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FluSI: A novel parallel simulation tool for flapping insect flight using a Fourier method with volume penalizationJun 22 2015Dec 24 2015FluSI, a fully parallel open source software for pseudo-spectral simulations of three-dimensional flapping flight in viscous flows, is presented. It is freely available for non-commercial use under []. The computational ... More
Approximation of the Laplace and Stokes operators with Dirichlet boundary conditions through volume penalization: a spectral viewpointMay 31 2012We report the results of a detailed study of the spectral properties of Laplace and Stokes operators, modified with a volume penalization term designed to approximate Dirichlet conditions in the limit when a penalization parameter, $\eta$, tends to zero. ... More
Leading-edge vortex shedding from rotating wingsMay 19 2014The paper presents a numerical investigation of the leading-edge vortices generated by rotating triangular wings at Reynolds number $Re=250$. A series of three-dimensional numerical simulations have been carried out using a Fourier pseudo-spectral method ... More
Adaptive gradient-augmented level set method with multiresolution error estimationJan 28 2014Mar 19 2015A space-time adaptive scheme is presented for solving advection equations in two space dimensions. The gradient-augmented level set method using a semi-Lagrangian formulation with backward time integration is coupled with a point value multiresolution ... More
Closed-form solution for the edge vortex of a revolving plateDec 21 2016Oct 11 2018Flapping and revolving wings can produce attached leading edge vortices (LEVs) when the angle of attack is large. In this work, a low order model is proposed for the edge vortices that develop on a revolving plate at 90 degrees angle of attack which is ... More
Data Compression for Environmental Flow SimulationsOct 11 2018A wavelet-based method for compression of fluid flow simulation data is presented, inspired by image processing. It uses wavelet decomposition and subsequent range coding with quantization suitable for floating-point data. The effectiveness of this method ... More
Analysis and discretization of the volume penalized Laplace operator with Neumann boundary conditionsMar 24 2014Mar 25 2014We study the properties of an approximation of the Laplace operator with Neumann boundary conditions using volume penalization. For the one-dimensional Poisson equation we compute explicitly the exact solution of the penalized equation and quantify the ... More
Bumblebees minimize control challenges by combining active and passive modes in unsteady windsMar 01 2016Mar 02 2016The natural wind environment that volant insects encounter is unsteady and highly complex, posing significant flight control and stability challenges. Unsteady airflows can range from structured chains of discrete vortices shed in the wake of an object ... More
Bees with attitude: the effect of gusts on flight dynamicsFeb 10 2018Flight is a complicated task at small scales in part due to the ubiquitous unsteady air which contains it. Flying organisms deal with these difficulties using active and passive control mechanisms to steer their body motion. Body attitudes of flapping ... More
Aerodynamic ground effect in fruitfly sized insect takeoffApr 17 2015Feb 26 2016Aerodynamic ground effect in flapping-wing insect flight is of importance to comparative morphologies and of interest to the micro-air-vehicle (MAV) community. Recent studies, however, show apparently contradictory results of either some significant extra ... More
The impact of turbulence on flying insects in tethered and free flight: high-resolution numerical experimentsJan 29 2019Flapping insects are remarkably agile fliers, adapted to a highly turbulent environment. We present a series of high resolution numerical simulations of a bumblebee interacting with turbulent inflow. We consider both tethered and free flight, the latter ... More
Added costs of insect-scale flapping flight in unsteady airflowsOct 28 2016The aerial environment in the operating domain of small-scale natural and artificial flapping wing fliers is highly complex, unsteady and generally turbulent. Considering flapping flight in an unsteady wind environment with a periodically varying lateral ... More
Coherent phase slips in superconducting nanoringsJul 15 2011We study quantum fluctuations of persistent current in a small superconducting ring. Based on a microscopic model of the ring we argue that under certain conditions such ring will exhibit coherent quantum phase slips, similar to those in a flux qubit. ... More
Kinetics of the Phase Separation Transition in Cold-Atom Boson-Fermion MixturesDec 04 2007Apr 16 2008We study the kinetics of the first order phase separation transition in boson-fermion cold-atom mixtures. At sufficiently low temperatures such a transition is driven by quantum fluctuations responsible for the formation of critical nuclei of a stable ... More
Cold Atom QubitsMay 29 2010Dec 20 2010We discuss a laser-trapped cold-atom superfluid qubit system. Each qubit is proposed as a macroscopic two-state system based on a set of Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) currents circulating in a ring, cut with a Josephson barrier. We review the effective ... More
Metastable states and macroscopic quantum tunneling in a cold atom Josephson ringSep 18 2009We study macroscopic properties of a system of weakly interacting neutral bosons confined in a ring-shaped potential with a Josephson junction. We derive an effective low energy action for this system and evaluate its properties. In particular we find ... More
On Small Gaps in the Length SpectrumFeb 15 2016We discuss upper and lower bounds for the size of gaps in the length spectrum of negatively curved manifolds. For manifolds with algebraic generators for the fundamental group, we establish the existence of exponential lower bounds for the gaps. On the ... More
Macroscopic two-state systems in trapped atomic condensatesSep 09 2010We consider a macroscopic two-sate system based on persistent current states of a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) of interacting neutral atoms confined in a ring with a weak Josephson link. We demonstrate that macroscopic superpositions of different BEC ... More
Quantum Nucleation and Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling in Cold-Atom Boson-Fermion MixturesOct 17 2008Kinetics of phase separation transition in boson-fermion cold atom mixtures is investigated. We identify the parameters at which the transition is governed by quantum nucleation mechanism, responsible for the formation of critical nuclei of a stable phase. ... More
Geometric Discretization of the EPDiff EquationsMar 13 2015The main objective of this paper is to develop a general method of geometric discretization for infinite-dimensional systems and apply this method to the EPDiff equation. The method described below extends one developed by Pavlov et al. for incompressible ... More
Discovery of Convoys in Network Proximity LogMar 21 2013This paper describes an algorithm for discovery of convoys in database with proximity log. Traditionally, discovery of convoys covers trajectories databases. This paper presents a model for context-aware browsing application based on the network proximity. ... More
Strongly Correlated States in Low Dimensions (Thesis)Feb 26 2002This thesis is a theoretical analysis of sample two- and one-dimensional systems. The two-dimensional examples are the quantum Hall liquid and anomalous paired states. The most widely accepted effective theory of the quantum Hall liquid is based on the ... More
On the probability of quantum phase slips in superconducting nanowiresFeb 22 2012The paper discusses mechanisms for decay of supercurrents in ultrathin superconducting wires driven by quantum fluctuations. We argue that momentum conservation strongly suppresses probability of such decay and estimate the rates for two decay channels: ... More
Coset spaces and Einstein manifolds with l-conformal Galilei symmetryJun 27 2016Jul 05 2016The group theoretic construction is applied to construct a novel dynamical realization of the $l$--conformal Galilei group in terms of geodesic equations on the coset space. A peculiar feature of the geodesics is that all their integrals of motion, including ... More
Scattering of electrons by ionized impurities in semiconductors: quantum-mechanical approach to third body exclusionFeb 23 2014As applied to the numerical simulation of electron transport and scattering processes in semiconductors an efficient model describing the scattering of electrons by the ionized impurities is proposed. On the example of GaAs at 77 and 300 K and Si at 300 ... More
Univariate interpolation by exponential functions and gaussian RBFs for generic sets of nodesMay 27 2012Oct 21 2012We consider interpolation of univariate functions on arbitrary sets of nodes by Gaussian radial basis functions or by exponential functions. We derive closed-form expressions for the interpolation error based on the Harish-Chandra-Itzykson-Zuber formula. ... More
Error bounds for approximations with deep ReLU networksOct 03 2016Nov 07 2016We study how approximation errors of neural networks with ReLU activation functions depend on the depth of the network. We establish rigorous error bounds showing that deep ReLU networks are significantly more expressive than shallow ones as long as approximations ... More
Examples of inconsistency in optimization by expected improvementSep 06 2011Apr 02 2012We consider the 1D Expected Improvement optimization based on Gaussian processes having spectral densities converging to zero faster than exponentially. We give examples of problems where the optimization trajectory is not dense in the design space. In ... More
On subexponential tails for the maxima of negatively driven compound renewal and Lévy processesAug 31 2016We study subexponential tail asymptotics for the distribution of the maximum $M_t:=\sup_{u\in[0,t]}X_u$ of a process $X_t$ with negative drift for the entire range of $t>0$. We consider compound renewal processes with linear drift and L\'evy processes. ... More
Unbalanced Renormalization of Tunneling in MOSFET-type Structures in Strong High-Frequency Electric FieldsAug 12 2007Two-dimensional electron gas coupled to adjacent impurity sites in high-frequency out-of-plane ac control electric field is investigated. Modification of tunneling rates as a function of the field amplitude is calculated. Nonlinear dependence on the ac ... More
The quotient girth of normed spaces, and an extension of Schäffer's dual girth conjecture to GrassmanniansNov 22 2011Dec 01 2011In this note we introduce a natural Finsler structure on convex surfaces, referred to as the projective Finsler structure, which is dual in a sense to the obvious inclusion of a convex surface in a normed space. It has an associated projective girth, ... More
Clown: a Microprocessor Simulator for Operating System StudiesJul 21 2012In this paper, I present the design and implementation of Clown--a simulator of a microprocessor-based computer system specifically optimized for teaching operating system courses at undergraduate or graduate levels. The package includes the simulator ... More
Error bounds for approximations with deep ReLU networksOct 03 2016We study how approximation errors of neural networks with ReLU activation functions depend on the depth of the network. We establish rigorous error bounds showing that deep ReLU networks are significantly more expressive than shallow ones as long as approximations ... More
Commuting symplectomorphisms and Dehn twists in divisorsMay 18 2014Jun 02 2016Two commuting symplectomorphisms of a symplectic manifold give rise to actions on Floer cohomologies of each other. We prove the elliptic relation saying that the supertraces of these two actions are equal. In the case when a symplectomorphism $f$ commutes ... More
A Theory of Intermittency Renormalization of 1D Gaussian Multiplicative Chaos MeasuresSep 29 2016A theory of intermittency differentiation is developed for a general class of 1D Gaussian Multiplicative Chaos measures including the measure of Bacry and Muzy on the interval and circle as special cases. An exact, non-local functional equation is derived ... More
New models of income distribution, graduation as the explanation of Gini coefficientSep 15 2013The paper covers the new model of wage distribution in typical group of people. The model provides the opportunity to reparameterize applicable income distribution model: Pareto, logarithmically normal, logarithmically logistic, Dagum etc. The model ensures ... More
Attainable numbers and the Lagrange spectrumJun 06 2016Oct 14 2016The paper is devoted to the properties of the Lagrange spectrum left endpoints and so-called attainable numbers.
Storage option an Analytic approachNov 04 2010May 28 2012The mathematical problem of the static storage optimisation is formulated and solved by means of a variational analysis. The solution obtained in implicit form is shedding light on the most important features of the optimal exercise strategy. We show ... More
Classical Interaction Cannot Replace Quantum NonlocalityJan 08 2009We present a two-player communication task that can be solved by a protocol of polylogarithmic cost in the simultaneous message passing model with classical communication and shared entanglement, but requires exponentially more communication in the classical ... More
Classical Interaction Cannot Replace a Quantum MessageMar 23 2007Feb 21 2008We demonstrate a two-player communication problem that can be solved in the one-way quantum model by a 0-error protocol of cost O (log n) but requires exponentially more communication in the classical interactive (bounded error) model.
Free energy in the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model with constrained magnetizationMay 18 2004Oct 12 2004This paper has been withdrawn since a trivial proof of the result has been pointed out to the author.
Off-Shell Spinor-Helicity Amplitudes from Light-Cone Deformation ProcedureNov 01 2016We study the consistency conditions for interactions of massless fields of any spin in four-dimensional flat space using the light-cone approach. We show that they can be equivalently rewritten as the Ward identities for the off-shell light-cone amplitudes ... More
Enstrophy growth in the viscous Burgers equationFeb 09 2012We study bounds on the enstrophy growth for solutions of the viscous Burgers equation on the unit circle. Using the variational formulation of Lu and Doering, we prove that the maximizer of the enstrophy's rate of change is sharp in the limit of large ... More
Asymptotic properties of excited states in the Thomas--Fermi limitNov 24 2009Excited states are stationary localized solutions of the Gross--Pitaevskii equation with a harmonic potential and a repulsive nonlinear term that have zeros on a real axis. Existence and asymptotic properties of excited states are considered in the semi-classical ... More
New equation on the low dimensional Calabi-Yau metricsApr 29 2011May 02 2011In this paper we introduce a new equation on the compact Kahler manifolds. Solution of this equation corresponds to the Calabi-Yau metric. New equation differs from the Monge--Ampere equation considered by Calabi and Yau.
Communication complexity of inevitable intersectionNov 27 2016Most or all known methods for analysing communication complexity of unstructured search are based on the hardness of the set disjointness problem. We feel that such techniques may "hide" certain important aspects of the original problem. Intuitively, ... More
Excited lepton baryogenesisDec 07 2016The excited leptons that share the quantum numbers with the Standard Model leptons but have larger masses are widespread in many promising new physics theories. A subclass of excited leptons that at low energies interact with the SM fermions dominantly ... More
On the $K$-sat model with large number of clausesAug 22 2016Aug 26 2016We show that in the $K$-sat model with $N$ variables and $\alpha N$ clauses, the expected ratio of the smallest number of unsatisfied clauses to the number of variables is $\alpha/2^K - \sqrt{\alpha} c_*(N)/2^K$ up to smaller order terms $o(\sqrt{\alpha})$ ... More
A classification of Lie algebras of pseudounitary groups in the techniques of Clifford algebrasMay 23 2007In this paper we present new formulas, which represent commutators and anticommutators of Clifford algebra elements as sums of elements of different ranks. Using these formulas we consider subalgebras of Lie algebras of pseudounitary groups. Our main ... More
DEDPUL: Method for Mixture Proportion Estimation and Positive-Unlabeled Classification based on Density EstimationFeb 19 2019This paper studies Positive-Unlabeled Classification, the problem of semi-supervised binary classification in the case when Negative (N) class in the training set is contaminated with instances of Positive (P) class. We develop a novel method (DEDPUL) ... More
Artifact-free data recovery system for an ASNOM applicationJul 09 2013A digital signal acquisition system for an Apertureless SNOM (ASNOM) based on a digital signal processing (DSP) card is presented. An electromagnetic wave scattered by an AFM-like tip is initially detected by an optical homodyning in a Michelson interferometer, ... More
Physical interpretation of the Riemann hypothesisFeb 09 2012Aug 27 2015An equivalent formulation of the Riemann hypothesis is given. The physical interpretation of the Riemann hypothesis equivalent formulation is given in the framework of quantum theory terminology. One more power series related to the Riemann Xi function ... More
Topological Semantics and DecidabilityMar 05 2007Jun 01 2007It is well-known that the basic modal logic of all topological spaces is $S4$. However, the structure of basic modal and hybrid logics of classes of spaces satisfying various separation axioms was until present unclear. We prove that modal logics of $T_0$, ... More
The Static Maxwell System in Three Dimensional Inhomogeneous Isotropic Media, Generalized Non-Euclidean Modification of the System $(R)$ and Fueter ConstructionApr 16 2019Modified quaternionic analysis in $\mathbb R^3$ was established and successfully developed since 1992 by Leutwiler, Eriksson et al.. The novel approach has led to more general approach of hyperbolic function theory. Some applications are presented now ... More
On the support of a body by a surface with random roughnessMay 17 2013Suppose an interval is put on a horizontal line with random roughness. With probability one it is supported at two points, one from the left, and another from the right from its center. We compute probability distribution of support points provided the ... More
On differentiability of the Parisi formulaSep 11 2007May 04 2008It was proved by Michel Talagrand in [10] that the Parisi formula for the free energy in the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model is differentiable with respect to inverse temperature parameter. We present a simpler proof of this result by using approximate ... More
Projections of orbital measures for classical Lie groupsDec 22 2016Mar 01 2017In this paper we compute the radial parts of projections of the orbital measures for the compact Lie groups $SO(2n+1), Sp(2n)$ and $O(2n)$, extending the previous results for the case of the unitary group by Olshanski and Faraut. The answer is given in ... More
On the derivative of two functions from Denjoy-Tichy-Uitz familyFeb 14 2013Dec 01 2013The family of functions, we investigate in this article, was originally introduced by A.Denjoy and later rediscovered by R Tichy and J. Uitz. We denote the functions of the family by $g_{\lambda}(x),$ where $\lambda\in(0,1)$. The definition will be given ... More
Relations between conjectural eigenvalues of Hecke operators on submotives of Siegel varietiesMay 23 2004There exist conjectural formulas on relations between $L$-functions of submotives of Shimura varieties and automorphic representations of the corresponding reductive groups, due to Langlands -- Arthur. In the present paper these formulas are used in order ... More
Courant-Dorfman algebras and their cohomologyFeb 27 2009Nov 30 2009We introduce a new type of algebra, the Courant-Dorfman algebra. These are to Courant algebroids what Lie-Rinehart algebras are to Lie algebroids, or Poisson algebras to Poisson manifolds. We work with arbitrary rings and modules, without any regularity, ... More
Asymptotic dimension of one relator groupsJul 21 2006We show that one relator groups viewed as metric spaces with respect to the word-length metric have finite asymptotic dimension in the sense of Gromov and give an estimate of their asymptotic dimension in terms of the relator length.
On extension for infinite horizon game of pursuit-evasionDec 16 2010The extension of a conflict control problem with infinite horizon is constructed. This extension is the projective limit of restricted games. Relations between "sensitivity to target set" and the existence of the optimal control are studied. Special attention ... More
Value Asymptotics in Dynamic Games on Large HorizonsJun 25 2017Sep 25 2017This paper is concerned with two-person dynamic zero-sum games. Let games for some family have common dynamics, running costs and capabilities of players, and let these games differ in densities only. We show that the Dynamic Programming Principle directly ... More
An application of the fixed point theorem to the inverse Sturm-Liouville problemOct 27 2009We consider Sturm-Liouville operators $-y''+v(x)y$ on $[0,1]$ with Dirichlet boundary conditions $y(0)=y(1)=0$. For any $1\le p<\infty$, we give a short proof of the characterization theorem for the spectral data corresponding to $v\in L^p(0,1)$.
Oscillator and thermostatDec 07 2009We study the problem of a potential interaction of a finite-dimensional Lagrangian system (an oscillator) with a linear infinite-dimensional one (a thermostat). In spite of the energy preservation and the Lagrangian (Hamiltonian) nature of the total system, ... More
Singular Virasoro vectors and Lie algebra cohomologyMay 26 2014We present an explicit formula for a new family of Virasoro singular vectors. As a corrolary we get formulas for differentials of Feigin-Fuchs-Rocha-Carridi-Wallach resolution of the the positive nilpotent part of Virasoro (or Witt) algebra $L_1$.
A locally integrable multi-dimensional billiard systemDec 01 2016We consider a multi-dimensional billiard system in an (n+1)-dimensional Euclidean space, the direct product of the "horizontal" hyperplane and the "vertical" line. The hypersurface that determines the system is assumed to be smooth and symmetric in all ... More
Categorical Logarithmic Hodge Theory, INov 30 2017We write down a new "logarithmic" quasicoherent category $\operatorname{Qcoh}_{log}(U, X, D)$ attached to a smooth open algebraic variety $U$ with toroidal compactification $X$ and boundary divisor $D$. This is a (large) symmetric monoidal Abelian category, ... More
A remark on approximation of open sets with regular bounded onesDec 08 2010We show that any open set in $\R^n$ is a union of an ascending sequence of bounded open sets with analytic boundary. This is just a technical result, which is probably known. We believe, however, that it can be useful for studing BVPs on irregular open ... More
On the enumeration of complex plane curves with two singular pointsAug 09 2007Jan 18 2010We study equi-singular strata of plane curves with two singular points of prescribed types. The method of the previous work [Kerner06] is generalized to this case. In particular we consider the enumerative problem for plane curves with two singular points ... More
Retarded action principle and self-financing portfolio dynamicsSep 30 2015Jun 21 2016We derive a consistent differential representation for the dynamics of a self-financing portfolio for different hedging strategies. In the basis of the derivation there is the so called "retarded action principle", which represents the causality in the ... More
Necessity of limiting co-state arc in Bolza-type infinite horizon problemJul 02 2014We investigate necessary conditions of optimality for the Bolza-type infinite horizon problem with free right end. The optimality is understood in the sense of weakly uniformly overtaking optimal control. No previous knowledge in the asymptotic behaviour ... More
Group actions on matrices over local rings. Annihilators of T^1-modules for the groups \mathcal{G}_{lr} , \mathcal{G}_{congr}Apr 23 2019We consider matrices with entries in a local ring, Mat(R). Fix a group action, G on Mat(R), and a subset of allowed deformations, \Sigma. The traditional objects of study in Singularity Theory and Algebraic Geometry are the tangent spaces T_{(\Sigma,A)}, ... More
A deletion-invariance property for random measures satisfying the Ghirlanda-Guerra identitiesMay 30 2011We show that if a discrete random measure on the unit ball of a separable Hilbert space satisfies the Ghirlanda-Guerra identities then by randomly deleting half of the points and renormalizing the weights of the remaining points we obtain the same random ... More
Local variational characterization of embedded minimal surfacesFeb 06 2019The paper studies a newly discovered family of one-parameter even-dimensional linear transformations with geometric properties revealing local variational characterization of embedded minimal surfaces in three-dimensional Euclidean space. It is also explicitly ... More
A note on Talagrand's concentration inequality for empirical processesMay 18 2004In this paper we revisit Talagrand's proof of concentration inequality for empirical processes. We give a different shorter proof of the main technical lemma that garantees the existence of a certain kernel. Our proof provides the almost optimal value ... More
Some extensions of an inequality of Vapnik and ChervonenkisMay 18 2004The inequality of Vapnik and Chervonenkis controls the expectation of the function by its sample average uniformly over a VC-major class of functions taking into account the size of the expectation. Using Talagrand's kernel method we prove a similar result ... More
Commuting homogeneous locally nilpotent derivationsMay 13 2018Dec 16 2018Let $X$ be an affine algebraic variety endowed with an action of complexity one of an algebraic torus $\mathbb{T}$. It is well known that homogeneous locally nilpotent derivations on the algebra of regular functions $\mathbb{K}[X]$ can be described in ... More
Complex interpolation of couple (X, BMO) for $A_1$-regular latticesMar 25 2013Recent results of A. Lerner concerning certain properties of the Fefferman-Stein maximal function are applied to show that $(\BMO, X)_\theta = X^\theta$, $0 < \theta < 1$, for a Banach lattice $X$ of measurable functions on $\mathbb R^n$ satisfying the ... More
Entangled simultaneity versus classical interactivity in communication complexityFeb 16 2016In 1999 Raz demonstrated a partial function that had an efficient quantum two-way communication protocol but no efficient classical two-way protocol and asked, whether there existed a function with an efficient quantum one-way protocol, but still no efficient ... More
Interest rate models and Whittaker functionsMay 10 2014I present the technique which can analyse some interest rate models: Constantinides-Ingersoll, CIR-model, geometric CIR and Geometric Brownian Motion. All these models have the unified structure of Whittaker function. The main focus of this text is closed-form ... More
The closed-open string map for $S^1$-invariant LagrangiansApr 07 2015Given a monotone Lagrangian submanifold invariant under a loop of Hamiltonian diffeomorphisms, we compute a piece of the closed-open string map into the Hochschild cohomology of the Lagrangian which captures the homology class of the loop's orbit on that ... More
Restricted trichotomy in higher dimensionsApr 19 2016Apr 27 2016I prove, answering a question of Zilber, that if $M$ is an algebraic variety of dimension strictly greater than one and $(M, \ldots)$ is a strongly minimal structure with atomic relations definable in the Zariski language on $M$, then $M$ is locally modular. ... More
Block-diagonalization of matrices over local rings.IINov 24 2014Consider rectangular matrices over a local ring R. In the previous work we have obtained criteria for block-diagonalization of such matrices, i.e. U A V=A_1\oplus A_2, where U,V are invertible matrices over R. In this short note we extend the criteria ... More
Coherent modification of entanglement: benefits due to extended Hilbert spaceNov 25 2015Jun 23 2016A quantum computing system is typically represented by a set of non-interacting (local) two-state systems - qubits. Many physical systems can naturally have more accessible states, both local and non-local. We show that the resulting non-local network ... More
Continuous time quantum walks performing quantum gates via higher energy statesDec 20 2015It has recently been noticed that quantum gates can be performed faster and can utilize interaction between qubits more effectively if performed via continuous time quantum walks through states outside of the computational basis. We formulate general ... More
The Axion Dark Matter eXperimentDec 06 2011The Axion is a particle arising from the Peccei-Quinn solution to the strong CP problem. Peccei-Quinn symmetry breaking in the early universe could produce a large number of axions which would still be present today, making the axion a compelling dark ... More
Design and Implementation of an Integrated Information System to Support Scientific ResearchApr 19 2015Computerization of research activities led to the creation of large specialized information resources, platforms, services and software to support scientific research. However, their shortcomings do not allow to fully realizing the comprehensive support ... More
Continuous averaging in dynamical systemsApr 28 2003The method of continuous averaging can be regarded as a combination of the Lie method, where a change of coordinates is constructed as a shift along solutions of a differential equation and the Neishtadt method, well-known in perturbation theory for ODE ... More
Hydrogen kinetics in non-equilibrium plasma in the electrical discharge in Ar/CH3OH/H2O mixtureJul 20 2010Plasma kinetics of molecular hydrogen in the electrical discharge in Ar/CH3OH/H2O mixture is theoretically investigated for the first time. It is researched the dependence of [H2] on the breakdown field, the discharge power, solution compound and the ... More
Real-time High Resolution Fusion of Depth Maps on GPUNov 28 2013A system for live high quality surface reconstruction using a single moving depth camera on a commodity hardware is presented. High accuracy and real-time frame rate is achieved by utilizing graphics hardware computing capabilities via OpenCL and by using ... More
Maps close to identity and universal maps in the Newhouse domainSep 04 2010Given an n-dimensional C^r-diffeomorphism g, its renormalized iteration is an iteration of g, restricted to a certain n-dimensional ball and taken in some C^r-coordinates in which the ball acquires radius 1. We show that for any r >/- 1 the renormalized ... More
Location sharing without the central serverMay 07 2013This paper describes a new model for sharing location info for mobile users. This approach can operate without the need for disclosing identity info to third party servers. It could be described as a safe location sharing model. The proposed approach ... More
Chemistry in Protoplanetary DisksNov 22 2010Protoplanetary disks (PPDs) surrounding young stars are short-lived (~0.3-10 Myr), compact (~10-1000 AU) rotating reservoirs of gas and dust. PPDs are believed to be birthplaces of planetary systems, where tiny grains are assembled into pebbles, then ... More
The CDF Data Handling SystemJun 07 2003The Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF) records proton-antiproton collisions at center of mass energy of 2.0 TeV at the Tevatron collider. A new collider run, Run II, of the Tevatron started in April 2001. Increased luminosity will result in about 1~PB ... More
The set of jumping conics of a locally free sheaf of dimension 2 on $P^2$Jan 09 2013We consider a locally free sheaf $F$ of dimension 2 on $P^2$. A conic $q$ on $P^2$ is called a jumping conic if the restriction of $F$ to $q$ is not the generic one. We prove that the set of jumping conics is the maximal determinantal variety of a skew ... More
On a property of superposition of the generating functions ln(1/(1-F(x)))Dec 05 2011Obtained a new property of superposition of the generating functions ln(1/(1-F(x))), where F(x) - generating function with integer coefficients, which allows the construction a primality tests. The theorem which is based on compositions of positive numbers ... More
DEDPUL: Method for Positive-Unlabeled Learning based on Density EstimationFeb 19 2019Mar 13 2019Positive-Unlabeled Classification is an analog of binary classification for the case when the Negative (N) sample in the training set is contaminated with latent instances of the Positive (P) class and hence is Unlabeled (U). We develop DEDPUL, a novel ... More
Order complexes of noncomplemented lattices are nonevasiveApr 28 1997We reprove and generalize in a combinatorial way the result of A. Bj\"orner [J.\ Comb.\ Th.\ A {\bf 30}, 1981, pp.~90--100, Theorem 3.3], that order complexes of noncomplemented lattices are contractible, namely by showing that these simplicial complexes ... More
Existence and uniqueness of Arrow-Debreu equilibria with consumptions in $\mathbf{L}^0_+$Apr 11 2013May 12 2013We consider an economy where agents' consumption sets are given by the cone $\mathbf{L}^0_+$ of non-negative measurable functions and whose preferences are defined by additive utilities satisfying the Inada conditions. We extend to this setting the results ... More