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Simplified Picture of Low Mass X-ray Binaries based on Data from Aql X-1 and 4U1608-52Oct 09 2012Oct 10 2012We propose a simplified picture of low mass X-ray binaries containing a neutron star (NS-LMXBs) based on data obtained from AqlX-1 and 4U1608-52 which often produce outbursts. In this picture we propose at least three states and three state transitions; ... More
Nonsaturating large magnetoresistance in the high carrier density nonsymmorphic metal CrPMar 14 2019The band structure of high carrier density metal CrP features an interesting crossing at the Y point of the Brillouin zone. The crossing, which is protected by the nonsymmorphic symmetry of the space group, results in a hybrid, semi-Dirac-like energy-momentum ... More
Descent properties of the topological chiral homologySep 24 2014Jan 18 2016We study descent properties of Jacob Lurie's topological chiral homology. We prove that this homology theory satisfies descent for a factorizing cover, as defined by Kevin Costello and Owen Gwilliam. We also obtain a generalization of Lurie's approach ... More
Co-evolution of Galaxies and Central Black Holes: Observational Evidence on the Trigger of AGN FeedbackMar 07 2012A comprehensive analysis of extended emission line region (EELR) around quasars is presented. New Subaru/Suprime-Cam observation is combined with literature search, resulting in a compilation of 81 EELR measurements for type-1 and type-2 quasars with ... More
Descent and the Koszul duality for locally constant factorization algebrasDec 09 2013Sep 24 2014Generalizing Jacob Lurie's idea on the relation between the Verdier duality and the iterated loop space theory, we study the Koszul duality for locally constant factorization algebras. We formulate an analogue of Lurie's "nonabelian Poincare duality" ... More
Higher theories of algebraic structuresJan 03 2016Apr 10 2017The notion of (symmetric) coloured operad or "multicategory" can be obtained from the notion of commutative algebra through a certain general process which we call "theorization" (where our term comes from an analogy with William Lawvere's notion of algebraic ... More
Koszul duality for locally constant factorization algebrasSep 24 2014Mar 12 2015Generalising Jacob Lurie's idea on the relation between the Verdier duality and the iterated loop space theory, we study the Koszul duality for locally constant factorisation algebras. We formulate an analogue of Lurie's "nonabelian Poincare duality" ... More
The CKM Matrix and Its OriginApr 20 1998Jun 08 1998In the context of the supersymmetric unification model in which the massless sector contains extra particles beyond those in the minimal supersymmetric standard model, we obtain mixings between quarks (leptons) and the extra particles which are closely ... More
Koszul duality between $E_n$-algebras and coalgebras in a filtered categorySep 24 2014Aug 21 2015We study the Koszul duality between augmented $E_n$-algebras and augmented $E_n$-coalgebras in a symmetric monoidal stable infinity $1$-category equipped with a filtration in a suitable sense. We obtain that the Koszul duality constructions restrict to ... More
OAO/ISLE Near-IR Spectroscopy of IRAS GalaxiesNov 19 2011We present the results of the near-infrared (IR) spectroscopy of nine IRAS galaxies (NGC 1266, NGC 1320, NGC 2633, NGC 2903, NGC 3034, Mrk 33, NGC 7331, NGC 7625, NGC 7714) with the ISLE imager and spectrograph mounted on the Okayama Astrophysical Observatory ... More
A New Linear Time Correctness Condition for Multiplicative Linear LogicFeb 26 2019In this paper, we give a new linear time correctness condition for proof nets of Multiplicative Linear Logic without units. Our approach is based on a rewriting system over trees. We have only three rewrite rules. Compared to previous linear time correctness ... More
A generalization of categorification, and higher "theory" of algebrasSep 07 2015Jan 18 2016We give an introduction to the topics of our forthcoming work, in which we introduce and study new mathematical objects which we call "higher theories" of algebras, where inspiration for the term comes from William Lawvere's notion of "algebraic theory". ... More
Koszul duality between $E_n$-algebras and coalgebras in a filtered categorySep 24 2014Mar 19 2018We study the Koszul duality between augmented $E_n$-algebras and augmented $E_n$-coalgebras in a symmetric monoidal stable infinity $1$-category equipped with a filtration in a suitable sense. We obtain that the Koszul duality constructions restrict to ... More
Higher theories of algebraic structuresJan 03 2016Feb 18 2016The notion of (symmetric) coloured operad or "multicategory" can be obtained from the notion of commutative algebra through a certain general process which we call "theorization" (where our term comes from an analogy with William Lawvere's notion of algebraic ... More
Generalized entropy and extensions of the second law of thermodynamics and the Clausius relation for quantum systems in steady heat conduction statesSep 27 2012May 23 2014This paper has been withdrawn by the author. For the reason, see the bottom paragraph of this abstract. By generalizing Tasaki's work on the second law of thermodynamics for an adiabatic process between two equilibrium states of a macroscopic quantum ... More
Green-Kubo formulas with symmetrized correlation functions for quantum systems in steady states: the shear viscosity of a fluid in a steady shear flowApr 25 2012May 05 2012For a quantum system in a steady state with a constant current of heat or particles driven by a temperature or chemical potential difference between two reservoirs attached to the system, the fluctuation theorem for the current was previously shown to ... More
The principle of microreversibility and the fluctuation relations for quantum systems driven out of equilibriumOct 30 2012May 23 2014For classical systems driven out of equilibrium, Crooks derived a relation (the Crooks-Jarzynski relation), whose special cases include a relation (the Crooks relation) equivalent to the Kawasaki non-linear response relation. We derive a quantum extension ... More
A New Linear Time Correctness Condition for Multiplicative Linear LogicFeb 26 2019Mar 04 2019In this paper, we give a new linear time correctness condition for proof nets of Multiplicative Linear Logic without units. Our approach is based on a rewriting system over trees. We have only three rewrite rules. Compared with previous linear time correctness ... More
On the higher derivatives of Z(t) associated with the Riemann Zeta-FunctionMay 10 2012Let $Z(t)$ be the classical Hardy function in the theory of the Riemann zeta-function. The main result in this paper is that if the Riemann hypothesis is true then for any positive integer $n$ there exists a $t_{n}>0$ such that for $t>t_{n}$ the function ... More
The generalized Lefschetz number of homeomorphisms on punctured disksApr 09 2008Sep 19 2009We compute the generalized Lefschetz number of orientation-preserving self-homeomorphisms of a compact punctured disk, using the fact that homotopy classes of these homeomorphisms can be identified with braids. This result is applied to study Nielsen-Thurston ... More
Probing the faint end of the quasar luminosity function at z ~ 4 in the COSMOS fieldNov 10 2010Dec 27 2010We searched for quasars that are ~ 3 mag fainter than the SDSS quasars in the redshift range 3.7 < z < 4.7 in the COSMOS field to constrain the faint end of the quasar luminosity function. Using optical photometric data, we selected 31 quasar candidates ... More
Pressure-Temperature-Magnetic Field Phase Diagram of Ferromagnetic Kondo Lattice CeRuPONov 06 2013We report the temperature-pressure-magnetic field phase diagram made from electrical resistivity measurements for the ferromagnetic (FM) Kondo lattice CeRuPO. The ground state at zero field changes from the FM state to another state, which is suggested ... More
Nonmagnetic Impurity Effect of the S=1/2 Spin Ladder System (pipdH)_2Cu_{1-x}Zn_xBr_4May 07 2013May 08 2013We report the synthesis and the magnetic susceptibility of (pipdH)2Cu1-xZnxBr4, which is a nonmagnetic impurity-doped S=1/2 spin ladder system. The samples were synthesized from a solution by using a slow evaporation method. Samples were confirmed to ... More
Ferromagnetic Instability in AFe4Sb12 (A = Ca, Sr, and Ba)Dec 04 2004Magnetic, transport and thermal properties of AFe4Sb12 (A = Ca, Sr, Ba) are reported. All three compounds show a maximum in both the magnetic susceptibility and thermopower at 50 K, and a large electronic specific heat coefficient of 100 mJ/mol K2. These ... More
Large lepton flavor mixings in $SU(6)\times SU(2)_R$ modelSep 07 2000Dec 14 2000The lepton masses and mixings are studied on the basis of string inspired $SU(6)\times SU(2)_R$ model with global flavor symmetries. Provided that sizable mixings between lepton doublets $L$ and Higgsino-like fields $H_d$ with even R-parity occur and ... More
Witnessing the active assembly phase of massive galaxies since z = 1Feb 02 2010Apr 26 2010We present an analysis of ~60 000 massive (stellar mass M_star > 10^{11} M_sun) galaxies out to z = 1 drawn from 55.2 deg2 of the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS) and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) II Supernova ... More
Uniformly Cohen-Macaulay simplicial complexes and almost Gorenstein* simplicial complexesMay 29 2014Feb 25 2016In this paper, we study simplicial complexes whose Stanley-Reisner rings are almost Gorenstein and have $a$-invariant zero. We call such a simplicial complex an almost Gorenstein* simplicial complex. To study the almost Gorenstein* property, we introduce ... More
On finite generation of symbolic Rees rings of space monomial curves and existence of negative curvesJan 25 2008Sep 03 2009In this paper, we shall study finite generation of symbolic Rees rings of the defining ideal of the space monomial curves $(t^a, t^b, t^c)$ for pairwise coprime integers $a$, $b$, $c$ such that $(a,b,c) \neq (1,1,1)$. If such a ring is not finitely generated ... More
Results from Monitoring the Broad-Line Radio Galaxy 3C 390.3Dec 11 1995During 1995, the broad-line radio galaxy 3C 390.3 is the subject of a multi-wavelength monitoring campaign comprised of ROSAT HRI, IUE, and ground based optical, infrared and radio observations. We report preliminary results from the monitoring campaign ... More
New constraints on Lyman-α opacity with a sample of 62 quasars at z > 5.7Feb 22 2018May 24 2018We present measurements of the mean and scatter of the IGM Lyman-{\alpha} opacity at 4.9 < z < 6.1 along the lines of sight of 62 quasars at z > 5.7, the largest sample assembled at these redshifts to date by a factor of two. The sample size enables us ... More
HST/ACS Morphology of Lyman Alpha Emitters at Redshift 5.7 in the COSMOS FieldJun 10 2009We present detailed morphological properties of Lyman alpha emitters (LAEs) at z~ 5.7 in the COSMOS field, based on {\it Hubble Space Telescope} Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) data. The ACS imaging in the F814W filter covered 85 LAEs of the 119 LAEs ... More
Quark Mixings in $SU(6)\times SU(2)_R$ and Suppression of $V_{ub}$Mar 24 2000Jul 07 2000The quark mixing matrix $V_{CKM}$ is studied in depth on the basis of superstring inspired $SU(6)\times SU(2)_R$ model with global flavor symmetries. The sizable mixings between right-handed down-type quark $D^c$ and colored Higgs field $g^c$ potentially ... More
Non-Anomalous Flavor Symmetries and $SU(6) \times SU(2)_R$ ModelJun 24 2002Oct 21 2002We introduce the flavor symmetry ${\bf Z}_M \times {\bf Z}_N \times D_4$ into the $SU(6) \times SU(2)_R$ string-inspired model. The cyclic group ${\bf Z}_M$ and the dihedral group $D_4$ are R symmetries, while ${\bf Z}_N$ is a non-R symmetry. By imposing ... More
Mediation of Supersymmetry Breaking via Anti-Generation FieldsJan 31 2000May 13 2000In the context of the weakly coupled heterotic string, we propose a new model of mediating supersymmetry breaking. The breakdown of supersymmetry in the hidden sector is transmitted to anti-generation fields via gravitational interactions. Subsequent ... More
Large Lepton Flavor Mixing and E_6-type Unification ModelsOct 21 1997Nov 12 1997There are experimental indications of large flavor mixing between $\nu_{\mu }$ and $\nu_{\tau}$. In the unification models, in which the massless sector includes extra particles beyond the standard model, there possibly appear the mixings between quarks ... More
Making Bidirected Graphs Strongly ConnectedSep 04 2017We consider problems to make a given bidirected graph strongly connected with minimum cardinality of additional signs or additional arcs. For the former problem, we show the minimum number of additional signs and give a linear-time algorithm for finding ... More
Far-infrared and accretion luminosities of the present-day active galactic nucleiMay 21 2015We investigate the relation between star formation (SF) and black hole accretion luminosities, using a sample of 492 type-2 active galactic nuclei (AGNs) at z < 0.22, which are detected in the far-infrared (FIR) surveys with AKARI and Herschel. We adopt ... More
Genuine Irregular Galaxies as a Relic of Building Blocks of GalaxiesDec 02 2013In order to understand nature of building blocks of galaxies in the early universe, we investigate "genuine irregular galaxies (GIGs)" in the nearby universe. Here, GIGs are defined as isolated galaxies without regular structures (spheroid, bulge, disk, ... More
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Reverberation Mapping Project: Post-Starburst Signatures in Quasar Host Galaxies at z < 1Jun 24 2015Aug 20 2015Quasar host galaxies are key for understanding the relation between galaxies and the supermassive black holes (SMBHs) at their centers. We present a study of 191 broad-line quasars and their host galaxies at z < 1, using high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) ... More
On Reachability Mixed Arborescence PackingAug 22 2018As a generalization of the Edmonds arborescence packing theorem, Kamiyama--Katoh--Takizawa (2009) gave a good characterization of directed graphs that contain arc-disjoint arborescences spanning the set of vertices reachable from each root. Fortier--Kir\'aly--L\'eonard--Szigeti--Talon ... More
Galaxy Interactions Trigger Rapid Black Hole Growth: an unprecedented view from the Hyper Suprime-Cam SurveyJun 22 2017Dec 08 2017Collisions and interactions between gas-rich galaxies are thought to be pivotal stages in their formation and evolution, causing the rapid production of new stars, and possibly serving as a mechanism for fueling supermassive black holes (BH). Harnessing ... More
Quasilinear quantum magnetoresistance in pressure-induced nonsymmorphic superconductor CrAsDec 22 2016In conventional metals, modification of electron trajectories under magnetic field gives rise to a magnetoresistance that varies quadratically at low field, followed by a saturation at high field for closed orbits on the Fermi surface. Deviations from ... More
Double-precision FPUs in High-Performance Computing: an Embarrassment of Riches?Oct 22 2018Feb 13 2019Among the (uncontended) common wisdom in High-Performance Computing (HPC) is the applications' need for large amount of double-precision support in hardware. Hardware manufacturers, the TOP500 list, and (rarely revisited) legacy software have without ... More
The AGN Population in X-ray Selected Galaxy Groups at $0.5 < z < 1.1$Jun 11 2014We use Chandra data to study the incidence and properties of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) in 16 intermediate redshift ($0.5 < z < 1.1$) X-ray-selected galaxy groups in the Chandra Deep Field-South. We measure an AGN fraction of $f(L_{X,H} > 10^{42}; M_R<-20) ... More
Development of Superconducting Linac for the Kek/Jaeri Joint ProjectAug 19 2000The JAERI/KEK Joint Project for the high-intensity proton accelerator facility has been proposed with a superconducting (SC) linac option from 400 MeV to 600MeV. System design of the SC linac has been carried out based on the equipartitioning concept. ... More
Electron-Electron Interaction in Linear Arrays of Small Tunnel JunctionsOct 03 1995We have calculated the spatial distribution of the electrostatic potential created by an unbalanced charge $q$ in one of the conducting electrodes of a long, uniform, linear array of small tunnel junctions. The distribution describes, in particular, the ... More
Maki-Nakagawa-Sakata matrix and Froggatt-Nielsen mechanismOct 14 2012Jun 18 2013Flavor mixings together with fermion mass spectra are studied in detail in the $SU(6) \times SU(2)_R$ model, in which state-mixings beyond the minimal supersymmetric standard model (MSSM) take place. Characteristic patterns of fermion spectra are attributed ... More
Entanglement Generation by Communication using Phase-Squeezed Light with Photon LossDec 26 2014Oct 23 2015In order to implement fault-tolerant quantum computation, entanglement generation with low error probability and high success probability is required. We have proposed the use of squeezed coherent light as a probe to generate entanglement between two ... More
Generation of Phase-Squeezed Optical Pulses with Large Coherent Amplitudes by Post-Selection of Single Photons and Weak Cross-Kerr NonlinearityOct 29 2014Oct 31 2015Phase-squeezed light can enhance the precision of optical phase estimation. The larger the photon numbers are and the stronger the squeezing is, the better the precision will be. We propose an experimental scheme for generating phase-squeezed light pulses ... More
Rest-frame Optical Emission Lines in Far-Infrared Selected Galaxies at z<1.7 from the FMOS-COSMOS SurveyMay 13 2015May 15 2015We have used FMOS on Subaru to obtain near-infrared spectroscopy of 123 far-infrared selected galaxies in COSMOS and obtain the key rest-frame optical emission lines. This is the largest sample of infrared galaxies with near-infrared spectroscopy at these ... More
AGN environments: is the viewing angle sufficient to explain the difference between broad-line and narrow-line AGN? -- A low-redshift study of close AGN neighbours. Paper INov 02 2012The unification of active galactic nuclei (AGN) is a model that has been difficult to test due to the lack of knowledge on the intrinsic luminosities of the objects. We present a test were we probe the model by statistical investigation of the neighbours ... More
The X-ray spectrum of the Gamma Bright Quasar S5 0836+710Dec 11 1995We present the results of an ASCA observation of the high redshift flat spectrum radio quasar S5 0836+710. The $\sim 0.4-10$ keV X-ray spectrum is remarkably flat with $\Gamma \sim 1.4$ and substantial intrinsic absorption at low energy. The spectral ... More
Semidirect product gauge group $[SU(3)_{\rm c} \times SU(2)_{\rm L}]\rtimes U(1)_{\rm Y}$ and quantization of hyperchargeJun 03 2010Jan 11 2011In the Standard Model the hypercharges of quarks and leptons are not determined by the gauge group $SU(3)_{\rm c} \times SU(2)_{\rm L} \times U(1)_{\rm Y}$ alone. We show that, if we choose the semidirect product group $[SU(3)_{\rm c} \times SU(2)_{\rm ... More
Supersymmetry Breaking Without A Messenger SectorMar 06 1997Mar 12 1997We propose a simple gauge-mediated supersymmetry breaking model in which suitable soft breaking masses are dynamically generated without relying on a messenger sector. This model is constructed as an extention of the 3-2 model and needs no fine-tuning ... More
Effective Messenger Sector from Dynamical Supersymmetry BreakingDec 26 1996In the framework of the dynamical supersymmetry breaking we construct the messenger sector as the effective theory of supersymmetry breaking sector, which is based on SU(3) \times SU(2) model of Affleck, Dine and Seiberg. In our model, messenger superfields ... More
Polarization and Variation of Near-IR Light from Fermi/LAT gamma-ray SourcesAug 08 2012We present the results of our follow-up observation program of gamma-ray sources detected by the Large Area Telescope (LAT) on board the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope. 26 blazars and 39 sources unidentified at other wavelengths were targeted at IRSF ... More
Quantum magnetic imaging of iron biomineralisation in teeth of the chiton Acanthopleura hirtosaFeb 14 2019Feb 28 2019Iron biomineralisation is critical for life. Nature capitalises on the physical attributes of iron biominerals for a variety of functional, structural and sensory applications. Although magnetism is an integral property of iron biominerals, the role it ... More
Shot Noise of Single-Electron Tunneling in 1D ArraysJan 21 1998We have used numerical modeling and a semi-analytical calculation method to find the low frequency value S_{I}(0) of the spectral density of fluctuations of current through 1D arrays of small tunnel junctions, using the ``orthodox theory'' of single-electron ... More
New approach to Epsilon-entropy and Its comparison with Kolmogorov's Epsilon-entropyJun 08 1998Jun 12 1998Kolmogorov introduced a concept of Epsilon-entropy to analyze information in classical continuous system. The fractal dimension of geometrical sets was introduced by Mandelbrot as a new criterion to analyze the complexity of these sets. The Epsilon-entropy ... More
On certain mean values of the double zeta-functionMar 26 2013Jul 07 2013In this paper we discuss three types of the mean values of the Euler double zeta function. In order to get results we introduce three approximate formulas for this function.
Particle Spectra and Gauge Unification in $SU(6) \times SU(2)_R$ ModelSep 26 2003Oct 31 2003We study the path from the string scale physics to the low-energy physics in the $SU(6) \times SU(2)_R$ string-inspired model with the flavor symmetry ${\bf Z}_M \times {\bf Z}_N \times \tilde{D}_4$. The flavor symmetry controls the mass spectra of heavy ... More
Imaging Extended Emission-Line Regions of Obscured AGN with the Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam SurveyMar 20 2018Narrow-line regions excited by active galactic nuclei (AGN) are important for studying AGN photoionization and feedback. Their strong [O III] lines can be detected with broadband images, allowing morphological studies of these systems with large-area ... More
Almost Gorenstein ringsJun 07 2011Jun 08 2011The notion of almost Gorenstein ring given by Barucci and Fr{\"o}berg \cite{BF} in the case where the local rings are analytically unramified is generalized, so that it works well also in the case where the rings are analytically ramified. As a sequel, ... More
Low-Ionization Emission Regions in Quasars: Gas Properties Probed with Broad O I and Ca II LinesOct 16 2007Dec 19 2007We have compiled the emission-line fluxes of O I 8446, O I 11287, and the near-IR Ca II triplet (8579) observed in 11 quasars. These lines are considered to emerge from the same gas as do the Fe II lines in the low-ionized portion of the broad emission ... More
Acoustic wave propagation through a supercooled liquid: A normal mode analysisOct 14 2009Oct 17 2012The mechanism of acoustic wave propagation in supercooled liquids is not yet fully understood since the vibrational dynamics of supercooled liquids are strongly affected by their amorphous inherent structures. In this paper, the acoustic wave propagation ... More
Characterization of PPT states and measures of entanglementApr 08 2009A detailed characterization of PPT states, both in the Heisenberg and in the Schr\"odinger picture, is given. Measures of entanglement are defined and discussed in details. Illustrative examples are provided.
Screw instability in black hole magnetospheres and a stabilizing effect of field-line rotationAug 31 2001The screw instability of magnetic field is a mechanism for prohibiting a generation of strongly twisted field lines in large scales. If it can work in black hole magnetospheres, the global axisymmetric structure and the main process of energy release ... More
Quasi-socle ideals in a Gorenstein local ringDec 13 2006Jul 28 2007This paper explores the structure of quasi-socle ideals I=Q:m^2 in a Gorenstein local ring A, where Q is a parameter ideal and m is the maximal ideal in A. The purpose is to answer the problem of when Q is a reduction of I and when the associated graded ... More
Quasi-socle ideals in Gorenstein numerical semigroup ringsOct 06 2007Jan 17 2008Quasi-socle ideals, that is the ideals $I$ of the form $I= Q : \mathfrak{m}^q$ in Gorenstein numerical semigroup rings over fields are explored, where $Q$ is a parameter ideal, and $\mathfrak{m}$ is the maximal ideal in the base local ring, and $q \geq ... More
Constraints on the faint end of the quasar luminosity function at z~5 in the COSMOS fieldJul 06 2012We present the result of our low-luminosity quasar survey in the redshift range of 4.5 < z < 5.5 in the COSMOS field. Using the COSMOS photometric catalog, we selected 15 quasar candidates with 22 < i' < 24 at z~5, that are ~ 3 mag fainter than the SDSS ... More
The Ionization Fraction in the Obscuring `Torus' of an Active Galactic NucleusMay 20 1998In this paper, we report VLBA radio maps at three frequencies and an ASCA X-ray spectrum of the water megamaser galaxy NGC 2639, which is believed to contain an edge-on viewed accretion disk. The radio observations reveal a compact ($<$ 0.2 pc) nuclear ... More
Interference effect between $φ$ and $Λ(1520)$ production channels in the $γp \rightarrow K^+K^-p$ reaction near thresholdMar 01 2016Mar 03 2016The $\phi$-$\Lambda(1520)$ interference effect in the $\gamma p\to K^+K^-p$ reaction has been measured for the first time in the energy range from 1.673 to 2.173 GeV. The relative phases between $\phi$ and $\Lambda(1520)$ production amplitudes were obtained ... More
SSC of MAXI experimentJul 23 2001Monitor of All-sky X-ray Image (MAXI) on the International Space Station (ISS) has two kinds of X-ray detectors: the Gas Slit Camera (GSC) and the Solid-state Slit Camera (SSC). SSC is an X-ray CCD array, consisting of 16 chips, which has the best energy ... More
Search for $K^-pp$ bound state via $γd \rightarrow K^+ π^-X$ reaction at $E_γ=1.5-2.4$ GeVJun 22 2013A search for $K^-pp$ bound state (the lightest kaonic nucleus) has been performed using the $\gamma d \rightarrow K^+ \pi^- \rm{X}$ reaction at E$_\gamma$=1.5-2.4 GeV at LEPS/SPring-8. The differential cross section of $K^+ \pi^-$ photo-production off ... More
The Quasar-LBG Two-point Angular Cross-correlation Function at z ~ 4 in the COSMOS FieldJul 19 2015Aug 20 2015In order to investigate the origin of quasars, we estimate the bias factor for low-luminosity quasars at high redshift for the first time. In this study, we use the two-point angular cross-correlation function (CCF) for both low-luminosity quasars at ... More
AKARI Far-Infrared All Sky SurveyNov 27 2009We demonstrate the capability of AKARI for mapping diffuse far-infrared emission and achieved reliability of all-sky diffuse map. We have conducted an all-sky survey for more than 94 % of the whole sky during cold phase of AKARI observation in 2006 Feb. ... More
The X-ray CCD camera of the MAXI Experiment on the ISS/JEMApr 08 1999MAXI, Monitor of All-sky X-ray Image, is the X-ray observatory on the Japanese experimental module (JEM) Exposed Facility (EF) on the International Space Station (ISS). MAXI is a slit scanning camera which consists of two kinds of X-ray detectors: one ... More
X-ray observation of the super-luminal quasar 4C+73.18 (1928+738) by ASCAFeb 29 2000Mar 08 2000The results of an X-ray observation of the nearby core-dominated, super- luminal quasar 4C+73.18 (1928+738) with ASCA are reported. Variations of the 1-10keV flux on time-scales of the order of 10 hours were found while the 0.5-1keV flux remained almost ... More
Updated Analysis of a "Dark" Galaxy and its Blue Companion in the Virgo Cloud HI 1225+01Sep 29 2012Oct 11 2012HI 1225+01 is an intergalactic gas cloud located on the outskirts of Virgo cluster. Its main components are two large clumps of comparable HI masses (M_HI ~ 10^9 Msun) separated by about 100 kpc. One of the clumps hosts a blue low-surface-brightness galaxy ... More
Ordered State in a Haldane Material PbNi$_2$V$_2$O$_8$ Doped with Magnetic and Non-Magnetic ImpuritiesFeb 24 2004Impurity effect is systematically studied in doped Haldane material Pb(Ni$_{1-x}$$M_x$)$_2$V$_2$O$_8$ ($M$ = Mn, Co, Cu, and Mg) by use of DC and AC susceptibility, and heat capacity measurements. The occurrence of three-dimensional ordered state is universally ... More
Quasi-socle ideals in local rings with Gorenstein tangent conesOct 06 2007Jul 29 2008Quasi-socle ideals, that is the ideals $I$ of the form $I= Q : \mathfrak{m}^q$ in a Noetherian local ring $(A, \mathfrak{m})$ with the Gorenstein tangent cone $\mathrm{G}(\mathfrak{m}) = \bigoplus_{n \geq 0}{\mathfrak{m}}^n/{\mathfrak{m}}^{n+1}$ are explored, ... More
On the almost Gorenstein property in Rees algebras of contracted idealsApr 16 2016Jul 03 2016The question of when the Rees algebra ${\mathcal R} (I)= \bigoplus_{n \ge 0}I^n$ of $I$ is an almost Gorenstein graded ring is explored, where $R$ is a two-dimensional regular local ring and $I$ a contracted ideal of $R$. It is known that ${\mathcal R} ... More
How Saturated are Absorption Lines in the Broad Absorption Line Quasar PG 1411+442 ?May 06 1999Recently, convincing evidence was found for extremely large X-ray absorption by column densities $> 10^{23} cm^{-2}$ in broad absorption line quasars. One consequence of this is that any soft X-ray emission from these QSOs would be the scattered light ... More
Manifold Learning Approach for Chaos in the Dripping FaucetMay 23 2012Dripping water from a faucet is a typical example exhibiting rich nonlinear phenomena. For such a system, the time stamps at which water drops separate from the faucet can be directly observed in real experiments, and the time series of intervals \tau_n ... More
Quark-Lepton Masses and the Ckm Matrix in a String Inspired ModelNov 14 1995In the context of the Calabi-Yau string model we discuss the origin of characteristic pattern of quark-lepton masses and the CKM matrix. The discrete $R$-symmetry $Z_{2k+1} \times Z_2$ is introduced and the $Z_2$ is assigned to the $R$-parity. The gauge ... More
Fermion Masses and Mixings in a String Inspired ModelMay 07 1996Nov 01 1996In the context of Calabi-Yau string models we explore the origin of characteristic pattern of quark-lepton masses and the CKM matrix. The discrete $R$-symmetry $Z_K \times Z_2$ is introduced and the $Z_2$ is assigned to the $R$-parity. The gauge symmetry ... More
Absence of Edge Localized Moments in the Doped Spin-Peierls System CuGe$_{1-x}$Si$_{x}$O$_3$Aug 02 2001Dec 17 2001We report the observation of nuclear quadrupole resonance (NQR) of Cu from the sites near the doping center in the spin-Peierls system CuGe$_{1-x}$Si$_{x}$O$_3$. The signal appears as the satellites in the Cu NQR spectrum, and has a suppressed nuclear ... More
μ-cuDNN: Accelerating Deep Learning Frameworks with Micro-BatchingApr 13 2018NVIDIA cuDNN is a low-level library that provides GPU kernels frequently used in deep learning. Specifically, cuDNN implements several equivalent convolution algorithms, whose performance and memory footprint may vary considerably, depending on the layer ... More
The almost Gorenstein Rees algebras of parametersJul 09 2015There is given a characterization for the Rees algebras of parameters in a Gorenstein local ring to be almost Gorenstein graded rings. A characterization is also given for the Rees algebras of socle ideals of parameters. The latter one shows almost Gorenstein ... More
Self-Dual Point and UnificationFeb 26 1999Sep 14 1999We hypothesize that the vacuum is spontaneously shifted from the self-dual point in the moduli space, at which all dimensions are compact, and that the true vacuum results from the decompactification of the four space-time dimensions and remains in the ... More
Optical properties of infrared-bright dust-obscured galaxies viewed with Subaru Hyper Suprime-CamMar 27 2018We report optical properties of infrared (IR)-bright dust-obscured galaxies (DOGs) that are defined as (i-[22])_AB > 7.0. Since supermassive black holes (SMBHs) in IR-bright DOGs are expected to be rapidly growing in the major merger scenario, they provide ... More
MAGNUM survey: A MUSE-Chandra resolved view on ionized outflows and photoionization in the Seyfert galaxy NGC 1365Sep 04 2018Ionized outflows, revealed by broad asymmetric wings of the [OIII] line, are commonly observed in AGN but the low intrinsic spatial resolution of observations has generally prevented a detailed characterization of their properties. The MAGNUM survey aims ... More
How Can We Obtain a Large Majorana-Mass in Calabi-Yau Models ?Jan 26 1994In a certain type of Calabi-Yau superstring models it is clarified that the symmetry breaking occurs by stages at two large intermediate energy scales and that two large intermediate scales induce large Majorana-masses of right-handed neutrinos. Peculiar ... More
The String Unufication of Gauge Cuoplings and Gauge Kinetic MixingsJul 20 1993In the superstring models we have not only the complete {\bf 27} multiplets of $E_6$ but also extra incomplete $({\bf 27}+{\overline {\bf 27}})$ chiral supermultiplets being alive at low energies. Associated with these additional multiplets, when the ... More
The Weak-Scale Hierarchy and Discrete SymmetriesApr 24 1995In the underlying Planck scale theory we introduce a certain type of discrete symmetry, which potentially brings the stability of the weak-scale hierarchy under control. Under the discrete symmetry the $\mu $-problem and the tadpole problem can be solved ... More
The Aligned $SU(5) \times U(1)^2$ ModelSep 20 1994Dec 20 1994In Calabi-Yau string compactification, it is pointed out that there exists a new type of $SU(5) \times U(1)^2$ model (the aligned $SU(5) \times U(1)^2$ model) in which the $SU(5)$ differs from the standard $SU(5)$ and also from the flipped $SU(5)$. With ... More
A Large Majorana-Mass From Calabi-Yau Superstring ModelsNov 16 1993In Calabi-Yau superstring models it is found that two large intermediate energy scales of symmetry breaking can be induced for special types of the nonrenormalizable interactions. In the models one set of $SO(10)$-singlet, right-handed neutrino and their ... More
Spatially Extended [P II]1.188um and [Fe II]1.257um Emission Lines in a Nearby Seyfert Galaxy NGC 1068 Observed with OAO/ISLEDec 04 2010Jan 05 2011We present J-band long-slit spectroscopic observation of NGC 1068 classified as a Seyfert 2 galaxy. J-band observations with OAO/ISLE provide clear detection of spatially extended [Fe II]1.257um and [P II]1.188um lines. We found that [Fe II]1.257um/[P ... More
Chemical Evolution of High-Redshift Radio GalaxiesMay 11 2009We present new deep optical spectra of 9 high-z radio galaxies (HzRGs) at z > 2.7 obtained with FORS2 on VLT. These rest-frame ultraviolet spectra are used to infer the metallicity of the narrow-line regions (NLRs) in order to investigate the chemical ... More
Radially local approximation of the drift kinetic equationJan 14 2016Mar 23 2016A novel radially local approximation of the drift kinetic equation is presented. The new drift kinetic equation that includes both ${\bf E} \times {\bf B}$ and tangential magnetic drift terms is written in the conservative form and it has favorable properties ... More