen at random with ... More
Finite-size corrections in the random assignment problemFeb 20 2017May 17 2017We analytically derive, in the context of the replica formalism, the first finite size corrections to the average optimal cost in the random assignment problem for a quite generic distribution law for the costs. We show that, when moving from a power-law ... More
Random Combinatorial Optimization Problems: Mean Field and Finite-Dimensional ResultsFeb 01 2019This PhD thesis is organized as follows. In the first two chapters I will review some basic notions of statistical physics of disordered systems, such as random graph theory, the mean-field approximation, spin glasses and combinatorial optimization. The ... More
Fluctuations in the random-link matching problemMay 21 2019Using the replica approach and the cavity method, we study the fluctuations of the optimal cost in the random-link matching problem. By means of replica arguments, we derive the exact expression of its variance. Moreover, we study the large deviation ... More
Exact value for the average optimal cost of bipartite traveling-salesman and 2-factor problems in two dimensionsJul 10 2018Sep 27 2018We show that the average cost for the traveling-salesman problem in two dimensions, which is the archetypal problem in combinatorial optimization, in the bipartite case, is simply related to the average cost of the assignment problem with the same Euclidean, ... More
Selberg integrals in 1D random Euclidean optimization problemsOct 01 2018We consider a set of Euclidean optimization problems in one dimension, where the cost function associated to the couple of points $x$ and $y$ is the Euclidean distance between them to an arbitrary power $p\ge1$, and the points are chosen at random with ... More
Average optimal cost for the Euclidean TSP in one dimensionNov 20 2018The traveling-salesman problem is one of the most studied combinatorial optimization problems, because of the simplicity in its statement and the difficulty in its solution. We study the traveling salesman problem when the positions of the cities are ... More
Average optimal cost for the Euclidean TSP in one dimensionNov 20 2018Feb 26 2019The traveling-salesman problem is one of the most studied combinatorial optimization problems, because of the simplicity in its statement and the difficulty in its solution. We study the traveling salesman problem when the positions of the cities are ... More
The Random Fractional Matching ProblemFeb 08 2018We consider two formulations of the random-link fractional matching problem, a relaxed version of the more standard random-link (integer) matching problem. In one formulation, we allow each node to be linked to itself in the optimal matching configuration. ... More
Solution for a Bipartite Euclidean TSP in one dimensionFeb 05 2018The travelling salesman problem is one of the most studied combinatorial optimization problems, because of the simplicity in its statement and the difficulty in its solution. We characterize the optimal cycle for every convex and increasing cost function ... More
Classical Holographic CodesSep 12 2016Sep 08 2017In this work, we introduce classical holographic codes. These can be understood as concatenated probabilistic codes and can be represented as networks uniformly covering hyperbolic space. In particular, classical holographic codes can be interpreted as ... More
Selberg integrals in 1D random Euclidean optimization problemsOct 01 2018Feb 26 2019We consider a set of Euclidean optimization problems in one dimension, where the cost function associated to the couple of points $x$ and $y$ is the Euclidean distance between them to an arbitrary power $p\ge1$, and the points are chosen at random with ... More
Distributed soft thresholding for sparse signal recoveryJan 10 2013Oct 14 2013In this paper, we address the problem of distributed sparse recovery of signals acquired via compressed measurements in a sensor network. We propose a new class of distributed algorithms to solve Lasso regression problems, when the communication to a ... More
Reworking on affine exterior algebra of Grassmann, Peano and his schoolFeb 22 2010In this paper a construction of affine exterior algebra of Grassmann, with a special attention to the revisitation of this subject operated by Peano and his School, is examined from a historical viewpoint. Even if the exterior algebra over a vector space ... More
A multi-messenger study of the Milky Way's stellar disc and bulge with LISA, Gaia and LSSTJun 08 2018Feb 24 2019The upcoming LISA mission offers the unique opportunity to study the Milky Way through gravitational wave radiation from Galactic binaries. Among the variety of Galactic gravitational wave sources, LISA is expected to individually resolve signals from ... More
Was GRB 990123 a unique optical flash?Oct 23 2001Feb 01 2002GRB 990123 was a long, complex gamma-ray burst accompanied by an extremely bright optical flash. We find different constraints on the bulk Lorentz of this burst to be consistent with the speculation that the optical light is emission from the reverse ... More
GPU-Accelerated Algorithms for Compressed Signals Recovery with Application to Astronomical Imagery DeblurringJul 07 2017Compressive sensing promises to enable bandwidth-efficient on-board compression of astronomical data by lifting the encoding complexity from the source to the receiver. The signal is recovered off-line, exploiting GPUs parallel computation capabilities ... More
Spontaneous interlayer superfluidity in bilayer systems of cold polar moleculesNov 08 2009Dec 15 2010Quantum degenerate cold-atom gases provide a remarkable opportunity to study strongly interacting systems. Recent experimental progress in producing ultracold polar molecules with a net electric dipole moment opens up new possibilities to realize novel ... More
Kepler Flares II: The Temporal Morphology of White-Light Flares on GJ 1243Nov 13 2014We present the largest sample of flares ever compiled for a single M dwarf, the active M4 star GJ 1243. Over 6100 individual flare events, with energies ranging from $10^{29}$ to $10^{33}$ erg, are found in 11 months of 1-minute cadence data from Kepler. ... More
Further results on regular Fredholm pairs and chainsSep 12 2013The main objective of the present article is to characterize regular Fredholm pairs and chains in terms of Fredholm operators.
On the Moore-Penrose inverse in $C^*$-algebrasAug 15 2013In this article, two results regarding the Moore-Penrose inverse in the frame of $C^*$-algebras are considered. In first place, a characterization of the so-called reverse order law is given, which provides a solution of a problem posed by M. Mbekhta. ... More
Further results on the $(b, c)$-inverse, the outer inverse $A^{(2)}_{T, S}$ and the Moore-Penrose inverse in the Banach contextOct 27 2017In this article properties of the $(b, c)$-inverse, the inverse along an element, the outer inverse with prescribed range and null space $A^{(2)}_{T, S}$ and the Moore-Penrose inverse will be studied in the contexts of Banach spaces operators, Banach ... More
Isolated spectral points and Koliha-Drazin invertible elements in quotient Banach algebras and homomorphism rangesMar 14 2014In this article poles, isolated spectral points, group, Drazin and Koliha-Drazin invertible elements in the context of quotient Banach algebras or in ranges of (not necessarily continuous) homomorphism between complex unital Banach algebras will be characterized ... More
The Drazin spectrum in Banach algebrasSep 19 2013Several basic properties of the Drazin spectrum in Banach algebras will be studied. As an application, some results on meromorphic Banach space operators will be obtained.
Reduction theory for mapping class groups and applications to moduli spacesJan 10 2008Let $S=S_{g,p}$ be a compact, orientable surface of genus $g$ with $p$ punctures and such that $d(S):=3g-3+p>0$. The mapping class group $\textup{Mod}_S$ acts properly discontinuously on the Teichm\"uller space $\mathcal T(S)$ of marked hyperbolic structures ... More
Reducing the number of variables of a polynomialJul 26 2005In this paper, we consider two basic questions about presenting a homogeneous polynomial f: how many variables are needed for presenting f? How can one find a presentation of f involving as few variables as possible? We give a complete answer to both ... More
Lift in the 3-sphere of knots and links in lens spacesDec 04 2013An important geometric invariant of links in lens spaces is the lift in the 3-sphere of a link $L$ in $L(p,q)$, that is the counterimage $\widetilde L$ of $L$ under the universal covering of $L(p,q)$. If lens spaces are defined as a lens with suitable ... More
Global Schauder estimates for a class of degenerate Kolmogorov equationsMay 19 2007We consider a class of possibly degenerate second order elliptic operators $\cal A$ on $\R^n$. This class includes hypoelliptic Ornstein-Uhlenbeck type operators having an additional first order term with unbounded coefficients. We establish global Schauder ... More
Basel II for Physicists: A Discussion PaperJan 13 2005On June 26th, 2004, Central bank governors and the heads of bank supervisory authorities in the Group of Ten (G10) countries issued a press release and endorsed the publication of "International Convergence of Capital Measurement and Capital Standards: ... More
On the neutrino vector and axial vector charge radiusDec 18 2002A Majorana neutrino is characterized by just one flavor diagonal electromagnetic form factor: the anapole moment, that in the static limit corresponds to the axial vector charge radius <r^2_A>. As is the case for the vector charge radius of a Dirac neutrino, ... More
Analytically Riesz operators and Weyl and Browder type theoremsJul 20 2015Several spectra of analytically Riesz operators will be characterized. These results will led to prove Weyl and Browder type theorems for the aforementioned class of operators.
Direct and inverse limits of normed modulesFeb 11 2019The aim of this note is to study existence and main properties of direct and inverse limits in the category of normed $L^0$-modules (in the sense of Gigli) over a metric measure space.
Pathwise uniqueness for singular SDEs driven by stable processesMay 23 2010Jun 02 2010We prove pathwise uniqueness for stochastic differential equations driven by non-degenerate symmetric $\alpha$-stable L\'evy processes with values in $\R^d$ having a bounded and $\beta$-H\"older continuous drift term. We assume $\beta > 1 - \frac{\alpha}{2} ... More
The Challenge of Machine Learning in Space Weather Nowcasting and ForecastingMar 12 2019The numerous recent breakthroughs in machine learning (ML) make imperative to carefully ponder how the scientific community can benefit from a technology that, although not necessarily new, is today living its golden age. This review paper is focused ... More
Factorizations of EP Banach space operators and EP Banach algebra elementsJun 18 2013EP Banach space operators and EP Banach algebra elements are characterized using different kinds of factorizations. The results obtained generalize well-known characterizations of EP matrices, EP Hilbert space operators and EP $C^*$-algebra elements. ... More
On the Moore-Penrose inverse, EP Banach space operators and EP Banach algebra elementsAug 08 2013The main concern of this note is the Moore-Penrose inverse in the context of Banach spaces and algebras. Especially attention will be given to a particular class of elements with the aforementioned inverse, namely EP Banach space operators and Banach ... More
Dual properties and joint spectra for solvable Lie algebras of operatorsOct 04 2015Given $L$ a solvable Lie Algebra of operators acting on a Banach space $E$, we study the action of the opposite algebra of $L$, $L'$, on $E^*$. Moreover, we extend S{\l}odkowski joint spectra, $\sigma_{\delta,k}$, $\sigma_{\pi,k}$, and we study its usual ... More
Tensor products and the semi-Browder joint spectraMay 21 2016Given two complex Banach spaces $X_1$ and $X_2$, a tensor product of $X_1$ and $X_2$, $X_1\tilde{\otimes}X_2$, in the sense of J. Eschmeier ([5]), and two finite tuples of commuting operators, $S=(S_1,\ldots ,S_n)$ and $T=(T_1,\ldots ,T_m)$, defined on ... More
On the joint spectral radius of a nilpotent Lie algebra of matricesApr 29 2016For a complex nilpotent finite dimensional Lie algebra of matrices,and a Jordan-H\"older basis of it, we prove a spectral radius formula which extends a well-known result for commuting matrices.
Davie's type uniqueness for a class of SDEs with jumpsSep 24 2015Dec 16 2016A result of A.M. Davie [Int. Math. Res. Not. 2007] states that a multidimensional stochastic equation $dX_t = b(t, X_t)\,dt + dW_t$, $X_0=x$, driven by a Wiener process $W= (W_t)$ with a coefficient $b$ which is only bounded and measurable has a unique ... More
A class of CTRWs: Compound fractional Poisson processesMar 03 2011This chapter is an attempt to present a mathematical theory of compound fractional Poisson processes. The chapter begins with the characterization of a well-known L\'evy process: The compound Poisson process. The semi-Markov extension of the compound ... More
Joint spectra of representations of Lie algebras by compact operatorsMay 15 2014Given $X$ a complex Banach space, $L$ a complex nilpotent finite dimensional Lie algebra, and $\rho\colon L\to L(X)$, a representation of $L$ in $X$ such that $\rho (l)\in K(X)$ for all $l\in L$, the Taylor, the Slodkowski, the Fredholm, the split and ... More
The Drazin spectrum of tensor product of Banach algebra elements and elementary operatorsApr 11 2014Given unital Banach algebras $A$ and $B$ and elements $a\in A$ and $b\in B$, the Drazin spectrun of $a\otimes b\in A\overline{\otimes} B$ will be fully characterized, where $A\overline{\otimes} B$ is a Banach algebra that is the completion of $A\otimes ... More
Interlayer excitonic superfluidity in grapheneMay 21 2013Dec 06 2013We discuss the conditions under which the predicted (but not yet observed) zero-field interlayer excitonic condensation in double layer graphene has a critical temperature high enough to allow detection. Crucially, disorder arising from charged impurities ... More
Data complexity of answering conjunctive queries over SHIQ knowledge basesJul 22 2005An algorithm for answering conjunctive queries over SHIQ knowledge bases that is coNP in data complexity is given. The algorithm is based on the tableau algorithm for reasoning with individuals in SHIQ. The blocking conditions of the tableau are weakened ... More
Retardation of Bulk Water Dynamics by Disaccharide OsmolytesJul 21 2016The bioprotective nature of disaccharides is hypothesized to derive from the modification of the hydrogen bonding network of water which protects biomolecules through lowered water activity at the protein interface. Using ultrafast fluorescence spectroscopy ... More
Capillary stress and structural relaxation in moist granular materialsMar 15 2018Dec 24 2018We propose a theoretical framework to calculate capillary stresses in complex mesoporous materials, such as moist sand, nanoporous hydrates, and drying colloidal films. Molecular simulations are mapped onto a phase-field model of the liquid-vapor mixture, ... More
On Flavourful Easter eggs for New Physics hunger and Lepton Flavour Universality violationApr 18 2017Oct 03 2017Within the standard approach of effective field theory of weak interactions for $\Delta B = 1$ transitions, we look for possibly unexpected subtle New Physics effects, here dubbed "flavourful Easter eggs". We perform a Bayesian global fit using the publicly ... More
An Unexpected Discovery in the Rich Open Cluster NGC 6819 Using XMM-NewtonNov 28 2011We present the first study of the X-ray population of the intermediate-age rich open cluster NGC 6819 using the XMM-Newton Observatory. In the past decade, Chandra X-ray observations have shown a relationship between the X-ray population of globular clusters ... More
Newly Discovered Global Temperature Structures in the Quiet Sun at Solar MinimumJul 27 2012Magnetic loops are building blocks of the closed-field corona. While active region loops are readily seen in images taken at EUV and X-ray wavelengths, quiet Sun loops are seldom identifiable and therefore difficult to study on an individual basis. The ... More
Voyager 2 solar plasma and magnetic field spectral analysis for intermediate data sparsityAug 24 2015The Voyager probes are the furthest, still active, spacecraft ever launched from Earth. During their 38-year trip, they have collected data regarding solar wind properties (such as the plasma velocity and magnetic field intensity). Unfortunately, a complete ... More
Doubly stochastic distributions of extreme eventsFeb 26 2019The distribution of block maxima of sequences of independent and identically-distributed random variables is used to model extreme values in many disciplines. The traditional extreme value (EV) theory derives a closed-form expression for the distribution ... More
The value of information in financial markets: An agent-based simulationDec 17 2007We present results on simulations of a stock market with heterogeneous, cumulative information setup. We find a non-monotonic behaviour of traders' returns as a function of their information level. Particularly, the average informed agents underperform ... More
Integral representation for Bessel's functions of the first kind and Neumann seriesAug 31 2017A Fourier-type integral representation for Bessel's function of the first kind and complex order is obtained by using the Gegenbuaer extension of Poisson's integral representation for the Bessel function along with a trigonometric integral representation ... More
UV cancelations in gravity loop integrandsAug 30 2018In this work we explore the properties of four-dimensional gravity integrands at large loop momenta. This analysis can not be done directly for the full off-shell integrand but only becomes well-defined on cuts that allow us to unambiguously specify labels ... More
Gravity On-shell DiagramsApr 12 2016We study on-shell diagrams for gravity theories with any number of supersymmetries and find a compact Grassmannian formula in terms of edge variables of the graphs. Unlike in gauge theory where the analogous form involves only $\dlog$-factors, in gravity ... More
Fast and Lightweight Rate Control for Onboard Predictive Coding of Hyperspectral ImagesJan 30 2017Predictive coding is attractive for compression of hyperspecral images onboard of spacecrafts in light of the excellent rate-distortion performance and low complexity of recent schemes. In this letter we propose a rate control algorithm and integrate ... More
Geodesic manifolds with a transitive subset of smooth biLipschitz mapsApr 02 2008Feb 15 2016This paper is connected with the problem of describing path metric spaces that are homeomorphic to manifolds and biLipschitz homogeneous, i.e., whose biLipschitz homeomorphism group acts transitively. Our main result is the following. Let $X = G/H$ be ... More
Infinitesimal Hilbertianity of weighted Riemannian manifoldsSep 16 2018Sep 29 2018The main result of this paper is the following: any `weighted' Riemannian manifold $(M,g,\mu)$ - i.e. endowed with a generic non-negative Radon measure $\mu$ - is `infinitesimally Hilbertian', which means that its associated Sobolev space $W^{1,2}(M,g,\mu)$ ... More
On the Seifert fibered space link groupMar 24 2015We introduce generalized arrow diagrams and generalized Reidemeister moves for diagrams of links in Seifert fibered spaces. We give a presentation of the fundamental group of the link complement. As a corollary we are able to compute the first homology ... More
Divisors in the moduli spaces of curvesOct 29 2008Dec 19 2008In this mostly expository paper we review several known results about the cohomology of moduli spaces of smooth and stable curves, focusing in particular on low degree cohomology. We also give a new proof of Harer's theorem describing the second cohomology ... More
Optimal DoF region of the K-User MISO BC with Partial CSITMar 21 2017Jul 04 2017We consider the $K$-User Multiple-Input-Single-Output (MISO) Broadcast Channel (BC) where the transmitter, equipped with $M$ antennas, serves $K$ users, with $K \leq M$. The transmitter has access to a partial channel state information of the users. This ... More
Silicon Nitride MOMS Oscillator for Room Temperature Quantum OptomechanicsJun 29 2018Optomechanical SiN nano-oscillators in high-finesse Fabry-Perot cavities can be used to investigate the interaction between mechanical and optical degree of freedom for ultra-sensitive metrology and fundamental quantum mechanical studies. In this work ... More
Temporally Resolved Intensity Contouring (TRIC) for characterization of the absolute spatio-temporal intensity distribution of a relativistic, femtosecond laser pulseSep 16 2018Today's high-power laser systems are capable of reaching photon intensities up to $10^{22}$ W/cm^2, generating plasmas when interacting with material. The high intensity and ultrashort laser pulse duration (fs) make direct observation of plasma dynamics ... More
Two-Nucleon Higher Partial-Wave Scattering from Lattice QCDAug 04 2015Dec 24 2016We present a determination of nucleon-nucleon scattering phase shifts for l >= 0. The S, P, D and F phase shifts for both the spin-triplet and spin-singlet channels are computed with lattice Quantum ChromoDynamics. For l > 0, this is the first lattice ... More
Widespread presence of shallow cusps in the surface-brightness profile of globular clustersAug 16 2010Surface brightness profiles of globular clusters with shallow central cusps (Sigma ~ R^v with -0.3<~ v <~ -0.05) have been associated by several recent studies with the presence of a central intermediate mass black hole (IMBH). Such shallow slopes are ... More
Structural properties of semilinear SPDEs driven by cylindrical stable processesOct 28 2008Oct 04 2011We consider a class of semilinear stochastic evolution equations driven by an additive cylindrical stable noise.We investigate structural properties of the solutions like Markov, irreducibility, stochastic continuity, Feller and strong Feller properties, ... More
The Hilbert schemes of locally Cohen-Macaulay curves in P^3 may after all be connectedOct 12 2011Apr 30 2012Progress on the problem whether the Hilbert schemes of locally Cohen-Macaulay curves in projective 3 space are connected has been hampered by the lack of an answer to a question that was raised by Robin Hartshorne in his paper "On the connectedness of ... More
Continuity and density results for a one-phase nonlocal free boundary problemApr 21 2015Mar 01 2016We consider a one-phase nonlocal free boundary problem obtained by the superposition of a fractional Dirichlet energy plus a nonlocal perimeter functional. We prove that the minimizers are H\"older continuous and the free boundary has positive density ... More
Boundary and Bulk Phase Transitions in the Two Dimensional Q > 4 State Potts ModelMay 07 1998Nov 19 1998The surface and bulk properties of the two-dimensional Q > 4 state Potts model in the vicinity of the first order bulk transition point have been studied by exact calculations and by density matrix renormalization group techniques. For the surface transition ... More
Density Profiles, Casimir Amplitudes and Critical Exponents in the Two Dimensional Potts Model: A Density Matrix Renormalization StudyOct 15 1997We use the density matrix renormalization group (DMRG) to perform a detailed study of the critical properties of the two dimensional Q state Potts model, including the magnetization and energy-density profiles, bulk and surface critical exponents and ... More
Fluctuations in 2D reversibly-damped turbulenceOct 22 1998Jun 24 1999Gallavotti proposed an equivalence principle in hydrodynamics, which states that forced-damped fluids can be equally well represented by means of the Navier-Stokes equations and by means of time reversible dynamical systems called GNS. In the GNS systems, ... More
Boundary crossing Random Walks, clinical trials and multinomial sequential estimationJan 20 2011May 13 2011A sufficient condition for the uniqueness of multinomial sequential unbiased estimators is provided generalizing a classical result for binomial samples. Unbiased estimators are applied to infer the parameters of multidimensional or multinomial Random ... More
Binary adaptive embeddings from order statistics of random projectionsJan 30 2017We use some of the largest order statistics of the random projections of a reference signal to construct a binary embedding that is adapted to signals correlated with such signal. The embedding is characterized from the analytical standpoint and shown ... More
The stellar populations of local dwarfsJun 09 2005Recent progress in our knowledge of stellar populations in local dwarf spheroidal galaxies is briefly discussed. A few results are summarized including wide field observations of stellar populations and their spatial variations, studies of AGB and variable ... More
Strong approximation of density dependent Markov chains on bounded domainsApr 24 2017Jul 10 2017Density dependent families of Markov chains, such as the stochastic models of mass-action chemical kinetics, converge for large values of the indexing parameter $N$ to deterministic systems of differential equations (Kurtz, 1970). Moreover for moderate ... More
Two remarks on the Weierstrass flagApr 30 2012We show that the locally closed strata of the Weierstrass flags on the moduli spaces of curves of genus g and on the moduli space of curves of genus g with one marked point are almost never affine.
Well-posedness of semilinear stochastic wave equations with Hölder continuous coefficientsJun 30 2016We prove that semilinear stochastic abstract wave equations, including wave and plate equations, are well-posed in the strong sense with an $\alpha$-H\"{o}lder continuous drift coefficient, if $\alpha \in (2/3,1)$. The uniqueness may fail for the corresponding ... More
On linear evolution equations with cylindrical Lévy noiseAug 03 2009We study an infinite-dimensional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process $(X_t)$ in a given Hilbert space $H$. This is driven by a cylindrical symmetric L\'evy process without a Gaussian component and taking values in a Hilbert space $U$ which usually contains $H$. ... More
Improved chemical vapor transport growth of transition metal dichalcogenidesJan 22 2014In the crystal growth of transition metal dichalcogenides by the Chemical Vapor Transport method (CVT), the choice of the transport agent plays a key role. We have investigated the effect of various chemical elements and compounds on the growth of TiSe2, ... More
Regularity properties of nonlocal minimal surfaces via limiting argumentsMay 05 2011Feb 06 2013We prove an improvement of flatness result for nonlocal minimal surfaces which is independent of the fractional parameter $s$ when $s\rightarrow 1^-$. As a consequence, we obtain that all the nonlocal minimal cones are flat and that all the nonlocal minimal ... More
Achieving New Upper Bounds for the Hypergraph Duality Problem through LogicJul 10 2014Nov 20 2017The hypergraph duality problem DUAL is defined as follows: given two simple hypergraphs $\mathcal{G}$ and $\mathcal{H}$, decide whether $\mathcal{H}$ consists precisely of all minimal transversals of $\mathcal{G}$ (in which case we say that $\mathcal{G}$ ... More
A new type of identification problems: optimizing the fractional order in a nonlocal evolution equationJan 04 2016Jun 08 2016In this paper, we consider a rather general linear evolution equation of fractional type, namely a diffusion type problem in which the diffusion operator is the $s$th power of a positive definite operator having a discrete spectrum in $\R^+$. We prove ... More
Symmetric SuperfluidsDec 12 2018We present a complete classification of symmetric superfluids, namely shift-symmetric and Poincar\'{e} invariant scalar field theories that have an enlarged set of classically conserved currents at leading order in derivatives. These theories arise in ... More
The correlation of rate of Type Ia Supernovae with the parent galaxy properties: lights and shadowsMar 13 2019The identification of the progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae (SNIa) is extremely important in several astrophysical contexts, ranging from stellar evolution in close binary systems to evaluating cosmological parameters. Determining the distribution of ... More
Lorentz violation and the electron-ion colliderMay 29 2018Jul 24 2018We investigate the prospects for detecting violations of Lorentz symmetry in unpolarized deep inelastic electron-proton scattering in the context of the future electron-ion collider. Simulated differential cross-section data are used to place expected ... More
Streaming Generalized Cross EntropyNov 09 2018We propose a new method to combine adaptive processes with a class of entropy estimators for the case of streams of data. Starting from a first estimation obtained from a batch of initial data, at each step the parameters of the model are estimated combining ... More
The Geometry of Statistical Models for Two-Way Contingency Tables with Fixed Odds RatiosJul 26 2005Jul 27 2005We study the geometric structure of the statistical models for two-by-two contingency tables. One or two odds ratios are fixed and the corresponding models are shown to be a portion of a ruled quadratic surface or a segment. Some pointers to the general ... More
Characteristic-free bounds for the Castelnuovo-Mumford regularityOct 08 2003We study bounds for the Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity of homogeneous ideals in a polynomial ring in terms of the number of variables and the degree of the generators. In particular our aim is to give a positive answer to a question posed by Bayer and ... More
On the notion of parallel transport on $\sf RCD$ spacesMar 14 2018We propose a general notion of parallel transport on $\sf RCD$ spaces, prove an unconditioned uniqueness result and existence under suitable assumptions on the space.
Characterizations of EP and normal Banach algebra elements and Banach space operatorsJul 02 2013Several characterizations of EP and normal Moore-Penrose invertible Banach algebra elements will be considered. The Banach space operator case will be also studied. The results of the present article will extend well known facts obtained in the frames ... More
Generalized Browder's and Weyl's Theorems for Generalized DerivationsJun 03 2013Given Banach spaces $\X$ and $\Y$ and Banach space operators $A\in L(\X)$ and $B\in L(\Y)$, let $\rho\colon L(\Y,\X)\to L(\Y,\X)$ denote the generalized derivation defined by $A$ and $B$, i.e., $\rho (U)=AU-UB$ ($U\in L(\Y,\X)$). The main objective of ... More
Abelian Carter subgroups in finite permutation groupsMay 27 2013May 28 2013We show that a finite permutation group containing a regular abelian self-normalizing subgroup is soluble.
A primer on Carnot groups: homogenous groups, CC spaces, and regularity of their isometriesApr 28 2016Carnot groups are distinguished spaces that are rich of structure: they are those Lie groups equipped with a path distance that is invariant by left-translations of the group and admit automorphisms that are dilations with respect to the distance. We ... More
Lipschitz and path isometric embeddings of metric spacesMay 10 2010Feb 16 2016We prove that each sub-Riemannian manifold can be embedded in some Euclidean space preserving the length of all the curves in the manifold. The result is an extension of Nash $C^1$ Embedding Theorem. For more general metric spaces the same result is false, ... More
Zero-generic initial idealsMar 21 2013Mar 10 2014Given a homogeneous ideal I of a polynomial ring A=K[X_1,...,X_n] and a monomial order, we construct a new monomial ideal of A associated with I. We call it the zero-generic initial ideal of I with respect to the order and denote it with gin_0(I), or ... More
The lex-plus-power inequality for local cohomology modulesAug 10 2012Mar 11 2013We prove an inequality between Hilbert functions of local cohomology modules supported in the homogeneous maximal ideal of standard graded algebras over a field, within the framework of embeddings of posets of Hilbert functions. As a main application, ... More