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On the exit time from open sets of some semi-Markov processesSep 19 2017Mar 04 2019In this paper we characterize the distribution of the first exit time from an arbitrary open set for a class of semi-Markov processes obtained as time-changed Markov processes. We estimate the asymptotic behaviour of the survival function (for large $t$) ... More
On the Fractional Riemann-Liouville Integral of Gauss-Markov processes and applicationsMay 20 2019We investigate the stochastic processes obtained as the fractional Riemann-Liouville integral of order $\alpha \in (0,1)$ of Gauss-Markov processes. The general expressions of the mean, variance and covariance functions are given. Due to the central rule, ... More
Time-changed fractional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processJul 10 2019We define a time-changed fractional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process by composing a fractional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process with the inverse of a subordinator. Properties of the moments of such process are investigated and the existence of the density is shown. ... More
On the exit time from open sets of some semi-Markov processesSep 19 2017Semi-Markov processes constructed by means of a time-change, based on the inverse of a subordinator, are considered. The tail of the distribution of the exit time from an arbitrary open set is investigated and its asymptotic behaviour is derived. Our ... More
Fractional Erlang QueuesDec 27 2018We introduce a fractional generalization of the Erlang Queues $M/E_k/1$. Such process is obtained through a time-change via inverse stable subordinator of the classical queue process. We first exploit the (fractional) Kolmogorov forward equation for such ... More
A Markov approximation and related bounds for stochastically drifted processes and applications to neuronal modellingFeb 25 2019In order to include a stochastic input in the Leaky Integrate-and-Fire (LIF) neuronal model, we consider a linear stochastic differential equation (SDE) having the stochastic process $Z(t)$ in the drift coefficient. We characterize the solution $X(t)$ ... More
A code for square permutations and convex permutominoesApr 04 2019In this article we consider square permutations, a natural subclass of permutations defined in terms of geometric conditions, that can also be described in terms of pattern avoiding permutations, and convex permutoninoes, a related subclass of polyominoes. ... More
One remark on the b-semiampleness of the moduli partNov 04 2013In this short note we reduce the b-semiampleness conjecture for lc-trivial fibrations to the b-semiampleness conjecture for klt-trivial fibrations.
Inductive approach to effective b-semiamplenessJun 29 2012It has been conjectured by Prokhorov and Shokurov that the moduli part in the canonical bundle formula is effectively b-semiample. In this work we reduce this conjecture to the case where the base of the fibration has dimension one. Moreover, in the case ... More
Fundamental divisors on Fano varieties of index n-3Sep 04 2010Jan 11 2012Let X be a Fano manifold of dimension n and index n-3. Kawamata proved the non vanishing of the global sections of the fundamental divisor in the case n=4. Moreover he proved that if Y is a general element of the fundamental system then Y has at most ... More
Bounds on the denominators in the canonical bundle formulaMay 23 2011May 18 2012In this work we study the moduli part in the canonical bundle formula of an lc-trivial fibration whose generic fibre is a rational curve. In particular we find a bound for the denominators of the discriminant and the moduli divisor.
On the Fujita-Zariski decomposition on threefoldsMay 07 2013Aug 27 2013We prove that, on a smooth threefold, pseudoeffective divisors with closed and one-dimensional diminished base locus have birationally a Fujita-Zariski decomposition.
Simulations of Gaussian Processes and Neuronal ModelingDec 01 2004Dec 03 2004The research work outlined in the present note highlights the essential role played by the simulation procedures implemented by us on CINECA supercomputers to complement the mathematical investigations carried within our group over the past several years. ... More
The Essential Skeleton of a product of degenerationsDec 19 2017We study the problem of how the dual complex of the special fiber of an snc degeneration $\cX_R$ changes under products. We view the dual complex as a skeleton inside the Berkovich space associated to $X_K$. Using the Kato fan, we define a skeleton $\Sk(\cX_R)$ ... More
On invariance of plurigenera for foliations on surfacesFeb 03 2015Dec 02 2015We show that if $(X_t,\mathcal{F}_t)_t$ is a family of foliations with reduced singularities on a smooth family of surfaces, then invariance of plurigenera holds for sufficiently large $m$. On the other hand, we provide examples on which the result fails, ... More
A combinatorial approach to jumping particlesJul 29 2004In this paper we consider a model of particles jumping on a row of cells, called in physics the one dimensional totally asymmetric exclusion process (TASEP). More precisely we deal with the TASEP with open or periodic boundary conditions and with two ... More
Classification Problem in a Quantum FrameworkApr 21 2017The aim of this paper is to provide a quantum counterpart of the well known minimum-distance classifier named Nearest Mean Classifier (NMC). In particular, we refer to the following previous works: i) in Sergioli et al. 2016, we have introduced a detailed ... More
On the B-Semiampleness ConjectureAug 02 2018Oct 10 2018The B-Semiampleness Conjecture of Prokhorov and Shokurov predicts that the moduli part in a canonical bundle formula is semiample on a birational modification. We prove that the restriction of the moduli part to any sufficiently high divisorial valuation ... More
Lever-arm and Washboard-potential theories jointly account for Myosin II dynamicsApr 07 2004We address the controversial hot question concerning the validity of the loose-coupling versus the lever-arm models in the actomyosin dynamics by re-interpreting and extending the washboard potential model proposed by some of us in a previous paper. In ... More
Distinguishing `disks' from `mergers': tracing the kinematic asymmetries in local (U)LIRGs using `kinemetry'-based criteriaMar 10 2016The kinematic characterization of different galaxy populations is a key observational input to distinguish between different galaxy evolutionary scenarios, since it helps to determine the number ratio of rotating disks to mergers at different cosmic epochs. ... More
Updated F(T) gravity constraints from high redshift cosmographySep 29 2015In the last dozen years a wide and variegated mass of observational data revealed that the universe is now expanding at an accelerated rate. In the absence of a well-based theory to interpret the observations, cosmography provides information about the ... More
Crowdsourcing and Validating Event-focused Emotion Corpora for German and EnglishMay 31 2019Sentiment analysis has a range of corpora available across multiple languages. For emotion analysis, the situation is more limited, which hinders potential research on cross-lingual modeling and the development of predictive models for other languages. ... More
Divisorial Zariski Decomposition and some properties of full mass currentsMay 28 2015Jun 16 2015Let $\alpha$ be a big class on a compact K\"ahler manifold. We prove that a decomposition $\alpha=\alpha_1+\alpha_2$ into the sum of a modified nef class $\alpha_1$ and a pseudoeffective class $\alpha_2$ is the divisorial Zariski decomposition of $\alpha$ ... More
Photovoltaic Model-Based Solar Irradiance Estimators: Performance Comparison and Application to Maximum Power ForecastingApr 18 2017Due to the increasing proportion of distributed photovoltaic (PV) production in the generation mix, the knowledge of the PV generation capacity has become a key factor. In this work, we propose to compute the PV plant maximum power starting from the indirectly-estimated ... More
Exact Solution for the Protected TEM edge mode in a PTD-Symmetric Parallel-Plate WaveguideSep 24 2018Sep 27 2018A Parity Time-reversal Dual (PTD) symmetric structure constituted by a Perfectly-Electric-Perfectly magnetic (PEC-PMC) parallel plate waveguide (PPW) is analyzed. This waveguide supports unimodal transverse electromagnetic (TEM) edge mode propagation ... More
Spectrum of mixed bi-uniform hypergraphsJul 05 2014A mixed hypergraph is a triple $H=(V,\mathcal{C},\mathcal{D})$, where $V$ is a set of vertices, $\mathcal{C}$ and $\mathcal{D}$ are sets of hyperedges. A vertex-coloring of $H$ is proper if $C$-edges are not totally multicolored and $D$-edges are not ... More
Essential skeletons of pairs and the geometric P=W conjectureOct 28 2018Feb 26 2019We construct weight functions on the Berkovich analytification of a variety over a trivially-valued field of characteristic zero, and this leads to the definition of the Kontsevich-Soibelman skeletons and the essential skeletons of pairs. We prove that ... More
Bijections for simple and double Hurwitz numbersOct 23 2014We give a bijective proof of Hurwitz formula for the number of simple branched coverings of the sphere by itself. Our approach extends to double Hurwitz numbers and yields new properties for them. In particular we prove for double Hurwitz numbers a conjecture ... More
A Phenomenological model of Myosin II dynamics in the presence of external loadsNov 11 2004We address the controversial hot question concerning the validity of the loose coupling versus the lever-arm theories in the actomyosin dynamics by re-interpreting and extending the phenomenological washboard potential model proposed by some of us in ... More
Evidence of rf-driven branching of dendritic vortex avalanches in MgB2 microwave resonatorsSep 18 2006The influence of dendritic magnetic-flux penetration on the microwave response of superconducting MgB2 films is investigated by a coplanar resonator technique. The peculiar feature consists of jumps in the resonance curve, induced by vortex avalanches ... More
Fighting Fish: enumerative propertiesNov 14 2016Fighting fish were very recently introduced by the authors as combinatorial structures made of square tiles that form two dimensional branching surfaces. A main feature of these fighting fish is that the area of uniform random fish of size $n$ scales ... More
SuperB Progress Reports -- AcceleratorSep 30 2010Aug 25 2011This report details the present status of the Accelerator design for the SuperB Project. It is one of four separate progress reports that, taken collectively, describe progress made on the SuperB Project since the publication of the SuperB Conceptual ... More
On Myosin II dynamics in the presence of external loadsApr 18 2005We address the controversial hot question concerning the validity of the loose coupling versus the lever-arm theories in the actomyosin dynamics by re-interpreting and extending the phenomenological washboard potential model proposed by some of us in ... More
Correlations between hurricane numbers and sea surface temperature: why does the correlation disappear at landfall?Jan 15 2007There is significant correlation between main development region sea surface temperature and the number of hurricanes that form in the Atlantic basin. The correlation between the same sea surface temperatures and the number of \emph{landfalling} hurricanes ... More
VLT/VIMOS integral field spectroscopy of luminous and ultraluminous infrared galaxies: 2D kinematic propertiesJul 05 2013Jul 19 2013We present and discuss the 2D kinematic properties of the ionized gas (Halpha) in a sample of 38 local (ultra) luminous infrared galaxies [(U)LIRGs] (31 LIRGs and 7 ULIRGs) observed with VIMOS at the VLT using integral field spectroscopy. This sample ... More
A tale of two tails and an off-centered envelope: diffuse light around the cD galaxy NGC 3311 in the Hydra I clusterMay 23 2012Jun 27 2012The formation of intracluster light and of the extended halos around brightest cluster galaxies is closely related to morphological transformation, tidal stripping, and disruption of galaxies in clusters. We analyze Ks- and V-band surface photometry as ... More
On the equivalence of Hopfield Networks and Boltzmann MachinesMay 13 2011Jan 10 2012A specific type of neural network, the Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM), is implemented for classification and feature detection in machine learning. RBM is characterized by separate layers of visible and hidden units, which are able to learn efficiently ... More
QSO2 outflow characterization using data obtained with OSIRIS at the Gran Telescopio CanariasMay 09 2019Ionized outflows are ubiquitous in non radio-loud obscured quasars (QSO2s) at different redshifts. We search for large-scale ionized outflows associated with six optically selected QSO2 (five non-radio-loud and one radio-loud) at $z\sim$ 0.2-0.5, targeting ... More
Predicting landfalling hurricane numbers from basin hurricane numbers: statistical analysis and predictionsJan 15 2007Jan 29 2007One possible method for predicting landfalling hurricane numbers is to first predict the number of hurricanes in the basin and then convert that prediction to a prediction of landfalling hurricane numbers using an estimated proportion. Should this work ... More
An ADMM-based Coordination and Control Strategy for PV and Storage to Dispatch Stochastic Prosumers: Theory and Experimental ValidationMar 20 2018This paper describes a two-layer control and coordination framework for distributed energy resources. The lower layer is a real-time model predictive control (MPC) executed at 10 s resolution to achieve fine tuning of a given energy set-point. The upper ... More
Nutrients and biomass dynamics in photo-sequencing batch reactors treating wastewater with high nutrients loadingsJun 11 2018The present study investigates different strategies for the treatment of a mixture of digestate from an anaerobic digester diluted and secondary effluent from a high rate algal pond. To this aim, the performance of two photo-sequencing batch reactors ... More
Design of high brightness Plasma Wakefield Acceleration experiment at SPARC\_LAB test facility with particle-in-cell simulationsFeb 12 2018The present numerical investigation of a Plasma Wakefield Acceleration scenario in the weakly non linear regime with external injection is motivated by the upcoming campaigns at the SPARC\_LAB test facility where the final goal is to demonstrate modest ... More
Selection of cyanobacteria over green algae in a photo-sequencing batch bioreactor fed with wastewaterDec 22 2018A strategy based on photo sequencing batch operation was used to select cyanobacteria over unsettled green algae in a wastewater treatment system, evaluating for the first time the effect of hydraulic regimes on nutritional dynamics and microorganisms ... More
A VST and VISTA study of globular clusters in NGC253Nov 02 2017Aims. We analyze the properties of the sources in the NGC253 to define an up to date catalog of GC candidates in the galaxy. Methods. Our analysis is based on the science verification data of two ESO survey telescopes, VST and VISTA. Using ugri photometry ... More
Use of full-scale hybrid horizontal tubular photobioreactors to process agricultural runoffJun 26 2018Diffuse pollution in rural areas due to agricultural run-off is a widespread and difficult problem to address due to the vast areas affected. Drainage channels do receive these polluted waters, but its introduction in the conventional treatment network ... More
Polar Ring Galaxies and the Tully-Fisher relationOct 06 2003We have investigated the Tully-Fisher relation for Polar Ring Galaxies (PRGs), based on near infrared, optical and HI data available for a sample of these peculiar objects. Many PRGs show larger HI line-widths than expected for the observed K band luminosity, ... More
Pattern recognition on the quantum Bloch sphereMar 01 2016Jun 07 2016We introduce a framework suitable for describing pattern recognition task using the mathematical language of density matrices. In particular, we provide a one-to-one correspondence between patterns and pure density operators. This correspondence enables ... More
Production of polyhydroxybutyrates and carbohydrates in a mixed cyanobacterial culture: effect of nutrients limitation and photoperiodsJun 08 2018Jun 11 2018In the present study, different photoperiods and nutritional conditions were applied to a mixed wastewater-borne cyanobacterial culture in order to enhance the intracellular accumulation of polyhydroxybutyrates (PHBs) and carbohydrates. Two different ... More
Ionized gas outflows and global kinematics of low-z luminous star forming galaxiesApr 03 2014Jul 01 2014We study the kinematic properties of the ambient ionized ISM and ionized gas outflows in a large and representative sample of local luminous and ultraluminous infrared galaxies (U/LIRGs) (58 systems, 75 galaxies), on the basis of integral field spectroscopy ... More
CADDY Underwater Stereo-Vision Dataset for Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) in the Context of Diver ActivitiesJul 12 2018In this article we present a novel underwater dataset collected from several field trials within the EU FP7 project "Cognitive autonomous diving buddy (CADDY)", where an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) was used to interact with divers and monitor ... More
Comprehensive Evaluations of Cone-beam CT dose in Image-guided Radiation Therapy via GPU-based Monte Carlo simulationsSep 19 2013Cone beam CT (CBCT) has been widely used for patient setup in image guided radiation therapy (IGRT). Radiation dose from CBCT scans has become a clinical concern. The purposes of this study are 1) to commission a GPU-based Monte Carlo (MC) dose calculation ... More
Soliton Turbulence in Shallow Water Ocean Surface WavesJul 03 2014We analyze shallow water wind waves in Currituck Sound, North Carolina and experimentally confirm, for the first time, the presence of $soliton$ $turbulence$ in ocean waves. Soliton turbulence is an exotic form of nonlinear wave motion where low frequency ... More
Quantum-inspired Minimum Distance Classification in Biomedical ContextMar 07 2018We face the problem of pattern classification by proposing a quantum-inspired version of the widely used minimum distance classifier (i.e. the Nearest Mean Classifier (NMC)) already introduced in [31,33,28,27] and by applying this quantum-inspired classifier ... More
Nutrient removal from agricultural run-off in demonstrative full scale tubular photobioreactors for microalgae growthJul 12 2018The objective of this paper is to present the design, construction and operation of 3 full scale semi-closed, horizontal tubular photobioreactors (PBR) used to remove nutrients of a mixture of agricultural run-off (90%) and treated domestic wastewater ... More
A panoramic VISTA of the stellar halo of NGC 253Jan 08 2014Outskirts of large galaxies contain important information about the galaxy formation and assembly process, and resolved star count studies can probe the extremely low surface brightness of the outer halos. We use images obtained with the VISTA telescope ... More
Three-dimensional Self-assembled Columnar Arrays of AlInP Quantum Wires for Polarized Micron-sized Amber Light Emitting DiodesFeb 12 2018A three-dimensional ordered and self-organized semiconductor system emitting highly-polarized light in the yellow-orange visible range (580-650 nm) is presented, comprising self-assembled in-plane AlInP wires vertically stacked in regularly-spaced columns. ... More
Star-formation histories of local luminous infrared galaxiesFeb 27 2015We present the analysis of the integrated spectral energy distribution (SED) from the ultraviolet (UV) to the far-infrared and H$\alpha$ of a sample of 29 local systems and individual galaxies with infrared (IR) luminosities between 10^11 Lsun and 10^11.8 ... More
The number of Z-convex polyominoesFeb 07 2006In this paper we consider a restricted class of convex polyominoes that we call Z-convex polyominoes. Z-convex polyominoes are polyominoes such that any two pairs of cells can be connected by a monotone path making at most two turns (like the letter Z). ... More
Simulation design for forthcoming high quality plasma wakefield acceleration experiment in linear regime at SPARC_LABFeb 14 2018In the context of plasma wakefield acceleration beam driven, we exploit a high density charge trailing bunch whose self-fields act by mitigating the energy spread increase via beam loading compensation, together with bunch self-contain operated by the ... More
Layout considerations for a future electron plasma research accelerator facility EuPRAXIAFeb 01 2018The Horizon 2020 Project EuPRAXIA (European Plasma Research Accelerator with eXcellence In Applications) is preparing a conceptual design for a highly compact and cost-effective European facility with multi-GeV electron beams using plasma as the acceleration ... More
Towards the Modeling of Neuronal Firing by Gaussian ProcessesMay 30 2003This paper focuses on the outline of some computational methods for the approximate solution of the integral equations for the neuronal firing probability density and an algorithm for the generation of sample-paths in order to construct histograms estimating ... More
On the asymptotic behavior of first passage time densities for stationary Gaussian processesMay 16 2003May 30 2003Making use of a Rice-like series expansion, for a class of stationary Gaussian processes the asymptotic behavior of the first passage time probability density function through certain time-varying boundaries, including periodic boundaries, is determined. ... More
VEGAS-SSS. A VST survey of elliptical galaxies in the southern hemisphere: analysis of small stellar systems. Testing the methodology on the globular cluster system in NGC3115Dec 01 2014We present a study of globular clusters (GCs) and other small stellar systems (SSSs) in the field of NGC3115, observed as part of the VEGAS imaging survey, carried out with the VST telescope. We use deep g and i data of NGC3115, a well-studied lenticular ... More
Halo mass estimates from the Globular Cluster populations of 175 Low Surface Brightness Galaxies in the Fornax ClusterJan 28 2019The halo masses $M_{halo}$ of low surface brightness (LSB) galaxies are critical measurements for understanding their formation processes. One promising method to estimate a galaxy's $M_{halo}$ is to exploit the empirical scaling relation between $M_{halo}$ ... More
Strong nonlinear terahertz response induced by Dirac surface states in Bi2Se3 Topological InsulatorMay 08 2018Electrons with a linear energy/momentum dispersion are called massless Dirac electrons and represent the low-energy excitations in exotic materials like Graphene and Topological Insulators (TIs). Dirac electrons are characterized by notable properties ... More
DAFNE Consolidation Program and Operation with the KLOE-2 DetectorSep 28 2015After a long preparatory phase, including a wide hardware consolidation program, the Italian lepton collider DAFNE, is now systematically delivering data to the KLOE-2 experiment. In approximately 200 days of operation 1 fb-1 has been given to the detector ... More
VEGAS-SSS II: Comparing the globular cluster systems in NGC3115 and NGC1399 using VEGAS and FDS survey dataNov 02 2017We analyze the globular cluster (GC) systems in two very different galaxies, N3115 and N1399. With the papers of this series, we aim at highlighting common and different properties in the GC systems in galaxies covering a wide range of parameter space. ... More