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Membership-based Manoeuvre Negotiation in Autonomous and Safety-critical Vehicular SystemsJun 11 2019A fault-tolerant negotiation-based intersection crossing protocol is presented. Rigorous analytic proofs are used for demonstrating the correctness and fault-tolerance properties. Experimental results validate the correctness proof via detailed computer ... More
Skew throttlingSep 16 2019Zero forcing is a process that colors the vertices of a graph blue by starting with some vertices blue and applying a color change rule. Throttling minimizes the sum of the number of initial blue vertices and the time to color the graph. In this paper, ... More
A review of software engineering research from a design science perspectiveApr 29 2019Background: Communicating software engineering research to industry practitioners and to other researchers can be challenging due to its context dependent nature. Design science is recognized as a pragmatic research paradigm, addressing this and other ... More
Using Markov chains to determine expected propagation time for probabilistic zero forcingJun 25 2019Zero forcing is a coloring game played on a graph where each vertex is initially colored blue or white and the goal is to color all the vertices blue by repeated use of a (deterministic) color change rule starting with as few blue vertices as possible. ... More
The Dual Kaczmarz AlgorithmNov 01 2018The Kaczmarz algorithm is an iterative method for solving a system of linear equations. It can be extended so as to reconstruct a vector $x$ in a (separable) Hilbert space from the inner-products $\{\langle x, \phi_{n} \rangle\}$. The Kaczmarz algorithms ... More
$J$-factors for self-interacting dark matter in 20 dwarf spheroidal galaxiesDec 08 2017Dwarf spheroidal galaxies are among the most promising targets for indirect dark matter (DM) searches in $\gamma$-rays. The $\gamma$-ray flux from DM annihilation in a dwarf spheroidal galaxy is proportional to the $J$-factor of the source. The $J$-factor ... More