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Circuit Covers of Cubic Signed GraphsSep 12 2016A signed graph is a graph $G$ associated with a mapping $\sigma: E(G)\to \{-1,+1\}$, denoted by $(G,\sigma)$. A $cycle$ of $(G,\sigma)$ is a connected 2-regular subgraph. A cycle $C$ is $positive$ if it has an even number of negative edges, and negative ... More
Topological properties in one-dimensional periodic systemsMay 08 2017Jan 11 2019Recently there is trend to study topological properties in one-dimensional(1D) periodic systems. Concepts such as Zak phase are considered as topological invariants that characterize the bulk bands. The bulk 1D systems are classified to topologically ... More
Herschel observed Stripe 82 quasars and their host galaxies: connections between the AGN activity and the host galaxy star formationApr 21 2016In this work, we present a study of 207 quasars selected from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey quasar catalogs and the Herschel Stripe 82 survey. Quasars within this sample are high luminosity quasars with a mean bolometric luminosity of $10^{46.4}$ erg s$^{-1}$. ... More
Minimum $T$-Joins and Signed-Circuit CoveringMar 09 2018Let $G$ be a graph and $T$ be a vertex subset of $G$ with even cardinality. A $T$-join of $G$ is a subset $J$ of edges such that a vertex of $G$ is incident with an odd number of edges in $J$ if and only if the vertex belongs to $T$. Minimum $T$-joins ... More
Equitable Coloring and Equitable Choosability of Planar Graphs without chordal 4- and 6-CyclesJun 04 2018Feb 27 2019A graph $G$ is equitably $k$-choosable if, for any given $k$-uniform list assignment $L$, $G$ is $L$-colorable and each color appears on at most $\lceil\frac{|V(G)|}{k}\rceil$ vertices. A graph is equitably $k$-colorable if the vertex set $V(G)$ can be ... More
Homotopy categories, Leavitt path algebras and Gorenstein projective modulesJan 02 2013Feb 06 2014For a finite quiver without sources or sinks, we prove that the homotopy category of acyclic complexes of injective modules over the corresponding finite dimensional algebra with radical square zero is triangle equivalent to the derived category of the ... More
Quadratic Contributions of Softly Broken Supersymmetry in the Light of Loop RegularizationJun 21 2017Sep 05 2017Loop regularization (LORE) is a novel regularization scheme in modern quantum field theories. It makes no change to the spacetime structure and respects both gauge symmetries and supersymmetry. As a result, LORE should be useful in calculating loop corrections ... More
New homoclinic orbits for Hamiltonian systems with asymptotically quadratic growth at infinityJun 02 2019In this paper, we study the existence and multiplicity of homoclinic solutions for following Hamiltonian systems with asymptotically quadratic nonlinearities at infinity \begin{eqnarray*} \ddot{u}(t)-L(t)u+\nabla W(t,u)=0. {eqnarray*} We introduce a new ... More
Full-Time Supervision based Bidirectional RNN for Factoid Question AnsweringJun 19 2016Jun 21 2016Recently, bidirectional recurrent neural network (BRNN) has been widely used for question answering (QA) tasks with promising performance. However, most existing BRNN models extract the information of questions and answers by directly using a pooling ... More
Hashing based Answer SelectionMay 26 2019Answer selection is an important subtask of question answering (QA), where deep models usually achieve better performance. Most deep models adopt question-answer interaction mechanisms, such as attention, to get vector representations for answers. When ... More
Solutions for fourth-order Kirchhoff type elliptic equations involving concave-convex nonlinearities in $\mathbb{R}^{N}$Jul 06 2019In this paper, we show the existence and multiplicity of solutions for the following fourth-order Kirchhoff type elliptic equations \begin{eqnarray*} \Delta^{2}u-M(\|\nabla u\|_{2}^{2})\Delta u+V(x)u=f(x,u),\ \ \ \ \ x\in \mathbb{R}^{N}, \end{eqnarray*} ... More
Revisit the fundamental plane of black-hole activity from sub-Eddington to quiescent stateSep 17 2015It is very controversial whether radio--X-ray correlation as defined in LH state of XRBs can extend to quiescent state (e.g., X-ray luminosity less than a critical value of $L_{\rm X,c} \sim10^{-5.5}L_{\rm Edd}$) or not. In this work, we collect a sample ... More
A new approach for physiological time seriesApr 23 2015We developed a new approach for the analysis of physiological time series. An iterative convolution filter is used to decompose the time series into various components. Statistics of these components are extracted as features to characterize the mechanisms ... More
Non-commutative Castelnuovo-Mumford Regularity and AS-regular AlgebrasAug 04 2008Let $A$ be a connected graded $k$-algebra with a balanced dualizing complex. We prove that $A$ is a Koszul AS-regular algebra if and only if that the Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity and the Ext-regularity coincide for all finitely generated $A$-modules. ... More
MIMO Relaying Broadcast Channels with Linear Precoding and Quantized Channel State Information FeedbackMay 11 2012Multi-antenna relaying has emerged as a promising technology to enhance the system performance in cellular networks. However, when precoding techniques are utilized to obtain multi-antenna gains, the system generally requires channel state information ... More
Radial-breathing-like phonon modes of double-walled carbon nanotubesJul 30 2007The radial-breathing-like phonon modes (RBLMs) of the double-walled carbon nanotubes are studied in a simple analytical model, in which the interaction force constants (FCs) can be obtained analytically from the continuous model. The RBLMs frequencies ... More
Tuning polarization and elasticity properties by uniaxial stress in BiFeO3Jun 01 2012The changes of polarizational, elastic and structural properties of mutiferroic BiFeO3 under [111] direction uniaxial stress are calculated using density functional theory within the Perdew-Burke- Ernzerhof revised for solids (PBEsol) + U approach, and ... More
Optimal Energy Management Strategies in Wireless Data and Energy Cooperative CommunicationsJan 28 2018This paper presents a new cooperative wireless communication network strategy that incorporates energy cooperation and data cooperation. The model establishment, design goal formulations, and algorithms for throughput maximization of the proposed protocol ... More
High Performance Data Persistence in Non-Volatile Memory for Resilient High Performance ComputingApr 30 2017May 02 2017Resilience is a major design goal for HPC. Checkpoint is the most common method to enable resilient HPC. Checkpoint periodically saves critical data objects to non-volatile storage to enable data persistence. However, using checkpoint, we face dilemmas ... More
How deep learning works --The geometry of deep learningOct 30 2017Why and how that deep learning works well on different tasks remains a mystery from a theoretical perspective. In this paper we draw a geometric picture of the deep learning system by finding its analogies with two existing geometric structures, the geometry ... More
EasyCrash: Exploring Non-Volatility of Non-Volatile Memory for High Performance Computing Under FailuresJun 24 2019Emerging non-volatile memory (NVM) is promising for building future HPC. Leveraging the non-volatility of NVM as main memory, we can restart the application using data objects remaining on NVM when the application crashes. This paper explores this solution ... More
MSE-based Precoding for MIMO Downlinks in Heterogeneous NetworksAug 11 2016Considering a heterogeneous network (HetNet) system consisting of a macro tier overlaid with a second tier of small cells (SCs), this paper studies the mean square error (MSE) based precoding design to be employed by the macro base station and the SC ... More
Architecture-Aware, High Performance Transaction for Persistent MemoryMar 14 2019Apr 18 2019Byte-addressable non-volatile main memory (NVM) demands transactional mechanisms to access and manipulate data on NVM atomically. Those transaction mechanisms often employ a logging mechanism (undo logging or redo logging). However, the logging mechanisms ... More
Whittaker Modules for the twisted Heisenberg-Virasoro AlgebraFeb 24 2009We define Whittaker modules for the twisted Heisenberg-Virasoro algebra and obtain analogues to several results from the classical setting, including a classification of simple Whittaker modules by central characters.
Efficient verification of bosonic quantum channels via benchmarkingApr 24 2019We aim to devise feasible, efficient verification schemes for bosonic channels. To this end, we construct an average-fidelity witness that yields a tight lower bound for average fidelity plus a general framework for verifying optimal quantum channels. ... More
Demystifying AlphaGo Zero as AlphaGo GANNov 24 2017The astonishing success of AlphaGo Zero\cite{Silver_AlphaGo} invokes a worldwide discussion of the future of our human society with a mixed mood of hope, anxiousness, excitement and fear. We try to dymystify AlphaGo Zero by a qualitative analysis to indicate ... More
Connected door spaces and topological solutions of equationsSep 10 2018The connected door space is an enigmatic topological space in which every proper nonempty subset is either open or closed, but not both. This paper provides an elementary proof of the classification theorem of connected door spaces. More importantly, ... More
Misfit strain-induced energy dissipation for graphene/MoS2 heterostructure nanomechanical resonatorsJan 10 2019Misfit strain is inevitable in various heterostructures like the graphene/MoS 2 van der Waals heterostructure. Although the misfit strain effect on electronic and other physical properties have been well studied, it is still unclear how will the misfit ... More
Probing new physics in $B\to J/Ψπ^0$ decayApr 08 2009We calculate the branching ratio of $B\to J/\Psi\pi^{0}$ with a mixed formalism that combines the QCD-improved factorization and the perturbative QCD approaches. The result is consistent with experimental data. The quite small penguin contribution in ... More
Raman modes of the deformed single-wall carbon nanotubesJul 30 2007With the empirical bond polarizability model, the nonresonant Raman spectra of the chiral and achiral single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) under uniaxial and torsional strains have been systematically studied by \textit{ab initio} method. It is found ... More
The study of $B\to J/Ψη^{(\prime)}$ decays and determination of $η-η^{\prime}$ mixing angleJul 18 2007Apr 08 2009We study $B\to J/\Psi \eta^{(\prime)}$ decays and suggest two methods to determine the $\eta-\eta^{\prime}$ mixing angle. We calculate not only the factorizable contribution in QCD facorization scheme but also the nonfactorizable hard spectator corrections ... More
Weakly integrable Camassa-Holm-type equationsApr 11 2017Series of deformed Camassa-Holm-type equations are constructed using the Lagrangian deformation and Loop algebra splittings. They are weakly integrable in the sense of modified Lax pairs.
Near-Optimal Hybrid Processing for Massive MIMO Systems via Matrix DecompositionApr 15 2015For the practical implementation of massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems, the hybrid processing (precoding/combining) structure is promising to reduce the high cost rendered by large number of RF chains of the traditional processing structure. ... More
Unusual Ferroelectricity of Trans-Unitcell Ion-Displacement and Multiferroic Soliton in Sodium and Potassium HydroxidesOct 06 2018We show the first-principles evidence of a hitherto unreported type of ferroelectricity with ultra-long ion-displacement in sodium and potassium hydroxides. Even a small amount of proton vacancies can completely change the mode of proton-transfer from ... More
Global regularity for the 2D MHD equations with partial hyperresistivitySep 26 2017This paper establishes the global existence and regularity for a system of the two-dimensional (2D) magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) equations with only directional hyperresistivity. More precisely, the equation of $b_1$ (the horizontal component of the magnetic ... More
Unimem: Runtime Data Management on Non-Volatile Memory-based Heterogeneous Main MemoryApr 29 2017May 02 2017Non-volatile memory (NVM) provides a scalable and power-efficient solution to replace DRAM as main memory. However, because of relatively high latency and low bandwidth of NVM, NVM is often paired with DRAM to build a heterogeneous memory system (HMS). ... More
Particle-hole symmetry and interaction effects in the Kane-Mele-Hubbard modelNov 26 2010Nov 18 2011We prove that the Kane-Mele-Hubbard model with purely imaginary next-nearest-neighbor hoppings has a particle-hole symmetry at half-filling. Such a symmetry has interesting consequences including the absence of charge and spin currents along open edges, ... More
Allometric Scaling in Scientific FieldsJan 11 2017Mar 09 2017Allometric scaling can reflect underlying mechanisms, dynamics and structures in complex systems; examples include typical scaling laws in biology, ecology and urban development. In this work, we study allometric scaling in scientific fields. By performing ... More
First-principles study of the relaxor ferroelectricity of Ba(Zr,Ti)O$_3$Nov 10 2015Ba(Zr,Ti)O$_3$ is a lead-free relaxor ferroelectric. Using the first-principles method, the ferroelectric dipole moments for pure BaTiO$_3$ and Ba(Zr,Ti)O$_3$ supercells have been studied. All possible ion configurations of BaZr$_{0.5}$Ti$_{0.5}$O$_3$ ... More
A Convolutional Neural Network Approach for Post-Processing in HEVC Intra CodingAug 24 2016Oct 29 2016Lossy image and video compression algorithms yield visually annoying artifacts including blocking, blurring, and ringing, especially at low bit-rates. To reduce these artifacts, post-processing techniques have been extensively studied. Recently, inspired ... More
Bond-Derived Orbitalwise Coordination Number as an Accurate Reactivity Descriptor for Oxygen Electrochemistry in Transition-Metal OxidesMar 14 2018May 03 2018Unraveling a descriptor that is correlated with catalytic reactivity is essential for fast screening for the optimal catalysts for a given catalytic reaction. Herein, we propose bond-derived orbitalwise coordination number ($\overline{CN}^\alpha$, $\alpha$= ... More
Drift of Charge Carriers in Crystalline Organic SemiconductorsJan 18 2016We investigate the direct-current response of crystalline organic semiconductors in the presence of finite external electric fields by the quantum-classical Ehrenfest dynamics complemented with instantaneous decoherence corrections (IDC). The IDC is carried ... More
Pressure-induced phase transitions of multiferroic BiFeO3Aug 29 2013Pressure-induced phase transitions of multiferroic BiFeO3 have been investigated using synchrotron radiation X-ray diffraction with diamond anvil cell technique at room temperature. Present experimental data clearly show that rhombohedral (R3c) phase ... More
Classically and Quantum Integrable Systems with BoundaryAug 25 1998We study two-dimensional classically integrable field theory with independent boundary condition on each end, and obtain three possible generating functions for integrals of motion when this model is an ultralocal one. Classically integrable boundary ... More
Long-range Effect on the Curie Temperature of Ferroelectric FilmsDec 27 2001In this paper, the Curie temperature of ferroelectric films is studied using spin-1/2 transverse Ising model with long-range interaction within the framework of the effective-field theory. The dependence of the Curie temperature on the thickness of the ... More
A new fundamental plane for radiatively efficient black-hole sourcesApr 21 2014In recent years, it was found that there are several low/hard state of X-ray binaries (XRBs) follow an `outliers' track of radio--X-ray correlation ($L_{\rm R}\propto L_{\rm X}^{b}$ and $b\sim1.4$), which is much steeper than the former universal track ... More
Algorithm-Directed Crash Consistence in Non-Volatile Memory for HPCMay 16 2017Fault tolerance is one of the major design goals for HPC. The emergence of non-volatile memories (NVM) provides a solution to build fault tolerant HPC. Data in NVM-based main memory are not lost when the system crashes because of the non-volatility nature ... More
Hierarchical Transfer Convolutional Neural Networks for Image ClassificationMar 30 2018May 09 2018In this paper, we address the issue of how to enhance the generalization performance of convolutional neural networks (CNN) in the early learning stage for image classification. This is motivated by real-time applications that require the generalization ... More
A Graph-theoretic Model to Steganography on Social NetworksDec 11 2017Apr 01 2018Steganography aims to conceal the very fact that the communication takes place, by embedding a message into a digit object such as image without introducing noticeable artifacts. A number of steganographic systems have been developed in past years, most ... More
Fast Skill Learning for Variable Compliance Robotic AssemblyMay 11 2019The robotic assembly represents a group of benchmark problems for reinforcement learning and variable compliance control that features sophisticated contact manipulation. One of the key challenges in applying reinforcement learning to physical robot is ... More
On Hybrid Pilot for Channel Estimation in Massive MIMO UplinkAug 06 2016Dec 22 2016This paper introduces a hybrid pilot-aided channel estimation technique for mitigating the effect of pilot contamination for the uplink of multi-cell multiuser massive MIMO systems. The proposed hybrid pilot is designed such that it enjoys the complementary ... More
Quantitative Test of SO(5) Symmetry in the Vortex State of $Nd_{1.85}Ce_{0.15}CuO_4$Oct 13 2003Mar 11 2004By numerically solving models with competing superconducting and antiferromagnetic orders, we study the magnetic field dependence of the antiferromagnetic moment in both the weak and strong field regimes. Through a omparison with the neutron scattering ... More
Dropping Activation Outputs with Localized First-layer Deep Network for Enhancing User Privacy and Data SecurityNov 20 2017Deep learning methods can play a crucial role in anomaly detection, prediction, and supporting decision making for applications like personal health-care, pervasive body sensing, etc. However, current architecture of deep networks suffers the privacy ... More
Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation with Generative Adversarial NetworksJan 10 2017It's useful to automatically transform an image from its original form to some synthetic form (style, partial contents, etc.), while keeping the original structure or semantics. We define this requirement as the "image-to-image translation" problem, and ... More
The extremal genus embedding of graphsMar 05 2012Let Wn be a wheel graph with n spokes. How does the genus change if adding a degree-3 vertex v, which is not in V (Wn), to the graph Wn? In this paper, through the joint-tree model we obtain that the genus of Wn+v equals 0 if the three neighbors of v ... More
Image Deblurring and Super-resolution by Adaptive Sparse Domain Selection and Adaptive RegularizationDec 06 2010As a powerful statistical image modeling technique, sparse representation has been successfully used in various image restoration applications. The success of sparse representation owes to the development of l1-norm optimization techniques, and the fact ... More
Broad reprocessed Balmer emission from warped accretion discsJul 11 2008Double peaked broad emission lines in active galactic nuclei are generally considered to be formed in an accretion disc. In this paper, we compute the profiles of reprocessing emission lines from a relativistic, warped accretion disc around a black hole ... More
Different X-ray spectral evolution for black hole X-ray binaries in dual tracks of radio-X-ray correlationApr 21 2014Recently an `outliers' track of radio-X-ray correlation was found, which is much steeper than the former universal correlation, where dual tracks were speculated to be triggered by different accretion processes. In this work, we test this issue by exploring ... More
Transition-based Parsing with Context Enhancement and Future Reward RerankingDec 15 2016This paper presents a novel reranking model, future reward reranking, to re-score the actions in a transition-based parser by using a global scorer. Different to conventional reranking parsing, the model searches for the best dependency tree in all feasible ... More
Learning Hybrid Sparsity Prior for Image Restoration: Where Deep Learning Meets Sparse CodingJul 18 2018Nov 28 2018State-of-the-art approaches toward image restoration can be classified into model-based and learning-based. The former - best represented by sparse coding techniques - strive to exploit intrinsic prior knowledge about the unknown high-resolution images; ... More
Sound speed of a Bose-Einstein condensate in an optical latticeMay 30 2007The speed of sound of a Bose-Einstein condensate in an optical lattice is studied both analytically and numerically in all three dimensions. Our investigation shows that the sound speed depends strongly on the strength of the lattice. In the one-dimensional ... More
Phase Transition on The Degree Sequence of a Mixed Random Graph ProcessJul 17 2008Jan 13 2009This paper focuses on the problem of the degree sequence for a mixed random graph process which continuously combines the {\it classical} model and the BA model. Note that the number of step added edges for the mixed model is random and non-uniformly ... More
Robust Learning Control Design for Quantum Unitary TransformationsJun 06 2018Robust control design for quantum unitary transformations has been recognized as a fundamental and challenging task in the development of quantum information processing due to unavoidable decoherence or operational errors in the experimental implementation ... More
Topological conditions of scale-free networks for cooperation to evolveJun 27 2011Jul 08 2011Evolutionary game theory is employed to study topological conditions of scale-free networks for the evolution of cooperation. We show that Apollonian Networks (ANs) are perfect scale-free networks, on which cooperation can spread to all individuals, even ... More
Exact Solution for a Two-Level Atom in Radiation Fields and the Freeman ResonancesSep 20 2005Sep 22 2005Using techniques of complex analysis in an algebraic approach, we solve the wave equation for a two-level atom interacting with a monochromatic light field exactly. A closed-form expression for the quasi-energies is obtained, which shows that the Bloch-Siegert ... More
Deep Learning-Based Video Coding: A Review and A Case StudyApr 29 2019The past decade has witnessed great success of deep learning technology in many disciplines, especially in computer vision and image processing. However, deep learning-based video coding remains in its infancy. This paper reviews the representative works ... More
Form Factors and semileptonic decay of $D_s^+\to φ\bar{\ell}ν$ from QCD sum ruleAug 26 2003Sep 01 2004We calculate $D_s^+\to \phi$ transition form factors $V$, $A_0$, $A_1$ and $A_2$, and study semileptonic decay of $D_s^+\to \phi \bar{\ell}\nu$ based on QCD sum rule method. We compare our results of the ratios of $V(0)/A_1(0)$, $A_2(0)/A_1(0)$, $\Gamma_L/\Gamma_T$, ... More
D-->PV decays with final state interactionsJun 18 2002We employ one-particle-exchange method to study D-->PV decays in D-->K \rho, \pi K*, \pi \rho processes. Taking into account a strong phase and considering nonfactorizable effect, we can get good results consistent with the experimental data. Nonfactorizable ... More
Interfacial Phase Competition Induced Kondo-like Effect in Manganite-insulator CompositesMay 15 2016Kondo-like effect, namely the upturn of resistivity at low temperatures, has been observed in perovskite manganite when nonmagnetic insulators were doped as the secondary phase. In this paper, the low-temperature resistivity upturn effect was argued to ... More
Characterization and Comparison of Application Resilience for Serial and Parallel ExecutionsAug 03 2018Soft error of exascale application is a challenge problem in modern HPC. In order to quantify an application's resilience and vulnerability, the application-level fault injection method is widely adopted by HPC users. However, it is not easy since users ... More
Relativistic (2,3)-threshold quantum secret sharingAug 04 2017Aug 18 2017In quantum secret sharing protocols, the usual presumption is that the distribution of quantum shares and players' collaboration are both performed inertially. Here we develop a quantum secret sharing protocol that relaxes these assumptions wherein we ... More
Neural Tensor FactorizationFeb 13 2018Neural collaborative filtering (NCF) and recurrent recommender systems (RRN) have been successful in modeling user-item relational data. However, they are also limited in their assumption of static or sequential modeling of relational data as they do ... More
Cavity-Assisted Dynamical Spin-Orbit Coupling in Cold AtomsSep 17 2013Feb 05 2014We consider ultracold atoms subjected to a cavity-assisted two-photon Raman transition. The Raman coupling gives rise to effective spin-orbit interaction which couples atom's center-of-mass motion to its pseudospin degrees of freedom. Meanwhile, the cavity ... More
The Cut and Dominating Set Problem in A Steganographer NetworkFeb 20 2018A steganographer network corresponds to a graphic structure that the involved vertices (or called nodes) denote social entities such as the data encoders and data decoders, and the associated edges represent any real communicable channels or other social ... More
Ensemble Reversible Data HidingJan 15 2018May 25 2018The conventional reversible data hiding (RDH) algorithms often consider the host as a whole to embed a secret payload. In order to achieve satisfactory rate-distortion performance, the secret bits are embedded into the noise-like component of the host ... More
Generalized Short Circuit Ratio for Multi Power Electronic based Devices Infeed Systems: Defi-nition and Theoretical AnalysisAug 27 2017Mar 17 2018Short circuit ratio (SCR) is widely applied to analyze the strength of AC system and the small signal stability for single power elec-tronic based devices infeed systems (SPEISs). However, there still lacking the theory of short circuit ratio applicable ... More
Improving Reverberant Speech Training Using Diffuse Acoustic SimulationJul 09 2019We present an efficient and realistic geometric sound simulation approach for generating and augmenting training data in speech-related machine learning tasks. Our physically based acoustic simulation method is capable of modeling occlusion, specular ... More
Generative Creativity: Adversarial Learning for Bionic DesignMay 19 2018Bionic design refers to an approach of generative creativity in which a target object (e.g. a floor lamp) is designed to contain features of biological source objects (e.g. flowers), resulting in creative biologically-inspired design. In this work, we ... More
Global Mg/Si and Al/Si Distributions on Lunar Surface Derived from Chang'E-2 X-ray SpectrometerAug 04 2015X-ray fluorescence remote sensing technique plays a significant role in the chemical compositions research of the Moon. Here we describe the data analysis method for China's Chang'E-2 X-ray spectrometer (CE2XRS) in detail and present the preliminary results: ... More
Long-range Effects on the Pyroelectric Coefficient and Dielectric Susceptibility of a Ferroelectric BilayerDec 25 2001Apr 01 2002Long-range effects on the pyroelectric coefficient and susceptibility of a ferroelectric bilayer with a ferroelectric interfacial coupling are investigated by use of the transverse Ising model within the framework of mean-field theory. The effects of ... More
Neural network-based arithmetic coding of intra prediction modes in HEVCSep 18 2017In both H.264 and HEVC, context-adaptive binary arithmetic coding (CABAC) is adopted as the entropy coding method. CABAC relies on manually designed binarization processes as well as handcrafted context models, which may restrict the compression efficiency. ... More
A Convolutional Neural Network Approach for Half-Pel Interpolation in Video CodingMar 10 2017Motion compensation is a fundamental technology in video coding to remove the temporal redundancy between video frames. To further improve the coding efficiency, sub-pel motion compensation has been utilized, which requires interpolation of fractional ... More
Mass and Decay Constant of $I=1/2$ Scalar Meson In QCD Sum RuleSep 27 2004May 23 2005We calculate the mass and decay constant of $I=1/2$ scalar mesons composed of quark-antiquark pairs based on QCD sum rule. The quauk-antiquark pairs can be $s\bar{q}$ or $q\bar{s}$ ($q=u,d$) in quark model, the quantum numbers of spin and orbital angular ... More
The Schrodinger-like Equation for a Nonrelativistic Electron in a Photon Field of Arbitrary IntensityJun 04 1998The ordinary Schrodinger equation with minimal coupling for a nonrelativistic electron interacting with a single-mode photon field is not satisfied by the nonrelativistic limit of the exact solutions to the corresponding Dirac equation. A Schrodinger-like ... More
Time-Delay Effect on the cOsmic Background Radiation by Static Gravitational Potential of ClustersJul 20 2000We present a quantitative analysis of the time-delay effect on the cosmic background radiation (CBR) by static gravitational potential of galaxy clusters. This is primarily motivated by growing observational evidence that clusters have essentially experienced ... More
Analysis of the Packet Loss Probability in Energy Harvesting Cognitive Radio NetworksMar 03 2016A Markovian battery model is proposed to provide the variation of energy states for energy harvesting (EH) secondary users (SUs) in the EH cognitive radio networks (CRN). Based on the proposed battery model, we derive the packet loss probability in the ... More
Learning Robust and High-Precision Quantum ControlsNov 05 2018Jan 30 2019Robust and high-precision quantum control is extremely important but challenging for the functionization of scalable quantum computation. In this paper, we show that this hard problem can be translated to a supervised machine learning task by treating ... More
Quantum Electroweak Symmetry Breaking Through Loop Quadratic ContributionsDec 11 2014May 25 2015Based on two postulations that (i) the Higgs boson has a large bare mass $m_H \gg m_h \simeq 125 $ GeV at the characteristic energy scale $M_c$ which defines the standard model (SM) in the ultraviolet region, and (ii) quadratic contributions of Feynman ... More
Performance Evaluation and Modeling of HPC I/O on Non-Volatile MemoryMay 10 2017HPC applications pose high demands on I/O performance and storage capability. The emerging non-volatile memory (NVM) techniques offer low-latency, high bandwidth, and persistence for HPC applications. However, the existing I/O stack are designed and optimized ... More
Metric Learning via Maximizing the Lipschitz Margin RatioFeb 09 2018In this paper, we propose the Lipschitz margin ratio and a new metric learning framework for classification through maximizing the ratio. This framework enables the integration of both the inter-class margin and the intra-class dispersion, as well as ... More
Light collection of POLAR detectorJul 16 2009POLAR is a compact polarimeter dedicated to measure the polarization of GRBs between 50-300 keV. The light collection of 200*6*6mm3 plastic bars has been simulated and optimized in order to get uniform response to x-rays at different points of one single ... More
On the Degree Sequence and its Critical Phenomenon of an Evolving Random Graph ProcessJun 28 2008In this paper we focus on the problem of the degree sequence for the following random graph process. At any time-step $t$, one of the following three substeps is executed: with probability $\alpha_1$, a new vertex $x_t$ and $m$ edges incident with $x_t$ ... More
Auto-ReID: Searching for a Part-aware ConvNet for Person Re-IdentificationMar 23 2019Apr 21 2019Prevailing deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for person re-IDentification (reID) are usually built upon the ResNet or VGG backbones, which were originally designed for classification. Because reID has certain differences from classification, the ... More
Dynamic Ensemble Active Learning: A Non-Stationary Bandit with Expert AdviceSep 29 2018Active learning aims to reduce annotation cost by predicting which samples are useful for a human teacher to label. However it has become clear there is no best active learning algorithm. Inspired by various philosophies about what constitutes a good ... More
Resonant Above-Threshold Ionization Peaks at Quantized IntensitiesJan 28 1998We suggest that electron-laser interactions can give rise to resonance phenomena as the intensity varies. A new QED perturbation theory is developed, in which the coupling between an electron and the second quantized laser mode is treated nonperturbatively. ... More
The spatial distribution of dark-matter-annihilation originated gamma-ray line signalDec 02 2013Dec 03 2013The GeV$-$TeV $\gamma-$ray line signal is the smoking gun signature of the dark matter annihilation or decay. The detection of such a signal is one of the main targets of some space-based telescopes, including Fermi-LAT and the upcoming CALET, DAMPE and ... More
Imaging through a thin scattering layer and jointly retrieving the point-spread-function using phase-diversityAug 08 2017Recently introduced angular-memory-effect based techniques enable non-invasive imaging of objects hidden behind thin scattering layers. However, both the speckle-correlation and the bispectrum analysis are based on the statistical average of large amounts ... More
DeepSleepNet: a Model for Automatic Sleep Stage Scoring based on Raw Single-Channel EEGMar 12 2017Aug 03 2017The present study proposes a deep learning model, named DeepSleepNet, for automatic sleep stage scoring based on raw single-channel EEG. Most of the existing methods rely on hand-engineered features which require prior knowledge of sleep analysis. Only ... More
Broken bridges: A counter-example of the ER=EPR conjectureAug 31 2016Jun 23 2017In this paper, we provide a counter-example to the ER=EPR conjecture. In an anti-de Sitter space, we construct a pair of maximally entangled but separated black holes. Due to the vacuum decay of the anti-de Sitter background toward a deeper vacuum, these ... More
Long-range Effects on the Pyroelectric Coefficient of Ferroelectric SuperlatticeJan 23 2002Long-range effects on the pyroelectric coefficient of a ferroelectric superlattice consisting of two different ferroelectric materials are investigated based on the Transverse Ising Model. The effects of the interfacial coupling and the thickness of one ... More