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Practical Issues of Action-conditioned Next Image PredictionFeb 08 2018The problem of action-conditioned image prediction is to predict the expected next frame given the current camera frame the robot observes and an action selected by the robot. We provide the first comparison of two recent popular models, especially for ... More
Negative Log Likelihood Ratio Loss for Deep Neural Network ClassificationApr 27 2018In deep neural network, the cross-entropy loss function is commonly used for classification. Minimizing cross-entropy is equivalent to maximizing likelihood under assumptions of uniform feature and class distributions. It belongs to generative training ... More
Understanding Intra-Class Knowledge Inside CNNJul 09 2015Jul 21 2015Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) has been successful in image recognition tasks, and recent works shed lights on how CNN separates different classes with the learned inter-class knowledge through visualization. In this work, we instead visualize the ... More
Physical properties of noncentrosymmetric tungsten and molybdenum aluminidesJul 10 2018Sep 27 2018A lack of spatial inversion symmetry gives rise to a variety of unconventional physics, from noncollinear order and Skyrmion lattice phases in magnetic materials to topologically-protected surface states in certain band insulators, to mixed-parity pairing ... More
ARPES and STM view of heavy-electron quantum criticality: perspectives and challengesOct 31 2018Angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) and scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) have become indispensable tools in the study of correlated quantum matter. Both probe complementary aspects of the single-particle excitation spectrum. Taken together, ... More
Surface Normals in the WildApr 10 2017We study the problem of single-image depth estimation for images in the wild. We collect human annotated surface normals and use them to train a neural network that directly predicts pixel-wise depth. We propose two novel loss functions for training with ... More
Monocular Total Capture: Posing Face, Body, and Hands in the WildDec 04 2018We present the first method to capture the 3D total motion of a target person from a monocular view input. Given an image or a monocular video, our method reconstructs the motion from body, face, and fingers represented by a 3D deformable mesh model. ... More
You2Me: Inferring Body Pose in Egocentric Video via First and Second Person InteractionsApr 22 2019The body pose of a person wearing a camera is of great interest for applications in augmented reality, healthcare, and robotics, yet much of the person's body is out of view for a typical wearable camera. We propose a learning-based approach to estimate ... More
Three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations driven by space-time white noiseMay 31 2014Jun 10 2015In this paper we study 3D Navier-Stokes (NS) equation driven by space-time white noise by using regularity structure theory introduced in [Hai14] and paracontrolled distribution proposed in [GIP13]. We obtain local existence and uniqueness of solutions ... More
A Wong-Zakai theorem for $Φ^4_3$ modelApr 16 2015We prove a version of the Wong-Zakai theorem for the dynamical $\Phi_3^4$ model driven by space-time white noise on $\mathbb{T}^3$. For the $\Phi^4_3$ model it is proved in [Hai14] that a renormalisation has to be performed in order to define the nonlinear ... More
Piecewise linear approximation for the dynamical $Φ^4_3$ modelApr 16 2015Oct 22 2017We construct a piecewise linear approximation for the dynamical $\Phi_3^4$ model on $\mathbb{T}^3$ by the theory of regularity structures in [Hai14]. For the dynamical $\Phi^4_3$ model it is proved in [Hai14] that a renormalisation has to be performed ... More
Weak universality of the dynamical $Φ_3^4$ model on the whole spaceNov 04 2018Nov 06 2018We prove the large scale convergence of a class of stochastic weakly nonlinear reaction-diffusion models on $\mathbb{R}^3$ to the dynamical $\Phi^4_3$ model by paracontrolled distributions on weighted Besov space. Our approach depends on the delicate ... More
Dirichlet form associated with the $Φ_3^4$ modelMar 29 2017Jun 25 2017We construct the Dirichlet form associated with the dynamical $\Phi^4_3$ model obtained in [Hai14, CC13] and [MW16]. This Dirichlet form on cylinder functions is identified as a classical gradient bilinear form. As a consequence, this classical gradient ... More
Random attractor associated with the quasi-geostrophic equationMar 24 2013We study the long time behavior of the solutions to the 2D stochastic quasi-geostrophic equation on $\mathbb{T}^2$ driven by additive noise and real linear multiplicative noise in the subcritical case (i.e. $\alpha>1/2$) by proving the existence of a ... More
Strong-Feller property for Navier-Stokes equations driven by space-time white noiseSep 27 2017Sep 29 2017In this paper we prove strong Feller property for the Markov semigroups associated to the two or three dimensional Navier-Stokes (N-S) equations driven by space-time white noise using the theory of regularity structures introduced by Martin Hairer in ... More
Three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations driven by space-time white noiseMay 31 2014Jan 04 2017In this paper we study 3D Navier-Stokes (NS) equation driven by space-time white noise by using regularity structure theory introduced in [Hai14] and paracontrolled distribution proposed in [GIP13]. We obtain local existence and uniqueness of solutions ... More
Lattice approximation to the dynamical $Φ_3^4$ modelAug 23 2015We study the lattice approximations to the dynamical $\Phi^4_3$ model by paracontrolled distributions proposed in [GIP13]. We prove that the solutions to the lattice systems converge to the solution to the dynamical $\Phi_3^4$ model in probability, locally ... More
Intertwined Spin and Orbital Density Waves in MnP Uncovered by Resonant Soft X-ray ScatteringAug 26 2018Unconventional superconductors are often characterized by numerous competing and even intertwined orders in their phase diagrams. In particular, the electronic nematic phases, which spontaneously break rotational symmetry and often simultaneously involve ... More
Approximating three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations driven by space-time white noiseSep 17 2014In this paper we study approximations to 3D Navier-Stokes (NS) equation driven by space-time white noise by paracontrolled distribution proposed in [GIP13]. A solution theory for this equation has been developed recently in [ZZ14] based on regularity ... More
An introduction to affine Grassmannians and the geometric Satake equivalenceMar 17 2016Apr 04 2016We introduce various affine Grassmannians, study their geometric properties, and give some applications. We also discuss the geometric Satake equivalence. These are the expanded lecture notes for a mini-course in 2015 PCMI summer school. References updated ... More
Study of an Equivalent Proposition of Riemann HypothesisSep 24 2016Let $H_n = \sum_{k = 1}^{n}\frac{1}{k}$. Using Chebyshev function and prime number theorem, this paper proves that, there exists a positive constant A, such that for all natural numbers $n = q_1 * q_2 *... * q_m$ or $n = q_1^{\alpha_1} * q_2^{\alpha_1} ... More
Low-intensity light switching of cavity-atom polaritonsFeb 03 2010Mar 22 2010I analyze an all-optical switching scheme in a cavity QED system consisting of multiple three-level atoms confined in a cavity mode. A control laser coupled to the atoms from free space induces quantum interference in the coupled cavity-atom system and ... More
The order of the group of self-homotopy equivalence of wedge spacesAug 01 2015In this paper $Aut(\Sigma X\vee \Sigma Y)^\#$ the order of the group of self-homotopy equivalence of wedge spaces is studied. Under the condition of reducibility, we decompose $ Aut(\bigvee\limits_{t=1}^{k}X_{t})$ to the product of subgroups which generalizes ... More
Rigidity of a family of spherical conical metricsFeb 06 2019We study the deformation of spherical conical metrics with at least some of the cone angles larger than $2\pi$. We show in this note via synthetic geometry that for one family of such metrics, there is local rigidity in the choice of cone positions if ... More
Maximal zero sequences for Fock spacesOct 11 2011A sequence $Z$ in the complex plane $\C$ is called a zero sequence for the Fock space $F^p_\alpha$ if there exists a function $f\in F^p_\alpha$, not identically zero, such that $Z$ is the zero set of $f$, counting multiplicities. We show that there exist ... More
Multiqubit Clifford groups are unitary 3-designsOct 09 2015We show that the multiqubit (including qubit) Clifford group in any even prime power dimension is not only a unitary 2-design, but also a unitary 3-design. Moreover, it is a minimal unitary 3-design except for dimension 4. As an immediate consequence, ... More
K3 surfaces associated to Abelian Fourfolds of Mumford's TypeDec 17 2018Mumford constructed a family of abelian fourfolds with special stucture not characterized by endomorphism ring. Galluzzi showed that the weight 2 Hodge structure of such a variety decomposes into Hodge substructures via the action of Mumford-Tate group, ... More
Quantitative unique continuation of solutions to higher order elliptic equations with singular coefficientsApr 05 2017Mar 25 2018We investigate the quantitative unique continuation of solutions to higher order elliptic equations with singular coefficients. Quantitative unique continuation described by the vanishing order is a quantitative form of strong unique continuation property. ... More
Area bounds for minimal surfaces in geodesic ball of hyperbolic spaceDec 08 2016In hyperbolic space $H^n$ we set a geodesic ball of radius $\rho$. Consider a $k$ dimensional minimal submanifold passing through the origin of the geodesic ball with boundary lies on the boundary of that geodesic ball. We prove that its area is no less ... More
Prescribing integral curvature equationJul 10 2014Feb 07 2015In this paper we formulate new curvature functions on $\mathbb{S}^n$ via integral operators. For certain even orders, these curvature functions are equivalent to the classic curvature functions defined via differential operators, but not for all even ... More
Game Theory for Cyber Deception: A TutorialMar 03 2019Deceptive and anti-deceptive technologies have been developed for various specific applications. But there is a significant need for a general, holistic, and quantitative framework of deception. Game theory provides an ideal set of tools to develop such ... More
On the critical branching random walk II: Branching capacity and branching recurrenceDec 01 2016Jan 31 2017We continue our study of critical branching random walk and branching capacity. In this paper we introduce branching recurrence and branching transience and prove an analogous version of Wiener's Test.
On the critical branching random walk I: Branching capacity and visiting probabilityNov 30 2016Jan 31 2017We extend the theory of discrete capacity to critical branching random walk. We introduce branching capacity for any finite subset of $\Z^d, d\geq5$. Analogous to the regular discrete capacity, branching capacity is closely related to the asymptotics ... More
Two Boundary Centralizer Algebras for $\mathfrak{gl}(n|m)$Sep 21 2018We define an action of the degenerate two boundary braid algebra $\mathcal{G}_d$ on the $\mathbb{C}$-vector space $M\otimes N\otimes V^{\otimes d}$, where $M$ and $N$ are arbitrary modules for the general linear Lie superalgebra $\mathfrak{gl}(n|m)$, ... More
Speedup of Micromagnetic Simulations with C++ AMP On Graphics Processing UnitsJun 29 2014A finite-difference Micromagnetic solver is presented utilizing the C++ Accelerated Massive Parallelism (C++ AMP). The high speed performance of a single Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is demonstrated compared to a typical CPU-based solver. The speed-up ... More
BSDE and generalized Dirichlet forms: the infinite dimensional caseJan 16 2012We consider the following quasi-linear parabolic system of backward partial differential equations on a Banach space $E$: $(\partial_t+L)u+f(\cdot,\cdot,u, A^{1/2}\nabla u)=0$ on $[0,T]\times E,\qquad u_T=\phi$, where $L$ is a possibly degenerate second ... More
Gradient-based Sampling: An Adaptive Importance Sampling for Least-squaresMar 02 2018In modern data analysis, random sampling is an efficient and widely-used strategy to overcome the computational difficulties brought by large sample size. In previous studies, researchers conducted random sampling which is according to the input data ... More
Accelerate micromagnetic simulations with GPU programming in MATLABJan 25 2015A finite-difference Micromagnetic simulation code written in MATLAB is presented with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) acceleration. The high performance of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is demonstrated compared to a typical Central Processing Unit (CPU) ... More
Diffraction induced Spin Pumping in Normal-Metal/Multiferroic-Helimagnet/Ferromagnet HeterostructuresMay 30 2014Generally the adiabatic quantum pumping phenomenon can be interpreted by the surface integral of the Berry curvature inside the cyclic loop. Spin angular momentum flow without charge current can be pumped out by magnetization precession in ferromagnet-based ... More
Lie II theorem for Lie algebroids via higher groupoidsDec 31 2006May 20 2010Following Sullivan's spacial realization of a differential algebra, we construct a universal integrating Lie 2-groupoid for every Lie algebroid. Then We show that unlike Lie algebras which one-to-one correspond to simply connected Lie groups, Lie algebroids ... More
An Energy Reducing Flow for Multiple-Valued FunctionsJun 20 2006By the method of discrete Morse flows, we construct an energy reducing multiple-valued function flow. The flow we get is Holder continuous with respect to the L-2 norm. We also give another way of constructing flows in some special cases, where the flow ... More
Multiple list colouring of planar graphsMay 16 2016This paper proves that for each positive integer $m$, there is a planar graph $G$ which is not $(4m+\lfloor \frac{2m-1}{9}\rfloor,m)$-choosable. Then we pose some conjectures concerning multiple list colouring of planar graphs.
A generalized Morse index theoremApr 07 2005In this paper, we prove a Morse index theorem for the index form of even order linear Hamiltonian systems on the closed interval with reasonable self-adjoint boundary conditions. The highest order term is assumed to be nondegenerate.
Neural Architecture Search for Deep Face RecognitionApr 21 2019Apr 26 2019By the widespread popularity of electronic devices, the emergence of biometric technology has brought significant convenience to user authentication compared with the traditional password and mode unlocking. Among many biological characteristics, the ... More
Regular representations of the quantum groups at roots of unityNov 20 2007Dec 03 2007We study the bimodule structure of the quantum function algebra at roots of 1 and prove that it admits an increasing filtration with factors isomorphic to the tensor products of the dual of Weyl modules $V_\lambda^* \otimes V_{- \omega_0 \lambda}^*$. ... More
A note on the quantization error for in-homogeneous self-similar measuresAug 31 2016We further study the asymptotics of quantization errors for two classes of in-homogeneous self-similar measures $\mu$. We give a new sufficient condition for the upper quantization coefficient for $\mu$ to be finite. This, together with our previous work, ... More
The higher sharp IV: the higher levelsMay 30 2017We establish the descriptive set theoretic representation of the mouse $M_n^{\#}$, which is called $0^{(n+1)\#}$. This part deals with the case $n>3$.
Large deviations for Markovian nonlinear Hawkes processesAug 11 2011Mar 17 2015Hawkes process is a class of simple point processes that is self-exciting and has clustering effect. The intensity of this point process depends on its entire past history. It has wide applications in finance, neuroscience and many other fields. In this ... More
The sharp lower bound for the volume of 3-folds of general type with χ(\Co{X})=1Oct 24 2007Let $V$ be a smooth projective 3-fold of general type. Denote by $K^{3}$, a rational number, the self-intersection of the canonical sheaf of any minimal model of $V$. One defines $K^{3}$ as a canonical volume of $V$. The paper is devoted to proving the ... More
On the Complexity of Protein Local Structure Alignment Under the Discrete Fréchet DistanceSep 05 2007We show that given $m$ proteins (or protein backbones, which are modeled as 3D polygonal chains each of length O(n)) the problem of protein local structure alignment under the discrete Fr\'{e}chet distance is as hard as Independent Set. So the problem ... More
Preprojective cluster variables of acyclic cluster algebrasNov 29 2005Aug 30 2006For any valued quiver, by using BGP-reflection functors, an injection from the set of preprojective objects in the cluster category to the set of cluster variables of the corresponding cluster algebra is given, the images are called preprojective cluster ... More
The Lp Minkowski problem for polytopes for 0 < p < 1Jun 29 2014Aug 02 2014Necessary and sufficient conditions are given for the existence of solutions to the discrete Lp Minkowski problem for the critical case where 0 < p < 1.
Asymptotic local uniformity of the quantization error for Ahlfors-David probability measuresAug 25 2017Feb 26 2018Let $\mu$ be an Ahlfors-David probability measure on $\mathbb{R}^q$, namely, there exist some constants $s_0>0$ and $\epsilon_0,C_1,C_2>0$ such that \[ C_1\epsilon^{s_0}\leq\mu(B(x,\epsilon))\leq C_2\epsilon^{s_0},\;\epsilon\in(0,\epsilon_0),\;x\in{\rm ... More
Asymptotic order of the quantization errors for self-affine measures on Bedford-McMullen carpetsApr 19 2016Let $E$ be a Bedford-McMullen carpet determined by a set of affine mappings $(f_{ij})_{(i,j)\in G}$ and $\mu$ a self-affine measure on $E$ associated with a probability vector $(p_{ij})_{(i,j)\in G}$. We prove that, for every $r\in(0,\infty)$, the upper ... More
Convergence order of the geometric mean errors for Markov-type measuresOct 26 2014We study the quantization problem with respect to the geometric mean error for Markov-type measures $\mu$ on a class of fractal sets. Assuming the irreducibility of the corresponding transition matrix $P$, we determine the exact convergence order of the ... More
On general (alpha,beta)-metrics with vanishing Douglas curvatureMay 29 2015In this paper, we study a class of Finsler metrics called general $(\alpha,\beta)$-metrics, which are defined by a Riemannian metric $\alpha$ and a $1$-form $\beta$. We find an equation which is necessary and sufficient condition for such Finsler metric ... More
Permutation Symmetry Determines the Discrete Wigner FunctionApr 15 2015Jan 10 2016The Wigner function provides a useful quasiprobability representation of quantum mechanics, with applications in various branches of physics. Many nice properties of the Wigner function are intimately connected with the high symmetry of the underlying ... More
Stabilization of Damped Waves on Spheres and Zoll Surfaces of RevolutionApr 18 2016Dec 17 2017We study the strong stabilization of wave equations on some sphere-like manifolds, with rough damping terms which do not satisfy the geometric control condition posed by Rauch-Taylor and Bardos-Lebeau-Rauch. We begin with an unpublished result of G. Lebeau, ... More
Quasiprobability representations of quantum mechanics with minimal negativityApr 24 2016Aug 25 2016Quasiprobability representations, such as the Wigner function, play an important role in various research areas. The inevitable appearance of negativity in such representations is often regarded as a signature of nonclassicality, which has profound implications ... More
On general $(α,β)$-metrics with isotropic Berwald curvatureJun 05 2015In this paper, we study a class of Finsler metrics called general $(\alpha,\beta)$-metrics, which are defined by a Riemannian metric $\alpha$ and a $1$-form $\beta$. We classify this class of Finsler metrics with isotropic Berwald curvature under certain ... More
Depth and Stanley depth of the path ideal associated to an $n$-cyclic graphDec 24 2016We compute the depth and Stanley depth for the quotient ring of the path ideal of length $3$ associated to a $n$-cyclic graph, given some precise formulas for depth when $n\not\equiv 1\,(\mbox{mod}\ 4)$, tight bounds when $n\equiv 1\,(\mbox{mod}\ 4)$ ... More
Regularity for harmonic maps into certain Pseudo-Riemannian manifoldsJan 10 2011Mar 20 2012In this article, we investigate the regularity for certain elliptic systems without a $L^2$-antisymmetric structure. As applications, we prove some $\epsilon$-regularity theorems for weakly harmonic maps from the unit ball $B= B(m) \subset \mathbb{R}^m ... More
Rigidity of Area-Minimizing $2$-Spheres in $n$-Manifolds with Positive Scalar CurvatureMar 14 2019Mar 28 2019We prove that the least area of the non-contractible immersed spheres is no more than $4\pi$ in any oriented compact manifold with dimension $n+2\leq 7$ which satisfies $R\geq 2$ and admits a map to $\mathbf S^2\times T^n$ with nonzero degree. We also ... More
Frenkel-Gross' irregular connection and Heinloth-Ngô-Yun's are the sameMar 18 2016Apr 04 2016We show that the irregular connection on G_m constructed by Frenkel-Gross (2009) and the one constructed by Heinloth-Ng\^o-Yun (2013) are the same, which confirms a conjecture of the latter author's.
Simulation Study of Laser Plasma Accelerator Via VorpalJan 03 2015In this paper, we use PIC code Vorpal to do the extensive simulation about the laser plasma accelerator in the linear, quasilinear and nonlinear regime respectively. We design the ~100 MeV or so laser plasma accelerator ( LPA ) via Vorpal simulation. ... More
Projective dimension and the regularity of the path ideal of the line graphOct 10 2016By generalizing the notion of the path ideal of a graph, we study some algebraic properties of some path ideals associated to a line graph. We show that the quotient ring of these ideals are always Cohen-Macaulay and also provide some exact formulas for ... More
$\mathbb{A}^1$-equivalence of zero cycles on surfacesOct 06 2015Oct 18 2015In this paper, we study $\mathbb{A}^1$-equivalence classes of zero cycles on open complex algebraic surfaces. We prove the logarithmic version of Mumford's theorem on zero cycles and prove that log Bloch's conjecture holds for quasiprojective surfaces ... More
An upper bound for the probability of visiting a distant point by critical branching random walk in $\mathbb{Z}^4$Mar 01 2015In this paper, we solve an open question raised by Le Gall and Lin. We study the probability of visiting a distant point $a\in \mathbb{Z}^4$ by critical branching random walk starting from the origin. We prove that this probability is bounded by $1/(|a|^2\log ... More
The higher sharp IIApr 19 2016Aug 02 2016We establish the descriptive set theoretic representation of the mouse $M_n^{#}$, which is called $0^{(n+1)#}$. This part deals with the case $n>3$.
Modular equations for Lubin-Tate formal groups at chromatic level 2Aug 13 2015We give an integral lift of the Kronecker congruence for moduli of finite subgroups of elliptic curves. This leads to a uniform presentation for the power operation structure on Morava E-theories of height 2.
Molecular Model Checking a Temporal LogicAug 05 2016Aug 09 2016The molecular computing has been successfully employed to solve more and more complex computation problems. However, as an important complex problem, the model checking are still far from fully resolved under the circumstance of molecular computing, since ... More
Exotic in Leptonic MachinesAug 07 2014Selected topics of exotics in leptonic machines are presented, including recent discovery of abnormal structures around the ppbar threshold and new information of the XYZ (charmonium-like) states.
Asymptotic Structure of Constrained Exponential Random Graph ModelsAug 07 2014Oct 25 2015In this paper, we study exponential random graph models subject to certain constraints. We obtain some general results about the asymptotic structure of the model. We show that there exists non-trivial regions in the phase plane where the asymptotic structure ... More
Hole probabilities of SU(m+1) Gaussian random polynomialsMar 31 2014In this paper, we study hole probabilities $P_{0,m}(r,N)$ of SU(m+1) Gaussian random polynomials of degree $N$ over a polydisc $(D(0,r))^m$. When $r\geq1$, we find asymptotic formulas and decay rate of $\log{P_{0,m}(r,N)}$. In dimension one, we also consider ... More
Quantitative uniqueness of elliptic equationsDec 02 2013Dec 22 2014Based on a variant of frequency function, we improve the vanishing order of solutions for Schr\"{o}dinger equations which describes quantitative behavior of strong uniqueness continuation property. For the first time, we investigate the quantitative uniqueness ... More
Gluing formula of real analytic torsion forms and adiabatic limitMay 22 2014In this article we use the adiabatic method to prove the gluing formula of real analytic torsion forms for a flat vector bundle on a smooth fibration under the assumption that the fiberwise twisted cohomology groups associated to the fibration of the ... More
Recent Electroweak Results from the TevatronJul 18 2009I present the recent electroweak measurements related to single W, Z boson and diboson productions from the CDF and D0 experiments at the Fermilab Tevatron collider.
Electroweak and QCD Results from the TevatronSep 02 2011We report the latest electroweak and QCD results from two Tevatron experiments.
Stabilisation of Damped Waves on Spheres and on Zoll's Surfaces of RevolutionApr 18 2016We are interested in the strong stabilisation of damped waves when the geometric control condition is not satisfied. We begin with an unpublished result due to Gilles Lebeau, of the strong stabilisation of damped waves on $\mathbb{S}^d$, with the damping ... More
A New Framework for Ranking Vulnerabilities in the CloudsNov 23 2016Qualifying and ranking threat degrees of vulnerabilities in cloud service are known to be full of challenges. Although there have been several efforts aiming to address this problem, most of them are too simple or cannot be applied into cloud infrastructure. ... More
Line-soliton and rational solutions to (2+1)-dimensional Boussinesq equation by Dbar-problemApr 10 2017May 01 2017We present a generalized (2+1)-dimensional Boussinesq equation, including two cases which are called the plus Boussinesq equation and the minus one. To investigate these equations, we apply the $\bar{\partial}$ approach to a coupled (2+1)-dimensional ... More
Derived equivalence between Shioda's fourfold and CM Mumford fourfoldOct 23 2018Shioda proved that the Jacobian $A_S$ of the curve $y^2 = x^9 -1$ is a 4-dimensional CM abelian variety with codimension 2 Hodge cycles not generated by divisors. It was noted by Shioda that this behavior resembles the abelian varieties constructed by ... More
Two Boundary Centralizer Algebras for $\mathfrak{q}(n)$Jan 29 2019We define the degenerate two boundary affine Hecke-Clifford algebra $\mathcal{H}_d$, and show it admits a well-defined $\mathfrak{q}(n)$-linear action on the tensor space $M\otimes N\otimes V^{\otimes d}$, where $V$ is the natural module for $\mathfrak{q}(n)$, ... More
Hidden charm octet tetraquarks from a diquark-antidiquark modelJul 11 2016Aug 10 2016Four exotic charmonium-like states, i.e. $X(4140)$, $X(4274)$, $X(4500)$, and $X(4700)$, have been observed very recently by LHCb Collaboration in the decay process $B^+\to J/\psi \phi K^+$ using the 3${\rm fb}^{-1}$ data of $p\bar p$ collision at $\sqrt ... More
Grace: a Cross-platform Micromagnetic Simulator On Graphics Processing UnitsNov 10 2014A micromagnetic simulator running on graphics processing unit (GPU) is presented. It achieves significant performance boost as compared to previous central processing unit (CPU) simulators, up to two orders of magnitude for large input problems. Different ... More
Spin-dependent Fano resonance induced by conducting chiral helimagnet contained in a quasi-one-dimensional electron waveguideJul 02 2012Jan 26 2013Fano resonance appears for conduction through an electron waveguide containing donor impurities. In this work, we consider the thin-film conducting chiral helimagnet (CCH) as the donor impurity in a one-dimensional waveguide model. Due to the spin spiral ... More
Poisson Subsampling Algorithms for Large Sample Linear Regression in Massive DataSep 07 2015Nov 23 2015Large sample size brings the computation bottleneck for modern data analysis. Subsampling is one of efficient strategies to handle this problem. In previous studies, researchers make more fo- cus on subsampling with replacement (SSR) than on subsampling ... More
Factorization for radiative heavy quarkonium decays into scalar GlueballAug 06 2015Sep 22 2015We establish the factorization formula for scalar Glueball production through radiative decays of vector states of heavy quarkonia, e.g. $J/\psi$, $\psi(2S)$ and $\Upsilon(nS)$, where the Glueball mass is much less than the parent heavy quarkonium mass. ... More
The Exclusive Decay of Upsilon into $h_c$, the $X(3940)$ and $X(4160)$Jul 08 2015Oct 13 2015In this paper, we study double charmonia production in Upsilon peaks, especially, a S-wave charmonium $\eta_c$ and a P-wave charmonium $h_c(^1P_1)$, or a S-wave charmonium $J/\psi$ and the $X(3940)$ and $X(4160)$ within the nonrelativistic QCD (NRQCD) ... More
Some Issues on the Theory of the Mimic-Computing-Oriented AutomataJan 27 2018A mimic computing oriented automaton can directly portray the behaviors of a mimic computing system. In this paper, we investigate the following theoretical problems on this type of automata: operational semantics and computational ability. First, we ... More
Fitting a Model to Data in Loss TomographyJul 20 2011Loss tomography has received considerable attention in recent years and a number of estimators have been proposed. Although most of the estimators claim to be the maximum likelihood estimators, the claim is only partially true since the maximum likelihood ... More
On the model-checking-based IDSJun 25 2018How to identify the comprehensive comparable performance of various Intrusion Detection (ID) algorithms which are based on the Model Checking (MC) techniques? To address this open issue, we conduct some tests for the model-checking-based intrusion detection ... More
A novel type of Automata for dynamic, heterogeneous and random architecturesFeb 08 2017Mar 05 2017In this paper, the author aims to establish a mathematical model for a mimic computer. To this end, a novel automaton is proposed. First, a one-dimensional cellular automaton is used for expressing some dynamic changes in the structure of a computing ... More
Improved Bethe-Heitler formulaJan 01 2019The bremsstrahlung cross section of electron in the atomic electric field is re-derived using the time ordered perturbative theory. The results are compared with the Bethe-Heitler formula. We indicate that both the TOPT-description and a soft version ... More
A refinement of choosability of graphsNov 21 2018Assume $k$ is a positive integer, $\lambda=\{k_1, k_2, \ldots, k_q\}$ is a partition of $k$ and $G$ is a graph. A $\lambda$-list assignment of $G$ is a $k$-list assignment $L$ of $G$ such that the colour set $\cup_{v\in V(G)}L(v)$ can be partitioned into ... More
The Physics and End-Products of Merging CO WD BinariesOct 16 2014The merger of two carbon-oxygen white dwarfs has long been theorized to lead to a massive carbon-oxygen or oxygen-neon white dwarf, accretion-induced collapse to a neutron star, or a type Ia supernova. Determining which mergers lead to a particular outcome ... More
Fast Video Retargeting Based on Seam Carving with Parental LabelingMar 07 2019Seam carving is a state-of-the-art content-aware image resizing technique that effectively preserves the salient areas of an image. However, when applied to video retargeting, not only is it time intensive, but it also creates highly visible frame-wise ... More
Some results on the optimal matching problem for the Jacobi modelMar 28 2019We establish some exact asymptotic results for a matching problem with respect to a family of beta distributions. Let $X_1, \ldots, X_n$ be independent random variables with common distribution the symmetric Jacobi measure $d\mu (x) = C_d (1-x^2)^{\frac ... More
A comment on the "A unified Bayesian inference framework for generalized linear models"Apr 09 2019The recent work `A unified Bayesian inference framework for generalized linear models' \cite{meng1} shows that the GLM can be solved via iterating between the standard linear module (SLM) (running with standard Bayesian algorithm) and the minimum mean ... More
Stability on Kähler-Ricci flow, IAug 11 2009In this paper, we prove that K\"ahler-Ricci flow converges to a K\"ahler-Einstein metric (or a K\"ahler-Ricci soliton) in the sense of Cheeger-Gromov as long as an initial K\"ahler metric is very closed to $g_{KE}$ (or $g_{KS}$) if a compact K\"ahler ... More