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Quantum equivalence principle without mass superselectionFeb 22 2013The standard argument for the validity of Einstein's equivalence principle in a non-relativistic quantum context involves the application of a mass superselection rule. It is surprising that the consistency between such an important principle and quantum ... More
Center of mass in special and general relativity and its role in an effective description of spacetimeJan 21 2009In this contribution, we suggest the approach that geometric concepts ought to be defined in terms of physical operations involving quantum matter. In this way it is expected that some (presumably nocive) idealizations lying deep within the roots of the ... More
Spin 1/2 Particle on a Cylinder with Radial Magnetic FieldDec 09 2002Jul 09 2003We study the motion of a charged quantum particle, constrained on the surface of a cylinder, in the presence of a radial magnetic field. When the spin of the particle is neglected, the system essentially reduces to an infinite family of simple harmonic ... More
The Classification Problem for 2-Forms in Four VariablesFeb 09 2018The notion of type of a differential 2-form in four variables is introduced and for 2-forms of type < 4, local normal models are given. If the type of a 2-form $\Omega$ is 4, then the equivalence under diffeomorphisms of $\Omega$ is reduced to the equivalence ... More
First-order invariants of differential 2-formsDec 18 2018Let $M$ be a smooth manifold of dimension $2n$, and let $O_{M}$ be the dense open subbundle in $\wedge^{2}T^{\ast}M$ of $2$-covectors of maximal rank. The algebra of $\operatorname*{Diff}M$-invariant smooth functions of first order on $O_{M}$ is proved ... More
X-ray and gamma-ray limits on the primordial black hole abundance from Hawking radiationJun 24 2019The non-observation of Hawking radiation from primordial black holes of $10^{16}$g sets a conservative strong bound on their cosmological abundance. We revisit this bound and show how it can be improved (both in mass reach and strength) by an adequate ... More
Unveiling the limits in the coherence of spin qubits against magnetic noiseJul 26 2018The realization of spin-based logical gates crucially depends on magnetically-coupled spin qubits. Thus, understanding decoherence when spin qubits are in close proximity will become a roadblock to overcome. Herein, we provide a general first-principles ... More
Quadrature formulas for integrals transforms generated by orthogonal polynomialsMay 14 2008By using the three-term recurrence equation satisfied by a family of orthogonal polynomials, the Christoffel-Darboux-type bilinear generating function and their asymptotic expressions, we obtain quadrature formulas for integral transforms generated by ... More
Some Remarks on dual helicity flag-dipole spinorsJul 14 2019In this report we advance into a mapping procedure transmuting a single helicity spinor to a dual helicity spinor. Such a mathematical mechanism reveal us a class of spinor which fits into fourth class within Lounesto classification. The focus of the ... More
Mass-dimension-one spinors in the context of non-linear cosmologyMar 02 2018Jun 07 2018The RIM spinors (Restricted Inomata McKinley spinors) constitutes a very particular class of solutions of the non-linear Heisenberg equation. As a matter of fact, a free linear massive or even mass-less Dirac field can be decomposed into a combination ... More
Type-4 spinors: transmuting from Elko to single-helicity spinorsDec 18 2018Feb 09 2019In this communication we briefly report an unexpected theoretical discovery which emerge from the mapping of Elko mass-dimension-one spinors into single helicity spinors. Such procedure unveils a class of spinor which is classified as type-4 spinor fields ... More
Current rectification in a single molecule diode: the role of electrode couplingApr 21 2015Jun 24 2015We demonstrate large rectification ratios (> 100) in single-molecule junctions based on a metal-oxide cluster (polyoxometalate), using a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) both at ambient conditions and at low temperature. These rectification ratios ... More
Testing the Equivalence Principle with Unstable ParticlesMay 10 2013Jun 24 2013We develop a framework to test the Equivalence Principle (EP) under conditions where the quantum aspects of nature cannot be neglected, specifically in the context of interference phenomena with unstable particles. We derive the nonrelativistic quantum ... More
Force-free state in a superconducting single crystal and angle-dependent vortex helical instabilityJan 23 2017Jun 12 2017Superconducting 2H-NbSe2 single crystals show intrinsic low pinning values. Therefore, they are ideal materials with which to explore fundamental properties of vortices. (V, I) characteristics are the experimental data we have used to investigate the ... More
Self-similar Turing Patterns: An Anomalous diffusion consequenceAug 04 2016In this work we show that under specific anomalous diffusion conditions, chemical systems can produce well-ordered self-similar concentration patterns through a diffusion-driven instability. We also find spiral patterns and patterns with mixtures of rotational ... More
On the bilinear covariants associated to mass dimension one spinorsAug 18 2016Sep 20 2016In this paper we approach the issue of Clifford algebra basis deformation, allowing for bilinear covariants associated to Elko spinors which satisfy the Fierz-Pauli-Kofink identities. We present a complete analysis of covariance, taking into account the ... More
Design and Experimental Validation of a Software-Defined Radio Access Network Testbed with Slicing SupportMay 14 2019Network slicing is a fundamental feature of 5G systems to partition a single network into a number of segregated logical networks, each optimized for a particular type of service, or dedicated to a particular customer or application. The realization of ... More
Type-4 spinors: transmuting from Elko to single-helicity spinorsDec 18 2018In this communication we briefly report an unexpected theoretical discovery which emerge from the Elko mass-dimension-one spinors when it is mapped into single helicity spinors. Such procedure unveils a class of spinors which is classified as type-4 spinor ... More
Type-4 spinors: transmuting from Elko to single-helicity spinorsDec 18 2018Mar 03 2019In this communication we briefly report an unexpected theoretical discovery which emerge from the mapping of Elko mass-dimension-one spinors into single helicity spinors. Such procedure unveils a class of spinor which is classified as type-4 spinor field ... More
A hydrodynamical model for the FERMI-LAT gamma-ray light curve of Blazar PKS1510-089Dec 01 2012May 16 2013A physical description of the formation and propagation of the working surface inside the relativistic jet of the Blazar PKS 1510-089 are used to model its gamma-ray variability light curve using FERMI-LAT data from 2008 to 2012. The physical model is ... More
Field dependence of the vortex core size probed by STMJun 01 2016We study the spatial distribution of the density of states (DOS) at zero bias N(r) in the mixed state of single and multigap superconductors. We provide an analytic expression for N(r) based on deGennes' relation between DOS and the order parameter that ... More
A study of co-movements between oil price, stock index and exchange rate under a cross-bicorrelation perspective: the case of MexicoFeb 10 2016In this chapter we studied the nonlinear co-movements between the Mexican Crude Oil price, the Mexican Stock Market Index and the USD/MXN Exchange Rate, for the sample period from 1994 to date. We used a battery of nonlinear tests, cf. (Patterson & Ashley, ... More
Zero-bias conductance peak in detached flakes of superconducting 2H-TaS$_2$ probed by scanning tunneling spectroscopyJun 24 2014We report an anomalous tunneling conductance with a zero bias peak in flakes of superconducting 2H-TaS$_2$ detached through mechanical exfoliation. To explain the observed phenomenon, we construct a minimal model for a single unit cell layer of superconducting ... More
Hydrodynamics associated to the X-ray light curve of A0620-00Jan 21 2014From 1975 to 1976, an outburst was detected in the light curve of the X-ray transient A0620-00 using the Ariel V and SAS-3 experiments. In this letter we model the outburst with the hydrodynamical model proposed by Mendoza et al. (2009). The physical ... More
Phase-transitions in spin-crossover thin films probed by graphene transport measurementsSep 15 2016Future multi-functional hybrid devices might combine switchable molecules and 2D material-based devices. Spin-crossover compounds are of particular interest in this context since they exhibit bistability and memory effects at room temperature while responding ... More
On the generalized spinor field classification: Beyond the Lounesto ClassificationJun 27 2019In this paper we advance into a generalized spinor field classification, based on the so-called Lounesto classification. The program developed here is based on an existing freedom on the spinorial dual structures definition, which, in certain simple physical ... More
Understanding the light curves of the HST-1 knot in M87May 06 2011The motion of knots in astrophysical jets is commonly interpreted as shock waves moving along it. Observations of the HST-1 knot during extended periods of time have produced complicated light curves on many wavelengths which are difficult to account ... More
The minimum value of the Colless indexMar 27 2019Apr 08 2019The Colless index is one of the oldest and most widely used balance indices for rooted bifurcating trees. Despite its popularity, its minimum value on the space $\mathcal{T}_n$ of rooted bifurcating trees with $n$ leaves is only known when $n$ is a power ... More
The minimum value of the Colless indexMar 27 2019May 07 2019The Colless index is one of the oldest and most widely used balance indices for rooted bifurcating trees. Despite its popularity, its minimum value on the space $\mathcal{T}_n$ of rooted bifurcating trees with $n$ leaves is only known when $n$ is a power ... More
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy of layers of superconducting 2H-TaSe$_\textbf{2}$: Evidence for a zero bias anomaly in single layersOct 09 2012Mar 04 2013We report a characterization of surfaces of the dichalcogenide TaSe$_2$ using scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy (STM/S) at 150 mK. When the top layer has the 2H structure and the layer immediately below the 1T structure, we find a singular ... More
Enhancing Light Emission in Interface Engineered Spin-OLEDs Through Spin-Polarized Injection at High VoltagesDec 02 2016Apr 12 2019The quest for a spin-polarized organic light emitting diode (spin-OLED) is a common goal in the emerging fields of molecular electronics and spintronics. In this device two ferromagnetic electrodes are used to enhance the electroluminescence intensity ... More
The minimum value of the Colless indexMar 27 2019The Colless index is one of the oldest and most widely used balance indices for rooted bifurcating trees. Despite its popularity, its minimum value on the space $\mathcal{T}_n$ of rooted bifurcating trees with $n$ leaves is only known when $n$ is a power ... More
Chiral charge order in the superconductor 2H-TaS2Jul 18 2011We find chiral charge order in the superconductor 2H-TaS2 using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy (STM/S) at 0.1 K. Topographic images show hexagonal atomic lattice and charge density wave (CDW) with clockwise and counterclockwise charge ... More
Controlling singlet-triplet ratio in OLEDs by spin polarised currentsDec 02 2016Molecular spintronics has successfully crossed its first decade of life becoming an important player in the race towards the fabrication of next generation spintronic devices. The development and fabrication of spin OLEDs represents one of the key challenges ... More
The probabilities of trees and cladograms under Ford's $α$-modelJan 11 2018We give correct explicit formulas for the probabilities of rooted binary trees and cladograms under Ford's $\alpha$-model.
Unidentified Gamma-ray Sources as Targets for Indirect Dark Matter Detection with the Fermi-Large Area TelescopeJun 27 2019One of the predictions of the $\Lambda$CDM cosmological framework is the hierarchical formation of structure, giving rise to dark matter (DM) halos and subhalos. When the latter are massive enough they retain gas (i.e., baryons) and become visible. This ... More
The Fair Proportion is a Shapley Value on phylogenetic networks tooApr 05 2018The Fair Proportion of a species in a phylogenetic tree is a very simple measure that has been used to assess its value relative to the overall phylogenetic diversity represented by the tree. It has recently been proved by Fuchs and Jin to be equal to ... More
Perfect transmission scattering as a PT-symmetric spectral problemNov 18 2010We establish that a perfect-transmission scattering problem can be described by a class of parity and time reversal symmetric operators and hereby we provide a scenario for understanding and implementing the corresponding quasi-Hermitian quantum mechanical ... More
Understanding the light curves of the HST-1 knot in M87 with internal relativistic shock waves along its jetMay 29 2015Knots or blobs observed in astrophysical jets are commonly interpreted as shock waves moving along them. Long time observations of the HST-1 knot inside the jet of the galaxy M87 have produced detailed multi-wavelength light curves. In this article, we ... More
Octagons I: Combinatorics and Non-Planar ResummationsApr 01 2019We explain how the 't Hooft expansion of correlators of half-BPS operators can be resummed in a large-charge limit in N=4 super Yang-Mills theory. The full correlator in the limit is given by a non-trivial function of two variables: One variable is the ... More
Node Primitives: an open end-user programming platform for social robotsSep 25 2017With the expected adoption of robots able to seamlessly and intuitively interact with people in real-world scenarios, the need arises to provide non-technically-skilled users with easy-to-understand paradigms for customising robot behaviors. In this paper, ... More
An empirical analysis of the relationships between crude oil, gold and stock marketsOct 26 2015May 24 2016This paper analyzes the direction of the causality between crude oil, gold and stock markets for the largest economy in the world with respect to such markets, the US. To do so, we apply non-linear Granger causality tests. We find a nonlinear causal relationship ... More
Strong enhancement of superconductivity at high pressures within the charge-density-wave states of 2H-TaS 2 and 2H-TaSe 2Mar 01 2016Jun 02 2016We present measurements of the superconducting and charge density wave critical temperatures (Tc and TCDW) as a function of pressure in the transition metal dichalchogenides 2H-TaSe2 and 2H-TaS2. Resistance and susceptibility measurements show that Tc ... More
Bosonic hard spheres in quasi-one dimensional bichromatic optical latticesApr 21 2015We calculated the phase diagram of a continuous system of hard spheres loaded in a quasi-one dimensional bichromatic optical lattice. The wavelengths of both lattice-defining lasers were chosen to model an incommensurate arrangement. Densities of one ... More
State diagram for continuous quasi-one dimensional systems in optical latticesSep 24 2014We studied the appearance of Mott insulator domains of hard sphere bosons on quasi one-dimensional optical lattices when an harmonic trap was superimposed along the main axis of the system. Instead of the standard approximation represented by the Bose-Hubbard ... More
Position Operators and Center of Mass: New PerspectivesMay 30 2013After reviewing the work of Pryce on Center-of-Mass (CoM) definitions in special relativity, and that of Jordan and Mukunda on position operators for relativistic particles with spin, we propose two new criteria for a CoM candidate: associativity, and ... More
The Galactic Disc in Action Space as seen by Gaia DR2May 09 2018Feb 19 2019The quality and quantity of 6D stellar position-velocity measurements in the second Gaia data release (DR2) allows to study small-scale structure in the orbit distribution of the Galactic disc beyond the immediate Solar neighborhood. We investigate the ... More
Adaptive Market Efficiency of Agricultural Commodity Futures ContractsDec 27 2014Mar 31 2015In this paper we investigate the adaptive market efficiency of the agricultural commodity futures market, using a sample of eight futures contracts. Using a battery of nonlinear tests, we uncover the nonlinear serial dependence in the returns series. ... More
The Restricted Inomata-McKinley spinor-plane, homotopic deformations and the Lounesto classificationJun 05 2018Mar 13 2019We define a two-dimensional space called the spinor-plane, where all spinors that can be decomposed in terms of Restricted Inomata-McKinley (RIM) spinors reside, and describe some of its properties. Some interesting results concerning the construction ... More
Excitation-Transfer Plasmonic Nanosensors based on Dynamical Phase TransitionsOct 02 2012Dynamical Phase transitions (DPTs) describe the abrupt change in the dynamical properties of open systems when a single control parameter is slightly modified. Recently we found that this phenomenon is also present in a simple model of a linear array ... More
The connection between Dirac dynamic and parity symmetryMay 10 2016Dirac spinors are important objects in the current literature, the algebraic structure presented in the text-books is a general method to write it, however, not unique. The purpose of the present work is to show an alternative approach to construct Dirac ... More
A balance index for phylogenetic trees based on rooted quartetsMar 05 2018Mar 22 2019We define a new balance index for rooted phylogenetic trees based on the symmetry of the evolutive history of every set of 4 leaves. This index makes sense for multifurcating trees and it can be computed in time linear in the number of leaves. We determine ... More
A Distant Sample of Halo Wide Binaries from SDSSApr 18 2018Aug 16 2018Samples of reliably identified halo wide binaries are scarce. If reasonably free from selection effects and with a small degree of contamination by chance alignments, these wide binaries become a powerful dynamical tool, having provided one of the very ... More
A study of co-movements between USA and Latin American stock markets: a cross-bicorrelations perspectiveMar 24 2015In this paper we use the Brooks and Hinich cross-bicorrelation test in order to uncover nonlinear dependence periods between USA Standard and Poor 500 (SP500), used as benchmark, and six Latin American stock markets indexes: Mexico (BMV), Brazil (BOVESPA), ... More
A continuous model for bosonic hard spheres in quasi one-dimensional optical latticesFeb 27 2014By means of diffusion Monte Carlo calculations, we investigated the quantum phase transition between a superfluid and a Mott insulator for a system of hard-sphere bosons in a quasi one-dimensional optical lattice. For this continuous hamiltonian, we studied ... More
Buffering plasmons in nanoparticle waveguides at the virtual-localized transitionDec 03 2009Jul 02 2010We study the plasmonic energy transfer from a locally excited nanoparticle (LE-NP) to a linear array of small NPs and we obtain the parametric dependence of the response function. An analytical expression allows us to distinguish the extended resonant ... More
Role of vibrations on decoherence in molecular spin qubits: The case of [Cu(mnt)$_2$]$^{2-}$Dec 17 2015Dec 05 2016Herein we develop a simple first-principles methodology to determine the modulation that vibrations exert on spin energy levels, a key for the rational design of high-temperature molecular spin qubits and single-molecule magnets. This methodology is demonstrated ... More
Spin qubits with electrically gated polyoxometalate moleculesMar 19 2007Spin qubits offer one of the most promising routes to the implementation of quantum computers. Very recent results in semiconductor quantum dots show that electrically-controlled gating schemes are particularly well-suited for the realization of a universal ... More
Unbiased TGAS$\times$LAMOST distances and the role of binarityApr 20 2018Sep 10 2018Spectrophotometric distances to stars observed by large spectroscopic surveys offer a crucial complement to parallax distances that remain very important also after the future Gaia data releases. Here we present a probabilistic approach to modeling spectroscopic ... More
Spaser and optical amplification conditions in gold-coated active nanoparticlesNov 08 2016Due to their many potential applications, there is an increasing interest in studying hybrid systems composed of optically active media and plasmonic metamaterials. In this work we focus on a particular system which consists of an optically active silica ... More
Zero-temperature phase diagram of hard sphere bosons in asymmetric three dimensional optical latticesFeb 27 2014We studied the superfluid-to-Mott insulator transition for bosonic hard spheres loaded in asymmetric three-dimensional optical lattices by means of diffusion Monte Carlo calculations. The onset of the transition was monitored through the change in the ... More
Non-standard Dirac adjoint spinor: The emergence of a new dualNov 21 2017In this present communication we provide a new derivation of the Dirac dual structure by employing a different approach from the originally proposed. Following a general and rigorous mathematical process to compute the dual structure, we investigate if ... More
Fast and reliable identification of atomically thin layers of TaSe2 crystalsFeb 12 2013Feb 17 2014Deposition of clean and defect-free atomically thin two-dimensional crystalline flakes on surfaces by mechanical exfoliation of layered bulk materials has proven to be a powerful technique, but it requires a fast, reliable and non-destructive way to identify ... More
Peptides as versatile scaffolds for quantum computingAug 30 2017Oct 03 2017In this work we showcase the potential of peptides as versatile scaffolds for quantum computing and molecular spintronics. In particular, we focus on lanthanide-binding tags, which were originally developed in the field of biotechnology for the study ... More
Questing for Algebraic Mass Dimension One Spinor FieldsApr 25 2015May 30 2015This work deals with new classes of spinors of mass dimension one in Minkowski spacetime. In order to accomplish it, the Lounesto classification scheme and the inversion theorem are going to be used. The algebraic framework shall be revisited by explicating ... More
Tailoring optical fields emitted by nanometric sourcesFeb 13 2014Here we study a simple way of controlling the emitted fields of sub-wavelength nanometric sources. The system consists of arrays of nanoparticles (NPs) embedded in optical active media. The key concept is the careful tuning of NP's damping factors, which ... More
Alkoxide-intercalated NiFe-layered double hydroxides magnetic nanosheets as efficient water oxidation electrocatalystsMay 06 2018Alkoxide-intercalated NiFe-layered double hydroxides were synthesized via the nonaqueous methanolic route. These nanoplatelets exhibit high crystalline quality as demonstrated by atomic resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy combined with ... More
Pressure induced collapse of the charge density wave and Higgs mode visibility in 2H-TaS$_2$Jun 09 2018The pressure evolution of the Raman active electronic excitations of the transition metal dichalcogenides 2H-TaS$_2$ is followed through the pressure phase diagram embedding incommensurate charge-density-wave and superconducting states. At high pressure, ... More
An alternative approach concerning Elko spinors and the hidden unitarityMay 29 2017Sep 29 2017In the present theoretical communication, we propose a useful approach to write the Elko spinors, looking towards phenomenological applications. Such task starts by defining the Weyl spinors and the helicity operator in terms of the momentum in Cartesian ... More
Discriminating among theories of spiral structure using Gaia DR2Oct 08 2018Jan 11 2019We compare the distribution in position and velocity of nearby stars from the Gaia DR2 radial velocity sample with predictions of current theories for spirals in disc galaxies. Although the rich substructure in velocity space contains the same information, ... More
Asymptotic Four Point FunctionsJan 16 2017Jan 22 2019We initiate the study of four-point functions of large BPS operators at any value of the coupling. We do it by casting it as a sum over exchange of superconformal primaries and computing the structure constants using integrability. Along the way, we incorporate ... More
Aspects of semilocal BPS vortex in systems with Lorentz symmetry breakingMay 16 2013Feb 04 2014It is shown the existence of a static self-dual semilocal vortex configuration for the Maxwell-Higgs system with a Lorentz-violating CPT-even term. The dependence of the vorticity upper limit on the Lorentz-break term is also investigated.
An alternative approach concerning Elko spinors and the hidden unitarityMay 29 2017Jul 09 2019In this theoretical communication we look towards understand the underlying phenomenology concerning the Elko spinors within VSR theory. The program to be accomplished here start when we define the eigenspinors of the charge conjugation operator as eigenstates ... More
Zero-temperature phase diagram of D$_2$ physisorbed on graphaneFeb 27 2014We determined the zero-temperature phase diagram of D$_2$ physisorbed on graphane using the diffusion Monte Carlo method. The substrate used was C-graphane, an allotropic form of the compound that has been experimentally obtained through hydrogenation ... More
Near room-temperature memory devices based on hybrid spin-crossover SiO2 nanoparticles coupled to single-layer graphene nanoelectrodesFeb 15 2016In this paper, we report on the charge transport properties of hybrid nanoparticles (NPs) based on the polymeric 1D compound [Fe(Htrz)2(trz)](BF4), which is one of the most promising SCO systems for designing electronic devices. In particular, we used ... More
On the minimum value of the Colless index and the bifurcating trees that achieve itJul 11 2019Measures of tree balance play an important role in the analysis of phylogenetic trees. One of the oldest and most popular indices in this regard is the Colless index for rooted bifurcating trees, introduced by Colless (1982). While many of its statistical ... More
The R-Process Alliance: Spectroscopic Follow-up of Low-Metallicity Star Candidates from the Best & Brightest SurveyNov 26 2018We present results from an observing campaign to identify low-metallicity stars in the Best & Brightest Survey. From medium-resolution (R ~ 1, 200 - 2, 000) spectroscopy of 857 candidates, we estimate the stellar atmospheric parameters (Teff, log g, and ... More
On the Spinor RepresentationFeb 16 2017A systematic study of the spinor representation by means of the fermionic physical space is accomplished and implemented. The spinor representation space is shown to be constrained by the Fierz-Pauli-Kofink identities among the spinor bilinear covariants. ... More
Coherent manipulation of spin qubits based on polyoxometalates: the case of the single ion magnet [GdW$_{30}$P$_5$O$_{110}$]$^{12-}$Aug 27 2013Polyoxometalate single ion magnet [GdW$_{30}$P$_5$O$_{110}$]$^{12-}$ has been studied by generalized Rabi oscillation experiments. It was possible to increase the number of coherent rotations tenfold through matching the Rabi frequency with the frequency ... More
Orbital and physical parameters of eclipsing binaries from the All-Sky Automated Survey catalogue - VII. V1200 Centauri: a bright triple in the Hyades moving groupJan 05 2015We present the orbital and physical parameters of the detached eclipsing binary V1200~Centauri (ASAS~J135218-3837.3) from the analysis of spectroscopic observations and light curves from the \textit{All Sky Automated Survey} (ASAS) and SuperWASP database. ... More
Spin switching in electronic devices based on 2D assemblies of spin-crossover nanoparticlesDec 03 2014In this communication we study the transport properties of two-dimensional assemblies of [Fe(Htrz)2(trz)](BF4) spin-crossover nanoparticles (NPs) with two different morphologies. The NPs have been synthesized made in a similar manner than in our previous ... More
Charge Mobility and Dynamics in Spin-crossover Nanoparticles studied by Time-Resolved Microwave ConductivityMar 02 2018We use the electrode-less time-resolved microwave conductivity (TRMC) technique to characterize spin-crossover (SCO) nanoparticles. We show that TRMC is a simple and accurate mean for simultaneously as-sessing the magnetic state of SCO compounds and charge ... More
Ground-state spin blockade in a single-molecule junctionDec 17 2018It is known that the quantum-mechanical ground state of a nano-scale junction has a significant impact on its electrical transport properties. This becomes particularly important in transistors consisting of a single molecule. Due to strong electron-electron ... More
Three addressable spin qubits in a molecular single-ion magnetOct 13 2016We show that several qubits can be integrated in a single magnetic ion, using its internal electronic spin states with energies tuned by a suitably chosen molecular environment. This approach is illustrated with a nearly-isotropic Gd(III) ion entrapped ... More
Bogoliubov sound speed in periodically modulated Bose-Einstein condensatesAug 11 2003We study the Bogoliubov excitations of a Bose-condensed gas in an optical lattice. Of primary interest is the long wavelength phonon dispersion for both current-free and current-carrying condensates. We obtain the dispersion relation by carrying out a ... More
Top Quarks at Photon CollidersSep 08 2000A review of results on top quark physics expected at the Photon Linear Colliders is presented.
The circumnuclear environment of IRAS 20551-4250 a case study of AGN/Starburst connection for JWSTDec 21 2011We present a general review of the current knowledge of IRAS 20551-4250 and its circumnuclear environment. This Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxy is one of the most puzzling sources of its class in the nearby Universe: the near-IR spectrum is typical of a ... More
Type-I superconductivity in ScGa3 and LuGa3 single crystalsMay 30 2012We present evidence of type-I superconductivity in single crystals of ScGa3 and LuGa3, from magnetization, specific heat, and resistivity measurements: low critical temperatures Tc = 2.1-2.2 K; field-induced secondto first-order phase transition in the ... More
Thermal radiation and inclusive production in the CGC/saturation approach at high energiesFeb 21 2019May 06 2019In this paper, we discuss the inclusive production of hadrons in the framework of CGC/saturation approach. We argue, that the gluon jet inclusive production stems from the vicinity of the saturation momentum, even for small values of the transverse momenta ... More
Azimuthal angle correlations at large rapidities: revisiting density variation mechanismSep 26 2017In the paper we discuss the angular correlation present in hadron-hadron collisions at large rapidity difference ($\bas\,y_{12}\,\gg\,1$). We find that in the CGC/saturation approach the largest contribution stems from the density variation mechanism. ... More
A new evolution equationMar 20 1995We propose a new evolution equation for the gluon density relevant for the region of small $x_B$. It generalizes the GLR equation and allows deeper penetration in dense parton systems than the GLR equation does. This generalization consists of taking ... More
Self-Dual Supergravity Theories in 2+2 DimensionsJun 26 1992Starting from the new minimal multiplet of supergravity in $2+2$ dimensions, we construct two types of self-dual supergravity theories. One of them involves a self-duality condition on the Riemann curvature and implies the equations of motion following ... More
Twistor-like Formulation of Super p-BranesDec 21 1993Closed super (p+2)-forms in target superspace are relevant for the construction of the usual super p-brane actions. Here we construct closed super (p+1)-forms on a {\it worldvolume superspace}. They are built out of the pull-backs of the Kalb-Ramond super ... More
Intergalactic Gas in Groups of Galaxies: Implications for Dwarf Spheroidal Formation and The Missing Baryons ProblemJul 05 2011Radio galaxies with bent jets are predominantly located in groups and clusters of galaxies. We use bent-double radio sources, under the assumption that their jets are bent by ram-pressure, to probe intragroup medium (IGM) gas densities in galaxy groups. ... More
Bent-Double Radio Sources as Probes of the Intragroup MediumJul 25 2007Galaxy groups likely contain a significant fraction of the total baryonic mass in the local universe within their intragroup medium (IGM). However, aside from a handful of UV absorption line and X-ray observations, almost nothing is known about the IGM. ... More
Exact exponential bounds for the random field maximum distribution via the majoring measures (generic chaining)Feb 04 2008In this paper non-asymptotic exact exponential estimates are derived for the tail of maximum distribution of random field in the terms of majoring measures or, equally, generic chaining.
Numerical invariants for bundles on blow-upsJun 26 1999We suggest an effective procedure to calculate numerical invariants for rank two bundles over blown-up surfaces. We study the moduli spaces M_j of bundles on the blown-up plane splitting over the exceptional divisor as O(j)+O(-j). We use the numerical ... More
Can there be a general nonlinear PDE theory for the existence of solutions ?Jul 02 2004Contrary to widespread perception, there is ever since 1994 a unified, general type independent theory for the existence of solutions for very large classes of nonlinear systems of PDEs. This solution method is based on the Dedekind order completion of ... More
Short introduction to Nonstandard AnalysisJul 10 2004These lecture notes, to be completed in a later version, offer a short and rigorous introduction to Nostandard Analysis, mainly aimed to reach to a presentation of the basics of Loeb integration, and in particular, Loeb measures. The Abraham Robinson ... More
Two problems in Classical MechanicsJul 09 2004A problem about the present structure of dimensional analysis, and another one about the differences between solids and fluids are suggested. Both problems appear to have certain foundational aspects.