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Optimal Bayesian Transfer LearningJan 02 2018May 25 2018Transfer learning has recently attracted significant research attention, as it simultaneously learns from different source domains, which have plenty of labeled data, and transfers the relevant knowledge to the target domain with limited labeled data ... More
Experimental Design via Generalized Mean Objective Cost of UncertaintyMay 03 2018The mean objective cost of uncertainty (MOCU) quantifies the performance cost of using an operator that is optimal across an uncertainty class of systems as opposed to using an operator that is optimal for a particular system. MOCU-based experimental ... More
Optimal Clustering under UncertaintyJun 02 2018Classical clustering algorithms typically either lack an underlying probability framework to make them predictive or focus on parameter estimation rather than defining and minimizing a notion of error. Recent work addresses these issues by developing ... More
Optimal Clustering with Missing ValuesFeb 26 2019Missing values frequently arise in modern biomedical studies due to various reasons, including missing tests or complex profiling technologies for different omics measurements. Missing values can complicate the application of clustering algorithms, whose ... More
Scalable optimal Bayesian classification of single-cell trajectories under regulatory model uncertaintyFeb 08 2019Single-cell gene expression measurements offer opportunities in deriving mechanistic understanding of complex diseases, including cancer. However, due to the complex regulatory machinery of the cell, gene regulatory network (GRN) model inference based ... More
The distance and neutral environment of the massive stellar cluster Westerlund 1Apr 23 2007The goal of this study is to determine a distance to Westerlund 1 independent of the characteristics of the stellar population and to study its neutral environment, using observations of atomic hydrogen. The HI observations are taken from the Southern ... More
Measuring the Size of the Vela Pulsar's Radio Emission RegionFeb 04 2000We describe measurements of the size of the Vela pulsar via scintillation, using both fits to the distribution of intensity and measurements of the modulation index. We briefly discuss systematic effects other than source size that can affect the distribution, ... More
Moments and Root-Mean-Square Error of the Bayesian MMSE Estimator of Classification Error in the Gaussian ModelOct 05 2013Nov 12 2013The most important aspect of any classifier is its error rate, because this quantifies its predictive capacity. Thus, the accuracy of error estimation is critical. Error estimation is problematic in small-sample classifier design because the error must ... More
Open sets satisfying systems of congruencesJan 03 2000A famous result of Hausdorff states that a sphere with countably many points removed can be partitioned into three pieces A,B,C such that A is congruent to B (i.e., there is an isometry of the sphere which sends A to B), B is congruent to C, and A is ... More
The VSOP 5 GHz AGN Survey II. Data Calibration and ImagingJul 01 2004The VSOP mission is a Japanese-led project to study radio sources with sub-milliarcsecond angular resolution using an orbiting 8-m telescope, HALCA and global arrays of Earth-based telescopes. Approximately 25% of the observing time has been devoted to ... More
Noise in the Cross-Power Spectrum of the Vela PulsarJul 31 2012Sep 21 2012We compare the noise in interferometric measurements of the Vela pulsar from ground- and space-based antennas with theoretical predictions. The noise depends on both the flux density and the interferometric phase of the source. Because the Vela pulsar ... More
Size of the Vela Pulsar's Emission Region at 18 cm WavelengthJul 31 2012Sep 21 2012We present measurements of the linear diameter of the emission region of the Vela pulsar at observing wavelength lambda=18 cm. We infer the diameter as a function of pulse phase from the distribution of visibility on the Mopra-Tidbinbilla baseline. As ... More
Iterated Monodromy Groups of Intermediate GrowthAug 05 2012Aug 29 2013We give two new examples of groups of intermediate growth, by a method that was first used by Bux and P\'erez. Our examples are the groups generated by the automata with the kneading sequences 11(0) and 0(011). By results of Nekrashevych, both of these ... More
Spatial First-passage Statistics of Al/Si(111)-(root3 x root3) Step FluctuationsOct 02 2008Spatial step edge fluctuations on a multi-component surface of Al/Si(111)-(root3 x root3) were measured via scanning tunneling microscopy over a temperature range of 720K-1070K, for step lengths of L = 65-160 nm. Even though the time scale of fluctuations ... More
Binary Images of Z2Z4-Additive Cyclic CodesJul 11 2017A Z2Z4-additive code C is called cyclic if the set of coordinates can be partitioned into two subsets, the set of Z_2 and the set of Z_4 coordinates, such that any cyclic shift of the coordinates of both subsets leaves the code invariant. We study the ... More
Non-thermal radio emission from O-type stars III. Is Cyg OB2 No. 9 a wind-colliding binary?Mar 18 2008The star Cyg OB2 No. 9 is a well-known non-thermal radio emitter. Recent theoretical work suggests that all such O-stars should be in a binary or a multiple system. However, there is no spectroscopic evidence of a binary component. Re-analysis of radio ... More
The Large Adaptive Reflector conceptOct 18 2005Cost effective, new antenna technology is required to build the large collecting area being planned for the next generation of radio telescopes. The Large Adaptive Reflector (LAR) is a novel concept being developed in Canada to meet this challenge. A ... More
Dynamics of transcription-translation networksMay 26 2016A theory for qualitative models of gene regulatory networks has been developed over several decades, generally considering transcription factors to regulate directly the expression of other transcription factors, without any intermediate variables. Here ... More
Action Variable Quantization, Energy Quantization, and Time ParametrizationAug 02 2015Mar 17 2016Additional information in the Hamilton-Jacobi representation of quantum mechanics, not available in the Schr\"odinger representation, renders microstates of $\psi$. This additional information is incorporated into the quantum reduced action, $W$. Jacobi's ... More
Polarised views of the drifting subpulse phenomenonApr 25 2006I review recent results concerning the shape of drifting subpulse patterns, and the relationship to model predictions. While a variety of theoretical models exist for drifting subpulses, observers typically think in terms of a spatio-temporal model of ... More
Lorentz Violation and Riemann-Finsler GeometryMay 26 2019The general charge-conserving effective scalar field theory incorporating violations of Lorentz symmetry is presented. The dispersion relation is used to infer the effects of spin-independent Lorentz violation on point-particle motion. A large class of ... More
Comments on Bouda and Djama's "Quantum Newton's law"Jun 18 2002Discussion of the differences between the trajectory representation of Floyd and that of Bouda and Djama [Phys. Lett. A 285 (2001) 27, quant-ph/0103071] renders insight: while Floyd's trajectories are related to group velocities, Bouda and Djama's are ... More
Undesired parking spaces and contractible pieces of the noncrossing partition linkJul 20 2017There are two natural simplicial complexes associated to the noncrossing partition lattice: the order complex of the full lattice and the order complex of the lattice with its bounding elements removed. The latter is a complex that we call the noncrossing ... More
Radio emission models of Colliding-Wind Binary SystemsJul 09 2003We present calculations of the spatial and spectral distribution of the radio emission from a wide WR+OB colliding-wind binary system based on high-resolution hydrodynamical simulations and solutions to the radiative transfer equation. We account for ... More
High resolution radio emission from RCW 49/Westerlund 2Jul 24 2013Aug 19 2013RCW49 and its ionizing cluster form an extensive, complex region, widely studied at IR and optical wavelengths. Molonglo 843 MHz and ATCA data at 1.4 and 2.4 GHz showed two shells. Recent high-resolution IR imaging revealed a complex dust structure and ... More
A Closed, Expanding Universe in String TheoryJun 19 1992We present a conformal field theory -- obtained from a gauged WZW model -- that describes a closed, inhomogeneous expanding and recollapsing universe in $3+1$ dimensions. A possible violation of cosmic censorship is avoided because the universe recollapses ... More
Superconformal Field Theory on Threebranes at a Calabi-Yau SingularityJul 10 1998Jul 22 1998Just as parallel threebranes on a smooth manifold are related to string theory on $AdS_5\times {\bf S}^5$, parallel threebranes near a conical singularity are related to string theory on $AdS_5\times X_5$, for a suitable $X_5$. For the example of the ... More
Proton Decay in Intersecting D-brane ModelsApr 08 2003Jun 04 2003We analyze proton decay via dimension six operators in certain GUT-like models derived from Type IIA orientifolds with $D6$-branes. The amplitude is parametrically enhanced by a factor of $\alpha_{GUT}^{-1/3}$ relative to the coresponding result in four-dimensional ... More
AdS/CFT Correspondence and Symmetry BreakingMay 15 1999Jun 03 1999We study, using the dual AdS description, the vacua of field theories where some of the gauge symmetry is broken by expectation values of scalar fields. In such vacua, operators built out of the scalar fields acquire expectation values, and we show how ... More
Searching for CPT Violation with Neutral-Meson OscillationsJul 11 2019A general technique is presented for treating CPT violation in neutral-meson oscillations. The effective field theory for a complex scalar with CPT-violating operators of arbitrary mass dimension is incorporated in the formalism for the propagation and ... More
Orbitally modulated dust formation by the WC7+O5 colliding-wind binary WR140Feb 26 2009We present high-resolution infrared (2--18 micron) images of the archetypal periodic dust-making Wolf-Rayet binary system WR140 (HD 193793) taken between 2001 and 2005, and multi-colour (J -- [19.5]) photometry observed between 1989 and 2001. The images ... More
The Three-mm Ultimate Mopra Milky Way Survey. I. Survey Overview, Initial Data Releases, and First ResultsJul 17 2015We describe a new mm-wave molecular-line mapping survey of the southern Galactic Plane and its first data releases. The Three-mm Ultimate Mopra Milky Way Survey (ThrUMMS) maps a 60{\deg}x2{\deg} sector of our Galaxy's fourth quadrant, using a combination ... More
On the Dynamics of Light Wilson QuarksApr 08 1992We describe recent results obtained as part of the High Energy Monte Carlo Grand Challenge (HEMCGC) project concerning the behaviour of lattice QCD with light dynamical Wilson quarks. We show that it is possible to reach regions of parameter space with ... More
On The Effect of Giant Planets on the Scattering of Parent Bodies of Iron Meteorite from the Terrestrial Planet Region into the Asteroid Belt: A Concept StudyFeb 14 2012In their model for the origin of the parent bodies of iron meteorites, Bottke et al proposed differentiated planetesimals that were formed in the region of 1-2 AU during the first 1.5 Myr, as the parent bodies, and suggested that these objects and their ... More
LIGHT PHOTINOS AS DARK MATTERApr 24 1995There are good reasons to consider models of low-energy supersymmetry with very light photinos and gluinos. In a wide class of models the lightest $R$-odd, color-singlet state containing a gluino, the $\r0$, has a mass in the 1-2 GeV range and the slightly ... More
Containment Graphs, Posets, and Related Classes of GraphsJul 17 2019In this paper, we introduce the notion of the containment graph of a family of sets and containment classes of graphs and posets. Let $Z$ be a family of nonempty sets. We call a (simple, finite) graph G = (V, E) a $Z$-containment graph provided one can ... More
Flux Compactifications of String Theory on Twisted ToriMar 14 2005Global aspects of Scherk-Schwarz dimensional reduction are discussed and it is shown that it can usually be viewed as arising from a compactification on the compact space obtained by identifying a (possibly non-compact) group manifold G under a discrete ... More
Light-cone observations and cosmological models: implications for inhomogeneous models mimicking dark energyNov 19 2009Cosmological observables are used to construct cosmological models. Since cosmological observations are limited to the light cone, a fixed number of observables (even measured to arbitrary accuracy) may not uniquely determine a cosmological model without ... More
Domain Wall Fermions with Exact Chiral SymmetryMay 07 2000We show how the standard domain wall action can be simply modified to allow arbitrarily exact chiral symmetry at finite fifth dimensional extent. We note that the method can be used for both quenched and dynamical calculations. We test the method using ... More
Attractor Reconstruction by Machine LearningMay 09 2018Jun 18 2018A machine-learning approach called "reservoir computing" has been used successfully for short-term prediction and attractor reconstruction of chaotic dynamical systems from time series data. We present a theoretical framework that describes conditions ... More
Drifting sub-pulses in two newly discovered pulsarsSep 12 2001We have detected the rare phenomenon of stable, drifting sub-pulse behaviour in two pulsars discovered in the recent Swinburne intermediate latitude pulsar survey. The pulsars; PSR J1231-47 and PSR J1919+0134, have approximate periods (P) of 1.873 and ... More
Smooth classification of Cartan actions of higher rank semisimple Lie groups and their latticesJun 21 1996Nov 01 1999Let G be a connected semisimple Lie group without compact factors whose real rank is at least 2, and let \Gamma \subset G be an irreducible lattice. We provide a C^\infty classification for volume-preserving Cartan actions of \Gamma and G. Also, if G ... More
On Livsic's Theorem, Superrigidity, and Anosov Actions of Semisimple Lie GroupsJun 21 1996We prove a generalization of Livsic's Theorem on the vanishing of the cohomology of certain types of dynamical systems. As a consequence, we strengthen a result due to Zimmer concerning algebraic hulls of Anosov actions of semisimple Lie groups. Combining ... More
Antimicrobial resistance and use, and rates of hospitalization associated with bacterial infections, including sepsisMar 19 2018While the mechanisms and quantitative details are complex, few analysts would doubt that antibiotic use increases the prevalence of drug-resistant bacterial pathogens among all bacteria causing disease in a population. The causal connection between antibiotic ... More
A nonabelian trace formulaDec 12 2013Jun 17 2014Let $E/F$ be an extension of number fields with $\mathrm{Gal}(E/F)$ simple and nonabelian. In [G] the first named author suggested an approach to nonsolvable base change and descent of automorphic representations of $\mathrm{GL}_2$ along such an extension. ... More
Sequential Experimental Design for Optimal Structural Intervention in Gene Regulatory Networks Based on the Mean Objective Cost of UncertaintyMay 30 2018Scientists are attempting to use models of ever increasing complexity, especially in medicine, where gene-based diseases such as cancer require better modeling of cell regulation. Complex models suffer from uncertainty and experiments are needed to reduce ... More
Radio observations of the massive stellar cluster Westerlund 1May 07 2007High-dynamic range radio observations of Westerlund 1 are presented that detect a total of 21 stars in the young massive stellar cluster, the richest population of radio emitting stars known for any young massive galactic cluster in the Galaxy. We will ... More
Radio, X-ray, and gamma-ray Emission Models of the Colliding Winds Binary WR 140Mar 29 2006Jul 31 2006We use hydrodynamical models of the wind-collision region (WCR) in the archetype colliding-wind system WR140 to determine the spatial and spectral distribution of the radio, X-ray and gamma-ray emission from shock accelerated electrons. Our calculations ... More
Achievable Rate Regions for Network CodingNov 19 2013Determining the achievable rate region for networks using routing, linear coding, or non-linear coding is thought to be a difficult task in general, and few are known. We describe the achievable rate regions for four interesting networks (completely for ... More
Boundary BraidsNov 14 2018The n-strand braid group can be defined as the fundamental group of the configuration space of n unlabeled points in a closed disk based at a configuration where all n points lie in the boundary of the disk. Using this definition, the subset of braids ... More
A Neutron Star with a Massive Progenitor in Westerlund 1Sep 14 2005Jan 26 2006We report the discovery of an X-ray pulsar in the young, massive Galactic star cluster Westerlund 1. We detected a coherent signal from the brightest X-ray source in the cluster, CXO J164710.2-455216, during two Chandra observations on 2005 May 22 and ... More
The automorphism group of the doubly-even [72,36,16] code can only be of order 1, 3 or 5Mar 20 2013Mar 25 2013We prove that a putative $[72,36,16]$ code is not the image of linear code over $\ZZ_4$, $\FF_2 + u \FF_2$ or $\FF_2+v\FF_2$, thus proving that the extremal doubly even $[72,36,16]$-binary code cannot have an automorphism group containing a fixed point-free ... More
The effect of p-type doping on the oxidation of H-Si(111) studied by second-harmonic generationSep 07 2011Atomic force microscopy and second-harmonic generation data show that boron doping enhances the rate of oxidation of H-terminated silicon. Holes cause a greater increase in the reactivity of the Si-H up bonds than that of the Si-Si back bonds.
The complex circumstellar environment of HD142527Jan 29 2011The recent findings of gas giant planets around young A-type stars suggest that disks surrounding Herbig Ae/Be stars will develop planetary systems. An interesting case is HD142527, for which previous observations revealed a complex circumstellar environment ... More
Electron acceleration to relativistic energies at a strong quasi-parallel shock waveJan 08 2013Electrons can be accelerated to ultrarelativistic energies at strong (high-Mach number) collisionless shock waves that form when stellar debris rapidly expands after a supernova. Collisionless shock waves also form in the flow of particles from the Sun ... More
On homeomorphic product measures on the Cantor setNov 15 2004Nov 10 2005Let mu(r) be the Bernoulli measure on the Cantor space given as the infinite product of two-point measures with weights r and 1-r. It is a long-standing open problem to characterize those r and s such that mu(r) and mu(s) are topologically equivalent ... More
On vertex, edge, and vertex-edge random graphsDec 08 2008Oct 13 2010We consider three classes of random graphs: edge random graphs, vertex random graphs, and vertex-edge random graphs. Edge random graphs are Erdos-Renyi random graphs, vertex random graphs are generalizations of geometric random graphs, and vertex-edge ... More
Chiral Rings and Anomalies in Supersymmetric Gauge TheoryNov 18 2002Dec 17 2002Motivated by recent work of Dijkgraaf and Vafa, we study anomalies and the chiral ring structure in a supersymmetric U(N) gauge theory with an adjoint chiral superfield and an arbitrary superpotential. A certain generalization of the Konishi anomaly leads ... More
Non-Reversibility of Molecular Dynamics TrajectoriesAug 05 1996We study the non-reversibility of molecular dynamics trajectories arising from the amplification of rounding errors. We analyse the causes of such behaviour and give arguments, indicating that this does not pose a significant problem for Hybrid Monte ... More
A Compact Representation of Histopathology Images using Digital Stain Separation & Frequency-Based Encoded Local ProjectionsMay 28 2019In recent years, histopathology images have been increasingly used as a diagnostic tool in the medical field. The process of accurately diagnosing a biopsy sample requires significant expertise in the field, and as such can be time-consuming and is prone ... More
Universal Aspects of Deconfinement: Interfaces, Flux Tubes and Self-Duality in 2+1 DimensionsDec 02 2010We study center vortex free energies and 't Hooft's electric fluxes on the lattice in 2+1 dimensions, where SU(2) for example, is in the universality class of the 2d Ising model. This places a wealth of exact results at our fingertips. In particular, ... More
Nonlinear Waves in an Experimentally Motivated Ring-shaped Bose-Einstein Condensate SetupJan 13 2019We systematically construct stationary soliton states in a one-component, two-dimensional, repulsive, Gross-Pitaevskii equation with a ring-shaped target-like trap similar to the potential used to confine a Bose-Einstein condensate in a recent experiment ... More
Are ultrahigh energy cosmic rays signals of supersymmetry?Jul 02 1997Dec 19 1997We investigate the possibility that cosmic rays of energy larger than the Greisen-Zatsepin-Kuzmin cutoff are not nucleons, but a new stable, massive, hadron that appears in many extensions of the standard model. We focus primarily on the S^0, a uds-gluino ... More
Action Dynamics of the Local SuperclusterOct 24 2017Oct 27 2017The fully nonlinear gravitationally induced trajectories of a nearly complete set of galaxies, groups, and clusters in the Local Supercluster are constructed in a Numerical Action Method (NAM) model constrained by data from the CosmicFlows survey and ... More
Solving the Pricing Problem in a Branch-and-Price Algorithm for Graph Coloring using Zero-Suppressed Binary Decision DiagramsJan 22 2014Jul 08 2015Branch-and-price algorithms combine a branch-and-bound search with an exponentially-sized LP formulation that must be solved via column generation. Unfortunately, the standard branching rules used in branch-and-bound for integer programming interfere ... More
Theory of electromagnetic wave frequency upconversion in dynamic mediaApr 19 2018Aug 07 2018Frequency upconversion of an electromagnetic wave can occur in ionized plasma with decreasing electric permittivity and in split-ring resonator-structure metamaterials with decreasing magnetic permeability. We develop a general theory to describe the ... More
Kinematic entanglement degradation of fermionic cavity modesOct 31 2011Jan 23 2012We analyse the entanglement and the non-locality of a (1+1)-dimensional massless Dirac field confined to a cavity on a worldtube that consists of inertial and uniformly accelerated segments, for small accelerations but arbitrarily long travel times. The ... More
Time evolution techniques for detectors in relativistic quantum informationDec 10 2012Apr 06 2013The techniques employed to solve the interaction of a detector and a quantum field typically require perturbation methods. We introduce mathematical techniques to solve the time evolution of an arbitrary number of detectors interacting with a quantum ... More
Bayesian Model Comparison and Analysis of the Galactic Disk Population of Gamma-Ray Millisecond PulsarsMay 28 2018Pulsed emission from almost one hundred millisecond pulsars (MSPs) has been detected in $\gamma$-rays by the Fermi Large-Area Telescope. The global properties of this population remain relatively unconstrained despite many attempts to model their spatial ... More
A Constrained Metropolis-Hastings Search for EMRIs in the Mock LISA Data Challenge 1BApr 21 2008Jul 17 2008We describe a search for the extreme-mass-ratio inspiral sources in the Round 1B Mock LISA Data Challenge data sets. The search algorithm is a Monte-Carlo search based on the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm, but also incorporates simulated, thermostated ... More
Instabilities and Non-Reversibility of Molecular Dynamics TrajectoriesJun 13 1996The theoretical justification of the Hybrid Monte Carlo algorithm depends upon the molecular dynamics trajectories within it being exactly reversible. If computations were carried out with exact arithmetic then it would be easy to ensure such reversibility, ... More
Quantum Coherence in an Exchange-Coupled Dimer of Single-Molecule MagnetsNov 10 2003A multi-high-frequency electron paramagnetic resonance method is used to probe the magnetic excitations of a dimer of single-molecule magnets. The measured spectra display well resolved quantum transitions involving coherent superposition states of both ... More
Using Learned Predictions as Feedback to Improve Control and Communication with an Artificial Limb: Preliminary FindingsAug 08 2014Many people suffer from the loss of a limb. Learning to get by without an arm or hand can be very challenging, and existing prostheses do not yet fulfil the needs of individuals with amputations. One promising solution is to provide greater communication ... More
Uniform Silicon Isotope Ratios Across the Milky Way GalaxySep 24 2017We report the relative abundances of the three stable isotopes of silicon, $^{28}$Si, $^{29}$Si and $^{30}$Si, across the Galaxy using the $v = 0, J = 1 \to 0$ transition of silicon monoxide. The chosen sources represent a range in Galactocentric radii ... More
The subpulse modulation properties of pulsars at 21 cmJul 12 2005We present the results of a systematic, unbiased search for subpulse modulation of 187 pulsars performed with the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT) in the Netherlands at an observing wavelength of 21 cm. Using new observations and archival WSRT ... More
Statistics of the drifting subpulse phenomenonMay 08 2006We present the statistical results of a systematic, unbiased search for subpulse modulation of 187 pulsars performed with the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT) in the Netherlands at an observing wavelength of 21 cm (Weltevrede et al. 2006). ... More
A Utility-Preserving GAN for Face ObscurationJun 27 2019From TV news to Google StreetView, face obscuration has been used for privacy protection. Due to recent advances in the field of deep learning, obscuration methods such as Gaussian blurring and pixelation are not guaranteed to conceal identity. In this ... More
Control of molecular ultracold plasma relaxation dynamics by mm-wave Rydberg-Rydberg transitionsAug 20 2019Resonant mm-wave fields drive $n_0f(2) \rightarrow (n_0 \pm 1)g(2)$ transitions in a state-selected $n_0f(2)$ Rydberg gas of NO. This transformation produces a clear signature in the selected field ionization spectrum and dramatically increases the intensity ... More
High resolution cathodoluminescence hyperspectral imaging of surface features in InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well structuresFeb 09 2011Jul 18 2011InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells (MQWs) have been studied by using cathodoluminescence hyperspectral imaging with high spatial resolution. Variations in peak emission energies and intensities across trench-like features and V-pits on the surface of the ... More
Convectively driven shear and decreased heat fluxAug 20 2014We report on direct numerical simulations of two-dimensional, horizontally periodic Rayleigh-B\'enard convection, focusing on its ability to drive large-scale horizontal flow that is vertically sheared. For the Prandtl numbers ($Pr$) between 1 and 10 ... More
Bohmian Mechanics with Discrete OperatorsJan 02 2004A deterministic Bohmian mechanics for operators with continuous and discrete spectra is presented. Randomness enters only through initial conditions. Operators with discrete spectra are incorporated into Bohmian mechanics by associating with each operator ... More
Robustness Analysis of Face ObscurationMay 13 2019Face obscuration is often needed by law enforcement or mass media outlets to provide privacy protection. Sharing sensitive content where the obscuration or redaction technique may have failed to completely remove all identifiable traces can lead to life-threatening ... More
Timelines for mitigating methane emissions from energy technologiesDec 25 2014Oct 02 2015Energy technologies emitting differing proportions of methane and carbon dioxide vary in their relative climate impacts over time, due to the different atmospheric lifetimes of the two gases. Standard technology comparisons using the global warming potential ... More
Optimal multi-dimensional stochastic harvesting with density-dependent pricesJun 30 2014Jun 26 2015We prove a verification theorem for a class of singular control problems which model optimal harvesting with density-dependent prices or optimal dividend policy with capital-dependent utilities. The result is applied to solve explicitly some examples ... More
On Z2Z4-additive complementary dual codes and related LCD codesMar 19 2019Linear complementary dual codes were defined by Massey in 1992, and were used to give an optimum linear coding solution for the two user binary adder channel. In this paper, we define the analog of LCD codes over fields in the ambient space with mixed ... More
Modelling the radio emission from Cyg OB2 #5: a quadruple system?Nov 30 2009Fifty archival radio observations of the supergiant binary Cyg OB2 #5 using the Very Large Array over 20 years are re-examined to determine the location and character of the previously detected variable radio emission. The radio emission from the system ... More
Constructions of Self-Dual and Formally Self-Dual Codes from Group RingsApr 26 2016We give constructions of self-dual and formally self-dual codes from group rings where the ring is a finite commutative Frobenius ring. We improve the existing construction given in \cite{Hurley1} by showing that one of the conditions given in the theorem ... More
Homomorphisms and Minimality for Enrich-by-Need Security AnalysisApr 19 2018Cryptographic protocols are used in different environments, but existing methods for protocol analysis focus only on the protocols, without being sensitive to assumptions about their environments. LPA is a tool which analyzes protocols in context. LPA ... More
An empirical approach to interpreting card-sorting dataJan 31 2012Since it was first published 30 years ago, Chi et al.'s seminal paper on expert and novice categorization of introductory problems led to a plethora of follow-up studies within and outside of the area of physics [Chi et al. Cognitive Science 5, 121 - ... More
A Decomposition of Parking Functions by Undesired SpacesFeb 05 2016There is a well-known bijection between parking functions of a fixed length and maximal chains of the noncrossing partition lattice which we can use to associate to each set of parking functions a poset whose Hasse diagram is the union of the corresponding ... More
Cyg OB2 #5: When three stars are just not enoughNov 03 2010Archival observations from the Very Large Array (VLA) at frequencies between 1.4 GHz and 43 GHz of the 6.6-day O6.5-7+O5.5-6 binary Cyg OB2 #5 over 20 years are re-examined. The aim is to determine the location and character of its known variable radio ... More
WR146 - observing the OB-type companionMar 03 2000We present new radio and optical observations of the colliding-wind system WR146 aimed at understanding the nature of the companion to the Wolf-Rayet star and the collision of their winds. The radio observations reveal emission from three components: ... More
Space-VLBI observations of OH maser OH34.26+0.15: low interstellar scatteringJul 26 2000We report on the first space-VLBI observations of the OH34.26+0.15 maser in two main line OH transitions at 1665 and 1667 MHz. The observations involved the space radiotelescope on board the Japanese satellite HALCA and an array of ground radio telescopes. ... More
Geometric Endoscopy and Mirror SymmetryOct 31 2007Apr 05 2008The geometric Langlands correspondence has been interpreted as the mirror symmetry of the Hitchin fibrations for two dual reductive groups. This mirror symmetry, in turn, reduces to T-duality on the generic Hitchin fibers, which are smooth tori. In this ... More
Corotating Magnetic Reconnection Site in Saturn's MagnetosphereJan 17 2017Sep 07 2017Using measurements from the Cassini spacecraft in Saturn's magnetosphere, we propose a 3D physical picture of a corotating reconnection site, which can only be driven by an internally generated source. Our results demonstrate that the corotating magnetic ... More
Mapping Perceptions of Humanness in Speech-Based Intelligent Personal Assistant InteractionJul 26 2019Jul 29 2019Humanness is core to speech interface design. Yet little is known about how users conceptualise perceptions of humanness and how people define their interaction with speech interfaces through this. To map these perceptions n=21 participants held dialogues ... More
The Full Spectrum Galactic Terrarium: MHz to TeV Observations of Various CrittersNov 04 2008Multi-wavelength studies at radio, infrared, optical, X-ray, and TeV wavelengths have discovered probable counterparts to many Galactic sources of GeV emission detected by EGRET. These include pulsar wind nebulae, high mass X-ray binaries, and mixed morphology ... More
Toward the QCD $β$ Function with Dynamical Wilson FermionsNov 25 1994We present data for the scaling behavior of lattice QCD with two flavors of light Wilson fermions. This is done by matching $\pi$ n and $\rho$ masses at the two lattice sizes of $16^3\times32 $ and $8^3\times16$. We find that at $\beta=6/g^2\equiv5.3$ ... More
QCD $β$ Function with Two Flavors of Dynamical Wilson FermionsFeb 07 1996May 06 1996We test the asymptotic scaling behavior of state-of-the-art simulations of QCD with two flavors of light Wilson fermions. This is done by matching $\pi$ and $\rho$ masses on lattices of size $16^3\times32$ and $8^3\times16$. We find that at $\beta=6/g^2=5.3$ ... More
The VSOP 2 mission: Imaging capabilitiesMar 18 2004Given the scientific goals of VSOP-2, including the possibility of observations of the shadows of black holes, we have investigated the fidelity of the recovered images given a typical uv-coverage. We find that we can achieve a dynamic range of better ... More