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Additive atomic approximation for relativistic effects: a two-component Hamiltonian for molecular electronic structure calculationsNov 20 2018An approximate relativistic two-component Hamiltonian for use in molecular electronic structure calculations is derived in the form of a sum of fixed atom-centered kinetic and spin-orbit operators added to the non-relativistic Hamiltonian. Starting from ... More
A new parametrizable model of molecular electronic structureJun 23 2011Aug 29 2011A new electronic structure model is developed in which the ground state energy of a molecular system is given by a Hartree-Fock-like expression with parametrized one- and two-electron integrals over an extended (minimal + polarization) set of orthogonalized ... More
Atomic basis functions for molecular electronic structure calculationsAug 16 2018Electronic structure methods for accurate calculation of molecular properties have a high cost that grows steeply with the problem size, therefore, it is helpful to have the underlying atomic basis functions that are less in number but of higher quality. ... More
A reversible numerical integrator of the isokinetic equations of motionSep 17 2017Oct 30 2018An explicit second-order numerical method to integrate the isokinetic equations of motion is derived by fitting circular arcs through every three consecutive points of the discretized trajectory, so that the tangent and the curvature satisfy the equations ... More
Atomic effective potentials for starting molecular electronic structure calculationsFeb 08 2019Mar 06 2019Atomic effective one-electron potentials in a compact analytic form in terms of a few Gaussian charge distributions are developed, for Hydrogen through Nobelium, for starting molecular electronic structure calculations by a simple diagonalization. For ... More
Combination of many-body and density-functional theoriesJun 14 2011A framework for developing new approximate electronic structure methods is presented, in which the correlation energy of a many-electron system in the ground state is computed as in the single-reference second-order many-body perturbation theory but with ... More
Atomic effective potentials for starting molecular electronic structure calculationsFeb 08 2019Molecular electronic structure calculations can be easily started by diagonalizing a one-electron Hamiltonian based on a sum of fixed atomic effective potentials. For the latter, we have found compact analytic forms in terms of a few Gaussian functions ... More
"New Cybernetics and the Application of its Principles in Physics" and "Comment on "Quantum Solution to the Arrow-of-Time Dilemma" of L. Maccone arXiv:0802.0438"Nov 13 2009Sep 18 2013The first paper: We describe principles of new cybernetics and use these principles for resolution of basic physical paradoxes. It demonstrates universality of the principles of new cybernetics. The second paper: recent letter by Maccone presents a solution ... More
Higher-order Accurate Spectral Density Estimation of Functional Time SeriesDec 07 2018Under the frequency domain framework for weakly dependent functional time series, a key element is the spectral density kernel which encapsulates the second-order dynamics of the process. We propose a class of spectral density kernel estimators based ... More
Stable marked point processesAug 03 2007In many contexts such as queuing theory, spatial statistics, geostatistics and meteorology, data are observed at irregular spatial positions. One model of this situation involves considering the observation points as generated by a Poisson process. Under ... More
CDF and Survival Function Estimation with Infinite-Order KernelsMar 17 2009A reduced-bias nonparametric estimator of the cumulative distribution function (CDF) and the survival function is proposed using infinite-order kernels. Fourier transform theory on generalized functions is utilized to obtain the improved bias estimates. ... More
Extending the n=2 Ruddlesden-Popper Solid Solution La2-2xSr1+2xMn2O7 Beyond x=0.5: Synthesis of Mn4+-rich CompoundsApr 06 1999We report the synthesis and room temperature crystal structures of the heretofore unknown, metastable manganites La2-2xSr1+2xMn2O7+delta (0.5 < x < 0.9) via high-temperature (T=1650 C) quenching followed by low-temperature (T=400 C) annealing to fill ... More
A Message Passing Strategy for Decentralized Connectivity Maintenance in Agent RemovalNov 01 2013In a multi-agent system, agents coordinate to achieve global tasks through local communications. Coordination usually requires sufficient information flow, which is usually depicted by the connectivity of the communication network. In a networked system, ... More
Multispectral Deep Neural Networks for Pedestrian DetectionNov 08 2016Multispectral pedestrian detection is essential for around-the-clock applications, e.g., surveillance and autonomous driving. We deeply analyze Faster R-CNN for multispectral pedestrian detection task and then model it into a convolutional network (ConvNet) ... More
Convolved subsampling estimation with applications to block bootstrapJun 22 2017The block bootstrap approximates sampling distributions from dependent data by resampling data blocks. A fundamental problem is establishing its consistency for the distribution of a sample mean, as a prototypical statistic. We use a structural relationship ... More
Inhomogeneous magnetism in La-doped CaMnO3. (I) Nanometric-scale spin clusters and long-range spin cantingMar 17 2003Neutron measurements on Ca{1-x}La{x}MnO3 (0.00 <= x <= 0.20) reveal the development of a liquid-like spatial distribution of magnetic droplets of average size ~10 Angstroms, the concentration of which is proportional to x (one cluster per ~60 doped electrons). ... More
Divisors of shifted primesMay 01 2009May 15 2010We bound from below the number of shifted primes p+s<x that have a divisor in a given interval (y,z]. Kevin Ford has obtained upper bounds of the expected order of magnitude on this quantity as well as lower bounds in a special case of the parameters ... More
Localized factorizations of integersSep 05 2008May 28 2013We determine the order of magnitude of H^{(k+1)}(x,\vec{y},2\vec{y}), the number of integers up to x that are divisible by a product d_1...d_k with y_i<d_i\le 2y_i, when the numbers \log y_1,...,\log y_k have the same order of magnitude and k\ge 2. This ... More
(Non)triviality of Pure Spinors and Exact Pure Spinor - RNS MapOct 26 2008Nov 21 2008All the BRST-invariant operators in pure spinor formalism in $d=10$ can be represented as BRST commutators, such as $V=\lbrace{Q_{brst}},{{\theta_{+}}\over{\lambda_{+}}}V\rbrace$ where $\lambda_{+}$ is the U(5) component of the pure spinor transforming ... More
Enumeration of ramified coverings of the sphere and 2-dimensional gravityJun 13 2005Let A be the algebra generated by the power series \sum n^{n-1} q^n/n! and \sum n^n q^n /n! . We prove that many natural generating functions lie in this algebra: those appearing in graph enumeration problems, in the intersection theory of moduli spaces ... More
Counting ramified coverings and intersection theory on Hurwitz spaces II (Local structure of Hurwitz spaces and combinatorial results)Apr 18 2003The Hurwitz space is a compactification of the space of rational functions of a given degree. We study the intersection of various strata of this space with its boundary. A study of the cohomology ring of the Hurwitz space then allows us to obtain recurrence ... More
Lax formal theory of monads, monoidal approach to bicategorical structures and generalized operadsDec 15 2014Apr 21 2015Generalized operads, also called generalized multicategories and $T$-monoids, are defined as monads within a Kleisli bicategory. With or without emphasizing their monoidal nature, generalized operads have been considered by numerous authors in different ... More
Metastable states in Brownian energy landscapeAug 29 2013Random walks and diffusions in symmetric random environment are known to exhibit metastable behavior: they tend to stay for long times in wells of the environment. For the case that the environment is a one-dimensional two-sided standard Brownian motion, ... More
On homotopy types modelized by strict \infty-groupoidsJun 13 2012Sep 26 2012The purpose of this text is the study of the class of homotopy types which are modelized by strict \infty-groupoids. We show that the homotopy category of simply connected \infty-groupoids is equivalent to the derived category in homological degree greater ... More
Coroutines with Higher Order FunctionsDec 19 2018Coroutines are non-preemptive concurrent subroutines that, unlike preemptive threads, voluntarily transfer control between each others. Introduced in the 60s before loosing in popularity in the 80s, they have seen a regain of interest in recent years, ... More
Szego limit theorem for operators with discontinuous symbols and applications to entanglement entropyDec 16 2002Oct 22 2006The main result in this paper is a one term Szego type asymptotic formula with a sharp remainder estimate for a class of integral operators of the pseudodifferential type with symbols which are allowed to be non-smooth or discontinuous in both position ... More
Conformal Moduli and b-c Pictures for NSR StringsJan 03 2004Jan 18 2005We explore the geometry of the superconformal moduli of the NSR superstring theory in order to construct the consistent sigma-model for the NSR strings, free of picture-changing ambiguities. The sigma-model generating functional is constructed by the ... More
Strict \infty-groupoids are Grothendieck \infty-groupoidsDec 13 2012Apr 03 2013We show that there exists a canonical functor from the category of strict \infty-groupoids to the category of Grothendieck \infty-groupoids and that this functor is fully faithful. As a main ingredient, we prove that free strict \infty-groupoids on a ... More
The groupoidal analogue Theta~ to Joyal's category Theta is a test categoryDec 20 2010Jul 27 2011We introduce the groupoidal analogue \tilde\Theta to Joyal's cell category \Theta and we prove that \tilde\Theta is a strict test category in the sense of Grothendieck. This implies that presheaves on \tilde\Theta model homotopy types in a canonical way. ... More
Ground Ring of Alpha-Symmetries and Sequence of RNS String TheoriesMay 29 2009Jun 03 2009We construct a sequence of nilpotent BRST charges in RNS superstring theory, based on new gauge symmetries on the worldsheet, found in this paper. These new local gauge symmetries originate from the global nonlinear space-time $\alpha$-symmetries, shown ... More
Free Fisher Information for Non-Tracial StatesJan 17 2001We extend Voiculescu's microstates-free definitions of free Fisher information and free entropy to the non-tracial framework. We explain the connection between these quantities and free entropy with respect to certain completely positive maps acting on ... More
On multiplicity and free absorption for free Araki-Woods factorsFeb 18 2003We show that Ozawa's recent results on solid von Neumann algebras imply that there are free Araki-Woods factors, which fail to have free absorption. We also show that a free Araki-Woods factors $\Gamma (\mu, n)$ associated to a measure and a multiplicity ... More
Operators on the Stopping Time SpaceMar 26 2015Let $S^1$ be the stopping time space and $\mathcal{B}_1(S^1)$ be the Baire-1 elements of the second dual of $S^1$. To each element $x^{**}$ in the space $\mathcal{B}_1(S^1)$ we associate a positive Borel measure $\mu_{x^{**}}$ on the Cantor set. We use ... More
Asymptotic expansions of the inverse of the Beta distributionNov 11 2016Sep 21 2017In this work in progress, we study the asymptotic behaviour of the $p$-quantile of the Beta distribution, i.e. the quantity $q$ defined implicitly by $\int_0^q t^{a - 1} (1 - t)^{b - 1} \text{d} t = p B (a, b)$, as a function of the first parameter $a$. ... More
Infrared signatures of high carrier densities induced in semiconducting poly(3-hexylthiophene) by fluorinated organosilane moleculesSep 01 2011We report on infrared (IR) absorption and dc electrical measurements of thin films of poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT) that have been modified by a fluoroalkyl trichlorosilane (FTS). Spectra for FTS-treated films were compared to data for electrostatically-doped ... More
Finding cones for K-cooperative systemsMar 19 2019We design and test a cone finding algorithm to address nonlinear system analysis based on differential positivity and monotonicity. The approach provides a numerical tool to study multi-stable systems, beyond Lyapunov analysis. The theory is illustrated ... More
Fractal curves from prime trigonometric seriesFeb 17 2017Aug 25 2017We study the convergence of the parameter family of series $$V_{\alpha,\beta}(t)=\sum_{p}p^{-\alpha}\exp(2\pi i p^{\beta}t),\quad \alpha,\beta \in \mathbb{R}_{>0},\; t \in [0,1)$$ defined over prime numbers $p$, and subsequently, their differentiability ... More
Proximal Algorithms and Temporal Differences for Large Linear Systems: Extrapolation, Approximation, and SimulationOct 18 2016In this paper we consider large linear fixed point problems and solution with proximal algorithms. We show that, under certain assumptions, there is a close connection between proximal iterations, which are prominent in numerical analysis and optimization, ... More
Changes of variables in ELSV-type formulasFeb 21 2006Jun 25 2007In [5] I.P. Goulden, D.M. Jackson, and R. Vakil formulated a conjecture relating certain Hurwitz numbers (enumerating ramified coverings of the sphere) to the intersection theory on a conjectural Picard variety. We are going to use their formula to study ... More
A group action on Losev-Manin cohomological field theoriesSep 04 2009We discuss an analog of the Givental group action for the space of solutions of the commutativity equation. There are equivalent formulations in terms of cohomology classes on the Losev-Manin compactifications of genus 0 moduli spaces; in terms of linear ... More
Galaxy Bulges and Elliptical Galaxies - Lecture NotesAug 10 2012Our knowledge on the central components of disk galaxies has grown substantially in the past few decades, particularly so in the last. This frantic activity and the complexity of the subject promote confusion in the community. In these notes, I discuss ... More
Secular Evolution and Structural Properties of Stellar Bars in GalaxiesMar 08 2010Apr 20 2011I present results from the modeling of stellar bars in nearly 300 barred galaxies in the local universe through parametric multi-component multi-band image fitting. The surface brightness radial profile of bars is described using a Sersic function, and ... More
Analysis of Path-vector Routing StabilityApr 25 2012Most studies on path-vector routing stability have been conducted empirically by means of ad-hoc analysis of BGP data traces. None of them consider prior specification of an analytic method including the use of stability measurement metrics for the systematic ... More
Hopf-Wess-Zumino term in the effective action of the 6d, (2, 0) field theory revistedOct 04 2011Oct 10 2011We discuss the Hopf-Wess-Zumino term in the effective action of the 6d (2, 0) theory of the type A_{N-1} in a generic Coulomb branch. For such terms, the supergravity calculation could be trusted. We calculate the WZ term on supergravity side and show ... More
Join and slices for strict $\infty$-categoriesJul 03 2016Mar 14 2017The goal of this paper is to develop a theory of join and slices for strict $\infty$-categories. To any pair of strict $\infty$-categories, we associate a third one that we call their join. This operation is compatible with the usual join of categories ... More
The fractal nature of an approximate prime counting functionNov 07 2016Prime number related fractal polygons and curves are derived by combining two different aspects. One is an approximation of the prime counting function build on an additive function. The other are prime number indexed basis entities taken from the discrete ... More
The effect of radiative feedback on disc fragmentationOct 26 2016Protostellar discs may become massive enough to fragment producing secondary low-mass objects: planets, brown dwarfs and low-mass stars. We study the effect of radiative feedback from such newly-formed secondary objects using radiative hydrodynamic simulations. ... More
Power-Conditional-Expected Priors: Using g-priors with Random Imaginary Data for Variable SelectionJul 09 2013The Zellner's g-prior and its recent hierarchical extensions are the most popular default prior choices in the Bayesian variable selection context. These prior set-ups can be expressed power-priors with fixed set of imaginary data. In this paper, we borrow ... More
L^2-Homology for von Neumann AlgebrasSep 20 2003We define the notion of L^2 homology and L^2 Betti numbers for a tracial von Neumann algebra, or, more generally, for any involutive algebra with a trace. The definition of these invariants is obtained from the definition of L^2 homology for groups, using ... More
Momentum modes of M5-branes in a 2d spaceMay 30 2012Jun 06 2012We study M5 branes by considering the selfdual strings parallel to a plane. With the internal oscillation frozen, each selfdual string gives a 5d SYM field. All selfdual strings together give a 6d field with 5 scalars, 3 gauge degrees of freedom and 8 ... More
A Quillen's Theorem A for strict $\infty$-categories I: the simplicial proofMar 14 2017Feb 03 2018The aim of this paper is to prove a generalization of the famous Theorem A of Quillen for strict $\infty$-categories. This result is central to the homotopy theory of strict $\infty$-categories developed by the authors. The proof presented here is of ... More
A Quillen's Theorem A for strict $\infty$-categories II: the $\infty$-categorical proofApr 09 2018This paper is the second in a series of two papers about generalizing Quillen's Theorem A to strict $\infty$-categories. In the first one, we presented a proof of this Theorem A of a simplicial nature, direct but somewhat ad hoc. In the current paper, ... More
Type transition of simple random walks on randomly directed regular latticesApr 24 2012Jan 30 2014Simple random walks on a partially directed version of $\mathbb{Z}^2$ are considered. More precisely, vertical edges between neighbouring vertices of $\mathbb{Z}^2$ can be traversed in both directions (they are undirected) while horizontal edges are one-way. ... More
Hitchin Equation, Irregular Singularity, and $N=2$ Asymptotical Free TheoriesMay 08 2010In this paper, we study irregular singular solution to Hitchin's equation and use it to describe four dimensional $N=2$ asymptotically free gauge theories. For $SU(2)$ $A$ type quiver, two kinds of irregular singularities besides one regular singularity ... More
Algebrable sets of hypercyclic vectors for convolution operatorsJun 27 2017Mar 25 2019We show that several convolution operators on the space of entire functions, such as the MacLane operator, support a dense hypercyclic algebra that is not finitely generated. Birkhoff's operator also has this property on the space of complex-valued smooth ... More
Random walks on randomly oriented latticesNov 29 2001Simple random walks on various types of partially horizontally oriented regular lattices are considered. The horizontal orientations of the lattices can be of various types (deterministic or random) and depending on the nature of the orientation the asymptotic ... More
Focused Stochastic Local Search and the Lovász Local LemmaJul 28 2015Aug 15 2015We develop tools for analyzing focused stochastic local search algorithms. These are algorithms which search a state space probabilistically by repeatedly selecting a constraint that is violated in the current state and moving to a random nearby state ... More
Active and Reactive Energy Balance Equations in Active and Reactive TimeJan 29 2016Apr 28 2016Electrical networks, and physical systems in general, are known to satisfy a power balance equation which states that the rate of change of the energy in time equals the power at the port of the network minus the power dissipated. However, when complex ... More
Carleman estimates for singular parabolic equations with interior degeneracy and non smooth coefficientsJul 28 2015Nov 18 2015We establish Carleman estimates for singular/degenerate parabolic Dirichlet problems with degeneracy and singularity occurring in the interior of the spatial domain. Our results are completely new, since this situation is not covered by previous contributions ... More
A geometric mesh smoothing algorithm related to damped oscillationsNov 17 2014Aug 28 2017We introduce a smoothing algorithm for triangle, quadrilateral, tetrahedral and hexahedral meshes whose centerpiece is a simple geometric triangle transformation. The first part focuses on the mathematical properties of the element transformation. In ... More
Tunable plasmonic reflection by bound 1D electron states in a 2D Dirac metalFeb 10 2016Jun 15 2016We show that surface plasmons of a two-dimensional Dirac metal such as graphene can be reflected by line-like perturbations hosting one-dimensional electron states. The reflection originates from a strong enhancement of the local optical conductivity ... More
Current oscillations in Vanadium Dioxide: evidence for electrically triggered percolation avalanchesSep 08 2011In this work, we experimentally and theoretically explore voltage controlled oscillations occurring in micro-beams of vanadium dioxide. These oscillations are a result of the reversible insulator to metal phase transition in vanadium dioxide. Examining ... More
Theoretical model of HD 163296 presently forming in-situ planets and comparison with the models of AS 209, HL Tau, and TW HyaMar 03 2019We fit an isothermal oscillatory density model to the disk of HD 163296 in which planets have presumably already formed and they are orbiting at least within the four observed dark gaps. This 156 AU large axisymmetric disk shows various physical properties ... More
String C-group representations of alternating groupsOct 29 2018Jan 04 2019We prove that for any integer $n\geq 12$, and for every $r$ in the interval $[3, \ldots, \lfloor (n-1)/2\rfloor]$, the group $A_n$ has a string C-group representation of rank $r$ therefore showing that the only alternating group whose set of ranks is ... More
Topology of Gleason Parts in maximal ideal spaces with no analytic discsFeb 14 2019Mar 04 2019We strengthen, in various directions, the theorem of Garnett that every $\sigma$-compact, completely regular space $X$ occurs as a Gleason part for some uniform algebra. In particular, we show that the uniform algebra can always be chosen so that its ... More
Exact Solutions of the Isothermal Lane--Emden Equation with Rotation and Implications for the Formation of Planets and SatellitesJun 21 2007Nov 06 2008We have derived exact solutions of the isothermal Lane--Emden equation with and without rotation in a cylindrical geometry. The corresponding hydrostatic equilibria are most relevant to the dynamics of the protosolar nebula before and during the stages ... More
The Case Against Dark Matter and Modified Gravity: Flat Rotation Curves Are a Rigorous Requirement in Rotating Self-Gravitating Newtonian Gaseous DisksOct 19 2015Oct 24 2015By solving analytically the various types of Lane-Emden equations with rotation, we have discovered two new coupled fundamental properties of rotating, self-gravitating, gaseous disks in equilibrium: Isothermal disks must, on average, exhibit strict power-law ... More
55 Cancri: A Laboratory for Testing Numerous Conjectures about Planet FormationNov 06 2008Five planets are presently believed to orbit the primary star of 55 Cnc, but there exists a large 5 AU gap in their distribution between the two outermost planets. This gap has attracted considerable interest because it may contain one or more lower--mass ... More
Accounting for Significance and Multicollinearity in Building Linear Regression ModelsFeb 08 2019We derive explicit Mixed Integer Optimization (MIO) constraints, as opposed to iteratively imposing them in a cutting plane framework, that impose significance and avoid multicollinearity for building linear regression models. In this way we extend and ... More
An infinite family of locally X graphs based on incidence geometriesNov 28 2018A graph ${\mathcal G}$ is locally X if the graphs induced on the neighbours of every vertex of ${\mathcal G}$ are isomorphic to the graph $X$. We prove that the infinite family of incidence graphs of the $r$-rank incidence geometries, $\Gamma(KG(n,k),r)$, ... More
Theoretical model of the outer disk of TW Hya presently forming in-situ planets and comparison with models of AS 209 and HL TauFeb 09 2019Mar 03 2019We fit an isothermal oscillatory density model to the outer disk of TW Hya in which planets have presumably already formed and they are orbiting within four observed dark gaps. At first sight, this 52 AU small disk does not appear to be similar to our ... More
Topology of Gleason Parts in maximal ideal spaces with no analytic discsFeb 14 2019Feb 15 2019We strengthen, in various directions, the theorem of Garnett that every $\sigma$-compact, completely regular space $X$ occurs as a Gleason part for some uniform algebra. In particular, we show that the uniform algebra can always be chosen so that its ... More
Quotients of a Universal Locally Projective Polytope of type {5,3,5}Jul 05 2003This article examines the universal polytope $\CP$ (of type $\{5,3,5\}$) whose facets are dodecahedra, and whose vertex figures are hemi-icosahedra. The polytope is proven to be finite, and the structure of its group is identified. This information is ... More
Towards a Characterization of Explainable SystemsJan 31 2019Building software-driven systems that are easily understood becomes a challenge, with their ever-increasing complexity and autonomy. Accordingly, recent research efforts strive to aid in designing explainable systems. Nevertheless, a common notion of ... More
Supercriticality of a Class of Critical String Cosmological SolutionsOct 11 2007Jun 19 2008For a class of Friedmann-Robertson-Walker type string solutions with compact hyperbolic spatial slices formulated in critical dimension, we find the world sheet conformal field theory which involves the linear dilaton and Wess-Zumino-Witten type model ... More
Neumann fractional $p-$Laplacian: eigenvalues and existence resultsApr 11 2019We develop some properties of the $p-$Neumann derivative for the fractional $p-$Laplacian in bounded domains with general $p>1$. In particular, we prove the existence of a diverging sequence of eigenvalues and we introduce the evolution problem associated ... More
Characterization of the equivalence of robustification and regularization in linear and matrix regressionNov 22 2014Feb 25 2017The notion of developing statistical methods in machine learning which are robust to adversarial perturbations in the underlying data has been the subject of increasing interest in recent years. A common feature of this work is that the adversarial robustification ... More
Rank reduction of string C-group representationsDec 03 2018We show that a rank reduction technique for string C-group representations first used for the symmetric groups generalizes to arbitrary settings. The technique permits us, among other things, to prove that orthogonal groups defined on $d$-dimensional ... More
Bagging multiple comparisons from microarray dataMay 15 2007The problem of large-scale simultaneous hypothesis testing is re-visited. Bagging and subagging procedures are put forth with the purpose of improving the discovery power of the tests. The procedures are implemented in both simulated and real data. It ... More
Fixed-b Subsampling and Block Bootstrap: Improved Confidence Sets Based on P-value CalibrationApr 04 2012Subsampling and block-based bootstrap methods have been used in a wide range of inference problems for time series. To accommodate the dependence, these resampling methods involve a bandwidth parameter, such as subsampling window width and block size ... More
Exoplanets Beyond the Solar Neighbourhood: Galactic Tidal PerturbationsDec 17 2012The majority of Milky Way extrasolar planets likely reside within a few kpc of the Galactic centre. The Galactic tidal forces acting on planets scale inversely with radius in the Galaxy and so are much greater in the inner Galaxy than in the Solar neighbourhood. ... More
Planetary Orbital Equations in Externally-Perturbed Systems: Position and Velocity-Dependent ForcesOct 24 2012The increasing number and variety of extrasolar planets illustrates the importance of characterizing planetary perturbations. Planetary orbits are typically described by physically intuitive orbital elements. Here, we explicitly express the equations ... More
Computer-intensive rate estimation, diverging statistics and scanningOct 26 2007A general rate estimation method is proposed that is based on studying the in-sample evolution of appropriately chosen diverging/converging statistics. The proposed rate estimators are based on simple least squares arguments, and are shown to be accurate ... More
Using Peer Feedback to Promote Reflection on Open-Ended ProblemsMar 11 2016This paper describes a new approach for learning from homework, called Peer-Assisted Reflection (PAR). PAR involves students using peer feedback to improve their work on open-ended homework problems. Collaborating with peers and revising one's work based ... More
Supergravity Inflation with Broken Shift Symmetry and Large Tensor-to-Scalar RatioNov 26 2013Apr 03 2014We propose a class of inflation models with potential V(\phi)=\alpha \phi^n exp(-\beta^m \phi^m). We show that such kind of inflaton potentials can be realized in supergravity theory with a small shift symmetry breaking term in the K\"ahler potential. ... More
Multi-Label Wireless Interference Identification with Convolutional Neural NetworksApr 12 2018The steadily growing use of license-free frequency bands require reliable coexistence management and therefore proper wireless interference identification (WII). In this work, we propose a WII approach based upon a deep convolutional neural network (CNN) ... More
Chaotic time series Part II: System identification and predictionJan 14 1994Jan 23 1994This paper is the second in a series of two, and describes the current state of the art in modelling and prediction of chaotic time series. Sampled data from deterministic non-linear systems may look stochastic when analysed with linear methods. However, ... More
A randomised finite element method for elliptic partial differential equationsMar 18 2019We consider a randomised implementation of the finite element method (FEM) for elliptic partial differential equations on high-dimensional models. This is motivated by the need to expedite the assembly of the associated stiffness matrices as indeed the ... More
Wireless Interference Identification with Convolutional Neural NetworksMar 02 2017The steadily growing use of license-free frequency bands requires reliable coexistence management for deterministic medium utilization. For interference mitigation, proper wireless interference identification (WII) is essential. In this work we propose ... More
Finding Desirable Objects under Group Categorical PreferencesSep 29 2015Considering a group of users, each specifying individual preferences over categorical attributes, the problem of determining a set of objects that are objectively preferable by all users is challenging on two levels. First, we need to determine the preferable ... More
Representable (T, V)-categoriesOct 24 2014Working in the framework of $(T, V)$-categories, for a symmetric monoidal closed category $V$ and a (not necessarily cartesian) monad $T$, we present a common account to the study of ordered compact Hausdorff spaces and stably compact spaces on one side ... More
Theory and Applications of Robust OptimizationOct 26 2010In this paper we survey the primary research, both theoretical and applied, in the area of Robust Optimization (RO). Our focus is on the computational attractiveness of RO approaches, as well as the modeling power and broad applicability of the methodology. ... More
A general class of mosaic random fieldsSep 05 2017We present a model of a random field on a topological space $M$ that unifies well-known models such as the Poisson hyperplane tessellation model, the random token model, and the dead leaves model. In addition to generalizing these submodels from $\mathbb{R}^d$ ... More
ErasureHead: Distributed Gradient Descent without Delays Using Approximate Gradient CodingJan 28 2019We present ErasureHead, a new approach for distributed gradient descent (GD) that mitigates system delays by employing approximate gradient coding. Gradient coded distributed GD uses redundancy to exactly recover the gradient at each iteration from a ... More
The Microstates Free Entropy Dimension of any DT--operator is 2Dec 14 2004Suppose that \mu is an arbitrary Borel measure on the complex plane with compact support and take c > 0. If Z is a DT(\mu,c)-operator as defined by Dykema and Haagerup, then the microstates free entropy dimension of Z is 2
Arithmetic and metric aspects of open de Rham spacesJul 11 2018In this paper we determine the motivic class---in particular, the weight polynomial and conjecturally the Poincar\'e polynomial---of the open de Rham space, defined and studied by Boalch, of certain moduli of irregular meromorphic connections on the trivial ... More
On topological field theory representation of higher analogs of classical special functionsNov 01 2010Jul 11 2011Looking for a quantum field theory model of Archimedean algebraic geometry a class of infinite-dimensional integral representations of classical special functions was introduced. Precisely the special functions such as Whittaker functions and Gamma-function ... More
An orthogonal approach to the subfactor of a planar algebraJul 25 2008By changing to an orthogonal basis, we give a short proof that the subfactor of the graded algebra of a planar algebra reproduces the planar algebra.
A Local Lemma for Focused Stochastic AlgorithmsSep 03 2018We develop a framework for the rigorous analysis of focused stochastic local search algorithms. These are algorithms that search a state space by repeatedly selecting some constraint that is violated in the current state and moving to a random nearby ... More
Variations of Power-Expected-Posterior Priors in Normal Regression ModelsSep 22 2016Feb 17 2019The power-expected-posterior (PEP) prior is an objective prior for Gaussian linear models, which leads to consistent model selection inference and tends to favor parsimonious models. Recently, two new forms of the PEP prior where proposed which generalize ... More