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Texture Segmentation Based Video Compression Using Convolutional Neural NetworksFeb 08 2018There has been a growing interest in using different approaches to improve the coding efficiency of modern video codec in recent years as demand for web-based video consumption increases. In this paper, we propose a model-based approach that uses texture ... More
The marked length spectrum of a projective manifold or orbifoldDec 29 2009A strictly convex real projective orbifold is equipped with a natural Finsler metric called the Hilbert metric. In the case that the projective structure is hyperbolic, the Hilbert metric and the hyperbolic metric coincide. We prove that the marked Hilbert ... More
A matrix model for random nilpotent groupsFeb 03 2016We study random torsion-free nilpotent groups generated by a pair of random words of length $\ell$ in the standard generating set of $U_n(\mathbb{Z})$. Specifically, we give asymptotic results about the step properties of the group when the lengths of ... More
Automatic Text Area Segmentation in Natural ImagesJan 31 2008We present a hierarchical method for segmenting text areas in natural images. The method assumes that the text is written with a contrasting color on a more or less uniform background. But no assumption is made regarding the language or character set ... More
Self-tracking Energy Transfer for Neural Stimulation in Untethered MiceMar 04 2015Optical or electrical stimulation of neural circuits in mice during natural behavior is an important paradigm for studying brain function. Conventional systems for optogenetics and electrical microstimulation require tethers or large head-mounted devices ... More
Horn: A System for Parallel Training and Regularizing of Large-Scale Neural NetworksAug 02 2016I introduce a new distributed system for effective training and regularizing of Large-Scale Neural Networks on distributed computing architectures. The experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of flexible model partitioning and parallelization strategies ... More
Embedding an analytic equivalence relation in the transitive closure of a Borel relationApr 06 2012The transitive closure of a reflexive, symmetric, analytic relation is an analytic equivalence relation. Does some smaller class contain the transitive closure of every reflexive, symmetric, closed relation? An essentially negative answer is provided ... More
Derivation of a Stochastic Neutron Transport EquationApr 14 2010Stochastic difference equations and a stochastic partial differential equation (SPDE) are simultaneously derived for the time-dependent neutron angular density in a general three-dimensional medium where the neutron angular density is a function of position, ... More
A Note on an R^2 Measure for Fixed Effects in the Generalized Linear Mixed ModelNov 01 2010Using the LRT statistic, a model R^2 is proposed for the generalized linear mixed model for assessing the association between the correlated outcomes and fixed effects. The R^2 compares the full model to a null model with all fixed effects deleted.
Parallel density matrix propagation in spin dynamics simulationsSep 22 2011Several methods for density matrix propagation in distributed computing environments, such as clusters and graphics processing units, are proposed and evaluated. It is demonstrated that the large communication overhead associated with each propagation ... More
Star-galaxy Classification Using Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksAug 15 2016Most existing star-galaxy classifiers use the reduced summary information from catalogs, requiring careful feature extraction and selection. The latest advances in machine learning that use deep convolutional neural networks allow a machine to automatically ... More
Star-galaxy Classification Using Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksAug 15 2016Oct 13 2016Most existing star-galaxy classifiers use the reduced summary information from catalogs, requiring careful feature extraction and selection. The latest advances in machine learning that use deep convolutional neural networks allow a machine to automatically ... More
Topological Conformal Gravity in Four DimensionsNov 14 1992In this paper, we present a new formulation of topological conformal gravity in four dimensions. Such a theory was first considered by Witten as a possible gravitational counterpart of topological Yang-Mills theory, but several problems left it incomplete. ... More
A parsimonious theory of evidence-based choiceFeb 24 2016May 15 2016Primitive entities of the theory to be presented here are a body of evidence available to an agent (called an evidential state) and an alternative in a set, from which the agent might choose. Assumptions are stated regarding the space of possible evidential ... More
Chaotic dynamics of the Bianchi IX universe in Gauss-Bonnet gravityJan 29 2013We investigate the dynamics of closed FRW universe and anisotropic Bianchi type-IX universe characterized by two scale factors in a gravity theory including a higher curvature (Gauss-Bonnet) term. The presence of the cosmological constant creates a critical ... More
Row contractions annihilated by interpolating vanishing idealsFeb 18 2019We study similarity classes of commuting row contractions annihilated by what we call higher order vanishing ideals of interpolating sequences. Our main result exhibits a Jordan-type direct sum decomposition for these row contractions. We illustrate how ... More
Teaching Data ScienceApr 25 2016We describe an introductory data science course, entitled Introduction to Data Science, offered at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The course introduced general programming concepts by using the Python programming language with an emphasis ... More
On the calculation of diffusion coefficients in confined fluids and interfaces with an application to the liquid-vapor interface of waterNov 17 2003We propose a general methodology for calculating the self-diffusion tensor from molecular dynamics for a liquid with a liquid-gas or liquid-solid interface. The standard method used in bulk fluids, based on computing the mean square displacement as a ... More
IMAPS Observations of Interstellar Neutral Argon and the Implications for Partially Ionized GasDec 18 1997We use the absorption features from neutral argon at 1048 and 1066 A to determine interstellar abundances or their lower limits toward nine early-type stars. These features were observed with the Interstellar Medium Absorption Profile Spectrograph (IMAPS) ... More
The Difference between Radio-Loud and Radio-Quiet Active GalaxiesAug 02 1994The recent development of unified theories of active galactic nuclei (AGN) has indicated that there are two physically distinct classes of these objects - radio-loud and radio-quiet. The primary observational distinctions between the two types are: (1) ... More
The 3-53 keV Spectrum of the Quasar 1508+5714: X-rays from z = 4.3May 19 1997We present a high-quality X-ray spectrum in the 3--53 keV rest-frame band of the radio-loud quasar 1508+5714, by far the brightest known X-ray source at z > 4. A simple power-law model with an absorption column density equal to the Galactic value in the ... More
A High-Order Kernel Method for Diffusion and Reaction-Diffusion Equations on SurfacesMay 31 2012In this paper we present a high-order kernel method for numerically solving diffusion and reaction-diffusion partial differential equations (PDEs) on smooth, closed surfaces embedded in $\mathbb{R}^d$. For two-dimensional surfaces embedded in $\mathbb{R}^3$, ... More
The multi-frequency parsec-scale structure of PKS 2254-367 (IC 1459): a luminosity-dependent break in morphology for the precursors of radio galaxies?Jan 19 2015We present the first multi-frequency VLBI images of PKS 2254-367, a Giga-hertz Peaked Spectrum (GPS) radio source hosted by the nearby galaxy IC 1459 (D=20.5 Mpc). PKS 2254-367 and the radio source in NGC 1052 (PKS 0238-084; D=17.2 Mpc) are the two closest ... More
The Hard X-ray Luminosity of OB Star Populations: Implications for the Contribution of Star Formation to the Cosmic X-ray BackgroundMar 29 2001We present an empirical analysis of the integrated X-ray luminosity arising from populations of OB stars. In particular, we utilize results from the All-Sky Monitor on RXTE, along with archival data from previous missions, to assess the mean integrated ... More
Prediction and measurement of transient responses of first difference based chaos control for 1-dimensional mapsJul 16 2008Jan 14 2010Chaotic behavior can be produced from difference equations with unstable fixed points. Difference equations can be used for algorithms to control the chaotic behavior by perturbing a system parameter using feedback based on the first difference of the ... More
Self-Supervised Generalisation with Meta Auxiliary LearningJan 25 2019Learning with auxiliary tasks has been shown to improve the generalisation of a primary task. However, this comes at the cost of manually-labelling additional tasks which may, or may not, be useful for the primary task. We propose a new method which automatically ... More
Fisher vs. Bayes : A comparison of parameter estimation techniques for massive black hole binaries to high redshifts with eLISAFeb 19 2015Massive black hole binaries are the primary source of gravitational waves (GW) for the future eLISA observatory. The detection and parameter estimation of these sources to high redshift would provide invaluable information on the formation mechanisms ... More
Institutionalization in Efficient Markets: The Case of Price BubblesAug 23 2016We seek to deepen understanding of the micro-foundations of institutionalization while contributing to a sociological theory of markets by investigating the puzzle of price bubbles in financial markets. We find that such markets, despite textbook conditions ... More
Pairwise Decomposition of Image Sequences for Active Multi-View RecognitionMay 26 2016A multi-view image sequence provides a much richer capacity for object recognition than from a single image. However, most existing solutions to multi-view recognition typically adopt hand-crafted, model-based geometric methods, which do not readily embrace ... More
Deep Learning a Grasp Function for Grasping under Gripper Pose UncertaintyAug 07 2016This paper presents a new method for parallel-jaw grasping of isolated objects from depth images, under large gripper pose uncertainty. Whilst most approaches aim to predict the single best grasp pose from an image, our method first predicts a score for ... More
Time domain deBroglie wave interferometry along a magnetic guideMar 16 2005Jun 25 2005Time domain deBroglie wave interferometry [Cahn et al, Phys. Rev. Lett. 79, 784] is applied to Rb87 atoms in a magnetic guide. A standing wave light field is carefully aligned along the guiding direction of the magnetic trapping potential from a soft-ferromagnetic ... More
High-Mass X-ray Binaries: progenitors of double compact objectsJan 21 2019Jan 25 2019A summary is given of the present state of our knowledge of High-Mass X-ray Binaries (HMXBs), their formation and expected future evolution. Among the HMXB-systems that contain neutron stars, only those that have orbital periods upwards of one year will ... More
A Radial Basis Function Method for Computing Helmholtz-Hodge DecompositionsFeb 05 2015Mar 05 2015A radial basis function (RBF) method based on matrix-valued kernels is presented and analyzed for computing two types of vector decompositions on bounded domains: one where the normal component of the divergence-free part of the field is specified on ... More
Scaling Properties of Paths on GraphsJun 12 2013Let $G$ be a directed graph on finitely many vertices and edges, and assign a positive weight to each edge on $G$. Fix vertices $u$ and $v$ and consider the set of paths that start at $u$ and end at $v$, self-intersecting in any number of places along ... More
Tail diameter upper bounds for polytopes and polyhedraMar 13 2016In 1992, Kalai and Kleitman proved a quasipolynomial upper bound on the diameters of convex polyhedra. Todd and Sukegawa-Kitahara proved tail-quasipolynomial bounds on the diameters of polyhedra. These tail bounds apply when the number of facets is greater ... More
Evidence for Heterotic/Heterotic DualityJan 09 1996We re-examine the question of heterotic - heterotic string duality in six dimensions and argue that the $E_8\times E_8$ heterotic string, compactified on $K3$ with equal instanton numbers in the two $E_8$'s, has a self-duality that inverts the coupling, ... More
Nonlinear Damping of the LC Circuit using Anti-parallel DiodesJun 30 2006We investigate a simple variation of the series RLC circuit in which anti-parallel diodes replace the resistor. This results in a damped harmonic oscillator with a nonlinear damping term that is maximal at zero current and decreases with an inverse current ... More
New candidate GHz Peaked Spectrum and Compact Steep Spectrum SourcesJul 01 2004Data from a recent Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) program of multi-frequency, multi-epoch monitoring of 202 active galactic nuclei with declinations < +10 degrees have been searched for GHz Peaked Spectrum (GPS) and Compact Steep Spectrum (CSS) ... More
Atom interferometry using wavepackets with constant spatial displacementsDec 31 2006Feb 20 2010We demonstrate a standing wave light pulse sequence that places atoms into a superposition of displaced wavepackets with precisely controlled displacements that remain constant for times as long as 1 s. The separated wavepackets are subsequently recombined ... More
Demonstration of a moving guide based atom interferometer for rotation sensingAug 07 2006Sep 02 2007We demonstrate area-enclosing atom interferometry based on a moving guide. Light pulses along the free propagation direction of a magnetic guide are applied to split and recombine the confined atomic matter-wave, while the atoms are translated back and ... More
X-Ray Absorption from the Milky Way Halo and the Local GroupJul 11 2007Million degree gas is present at near-zero redshift and is due either to a gaseous Galactic Halo or a more diffuse but very massive Local Group medium. We can discriminate between these models because the column densities should depend on location in ... More
An improved upper bound on the diameters of subset partition graphsDec 18 2014In 1992, Kalai and Kleitman proved the first subexponential upper bound for the diameters of convex polyhedra. Eisenbrand et al. proved this bound holds for connected layer families, a novel approach to analyzing polytope diameters. Very recently, Todd ... More
A Hybrid Ensemble Learning Approach to Star-Galaxy ClassificationMay 08 2015Jul 14 2015There exist a variety of star-galaxy classification techniques, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. In this paper, we present a novel meta-classification framework that combines and fully exploits different techniques to produce a more robust ... More
Gravitational production of super-Hubble-mass particles: an analytic approachDec 01 2018Dec 08 2018Through a mechanism similar to perturbative particle scattering, particles of mass $m_\chi$ larger than the Hubble expansion rate $H_\mathrm{inf}$ during inflation can be gravitationally produced at the end of inflation without the exponential suppression ... More
An $a_0$ resonance in strongly coupled $πη$, $K\overline{K}$ scattering from lattice QCDFeb 16 2016We present the first calculation of coupled-channel meson-meson scattering in the isospin $=1$, $G$-parity negative sector, with channels $\pi \eta$, $K\overline{K}$ and $\pi \eta'$, in a first-principles approach to QCD. From the discrete spectrum of ... More
Investigation of Vertical Spiral Resonators for Low Frequency Metamaterial DesignOct 14 2008This paper thoroughly explores the characteristics of vertical spiral resonators (VSR). They exhibit rela-tively high Q factors and sizes around a few percent of the free space wavelength, which make them ideal candi-dates for assembling metamaterial ... More
Excited meson radiative transitions from lattice QCD using variationally optimized operatorsJan 29 2015We explore the use of optimized operators, designed to interpolate only a single meson eigenstate, in three-point correlation functions with a vector-current insertion. These operators are constructed as linear combinations in a large basis of meson interpolating ... More
A charge parity ammeterOct 01 2013A metallic double-dot is measured with radio frequency reflectometry. Changes in the total electron number of the double-dot are determined via single electron tunnelling contributions to the complex electrical impedance. Electron counting experiments ... More
Numerical and experimental studies of resonators with reduced resonant frequencies and small electrical sizesOct 14 2008Methods on reducing resonant frequencies and electrical sizes of resonators are reported in this paper. Theoreti-cal and numerical analysis has been used and the results for the broadside-coupled resonators from both studies exhibit good agreement. Initial ... More
A Reanalysis of the Carbon Abundance in the Translucent Cloud toward HD 24534Jun 30 1998We have reanalyzed the Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph data set presented by Snow et al. which contains the interstellar intersystem C II] 2325A line through the translucent cloud toward HD 24534 (X Persei). In contrast to the results of Snow et ... More
The formation of Uranus and Neptune among Jupiter and SaturnNov 14 2001The outer giant planets, Uranus and Neptune, pose a challenge to theories of planet formation. They exist in a region of the Solar System where long dynamical timescales and a low primordial density of material would have conspired to make the formation ... More
Dirac vs Majorana gauginos at a 100 TeV colliderJun 22 2016We compare the prospects for observing theories with Majorana or Dirac gauginos at a future 100 TeV proton-proton collider. Calculating the expected discovery and exclusion regions, we find that for heavy gluino masses the squark discovery reach is significantly ... More
Shearing or Compressing a Soft Glass in 2D: Time-concentration superpositionMay 19 2003We report surface shear rheological measurements on dense insoluble monolayers of micron sized colloidal spheres at the oil/water interface and of the protein $\beta$-lactoglobulin at the air/water surface. As expected, the elastic modulus shows a changing ... More
Are Super-Luminous supernovae and Long GRBs produced exclusively in young dense star clusters?Mar 27 2013Oct 28 2013Super Luminous supernovae (SLSN) occur almost exclusively in small galaxies (SMC/LMC-like or smaller), and the few SLSN observed in larger star-forming galaxies always occur close to the nuclei of their hosts. Another type of peculiar and highly energetic ... More
A runaway collision in a young star cluster as the origin of the brightest supernovaNov 14 2007Supernova 2006gy in the galaxy NGC 1260 is the most luminous one recorded \cite{2006CBET..644....1Q, 2006CBET..647....1H, 2006CBET..648....1P, 2006CBET..695....1F}. Its progenitor might have been a very massive ($>100$ \msun) star \cite{}, ... More
S and D-wave phase shifts in isospin-2 pi pi scattering from lattice QCDMar 27 2012Sep 19 2012The isospin-2 pi pi system provides a useful testing ground for determining elastic hadron scattering parameters from finite-volume spectra obtained using lattice QCD computations. A reliable determination of the excited state spectrum of two pions in ... More
Helicity operators for mesons in flight on the latticeJul 11 2011Jan 26 2012Motivated by the desire to construct meson-meson operators of definite relative momentum in order to study resonances in lattice QCD, we present a set of single-meson interpolating fields at non-zero momentum that respect the reduced symmetry of a cubic ... More
A High-Order Radial Basis Function (RBF) Leray Projection Method for the Solution of the Incompressible Unsteady Stokes EquationsSep 18 2015A new projection method based on radial basis functions (RBFs) is presented for discretizing the incompressible unsteady Stokes equations in irregular geometries. The novelty of the method comes from the application of a new technique for computing the ... More
A four-pole power-combiner design for far-infrared and submillimeter spectroscopyMay 19 2015The far-infrared and submillimeter portions of the electromagnetic spectrum provide a unique view of the astrophysical processes present in the early universe. Micro-Spec ($\mu$-Spec), a high-efficiency direct-detection spectrometer concept working in ... More
Investigating the properties of AGN feedback in hot atmospheres triggered by cooling-induced gravitational collapseAug 22 2011Radiative cooling may plausibly cause hot gas in the centre of a massive galaxy, or galaxy cluster, to become gravitationally unstable. The subsequent collapse of this gas on a dynamical timescale can provide an abundant source of fuel for AGN heating ... More
Spectral dimension reduction of complex dynamical networksSep 21 2018Predicting the global dynamical states of complex networks is essential to anticipate critical breakdowns and to study the underlying resilience. Yet, we often rely solely on approximations of the average activity, which often misrepresent the particular ... More
On Variations in the Peak Luminosity of Type Ia SupernovaeMay 07 2003We explore the idea that the observed variations in the peak luminosities of Type Ia supernovae originate in part from a scatter in metallicity of the main-sequence stars that become white dwarfs. Previous, numerical, studies have not self-consistently ... More
Constraints on the Gamma-ray Burst Luminosity Function from PVO and BATSENov 08 1994We examine the width of the gamma-ray burst luminosity function through the distribution of GRB peak fluxes as detected by the Pioneer Venus Orbiter (PVO) and the Burst and Transient Source Experiment (BATSE). The strength of the analysis is greatly enhanced ... More
Was the nineteenth century giant eruption of Eta Carinae a merger event in a triple system?Nov 21 2015We discuss the events that led to the giant eruption of Eta Carinae, and find that the mid-nineteenth century (in 1838-1843) giant mass-loss outburst has the characteristics of being produced by the merger event of a massive close binary, triggered by ... More
Charge Symmetry Breaking and QCDFeb 21 2006Charge symmetry breaking (CSB) in the strong interaction occurs because of the difference between the masses of the up and down quarks. The use of effective field theories allows us to follow this influence of confined quarks in hadronic and nuclear systems. ... More
Radiative Transitions in Charmonium from Lattice QCDJan 17 2006Jun 13 2006Radiative transitions between charmonium states offer an insight into the internal structure of heavy-quark bound states within QCD. We compute, for the first time within lattice QCD, the transition form-factors of various multipolarities between the ... More
The Radio Emission from the Ultra-Luminous Far-Infrared Galaxy NGC 6240May 19 1994We present new radio observations of the ``prototypical'' ultra-luminous far- infrared galaxy NGC~6240, obtained using the VLA at 20~cm in `B' configuration and at 3.6~cm in `A' configuration. These data, along with those from four previous VLA observations, ... More
A Lagrangian Integrator for Planetary Accretion and Dynamics (LIPAD)Jul 03 2012We presented the first particle based, Lagrangian code that can follow the collisional/accretional/dynamical evolution of a large number of km-sized planetesimals through the entire growth process to become planets. We refer to it as the 'Lagrangian Integrator ... More
Description of the EMOD-HIV Model v0.7Jun 17 2012The expansion of tools against HIV transmission has brought increased interest in epidemiological models that can predict the impact of these interventions. The EMOD-HIV model was recently compared to eleven other independently developed mathematical ... More
Becoming the Expert - Interactive Multi-Class Machine TeachingApr 28 2015Compared to machines, humans are extremely good at classifying images into categories, especially when they possess prior knowledge of the categories at hand. If this prior information is not available, supervision in the form of teaching images is required. ... More
Bayesian genome assembly and assessment by Markov Chain Monte Carlo samplingAug 06 2013Oct 15 2013Most genome assemblers construct point estimates, choosing a genome sequence from among many alternative hypotheses that are supported by the data. We present a Markov Chain Monte Carlo approach to sequence assembly that instead generates distributions ... More
The strong-connectivity of word-representable digraphsFeb 04 2011Aug 30 2011A word-graph Gw is a digraph represented by a word w such that the vertex-set V(Gw) is the alphabet of w and the edge-set E(Gw) is determined by non-identical adjacent letter pairs in w. In this paper we study the strong-connectivity of word-graphs. Our ... More
GEOMetrics: Exploiting Geometric Structure for Graph-Encoded ObjectsJan 31 2019Mesh models are a promising approach for encoding the structure of 3D objects. Current mesh reconstruction systems predict uniformly distributed vertex locations of a predetermined graph through a series of graph convolutions, leading to compromises with ... More
Oligarchic growth of giant planetsMar 12 2003Runaway growth ends when the largest protoplanets dominate the dynamics of the planetesimal disk; the subsequent self-limiting accretion mode is referred to as ``oligarchic growth.'' Here, we begin by expanding on the existing analytic model of the oligarchic ... More
MOE11 Emittance Growth from the Thermalization of Space-Charge NonuniformitiesSep 29 2000Beams injected into a linear focusing channel typically have some degree of space-charge nonuniformity. In general, injected particle distributions with systematic charge nonuniformities are not equilibria of the focusing channel and launch a broad spectrum ... More
Dark aspects of massive spinor electrodynamicsMay 20 2013Jun 11 2014We investigate the cosmology of massive spinor electrodynamics when torsion is non-vanishing. A non-minimal interaction is introduced between the torsion and the vector field and the coupling constant between them plays an important role in subsequential ... More
Multi-hadron operators with all-to-all quark propagatorsOct 03 2008Hadron spectroscopy on dynamical configurations are faced with the difficulties of dealing with the mixing of single particle states and multi-hadron states (for large spatial volumes and light dynamical quarks masses). It is conceivable that explicit ... More
Strongly Enhanced Stimulated Brillouin Backscattering in an Electron-Positron PlasmaDec 02 2015Jan 07 2016Stimulated Brillouin backscattering of light is shown to be drastically enhanced in electron-positron plasmas, in contrast to the suppression of stimulated Raman scattering. A generalized theory of three-wave coupling between electromagnetic and plasma ... More
Separation of bacterial spores from flowing water in macro-scale cavities by ultrasonic standing wavesJun 28 2010The separation of micron-sized bacterial spores (Bacillus cereus) from a steady flow of water through the use of ultrasonic standing waves is demonstrated. An ultrasonic resonator with cross-section of 0.0254 m x 0.0254 m has been designed with a flow ... More
X-Rays from NGC 3256: High-Energy Emission in Starburst Galaxies and Their Contribution to the Cosmic X-Ray BackgroundJul 02 1999The infrared-luminous galaxy NGC3256 is a classic example of a merger induced nuclear starburst system. We find here that it is the most X-ray luminous star-forming galaxy yet detected (~10^42 ergs/s). Long-slit optical spectroscopy and a deep, high-resolution ... More
A selfconsistent theory of current-induced switching of magnetizationJul 21 2004Nov 29 2004A selfconsistent theory of the current-induced switching of magnetization using nonequilibrium Keldysh formalism is developed for a junction of two ferromagnets separated by a nonmagnetic spacer. It is shown that the spin-transfer torques responsible ... More
Hubble Space Telescope Planetary Camera Images of NGC 1316Mar 13 1996We present HST Planetary Camera V and I~band images of the central region of the peculiar giant elliptical galaxy NGC 1316. The inner profile is well fit by a nonisothermal core model with a core radius of 0.41" +/- 0.02" (34 pc). At an assumed distance ... More
The Flat Beam Experiment at the FNAL PhotoinjectorAug 12 2000A technique for production of an electron beam with a high transverse emittance ratio. a "flat" beam, has been proposed by Brinkmann, Derbenev, and Floettmann.[1] The cathode of an RF-laser gun is immersed in a solenoidal magnetic field; as a result the ... More
Resonances in coupled πK,ηK scattering from quantum chromodynamicsJun 16 2014Oct 23 2014Using first-principles calculation within Quantum Chromodynamics, we are able to determine a pattern of strangeness=1 resonances which appear as complex singularities within coupled $\pi K$, $\eta K$ scattering amplitudes. We make use of numerical computation ... More
What is the Shell Around R Coronae Borealis?May 15 2015The hydrogen-deficient, carbon-rich R Coronae Borealis (RCB) stars are known for being prolific producers of dust which causes their large iconic declines in brightness. Several RCB stars, including R CrB, itself, have large extended dust shells seen ... More
A Very Sensitive 21cm Survey for Galactic High-Velocity HIJan 03 2002Very sensitive HI 21cm observations have been made in 860 directions at dec >= -43deg in search of weak, Galactic, high-velocity HI emission lines at moderate and high Galactic latitudes. One-third of the observations were made toward extragalactic objects. ... More
Breather decay into a vortex/anti-vortex pair in a Josephson LadderMar 18 2014We present experimental evidence for a new behavior which involves discrete breathers and vortices in a Josephson Ladder. Breathers can be visualized as the creation and subsequent annihilation of vortex/anti-vortex pairs. An externally applied magnetic ... More
Geometric Endoscopy and Mirror SymmetryOct 31 2007Apr 05 2008The geometric Langlands correspondence has been interpreted as the mirror symmetry of the Hitchin fibrations for two dual reductive groups. This mirror symmetry, in turn, reduces to T-duality on the generic Hitchin fibers, which are smooth tori. In this ... More
How much of the outgoing radiation can be intercepted by Schwarzschildean black holes?Sep 11 2000The Schwarzschild spacetime is for electromagnetic waves like a nonuniform medium with a varying refraction index. A fraction of an outgoing radiation scatters off the curvature of the geometry and can be intercepted by a gravitational center. The amount ... More
Global solutions of a free boundary problem for selfgravitating scalar fieldsJun 01 1995Apr 12 1996The weak cosmic censorship hypothesis can be understood as a statement that there exists a global Cauchy evolution of a selfgravitating system outside an event horizon. The resulting Cauchy problem has a free null-like inner boundary. We study a selfgravitating ... More
g-elements of matroid complexesOct 24 2002Let K be the face ring of the independence complex of a matroid. We show that if T is a generic linear system of parameters, then K/T satisfies a weak form of the Hard Lefschetz Theorem. As a result, the first half of the h-vector of the complex satisfies ... More
ElementsSep 30 2015The aim of this work is to show that contemporary mathematics, including Peano arithmetic, is inconsistent, to construct firm foundations for mathematics, and to begin building on these foundations.
A Scoring System for Continuous Glucose Monitor DataMay 12 2013As continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) are used increasingly by diabetic patients, new and intuitive tools are needed to help patients and their physicians use these streams of data to improve blood glucose management. In this paper, we propose a daily ... More
Problem of Time: Facets and Machian StrategyJun 25 2013Jul 15 2014The Problem of Time is that `time' in each of ordinary quantum theory and general relativity are mutually incompatible notions. This causes difficulties in trying to put these two theories together to form a theory of Quantum Gravity. The Problem of Time ... More
Relational mechanics of shape and scaleJan 07 2010Feb 15 2010Relational particle mechanics models (RPM's) are useful models for the problem of time in quantum gravity and other foundational issues in quantum cosmology. Some concrete examples of scalefree RPM's have already been studied, but it is the case with ... More
Machian Classical and Semiclassical Emergent TimeMay 21 2013Nov 25 2013Classical and semiclassical schemes are presented that are timeless at the primary level and recover time from Mach's `time is to be abstracted from change' principle at the emergent secondary level. The semiclassical scheme is a Machian variant of the ... More
On the Semiclassical Approach to Quantum CosmologyJan 25 2011The emergent semiclassical time approach to resolving the problem of time in quantum gravity involves heavy slow degrees of freedom providing via an approximately Hamilton-Jacobi equation an approximate timestandard with respect to which the quantum mechanics ... More
Smallest Relational Mechanics Model of Quantum CosmologyAug 13 2009Relational particle mechanics are models in which there is, overall, no time, position, orientation (nor, sometimes, scale). They are useful for whole-universe modelling - the setting for quantum cosmology. This note concerns 3 particles in 1d in shape-scale ... More
New interpretation of variational principles for gauge theories. I. Cyclic coordinate alternative to ADM splitNov 02 2007I show how there is an ambiguity in how one treats auxiliary variables in gauge theories including general relativity cast as 3 + 1 geometrodynamics. Auxiliary variables may be treated pre-variationally as multiplier coordinates or as the velocities corresponding ... More
The arithmetic of solidsApr 06 2012The set of segments, each of the next is n times bigger than the first one is a simple geometric interpretation of the set $\mathbb{N}$ of natural numbers. In this paper we investigate the opposite situation. We construct an algebraic structure similar ... More