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Do Design Metrics Capture Developers Perception of Quality? An Empirical Study on Self-Affirmed Refactoring ActivitiesJul 10 2019Background. Refactoring is a critical task in software maintenance and is generally performed to enforce the best design and implementation practices or to cope with design defects. Several studies attempted to detect refactoring activities through mining ... More
Seebeck effects in two-dimensional spin transistorsNov 19 2014Feb 20 2015We consider a spin-orbit-coupled two-dimensional electron system under the influence of a thermal gradient externally applied to two attached reservoirs. We discuss the generated voltage bias (charge Seebeck effect), spin bias (spin Seebeck effect) and ... More
Spectral Properties of Non-Unitary Band MatricesMar 15 2014Oct 22 2014We consider families of random non-unitary contraction operators defined as deformations of CMV matrices which appear naturally in the study of random quantum walks on trees or lattices. We establish several deterministic and almost sure results about ... More
Thermalization of Fermionic Quantum WalkersNov 22 2016We consider the discrete time dynamics of an ensemble of fermionic quantum walkers moving on a finite discrete sample, interacting with a reservoir of infinitely many quantum particles on the one dimensional lattice. The reservoir is given by a fermionic ... More
Requirements variability specification for data intensive softwareApr 28 2019Nowadays, the use of feature modeling technique, in software requirements specification, increased the variation support in Data Intensive Software Product Lines (DISPLs) requirements modeling. It is considered the easiest and the most efficient way to ... More
Correlated Markov Quantum WalksOct 21 2011We consider the discrete time unitary dynamics given by a quantum walk on $\Z^d$ performed by a particle with internal degree of freedom, called coin state, according to the following iterated rule: a unitary update of the coin state takes place, followed ... More
House price estimation from visual and textual featuresSep 27 2016Most existing automatic house price estimation systems rely only on some textual data like its neighborhood area and the number of rooms. The final price is estimated by a human agent who visits the house and assesses it visually. In this paper, we propose ... More
Spatial coupling of quantum-anomalous-Hall and chiral-Majorana modesApr 16 2018We calculate density and current spatial distributions of a 2D model junction between a normal QAH contact and a superconducting QAH region hosting propagating (chiral) Majorana modes. We use a simplified Hamiltonian describing the spatial coupling of ... More
World Spinors - Construction and Some ApplicationsApr 17 1998The existence of a topological double-covering for the $GL(n,R)$ and diffeomorphism groups is reviewed. These groups do not have finite-dimensional faithful representations. An explicit construction and the classification of all $\bar{SL}(n,R)$, $n=3,4$ ... More
DSTC: DNS-based Strict TLS ConfigurationsSep 15 2018Most TLS clients such as modern web browsers enforce coarse-grained TLS security configurations. They support legacy versions of the protocol that have known design weaknesses, and weak ciphersuites that provide fewer security guarantees (e.g. non Forward-Secrecy), ... More
Coulomb-blockade effect in nonlinear mesoscopic capacitorsAug 21 2016We consider an interacting quantum dot working as a coherent source of single electrons. The dot is tunnel coupled to a reservoir and capacitively coupled to a gate terminal with an applied ac potential. At low frequencies, this is the quantum analog ... More
Quantum and Classical Dynamics of Molecular Scale StructuresOct 14 2016In this thesis, I investigate the molecular electronic properties of molecular junctions formed from single molecules. I started my thesis by discusses the main theoretical methods using in this work density functional theory and the green function formalism ... More
Spectral Transition for Random Quantum Walks on TreesDec 25 2012May 09 2013We define and analyze random quantum walks on homogeneous trees of degree $q\geq 3$. Such walks describe the discrete time evolution of a quantum particle with internal degree of freedom in $\C^q$ hopping on the neighboring sites of the tree in presence ... More
A Recipe for Arabic-English Neural Machine TranslationAug 18 2018In this paper, we present a recipe for building a good Arabic-English neural machine translation. We compare neural systems with traditional phrase-based systems using various parallel corpora including UN, ISI and Ummah. We also investigate the importance ... More
Possible Size Dependence of Distribution Functions of Classic, Boson, and Fermion AssembliesAug 15 2017I derived the size dependence of distribution function for classic, boson, and fermion assemblies. I did not use the Stirling approximation so that deviation contributed by this approximation at small number of particles can be avoided. I identified that ... More
The Cover Time of Random Walks on GraphsFeb 24 2012A simple random walk on a graph is a sequence of movements from one vertex to another where at each step an edge is chosen uniformly at random from the set of edges incident on the current vertex, and then transitioned to next vertex. Central to this ... More
Convergence via filter in locally solid Riesz spacesMar 07 2018Let $(E,\tau)$ be a locally solid vector lattice. A filter $\mathcal{F}$ on the set $E$ is said to be converge to a vector $e\in E$ if, each zero neighborhood set $U$ containing $e$, $U$ belongs to $\mathcal{F}$. We study on the concept of this convergence ... More
New Equation For Describing Time Dependence of Moon Orbit RadiusFeb 08 2018I derived an equation to describe the dependence of Moon orbit radius around the Earth. I obtained the radius changes with time according to a scaling equation, Moon orbit radius is proportional to power 2/5 of the Moon age. Using the equation I have ... More
A comparative study on q-deformed fermion oscillatorsFeb 03 2011In this paper, the algebras, representations, and thermostatistics of four types of fermionic q-oscillator models, called fermionic Newton (FN), Chaichian-Kulish-Ng (CKN), Parthasarathy-Viswanathan-Chaichian (PVC), Viswanathan-Parthasarathy-Jagannathan-Chaichian ... More
Bose Einstein condensation in a gas of the Fibonacci oscillatorsOct 10 2008We consider a system of the two-parameter deformed boson oscillators whose spectrum is given by a generalized Fibonacci sequence. In order to obtain the role of the deformation parameters (q1,q2) on the thermostatistics of the system, we calculate several ... More
Influence of the Forward Difference Scheme for the Time Derivative on the Stability of Wave Equation Numerical SolutionJul 02 2018Research on numerical stability of difference equations has been quite intensive in the past century. The choice of difference schemes for the derivative terms in these equations contributes to a wide range of the stability analysis issues - one of which ... More
Multiplicative order convergence in $f$-algebrasJan 13 2019Jan 21 2019A net $(x_\alpha)$ in an $f$-algebra $E$ is said to be multiplicative order convergent to $x\in E$ if $\x_\alpha-x\u\oc 0$ for all $u\in E_+$. In this paper, we introduce the notions $mo$-convergence, $mo$-Cauchy, $mo$-complete, $mo$-continuous and $mo$-KB-space. ... More
Complex Systems and a Computational Social Science Perspective on the Labor MarketJun 28 2016Labor market institutions are central for modern economies, and their polices can directly affect unemployment rates and economic growth. At the individual level, unemployment often has a detrimental impact on people's well-being and health. At the national ... More
Artificial Material with Negative Thermal Expansion: A Simple Geometrical ApproachJan 11 2016In the paper we report the modeling and design of material which has a negative thermal expansion (NTE). The basic assumption is a potential between the atoms in the material can be approximated by a Lennard-Jones potential (6-12) and the dominant interaction ... More
Multiplicative norm convergence in Banach lattice $f$-algebrasFeb 28 2019A net $(x_\alpha)$ in an $f$-algebra $E$ is called multiplicative order convergent to $x\in E$ if $\lvert x_\alpha-x\rvert u\oc 0$ for all $u\in E_+$. This convergence has been investigated and applied in a recent paper by Ayd{\i}n \cite{AAydn}. In this ... More
Time Series Predict DBMar 17 2019In this work, we are motivated to make predictive functionalities native to database systems with focus on time series data. We propose a system architecture, Time Series Predict DB, that enables predictive query in any existing time series database by ... More
Transverse momentum $p_{\mathrm{T}}$ spectra of strange particles production in different collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}= 2.76, 5.02,$ and $7$ TeVDec 11 2018Dec 15 2018We analyse the transverse momentum $p_{\mathrm{T}}$ spectra of strange particles \Kslxi produced in $\textsf{Pb+Pb}$ collision at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}= 2.76$ TeV, $\textsf{p+Pb}$ collision at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}= 5.02$ TeV, and $\textsf{p+p}$ collision at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}= ... More
Diffusive propagation of wave packets in a fluctuating periodic potentialFeb 02 2010Oct 05 2010We consider the evolution of a tight binding wave packet propagating in a fluctuating periodic potential. If the fluctuations stem from a stationary Markov process satisfying certain technical criteria, we show that the square amplitude of the wave packet ... More
NLO Rutherford Scattering and the Kinoshita-Lee-Nauenberg TheoremJun 30 2017We calculate to next-to-leading order accuracy the high-energy elastic scattering cross section for an electron off of a classical point source. We use the $\overline{\mathrm{MS}}$ renormalization scheme to tame the ultraviolet divergences while the infrared ... More
Continuous Operators with Convergence in Lattice-Normed Locally Solid Riesz SpacesNov 28 2017Dec 11 2018A linear operator $T$ between two lattice-normed locally solid Riesz spaces is said to be $p_\tau$-continuous if, for any $p_\tau$-null net $(x_\alpha)$, the net $(Tx_\alpha)$ is $p_\tau$-null, and $T$ is also said to be $p_\tau$-bounded operator if it ... More
Non-extensive entropy of bosonic Fibonacci oscillatorsApr 20 2009We discuss possible connections between the thermostatistical properties of a gas of the two-parameter deformed bosonic particles called Fibonacci oscillators and the properties of the Tsallis thermostatistics. In this framework, we particularly focus ... More
Thickness Effect on Fluctuation of Electron States in Thin Film and Implication to Lattice Constant Change Due to Size ReductionJan 18 2016We propose a model for predicting the fluctuations of electron states in thin films as function of film thickness. The model was derived based on the assumption of the existence of potential barrier fluctuations on the film surface. Since the wave functions ... More
Interpretation of Past Kingdoms Poems to Reconstruct the Physical Phenomena in the Past: Case of Great Tambora Eruption 1815Sep 29 2016In this paper I reconstruct the distribution of ash released from great Tambora eruption in 1815. The reconstruction was developed by analyzing the meaning of Poem of Bima Kingdom written in 1830. I also compared the effect of Tambora eruption and the ... More
New Equation for Bending Development of Arbitrary Rods and Application to Palm Fronds BendingSep 04 2016A new general equation to explain bending of arbitrary rods (from arbitrary materials, cross sections, densities, strengthnesses, bending angles, etc) was proposed. This equation can solve several problems found in classical equations, which have many ... More
Topological algebras of bounded operators with locally solid Riesz spacesFeb 09 2018Let $X$ be a vector lattice and $(E,\tau)$ be a locally solid vector lattice. An operator $T:X\to E$ is said to be $ob$-bounded if, for each order bounded set $B$ in $X$, $T(B)$ is topologically bounded in $E$. In this paper, we study on algebraic properties ... More
Compact-Like Operators in Vector Lattices Normed by Locally Solid LatticesJan 03 2018Dec 07 2018A linear operator $T$ between two vector lattices normed by locally solid Riesz spaces is said to be $p_\tau$-continuous if, for any $p_\tau$-null net $(x_\alpha)$, the net $(Tx_\alpha)$ is $p_\tau$-null, and $T$ is said to be $p_\tau$-bounded operator ... More
Lightweight Distance bound Protocol for Low Cost RFID TagsApr 08 2010May 07 2010Almost all existing RFID authentication schemes (tag/reader) are vulnerable to relay attacks, because of their inability to estimate the distance to the tag. These attacks are very serious since it can be mounted without the notice of neither the reader ... More
Performance Analysis of Observation Based Cooperation Enforcement in Ad Hoc NetworksJan 18 2012Node misbehavior due to selfish or malicious behavior could significantly degrade the performance of MANET because most existing routing protocols in MANET aim to find the most efficient path. Overhearing and reputation based cooperation schemes have ... More
Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP): Robust and Efficient for Data Centre ApplicationsDec 02 2013Due to rapid advancement in modern technology, as one of the major concerns is the stability of business. The organizations depend on their systems to provide robust and faster processing of information for their operations. Efficient data centers are ... More
A note on fractional moments for the one-dimensional continuum Anderson modelJul 27 2009We give a proof of dynamical localization in the form of exponential decay of spatial correlations in the time evolution for the one-dimensional continuum Anderson model via the fractional moments method. This follows via exponential decay of fractional ... More
Spectral Clustering for Optical Confirmation and Redshift Estimation of X-ray Selected Galaxy Cluster Candidates in the SDSS Stripe 82Jul 10 2016We develop a galaxy cluster finding algorithm based on spectral clustering technique to identify optical counterparts and estimate optical redshifts for X-ray selected cluster candidates. As an application, we run our algorithm on a sample of X-ray cluster ... More
Usability Engineering of Games: A Comparative Analysis of Measuring Excitement Using Sensors, Direct Observations and Self-Reported DataAug 29 2014Usability engineering and usability testing are concepts that continue to evolve. Interesting research studies and new ideas come up every now and then. This paper tests the hypothesis of using an EDA based physiological measurements as a usability testing ... More
Availability Aware Continuous Replica Placement ProblemMay 13 2016Replica placement (RP) intended at producing a set of duplicated data items across the nodes of a distributed system in order to optimize fault tolerance, availability, system performance load balancing. Typically, RP formulations employ dynamic methods ... More
Stop_times based Routing Protocol for VANETNov 28 2013Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANET) is a special class of Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) where vehicles are considered as MANET nodes with wireless links. The key difference of VANET and MANET is the special mobility pattern and rapidly changeable topology. ... More
A Study of Cross-domain Generative Models applied to Cartoon SeriesSep 29 2017We investigate Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to model one particular kind of image: frames from TV cartoons. Cartoons are particularly interesting because their visual appearance emphasizes the important semantic information about a scene while ... More
Dynamical Localization in Disordered Quantum Spin SystemsAug 18 2011Mar 20 2012We say that a quantum spin system is dynamically localized if the time-evolution of local observables satisfies a zero-velocity Lieb-Robinson bound. In terms of this definition we have the following main results: First, for general systems with short ... More
Dynamical Localization for Unitary Anderson ModelsFeb 28 2009This paper establishes dynamical localization properties of certain families of unitary random operators on the d-dimensional lattice in various regimes. These operators are generalizations of one-dimensional physical models of quantum transport and draw ... More
Does "www." Mean Better Transport Layer Security?Jun 15 2019Jun 18 2019Experience shows that most researchers and developers tend to treat plain-domains (those that are not prefixed with "www" sub-domains, e.g. "") as synonyms for their equivalent www-domains (those that are prefixed with "www" sub-domains, e.g. ... More
Towards Forward Secure Internet TrafficJun 29 2019Forward Secrecy (FS) is a security property in key-exchange algorithms which guarantees that a compromise in the secrecy of a long-term private-key does not compromise the secrecy of past session keys. With a growing awareness of long-term mass surveillance ... More
On cyclic DNA codes over the rings Z_{4}+wZ_{4} and Z_{4}+wZ_{4}+vZ_{4}+wvZ_{4}Mar 25 2016The structures of cyclic DNA codes of odd length over the finite rings R=Z_{4}+wZ_{4}, w^{2}=2 and S=Z_{4}+wZ_{4}+vZ_{4}+wvZ_{4},w^{2}=2,v^{2}=v,wv=vw are studied. The links between the elements of the rings R, S and 16 and 256 codons are established, ... More
Optimizing One Fair Document Exchange ProtocolApr 07 2012This paper presents an efficient fair document exchange protocol. The exchange of the documents will be between two parties. The protocol is based on the verifiable and recoverable encryption of a document's key. This verifiable and recoverable encryption ... More
Binary Coding in StreamMar 21 2015Big data is becoming ever more ubiquitous, ranging over massive video repositories, document corpuses, image sets and Internet routing history. Proximity search and clustering are two algorithmic primitives fundamental to data analysis, but suffer from ... More
Quark Orbital Angular Momentum in the MIT Bag ModelNov 04 2010Using the MIT bag model, we study the contribution from the gluon vector potential due to the spectators to the orbital angular momentum of a quark in the bag model. For $\alpha_s = {\cal O}(1)$, this spectator contribution to the quark orbital angular ... More
Analytical Solutions for Bending Of Fireworks and Similarities with the Solution of Electromagnetic Wave DiffractionSep 15 2016In this paper we examine more deeply about the bending mechanism of rod-shaped fireworks which burned from the free end. We derived new analytic equations. Surprisingly, we obtained the bending patterns are similar to the cornu spiral. With a few simple ... More
Cryptanalysis and Improvements on Some Graph-based Authentication SchemesSep 27 2012In 2010, Grigoriev and Shpilrain, introduced some graph-based authentication schemes. We present a cryptanalysis of some of these protocols, and introduce some new schemes to fix the problems.
Autonomous Surveying BoatAug 26 2014Feb 06 2019The fresh water reservoirs are one of the main power resources of Pakistan.These water reservoirs are in the form of Tarbela Dam, Mangla Dam, Bhasha Dam,and Warsak Dam. To estimate the current power capability of the Dams, the statistical information ... More
Design and Implementation of a Computational Lexicon for TurkishFeb 19 1997All natural language processing systems (such as parsers, generators, taggers) need to have access to a lexicon about the words in the language. This thesis presents a lexicon architecture for natural language processing in Turkish. Given a query form ... More
Hybrid Indexes to Expedite Spatial-Visual SearchFeb 17 2017Due to the growth of geo-tagged images, recent web and mobile applications provide search capabilities for images that are similar to a given query image and simultaneously within a given geographical area. In this paper, we focus on designing index structures ... More
Towards Analyzing Semantic Robustness of Deep Neural NetworksApr 09 2019Despite the impressive performance of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) on various vision tasks, they still exhibit erroneous high sensitivity toward semantic primitives (e.g. object pose). We propose a theoretically grounded analysis for DNNs robustness in ... More
Product Vacua and Boundary State Models in d DimensionsOct 01 2014We introduce and analyze a class of quantum spin models defined on d-dimensional lattices Lambda subset of Z^d, which we call `Product Vacua with Boundary States' (PVBS). We characterize their ground state spaces on arbitrary finite volumes and study ... More
Morphogenesis of the Sternum in Quail EmbryosJul 02 2018The flat bone develops through intramembranous ossification, in which the mesenchymal cells are directly driven towards osteogenic lineage without the formation of cartilage template. While long bone develops through endochondral ossification, where cartilage ... More
Cloud Offloading for Multi-Radio Enabled Mobile DevicesNov 11 2015The advent of 5G networking technologies has increased the expectations from mobile devices, in that, more sophisticated, computationally intense applications are expected to be delivered on the mobile device which are themselves getting smaller and sleeker. ... More
Query Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms in the Vector Space ModelNov 30 2011Dec 02 2013In information retrieval research; Genetic Algorithms (GA) can be used to find global solutions in many difficult problems. This study used different similarity measures (Dice, Inner Product) in the VSM, for each similarity measure we compared ten different ... More
Particle Yields and Ratios within Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium StatisticsDec 29 2018In characterizing the yields and ratios various of well identified particles in the ALICE experiment, we utilize extensive {\it additive} thermal approaches, to which various missing states of the hadron resonances are taken into consideration, as well. ... More
Improving the User Query for the Boolean Model Using Genetic AlgorithmsNov 30 2011Dec 02 2013The Use of genetic algorithms in the Information retrieval (IR) area, especially in optimizing a user query in Arabic data collections is presented in this paper. Very little research has been carried out on Arabic text collections. Boolean model have ... More
The BCS Functional for General Pair InteractionsMar 29 2007Nov 21 2007The Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) functional has recently received renewed attention as a description of fermionic gases interacting with local pairwise interactions. We present here a rigorous analysis of the BCS functional for general pair interaction ... More
Phenomenology of light- and strange-quark simultaneous production at high energiesMay 19 2017This letter presents an extension of EPL116(2017)62001 to light- and strange-quark nonequilibrium chemical phase-space occupancy factors ($\gamma_{q,s}$). The resulting damped trigonometric functionalities relating $\gamma_{q,s}$ to the nucleon-nucleon ... More
The 3XMM/SDSS Stripe 82 Galaxy Cluster Survey: Cluster catalogue and discovery of two merging cluster candidatesJun 17 2016Jul 24 2016We present a galaxy cluster survey based on XMM-Newton observations that are located in Stripe 82 of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). The survey covers an area of 11.25 deg$^2$. The X-ray cluster candidates were selected as serendipitously extended ... More
Learning Rotation for Kernel Correlation FilterAug 11 2017Kernel Correlation Filters have shown a very promising scheme for visual tracking in terms of speed and accuracy on several benchmarks. However it suffers from problems that affect its performance like occlusion, rotation and scale change. This paper ... More
A directed isoperimetric inequality with application to Bregman near neighbor lower boundsApr 04 2014May 16 2015Bregman divergences $D_\phi$ are a class of divergences parametrized by a convex function $\phi$ and include well known distance functions like $\ell_2^2$ and the Kullback-Leibler divergence. There has been extensive research on algorithms for problems ... More
Work Integrated Learning (WIL) In Virtual Reality (VR)Nov 11 2012The focus of this report is to initially discuss the concepts WIL and VR, their main characteristics and current applications. Moreover, the pros and cons of VWIL are also analyzed. Finally, the report presents some recommendation including further researches ... More
Simple and Efficient Contract Signing ProtocolApr 07 2012In this paper, a new contract signing protocol is proposed based on the RSA signature scheme. The protocol will allow two parties to sign the same contract and then exchange their digital signatures. The protocol ensures fairness in that it offers parties ... More
High temperature behavior of a deformed Fermi gas obeying interpolating statisticsMay 04 2012An outstanding idea originally introduced by Greenberg is to investigate whether there is equivalence between intermediate statistics, which may be different from anyonic statistics, and q-deformed particle algebra. Also, a model to be studied for addressing ... More
On Hermite-Hadamard-Fejer Inequality type for Convex Functions via Fractional IntegralsNov 16 2015Nov 28 2015In this paper, we have established some generalized integral inequalities of Hermite-Hadamard-Fej\'er type for generalized fractional integrals. The results presented here would provide generalizations of those given in earlier works.
The zero short Covering Problem for finite ringsSep 29 2014Mar 04 2015In this work, we find the cardinality of minimal zero short covers of An for any finite local ring A, removing the restriction of D(A)^2 = 0 from the previous works in the literature. Using the structure theorem for Artinian rings, we conclude that we ... More
Fluorescence from metallic silver and iron nanoparticles prepared by exploding wire techniqueSep 15 2006The observation of intense visible fluorescence from silver and iron nanoparticles in different solution phases and surface capping is reported here. Metallic silver and iron nanoparticles were obtained by exploding pure silver and iron wires in pure ... More
IAN: Combining Generative Adversarial Networks for Imaginative Face GenerationApr 16 2019Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) have gained momentum for their ability to model image distributions. They learn to emulate the training set and that enables sampling from that domain and using the knowledge learned for useful applications. Several ... More
Annihilation energy and decay time of an ortho-PositroniumJul 10 2019We approach to the ortho-positronium (o-Ps) as a relativistic two-body problem in $2+1$ dimensions in which o-Ps is composed of two-oppositely charged particles interacting via an attractive Coulomb force. In addition to separation of center of mass and ... More
Some Generalizations of Integral Inequalities and Their ApplicationsMar 09 2015In this paper, an integral identity for twice differentiable functions is generalized. Then, by using convexity of |f''| or q-th power of |f''| and with the aid of power mean and Holder's inequalities we achieved some new results. We also gave some applications ... More
BRST Quantization of Gauge Theory in Noncommutative Geometry: Matrix Derivative ApproachDec 29 1995The BRST quantization of a gauge theory in noncommutative geometry is carried out in the ``matrix derivative" approach. BRST/anti-BRST transformation rules are obtained by applying the horizontality condition, in the superconnection formalism. A BRST/anti-BRST ... More
Speed Plot Determination of the Delta(1232) ParametersApr 07 2010May 13 2010From the parameterization of the pion-nucleon phase shift of the partial wave P33, the pole position and width of the Delta(1232) resonance is determined by using speed plot technique. We found the pole position and the half width of the Delta(1232) resonance ... More
Study of Efficient Technique Based On 2D Tsallis Entropy For Image ThresholdingJan 20 2014Thresholding is an important task in image processing. It is a main tool in pattern recognition, image segmentation, edge detection and scene analysis. In this paper, we present a new thresholding technique based on two-dimensional Tsallis entropy. The ... More
The Nikolaevskiy equation with dispersionFeb 18 2010The Nikolaevskiy equation was originally proposed as a model for seismic waves and is also a model for a wide variety of systems incorporating a neutral, Goldstone mode, including electroconvection and reaction-diffusion systems. It is known to exhibit ... More
Real time ridge orientation estimation for fingerprint imagesOct 13 2017Fingerprint verification is an important bio-metric technique for personal identification. Most of the automatic verification systems are based on matching of fingerprint minutiae. Extraction of minutiae is an essential process which requires estimation ... More
Joint Spectrum Sensing and Resource Allocation for OFDM-based Transmission with a Cognitive RelayNov 12 2015In this paper, we investigate the joint spectrum sensing and resource allocation problem to maximize throughput capacity of an OFDM-based cognitive radio link with a cognitive relay. By applying a cognitive relay that uses decode and forward (D&F), we ... More
Approximating the ground state of gapped quantum spin systemsApr 29 2009We consider quantum spin systems defined on finite sets $V$ equipped with a metric. In typical examples, $V$ is a large, but finite subset of Z^d. For finite range Hamiltonians with uniformly bounded interaction terms and a unique, gapped ground state, ... More
Hermite--Hadamard type inequalities via differentiable $h_\varphi$-preinvex functions for Fractional IntegralsNov 29 2015In this paper, we consider a new class of convex functions which is called $h_{\varphi}-$preinvex functions. We prove several Hermite--Hadamard type inequalities for differentiable $h_\varphi$-preinvex functions via Fractional Integrals. Some special ... More
On Hermite-Hadamard-Fejer type Inequality for Convex Functions via Fractional IntegralsNov 16 2015Jun 16 2017In this paper, we have established some generalized integral inequalities of Hermite-Hadamard-Fej\'er type for generalized fractional integrals. The results presented here would provide generalizations of those given in earlier works.
Radiation-assisted magnetotransport in two-dimensional electron gas systems: appearance of zero resistance statesOct 12 2015Zero-Resistance States (ZRS) are normally associated with superconducting and quantum Hall phases. Experimental detection of ZRS in two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) systems irridiated by microwave(MW) radiation in a magnetic field has been quite a ... More
Research On Mobile Cloud Computing: Review, Trend, And PerspectivesJun 06 2012Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) which combines mobile computing and cloud computing, has become one of the industry buzz words and a major discussion thread in the IT world since 2009. As MCC is still at the early stage of development, it is necessary to ... More
Towards Public Key Infrastructure less authentication in Session Initiation ProtocolFeb 05 2010The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) has become the most predominant protocol for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) signaling. Security of SIP is an important consideration for VoIP communication as the traffic is transmitted over the insecure IP network. ... More
BMOBench: Black-Box Multi-Objective Optimization Benchmarking PlatformMay 23 2016This document briefly describes the Black-Box Multi-Objective Optimization Benchmarking (BMOBench) platform. It presents the test problems, evaluation procedure, and experimental setup. To this end, the BMOBench is demonstrated by comparing recent multi-objective ... More
Effective approach for taking into account interactions of quasiparticles from the low-temperature behavior of a deformed fermion-gas modelMay 17 2017A deformed fermion gas model aimed at taking into account thermal and electronic properties of quasiparticle systems is devised. The model is constructed by the fermionic Fibonacci oscillators whose spectrum is given by a generalized Fibonacci sequence. ... More
A Complete Diagrammatic Implementation of the Kinoshita-Lee-Nauenberg Theorem at Next-to-Leading OrderJan 03 2017We show for the first time in over 50 years how to correctly apply the Kinoshita-Lee-Nauenberg theorem diagrammatically in a next-to-leading order scattering process. We improve on previous works by including all initial and final state soft radiative ... More
Stress Response in Confined Arrays of Frictional and Frictionless ParticlesJul 29 2011Stress transmission inside three dimensional granular packings is investigated using computer simulations. Localized force perturbation techniques are implemented for frictionless and frictional shallow, ordered, granular arrays confined by solid boundaries ... More
On Ordinal Covering of Proposals Using Balanced Incomplete Block DesignsSep 18 2009A frequently encountered problem in peer review systems is to facilitate pairwise comparisons of a given set of proposals by as few as referees as possible. In [8], it was shown that, if each referee is assigned to review k proposals then ceil{n(n-1)/k(k-1)} ... More
Emergence of heterogeneity in an agent-based modelOct 31 2002We study an interacting agent model of a game-theoretical economy. The agents play a minority-subsequently-majority game and they learn, using backpropagation networks, to obtain higher payoffs. We study the relevance of heterogeneity to performance, ... More
Ubah?: Voting pattern in a sectarianized post-information-monopoly population I. predictions from a simple projection modelApr 29 2013We predict the results of the upcoming elections in Malaysia using a projective model for a sectarianized post-information-monopoly population.
Beyong the HiggsDec 21 2012A Higgs-compatible boson has been observed at the LHC at CERN. We briefly review the role of the Higgs in particle physics and describe some of the current challenges in understanding the fundamental structure of the universe. Is there supersymmetry and ... More
Multi-Objective Simultaneous Optimistic OptimizationDec 26 2016Optimistic methods have been applied with success to single-objective optimization. Here, we attempt to bridge the gap between optimistic methods and multi-objective optimization. In particular, this paper is concerned with solving black-box multi-objective ... More