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Szegö's Theorem and its Probabilistic DescendantsAug 01 2011Mar 05 2012The theory of orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle (OPUC) dates back to Szeg\"o's work of 1915-21, and has been given a great impetus by the recent work of Simon, in particular his two-volume book [Si4], [Si5], the survey paper (or summary of the ... More
Sects and lattice paths over the Lagrangian GrassmannianMar 18 2019We examine Borel subgroup orbits in the classical symmetric space of type CI, which are parametrized by skew symmetric (n, n)-clans. We describe bijections between such clans, certain weighted lattice paths, and pattern-avoiding signed involutions, and ... More
Multivariate prediction and matrix Szegö theoryMar 05 2012Following the recent survey by the same author of Szeg\"o's theorem and orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle (OPUC) in the scalar case, we survey the corresponding multivariate prediction theory and matrix OPUC (MOPUC).
Variational Estimators for Bayesian Optimal Experimental DesignMar 13 2019Bayesian optimal experimental design (BOED) is a principled framework for making efficient use of limited experimental resources. Unfortunately, its applicability is hampered by the difficulty of obtaining accurate estimates of the expected information ... More
Dynamic Adaptive Network IntelligenceNov 19 2015Accurate representational learning of both the explicit and implicit relationships within data is critical to the ability of machines to perform more complex and abstract reasoning tasks. We describe the efficient weakly supervised learning of such inferences ... More
Intervention Strategies for Epidemics: Does Ignoring Time Delay Lead to Incorrect Predictions?Sep 27 2018Our paper investigates distributions of exposed and infectious time periods in an epidemic model and how applying a disease control strategy affects the model's accuracy. While ordinary differential equations are widely used for their simplicity, they ... More
Can high energy neutrino annihilation on relic neutrinos generate the observed highest energy cosmic-rays?Apr 02 1998Annihilation of high energy, $\sim 10^{21}$eV, neutrinos on big bang relic neutrinos of $\sim 1$eV mass, clustered in the Galactic halo or in a nearby galaxy cluster halo, has been suggested to generate, through hadronic Z decay, high energy nucleons ... More
CTRW Pathways to the Fractional Diffusion EquationAug 01 2001The foundations of the fractional diffusion equation are investigated based on coupled and decoupled continuous time random walks (CTRW). For this aim we find an exact solution of the decoupled CTRW, in terms of an infinite sum of stable probability densities. ... More
Angular size and emission time scales of relativistic fireballsSep 18 1997The detection of delayed X-ray, optical and radio emission, ``afterglow,'' associated with gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) is consistent with models, where the bursts are produced by relativistic expanding blast waves, driven by expanding fireballs at cosmological ... More
Noncommutative Regularization for the Practical ManAug 08 1999It has been proposed that the noncommutative geometry of the "fuzzy" 2-sphere provides a nonperturbative regularization of scalar field theories. This generalizes to compact Kaehler manifolds where simple field theories are regularized by the geometric ... More
Geometric Quantization of Vector BundlesAug 27 1998Dec 16 2000I repeat my definition for quantization of a vector bundle. For the case of Toeplitz and geometric quantization of a compact Kaehler Manifold, I give a construction for quantizing any smooth vector bundle which depends functorially on a choice of connection ... More
Mass Matrix Integration Scheme for Fifteen-node Wedge ElementDec 31 2014At present, mass matrix of solid fifteen node wedge element is computed by means of eighteen-point (Gauss points) numerical integration scheme. Herein, this widely accepted scheme is being challenged. We derive a novel, easy-to-implement, ten-point integration ... More
Exact integration scheme for six-node wedge element mass matrixDec 19 2014Currently, mass matrices are computed by means of sufficiently accurate numerical integration schemes. Two-point and nine-point (Gauss) quadrature remain frequently used. We derive an exact, easy to implement integration rule for six-node wedge element ... More
Extra galactic sources of high energy neutrinosFeb 08 2005The main goal of the construction of large volume, high energy neutrino telescopes is the detection of extra-Galactic neutrino sources. The existence of such sources is implied by observations of ultra-high energy, >10^{19} eV, cosmic-rays (UHECRs), the ... More
Interstellar dust: what is it, how does it evolve, and what are its observational consequences?Dec 14 2004Dec 22 2004This paper reviews our current understanding of interstellar dust models, what constitutes a viable dust model, what observational constraints are essential for deriving such model, and the current viable dust models. Interstellar dust exhibits spatial ... More
Does the detection of X-ray emission from SN1998bw support its association with GRB980425?Jan 26 2004Mar 04 2004We show that the recent identification of X-ray emission from SN1998bw is naturally explained as synchrotron emission from a shock driven into the wind surrounding the progenitor by a mildly relativistic shell ejected by the supernova, the existence of ... More
Set Consensus: Captured by a Set of Runs with RamificationsMay 20 2014Are (set)-consensus objects necessary? This paper answer is negative. We show that the availability of consensus objects can be replaced by restricting the set of runs we consider. In particular we concentrate of the set of runs of the Immediate-Snapshot-Model ... More
Noncommutative RigidityNov 13 2002Feb 10 2004Using very weak criteria for what may constitute a noncommutative geometry, I show that a pseudo-Riemannian manifold can only be smoothly deformed into noncommutative geometries if certain geometric obstructions vanish. These obstructions can be expressed ... More
Profinite groups, profinite completions and a conjecture of MooreMay 11 2004Let R be any ring (with 1), \Gamma a group and R\Gamma the corresponding group ring. Let H be a subgroup of \Gamma of finite index. Let M be an R\Gamma -module, whose restriction to RH is projective. Moore's conjecture: Assume for every nontrivial element ... More
The Correspondence between Geometric Quantization and Formal Deformation QuantizationNov 08 1998Using the classification of formal deformation quantizations, and the formal, algebraic index theorem, I give a simple proof as to which formal deformation quantization (modulo isomorphism) is derived from a given geometric quantization.
The structure of tame minimal dynamical systemsSep 18 2006A dynamical version of the Bourgain-Fremlin-Talagrand dichotomy shows that the enveloping semigroup of a dynamical system is either very large and contains a topological copy of $\beta \N$, or it is a "tame" topological space whose topology is determined ... More
Tensor Variable Elimination for Plated Factor GraphsFeb 08 2019A wide class of machine learning algorithms can be reduced to variable elimination on factor graphs. While factor graphs provide a unifying notation for these algorithms, they do not provide a compact way to express repeated structure when compared to ... More
The Role of Dust in Producing the Cosmic Infrared BackgroundMay 21 2001The extragalactic background light (EBL), exclusive of the cosmic microwave background, consists of the cumulative radiative output from all energy sources in the universe since the epoch of recombination. Most of this energy is released at ultraviolet ... More
Predictions of the Gamma-Ray Burst Model of Ultra High Energy Cosmic RaysDec 06 1996The cosmological gamma-ray burst (GRB) model for the production of ultra- high energy cosmic rays is described, and the current observational evidence which support it discussed. Several predictions of the model are presented, which would allow it to ... More
High energy particles from gamma-ray burstsMar 13 2001A review is presented of the fireball model of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), and of the production in GRB fireballs of high energy protons and neutrinos. Constraints imposed on the model by recent afterglow observations, which support the association of GRB ... More
On the origin of fast radio bursts (FRBs)Mar 20 2017May 29 2017We derive stringent constraints on the persistent source associated with FRB 121102: Size $10^{17}$ cm $<R<10^{18}$ cm, age $<300$ yr, characteristic electron energy $\varepsilon_e\sim0.3$ GeV, total energy $\sim10^{49}$ erg. The hot radiating plasma ... More
Completing Partial Latin Squares - Alternative ProofMay 19 2016Dec 26 2016The problem of completing a partially specified n by n Latin square is solved by an alternative proof, based on filling the rows (or diagonals) from 1 to n, using an extended form of Hall's marriage theorem.
Simple, Decidable Type Inference with SubtypingApr 15 2011Aug 13 2013We demonstrate a method to infer polymorphically principal and subtyping-minimal types for an ML-like core language by assigning ranges within a lattice to type variables. We demonstrate the termination and completeness of this algorithm, and proceed ... More
The local energy production rates of GRB photons and of UHECRsOct 24 2010Oct 26 2010In a recent analysis it was found that the local (z=0) rate at which gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) produce energy in 1 MeV photons, Q_GRB(z=0), is 300 times lower than the local energy production rate in ultra-high energy cosmic-rays. This may appear to be ... More
A different derivation of the acceleration of a particle in a non-inertial reference frameMar 26 2008A new derivation of the acceleration of a particle in a non-inertial reference frame, including the Coriolis effect, is developed using the geometry of complex numbers in the complex plane.
Snapshot for Time: The One-Shot CaseAug 14 2014We show that for one-shot problems - problems where a processor executes a single operation-execution - timing constraints can be captured by conditions on the relation between original outputs and supplementary snapshots. In addition to the dictionary ... More
Higher order closed-form model for isotropic hyperelastic spherical shell (3D solid)Dec 31 2013Higher order closed-form formulation for Neo-Hookean shell is presented. New solution for natural frequency of free vibration of a hemisphere is derived.
The Detection of Cold Dust in Cas A: Evidence for the Formation of Metallic Needles in the EjectaJan 07 2004Jan 08 2004Recently, Dunne et al. (2003) obtained 450 and 850 micron SCUBA images of CasA, and reported the detection of 2-4 M_sun of cold, 18K, dust in the remnant. Here we show that their interpretation of the observations faces serious difficulties. Their inferred ... More
A Cohomological Perspective on Algebraic Quantum Field TheoryDec 15 2016Dec 18 2017Algebraic quantum field theory is considered from the perspective of the Hochschild cohomology bicomplex. This is a framework for studying deformations and symmetries. Deformation is a possible approach to the fundamental challenge of constructing interacting ... More
Gamma-ray burst after-glow: Confirming the cosmological fireball modelMay 29 1997Sep 22 1997The recent detection of delayed X-ray and optical emission, ``afterglow,'' associated with gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) supports models, where the bursts are produced by relativistic expanding blastwaves, ``fireballs,'' at cosmological distances. The detection ... More
COSMOLOGICAL GAMMA RAY BURSTS AND THE HIGHEST ENERGY COSMIC RAYSMay 18 1995We discuss a scenario in which the highest energy cosmic rays (CR's) and cosmological $\gamma$-ray bursts (GRB's) have a common origin. This scenario is consistent with the observed CR flux above $10^{20}\text{eV}$, provided that each burst produces similar ... More
Hamiltonian Gravity and Noncommutative GeometryMay 30 1996May 08 1997A version of foliated spacetime is constructed in which the spatial geometry is described as a time dependent noncommutative geometry. The ADM version of the gravitational action is expressed in terms of these variables. It is shown that the vector constraint ... More
Strong Correlations Between Fluctuations and Response in Aging TransportAug 07 2006Once the problem of ensemble averaging is removed, correlations between the response of a single molecule to an external driving field $F$, with the history of fluctuations of the particle, become detectable. Exact analytical theory for the continuous ... More
Development of a higher order closed-form model for isotropic hyperelastic cylindrical body, including small vibration problemNov 30 2013Dec 14 2013We develop a new higher order closed-form model for the dynamics of a hyperelastic isotropic 3D cylindrical body. We derive, for the first time, a simple explicit expression for the fundamental frequency.
Galactic Center Extinction: Evidence for Metallic Needles in the General Interstellar MediumJun 30 2004The extinction curve derived from ISO mid-infrared (IR) observations of the Galactic center (GC) exhibits a surprisingly flat behavior in the ~ 3 to 8 micron region, contrary to the deep minimum expected from standard interstellar dust models consisting ... More
On tame enveloping semigroupsJun 27 2004Jan 11 2006A dynamical version of the Bourgain-Fremlin-Talagrand dichotomy shows that the enveloping semigroup of a dynamical system is either very large and contains a topological copy of the Stone-Cech compactification of the natural numbers, or it is a "tame" ... More
Visualizing Imaginary Rotations and Applications in PhysicsJun 08 2009I discuss the notions of traditional vector length, and suggest defining a complex vector length for complex vectors, as opposed to the traditional Hermitian real length. The advantages of this are shown in the development of rotations through imaginary ... More
On two problems concerning topological centersOct 15 2007Let G be an infinite discrete group and bG its Cech-Stone compactification. Using the well known fact that a free ultrafilter on an infinite set is nonmeasurable, we show that for each element p of the remainder bG G, left multiplication L_p:bG \to bG ... More
Residence Time Statistics for Normal and Fractional Diffusion in a Force FieldJan 08 2006We investigate statistics of occupation times for an over-damped Brownian particle in an external force field. A backward Fokker-Planck equation introduced by Majumdar and Comtet describing the distribution of occupation times is solved. The solution ... More
Quantization of Planck's ConstantSep 04 2013Jun 21 2016This paper is about the role of Planck's constant, $\hbar$, in the geometric quantization of Poisson manifolds using symplectic groupoids. In order to construct a strict deformation quantization of a given Poisson manifold, one can use all possible rescalings ... More
Delayed Detonation at a Single Point in Exploding White DwarfsOct 26 1999Delayed detonation in an exploding white dwarf, which propagates from an off-center transition point, rather than from a spherical transition shell, is described and simulated. The differences between the results of 2D simulations and the 1D case are ... More
Cosmological Origin for Cosmic Rays Above $10^{19}$ eVAug 08 1995The cosmic ray spectrum at $10^{19}{\rm eV}-10^{20}{\rm eV}$, reported by the Fly's Eye and the AGASA experiments, is shown to be consistent with a cosmological distribution of sources of protons, with a power law generation spectrum ${\rm d}\ln N/{\rm ... More
High Energy Neutrinos from Gamma-Ray BurstsSep 13 2000Observations suggest that gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are produced by the dissipation of the kinetic energy of a relativistic fireball. In this talk, recent work on the production of high energy neutrinos by GRB fireballs is reviewed. A significant fraction ... More
Dynamic monopolies of constant sizeNov 17 1999Dec 24 1999The paper deals with a polling game on a graph. Initially, each vertex is colored white or black. At each round, each vertex is colored by the color shared by the majority of vertices in its neighborhood. We say that a set of vertices is a dynamic monopoly ... More
The Evolution of the Elemental Abundances in the Gas and Dust Phases of the GalaxyJul 02 1997Jul 03 1997We present models for the evolution of the elemental abundances in the gas and dust phases of the interstellar medium (ISM) of our Galaxy by generalizing standard models for its dynamical and chemical evolution. In these models, the stellar birthrate ... More
Quantization of Equivariant Vector BundlesAug 29 1997Nov 08 1998The quantization of vector bundles is defined. Examples are constructed for the well controlled case of equivariant vector bundles over compact coadjoint orbits. (Coadjoint orbits are symplectic spaces with a transitive, semisimple symmetry group.) In ... More
Quantum Gravitational Collapse of a Charged Dust ShellDec 21 1993Dec 22 1993A simple self gravitating system --- a thin spherical shell of charged pressureless matter --- is naively quantized as a test case of quantum gravitational collapse. The model is interpreted in terms of an inner product on the positive energy states. ... More
A new closed-form model for isotropic elastic sphere including new solutions for the free vibrations problemNov 04 2013We develop a new closed-form model for the dynamics of an elastic and isotropic sphere and use it to derive new closed-form resonant frequencies.
On Semi-Analytical Integration Specified for Mass Matrix of Finite ElementsJun 06 2015Spatial numerical integration is essential for finite element analysis. Currently, numerical integration schemes, mostly based on Gauss quadrature, are widely used. Herein, we present an alternative semi-analytical approach for mass matrix evaluation, ... More
On cohomology rings of infinite groupsFeb 24 2005Dec 17 2008Let R be any ring (with 1), \Gamma a group and R\Gamma the corresponding group ring. Let Ext_{R\Gamma}^{*}(M,M) be the cohomology ring associated to the R\Gamma-module M. Let H be a subgroup of finite index of \Gamma. The following is a special version ... More
Stable Equilibrium Based on Lévy Statistics: Stochastic Collision Models ApproachOct 22 2003We investigate equilibrium properties of two very different stochastic collision models: (i) the Rayleigh particle and (ii) the driven Maxwell gas. For both models the equilibrium velocity distribution is a L\'evy distribution, the Maxwell distribution ... More
Translation-finite setsNov 02 2011The families of right (left) translation finite subsets of a discrete infinite group $\Gamma$ are defined and shown to be ideals. Their kernels $Z_R$ and $Z_L$ are identified as the closure of the set of products $pq$ ($p\cdot q$) in the \v{C}ech-Stone ... More
On fixed points of self maps of the free ballSep 01 2017Dec 24 2018In this paper, we study the structure of the fixed point sets of noncommutative self maps of the free ball. We show that for such a map that fixes the origin the fixed point set on every level is the intersection of the ball with a linear subspace. We ... More
Stable Equilibrium Based on Lévy Statistics: A Linear Boltzmann Equation ApproachMar 13 2003To obtain further insight on possible power law generalizations of Boltzmann equilibrium concepts, a stochastic collision model is investigated. We consider the dynamics of a tracer particle of mass $M$, undergoing elastic collisions with ideal gas particles ... More
An Obstruction to Quantization of the SphereJun 20 2007Sep 06 2007In the standard example of strict deformation quantization of the symplectic sphere $S^2$, the set of allowed values of the quantization parameter $\hbar$ is not connected; indeed, it is almost discrete. Li recently constructed a class of examples (including ... More
Set Theory and the AnalystJan 27 2018This survey is motivated by specific questions arising in the similarities and contrasts between (Baire) category and (Lebesgue) measure -- category-measure duality and non-duality, as it were. The bulk of the text is devoted to a summary, intended for ... More
Design of Computer Experiments for Optimization, Estimation of Function Contours, and Related ObjectivesJan 22 2016A computer code or simulator is a mathematical representation of a physical system, for example a set of differential equations. Running the code with given values of the vector of inputs, x, leads to an output y(x) or several such outputs. For instance, ... More
The Steinhaus-Weil property: its converse, subcontinuity and Solecki amenabilityJun 30 2016Aug 14 2018The Steinhaus-Weil theorem that concerns us here is the simple, or classical, `interior-points' property -- that in a Polish topological group a non-negligible set B has the identity as an interior point of $BB^{-1}$. There are various converses; the ... More
Beyond Haar and Cameron-Martin: the Steinhaus supportApr 30 2018Mar 14 2019Motivated by a Steinhaus-like interior-point property involving the Cameron-Martin space of Gaussian measure theory, we study a group-theoretic analogue, the Steinhaus triple $(H,G,\mu)$, and construct a Steinhaus support, a Cameron-Martin-like subset, ... More
Finite Type Invariants of Links with Fixed Linking MatrixJun 21 1999In this paper we introduce two theories of finite type invariants for framed links with fixed linking matrix. We show that these thepries are related to the theory of Vassiliev invariants of framed links. We also study the corresponding spaces of ``chord ... More
GRB after-glow: Supporting the cosmological fireball model, constraining parameters, and making predictionsApr 13 1997Cosmological fireball models of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) predict delayed emission, ``after-glow,'' at longer wavelengths. We present several new results regarding the model predictions, and show that X-ray to optical observations of GRB970228 and GRB970402 ... More
Completing Partial Latin Squares - Alternative ProofMay 19 2016The problem of completing a partially specified n by n Latin square is solved by an alternative proof, based on filling the rows (or diagonals) from 1 to n, using an extended form of Hall's marriage theorem.
Short proofs of theorems of Malyutin and MargulisMay 15 2016Jun 03 2016The Ghys-Margulis alternative asserts that a subgroup $G$ of homeomorphisms of the circle which does not contain a free subgroup on two generators must admit an invariant probability measure. Malyutin's theorem classifies minimal actions of $G$. We present ... More
Iron: A Key Element for Understanding the Origin and Evolution of Interstellar DustMay 06 2016The origin and depletion of iron differ from all other abundant refractory elements that make up the composition of the interstellar dust. Iron is primarily synthesized in Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) and in core collapse supernovae (CCSN), and is present ... More
Consistent mass matrix of ten nodes tetrahedral element based on analytical integrationNov 05 2014Currently, components of consistent mass matrix are computed using various numerical integration schemes, each one alters in number of integration (Gauss) points, requires different amount of computations and possess different level of accuracy. We discuss ... More
The structure of tame minimal dynamical systems for general groupsJul 01 2017We use the structure theory of minimal dynamical systems to show that, for a general group $\Gamma$, a tame, metric, minimal dynamical system $(X, \Gamma)$ has the following structure: \begin{equation*} \xymatrix {& \tilde{X} \ar[dd]_\pi \ar[dl]_\eta ... More
A Groupoid Approach to QuantizationDec 13 2006Sep 18 2007Many interesting C*-algebras can be viewed as quantizations of Poisson manifolds. I propose that a Poisson manifold may be quantized by a twisted polarized convolution C*-algebra of a symplectic groupoid. Toward this end, I define polarizations for Lie ... More
The group $\Aut(μ)$ is Roelcke precompactFeb 22 2009Following a similar result of Uspenskij on the unitary group of a separable Hilbert space we show that with respect to the lower (or Roelcke) uniform structure the Polish group $G= \Aut(\mu)$, of automorphisms of an atomless standard Borel probability ... More
Quantization of Multiply Connected ManifoldsApr 17 2003The standard (Berezin-Toeplitz) geometric quantization of a compact Kaehler manifold is restricted by integrality conditions. These restrictions can be circumvented by passing to the universal covering space, provided that the lift of the symplectic form ... More
On the codimension growth of G-graded algebrasAug 17 2009Nov 21 2009Let W be an associative PI-affine algebra over a field F of characteristic zero. Suppose W is G-graded where G is a finite group. Let exp(W) and exp(W_e) denote the codimension growth of W and of the identity component W_e, respectively. We prove: exp(W) ... More
Category-measure duality: convexity, mid-point convexity and Berz sublinearityJul 19 2016Category-measure duality concerns applications of Baire-category methods that have measure-theoretic analogues. The set-theoretic axiom needed in connection with the Baire category theorem is the Axiom of Dependent Choice DC rather than the Axiom of Choice ... More
An explicit representation of Verblunsky coefficientsSep 21 2011We prove a representation of the partial autocorrelation function (PACF) of a stationary process, or of the Verblunsky coefficients of its normalized spectral measure, in terms of the Fourier coefficients of the phase function. It is not of fractional ... More
A Filtration on the Equivariant Borel-Moore HomologySep 10 2018Let $G/H$ be a homogeneous variety, and let $X$ be a $G$-equivariant embedding of $G/H$ such that the number of $G$-orbits in $X$ is finite. We show that the equivariant Borel-Moore homology of $X$ has a filtration with associated graded module the direct ... More
New insight into EM radiation from spinning dust and its influence on the Cosmic Microwave BackgroundFeb 01 2019Dust is ubiquitous in the Universe and its influence on the observed Electromagnetic (EM) radiation needs to be correctly addressed. In recent years it became clear that scattering of EM radiation from interstellar dust grains could change the local properties ... More
Beyond Lebesgue and Baire IV: Density topologies and a converse Steinhaus-Weil TheoremJun 30 2016Nov 08 2017The theme here is category-measure duality, in the context of a topological group. One can often handle the (Baire) category case and the (Lebesgue, or Haar) measure cases together, by working bi-topologically: switching between the original topology ... More
Probability, Statistics and Planet Earth, II:The Bochner-Godement theorem for symmetric spacesJun 27 2017The Bochner-Godement theorem extends the classical Bochner and Bochner-Schoenberg theorems from the context of Euclidean spaces and spheres to general symmetric spaces. We show how it also includes recent results on products of symmetric spaces: the Berg-Porcu ... More
Early emission from type Ia supernovaeAug 29 2011A unique feature of deflagration-to-detonation (DDT) white dwarf explosion models of SNe of type Ia is the presence of a strong shock wave propagating through the outer envelope. We consider the early emission expected in such models, which is produced ... More
Imploding ignition waves: I. one dimensional analysisAug 23 2011Jun 02 2012We show that converging spherical and cylindrical shock waves may ignite a detonation wave in a combustible medium, provided the radius at which the shocks become strong exceeds a critical radius, R_c. An approximate analytic expression for R_c is derived ... More
A new method for numerical inversion of the Laplace transformJul 28 1998A formula of Doetsch ({\em Math. Zeitschr.} {\bf 42}, 263 (1937)) is generalized and used to numerically invert the one-sided Laplace transform ${\hat C}(\beta)$. The necessary input is only the values of ${\hat C}(\beta)$ on the positive real axis. The ... More
The Next Frontier for Openness: Wireless CommunicationsSep 25 2001Oct 02 2001For wireless communications, the FCC has fostered competition rather than openness. This has permitted the emergence of vertically integrated end-to-end providers, creating problems of reduced hardware innovation, software applications, user choice, and ... More
UV/Optical emission from the expanding envelopes of type II supernovaeJul 13 2016The early part of a supernova (SN) light-curve is dominated by radiation escaping from the expanding shock-heated progenitor envelope. For polytropic Hydrogen envelopes, the properties of the emitted radiation are described by simple analytic expressions ... More
Intersection disjunctions for reverse convex setsJan 08 2019Jan 24 2019We present a framework to obtain valid inequalities for optimization problems constrained by a reverse convex set, which is defined as the set of points in a polyhedron that lie outside a given open convex set. We are particularly interested in cases ... More
On regular G-gradingDec 03 2012Mar 08 2013Let A be an associative algebra over an algebraically closed field F of characteristic zero and let G be a finite abelian group. Regev and Seeman introduced the notion of a regular G-grading on A, namely a grading A= {\Sigma}_{g in G} A_g that satisfies ... More
Approximating activation edge-cover and facility location problemsDec 24 2018What approximation ratio can we achieve for the Facility Location problem if whenever a client $u$ connects to a facility $v$,the opening cost of $v$ is at most $\theta$ times the service cost of $u$? We show that this and many other problems are a particular ... More
Weak mixing properties for nonsingular actionsAug 01 2013Dec 17 2014For a general group G we consider various weak mixing properties of nonsingular actions. In the case where the action is actually measure preserving all these properties coincide, and our purpose here is to check which implications persist in the nonsingular ... More
A finite-temperature liquid-quasicrystal transition in a lattice modelSep 06 2010We consider a tiling model of the two-dimensional square-lattice, where each site is tiled with one of the sixteen Wang tiles. The ground states of this model are all quasi-periodic. The systems undergoes a disorder to quasi-periodicity phase transition ... More
The Cumulative Bakground of High-Energy Neutrinos from Starburst GalaxiesJan 30 2006Apr 21 2006We show that starburst galaxies convert efficiently cosmic-rays into pions, which in turn decay into high-energy neutrinos and photons. The cumulative background of GeV neutrinos is 10^{-7}GeV/cm^2/s/sr. Its extrapolation to higher neutrino energies depends ... More
Single Molecule Chemical Reaction: Kramers Approach RevisitedApr 18 2005Single molecule chemical reactions yield new insight into fluctuation phenomena which are obscured in measurement of ensemble of molecules. Kramers escape problem is investigated here in a framework suitable for single molecule reactions. In particular ... More
Molecular imaging by optically-detected electron spin resonance of nitrogen-vacancies in nanodiamondNov 05 2012Dec 11 2012Molecular imaging refers to a class of noninvasive biomedical imaging techniques with the sensitivity and specificity to image biochemical variations in-vivo. An ideal molecular imaging technique visualizes a biochemical target according to a range of ... More
The Extragalactic Background Light and the Gamma-ray Opacity of the UniverseSep 20 2012Oct 10 2012The extragalactic background light (EBL) is one of the fundamental observational quantities in cosmology. All energy releases from resolved and unresolved extragalactic sources, and the light from any truly diffuse background, excluding the cosmic microwave ... More
On Binary Distributed Hypothesis TestingDec 31 2017We consider the problem of distributed binary hypothesis testing of two sequences that are generated by an i.i.d. doubly-binary symmetric source. Each sequence is observed by a different terminal. The two hypotheses correspond to different levels of correlation ... More
Identifying Direct Collapse Black Hole Seeds through their Small Host GalaxiesSep 05 2018Observations of high-redshift quasars indicate that super massive black holes (SMBHs) with masses greater than ${\sim}10^9~M_\odot$ were assembled within the first billion years after the Big Bang. It is unclear how such massive black holes formed so ... More
Minimality in General PDENov 22 2015Dec 04 2015This submission has been withdrawn by arXiv administrators as it is a machine-generated paper.
$1/f^β$ noise for scale-invariant processes: How long you wait mattersJul 05 2017We study the power spectrum which is estimated from a nonstationary signal. In particular we examine the case when the signal is observed in a measurement time window $[t_w,t_w+t_m]$, namely the observation started after a waiting time $t_w$, and $t_m$ ... More
Livsic-type Determinantal Representations and HyperbolicityOct 10 2014Jul 14 2015Hyperbolic homogeneous polynomials with real coefficients, i.e., hyperbolic real projective hypersurfaces, and their determinantal representations, play a key role in the emerging field of convex algebraic geometry. In this paper we consider a natural ... More