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Towards mapping the turbulence in the intra-cluster medium -- II. Measurement uncertainties in the estimation of structure functionsApr 12 2019X-ray observations of the hot gas filling the intra-cluster medium provide a wealth of information on the dynamics of clusters of galaxies. The global equilibrium of the ICM is believed to be partially ensured by non-thermal pressure support, notably ... More
Towards mapping turbulence in the intra-cluster medium -- I. Sample variance in spatially-resolved X-ray line diagnosticsApr 12 2019X-ray observations of galaxy clusters provide insights on the nature of gaseous turbulent motions, their physical scales and on the fundamental processes they are related to. Spatially-resolved, high-resolution spectral measurements of X-ray emission ... More
Measuring turbulence and gas motions in galaxy clusters via synthetic Athena X-IFU observationsMay 07 2018Jul 18 2018The X-ray Integral Field Unit (X-IFU) that will be on board the Athena telescope will provide an unprecedented view of the intracluster medium (ICM) kinematics through the observation of gas velocity, $v$, and velocity dispersion, $w$, via centroid-shift ... More
Energy scale calibration and drift correction of the X-IFUJul 04 2018The Athena X-Ray Integral Field Unit (X-IFU) will provide spatially resolved high-resolution spectroscopy (2.5 eV FWHM up to 7 keV) over the 0.2 to 12 keV energy band. It will comprise an array of 3840 superconducting Transition Edge Sensors (TESs) operated ... More
Athena X-IFU synthetic observations of galaxy clusters to probe the chemical enrichment of the UniverseSep 24 2018Answers to the metal production of the Universe can be found in galaxy clusters, notably within their Intra-Cluster Medium (ICM). The X-ray Integral Field Unit (X-IFU) on board the next-generation European X-ray observatory Athena (2030s) will provide ... More
Testing the X-IFU calibration requirements: an example for quantum efficiency and energy resolutionJul 04 2018With its array of 3840 Transition Edge Sensors (TESs) operated at 90 mK, the X-Ray Integral Field Unit (X-IFU) on board the ESA L2 mission Athena will provide spatially resolved high-resolution spectroscopy (2.5 eV FWHM up to 7 keV) over the 0.2 to 12 ... More
Reproducibility and monitoring of the instrumental particle background for the X-Ray Integral Field UnitJul 04 2018The X-ray Integral Field Unit (X-IFU) is the cryogenic imaging spectrometer on board the future X-ray observatory \textsl{Athena}. With a hexagonal array of 3840 AC-biased Transition Edge Sensors (TES), it will provide narrow-field observations (5$^{\prime}$ ... More
A Subjective Approach to Quantum ProbabilityMar 06 2005A likelihood order is defined over linear subspaces of a finite dimensional Hilbert space. It is shown that such an order that satisfies some plausible axioms can be represented by a quantum probability in two cases: pure state and uniform measure.
Gauge Invariant Classes of Feynman Diagrams and Applications for CalculationsJan 24 2001In theories like SM or MSSM with a complex gauge group structure the complete set of Feynman diagrams contributed to a particular physics process can be splited to exact gauge invariant subsets. Arguments and examples given in the review demonstrate that ... More
A question in the axiomatic approach to Quantum MechanicsJul 09 2004The classical Hilbert space formulation of the axioms of Quantum Mechanics appears to leave open the question whether the Hermitian operators which are associated with the observables of a finite non-relativistic quantum system are uniquely determined. ... More
Asymptotic exponential bounds for MLE deviation under minimal conditions via classical and generic chaining methodsMar 24 2009In this paper non-asymptotic exact exponential estimates are derived (under minimal conditions) for the tail of deviation of the MLE distribution in the so-called natural terms: natural function, natural distance, metric entropy, Banach spaces of random ... More
Bose-Einstein enhancement in the evolution of the double parton densities at high energyNov 07 2017Feb 01 2018In the paper we include Bose-Einsten correlations for identical gluons, in the evolution of the double parton densities at low $x$ (high energies). We show that these correlations result in a faster increase of the double densities, in comparison with ... More
Bose-Einstein correlations in perturbative QCD: $v_n$ dependence on multiplicityMay 21 2017May 26 2017In this paper we study the dependence of Bose-Einstein correlations on the multiplicity of an event. We found that events with large multiplicity, stem from the production of several parton showers, while the additional production of small multiplicity ... More
Functional limit theorems for Levy processes and their almost-sure versionsAug 07 2009In this paper we prove a criterion of convergence in distribution in Skorokhod space. We apply this criterion to some special Levy processes and obtain almost-sure versions of limit theorems for these processes.
Topologies and all that -- A TutorialMar 03 2015This is a brief introduction to the basic concepts of topology. It includes the basic constructions, discusses separation properties, metric and pseudometric spaces, and gives some applications arising from the use of topology in computing.
Jupiter and Super-Earth embedded in a gaseous discDec 19 2007In this paper we investigate the evolution of a pair of interacting planets - a Jupiter mass planet and a Super-Earth with the 5.5 Earth masses - orbiting a Solar type star and embedded in a gaseous protoplanetary disc. We focus on the effects of type ... More
Off shell pi N amplitude and the p p->p p pi0 reactionMar 21 1995We have used a conventional model for the $pp \rightarrow pp \pi^{0}$ reaction consisting of the Born term plus the $s$-wave rescattering term. As a novelty we have introduced the off shell dependence of the $\pi N$ $s$-wave isoscalar amplitude. This ... More
On the stationarity of linearly forced turbulence in finite domainsApr 28 2011May 08 2011A simple scheme of forcing turbulence away from decay was introduced by Lundgren some time ago, the `linear forcing', which amounts to a force term linear in the velocity field with a constant coefficient. The evolution of linearly forced turbulence towards ... More
Limits on Expanding Relativistic Shells from Gamma-Ray Burst Temporal StructureMay 06 1997We calculate the expected envelope of emission for relativistic shells under the assumption of local spherical symmetry. Gamma-Ray Burst envelopes rarely conform to the expected shape, which is similar to a FRED; a fast rise and exponential decay. The ... More
Super p-Brane Theories and New Spacetime SuperalgebrasApr 26 1995We present a geometric formulation of super $p$--brane theories in which the Wess--Zumino term is $(p+1)$--th order in the supersymmetric currents, and hence is manifestly supersymmetric. The currents are constructed using a supergroup manifold corresponding ... More
Thermal radiation and inclusive production in the CGC/saturation approach at high energiesFeb 21 2019In this paper, we discuss the inclusive production of hadrons in the framework of CGC/saturation approach. We argue, that the gluon jet inclusive production stems from the vicinity of the saturation momentum, even for small values of the transverse momenta ... More
Proximity effect and self-consistent field in a normal metal-superconductor structureMar 12 2019The concept of a self-consistent field in the theory of superconductivity based on the diagram method of the time-dependent perturbation theory is presented. It is shown that the well-known Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer equation for the order parameter of ... More
Energy evolution and the Bose-Einstein enhancement for double parton densitiesAug 15 2018Mar 12 2019In this paper we found that the Bose-Einstein enhancement generates the strong correlations, which increase with energy in the BFKL evolution. This increase leads to the double parton densities ( $\Phi$), that are much larger than the product of the single ... More
Mesonic and Binding Contributions to the Nuclear Drell-Yan ProcessDec 01 1997We have evaluated the Drell-Yan cross section in nuclei paying special attention to the meson cloud contribution from pion and rho-meson, for which an accurate calculation using the meson nuclear spectral functions is used. Similarly, the nucleonic contribution ... More
On non-linear superfield versions of the vector-tensor multipletNov 06 1997Jan 30 1998We propose a harmonic superspace description of the non-linear vector-tensor N=2 multiplet. We show that there exist two inequivalent version: the old one in which one of the vectors is the field-strength of a gauge two-form, and a new one in which this ... More
Chiral fermion action with (8,0) worldsheet supersymmetryJun 13 1994We propose an action describing chiral fermions with an arbitrary gauge group and with manifest $(8,0)$ worldsheet supersymmetry. The form of the action is inspired by and adapted for completing the twistor-like formulation of the $D=10$ heterotic superstring. ... More
Quantum pumping in graphene nanoribbons at resonant transmissionDec 10 2010Adiabatic quantum charge pumping in graphene nanoribbon double barrier structures with armchair and zigzag edges in the resonant transmission regime is analyzed. Using recursive Green's function method we numerically calculate the pumped charge for pumping ... More
Bogoliubov sound speed in periodically modulated Bose-Einstein condensatesAug 11 2003We study the Bogoliubov excitations of a Bose-condensed gas in an optical lattice. Of primary interest is the long wavelength phonon dispersion for both current-free and current-carrying condensates. We obtain the dispersion relation by carrying out a ... More
Top Quarks at Photon CollidersSep 08 2000A review of results on top quark physics expected at the Photon Linear Colliders is presented.
The circumnuclear environment of IRAS 20551-4250 a case study of AGN/Starburst connection for JWSTDec 21 2011We present a general review of the current knowledge of IRAS 20551-4250 and its circumnuclear environment. This Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxy is one of the most puzzling sources of its class in the nearby Universe: the near-IR spectrum is typical of a ... More
Type-I superconductivity in ScGa3 and LuGa3 single crystalsMay 30 2012We present evidence of type-I superconductivity in single crystals of ScGa3 and LuGa3, from magnetization, specific heat, and resistivity measurements: low critical temperatures Tc = 2.1-2.2 K; field-induced secondto first-order phase transition in the ... More
Thermal radiation and inclusive production in the CGC/saturation approach at high energiesFeb 21 2019May 06 2019In this paper, we discuss the inclusive production of hadrons in the framework of CGC/saturation approach. We argue, that the gluon jet inclusive production stems from the vicinity of the saturation momentum, even for small values of the transverse momenta ... More
Azimuthal angle correlations at large rapidities: revisiting density variation mechanismSep 26 2017In the paper we discuss the angular correlation present in hadron-hadron collisions at large rapidity difference ($\bas\,y_{12}\,\gg\,1$). We find that in the CGC/saturation approach the largest contribution stems from the density variation mechanism. ... More
A new evolution equationMar 20 1995We propose a new evolution equation for the gluon density relevant for the region of small $x_B$. It generalizes the GLR equation and allows deeper penetration in dense parton systems than the GLR equation does. This generalization consists of taking ... More
Self-Dual Supergravity Theories in 2+2 DimensionsJun 26 1992Starting from the new minimal multiplet of supergravity in $2+2$ dimensions, we construct two types of self-dual supergravity theories. One of them involves a self-duality condition on the Riemann curvature and implies the equations of motion following ... More
Twistor-like Formulation of Super p-BranesDec 21 1993Closed super (p+2)-forms in target superspace are relevant for the construction of the usual super p-brane actions. Here we construct closed super (p+1)-forms on a {\it worldvolume superspace}. They are built out of the pull-backs of the Kalb-Ramond super ... More
Intergalactic Gas in Groups of Galaxies: Implications for Dwarf Spheroidal Formation and The Missing Baryons ProblemJul 05 2011Radio galaxies with bent jets are predominantly located in groups and clusters of galaxies. We use bent-double radio sources, under the assumption that their jets are bent by ram-pressure, to probe intragroup medium (IGM) gas densities in galaxy groups. ... More
Bent-Double Radio Sources as Probes of the Intragroup MediumJul 25 2007Galaxy groups likely contain a significant fraction of the total baryonic mass in the local universe within their intragroup medium (IGM). However, aside from a handful of UV absorption line and X-ray observations, almost nothing is known about the IGM. ... More
Exact exponential bounds for the random field maximum distribution via the majoring measures (generic chaining)Feb 04 2008In this paper non-asymptotic exact exponential estimates are derived for the tail of maximum distribution of random field in the terms of majoring measures or, equally, generic chaining.
On certain definite integrals and infinite seriesSep 23 2013A translation of Kummer`s paper On certain definite integrals and infinite series
Basics of Quantum Computation (Part 1)Jul 08 2004The aim of this textbook is to bridge in regard of quantum computation what proves to be a considerable threshold even to the usual science trained readership between the level of science popularization, and on the other hand, the presently available ... More
Gamma-Ray Burst Spectra and Time Histories from 2 to 400 keVFeb 12 1998The Gamma-Ray burst detector on Ginga consisted of a proportional counter to observe the x-rays and a scintillation counter to observe the gamma-rays. It was ideally suited to study the x-rays associated with gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). Ginga detected 120 ... More
Strichartz type Inequalities for Parabolic and Schrödinger Equations in rearrangement invariant SpacesJan 18 2009In this paper we generalize the classical Strichartz estimation for solutions of initial problem for linear parabolic and Schr\"odinger PDE on many popular classes {\it pairs} of rearrangement invariant(r.i.) spaces and construct some examples in order ... More
Energy evolution of J/$\mathbfψ$ production in DIS on nucleiApr 07 2018In this paper we show, that the $J/\psi$ production in DIS, is the main source of information about the events with two parton shower production. We attempt to develop our theoretical acumen of this process, to a level compatible with the theoretical ... More
Perturbative QCD and beyond: azimuthal angle correlations in deuteron-deuteron scattering from Bose-Einstein correlationsNov 05 2016In this paper, we found within the framework of perturbative QCD, that in deuteron-deuteron scattering the Bose-Einstein correlations due to two parton showers production, induce azimuthal angle correlations, with three correlation lengths: the size of ... More
CGC/saturation approach: re-visiting the problem of odd harmonics in angular correlationsJul 08 2018In this paper we demonstrate that the selection of events with different multiplicities of produced particles, leads to the violation of the azimuthal angular symmetry, $\phi \to \pi - \phi$. We find for LHC and lower energies, that this violation can ... More
Quasielastic Versus Inelastic and Deep Inelastic Lepton Scattering in Nuclei at x > 1Dec 12 1996Feb 14 1997We have made a thorough investigation of the nuclear structure function W_2A in the region of 0.8 < x < 1.5 and Q^2 < 20 GeV^2, separating the quasielastic and inelastic plus deep inelastic contributions. The agreement with present experimental data is ... More
A set-indexed fractional Brownian motionMar 11 2005Feb 06 2006We define and prove the existence of a fractional Brownian motion indexed by a collection of closed subsets of a measure space. This process is a generalization of the set-indexed Brownian motion, when the condition of independance is relaxed. Relations ... More
A continuous analogue of the invariance principle and its almost sure versionAug 07 2009We deal with random processes obtained from a homogeneous random process with independent increments by replacement of the time scale and by multiplication by a norming constant. We prove the convergence in distribution of these processes to Wiener process ... More
Isocalar Roper excitation in the pp --> pp pi0 reaction close to thresholdAug 07 1998A new mechanism for the pp --> pp pi0 reaction close to threshold is suggested coming from the isoscalar excitation of the Roper and its decay into N(pi pi)S-wave, with one of the pi0 emitted and the other one reabsorbed on the second nucleon. The mechanism ... More
Pulse Width Evolution in GRBs: Evidence for Internal ShocksOct 14 1999Aug 17 2000Many cosmological models of GRBs envision the energy source to be a cataclysmic stellar event leading to a relativistically expanding fireball. Particles are thought to be accelerated at shocks and produce nonthermal radiation. The highly variable temporal ... More
Gamma-Ray Bursts as Internal Shocks Caused By DecelerationSep 17 1999Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) have been thought to originate from internal shocks that occur about 10^{15} cm from a central site. The shells responsible for these shocks merge together and undergo an external shock at about 10^{17} cm, producing the afterglows. ... More
The Athena X-ray Integral Field Unit (X-IFU)Aug 29 2016The X-ray Integral Field Unit (X-IFU) on board the Advanced Telescope for High-ENergy Astrophysics (Athena) will provide spatially resolved high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy from 0.2 to 12 keV, with 5 arc second pixels over a field of view of 5 arc minute ... More
The impact of spheroid stars for Macho microlensing surveys of the Andromeda GalaxyOct 20 2003The Andromeda Galaxy (M31) is an important test case for a number of microlensing surveys looking for massive compact halo objects (Machos). A long-standing theoretical prediction is that the high inclination of the M31 disk should induce an asymmetry ... More
Bosonic formulas for affine branching functionsApr 17 2006In this paper we derive two bosonic (alternating sign) formulas for branching functions for general affine Kac-Moody Lie algebra $\g$. Both formulas are given in terms of the Weyl group and string functions of $\g$.
Entropy production at freeze-out from dissipative fluidsSep 17 2007Entropy production due to shear viscosity during the continuous freeze-out of a longitudinally expanding dissipative fluid is addressed. Assuming the validity of the fluid dynamical description during the continuous removal of interacting matter we estimated ... More
Table of Families of Alternating Knots with their Conway's FunctionJun 21 2012A table of the families of alternating knots formed by conways is presented. The Conway's function is shown with the use of linear algebra in terms of natural numbers, called conways, that represent the number of crossings along a direction, as it was ... More
On the analytic structure of Green's function for the Fano - Anderson modelNov 03 2006Aug 12 2007We study analytic structure of the Green's function (GF) for the exactly solvable Fano-Anderson model. We analyze the GF poles, branch points and Riemann surface, and show how the Fermi's Golden Rule, valid in perturbative regime for not to large time, ... More
Four-nucleon force in chiral effective field theoryNov 07 2005We derive the leading contribution to the four-nucleon force within the framework of chiral effective field theory. It is governed by the exchange of pions and the lowest-order nucleon-nucleon contact interaction and includes effects due to the nonlinear ... More
Effective Field Theory and Isospin Violation in Few-Nucleon SystemsDec 01 2004I discuss the leading and subleading isospin--breaking three--nucleon forces in the chiral effective field theory framework.
Chiral effective field theory for few-nucleon systemsSep 09 2003Sep 09 2003Some recent developments in the description of nuclear forces and few--nucleon systems within the effective field theory approach are reviewed.
Matrix theory and N=(2,1) StringsJun 26 1997Jul 07 1997We reinterpret N=(2,1) strings as describing the continuum limit of matrix theory with all spatial dimensions compactified. Thus they may characterize the full set of degrees of freedom needed to formulate the theory.
Operadic curvature as a tool for gravityMar 10 2002The deformation equation and its integrability condition (Bianchi identity) of a non-associative deformation in operad algebra are found. Their relation to the theory of gravity is discussed.
Detailed Study of the KL -> 3pi0 Dalitz PlotJun 21 2008Jul 17 2008Using a sample of 68 million KL -> 3pi0 decays collected in 1996-1999 by the KTeV (E832) experiment at Fermilab, we present a detailed study of the KL -> 3pi0 Dalitz plot density. We report the first observation of interference from KL->pi+pi-pi0 decays ... More
Ram pressure stripping of disk galaxies in galaxy clustersSep 14 2009While galaxies move through the intracluster medium of their host cluster, they experience a ram pressure which removes at least a significant part of their interstellar medium. This ram pressure stripping appears to be especially important for spiral ... More
Eigenvalue correlations in non-Hermitean symplectic random matricesSep 17 2001Jun 21 2002Correlation function of complex eigenvalues of N by N random matrices drawn from non-Hermitean random matrix ensemble of symplectic symmetry is given in terms of a quaternion determinant. Spectral properties of Gaussian ensembles are studied in detail ... More
What can we learn from the Caldwell plot?Jun 21 1999We show that when screening corrections are included $ \frac{\partial F_{2}(x,Q^{2})}{\partial \ln Q^{2}}$ is consistent with the behaviour that one expects in pQCD. Screening corrections explain the enigma of the Caldwell plot.
Two-level correlation function of critical random-matrix ensemblesApr 20 2004Jan 25 2005The two-level correlation function $R_{d,\beta}(s)$ of $d$-dimensional disordered models ($d=1$, 2, and 3) with long-range random-hopping amplitudes is investigated numerically at criticality. We focus on models with orthogonal ($\beta=1$) or unitary ... More
On global attraction to stationary states for wave equations with concentrated nonlinearitiesNov 10 2016The global attraction to stationary states is established for solutions to 3D wave equations with concentrated nonlinearities: each finite energy solution converges as $t\to\pm\infty$ to stationary states. The attraction is caused by nonlinear energy ... More
Introduction to Diffraction and low x DynamicsJan 11 2002An attempt is made to illustrate the relation between low x process es and diffraction. ep scattering provides a unique laboratory, a single hadronic target probed by a point like lepton, where one can try to understand diffraction in terms of a colourless ... More
The Mass Spectra of Giant Molecular Clouds in the Local GroupAug 31 2005We reanalyze the catalogs of molecular clouds in the Local Group to determine the parameters of their mass distributions in a uniform manner. The analysis uses the error-in-variables method of parameter estimation which accounts not only for the variance ... More
Phase transitions in the one-dimensional frustrated quantum XY model and Josephson-junction laddersMar 09 1994A one-dimensional quantum version of the frustrated XY (planar rotor) model is considered which can be physically realized as a ladder of Josephson-junctions at half a flux quantum per plaquette. This system undergoes a superconductor to insulator transition ... More
Auger transitions in one-dimensional metalsJan 15 2008We present a dynamical theory of the Auger decay in one-dimensional (1D) metals described by the Tomonaga-Luttinger model. An analytic expression of the Auger current is derived in the framework of the 1-step approach, where the finite lifetime of the ... More
Renormalization of the Coulomb blockade gap due to extended tunneling in nanoscopic junctionsJul 23 2012In this work we discuss the combined effects of finite-range electron-electron interaction and finite-range tunneling on the transport properties of ultrasmall tunnel junctions. We show that the Coulomb blockade phenomenon is deeply influenced by the ... More
Solitons as a signature of the modulation instability in the discrete nonlinear Schrodinger equationJan 19 2009Jul 24 2009The effect of the modulation instability on the propagation of solitary waves along one-dimensional discrete nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation with cubic nonlinearity is revisited. A self-contained quasicontinuum approximation is developed to derive closed-form ... More
The distance-dependent two-point function of quadrangulations: a new derivation by direct recursionDec 01 2015We give a new derivation of the distance-dependent two-point function of planar quadrangulations by solving a new direct recursion relation for the associated slice generating functions. Our approach for both the derivation and the solution of this new ... More
Proton (antiproton) elastic scattering at energies from FNAL to LHC in the tripole pomeron-odderon modelMay 14 2013The model of elastic scattering amplitudes dominated by the triple (at $t=0$) pomeron pole suggested earlier is modified to confront to existing experimental data on $pp$ and $\bar pp$ total and differential cross sections at $\sqrt{s}\geq 19$ GeV and ... More
Soft Dipole Pomeron in hadronic elastic and in deep inelastic scatteringOct 29 1999A brief review on the Dipole Pomeron model is given. The model not only describes data on hadron-hadron interactions, but also allows to describe data on the proton structure function with a $Q^2$ independent intercept. Moreover the chosen Dipole Pomeron ... More
Quasi-eikonal and quasi-U-matrix unitarization schemes beyond the Black Disk LimitNov 30 2014Quasi-eikonal and quasi-U-matrix unitarization of the standard Regge-pole amplitude for ${\alpha}(0)>1$ have been considered. We show that some violation of unitarity even at high energy exists in both models. We have found in quasi-eikonal model a bump-oscillation ... More
Numerical Simulations of Finite Dimensional Spin Glasses Show a Mean Field like BehaviorSep 15 1997I discuss results from numerical simulations of finite dimensional spin glass models, and show that they show all signatures of a mean field like behavior, basically coinciding with the one of the Parisi solution. I discuss the Binder cumulant, the probability ... More
Rayleigh's dissipation function at workSep 14 2014Feb 28 2015It is shown that the Rayleigh's dissipation function can be successfully applied in the solution of mechanical problems involving friction non-linear in the velocities. Through the study of surfaces at contact we arrive at a simple integral expression ... More
Standard Model CP and Baryon Number Violation in Cold Electroweak CosmologyDec 12 2011Contrary to popular beliefs, it is possible to explain Baryonic asymmetry of the Universe inside the Standard Model, provided inflation ended into a broken phase below the electroweak transition. Two important ingredients of the solution are multiquanta ... More
Orbital-FFLO state in a chain of high spin ultracold atomsMar 28 2016Recent experiments with Yb-173 and Sr-87 isotopes provide new possibilities to study high spin two-orbital systems. Within these experiments part of the atoms are excited to a higher energy metastable electronic state mimicking an additional internal ... More
Distances on a one-dimensional lattice from noncommutative geometryJul 03 1995Jul 12 1996In the following paper we continue the work of Bimonte-Lizzi-Sparano on distances on a one dimensional lattice. We succeed in proving analytically the exact formulae for such distances. We find that the distance to an even point on the lattice is the ... More
Modeling of Body Mass Index by Newton's Second LawAug 29 2008Since laws of physics exist in nature, their possible relationship to terrestial growth is introduced. By considering the human body as a dynamic system of variable mass (and volume), growing under a gravity field, it is shown how natural laws may influence ... More
The nanophysics age and its new perspectivesJun 25 2016The nanophysics is halfway between the size scales of quantum mechanics and macroscopic physics governed by the laws of Newton and Einstein. The correct definition of nanophysics is the physics of structures and artefacts with dimensions in the nanometer ... More
Hadron Spectroscopy, Results and IdeasJul 06 2012New results on the spectrum of nucleon resonances from the Bonn-Gatchina partial wave analysis are presented, and possible interpretations are discussed.
Can Composite Fluffy Dust Particles Solve the Interstellar Carbon Crisis?Jan 16 1997Interstellar dust models are facing a "carbon crisis", so called because recent observations suggest that the abundance of carbon available for dust in the interstellar medium is less than half of the amount required to be tied up in graphite grains in ... More
Detection and Characterization of Cold Interstellar Dust and PAH Emission from COBE ObservationsOct 24 1996Using data obtained by the DIRBE and FIRAS instruments on the COBE spacecraft we present the mean 3.5-1000 um dust spectrum from the high latitude cirrus clouds. These data represent the most comprehensive wavelength coverage of dust emission, and first ... More
Automated Editing of Radio Interferometer Data with PieflagMar 09 2006Editing of radio interferometer data, a process commonly known as ``flagging'', can be laborious and time-consuming. One quickly tends to flag more data than actually required, sacrificing sensitivity and image fidelity in the process. I describe a program, ... More
Gas Around Active Galactic Nuclei and New Phase Calibration Strategies for High-Frequency VLBIApr 29 2004We have a project to measure magnetic fields in the obscuring tori of AGNs. We observed five free-free absorbed jets in radio galaxies with polarimetric VLBI at 15 GHz to determine Faraday rotation measures. Surprisingly, all sources are unpolarized, ... More
Coordinate Bethe Ansätze for non-diagonal boundariesJan 17 2014Talk given at "Quantum Integrable Systems and Geometry" (3-7 September 2012, Olhao, Portugal) and based on joint works with S. Belliard, N. Crampe and D. Simon, see arXiv:1009.4119, arXiv:1105.4119, arXiv:1106.3264 and arXiv:1209.4269. This short note ... More
Generalized Coordinate Bethe Ansatz for open spin chains with non-diagonal boundariesSep 28 2011We introduce a generalization of the original Coordinate Bethe Ansatz that allows to treat the case of open spin chains with non-diagonal boundary matrices. We illustrate it on two cases: the XXX and XXZ chains. Short review on a joint work with N. Crampe ... More
Characteristic Dynkin diagrams and W-algebrasJan 05 1993We present a classification of characteristic Dynkin diagrams for the $A_N$, $B_N$, $C_N$ and $D_N$ algebras. This classification is related to the classification of \cw(\cg,\ck) algebras arising from non-Abelian Toda models, and we argue that it can ... More
Comparison of Information Structures and Completely Positive MapsOct 27 2004Sep 27 2005A theorem of Blackwell about comparison between information structures in classical statistics is given an analogue in the quantum probabilistic setup. The theorem provides an operational interpretation for trace-preserving completely positive maps, which ... More
Anomalous diffusion through coupling to a fractal environment: Microscopic derivation of the "whip-back" effectApr 04 2000Two models for quantum Brownian motion - the Oscillator Bath (OB) model and the Random-Band-Matrix (RBM) model - are compared and a relation between the spectral density function I(w) and the variance (Vab)^2 is established. The extension to a fractal ... More
The theory of pulsar wind nebulaeDec 20 2013I review the current status of our theoretical understanding of Pulsar Winds and associated nebulae (PWNe). In recent years, axisymmetric models of pulsar winds with a latitude dependent energy flux have proved very successful at explaining the morphology ... More
Pointing the James Webb Space Telescope through lensing clusters - can the first stars and galaxies be detected?Jan 20 2011Feb 16 2011The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), scheduled for launch in 2014, is expected to revolutionize our understanding of the high-redshift Universe. Even so, many of the most interesting sources that may be hiding at redshifts z~10 (population III stars, ... More
Scale perturbation in valence bond ground statesJan 12 2006A simple and efficient method for calculating the ground state for a class of antiferromagnet systems is presented. It combines the valence bond structure of the ground state for this class of systems and real space renormalization group. As an example, ... More
The Kalman Filter: a didactical overviewJul 16 2016The present document aims at providing a short, didactical introduction to three standard versions of the Kalman filter, namely its variants identified as Basic, Extended, and Unscented. The application of these algorithms in three representative problems ... More