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A Hybrid multiphase model based on lattice Boltzmann method direct simulationsJun 11 2019By means of the multicomponent Shan-Chen lattice Boltzmann method (LBM), we investigate the multiphase flow through porous media. Despite the excellent accuracy of the LBM, large domains result in unaffordable computational expenses. The Hybrid model ... More
Categorizations of limits of Grothendieck groups over a Frobenius P-categoryNov 16 2015In "Frobenius Categories versus Brauer Blocks" and in "Ordinary Grothendieck groups of a Frobenius P-category" we consider suitable inverse limits of Grothendieck groups of categories of modules in characteristics p and zero, obtained from a so-called ... More
On the reduction of Alperin's Conjecture to the quasi-simple groupsApr 10 2010We show that the refinement of Alperin's Conjecture proposed in "Frobenius Categories versus Brauer Blocks", Progress in Math. 274, can be proved by checking that this refinement holds on any central k*-extension of a finite group H containing a normal ... More
Frobenius P-categories via the Alperin conditionApr 09 2010In "Frobenius Categories versus Brauer Blocks", Progress in Math. 274, we introduce the Frobenius P-categories giving two quite different definitions of them. In this paper, we exhibit a third equivalent definition based on the form of the old Alperin ... More
Equivariant Alperin-Robinson's Conjecture reduces to almost-simple k*-groupsMar 17 2012May 15 2012In a recent paper, Gabriel Navarro and Pham Huu Tiep show that the so-called Alperin Weight Conjecture can be verified via the Classification of the Finite Simple Groups, provided any simple group fulfills a very precise list of conditions. Our purpose ... More
Ordinary Grothendieck groups of a Frobenius P-categoryApr 09 2010In "Frobenius Categories versus Brauer Blocks", Progress in Math. 274, we have introduced the Frobenius categories F over a finite p-group P, and we have associated to F - suitably endowed with some central k*-extensions - a "Grothendieck group" as an ... More
A criterion on trivial homotopyAug 17 2013Jun 08 2016In "Homotopy decomposition of classifying spaces via elementary Abelian subgroups", Stephan Jackowski and James McClure show, for functors admitting a Mackey complement over categories holding a direct product, a general result on vanishing cohomology. ... More
A mixing operator $T$ for which $(T, T^2)$ is not disjoint transitiveMay 01 2015May 15 2016Using a result from ergodic Ramsey theory, we answer a question posed by B\`es, Martin, Peris and Shkarin by showing a mixing operator $T$ on a Hilbert space such that the tuple $(T, T^2)$ is not disjoint transitive.
The Hecke algebra of a Frobenius P-categoryJan 06 2011We introduce a new avatar of a Frobenius P-category F in the form of a suitable sub-ring H_F of the double Burnside ring of P - called the Hecke algebra of F - where we are able to formulate the generalization to a Frobenius P-category of the Alperin ... More
Nilpotent extensions of blocksApr 09 2010There are normal sub-blocks of nilpotent blocks which are NOT nilpotent or, equivalently, nilpotent extensions of non-nilpotent blocks. In this paper we determine the source algebra structure of the non-nilpotent blocks involved in these situations. Actually, ... More
A mixing operator $T$ for which $(T, T^2)$ is not disjoint transitiveMay 01 2015Nov 24 2016Using a result from ergodic Ramsey theory, we answer a question posed by B\`es, Martin, Peris and Shkarin by showing a mixing operator $T$ on a Hilbert space such that the tuple $(T, T^2)$ is not disjoint transitive.
Parameterization of irreducible characters for p-solvable groupsJun 27 2010The weights for a finite group G with respect to a prime number p where introduced by Jon Alperin, in order to formulate his celebrated conjecture. In 1992, Everett Dade formulates a refinement of Alperin's conjecture involving ordinary irreducible characters ... More
Nonlinear tensor distributions on Riemannian manifoldsApr 05 2011We construct an algebra of nonlinear generalized tensor fields on manifolds in the sense of J.-F. Colombeau, i.e., containing distributional tensor fields as a linear subspace and smooth tensor fields as a faithful subalgebra. The use of a background ... More
Lifetime of the embedded phase of low-mass star formation and the envelope depletion ratesMar 06 2010Motivated by a considerable scatter in the observationally inferred lifetimes of the embedded phase of star formation, we study the duration of the Class 0 and Class I phases in upper-mass brown dwarfs and low-mass stars using numerical hydrodynamics ... More
Hamiltonian ratchet of conventional pure quasi-2D electron systemApr 15 2009We trace a simple mechanical model of a ratchet, and embed its setup in a conventional quasi-two-dimensional electron system in a semiconductor heterostructure. Expressed are two distinct microscopic mechanisms for such systems to serve as quantum ratchets ... More
Fermat varieties and the periods of some hypersurfacesMay 11 2010The variety of all smooth hypersurfaces of given degree and dimension has the Fermat hypersurface as a natural base point. In order to study the period map for such varieties, we first determine the integral polarized Hodge structure of the primitive ... More
AxionsDec 04 2003Jan 20 2004I review the physics of axions, paying attention to the role as dark matter. This paper is based on talks given at the workshops ``Thinking, Observing and Mining the Universe'' held in Sorrento (Italy), September 22-27, 2003, and at ``International Workshop ... More
Stable cohomology of the mapping class group with symplectic coefficients and of the universal Abel-Jacobi mapJan 24 1994Mar 24 1995This replacement corrects statement and proof of the main result. Also, a section on the universal Abel-Jacobi map has been added.
Electronic Aromaticity Index for Large RingsDec 16 2015We introduce a new electronic aromaticity index, AV1245, consisting in the average of the 4-center MCI values along the ring that keep a positional relationship of 1,2,4,5. AV1245 measures the extent of transferability of the delocalized electrons between ... More
Point value characterizations and related results in the full Colombeau algebras G^e and G^dApr 05 2011We present a point value characterization for elements of the elementary full Colombeau algebra G^e and the diffeomorphism invariant full Colombeau algebra G^d. Moreover, several results from the special algebra G^s about generalized numbers and invertibility ... More
On one condition of absolutely continuous spectrum for self-adjoint operators and its applicationsNov 02 2017In this work the method of analyzing of the absolutely continuous spectrum for self-adjoint operators is considered. For the analysis it is used an approximation of self-adjoint operator $A$ by a sequence of operators $A_n$ with absolutely continuous ... More
Uniformization by Lauricella functions--an overview of the theory of Deligne-MostowJul 26 2005This is a survey of the Deligne-Mostow theory of Lauricella functions, or what almost amounts to the same thing, of the period map for cyclic coverings of the Riemann sphere.
Cohomological amplitude for constructible sheaves on moduli spaces of curvesMar 20 2012Aug 30 2013We give bounds for the cohomology of constructible sheaves on the moduli stacks M_{g,n} over the complex field. This enables us recover Harer's bound for the virtual cohomological dimension of the associated mapping class groups as well the theorem of ... More
Note on the universality and the functoriality of the perfect F-localityMay 21 2016In "Frobenius Categories versus Brauer Blocks" we have proved some universality of the so-called localizing functor associated with a Frobenius $P$-category $F$, where $P$ is a finite $p$-group, with respect to the coherent $F$-localities $(\tau,L,\pi)$ ... More
Affirmative answer to a question of LinckelmannJul 15 2015In the 2002 Durham Symposium, Markus Linckelmann conjectured the existence of a regular central k*-extension of the full subcategory over the selfcentralizing Brauer pairs of the Frobenius P-category associated with a block of defect group P of a finite ... More
Existence, uniqueness and functoriality of the perfect locality over a Frobenius P-categoryJun 30 2012Mar 07 2015Let p be a prime, P a finite p-group and F a Frobenius P-category. The question on the existence of a suitable category Lsc extending the full subcategory of F over the set of F-selfcentralizing subgroups of P goes back to Dave Benson in 1994. In 2002 ... More
Weight parameterization of simple modules for p-solvable groupsMay 20 2010The weights for a finite group G with respect to a prime number p where introduced by Jon Alperin, in order to formulate his celebrated conjecture affirming that that the number of G-conjugacy classes of weights of G coincides with the number of isomorphism ... More
Note on the reduction of Alperin's ConjectureSep 20 2011In a recent paper, Gabriel Navarro and Pham Huu Tiep show that the so-called Alperin Weight Conjecture can be verified via the Classification of the Finite Simple Groups, provided any simple group fulfills a very precise list of conditions. Our purpose ... More
A Nonperturbative Eliasson's Reducibility TheoremMar 17 2005This paper is concerned with discrete, one-dimensional Schr\"odinger operators with real analytic potentials and one Diophantine frequency. Using localization and duality we show that almost every point in the spectrum admits a quasi-periodic Bloch wave ... More
Goresky-Pardon extensions of Chern classes and associated Tate extensionsOct 14 2015Nov 05 2015Let X be an irreducible complex variety, S a stratification of X and F a holomorphic vector bundle on the open statum. We give geometric conditions on S and F that produce a natural extension of the k-th Chern class F as a class in the complex cohomology ... More
Moduli spaces and locally symmetric varietiesApr 15 2014This is a survey paper on moduli spaces that have a natural structure of a (possibly incomplete) locally symmetric variety. We outline the Baily-Borel compactification for such varieties and compare it with the compactifications furnished by techniques ... More
Discrete automorphism groups of convex cones of finite typeAug 02 2009Apr 15 2014We investigate subgroups of SL (n,Z) which preserve an open nondegenerate convex cone in real n-space and admit in that cone as fundamental domain a polyhedral cone of which some faces are allowed to lie on the boundary. Examples are arithmetic groups ... More
Motivic measuresJun 28 2000Oct 21 2000A survey of work on motivic integration.
Connectivity of complexes of separating curvesJan 06 2010Feb 08 2012We prove that the separated curve complex of a closed orientable surface of genus g is (g-3)-connected. We also obtain a connectivity property for a separated curve complex of the open surface that is obtained by removing a finite set from a closed one, ... More
Jacobi matrices: continued fractions, approximation, spectrumJul 15 2017Aug 21 2017In this work the spectral theory of self-adjoint operator $A$ represented by Jacobi matrix is considered. The approach is based on the continued fraction representation of the resolvent matrix element of $A$. Different criteria of absolute continuity ... More
M_g is a union of g-1 affine open subsetsApr 16 1998Apr 22 1998Paper withdrawn. (Lemma 2.1 is false.)
A physically inspired model of Dip d792 and d1519 of the Kepler light curve seen at KIC8462852Nov 25 2016The star KIC 8462852 shows a very unusual and hard to comprehend light curve. The dip d7922 absorbs 16% of the starlight. The light curve is unusually smooth but the very steep edges make it hard to find a simple natural explanation by covering due to ... More
The relative exponential growth rate of subgroups of acylindrically hyperbolic groupsNov 19 2016In this paper we prove that the relative exponential growth rate of any subgroup H of a finitely generated group G exists with respect to every finite generating set of G if H contains a generalized loxodromic element. We will prove that the relative ... More
On coverage and local radial rates of DDM-credible setsJul 20 2014Oct 20 2015For a general statistical model, we introduce the notion of data dependent measure (DDM) on the model parameter. Typical examples of DDM are the posterior distributions. Like for posteriors, the quality of a DDM is characterized by the contraction rate ... More
The Topological Processor for the future ATLAS Level-1 Trigger: from design to commissioningJun 17 2014The ATLAS detector at LHC will require a Trigger system to efficiently select events down to a manageable event storage rate of about 400 Hz. By 2015 the LHC instantaneous luminosity will be increased up to 3 x 10^34 cm-2s-1, this represents an unprecedented ... More
Heterointerface potentials in the effective-mass approximation for wurtzite semiconductor structuresMay 04 2015In the effective-mass approximation, the step-like crystal potential of a wurtzite semiconductor heterostucture should be supplemented by Dirac delta-function heterointerface terms. They stem from the difference in the Bloch functions of the semiconductors ... More
Cylindrical coordinate representation for multiband HamiltoniansJul 07 2011Oct 27 2012Rotationally invariant combinations of the Brillouin zone-center Bloch functions are used as basis function to express in cylindrical coordinates the valence-band and Kane envelope-function Hamiltonians for wurtzite and zinc-blende semiconductor heterostructures. ... More
The dynamical systems approach to the equations of a linearly viscous compressible barotropic fluidApr 28 2003We develop a dynamical systems theory for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations based on global in time weak solutions. The following questions will be addressed: Global existence and critical values of the adiabatic constant; dissipativity in the ... More
Galaxies at High Redshifts - Observing Galaxies in the CradleDec 11 1998Due to the invention of new powerful instruments in the recent past (e.g. 10m class telescopes) high redshift galaxies are no longer a curiosity. High redshift young star forming galaxies can be effectively discriminated from the much more abundant foreground ... More
Quantum Geometry and GravityNov 01 1995The geometro-stochastic method of quantization provides a framework for quantum general relativity, in which the principal frame bundles of local Lorentz frames that underlie the fibre-theoretical approach to classical general relativity are replaced ... More
The period map for cubic fourfoldsMay 07 2007The period map for cubic fourfolds takes values in a locally symmetric variety of orthogonal type of dimension 20. We determine the image of this period map (thus confirming a conjecture of Hassett) and give at the same time a new proof of the theorem ... More
Pricing financial derivatives by a minimizing methodNov 27 2008Oct 10 2013We shall study backward stochastic differential equations and we will present a new approach for the existence of the solution. This type of equation appears very often in the valuation of financial derivatives in complete markets. Therefore, the identification ... More
A topological interpretation of the KZ systemMar 10 2010Jan 11 2011We show that the KZ system has a purely topological interpretation in the sense that it may be understood as a variation of complex mixed Hodge structure whose successive pure weight quotients are polarized. This in a sense completes and elucidates work ... More
Hierarchies for Relatively Hyperbolic Virtually Special GroupsMar 28 2019Wise's Quasiconvex Hierarchy Theorem classifying hyperbolic virtually compact special groups in terms of quasiconvex hierarchies played an essential role in Agol's proof of the Virtual Haken Conjecture. Answering a question of Wise, we construct a new ... More
An Effective Guide to Beyond the Standard Model PhysicsJun 24 2014Jul 23 2014Effective Lagrangians with dimension-six operators are widely used to analyse Higgs and other electroweak data. We show how to build a basis of operators such that each operator corresponds to a coupling which is well measured or will be in the future. ... More
Physics and Cosmology : the Milli-Electron-Volt ScaleFeb 27 2009A short review about vacuum energy and the cosmological constant is presented. The observed acceleration of the universe introduces a new meV energy scale. The problem is that, theoretically, the predicted vacuum energy is many orders of magnitude larger ... More
On universality of the coupling of neutrinos to ZMay 30 2002Sep 10 2002We employ an effective Lagrangian approach and use LEP data to place severe bounds on universality violations of the couplings of $\nu_e$, $\nu_\mu$, and $\nu_\tau$ to the $Z$ boson. Our results justify the assumption of universality in these couplings ... More
On Quantum-Geometric Connections and Propagators in Curved SpacetimeOct 04 1995The basic properties of Poincare gauge invariant Hilbert bundles over Lorentzian manifolds are derived. Quantum connections are introduced in such bundles, which govern a parallel transport that is shown to satisfy the strong equivalence principle in ... More
Two-sided localizations of bimodulesJun 18 2008We extend to bimodules Schelter's localization of a ring with respect to Gabriel filters of left and right ideals. Our two-sided localization of bimodules provides an endofunctor on a convenient bicategory of rings with filters of ideals. This is used ... More
Behavioral Program Logic and LAGC Semantics without Continuations (Technical Report)Apr 30 2019We present Behavioral Program Logic (BPL), a dynamic logic for trace properties that incorporates concepts from behavioral types and allows reasoning about non-functional properties within a sequent calculus. BPL uses behavioral modalities [s |- {\tau} ... More
Bornologically isomorphic representations of distributions on manifoldsMay 09 2011Distributional tensor fields can be regarded as multilinear mappings with distributional values or as (classical) tensor fields with distributional coefficients. We show that the corresponding isomorphisms hold also in the bornological setting.
Strange Nonchaotic Attractors in Harper MapsOct 28 2005We study the existence of Strange Nonchaotic Attractors (SNA) in the family of Harper maps, proving that they are typical but not robust in this family. Our approach is based on the theory of linear skewproducts and the spectral theory of Schrodinger ... More
Characterization of count data distributions involving additivity and binomial subsamplingAug 30 2007In this paper we characterize all the $r$-parameter families of count distributions (satisfying mild conditions) that are closed under addition and under binomial subsampling. Surprisingly, few families satisfy both properties and the resulting models ... More
On blocks with trivial source simple modulesApr 10 2010Motivated by an observation in "Vertices, sources and Green correspondents of the simple modules for the large Mathieu groups", J. of Algebra 322, we determine the source algebra, and therefore all the structure, of the blocks without essential Brauer ... More
Glauberman correspondents and extensions of nilpotent block algebrasMar 14 2012The main purpose of this paper is to prove that the extensions of a nilpotent block algebra and its Glauberman correspondent block algebra are Morita equivalent under an additional group-theoretic condition. In particular, Harris and Linckelman's theorem ... More
Needles and straw in a haystack: robust empirical Bayes confidence for possibly sparse sequencesNov 05 2015Apr 04 2016In the many normal means model we construct an empirical Bayes posterior which we then use for uncertainty quantification for the unknown (possibly sparse) parameter by constructing an estimator and a confidence set around it as empirical Bayes credible ... More
Multiple scales and singular limits for compressible rotating fluids with general initial dataMar 16 2013We study the singular limit of a rotating compressible fluid described by a scaled barotropic Navier-Stokes system, where the Rossby number, the Mach number and the Froude number tend to 0 in a particular mutual rate while the Reynolds number tends to ... More
Stochastic acceleration by multi-island contraction during turbulent magnetic reconnectionFeb 25 2013The acceleration of charged particles in magnetized plasmas is considered during turbulent multi-island magnetic reconnection. The particle acceleration model is constructed for an ensemble of islands which produce adiabatic compression of the particles. ... More
Ruled CR-submanifolds of locally conformal Kähler manifoldsFeb 16 2012The purpose of this paper is to study the canonical totally real foliations of CR-submanifolds in a locally conformal K\"{a}hler manifold.
Analysis of power-law exponents by maximum-likelihood mapsFeb 09 2012Feb 15 2012Maximum-likelihood exponent maps have been studied as a technique to increase the understanding and improve the fit of power-law exponents to experimental and numerical simulation data, especially when they exhibit both upper and lower cut-offs. The use ... More
Weak-strong uniqueness property for the full Navier-Stokes-Fourier systemNov 18 2011The Navier-Stokes-Fourier system describing the motion of a compressible, viscous, and heat conducting fluid is known to possess global-in-time weak solutions for any initial data of finite energy. We show that a weak solution coincides with the strong ... More
Embedded protostellar disks around (sub-)solar stars. II. Disk masses, sizes, densities, temperatures and the planet formation perspectiveJan 16 2011We present basic properties of protostellar disks in the embedded phase of star formation (EPSF), which is difficult to probe observationally using available observational facilities. We use numerical hydrodynamics simulations of cloud core collapse and ... More
Numerical Schemes for Multivalued Backward Stochastic Differential SystemsJan 10 2011We define some approximation schemes for different kinds of generalized backward stochastic differential systems, considered in the Markovian framework. We propose a mixed approximation scheme for a decoupled system of forward reflected SDE and backward ... More
Random Field Potts model with dipolar-like interactions: hysteresis, avalanches and microstructureOct 01 2007A model for the study of hysteresis and avalanches in a first-order phase transition from a single variant phase to a multivariant phase is presented. The model is based on a modification of the Random Field Potts model with metastable dynamics by adding ... More
Summing the derivative expansion of the effective actionSep 06 2001Jan 22 2002The derivative expansion of the effective action is a perturbative development in derivatives of the fields. The expansion breaks down when some of the derivatives are too large. We show how to sum exactly the first and second derivatives and treat perturbatively ... More
Comment on "Long-range electrostatic interactions between like-charged colloids: Steric and confinement effects"Apr 03 2001In a recent study [Phys. Rev. E 60, 6530 (1999)], Trizac and Raimbault showed that the effective pair interaction between like charged colloids immersed in a cylindrically confined electrolyte remains repulsive even when the size of the micro-ions or ... More
Improved Bounds on the Electromagnetic Dipole Moments of the Tau LeptonSep 20 1996Using electroweak data and an effective Lagrangian approach we obtain stringent bounds on the tau anomalous magnetic moment, $-0.004 \leq a_\tau \leq 0.006$, and on its electric dipole moment, $|d_\tau| \leq 1.1 \times 10^{-17} e$ cm. This significantly ... More
Finite Magnetic Flux Tube as a Black & White DiholeAug 03 1994Aug 31 1994A finite-length magnetic vortex line solution is derived within the context of (4-dim) dilaton gravity. We approach the Bonnor metric at the Einstein-Maxwell limit, and encounter the "flux tube as (Euclidean) Kerr horizon" at the Kaluza-Klein level. Exclusively ... More
Robust inference for general framework of projection structuresMar 31 2019We develop a general framework of projection structures and study the problem of inference on the unknown parameter within this framework by using empirical Bayes and penalization methods. The main inference problem is the uncertainty quantification, ... More
Stochastic Navier-Stokes-Fourier equationsOct 28 2017We study the full Navier--Stokes--Fourier system governing the motion of a general viscous, heat-conducting, and compressible fluid subject to stochastic perturbation. Stochastic effects are implemented through (i) random initial data, (ii) a forcing ... More
On a singular limit for stratified compressible fluidsFeb 28 2018May 16 2018We consider a singular limit problem for the complete compressible Euler system in the low Mach and strong stratification regime. We identify the limit problem - the anelastic Euler system - in the case of well prepared initial data. The result holds ... More
Performance of Media-based Modulation in Multi-user NetworksJan 30 2018High spectral efficiency and low power consumption are the most challenging requirements of 5G networks since the number of devices are increased drastically. Media-based modulation (MBM) is a promising scheme in order to achieve these requirements. In ... More
Simpler than vacuum: Antiscalar alternatives to black holesSep 14 2018Sep 26 2018The Janis-Newman-Winicour and Papapetrou metrics represent counterparts to the Schwarzschild black hole with scalar and antiscalar background fields, correspondingly (where "anti" is to be understood as in "anti-de Sitter"). There is also a scalar counterpart ... More
The period map for cubic threefoldsAug 11 2006Allcock-Carlson-Toledo defined a period map for cubic threefolds which takes values in a ball quotient of dimension 10. A theorem of Voisin implies that this is an open embedding. We determine its image and show that on the algebraic level this amounts ... More
Low complexity sum rate maximization for single and multiple stream MIMO AF relay networksNov 26 2012A multiple-antenna amplify-and-forward two-hop interference network with multiple links and multiple relays is considered. We optimize transmit precoders, receive decoders and relay AF matrices to maximize the achievable sum rate. Under per user and total ... More
Nonlinear generalized sections and vector bundle homomorphisms in Colombeau spaces of generalized functionsMar 28 2016Mar 16 2018We define and characterize spaces of manifold-valued generalized functions and generalized vector bundle homomorphisms in the setting of the full diffeomorphism-invariant vector-valued Colombeau algebra. Furthermore, we establish point value characterizations ... More
Manifold-valued generalized functions in full Colombeau spacesMar 30 2011Oct 12 2011We introduce the notion of generalized function taking values in a smooth manifold into the setting of full Colombeau algebras. After deriving a number of characterization results we also introduce a corresponding concept of generalized vector bundle ... More
Spacetimes with distributional semi-Riemannian metrics and their curvatureFeb 18 2019We develop a comprehensive geometric framework for the rigorous treatment of metrics with low regularity by means of regularization methods. The resulting tensor calculus is used to calculate the curvature of the conical metric describing cosmic strings. ... More
On the unitary nature of abelian conformal blocksNov 06 2007We determine the projectively flat unitary structure on abelian conformal blocks in terms of WZW-data.
Homogenization of the fluid-saturated piezoelectric porous mediaJan 16 2018The paper is devoted to the homogenization of porous piezoelectric materials saturated by electrically inert fluid. The solid part of a representative volume element consists of the piezoelectric skeleton with embedded conductors. The pore fluid in the ... More
The global bifurcation picture for ground states in nonlinear Schrodinger equationsNov 14 2018In this paper, we propose a method of finding all coherent structures supported by a given nonlinear wave equation. It relies on enhancing the recent global bifurcation theory as developed by Dancer, Toland, Buffoni and others, by determining all the ... More
3-submersions from QR-hypersurfaces of quaternionic Kaehler manifoldsJun 12 2011In this paper we study 3-submersions from a QR-hypersurface of a quaternionic Kaehler manifold onto an almost quaternionic hermitian manifold. We also prove the non-existence of quaternionic submersions between quaternionic Kaehler manifolds which are ... More
Equimatchable factor-critical graphs and independence number 2Jan 29 2015A graph is equimatchable if each of its matchings is a subset of a maximum matching. It is known that any 2-connected equimatchable graph is either bipartite, or factor-critical, and that these two classes are disjoint. This paper provides a description ... More
Nonlinear generalized sections and vector bundle homomorphisms in Colombeau spaces of generalized functionsMar 28 2016We define and characterize spaces of manifold-valued generalized functions and generalized vector bundle homomorphisms in the setting of the full diffeomorphism-invariant vector-valued Colombeau algebra. Furthermore, we establish point value characterizations ... More
On a nonlinear Peetre theorem in full Colombeau algebrasJan 25 2016We adapt a nonlinear version of Peetre's theorem on local operators in order to investigate representatives of nonlinear generalized functions occurring in the theory of full Colombeau algebras.
The stable cohomology of the Satake compactification of $\mathcal{A}_g$Aug 23 2015Sep 10 2016Charney and Lee have shown that the rational cohomology of the Satake-Baily-Borel compactification the moduli space of principally polarized abelian varieties of dimension g stabilizes as g grows and they computed this stable cohomology as a Hopf algebra. ... More
A note on sensitivity of semigroup actionsJul 18 2006It is well known that for a transitive dynamical system (X,f) sensitivity to initial conditions follows from the assumption that the periodic points are dense. This was done by several authors: Banks, Brooks, Cairns, Davis and Stacey, Silverman, and also ... More
A transference result of the L^p continuity of the Jacobi Littlewood-Paley g-function to the Gaussian and Laguerre Littlewood-Paley g-functionDec 15 2016A transference result of the L^p continuity of the Jacobi Littlewood-Paley g-function to the Gaussian and Laguerre Littlewood-Paley g-function.
Lightlike real hypersurfaces of paraquaternionic manifoldsMay 28 2004Dec 17 2004The main purpose of this paper is to give fundamental properties of real lightlike hypersurfaces of paraquaternionic manifolds and to prove the non-existence of real lightlike hypersurfaces in paraquaternionic space forms under some conditions.
On Sectorial L-systems with Shrödinger operatorSep 21 2017We study L-systems with sectorial main operator and connections of their impedance functions with sectorial Stieltjes and inverse Stieltjes functions. Conditions when the main and state space operators (the main and associated state space operators) of ... More
Needles and straw in a haystack: robust empirical Bayes confidence for possibly sparse sequencesNov 05 2015Nov 26 2016In the general signal+noise model we construct an empirical Bayes posterior which we then use for uncertainty quantification for the unknown, possibly sparse, signal. We introduce a novel excessive bias restriction (EBR) condition, which gives rise to ... More
Modelling large-deforming fluid-saturated porous media using an Eulerian incremental formulationOct 14 2016The paper deals with modelling fluid saturated porous media subject to large deformation. An Eulerian incremental formulation is derived using the problem imposed in the spatial configuration in terms of the equilibrium equation and the mass conservation. ... More
Combinatorial Modeling and Test Case Generation for Industrial Control Software using ACTSMar 23 2018Jun 11 2018Combinatorial testing has been suggested as an effective method of creating test cases at a lower cost. However, industrially applicable tools for modeling and combinatorial test generation are still scarce. As a direct effect, combinatorial testing has ... More
Hysteresis and Avalanches in the Random Anisotropy Ising ModelDec 29 2000The behaviour of the Random Anisotropy Ising model at T=0 under local relaxation dynamics is studied. The model includes a dominant ferromagnetic interaction and assumes an infinite anisotropy at each site along local anisotropy axes which are randomly ... More
On the Weyl-Titchmarsh and Livšic functionsJan 19 2013We establish a mutual relationship between main analytic objects for the dissipative extension theory of a symmetric operator $\dot A$ with deficiency indices $(1,1)$. In particular, we introduce the Weyl-Titchmarsh function $\cM$ of a maximal dissipative ... More