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Escaping Set of e^z-1May 27 2012Jun 12 2012We investigate the set I(f) of points that converge to infinity under iteration of the map f(z) = e^z-1 and show that it is the disjoint union of countably many rays and uncountable union of infinite sets whose points escape to infinity through the sets. ... More
The Dynamics of a Classical Spinning Particle in Vaidya Space-TimeSep 13 2005Based on the Mathisson-Papapetrou-Dixon (MPD) equations and the Vaidya metric, the motion of a spinning point particle orbiting a non-rotating star while undergoing radiation-induced gravitational collapse is studied in detail. A comprehensive analysis ... More
Neutrino Helicity and Chirality Transitions in Schwarzschild Space-TimeJan 11 2004Mar 23 2005We study the helicity and chirality transitions of a high-energy neutrino propagating in a Schwarzschild space-time background. Using both traditional Schwarzschild and isotropic spherical co-ordinates, we derive an ultrarelativistic approximation of ... More
Perturbation Method for Classical Spinning Particle Motion: I. Kerr Space-TimeAug 22 2008Oct 07 2008This paper presents an analytic perturbation approach to the dynamics of a classical spinning particle, according to the Mathisson-Papapetrou-Dixon (MPD) equations of motion, with a direct application to circular motion around a Kerr black hole. The formalism ... More
An Analytic Perturbation Approach for Classical Spinning Particle DynamicsJun 07 2007Apr 10 2008A perturbation method to analytically describe the dynamics of a classical spinning particle, based on the Mathisson-Papapetrou-Dixon (MPD) equations of motion, is presented. By a power series expansion with respect to the particle's spin magnitude, it ... More
Perturbation Method for Classical Spinning Particle Motion: II. Vaidya Space-TimeAug 22 2008Nov 19 2008This paper describes an application of the Mathisson-Papapetrou-Dixon (MPD) equations in analytic perturbation form to the case of circular motion around a radially accreting or radiating black hole described by the Vaidya metric. Based on the formalism ... More
Extending Beurling and De Branges to Weighted ShiftsAug 08 2016In this note we characterize all Hilbert spaces that are algebraically contained in the Hardy space $H^2$ and are also invariant under the operator of multiplication by the coordinate function $z$ whose action is assumed to be weaker than that of an isometry. ... More
Breakdown of Casimir Invariance in Curved Space-TimeFeb 03 2009May 22 2010It is shown that the commonly accepted definition for the Casimir scalar operators of the Poincare group does not satisfy the properties of Casimir invariance when applied to the non-inertial motion of elementary particles while in the presence of external ... More
Function Theory in Real Hardy SpacesMar 20 2008Mar 23 2008We show that many classical results in Hardy space theory have exact analogues when the Fourier coefficients are allowed only to be real.
Dynamics of Extended Spinning Masses in a Gravitational FieldAug 13 2006Nov 30 2006We develop a first-order approximation method for the influence of spin on the motion of extended spinning test masses in a gravitational field. This approach is illustrated for approximately circular equatorial motion in the exterior Kerr spacetime. ... More
Lax-Halmos Type Theorems in H^p SpacesMay 20 2012Jul 31 2012In this paper we characterize for 0 < p \leq \infty, the closed subspaces of Hp that are invariant under multiplication by all powers of a finite Blaschke factor B, except the first power. Our result clearly generalizes the invariant subspace theorem ... More
Is There an Observable Limit to Lorentz Invariance at the Compton Wavelength Scale?Mar 26 2009Feb 04 2010The possibility of a frame-induced violation of Lorentz invariance due to non-inertial spin-1/2 particle motion is explored in detail for muon decay while in orbit near the event horizon of a microscopic Kerr black hole. It is explicitly shown that kinematic ... More
Effects of Space-Time Curvature on Spin-1/2 Particle ZitterbewegungMar 07 2009Aug 27 2009This paper investigates the properties of spin-1/2 particle Zitterbewegung in the presence of a general curved space-time background described in terms of Fermi normal co-ordinates, where the spatial part is expressed using general curvilinear co-ordinates. ... More
Local Space-Time Curvature Effects on Quantum Orbital Angular MomentumJan 05 2011Apr 01 2011This paper claims that local space-time curvature can non-trivially contribute to the properties of orbital angular momentum in quantum mechanics. Of key importance is the demonstration that an extended orbital angular momentum operator due to gravitation ... More
A New Perspective on Path Integral Quantum Mechanics in Curved Space-TimeAug 09 2010Jul 05 2011A fundamentally different approach to path integral quantum mechanics in curved space-time is presented, as compared to the standard approaches currently available in the literature. Within the context of scalar particle propagation in a locally curved ... More
The implications of noninertial motion on covariant quantum spinJun 19 2005Apr 06 2007It is shown that the Pauli-Lubanski spin vector defined in terms of curvilinear co-ordinates does not satisfy Lorentz invariance for spin-1/2 particles in noninertial motion along a curved trajectory. The possibility of detecting this violation in muon ... More
Breakdown of Lorentz Invariance for Spin-1/2 Particle Motion in Curved Space-Time with Applications to Muon DecayJul 07 2008Mar 10 2009This paper explores the properties of the Pauli-Lubanski spin vector for the general motion of spin-1/2 particles in curved space-time. Building upon previously determined results in flat space-time, it is shown that the associated Casimir scalar for ... More
Extensions of the Inequalities of Hardy and HilbertFeb 20 2015In this note we produce generalized versions of the classical inequalities of Hardy and of Hilbert and we establish their equivalence. Our methods rely on the H^1-BMOA duality. We produce a class of examples to establish that the generalizations are non-trivial. ... More
A short proof of Grinshpon's theoremApr 06 2009Grinshpon has proved that if $S$ is a commutative subring of a ring $R$ and $A\in M_n(S)$ is invertible in $M_n(R)$, then $det(A)$ is invertible in $R$. We give a very short proof of the result.
Tidal Dynamics in Cosmological SpacetimesMay 09 2007Jun 19 2010We study the relative motion of nearby free test particles in cosmological spacetimes, such as the FLRW and LTB models. In particular, the influence of spatial inhomogeneities on local tidal accelerations is investigated. The implications of our results ... More
Helicity Precession of Spin-1/2 Particles in Weak Inertial and Gravitational FieldsMay 30 2004We calculate the helicity and chirality effects experienced by a spin-1/2 particle subjected to classical electromagnetic and gravitational fields. The helicity evolution is then determined in the non-relativistic, relativistic, and ultra-relativistic ... More
Sub-Hardy Hilbert spaces on the circle and torusOct 24 2013Sahni and Singh settled a problem posed by Yousefi & Hesameddini by generalizing their main result with a simple proof in the setting of sub-Hilbert spaces in $H^2(T)$. In this paper, we extend the main result of Sahni and Singh to the setting of the ... More
Reply to Comment on ``Can gravity distinguish between Dirac and Majorana neutrinos?''Nov 03 2006This is a reply to a comment (gr-qc/0610098) written by Nieves and Pal about our paper (gr-qc/0605153) published in Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 041101 (2006).
The Distinction Between Dirac and Majorana Neutrino Wave Packets Due to Gravity and Its Impact on Neutrino OscillationsJun 30 2006We present the possibility that Dirac and Majorana neutrino wave packets can be distinguished when subject to spin-gravity interaction while propagating through vacuum described by the Lense-Thirring metric. By adopting the techniques of gravitational ... More
Fast Spinning Pulsars as Probes of Massive Black Holes' GravityMar 27 2014Dwarf galaxies and globular clusters may contain intermediate mass black holes ($10^{3}$ to $10^{5}$ solar masses) in their cores. Estimates of ~$10^{3}$ neutron stars in the central parsec of the Galaxy and similar numbers in small elliptical galaxies ... More
A Finite Multiplicity Helson-Lowdenslager-De Branges TheoremOct 28 2009This paper proves two theorems. The first of these simplifies and lends clarity to the previous characterizations of the invariant subspaces of $S$, the operator of multiplication by the coordinate function $z$, on $L^2(\mathbb{T};\mathbb{C}^n)$, where ... More
Can Gravity Distinguish Between Dirac and Majorana Neutrinos?May 31 2006Jul 05 2006We show that spin-gravity interaction can distinguish between Dirac and Majorana neutrino wave packets propagating in a Lense-Thirring background. Using time-independent perturbation theory and gravitational phase to generate a perturbation Hamiltonian ... More
Neutrino Wave Packet Propagation in Gravitational FieldsFeb 23 2005May 12 2005We discuss the propagation of neutrino wave packets in a Lense-Thirring space-time using a gravitational phase approach. We show that the neutrino oscillation length is altered by gravitational corrections and that neutrinos are subject to helicity flip ... More
Invariance Under Bounded Analytic FunctionsFeb 18 2016In a recent paper, M. Raghupathi has extended the famous theorem of Beurling to the context of subspaces that are invariant under the class of subalgebras of $H^\infty$ of the form $IH^\infty$, where $I$ is an inner function. In this paper, we provide ... More
Signatures of Noncommutative Geometry in Muon Decay for Nonsymmetric GravityJan 27 2009It is shown how to identify potential signatures of noncommutative geometry within the decay spectrum of a muon in orbit near the event horizon of a microscopic Schwarzschild black hole. This possibility follows from a re-interpretation of J.W. Moffat's ... More
Spin dynamics of a millisecond pulsar orbiting closely around a massive black holeFeb 08 2019We investigate the spin dynamics of a millisecond pulsar (MSP) in a tightly bounded orbit around a massive black hole. These binaries are progenitors of the extreme-mass-ratio-inspirals (EMRIs) and intermediate-mass-ratio-inspirals (IMRIs) gravitational ... More
Energy Efficient Restoring of Barrier Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Limited Mobility SensorsOct 03 2016In Wireless Sensor Networks, sensors are used for tracking objects, monitoring health and observing a region/territory for different environmental parameters. Coverage problem in sensor network ensures quality of monitoring a given region. Depending on ... More
Surprising symmetries in distribution of prime polynomialsDec 04 2015Mar 21 2016The primes or prime polynomials (over finite fields) are supposed to be distributed `irregularly' , despite nice asymptotic or average behavior. We provide some conjectures/guesses/hypotheses with `evidence' of surprising symmetries in prime distribution. ... More
The dynamics of semigroups of transcendental entire functions IFeb 28 2013May 18 2014We consider the dynamics associated with an arbitrary semigroup of transcendental entire functions. Fatou-Julia theory is used to investigate the dynamics of these semigroups. Several results of the dynamics associated with iteration of a transcendental ... More
Semigroups of transcendental entire functions and their dynamicsMay 01 2014Oct 07 2015We study the dynamics of an arbitrary semigroup of transcendental entire functions using Fatou-Julia theory. Several results of the dynamics associated with iteration of a transcendental entire function have been extended to transcendental semigroups. ... More
The dynamics of semigroups of transcendental entire functions IIJan 02 2014Dec 01 2015We introduce the concept of escaping set for semigroups of transcendental entire functions using Fatou-Julia theory. Several results of the escaping set associated with the iteration of one transcendental entire function have been extended to transcendental ... More
A note on Schwarzian derivatives and normal familiesOct 30 2012Feb 28 2013We establish a criterion for local boundedness and hence normality of a family $\F$ of analytic functions on a domain $D$ in the complex plane whose corresponding family of derivatives is locally bounded. Furthermore we investigate the relation between ... More
Single Photon Production in Relativisitic Heavy Ion Collisions and Quark Hadron Phase TransitionNov 15 1999We discuss the recent developments in the study of single photon production in relativistic heavy ion collisions. In particular their production at SPS, RHIC, and LHC energies is re-examined in view of the results of Aurenche et al which show that the ... More
A Constrained Nevanlinna-Pick Interpolation ProblemNov 13 2007We obtain necessary and sufficient conditions for Nevanlinna-Pick interpolation on the unit disk with the additional restriction that all analytic interpolating functions satisfy $f'(0)=0.$ Alternatively, these results can be interpreted as interpolation ... More
Longevity of the quark-gluon plasma and the mixed phase from intensity interferometry of high energy photonsNov 10 1993Two-photon intensity interferometry is shown to provide an accurate measurement of lifetime of quark-gluon plasma created in ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions via the difference of outward and sidewardcorrelation radii. Under the assumption of a ... More
Effect of Energy Loss On Azimuthal Correlation of charm and correlated charm decay in collision of lead nuclei at sqrt{s} = 2.76 A TeVJan 24 2013Apr 02 2013We present the effect of energy loss of charm/anti-charm produced in a relativistic heavy ion collision as they traverse the resulting quark gluon plasma on the azimuthal correlation of c\bar{c} and D\bar{D} pairs and their correlated decay into leptons. ... More
Empirical determination of charm quark energy loss and its consequences for azimuthal anisotropyApr 24 2012Jul 09 2012We propose an empirical model to determine the form of energy loss of charm quarks due to multiple scatterings in quark gluon plasma by demanding a good description of production of D mesons and non-photonic electrons in relativistic collision of heavy ... More
Covariate conscious approach for Gait recognition based upon Zernike moment invariantsNov 21 2016Gait recognition i.e. identification of an individual from his/her walking pattern is an emerging field. While existing gait recognition techniques perform satisfactorily in normal walking conditions, there performance tend to suffer drastically with ... More
System size dependence of nuclear modification and azimuthal anisotropy of jet quenchingJul 28 2011Sep 26 2011We investigate the system size dependence of jet-quenching by analyzing transverse momentum spectra of neutral pions in Au+Au and Cu+Cu collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\textrm{NN}}}$ =200 GeV for different centralities. The fast partons are assumed to lose energy ... More
Nuclear modification of charged hadron production at LHCDec 12 2011Feb 13 2013We analyze the recent results for suppressed production of charged hadrons for Pb+Pb collisions at the center of mass energy of 2.76 TeV/nucleon-pair. We closely follow the treatment used recently by us where partons lose energy due to radiation of gluons ... More
Formation Time of QGP from Thermal Photon Elliptic FlowJul 21 2009Sep 18 2009We show that the transverse momentum dependent elliptic flow $v_2(p_T)$ of thermal photons is quite sensitive to the initial formation time ($\tau_0$) of Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP) for semi-central collision of gold nuclei at RHIC \cite{tau}. A smaller ... More
Max-Margin Feature SelectionJun 14 2016Many machine learning applications such as in vision, biology and social networking deal with data in high dimensions. Feature selection is typically employed to select a subset of features which im- proves generalization accuracy as well as reduces the ... More
Directed flow of photons in Cu+Au collisions at RHICJan 15 2019Event-by-event fluctuations in the positions of nucleons in two colliding identical nuclei can lead to non-uniform initial energy density distribution on the transverse plane. In addition to initial state fluctuations, the difference in the number of ... More
A quantum-trace determinantal formula for matrix commutators, and applicationsMar 29 2010In this paper, we establish a determinantal formula for 2 x 2 matrix commutators [X,Y] = XY - YX over a commutative ring, using (among other invariants) the quantum traces of X and Y. Special forms of this determinantal formula include a "trace version", ... More
3D Point Cloud Denoising via Bipartite Graph Approximation and Reweighted Graph LaplacianDec 19 2018Point cloud is a collection of 3D coordinates that are discrete geometric samples of an object's 2D surfaces. Imperfection in the acquisition process means that point clouds are often corrupted with noise. Building on recent advances in graph signal processing, ... More
Equation of state of strongly interacting matter: spectra for thermal particles and intensity correlation of thermal photonsAug 09 2010Aug 25 2010We find that an equation of state for hot hadronic matter consisting of all baryons having $M < 2$ GeV and all mesons having $M < 1.5$ GeV, along with Hagedorn resonances in thermal and chemical equilibrium, matches rather smoothly with lattice equation ... More
Time Evolution of Thermal Photon Elliptic FlowJan 21 2009Elliptic flow of thermal photons has a great potential to explore the early time dynamics and evolution of Quark Gluon Plasma. $p_T$ dependent temporal contours for photon spectra and elliptic flow from quark matter and hadronic phases, as well as the ... More
Azimuthal flow of decay photons in relativistic nuclear collisionsMay 09 2006Jul 31 2006An overwhelming fraction of photons from relativistic heavy ion collisions has its origin in the decay of $\pi^0$ and $\eta$ mesons. We calculate the azimuthal asymmetry of the decay photons for several azimuthally asymmetric pion distributions. We find ... More
Receiver Placement for Speech Enhancement using Sound Propagation OptimizationMay 29 2018Nov 24 2018A common problem in acoustic design is the placement of speakers or receivers for public address systems, telecommunications, and home smart speakers or digital personal assistants. We present a novel algorithm to automatically place a speaker or receiver ... More
Chance constraint based multi agent navigation under uncertaintyAug 20 2016We present Probabilistic Reciprocal Velocity Obstacle or PRVO as a general algorithm for navigating multiple robots under perception and motion uncertainty. PRVO is defined as the space of velocities that ensures dynamic collision avoidance between a ... More
Pulling short DNA molecules having defects on different locationsSep 28 2015We present a study on the role of defects on the stability of short DNA molecules. We consider short DNA molecules (16 base pairs) and investigate the thermal as well as mechanical denaturation of these molecules in the presence of defects that occurs ... More
A Text to Speech (TTS) System with English to Punjabi ConversionNov 13 2014The paper aims to show how an application can be developed that converts the English language into the Punjabi Language, and the same application can convert the Text to Speech(TTS) i.e. pronounce the text. This application can be really beneficial for ... More
Reusability Framework for Cloud ComputingOct 30 2012Cloud based development is a challenging task for several software engineering projects, especially for those which needs development with reusability. Present time of cloud computing is allowing new professional models for using the software development. ... More
Preliminary Studies on Force/Motion Control of Intelligent Mechanical SystemsFeb 22 2014To rationalize the relatively high investment that industrial automation systems entail, research in the field of intelligent machines should target high value functions such as fettling, die-finishing, deburring, and fixtureless manufacturing. For achieving ... More
Intensity interferometry of direct photons emitted in Au+Au collisionsApr 19 2004Aug 24 2004We calculate the two-body correlation function of direct photons produced in Au+Au collisions at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. Our calculation includes contributions from the early pre-equilibrium phase in which photons are produced via hard parton ... More
RHIC Physics with the Parton Cascade ModelMar 12 2004We present an analysis of the net-baryon number rapidity distribution and of direct photon emission in the framework of the Parton Cascade Model.
Net baryon density in Au+Au collisions at the Relativistic Heavy Ion ColliderDec 28 2002Jun 19 2003We calculate the net baryon rapidity distribution in Au+Au collisions at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) in the framework of the Parton Cascade Model (PCM). Parton rescattering and fragmentation leads to a substantial increase in the net baryon ... More
Semi-hard scattering of partons at SPS and RHIC: A study in contrastOct 14 2002We analyze the contribution of pQCD based semi-hard parton (re)scattering to the reaction dynamics of relativistic heavy-ion collisions at SPS and RHIC. While such processes are able to account for the measured yield of high momentum direct photons at ... More
Light from Cascading Partons in Relativistic Heavy-Ion CollisionsSep 11 2002Jan 14 2003We calculate the production of high energy photons from Compton and annihilation processes as well as fragmentation off quarks in the parton cascade model. The multiple scattering of partons is seen to lead to a substantial production of high energy photons, ... More
On dynamics of semiconjugated entire functionsAug 11 2013May 18 2014Let $g$ and $h$ be transcendental entire functions and let $f$ be a continuous map of the complex plane into itself with $f\circ g=h\circ f.$ Then $g$ and $h$ are said to be semiconjugated by $f$ and $f$ is called a semiconjugacy. We consider the dynamical ... More
Reduced Dimensionality tailored HN(C)N Pulse Sequences for Efficient Backbone Resonance Assignment of Proteins through Rapid Identification of Sequential HSQC peaksMay 21 2013Two novel reduced dimensionality (RD) experiments -(4,3)D-hNCOcaNH and (4,3)D-hNcoCANH- have been presented here to facilitate the backbone resonance assignment of proteins both in terms of its accuracy and speed. The experiments basically represent an ... More
Unit-Regularity of Regular Nilpotent ElementsSep 26 2015Dec 23 2015Let $a$ be a regular element of a ring $R$. If either $K:=\rm{r}_R(a)$ has the exchange property or every power of $a$ is regular, then we prove that for every positive integer $n$ there exist decompositions $$ R_R = K \oplus X_n \oplus Y_n = E_n \oplus ... More
Network Formation Game with Different Cost Value for PlayersApr 12 2016In Social Networks, it is often interesting to study type of networks formed, its efficiency with respect to social objective and which networks are stable. Many work have already been there in this area. Players in network formation game will incur some ... More
Determination of equation of state of quark matter from $J/ψ$ and $Υ$ suppression at RHIC and LHCFeb 29 2000May 25 2000The long life-time of the quark-gluon plasma likely to be created in the relativistic heavy ion collisions at RHIC and LHC energies renders it sensitive to the details of the equation of state of the quark-matter. We show that the $p_T$ dependence of ... More
Reduced Dimensionality (4,3)D-hnCOCANH Experiment: An Efficient Backbone Assignment tool for NMR studies of ProteinsFeb 18 2013Sequence specific resonance assignment and secondary structure determination of proteins form the basis for variety of structural and functional proteomics studies by NMR. In this context, an efficient standalone method for rapid assignment of backbone ... More
The Cohomology Ring of the Space of Rational FunctionsJul 25 2009Let Rat_k be the space of based holomorphic maps from S^2 to itself of degree k. Let beta_k denote the Artin's braid group on k strings and let Bbeta_k be the classifying space of beta_k. Let C_k denote the space of configurations of length less than ... More
Dynamic Group Behaviors for Interactive Crowd SimulationFeb 11 2016We present a new algorithm to simulate dynamic group behaviors for interactive multi-agent crowd simulation. Our approach is general and makes no assumption about the environment, shape, or size of the groups. We use the least effort principle to perform ... More
Statistical Theory of Force Induced Unzipping of DNAMay 07 2004May 18 2005The unzipping transition under the influence of external force of a dsDNA molecule has been studied using the Peyrard-Bishop Hamiltonian. The critical force $F_c(T)$ is found to depend on the potential parameters $k$, represents the stiffness of single ... More
Earthquake Disaster based Efficient Resource Utilization Technique in IaaS CloudJun 27 2013Jan 27 2014Cloud Computing is an emerging area. The main aim of the initial search-and-rescue period after strong earthquakes is to reduce the whole number of mortalities. One main trouble rising in this period is to and the greatest assignment of available resources ... More
Case Study Based Software Engineering Project Development: State of ArtJun 11 2013This research paper designates the importance and usage of the case study approach effectively to educating and training software designers and software engineers both in academic and industry. Subsequently an account of the use of case studies based ... More
Statistical Mechanics of thermal denaturation of DNA oligomersMay 07 2004Double stranded DNA chain is known to have nontrivial elasticity. We study the effect of this elasticity on the denaturation profile of DNA oligomer by constraining one base pair at one end of the oligomer to remain in unstretched (or intact) state. The ... More
Effect of genome sequence on the force-induced unzipping of a DNA moleculeMar 14 2006We considered a dsDNA polymer in which distribution of bases are random at the base pair level but ordered at a length of 18 base pairs and calculated its force elongation behaviour in the constant extension ensemble. The unzipping force $F(y)$ vs. extension ... More
Microcontroller Based Testing of Digital IP-CoreMay 09 2012Testing core based System on Chip is a challenge for the test engineers. To test the complete SOC at one time with maximum fault coverage, test engineers prefer to test each IP-core separately. At speed testing using external testers is more expensive ... More
On the Discovery of Success Trajectories of AuthorsFeb 05 2016Understanding the qualitative patterns of research endeavor of scientific authors in terms of publication count and their impact (citation) is important in order to quantify success trajectories. Here, we examine the career profile of authors in computer ... More
Algebraic Cobordism of Classifying SpacesJul 25 2009We define algebraic cobordism of classifying spaces, \Omega^*(BG) and G-equivariant algebraic cobordism \Omega^*_G(-) for a linear algebraic group G. We prove some properties of the coniveau filtration on algebraic cobordism, denoted F^j(\Omega^*(-)), ... More
Some result on escaping set of an entire functionSep 13 2016We study some relation between escaping sets of two permutable entire functions. In addition, we investigate the dynamical properties of the map $f(z)=z+1+e^{-z}.$
Fatou's No Wandering Domain Conjecture: Sullivan's ProofJan 28 2011Jul 20 2011This dissertation entitled "Fatou's No Wandering Domain Conjecture : Sullivan's Proof" contains a comprehensive study of the Dynamical Partition of the Riemann Sphere and a complementary analysis of the work done by Dennis Sullivan.
Use of biogenic nanomaterials to improve the peritoneal dialysis technique: A Translational Research PerspectiveAug 10 2015Intraperitoneal and catheter exit site infections are the most common complications associated with prolonged peritoneal dialysis (PD) therapy used for treating the patients with end stage renal failure (ESRF). Recurrent and persistent infections often ... More
Dilations, Wandering Subspaces, and Inner FunctionsSep 23 2015The object of this paper is to study wandering subspaces for commuting tuples of operators on Hilbert spaces. It is shown that, for a large class of analytic functional Hilbert spaces on the unit ball, wandering subspaces for restrictions of the multiplication ... More
Dilepton-tagged jets in relativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions: A case studyDec 18 2002Mar 27 2003We study the A+B -> l+ l- + jet +X process in nucleus-nucleus collisions at relativistic energies. The dilepton as well as the jet will pass through the matter produced in such collisions. The recoiling dilepton will carry information about the kinematical ... More
Exploiting Test Time Evidence to Improve Predictions of Deep Neural NetworksNov 24 2018Many prediction tasks, especially in computer vision, are often inherently ambiguous. For example, the output of semantic segmentation may depend on the scale one is looking at, and image saliency or video summarization is often user or context dependent. ... More
Unbiased Ratio-Type Estimator Using Transformed Auxiliary Variable In Negative Correlation CaseOct 06 2012The objective of this paper is to propose an unbiased ratio-type estimator for finite population mean when the variables are negatively correlated. Hartley and Ross[2] and Singh and Singh [6] estimators are identified as particular cases of the proposed ... More
Interactive video tutorials for enhancing problem solving, reasoning, and meta-cognitive skills of introductory physics studentsFeb 24 2016We discuss the development of interactive video tutorial-based problems to help introductory physics students learn effective problem solving heuristics. The video tutorials present problem solving strategies using concrete examples in an interactive ... More
Centripetal Acceleration: Often Forgotten or MisinterpretedFeb 20 2016Acceleration is a fundamental concept in physics which is taught in mechanics at all levels. Here, we discuss some challenges in teaching this concept effectively when the path along which the object is moving has a curvature and centripetal acceleration ... More
Transfer of Learning in Quantum MechanicsFeb 18 2016We investigate the difficulties that undergraduate students in quantum mechanics courses have in transferring learning from previous courses or within the same course from one context to another by administering written tests and conducting individual ... More
Transmission of a quantum state in a periodically poled nonlinear crystalMay 03 2010Theoretical calculations on transmission of quantum states such as Schr\"{o}dinger cat (SC) states are considered in a periodically poled nonlinear crystal (PPNC). Combinations of various initial states (SC, coherent (C),and vacuum (V)) of light waves ... More
An Analytical Study on Fractional Fokker-Planck Equation by Homotopy Analysis Transform MethodNov 11 2013In this article we introduce an analytical method, namely Homotopy Analysis Transform Method (HATM) which is a combination of Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM) and Laplace Decomposition Method (LDM).This scheme is simple to apply linear and nonlinear fractional ... More
Precise Schedulability Analysis for unfeasible to notify separately for comprehensive - EDF Scheduling of interrupted Hard Real-Time Tasks on the similar MultiprocessorsJan 10 2011In Real-time system, utilization based schedulability test is a common approach to determine whether or not tasks can be admitted without violating deadline requirements. The exact problem has previously been proven intractable even upon single processors; ... More
The $E1$ & $M1$ Spontaneous Decay Rates for an Emitter Inside a Cavity Within a MediumApr 21 2015We discuss the $E1$ and $M1$ spontaneous decay rates of the an emitter residing inside of a real cavity carved out of a vast, uniform, homogenous, isotropic, linear, lossless, dispersionless, and continuous medium. The ratio of the medium rate to vacuum ... More
A toy model for the pseudogap state of cupratesAug 06 2013A toy model is developed to capture "dance of pre-formed pairs" in the pseudogap state of high temperature cuprate superconductors. The model is a crude description of a hypothetical situation in which spin-driven spatial organization of the pre-formed ... More
Charge dynamics in an ideal cuprate $Ca_{2-x} Na_x Cu O_2 Cl_2$: optical conductivity from Yang-Rice-Zhang ansatzNov 26 2012We theoretically investigate charge dynamics in weakly coupled $CuO_2$ planes of the cuprate $Ca_{2-x} Na_x Cu O_2 Cl_2$ (CNCOC) using Kubo formula for optical conductivity in the underdoped regime. The spectral function needed in Kubo formula is obtained ... More
Non-existence of tight neighborly manifolds with $β_1=2$Jul 31 2012Jun 17 2013For $d\geq 2$, Walkup's class $\Kd$ consists of the $d$-dimensional simplicial complexes whose vertex-links are stacked $(d-1)$-spheres. Recently Lutz, Sulanke and Swartz have shown that all $\mathbb{F}$-orientable triangulated $d$-manifolds satisfy the ... More
Weak Solutions for Singular Quasilinear Elliptic SystemsFeb 12 2016We investigate the quasilinear elliptic system $-\Delta_{m} u&=u^{-p}v^{-q}$, $u>0 \quad\mbox{ in } \Omega$, $-\Delta_{m} v&=u^{r}v^{-s}$, $v>0 \quad\mbox{ in }\Omega$, $u=v=0 \quad\mbox{ on } \partial{\Omega}$, where $\Omega \subset{\mathbb R}^{N}(N\geq ... More
Classification of Radial Solutions for Semilinear Elliptic Systems with Nonlinear Gradient TermsMay 25 2015We are concerned with the classification of positive radial solutions for the system $\Delta u=v^p$, $\Delta v=f(|\nabla u|)$, where $p>0$ and $f\in C^1[0,\infty)$ is a nondecreasing function such that $f(t)>0$ for all $t>0$. We show that in the case ... More
Two Person zero-sum fuzzy matrix games and extensionsMay 13 2016In this work, fuzzy Linear programming problems (FLPP) and their implementations is being done in two person zero-sum fuzzy matrix game theory, based on Bector, Chandra and Vijay [2] model. Verification of solution of all possible type of two person zero-sum ... More