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Waveplate retarders based on overhead transparenciesFeb 25 2007Feb 28 2007We describe procedures for constructing inexpensive waveplates of desired retardation out of ordinary commercially available transparencies. Various relevant properties of the transparencies are investigated: the dependence of retardation on rotation ... More
Evidence for degenerate mirrorless lasing in alkali metal vapor: forward beam magneto-optical experimentNov 06 2018We report an experimental observation of degenerate mirrorless lasing in forward direction under excitation of a dilute atomic Rb vapor with a single linearly polarized cw laser light resonant with cycling Fe > Fg atomic D2 transitions. Light polarized ... More
Directional infrared emission resulting from cascade population inversion and four-wave mixing in Rb vapoursNov 01 2013Directional infrared emission at 1367 and 5230 nm is generated in Rb vapours that are step-wise excited by low-power resonant light. The mid-infrared radiation originating from amplified spontaneous emission on the 5D-6P transition consists of forward- ... More
Rules for collaborative scientific writingJun 21 2016Several years ago, one of us, having noticed that inexperienced scientists tend to make largely the same mistakes while writing their first papers, was compelled to write a one-page note summarizing some dos and don'ts intended to help take care of common ... More
Dynamics of a Ferromagnetic Particle Levitated Over a SuperconductorOct 20 2018Feb 25 2019Under conditions where the angular momentum of a ferromagnetic particle is dominated by intrinsic spin, applied torque is predicted to cause gyroscopic precession of the particle. If the particle is sufficiently isolated from the environment, a measurement ... More
Lineshape-asymmetry elimination in weak atomic transitions driven by an intense standing wave fieldMar 15 2018May 02 2018Owing to the ac-Stark effect, the lineshape of a weak optical transition in an atomic beam can become significantly distorted, when driven by an intense standing wave field. We use an Yb atomic beam to study the lineshape of the 6s2 1S0 -> 5d6s 3D1 transition, ... More
Catching, trapping and in-situ-identification of thorium ions inside Coulomb crystals of $^{40}$Ca$^+$ ionsApr 23 2019Thorium ions exhibit unique nuclear properties with high relevance for testing symmetries of nature, and Paul traps feature an ideal experimental platform for performing high precision quantum logic spectroscopy. Loading of stable or long-lived isotopes ... More
A Precessing Ferromagnetic Needle MagnetometerFeb 08 2016Apr 20 2016A ferromagnetic needle is predicted to precess about the magnetic field axis at a Larmor frequency $\Omega$ under conditions where its intrinsic spin dominates over its rotational angular momentum, $N\hbar \gg I\Omega$ ($I$ is the moment of inertia of ... More
Polarized alkali vapor with minute-long transverse spin-relaxation timeMay 10 2010We demonstrate lifetimes of atomic populations and coherences in excess of 60 seconds in alkali vapor cells with inner walls coated with an alkene material. This represents two orders of magnitude improvement over the best paraffin coatings. Such anti-relaxation ... More
Alkali-vapor magnetic resonance driven by fictitious radiofrequency fieldsSep 22 2014Sep 26 2014We demonstrate an all-optical $^{133}$Cs scalar magnetometer, operating in nonzero magnetic field,in which the magnetic resonance is driven by an effective oscillating magnetic field provided by the AC Stark shift of an intensity-modulated laser beam. ... More
Suppression of nonlinear Zeeman effect and heading error in earth-field-range alkali-vapor magnetometersAug 17 2017The nonlinear Zeeman effect can induce splitting and asymmetries of magnetic-resonance lines in the geophysical magnetic field range. This is a major source of "heading error" for scalar atomic magnetometers. We demonstrate a method to suppress the nonlinear ... More
A hypothetical effect of the Maxwell-Proca electromagnetic stresses on galaxy rotation curvesAug 31 2017Aug 15 2018The Maxwell-Proca electrodynamics corresponding to a finite photon mass causes a substantial change of the Maxwell stress tensor and, under certain circumstances, may cause the electromagnetic stresses to act effectively as "negative pressure." The paper ... More
Eddy current imaging with an atomic radio-frequency magnetometerMar 16 2016We use a radio-frequency $^{85}$Rb alkali-vapor cell magnetometer based on a paraffin-coated cell with long spin-coherence time and a small, low-inductance driving coil to create highly resolved conductivity maps of different objects. We resolve sub-mm ... More
Relaxion Stars and their detection via Atomic PhysicsFeb 21 2019The cosmological relaxion can address the hierarchy problem, while its coherent oscillations can constitute dark matter in the present universe. We consider the possibility that the relaxion forms gravitationally bound objects that we denote as relaxion ... More
Search for ultralight scalar dark matter with atomic spectroscopyMar 24 2015Apr 08 2015We report new limits on ultralight scalar dark matter (DM) with dilaton-like couplings to photons that can induce oscillations in the fine-structure constant alpha. Atomic dysprosium exhibits an electronic structure with two nearly degenerate levels whose ... More
A Method for Measurement of Spin-Spin Couplings with sub-mHz Precision Using Zero- to Ultralow-Field Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceFeb 14 2017Feb 15 2017We present a method which allows for the extraction of physical quantities directly from zero- to ultralow-field nuclear magnetic resonance (ZULF NMR) data. A numerical density matrix evolution is used to simulate ZULF NMR spectra of several molecules ... More
Gyroscopes based on nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamondMay 01 2012Sep 04 2012We propose solid-state gyroscopes based on ensembles of negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy (${\rm NV^-}$) centers in diamond. In one scheme, rotation of the nitrogen-vacancy symmetry axis will induce Berry phase shifts in the ${\rm NV^{-}}$ electronic ... More
Sensitive optical atomic magnetometer based on nonlinear magneto-optical rotationMar 07 2010A self-oscillating magnetometer based on nonlinear magneto-optical rotation using amplitude-modulated pump light and unmodulated probe light (AM-NMOR) in 87Rb has been constructed and tested towards a goal of airborne detection of magnetic anomalies. ... More
Continuous-wave mirrorless lasing at 2.21 μm in sodium vaporsAug 31 2018We demonstrate backward-directed continuous-wave (cw) emission at 2.21 {\mu}m generated on the 4P3/2-4S1/2 population-inverted transition in Na vapors two-photon excited with resonant laser light at 589 and 569 nm. Our study of power and atom-number-density ... More
Optical polarization of nuclear ensembles in diamondFeb 06 2012Jan 21 2013We report polarization of a dense nuclear-spin ensemble in diamond and its dependence on magnetic field and temperature. The polarization method is based on the transfer of electron spin polarization of negatively charged nitrogen vacancy color centers ... More
Nonlinear processes responsible for mid-infrared and blue light generation in alkali vapoursOct 10 2013The nonlinear processes responsible for frequency up- and down-conversion of resonant low-intensity laser radiation in Rb vapour have been evaluated from the spatial and temporal properties of blue and mid-IR light resulting from wave mixing.
Multi-Channel Data Acquisition System with Absolute Time SynchronizationNov 22 2013A low-cost, stand-alone Global-Positioning-System-time-synchronized data acquisition system is described. The constructed prototype allows recoding up to four analog signals with a 16-bit resolution in variable ranges and a maximum sampling rate of 1000 ... More
Detection of the Meissner Effect with a Diamond MagnetometerNov 13 2009Sep 24 2010We examine the possibility of probing superconductivity effects in metal nanoclusters via diamond magnetometry. Metal nanoclusters have been proposed as constitutive elements of high T$_c$ superconducting nanostructured materials. Magnetometry based on ... More
Floquet-state Maser under Real-time Quantum Feedback ControlJan 04 2019We experimentally observe a multi-mode Floquet-state maser in a periodically driven two-level system of pumped $^{129}$Xe atoms with real-time feedback control. The demonstrated maser is based on the Floquet synthetic states and shows, in principle, unlimited ... More
Parahydrogen enhanced zero-field nuclear magnetic resonanceFeb 26 2011Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), conventionally detected in multi-tesla magnetic fields, is a powerful analytical tool for the determination of molecular identity, structure, and function. With the advent of prepolarization methods and alternative detection ... More
Liquid-state nuclear spin comagnetometersJan 21 2012Jan 24 2012We discuss nuclear spin comagnetometers based on ultra-low-field nuclear magnetic resonance in mixtures of miscible solvents, each rich in a different nuclear spin. In one version thereof, Larmor precession of protons and ${\rm ^{19}F}$ nuclei in a mixture ... More
Electron Spin Resonance Shift and Linewidth Broadening of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond as a Function of Electron Irradiation DoseDec 29 2009Aug 09 2012A high-nitrogen-concentration diamond sample was subject to 200-keV electron irradiation using a transmission electron microscope. The optical and spin-resonance properties of the nitrogen-vacancy (NV) color centers were investigated as a function of ... More
Bulk Nuclear Polarization Enhanced at Room-Temperature by Optical PumpingNov 25 2012Jun 05 2013Bulk 13C polarization can be strongly enhanced in diamond at room-temperature based on the optical pumping of nitrogen-vacancy color centers. This effect was confirmed by irradiating suitably aligned single-crystals at a ~50 mT field promoting anti-crossings ... More
Efficient polarization of high-angular-momentum systemsAug 31 2016We propose methods of optical pumping that are applicable to open, high-angular-momentum transitions in atoms and molecules, for which conventional optical pumping would lead to significant population loss. Instead of applying circularly polarized cw ... More
Cosmic Axion Spin Precession Experiment (CASPEr)Jun 25 2013May 29 2014We propose an experiment to search for QCD axion and axion-like-particle (ALP) dark matter. Nuclei that are interacting with the background axion dark matter acquire time-varying CP-odd nuclear moments such as an electric dipole moment. In analogy with ... More
Detection of a single cobalt microparticle with a microfabricated atomic magnetometerJul 11 2011Jul 12 2011We present magnetic detection of a single, 2 {\mu}m diameter cobalt microparticle using an atomic magnetometer based on a microfabricated vapor cell. These results represent an improvement by a factor of 105 in terms of the detected magnetic moment over ... More
Magneto-Optical Cooling of AtomsSep 23 2013We propose an alternative method to laser cooling. Our approach utilizes the extreme brightness of a supersonic atomic beam, and the adiabatic atomic coilgun to slow atoms in the beam or to bring them to rest. We show how internal-state optical pumping ... More
Sidebands in Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance Signals of Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in DiamondDec 23 2012Jun 06 2013We study features in the optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) signals associated with negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers coupled to other paramagnetic impurities in diamond. Our results are important for understanding ODMR line shapes ... More
Magnetic Gradiometer for Detection of Zero- and Ultralow-Field Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceAug 08 2018Magnetic sensors are important for detecting nuclear magnetization signals in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). As a complementary analysis tool to conventional high-field NMR, zero- and ultralow-field (ZULF) NMR detects nuclear magnetization signals ... More
Nuclear-spin comagnetometer based on a liquid of identical moleculesApr 06 2018Atomic comagnetometers are used in searches for anomalous spin-dependent interactions. Magnetic field gradients are one of the major sources of systematic errors in such experiments. Here we describe a comagnetometer based on the nuclear spins within ... More
Miniature cavity-enhanced diamond magnetometerJun 07 2017We present a highly sensitive miniaturized cavity-enhanced room-temperature magnetic-field sensor based on nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond. The magnetic resonance signal is detected by probing absorption on the 1042\,nm spin-singlet transition. ... More
Revisiting spin-dependent forces mediated by new bosons: Potentials in the coordinate-space representation for macroscopic- and atomic-scale experimentsOct 24 2018Mar 05 2019The exchange of spin-0 or spin-1 bosons between fermions or spin-polarised macroscopic objects gives rise to various spin-dependent potentials. We derive the coordinate-space non-relativistic potentials induced by the exchange of such bosons, including ... More
Constraints on exotic spin-dependent interactions between electrons from helium fine-structure spectroscopyAug 20 2016Agreement between theoretical calculations of atomic structure and spectroscopic measurements is used to constrain possible contribution of exotic spin-dependent interactions between electrons to the energy differences between states in helium-4. In particular, ... More
Electromagnetically-induced transparency in a diamond spin ensemble enables all-optical electromagnetic field sensingMar 27 2013May 24 2013We use electromagnetically-induced transparency (EIT) to probe the narrow electron-spin resonance of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond. Working with a multi-pass diamond chip at temperatures 6-30 K, the zero-phonon absorption line (637 nm) exhibits ... More
Parity Nonconserving Nuclear Spin Coupling in MoleculesOct 18 2017Oct 19 2017The weak interaction does not conserve parity, which is apparent in many nuclear and atomic phenomena. However, thus far, parity nonconservation has not been observed in molecules. Here we consider nuclear-spin-dependent parity nonconserving contributions ... More
Eddy-current imaging with nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamondOct 05 2018We demonstrate microwave-free eddy-current imaging using nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond. By detecting the eddy-current induced magnetic field of conductive samples, we can distinguish between different materials and shapes and identify structural ... More
Hybrid optical pumping of K and Rb atoms in a paraffin coated vapor cellAug 29 2017Dynamic hybrid optical pumping effects with a radio-frequency-field-driven nonlinear magneto-optical rotation (RF NMOR) scheme are studied in a dual-species paraffin coated vapor cell. By pumping K atoms and probing $^{87}$Rb atoms, we achieve an intrinsic ... More
Experimental Benchmarking of Quantum Control in Zero-Field Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceAug 21 2017Zero-field nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) provides complementary analysis modalities to those of high-field NMR and allows for ultra-high-resolution spectroscopy and measurement of untruncated spin-spin interactions. Unlike for the high-field case, ... More
Linewidth of collimated wavelength-converted emission in Rb vapoursJan 30 2013Oct 09 2013We present a study of the spectral linewidth of collimated blue light (CBL) that results from wave mixing of low-power cw laser radiation at 780 nm and 776 nm and an internally-generated mid-IR field at 5.23 um in Rb vapour. Using a high-finesse Fabry-Perot ... More
Efficient polarization of high-angular-momentum systemsAug 31 2016Oct 21 2016We propose methods of optical pumping that are applicable to open, high-angular-momentum transitions in atoms and molecules, for which conventional optical pumping would lead to significant population loss. Instead of applying circularly polarized cw ... More
Tailorable Dispersion in a Four-Wave Mixing LaserMay 08 2017We present experimental results demonstrating controllable dispersion in a ring laser by monitoring the lasing-frequency response to cavity-length variations. Pumping on an N-type level configuration in ${}^{87}$Rb, we tailor the intra-cavity dispersion ... More
A Remotely Interrogated All-Optical $^{87}$Rb MagnetometerAug 06 2012Atomic magnetometry was performed at Earth's magnetic field over a free-space distance of ten meters. Two laser beams aimed at a distant alkali-vapor cell excited and detected the $^{87}$Rb magnetic resonance, allowing the magnetic field within the cell ... More
All-Optical Spin Locking in Alkali-Vapor MagnetometersSep 28 2018The nonlinear Zeeman effect can induce splittings and asymmetries of magnetic-resonance lines in the geophysical magnetic-field range. We demonstrate a scheme to suppress the nonlinear Zeeman effect all optically based on spin locking. Spin locking is ... More
Characterization of high-temperature performance of cesium vapor cells with anti-relaxation coatingSep 15 2016Vapor cells with antirelaxation coating are widely used in modern atomic physics experiments due to the coating's ability to maintain the atoms' spin polarization during wall collisions. We characterize the performance of vapor cells with different coating ... More
Sawtooth wave adiabatic passage slowing of dysprosiumSep 17 2018We report on sawtooth wave adiabatic passage (SWAP) slowing of bosonic and fermionic dysprosium isotopes by using a 136 kHz wide transition at 626 nm. A beam of precooled atoms is further decelerated in one dimension by the SWAP force and the amount of ... More
Revisiting spin-dependent forces mediated by new bosons: Potentials in the coordinate-space representation for macroscopic- and atomic-scale experimentsOct 24 2018The exchange of spin-0 or spin-1 bosons between fermions or spin-polarised macroscopic objects gives rise to various spin-dependent potentials. We derive the coordinate-space non-relativistic potentials induced by the exchange of such bosons, including ... More
Measuring molecular parity nonconservation using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyJul 06 2017Aug 21 2017The weak interaction does not conserve parity and therefore induces energy shifts in chiral enantiomers that should in principle be detectable in molecular spectra. Unfortunately, the magnitude of the expected shifts are small and in spectra of a mixture ... More
Four-wave mixing in a ring cavityApr 17 2014We investigate a four-wave mixing process in an N interaction scheme in Rb vapor placed inside a low-finesse ring cavity. We observe strong amplification and generation of a probe signal, circulating in the cavity, in the presence of two strong optical ... More
Solid-state electronic spin coherence time approaching one secondNov 29 2012Dec 06 2012Solid-state electronic spin systems such as nitrogen-vacancy (NV) color centers in diamond are promising for applications of quantum information, sensing, and metrology. However, a key challenge for such solid-state systems is to realize a spin coherence ... More
Controllable steep dispersion with gain in a four-level N-scheme with four-wave mixingMay 11 2012We present a theoretical analysis of the propagation of light pulses through a medium of four-level atoms, with two strong pump fields and a weak signal field in an N-scheme arrangement. We show that the generation of four-wave mixing has a profound effect ... More
Light shift averaging in paraffin-coated alkali vapor cellsNov 17 2015Light shifts are an important source of noise and systematics in optically pumped magnetometers. We demonstrate that the long spin coherence time in paraffin-coated cells leads to spatial averaging of the light shifts over the entire cell volume. This ... More
On Small Gaps in the Length SpectrumFeb 15 2016We discuss upper and lower bounds for the size of gaps in the length spectrum of negatively curved manifolds. For manifolds with algebraic generators for the fundamental group, we establish the existence of exponential lower bounds for the gaps. On the ... More
Macroscopic two-state systems in trapped atomic condensatesSep 09 2010We consider a macroscopic two-sate system based on persistent current states of a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) of interacting neutral atoms confined in a ring with a weak Josephson link. We demonstrate that macroscopic superpositions of different BEC ... More
Quantum Nucleation and Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling in Cold-Atom Boson-Fermion MixturesOct 17 2008Kinetics of phase separation transition in boson-fermion cold atom mixtures is investigated. We identify the parameters at which the transition is governed by quantum nucleation mechanism, responsible for the formation of critical nuclei of a stable phase. ... More
Metastable states and macroscopic quantum tunneling in a cold atom Josephson ringSep 18 2009We study macroscopic properties of a system of weakly interacting neutral bosons confined in a ring-shaped potential with a Josephson junction. We derive an effective low energy action for this system and evaluate its properties. In particular we find ... More
Coherent phase slips in superconducting nanoringsJul 15 2011We study quantum fluctuations of persistent current in a small superconducting ring. Based on a microscopic model of the ring we argue that under certain conditions such ring will exhibit coherent quantum phase slips, similar to those in a flux qubit. ... More
Kinetics of the Phase Separation Transition in Cold-Atom Boson-Fermion MixturesDec 04 2007Apr 16 2008We study the kinetics of the first order phase separation transition in boson-fermion cold-atom mixtures. At sufficiently low temperatures such a transition is driven by quantum fluctuations responsible for the formation of critical nuclei of a stable ... More
Cold Atom QubitsMay 29 2010Dec 20 2010We discuss a laser-trapped cold-atom superfluid qubit system. Each qubit is proposed as a macroscopic two-state system based on a set of Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) currents circulating in a ring, cut with a Josephson barrier. We review the effective ... More
Polarization-driven spin precession of mesospheric sodium atomsSep 11 2018We report experimental results on the first on-sky observation of atomic spin precession of mesospheric sodium driven by polarization modulation of a continuous-wave laser. The magnetic resonance was remotely detected from the ground by observing the ... More
Microwave-free magnetometry with nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamondJun 09 2016We use magnetic-field-dependent features in the photoluminescence of negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy centers to measure magnetic fields without the use of microwaves. In particular, we present a magnetometer based on the level anti-crossing in the ... More
Nondestructive in-line sub-picomolar detection of magnetic nanoparticles in flowing complex fluidsJan 17 2018Over the last decades, the use of magnetic nanoparticles in research and commercial applications has increased dramatically. However, direct detection of trace quantities remains a challenge in terms of equipment cost, operating conditions and data acquisition ... More
Investigation of two-frequency Paul traps for antihydrogen productionMar 31 2016Oct 13 2016Radio-frequency (rf) Paul traps operated with multifrequency rf trapping potentials provide the ability to independently confine charged particle species with widely different charge-to-mass ratios. In particular, these traps may find use in the field ... More
Sensitive Magnetic Control of Ensemble Nuclear Spin Hyperpolarisation in DiamondNov 30 2012Dynamic nuclear polarisation, which transfers the spin polarisation of electrons to nuclei, is routinely applied to enhance the sensitivity of nuclear magnetic resonance; it is also critical in spintronics, particularly when spin hyperpolarisation can ... More
Search for plant biomagnetism with a sensitive atomic magnetometerJun 17 2010Aug 16 2011We report what we believe is the first experimental limit placed on plant biomagnetism. Measurements with a sensitive atomic magnetometer were performed on the Titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum) inflorescence, known for its fast bio-chemical processes ... More
Near-zero-field nuclear magnetic resonanceJul 08 2011We investigate nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) in near-zero-field, where the Zeeman interaction can be treated as a perturbation to the electron mediated scalar interaction (J-coupling). This is in stark contrast to the high field case, where heteronuclear ... More
Constraints on exotic spin-dependent interactions between matter and antimatter from antiprotonic helium spectroscopyJan 01 2018Heretofore undiscovered spin-0 or spin-1 bosons can mediate exotic spin-dependent interactions between standard-model particles. Here we carry out the first search for semileptonic spin-dependent interactions between matter and antimatter. We compare ... More
Hyperfine level structure in nitrogen-vacancy centers near the ground-state level anticrossingMay 03 2018Energy levels of the nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond were investigated using optically detected magnetic-resonance spectroscopy near the electronic ground-state level anticrossing (GSLAC) at an axial magnetic field around 102.4 mT in diamond samples ... More
Remote sensing of geomagnetic fields and atomic collisions in the mesosphereFeb 09 2018Magnetic-field sensing has contributed to the formulation of the plate-tectonics theory, the discovery and mapping of underground structures on Earth, and the study of magnetism in other planets. Filling the gap between space-based and near-Earth observation, ... More
Instrumentation for nuclear magnetic resonance in zero and ultralow magnetic fieldMay 12 2017We review instrumentation for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) in zero and ultra-low magnetic field (ZULF, below 0.1 $\mu$T) where detection is based on a low-cost, non-cryogenic, spin-exchange relaxation free (SERF) $^{87}$Rb atomic magnetometer. The ... More
Optical quenching and recovery of photoconductivity in single-crystal diamondJul 28 2016Oct 11 2016We study the photocurrent induced by pulsed-light illumination (pulse duration is several nanoseconds) of single-crystal diamond containing nitrogen impurities. Application of additional continuous-wave light of the same wavelength quenches pulsed photocurrent. ... More
Hyperfine level structure in nitrogen-vacancy centers near the ground-state level anticrossingMay 03 2018Apr 18 2019Energy levels of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond were investigated using optically detected magnetic-resonance spectroscopy near the electronic ground-state level anticrossing (GSLAC) at an axial magnetic field around 102.4~mT in a diamond sample ... More
Color centers in diamond as novel probes of superconductivityAug 09 2018Magnetic imaging using color centers in diamond through both scanning and wide-field methods offers a combination of unique capabilities for studying superconductivity, for example, enabling accurate vector magnetometry at high temperature or high pressure, ... More
Polychromatic, continuous-wave mirrorless lasing from monochromatic pumping of cesium vaporMay 16 2019We report on studies of simultaneous continuous-wave mirrorless lasing on multiple optical transitions, realized by pumping hot cesium vapor with laser light resonant with the 6$S_{1/2}\rightarrow 8$P$_{3/2}$ transition. The multiplicity of decay paths ... More
Microlocal CategoryNov 29 2015Given a compact symplectic manifold whose symplectic form has integer periods, one associates to it a dg category based on the microlocal analysis according to Kashiwara-Schapira
Medical Process Modeling: an Artifact-Centric ApproachMar 19 2013In this position paper we argue that just as traditional business process modeling has been adopted to deal with clinical pathways, also the artifact-centric process modeling technique may be successfully used to model various kinds of medical processes: ... More
Quantization of Poisson structures on $\R^2$May 09 1997An 'isomorphism' between the 'moduli space' of star products on $\R^2$ and the 'moduli space' of all formal Poisson structures on $\R^2$ is established.
Introduction to the SK modelNov 30 2014This is a review paper for the "Current Developments in Mathematics 2014" conference.
The Parisi formula for mixed $p$-spin modelsDec 19 2011Mar 31 2014The Parisi formula for the free energy in the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick and mixed $p$-spin models for even $p\geq2$ was proved in the seminal work of Michel Talagrand [Ann. of Math. (2) 163 (2006) 221-263]. In this paper we prove the Parisi formula for ... More
Spin glass models from the point of view of spin distributionsMay 16 2010May 24 2013In many spin glass models, due to the symmetry among sites, any limiting joint distribution of spins under the annealed Gibbs measure admits the Aldous-Hoover representation encoded by a function $\sigma:[0,1]^4\to\{-1,+1\}$, and one can think of this ... More
The Weierstrass representation of discrete isotropic surfaces in $R^{2,1}$, $R^{3,1}$ and $R^{2,2}$Jul 03 2009Using an integrable discrete Dirac operator, we construct a discrete version of the Weierstrass representation of time-like surfaces parametrized along isotropic directions in $R^{2,1}$, $R^{3,1}$ and $R^{2,2}$. The corresponding discrete surfaces have ... More
The $c_2$ invariant is invariantDec 27 2013Oct 13 2015The $c_2$ invariants in all 4 different representations of the Feynman period (parametric and dual parametric representations, position and momentum spaces) coincide for all log-divergent graphs that satisfy the combinatorial condition called duality ... More
Hopf algebra of ribbon graphs and renormalizationDec 17 2001Apr 24 2002Connes and Kreimer have discovered a Hopf algebra structure behind renormalization of Feynman integrals. We generalize the Hopf algebra to the case of ribbon graphs, i.e. to the case of theories with matrix fields. The Hopf algebra is naturally defined ... More
Reducibility of Killing tensors in d>4 NHEK geometrySep 05 2013Mar 31 2014An extremal rotating black hole in arbitrary dimension, along with time translations and rotations, possesses a number of hidden symmetries characterized by the second rank Killing tensors. As is known, in the near horizon limit the isometry group of ... More
The Higgs Boson is found: What is next?May 21 2014The situation in particle physics after the discovery of the Higgs boson is discussed. Is the Standard Model complete? Are there still mysteries which have no answer? Answering these questions we consider the Higgs sector, the neutrino sector and the ... More
Large regular QCD coupling at Low Energy?Jul 09 2008The issue is the expediency of the QCD notions use in the low energy region down to the confinement scale, and, in particular, the efficacy of the QCD invariant coupling \bar{\alpha}_s(Q^2) with a minimal analytic modification in this domain. To this ... More
Validity of approximations applied in calculations of single-wall metallic carbon nanotube current-voltage characteristicsNov 11 2013The calculation results of dependencies of electric current in the infinitely long single-wall metallic carbon nanotubes of armchair type with different diameter values on the strength of constant and uniform longitudinal electric field applied to them ... More
Some applications of homogeneous dynamics to number theoryOct 18 2002This survey paper is not a complete reference guide to number-theoretical applications of ergodic theory. Instead, it considers an approach to a class of problems involving Diophantine properties of $n$-tuples of real numbers, namely, describes a specific ... More
Admissible endpoints of gaps in the Lagrange spectrumApr 26 2017Dec 12 2017We call a positive real number $\lambda$ admissible if it belongs to the Lagrange spectrum and there exists an irrational number $\alpha$ such that $\mu(\alpha)=\lambda$. Here $\mu(\alpha)$ denotes the Lagrange constant of $\alpha$ - maximal real number ... More
Gromov's macroscopic dimension conjectureApr 30 2009In this note we construct a closed 4-manifold having torsion-free fundamental group and whose universal covering is of macroscopic dimension 3. This yields a counterexample to Gromov's conjecture about the falling of macroscopic dimension.
Residue Formulation of Chern Character on Smooth ManifoldsMay 07 2005The Chern character of a complex vector bundle is most conveniently defined as the exponential of a curvature of a connection. It is well known that its cohomology class does not depend on the particular connection chosen. It has been shown by Quillen ... More
On asymptotic value for dynamic games with saddle pointJan 27 2015The paper is concerned with two-person games with saddle point. We investigate the limits of value functions for long-time-average payoff, discounted average payoff, and the payoff that follows a probability density. Most of our assumptions restrict the ... More
Multiplicity One Theorems and Invariant DistributionsJul 06 2009This is my PhD thesis submitted to the Weizmann Institute of Science. It is based on the papers [AG08c], [AG08d], [AGRS07], [AGS08], [AGS09], [Aiz08] and [SZ08]. This thesis includes an introduction to Gelfand pairs and invariant distributions, a list ... More
On the structure of graded symplectic supermanifolds and Courant algebroidsMar 12 2002This paper is devoted to a study of geometric structures expressible in terms of graded symplectic supermanifolds. We extend the classical BRST formalism to arbitrary pseudo-Euclidean vector bundles (E\to M_{0}) by canonically associating to such a bundle ... More
Quasi-Lie bialgebroids and twisted Poisson manifoldsDec 17 2001Nov 21 2002We develop a theory of quasi-Lie bialgebroids using a homological approach. This notion is a generalization of quasi-Lie bialgebras, as well as twisted Poisson structures with a 3-form background which have recently appeared in the context of string theory, ... More
A note on the free energy of the coupled system in the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick modelMay 18 2004In this paper we consider a system of spins that consists of two configurations $\vsi^1,\vsi^2\in\Sigma_N=\{-1,+1\}^N$ with Gaussian Hamiltonians $H_N^1(\vsi^1)$ and $H_N^2(\vsi^2)$ correspondingly, and these configurations are coupled on the set where ... More