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Environmental Stability of Bismuthene: Oxidation Mechanism and Structural Stability of 2D PnictogensJul 10 2019Recently a new group of two dimensional (2D) materials, originating from the group V elements (pnictogens), has gained global attention owing to their outstanding properties.
Effect of discrete breathers on the specific heat of a nonlinear chainJul 07 2019In the present study, employing a one-dimensional nonlinear lattice with an on-site potential, we analyze the effect of discrete breathers (DBs) on its specific heat. In the most transparent way, this can be done by monitoring the chain temperature in ... More
Scroll configurations of carbon nanoribbonsApr 23 2015Carbon nanoscroll is a unique topologically open configuration of graphene nanoribbon possessing outstanding properties and application perspectives due to its morphology. However molecular dynamics study of nanoscrolls with more than a few coils is limited ... More
Mass transfer in Frenkel-Kontorova chain initiated by molecule impactMay 18 2018The Frenkel-Kontorova chain with a free end is used to study initiation and propagation of crowdions (anti-kinks) caused by impact of a molecule consisting of K atoms. It is found that molecules with 1 < K < 10 are more efficient in initiation of crowdions ... More
Helicity is the only invariant of incompressible flows whose derivative is continuous in $C^1$-topologyNov 12 2015Nov 13 2015Let $Q$ be a smooth compact orientable 3--manifold with smooth boundary $\partial Q$. Let $\mathcal{B}$ be the set of exact 2--forms $B\in\Omega^2(Q)$ such that $j_{\partial Q}^*B=0$, where $j_{\partial Q}:{\partial Q}\to Q$ is the inclusion map. The ... More
Connected components of spaces of Morse functions with fixed critical pointsJul 26 2010Jun 19 2011Let $M$ be a smooth closed orientable surface and $F=F_{p,q,r}$ be the space of Morse functions on $M$ having exactly $p$ critical points of local minima, $q\ge1$ saddle critical points, and $r$ critical points of local maxima, moreover all the points ... More
An inequality for a periodic uncertainty constantDec 08 2014Mar 30 2015An inequality refining the lower bound for a periodic (Breitenberger) uncertainty constant is proved for a wide class of functions. A connection of uncertainty constants for periodic and non-periodic functions is extended to this class. A particular minimization ... More
Periodic wavelet frames and time-frequency localizationOct 24 2012Mar 05 2014A family of Parseval periodic wavelet frames is constructed. The family has optimal time-frequency localization (in the sense of the Breitenberger uncertainty constant) with respect to a family parameter and it has the best currently known localization ... More
Photon polarization tensor in circularly polarized Hermite- and Laguerre-Gaussian beamsDec 24 2017We derive analytical expressions for the photon polarization tensor in circularly polarized Hermite- and Laguerre-Gaussian beams, complementing the corresponding results for linearly polarized beams obtained recently. As they are based upon a locally ... More
The photon polarization tensor in pulsed Hermite- and Laguerre-Gaussian beamsNov 16 2017In this article, we provide analytical expressions for the photon polarization tensor in pulsed Hermite- and Laguerre-Gaussian laser beams. Our results are based on a locally constant field approximation of the one-loop Heisenberg-Euler effective Lagrangian ... More
Electric dipole response of neutron-rich Calcium isotopes in relativistic quasiparticle time blocking approximationMay 27 2016New results for electric dipole strength in the chain of even-even Calcium isotopes with the mass numbers A = 40 - 54 are presented. Starting from the covariant Lagrangian of Quantum Hadrodynamics, spectra of collective vibrations (phonons) and phonon-nucleon ... More
Flexible sparse regularizationJan 18 2016The seminal paper of Daubechies, Defrise, DeMol made clear that $\ell^p$ spaces with $p\in [1,2)$ and $p$-powers of the corresponding norms are appropriate settings for dealing with reconstruction of sparse solutions of ill-posed problems by regularization. ... More
Energy transfer in strained graphene assisted by discrete breathers excited by external ac drivingSep 19 2016According to a number of numerical studies, many defect-free crystals support discrete breathers(DBs), i.e., spatially localized, large-amplitude vibrational modes, also often called intrinsic localized modes. There exist not a few nontrivial experimental ... More
Energy transfer in strained graphene assisted by discrete breathers excited by external ac drivingSep 19 2016Jan 13 2017In the present molecular dynamics study, external ac driving is used at frequencies outside the phonon spectrum to excite gap DBs in uniformly strained graphene nanoribbon. Harmonic displacement or harmonic force is applied to a zigzag atomic chain of ... More
X-ray photon scattering at a focused high-intensity laser pulseJun 23 2019We study x-ray photon scattering in the head-on collision of an XFEL pulse and a focused high-intensity laser pulse, described as paraxial Laguerre-Gaussian beam of arbitrary mode composition. For adequately chosen relative orientations of the polarization ... More
Shear induced martensitic transformations in crystalline polyethylene: direct MD simulationMar 17 2019Mar 29 2019For the first time, we carry out molecular dynamics (MD) simulation of shear-induced martensitic phase transitions between the orthorhombic and non-orthorhombic (triclinic and monoclinic) phases of crystalline polyethylene (PE) in the framework of a realistic ... More
Logarithmic Superconformal Minimal ModelsDec 24 2013Apr 02 2014The higher fusion level logarithmic minimal models LM(P,P';n) have recently been constructed as the diagonal GKO cosets (A_1^{(1)})_k oplus (A_1^{(1)})_n / (A_1^{(1)})_{k+n} where n>0 is an integer fusion level and k=nP/(P'-P)-2 is a fractional level. ... More
Morozov's principle for the augmented Lagrangian method applied to linear inverse problemsOct 25 2010The Augmented Lagrangian Method as an approach for regularizing inverse problems received much attention recently, e.g. under the name Bregman iteration in imaging. This work shows convergence (rates) for this method when Morozov's discrepancy principle ... More
Soft modes in the proton-neutron pairing channel as precursors of deuteron condensate in N=Z nucleiDec 29 2016Nov 23 2017Relativistic nuclear response theory is formulated for the proton-neutron pairing, or deuteron transfer, channel. The approach is based on the meson-nucleon Lagrangian of Quantum Hadrodynamics (QHD) and advances the relativistic field theory to connect ... More
Multitype branching processes evolving in i.i.d. random environment: probability of survival for the critical caseDec 02 2016Dec 09 2016Using the annealed approach we investigate the asymptotic behavior of the survival probability of a critical multitype branching process evolving in i.i.d. random environment. We show under rather general assumptions on the form of the offspring generating ... More
On the relationship between set-based and network-based measures of gender homophily in scholarly publicationsOct 27 2016There is an increased interest in the scientific community in the problem of measuring gender homophily in co-authorship on scholarly publications (Eisen, 2016). For a given set of publications and co-authorships, we assume that author identities have ... More
Wavelet frames on Vilenkin groups and their approximation propertiesDec 08 2014An explicit description of all Walsh polynomials generating tight wavelet frames is given. An algorithm for finding the corresponding wavelet functions is suggested, and a general form for all wavelet frames generated by an appropriate Walsh polynomial ... More
Generalization of Bertrand's theorem to surfaces of revolutionSep 04 2011Jun 10 2012The generalization of Bertrand's theorem to abstract surfaces of revolution without "equators" is proved. We prove a criterion for the existence on such a surface of exactly two central potentials (up to an additive and a multiplicative constants) all ... More
Transition Property For Cube-Free WordsDec 28 2018We study cube-free words over arbitrary non-unary finite alphabets and prove the following structural property: for every pair $(u,v)$ of $d$-ary cube-free words, if $u$ can be infinitely extended to the right and $v$ can be infinitely extended to the ... More
Transformation of the mechanical properties of materials by the geomagnetic resonanceMar 07 2019The strong geomagnetic influences on mechanical properties of crystals due to their exposure to ultralow crossed magnetic fields, the Earth's field (approx. 50 microTesla) and the AC field (approx. 3 microTesla) in the electron paramagnetic resonance ... More
On intersections of closed curves on surfacesNov 22 2011The problem on the minimal number (with respect to deformation) of intersection points of two closed curves on a surface is solved. Following the Nielsen approach, we define classes of intersection points and essential classes of intersection points, ... More
Weakening the tight coupling between geometry and simulation in isogeometric analysis: from sub- and super- geometric analysis to Geometry Independent Field approximaTion (GIFT)Jun 20 2017Jul 09 2017This paper presents an approach to generalize the concept of isogeometric analysis (IGA) by allowing different spaces for parameterization of the computational domain and for approximation of the solution field. The method inherits the main advantage ... More
Temperature-dependent oscillation modes in rotating superfluid neutron starsOct 18 2018We calculate the spectrum of inertial oscillation modes in a slowly rotating superfluid neutron star, including, for the first time, both the effects of finite temperatures and entrainment between superfluid neutrons and protons. We work in the Newtonian ... More
What do Frobenius's, Solomon's, and Iwasaki's theorems on divisibility in groups have in common?Jun 22 2018Jul 11 2018Our result contains as special cases the Frobenius theorem (1895) on the number of solutions to the equation $x^n=1$ in a group, the Solomon theorem (1969) on the number of solutions in a group to a system of equations having less equations than unknowns, ... More
Characterization of frequency stability in EIT-based atomic clocks using a differential detection schemeJul 13 2017We investigate a recently proposed scheme for differential detection of the magneto-optical rotation effect and its application to electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) atomic clocks. This scheme utilizes a linearly polarized bichromatic laser ... More
A Variational EM Method for Mixed Membership Models for Rank Data: an Analysis of Public Policy PreferencesDec 29 2015Rank data arise in a wide variety of contexts including survey results, consumer preferences, and political votes. In many of these cases, one might expect significant population heterogeneity. In this article, we examine survey data from Eurobarometer ... More
Indecomposable branched coverings over the projective plane by surfaces $M$ with $χ(M) \leq 0$Feb 06 2017In this work we study the decomposability property of branched coverings of degree $d$ odd, over the projective plane, where the covering surface has Euler characteristic $\leq 0$. The latter condition is equivalent to say that the defect of the covering ... More
Interlayer Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactionsMar 28 2018Aug 31 2018Interfacial Dzyaloshinkii-Moriya interaction defines a rotational sense for the magnetization of two-dimensional films making it responsible for the formation of chiral magnetic structures like spin-spirals and skyrmions in those films. Here we show by ... More
On the location of roots of graph polynomialsSep 08 2013Oct 07 2013Roots of graph polynomials such as the characteristic polynomial, the chromatic polynomial, the matching polynomial, and many others are widely studied. In this paper we examine to what extent the location of these roots reflects the graph theoretic properties ... More
Graphene Nanoribbon as an Elastic DamperFeb 01 2018Heterostructures composed of dissimilar two-dimensional nanomaterials can have nontrivial physical and mechanical properties promising for many applications. Interestingly, in some cases, it is possible to create heterostructures composed of weakly and ... More
Oxygen and hydrogen ion abundance in the near-Earth magnetosphere: Statistical results on the response to the geomagnetic and solar wind activity conditionsOct 16 2012The composition of ions plays a crucial role for the fundamental plasma properties in the terrestrial magnetosphere. We investigate the oxygen-to-hydrogen ratio in the near-Earth magnetosphere from -10 RE<XGSE}< 10 RE. The results are based on seven years ... More
Superluminous supernovaeMar 05 2018Mar 09 2018Superluminous supernovae are a new class of supernovae that were recognized about a decade ago. Both observational and theoretical progress has been significant in the last decade. In this review, we first briefly summarize the observational properties ... More
Spin-orbit splittings of neutron states in $N = 20$ isotones from covariant density functionals and their extensionsMay 09 2017Spin-orbit splitting is an essential ingredient for our understanding of the shell structure in nuclei. One of the most important advantages of relativistic mean-field (RMF) models in nuclear physics is the fact that the large spin-orbit (SO) potential ... More
Models of Tidally Induced Gas Filaments in the Magellanic StreamFeb 05 2018Mar 21 2018The Magellanic Stream and Leading Arm of HI that stretches from the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds (LMC and SMC) and over 200 degrees of the Southern sky is thought to be formed from multiple encounters between the LMC and SMC. In this scenario, most ... More
Entanglement of a laser driven pair of two-level qubits via its phonon environmentDec 15 2017Mar 16 2018The entanglement dynamics of a laser-pumped two-level quantum dot pair is investigated in the steady-state. The closely spaced two-level emitters, embedded in a semiconductor substrate, interact with both the environmental vacuum modes of the electromagnetic ... More
On the subgroup generated by solutions of Pell's equationSep 02 2016Aug 24 2017Equivalence classes of solutions of the Diophantine equation $a^2+mb^2=c^2$ form an infinitely generated abelian group $G_m$, where $m$ is a fixed square-free positive integer. Solutions of Pell's equation $x^2-my^2=1$ generate a subgroup $P_m$ of $G_m$. ... More
The "sugar" coarse-grained DNA modelJan 13 2014Jul 07 2016More than twenty coarse-grained (CG) DNA models have been developed for simulating the behavior of this molecule under various conditions, including those required for nanotechnology. However, none of these models reproduces the DNA polymorphism associated ... More
Quasiparticle-vibration coupling in relativistic framework: shell structure of Z=120 isotopesAug 17 2011For the first time, the shell structure of open-shell nuclei is described in a fully self-consistent extension of the covariant energy density functional theory. The approach implies quasiparticle-vibration coupling for superfluid systems. One-body Dyson ... More
Charged kaon femtoscopic correlations in p$-$Pb collisions at $\mathbf{\sqrt{{\textit s}_{\rm NN}}}=5.02$ TeV with ALICE at the LHCOct 23 2017Particle correlations at small relative momenta can be used to measure the space$-$time characteristics of particle production on the femtoscopic (fm=10$^{-15}$ m) level in high-energy collisions. Such correlations arise due to quantum statistics and ... More
Particle identification performance at ALICESep 01 2017ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) is the LHC experiment dedicated to the investigation of the nature and the properties of the Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP) using heavy-ion collisions. Among its characteristics, excellent particle identification capabilities ... More
On Global attraction to solitary waves for Klein-Gordon equation with concentrated nonlinearityNov 23 2016Jan 11 2019The global attraction is proved for the nonlinear 3D Klein-Gordon equation with a nonlinearity concentrated at one point. Our main result is the convergence of each "finite energy solution" to the manifold of all solitary waves as $t\to\pm\infty$. This ... More
Constrained BSDEs driven by a non quasi-left-continuous random measure and optimal control of PDMPs on bounded domainsDec 14 2017Feb 13 2018We consider an optimal control problem for piecewise deterministic Markov processes (PDMPs) on a bounded state space. The control problem under study is very general: a pair of controls acts continuously on the deterministic flow and on the two transition ... More
On degeneracy loci of equivariant bi-vector fields on a smooth toric varietyMay 01 2019We study equivariant bi-vector fields on a toric variety. We prove that, on a smooth toric variety of dimension $n$, the locus where the rank of an equivariant bi-vector field is $\leq 2k$ is not empty and has at least a component of dimension $\geq 2k+1$, ... More
Multiwavelength observations of blazarsMar 26 2017The INTEGRAL mission has played a major role in blazar science, thanks to its sensitive coverage of a spectral region (3-100 keV) that is critical for this type of sources, to its flexibility of scheduling and to the large field of view of its cameras. ... More
Sets of double and triple weights of treesDec 18 2007Apr 22 2011Let T be a weighted tree with n leaves. Let D_{i,j} be the distance between the leaves i and j. Let D_{i,j,k}= (D_{i,j} + D_{j,k} +D_{i,k})/2. We will call such numbers "triple weights" of the tree. In this paper, we give a characterization, different ... More
Matrix realizations of exceptional superconformal algebrasJan 28 2008We give a general construction of realizations of the contact superconformal algebras $K(2)$ and $\hat{K}'(4)$, and the exceptional superconformal algebra $CK_6$ as subsuperalgebras of matrices over a Weyl algebra of size $2^N\times 2^N$, where $N = 1, ... More
On sums of homogeneous locally nilpotent derivationsNov 12 2012Let A be a commutative associative integrally closed k-algebra without zero divisors effectively graded by a lattice. We obtain a criterion of local nilpotency of the sum of two homogeneous locally nilpotent derivations (LNDs) of fiber type on A in terms ... More
Continued fractions with odd partial quotientsOct 24 2011Consider the representation of a rational number as a continued fraction, associated with "odd" Euclidean algorithm. In this paper we prove certain properties for the limit distribution function for sequences of rationals with bounded sum of partial quotients ... More
On arithmetical nature of Tichy-Uitz's functionSep 07 2009Sep 09 2009R.F.Tichy and J.Uitz introduced a one parameter family $g_{\lambda}$, $\lambda \in (0,1)$, of singular functions. When $\lambda=1/2$ the function $g_{\lambda}$ coincides with the famous Minkowski question mark function. In this paper we describe the arithmetical ... More
On the homotopy type of the spaces of Morse functions on surfacesApr 25 2011Dec 03 2011Let $M$ be a smooth closed orientable surface. Let $F$ be the space of Morse functions on $M$ having fixed number of critical points of each index, moreover at least $\chi(M)+1$ critical points are labeled by different labels (enumerated). A notion of ... More
Limit theorems for random processes with random time substitutionAug 24 2009In this paper the sufficient conditions for convergence in Skorokhod space $D[0,1]$ of sequence of random processes with random time substitution are obtained.
Shifted small deviations and Chung LIL for symmetric alpha-stable processesNov 17 2008Jan 30 2009Consider a symmetric $\alpha$-stable L\'evy process with $\alpha\in (1,2)$. We study shifted small ball probabilities for these processes in the uniform topology, when the shift function is an arbitrary continuous function which starts at 0. We obtain ... More
Crossing speeds of random walks among "sparse" or "spiky" Bernoulli potentials on integersDec 18 2012May 14 2013We consider a random walk among i.i.d. obstacles on the one dimensional integer lattice under the condition that the walk starts from the origin and reaches a remote location y. The obstacles are represented by a killing potential, which takes value M>0 ... More
Weighted graphs with distances in given rangesSep 12 2014Dec 17 2014Let ${\cal G}=(G,w)$ be a weighted simple finite connected graph, that is, let $G$ be a simple finite connected graph endowed with a function $w$ from the set of the edges of $G$ to the set of real numbers. For any subgraph $G'$ of $G$, we define $w(G')$ ... More
Cosmic rays from multiwavelength observations of the Galactic diffuse emissionJan 25 2016Cosmic rays (CRs) generate diffuse emission while interacting with the Galactic magnetic field (B-field), the interstellar gas and the radiation field. This diffuse emission extends from radio, microwaves, through X-rays, to high-energy gamma rays. Diffuse ... More
GALEX measurements of the Big Blue Bump as a tool to study bolometric corrections in AGNsDec 09 2009Active Galactic Nuclei emit over the entire electromagnetic spectrum with the peak of the accretion disk emission in the far-UV, a wavelength range historically difficult to investigate. We use here the GALEX (Galaxy Evolution Explorer) Near-UV and Far-UV ... More
Curves on a nonsingular Del Pezzo Surface in $P^4_k$Oct 25 2004Classification of curves in a projective space occupies minds of many mathematicians. First step in doing so is classification of curves on a given surface. This brings us to consideration of the nonsingular Del Pezzo Surface in $P^4_k.$ We describe conditions ... More
The construction of the program control with probability one for stochastic dynamic systems with jumpsJan 14 2012Investigate the stochastic dynamic non-linear system with the Wiener and the Poisson perturbations. For such systems we construct the program control with probability one, which allows this system to move on the given trajectory. In this case the control ... More
On irreducibility of the family of ACM curves of degree 8 and genus 4 in $P^4_k$Oct 06 2004Let C be an arithmetically Cohen-Macaulay curve of arithmetic genus 4. We prove that the family of such curves of degree 8 in $P^4_k$ is irreducible.
Neutral pion number fluctuationsOct 13 2011Neutral pion number fluctuations have been measured in proton interactions at U-70 accelerator (IHEP, Protvino). The experiment is carried out on the SVD-2 setup. Charged and neutral particles are registered simultaneously. The reconstruction of $\pi ... More
On the weights of simple paths in weighted complete graphsOct 02 2012Consider a weighted graph G with n vertices, numbered by the set {1,...,n}. For any path p in G, we call w_G(p) the sum of the weights of the edges of the path and we define the multiset {\cal D}_{i,j} (G) = {w_G(p) | p simple path between i and j} We ... More
Polarized 3He(e,e'n) Asymmetries in Three Orthogonal MeasurementsSep 12 2012Asymmetry measurements were conducted in Jefferson Lab's experimental Hall A through electron scattering from a polarized $^3$He target in the quasi-elastic $^3\mathrm{He}(e,e'n)$ reaction. Measurements were made with the target polarized in the longitudinal ... More
Automorphisms of Chevalley groups of different types over commutative ringsAug 02 2011In this paper we prove that every automorphism of (elementary) adjoint Chevalley group with root system of rank $>1$ over a commutative ring (with 1/2 for the systems $A_2$, $F_4$, $B_l$, $C_l$; with 1/2 and 1/3 for the system $G_2$) is standard, i.\,e., ... More
On complex and real identifiability of tensorsJan 25 2018We report about the state of the art on complex and real generic identifiability of tensors, we describe some of our recent results obtained in [6] and we present perspectives on the subject.
Waring decompositions and identifiability via Bertini and Macaulay2 softwareMar 02 2018Starting from our previous papers [AGMO] and [ABC], we prove the existence of a non-empty Euclidean open subset whose elements are polynomial vectors with 4 components, in 3 variables, degrees, respectively, 2,3,3,3 and rank 6, which are not identifiable ... More
Measurements of jet structure and fragmentation from full jet reconstruction in heavy ion collisions at RHICJul 28 2009Oct 19 2009Measurements of inclusive hadron suppression and di-hadron azimuthal correlations have provided important insights into jet quenching in hot QCD matter. However, they do not provide access to the energy of the hard scattering and are limited in their ... More
Flavour anomalies: a reviewJul 30 2018The concept of lepton flavour universality (LFU), according to which the three lepton families are equivalent except for their masses, is a cornerstone prediction of the Standard Model (SM). LFU can be violated in models beyond the SM by new physics particles ... More
Damping control in viscoelastic beam dynamicsApr 08 2019Viscoelasticity plays a key role in many practical applications and in different reasearch fields, such as in seals, sliding-rolling contacts and crack propagation. In all these contexts, a proper knowledge of the viscoelastic modulus is very important. ... More
Boundedness and decay for the Teukolsky equation of spin $\pm1$ on Reissner-Nordström spacetime: the $l=1$ spherical modeDec 06 2018We prove boundedness and polynomial decay statements for solutions to the spin $\pm1$ Teukolsky-type equation projected to the $l=1$ spherical harmonic on Reissner-Nordstr\"om spacetime. The equation is verified by a gauge-invariant quantity, involving ... More
Action-conditional Sequence Modeling for RecommendationSep 07 2018In many online applications interactions between a user and a web-service are organized in a sequential way, e.g., user browsing an e-commerce website. In this setting, recommendation system acts throughout user navigation by showing items. Previous works ... More
Noncommutative Black Holes at the LHCJan 12 2018Based on the latest public results, 13 TeV data from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN has not indicated any evidence of hitherto tested models of quantum black holes, semiclassical black holes, or string balls. Such models have predicted signatures of ... More
Coupled gravitational and electromagnetic perturbations of Reissner-Nordström spacetime in a polarized settingDec 01 2017We derive a system of equations governing the coupled gravitational and electromagnetic perturbations of Reissner-Nordstr\"om spacetime. The equations are derived in the context of global non-linear stability of Reissner-Nordstr\"om under axially symmetric ... More
Tsunami penetration in tidal rivers, with observations of the Chile 2015 tsunami in rivers in JapanMar 28 2017An extensive data set of water level measurements of the September 2015 Chilean tsunami in rivers in Japan and a new methodology for data processing are used to verify that tsunami dissipation in a river at each instant and locality depends on the tidally-modified ... More
Hopf categories and the categorification of the Heisenberg algebra via graphical calculusDec 20 2016We explore the connection between the notion of Hopf category and the categorification of the infinite dimensional Heisenberg algebra via graphical calculus proposed by M.Khovanov. We show that the existence of a Hopf structure on a semisimple symmetric ... More
On the effects of ion-neutral interactions in solar plasmasNov 18 2016Solar photosphere and chromosphere are composed of weakly ionized plasma for which collisional coupling decreases with height. This implies a breakdown of some hypotheses underlying magnetohydrodynamics at low altitudes and gives rise to non-ideal MHD ... More
On a Hierarchy of Reflection Principles in Peano ArithmeticMay 11 2014We study reflection principles of Peano Arithmetic PA which are based on both proof and provability. Any such reflection principle in PA is equivalent to either $\Box P\!\rightarrow\! P$ ($\Box P$ stands for `$P$ is provable') or $\Box^k u\!\!:\!\!P\!\rightarrow\! ... More
Stability of homogeneous bundles on P^3Dec 18 2007May 02 2011We study the stability of some homogeneous bundles on P^3 by using their representations of the quiver associated to the homgeneous bundles on P^3. In particular we show that homogeneous bundles on P^3 whose support of the quiver representation is a parallelepiped ... More
New classification of solar flares based on the maximum flux in Soft X-rays and on duration of flareMay 18 2018Solar flare activity is characterized by classification systems, both in optical and Soft X-ray ranges. The most generally accepted classifications of solar flares describe important parameters of flare such as the maximum of brightness of the flare in ... More
Lazzeri's Jacobian of oriented compact riemannian manifoldsDec 18 1998The subject of this paper is a Jacobian, introduced by F. Lazzeri, (unpublished), associated to every compact oriented riemannian manifold of dimension twice an odd number. We start the investigation of Torelli type problems and Schottky type problem ... More
A non-linear parabolic PDE with a distributional coefficient and its applications to stochastic analysisAug 06 2018Jun 27 2019We consider a non-linear parabolic partial differential equation (PDE) on $\mathbb R^d$ with a distributional coefficient in the non-linear term. The distribution is an element of a Besov space with negative regularity and the non-linearity is of quadratic ... More
Infinitesimal deformations of Hitchin pairs and Hitchin mapMar 29 2010We identify dglas that control infinitesimal deformations of the pairs (manifold, Higgs bundle) and of Hitchin pairs. As a consequence, we recover known descriptions of first order deformations and we refine known results on obstructions. Secondly we ... More
X-ray Variability of BlazarsMar 24 2002Critical progress in our understanding of high energy emission from AGN has been determined in the last 10 years by X-ray monitoring campaigns with many space missions, notably ROSAT, ASCA, RXTE, BeppoSAX, and XMM, often in conjunction with observations ... More
Higher secants of spinor varietiesNov 10 2010Let $S_h$ be the even pure spinors variety of a complex vector space $V$ of even dimension $2h$ endowed with a non degenerate quadratic form $Q$ and let $\sigma_k(S_h) $ be the $k$-secant variety of $S_h$. We decribe a probabilistic algorithm which computes ... More
Generalization of real interval matrices to other fieldsDec 15 2018Apr 28 2019An interval matrix is a matrix whose entries are intervals in the set of real numbers. We generalize this concept, which has been broadly studied, to other fields. Precisely we define a rational interval matrix to be a matrix whose entries are intervals ... More
A generalization of Rohn's theorem on full-rank interval matricesMar 14 2018A general closed interval matrix is a matrix whose entries are closed connected nonempty subsets of the set of the real numbers, while an interval matrix is defined to be a matrix whose entries are closed bounded nonempty intervals in the set of real ... More
On rank range of interval matricesDec 28 2017Mar 01 2018An interval matrix is a matrix whose entries are intervals in the set of real numbers. Let $p , q $ be nonzero natural numbers and let $\mu =( [m_{i,j}, M_{i,j}])_{i,j}$ be a $p \times q$ interval matrix; given a $p \times q$ matrix $A$ with entries in ... More
Transport equations with fractal noise - existence, uniqueness and regularity of the solutionJul 19 2011The main result of the present paper is a statement on existence, uniqueness and regularity for mild solutions to a parabolic transport diffusion type equation that involves a non-smooth coefficient. We investigate related Cauchy problems on bounded smooth ... More
Thermodynamic Profiles of Galaxy Clusters from a Joint X-ray/SZ AnalysisDec 14 2017We jointly analyze Bolocam Sunyaev-Zeldovich (SZ) effect and Chandra X-ray data for a set of 45 clusters to derive gas density and temperature profiles without using spectroscopic information. The sample spans the mass and redshift range $3 \times 10^{14} ... More
Vector solitons in (2+1) dimensionsDec 01 1999We address the problem of existence and stability of vector spatial solitons formed by two incoherently interacting optical beams in bulk Kerr and saturable media. We identify families of (2+1)-dimensional two-mode self-trapped beams, with and without ... More
The Fate of Supernova-Heated Gas in Star-Forming Regions of the LMC: Lessons for Galaxy Formation?Feb 20 2018Jul 03 2018Galactic winds and fountains driven by supernova-heated gas play an integral role in re-distributing gas in galaxies, depositing metals in the circumgalactic medium (CGM), and quenching star formation. The interplay between these outflows and ram pressure ... More
Total-variation methods for gravitational-wave denoising: performance tests on Advanced LIGO dataJun 19 2018We assess total-variation methods to denoise gravitational-wave signals in real noise conditions, by injecting numerical-relativity waveforms from core-collapse supernovae and binary black hole mergers in data from the first observing run of Advanced ... More
Existence and stability of atomic-molecular Bose-Einstein condensatesDec 20 2000We analyze the model of an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) parametrically coupled to a molecular BEC via a photoassociation process. We show that an interplay of nonlinear inter- and intra-species interactions leads to the formation of mutually ... More
Relativistic distortions in the large-scale clustering of SDSS-III BOSS CMASS galaxiesSep 22 2017General relativistic effects have long been predicted to subtly influence the observed large-scale structure of the universe. The current generation of galaxy redshift surveys have reached a size where detection of such effects is becoming feasible. In ... More
Bounding and approximating minimum maximal matchings in regular graphsMay 29 2019The edge domination number $\gamma_e(G)$ of a graph $G$ is the minimum size of a maximal matching in $G$. It is well known that this parameter is computationally very hard, and several approximation algorithms and heuristics have been studied. In the ... More
AQP1 Is Not Only a Water Channel: It Contributes to Cell Migration through Lin7/Beta-CateninAug 28 2013Background: AQP1 belongs to aquaporins family, water-specific, membrane-channel proteins expressed in diverse tissues. Recent papers showed that during angiogenesis, AQP1 is expressed preferentially by microvessels, favoring angiogenesis via the increase ... More