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Supersymmetric near-horizon geometry and Einstein-Cartan-Weyl spacesApr 07 2019We show that the horizon geometry for supersymmetric black hole solutions of minimal five-dimensional gauged supergravity is that of a particular Einstein-Cartan-Weyl (ECW) structure in three dimensions, involving the trace and traceless part of both ... More
Rotating black holes in the FI-gauged $N=2$, $D=4$ $\overline{\mathbb{C}\text{P}}^n$ modelFeb 08 2019Mar 25 2019We construct supersymmetric black holes with rotation or NUT charge for the $\overline{\mathbb{C}\text{P}}^n$- and the $\text{t}^3$ model of $N=2$, $D=4$ $\text{U}(1)$ FI-gauged supergravity. The solutions preserve 2 real supercharges, which are doubled ... More
Magnetic charges in the AdS(4) superalgebra osp(4|2)May 24 2010Dec 01 2010We discuss the issue of how to include magnetic charges in the AdS(4) superalgebra osp(4|2). It is shown that the usual way of introducing a pseudoscalar central charge on the right hand side of the basic anticommutator does not work, because this breaks ... More
All null supersymmetric backgrounds of N=2, D=4 gauged supergravity coupled to abelian vector multipletsFeb 24 2009May 23 2009The lightlike supersymmetric solutions of N=2, D=4 gauged supergravity coupled to an arbitrary number of abelian vector multiplets are classified using spinorial geometry techniques. The solutions fall into two classes, depending on whether the Killing ... More
De Sitter Gravity and Liouville TheoryMar 28 2002May 02 2002We show that the spectrum of conical defects in three-dimensional de Sitter space is in one-to-one correspondence with the spectrum of vertex operators in Liouville conformal field theory. The classical conformal dimensions of vertex operators are equal ... More
Quantum Properties of Topological Black HolesMar 17 1998Jun 12 1998We examine quantum properties of topological black holes which are asymptotically anti--de Sitter. First, massless scalar fields and Weyl spinors which propagate in the background of an anti--de Sitter black hole are considered in an exactly soluble two--dimensional ... More
Nut-charged black holes in matter-coupled N=2, D=4 gauged supergravityMar 28 2012Using the results of arXiv:0804.0009, where all timelike supersymmetric backgrounds of N=2, D=4 matter-coupled supergravity with Fayet-Iliopoulos gauging were classified, we construct genuine nut-charged BPS black holes in AdS_4 with nonconstant moduli. ... More
The Asymptotic Dynamics of de Sitter Gravity in three DimensionsOct 03 2001Nov 17 2001We show that the asymptotic dynamics of three-dimensional gravity with positive cosmological constant is described by Euclidean Liouville theory. This provides an explicit example of a correspondence between de Sitter gravity and conformal field theories. ... More
The timelike half-supersymmetric backgrounds of N=2, D=4 supergravity with Fayet-Iliopoulos gaugingMar 15 2010Subject to some relatively mild assumptions, we derive the complete form of all timelike half-supersymmetric solutions to N=2, D=4 gauged supergravity coupled to an arbitrary number of abelian vector multiplets. This is done using spinorial geometry techniques. ... More
Aspects of Quantum Gravity in de Sitter SpacesJul 29 2004Nov 11 2004In these lectures we give a review of recent attempts to understand quantum gravity on de Sitter spaces. In particular, we discuss the holographic correspondence between de Sitter gravity and conformal field theories proposed by Hull and by Strominger, ... More
On the Thermodynamics of Goedel Black HolesNov 25 2004After a brief review of Goedel-type universes in string theory, we discuss some intriguing properties of black holes immersed in such backgrounds. Among these are the upper bound on the entropy that points towards a finite-dimensional Hilbert space of ... More
Supersymmetry of Anti-de Sitter Black HolesAug 17 1998Jan 18 1999We examine supersymmetry of four-dimensional asymptotically anti-de Sitter (AdS) dyonic black holes in the context of gauged N=2 supergravity. Our calculations concentrate on black holes with unusual topology and their rotating generalizations, but we ... More
All Supersymmetric Solutions of N=2, D=4 Gauged SupergravityJul 02 2003Oct 08 2003We classify all supersymmetric solutions of minimal gauged supergravity in four dimensions. There are two classes of solutions that are distinguished by the norm of the Killing vector constructed from the Killing spinor. If the Killing vector is timelike, ... More
Supersymmetric AdS_4 black holes and attractorsNov 25 2009Using the general recipe given in arXiv:0804.0009, where all timelike supersymmetric solutions of N=2, D=4 gauged supergravity coupled to abelian vector multiplets were classified, we construct the first examples of genuine supersymmetric black holes ... More
Supersymmetric Godel-type Universe in four DimensionsOct 08 2003Dec 12 2003We generalize the classification of all supersymmetric solutions of pure N=2, D=4 gauged supergravity to the case when external sources are included. It is shown that the source must be an electrically charged dust. We give a particular solution to the ... More
M-Theory and Stringy Corrections to Anti-de Sitter Black Holes and Conformal Field TheoriesMar 09 1999Jul 07 1999We consider black holes in anti-de Sitter space AdS_{p+2} (p = 2,3,5), which have hyperbolic, flat or spherical event horizons. The $O(\alpha'^3)$ corrections (or the leading corrections in powers of the eleven-dimensional Planck length) to the black ... More
AdS$_5$ black strings in the stu model of FI-gauged $N=2$ supergravityMar 09 2018Oct 01 2018We analytically construct asymptotically AdS$_5$ black string solutions starting from the four-dimensional domain wall black hole of arXiv:0911.4926. It is shown that its uplift gives a black string in $d=5$ minimal gauged supergravity, with momentum ... More
Supersymmetric gyratons in five dimensionsOct 11 2006Jan 29 2007We obtain the gravitational and electromagnetic field of a spinning radiation beam-pulse (a gyraton) in minimal five-dimensional gauged supergravity and show under which conditions the solution preserves part of the supersymmetry. The configurations represent ... More
Thermodynamics of Kerr-Newman-AdS Black Holes and Conformal Field TheoriesAug 03 1999Dec 06 1999We study the thermodynamics of four-dimensional Kerr-Newman-AdS black holes both in the canonical and the grand-canonical ensemble. The stability conditions are investigated, and the complete phase diagrams are obtained, which include the Hawking-Page ... More
w_{\infty} Algebras, Conformal Mechanics, and Black HolesOct 07 1999Feb 28 2000We discuss BPS solitons in gauged ${\cal N}=2$, D=4 supergravity. The solitons represent extremal black holes interpolating between different vacua of anti-de Sitter spaces. The isometry superalgebras are determined and the motion of a superparticle in ... More
Non(anti)commutative SuperspaceApr 23 2001Jun 04 2003We investigate the most general non(anti)commutative geometry in N=1 four-dimensional superspace, invariant under the classical (i.e., undeformed) supertranslation group. We find that a nontrivial non(anti)commutative superspace geometry compatible with ... More
Supersymmetric black holes and attractors in gauged supergravity with hypermultipletsMar 31 2015Apr 13 2015We consider four-dimensional $N=2$ supergravity coupled to vector- and hypermultiplets, where abelian isometries of the quaternionic K\"ahler hypermultiplet scalar manifold are gauged. Using the recipe given by Meessen and Ort\'{\i}n in arXiv:1204.0493, ... More
Symplectically invariant flow equations for N=2, D=4 gauged supergravity with hypermultipletsFeb 03 2016Sep 13 2016We consider N=2 supergravity in four dimensions, coupled to an arbitrary number of vector- and hypermultiplets, where abelian isometries of the quaternionic hyperscalar target manifold are gauged. Using a static and spherically or hyperbolically symmetric ... More
Conformal structure of the Schwarzschild black holeJun 06 2011Feb 25 2012We show that the scalar wave equation at low frequencies in the Schwarzschild geometry enjoys a hidden SL(2,R) invariance, which is not inherited from an underlying symmetry of the spacetime itself. Contrary to what happens for Kerr black holes, the vector ... More
Hairy black holes in N=2 gauged supergravityMay 12 2015May 22 2015We construct black holes with scalar hair in a wide class of four-dimensional N=2 Fayet-Iliopoulos gauged supergravity theories that are characterized by a prepotential containing one free parameter. Considering the truncated model in which only a single ... More
Black string first order flow in N=2, d=5 abelian gauged supergravityOct 24 2016Nov 08 2016We derive both BPS and non-BPS first-order flow equations for magnetically charged black strings in five-dimensional N=2 abelian gauged supergravity, using the Hamilton-Jacobi formalism. This is first done for the coupling to vector multiplets only and ... More
Black string first order flow in N=2, d=5 abelian gauged supergravityOct 24 2016We derive both BPS and non-BPS first-order flow equations for magnetically charged black strings in five-dimensional N=2 abelian gauged supergravity, using the Hamilton-Jacobi formalism. This is first done for the coupling to vector multiplets only and ... More
Duality invariance in Fayet-Iliopoulos gauged supergravityJun 16 2016Sep 13 2016We propose a geometric method to study the residual symmetries in $N=2$, $d=4$ $\text{U}(1)$ Fayet-Iliopoulos (FI) gauged supergravity. It essentially involves the stabilization of the symplectic vector of gauge couplings (FI parameters) under the action ... More
On the Geometry behind N=2 Supersymmetric Effective Actions in Four DimensionsMay 19 1997Jan 30 1998An introduction to Seiberg-Witten theory and its relation to theories which include gravity.
Spinorial geometry, off-shell Killing spinor identities and higher derivative 5D supergravitiesJun 11 2018Aug 01 2018Killing spinor identities relate components of equations of motion to each other for supersymmetric backgrounds. The only input required is the field content and the supersymmetry transformations of the fields, as long as an on-shell supersymmetrization ... More
Dyonic AdS black holes from magnetohydrodynamicsDec 03 2008Jan 15 2009We use the AdS/CFT correspondence to argue that large dyonic black holes in anti-de Sitter spacetime are dual to stationary solutions of the equations of relativistic magnetohydrodynamics on the conformal boundary of AdS. The dyonic Kerr-Newman-AdS_4 ... More
Surjectivity of Euler operators on temperate distributionsNov 11 2017Jul 11 2018Euler operators are partial differential operators of the form $P(\theta)$ where $P$ is a polynomial and $\theta_j = x_j \partial/\partial x_j$. We show that every non-trivial Euler operator is surjective on the space of temperate distributions on $R^d$. ... More
BPS black holes in a non-homogeneous deformation of the stu model of $N=2$, $D=4$ gauged supergravityJul 20 2015We consider a deformation of the well-known stu model of $N=2$, $D=4$ supergravity, characterized by a non-homogeneous special K\"{a}hler manifold, and by the smallest electric-magnetic duality Lie algebra consistent with its upliftability to five dimensions. ... More
AdS_2 Supergravity and Superconformal Quantum MechanicsDec 09 2002Feb 19 2003We investigate the asymptotic dynamics of topological anti-de Sitter supergravity in two dimensions. Starting from the formulation as a BF theory, it is shown that the AdS_2 boundary conditions imply that the asymptotic symmetries form a super-Virasoro ... More
All timelike supersymmetric solutions of N=2, D=4 gauged supergravity coupled to abelian vector multipletsApr 01 2008The timelike supersymmetric solutions of N=2, D=4 gauged supergravity coupled to an arbitrary number of abelian vector multiplets are classified using spinorial geometry techniques. We show that the generalized holonomy group for vacua preserving N supersymmetries ... More
Rotating black holes in 4d gauged supergravityNov 07 2013Nov 24 2013We present new results towards the construction of the most general black hole solutions in four-dimensional Fayet-Iliopoulos gauged supergravities. In these theories black holes can be asymptotically AdS and have arbitrary mass, angular momentum, electric ... More
Chronology Protection in anti-de SitterNov 23 2004Jul 20 2005We consider 1/2 BPS excitations of AdS(5)xS(5) geometries in type IIB string theory that can be mapped into free fermion configurations according to the prescription of Lin, Lunin and Maldacena (LLM). It is shown that whenever the fermionic probability ... More
The Asymptotic Dynamics of two-dimensional (anti-)de Sitter GravityFeb 12 2002Mar 06 2002We show that the asymptotic dynamics of two-dimensional de Sitter or anti-de Sitter Jackiw-Teitelboim (JT) gravity is described by a generalized two-particle Calogero-Sutherland model. This correspondence is established by formulating the JT model of ... More
Supersymmetric Domain Walls and Strings in D=5 gauged Supergravity coupled to Vector MultipletsFeb 27 2003Mar 21 2003We present new supersymmetric domain wall and string solutions of five-dimensional N = 2 gauged supergravity coupled to an arbitrary number of vector multiplets. Using the techniques of very special geometry allows to obtain the most general domain wall ... More
Rotating black holes in the FI-gauged $N=2$, $D=4$ $\overline{\mathbb{C}\text{P}}^n$ modelFeb 08 2019We construct supersymmetric black holes with rotation or NUT charge for the $\overline{\mathbb{C}\text{P}}^n$- and the $\text{t}^3$ model of $N=2$, $D=4$ $\text{U}(1)$ FI-gauged supergravity. The solutions preserve 2 real supercharges, which are doubled ... More
Morley Finite Element Method for the Eigenvalues of the Biharmonic OperatorJun 11 2014Oct 27 2014This paper studies the nonconforming Morley finite element approximation of the eigenvalues of the biharmonic operator. A new $C^1$ conforming companion operator leads to an $L^2$ error estimate for the Morley finite element method which directly compares ... More
A characteristic property of the space sApr 13 2013Jun 13 2013It is shown that under certain stability conditions a complemented subspace of the space $s$ of rapidly decreasing sequences is isomorphic to $s$ and this condition characterizes $s$. This result is used to show that for the classical Cantor set $X$ the ... More
Variational formulation and numerical analysis of linear elliptic equations in nondivergence form with Cordès coefficientsJun 17 2016Jul 13 2016In this paper, second-order elliptic partial differential equations in nondivergence form on convex domains are equivalently reformulated as variational fourth-order problems. This enables the use of standard finite element techniques for variational ... More
Uniqueness of Symplectic StructuresNov 13 2012Dec 12 2012This survey paper addresses uniqueness questions for symplectic forms on closed manifolds, explains what is known in several examples, and reviews some open problems.
Euler partial differential equations and Schwartz distributionsJun 03 2018Euler operators are partial differential operators of the form $P(\theta)$ where $P$ is a polynomial and $\theta_j = x_j \partial/\partial x_j$. They are surjective on the space of temperate distributions on $R^d$. We show that this is, in general, not ... More
Using Twitter to Model the EUR/USD Exchange RateFeb 07 2014Fast, global, and sensitively reacting to political, economic and social events of any kind, these are attributes that social media like Twitter share with foreign exchange markets. The leading assumption of this paper is that information which can be ... More
Hadamard type operators on temperate distributionsDec 15 2018We study Hadamard operators on $S'(R^d)$ and give a complete characterization. They have the form $L(S)=S*T$ where * here means the multiplicative convolution and T is in the space of distributions which are $\theta$-rapidly decreasing in infinity and ... More
$\mathscr{E}'$ as an algebra by multiplicative convolutionSep 18 2015Jul 21 2018We study the algebra $\mathscr{E}'(\mathbb{R}^d)$ equipped with the multiplication $(T\star S)(f)=T_x(S_y(f(xy))$ where $xy=(x_1y_1,\dots,x_dy_d)$. This allows us a very elegant access to the theory of Hadamard type operators on $C^\infty(\Omega)$, $\Omega$ ... More
Hadamard operators on $\mathscr{D}'(Ω)$Feb 09 2016For open sets $\Omega\subset \mathbb{R}^d$ we study Hadamard operators on $\mathscr{D}'(\Omega)$, that is, continuous linear operators which admit all monomials as eigenvectors. We characterize them as operators of the form $L(S)=S\star T$ where $T$ is ... More
A Fundamental System of Seminorms for $A(K)$Sep 23 2013Let $K\subset\R^d$ be compact and $A(K)$ the space of germs of real analytic functions on $K$ with its natural (LF)-topology. This topology can be given by $A(K)=\limind_{k\to+\infty} A_k$ where $A_k=\{(f_\alpha)_{\alpha\in\N_0^d}\in C(K)^{\N_0^d}\,:\, ... More
Hadamard operators on $\mathscr{D}'(\mathbb{R}^d)$Nov 27 2015We study continuous linear operators on $\mathscr{D}'(\mathbb{R}^d)$ which admit all monomials as eigenvectors, that is, operators of Hadamard type. Such operators on $C^\infty(\mathbb{R}^d)$ and on the space $A(\mathbb{R}^d)$ of real analytic functions ... More
Polynomial Functions on a Central RelationOct 09 2003We show that the algebra $\mathbf{R} = \bigl(R; \wedge, \veebar, 0, \bar{f}_i(x) (i \in I)\bigr)$ is central polynomially complete and finite.
Subfactors and planar algebrasApr 22 2003An inclusion of II$_1$ factors $N \subset M$ with finite Jones index gives rise to a powerful set of invariants that can be approached successfully in a number of different ways. We describe Jones' pictorial description of the standard invariant of a ... More
Topological Strings on Grassmannian Calabi-Yau manifoldsFeb 20 2008We present solutions for the higher genus topological string amplitudes on Calabi-Yau-manifolds, which are realized as complete intersections in Grassmannians. We solve the B-model by direct integration of the holomorphic anomaly equations using a finite ... More
Landau-Ginzburg String VacuaApr 20 1992We investigate a class of (2,2) supersymmetric string vacua which may be represented as Landau--Ginzburg theories with a quasihomogeneous potential which has an isolated singularity at the origin. There are at least three thousand distinct models in this ... More
Comment on the Generation Number in Orbifold CompactificationsJul 31 1992There has been some confusion concerning the number of $(1,1)$-forms in orbifold compactifications of the heterotic string in numerous publications. In this note we point out the relevance of the underlying torus lattice on this number. We answer the ... More
Enumerative geometry of Calabi-Yau 4-foldsFeb 07 2007Gromov-Witten theory is used to define an enumerative geometry of curves in Calabi-Yau 4-folds. The main technique is to find exact solutions to moving multiple cover integrals. The resulting invariants are analogous to the BPS counts of Gopakumar and ... More
Counting BPS states on the Enriques Calabi-YauDec 19 2005Dec 15 2006We study topological string amplitudes for the FHSV model using various techniques. This model has a type II realization involving a Calabi-Yau threefold with Enriques fibres, which we call the Enriques Calabi-Yau. By applying heterotic/type IIA duality, ... More
Seiberg-Witten theory and matrix modelsOct 28 2008May 13 2009We derive a family of matrix models which encode solutions to the Seiberg-Witten theory in 4 and 5 dimensions. Partition functions of these matrix models are equal to the corresponding Nekrasov partition functions, and their spectral curves are the Seiberg-Witten ... More
Pristine and intercalated transition metal dichalcogenide superconductorsMay 23 2015Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) are quasi-two-dimensional layered compounds exhibiting strongly competing charge-density wave (CDW) and superconducting (SC) order parameters (OPs). The weak van der Waals interlayer bonding between hexagonal layers ... More
Swampland Distance Conjecture for One-Parameter Calabi-Yau ThreefoldsMar 02 2019We investigate the swampland distance conjecture (SDC) in the complex moduli space of type II compactifications on one-parameter Calabi-Yau threefolds. This class of manifolds contains hundreds of examples and, in particular, a subset of 14 geometries ... More
Solving the Topological String on K3 FibrationsAug 04 2009We present solutions of the holomorphic anomaly equations for compact two-parameter Calabi-Yau manifolds which are hypersurfaces in weighted projective space. In particular we focus on K3-fibrations where due to heterotic type II duality the topological ... More
Recent Efforts in the Computation of String Couplings:Oct 28 1992We review recent advances towards the computation of string couplings. Duality symmetry, mirror symmetry, Picard-Fuchs equations, etc. are some of the tools.
Boolean networks with veto functionsMay 14 2014Aug 27 2014Boolean networks are discrete dynamical systems for modeling regulation and signaling in living cells. We investigate a particular class of Boolean functions with inhibiting inputs exerting a veto (forced zero) on the output. We give analytical expressions ... More
Stability of Boolean and continuous dynamicsMar 23 2011Sep 29 2011Regulatory dynamics in biology is often described by continuous rate equations for continuously varying chemical concentrations. Binary discretization of state space and time leads to Boolean dynamics. In the latter, the dynamics has been called unstable ... More
Strong Coupling Singularities and Non-abelian Gauge Symmetries in $N=2$ String TheoryJan 05 1996Jan 21 1996We study a class of extremal transitions between topological distinct Calabi--Yau manifolds which have an interpretation in terms of the special massless states of a type II string compactification. In those cases where a dual heterotic description exists ... More
Chern-Simons formulation of three-dimensional gravity with torsion and nonmetricityJul 20 2005Jan 29 2007We consider various models of three-dimensional gravity with torsion or nonmetricity (metric affine gravity), and show that they can be written as Chern-Simons theories with suitable gauge groups. Using the groups ISO(2,1), SL(2,C) or SL(2,R) x SL(2,R), ... More
Impact of individual nodes in Boolean network dynamicsNov 22 2011Sep 13 2012Boolean networks serve as discrete models of regulation and signaling in biological cells. Identifying the key controllers of such processes is important for understanding the dynamical systems and planning further analysis. Here we quantify the dynamical ... More
Stable and unstable attractors in Boolean networksNov 04 2004Jan 07 2005Boolean networks at the critical point have been a matter of debate for many years as, e.g., scaling of number of attractor with system size. Recently it was found that this number scales superpolynomially with system size, contrary to a common earlier ... More
Efficient exploration of discrete energy landscapesOct 14 2009Jan 18 2011Many physical and chemical processes, such as folding of biopolymers, are best described as dynamics on large combinatorial energy landscapes. A concise approximate description of dynamics is obtained by partitioning the micro-states of the landscape ... More
Regulatory networks and connected components of the neutral spaceApr 30 2009The functioning of a living cell is largely determined by the structure of its regulatory network, comprising non-linear interactions between regulatory genes. An important factor for the stability and evolvability of such regulatory systems is neutrality ... More
Decision Support Systems - Technical Prerequisites and Military RequirementsNov 25 2010Decision Support Systems in the sense of online alternative course of action (ACAO) development and analysis as well as tools for online Development of Doctrine and Tactics Techniques, and Procedures (DTTP) for support to operations make it possible to ... More
Generating Multilingual Documents from a Knowledge Base: The TECHDOC ProjectJul 21 1994Jul 22 1994TECHDOC is an implemented system demonstrating the feasibility of generating multilingual technical documents on the basis of a language-independent knowledge base. Its application domain is user and maintenance instructions, which are produced from underlying ... More
An XML based Document SuiteApr 22 2003We report about the current state of development of a document suite and its applications. This collection of tools for the flexible and robust processing of documents in German is based on the use of XML as unifying formalism for encoding input and output ... More
Confinement in the Abelian-Higgs-type theories: string picture and field correlatorsApr 30 2004Field correlators and the string representation are used as two complementary approaches for the description of confinement in the SU(N)-inspired dual Abelian-Higgs-type model. In the London limit of the simplest, SU(2)-inspired, model, bilocal electric ... More
Monopole-like Excitations as a Source of Confinement in the SU(2)-GluodynamicsFeb 24 1999Nov 29 1999By making use of the Abelian projection method, a dual version of the SU(2)-gluodynamics with manifest monopole-like excitations, arising from the integration over singular gauge transformations, is formulated in the continuum limit. The resulting effective ... More
Computation of local and quasi-local effective diffusion tensors in elliptic homogenizationAug 06 2016This paper gives a re-interpretation of the multiscale method of M{\aa}lqvist and Peterseim [Math.\ Comp.\ 2014] by means of a discrete integral operator acting on standard finite element spaces. The exponential decay of the involved integral kernel motivates ... More
Deviator Detection under Imperfect MonitoringDec 27 2017Grim-trigger strategies are a fundamental mechanism for sustaining equilibria in iterated games: the players cooperate along an agreed path, and as soon as one player deviates, the others form a coalition to play him down to his minmax level. A precondition ... More
Phonon-drag studies of (110) AlAs quantum wellsFeb 16 2012We investigate the possibility of using phonon-drag imaging for the study of 2D electrons in (110) AlAs quantum wells. Our numerical simulations show that direct information on the strain and quantum confinement dependent valley occupancy of the electrons, ... More
The dimension of a varietyFeb 22 2006May 27 2006We invent the notion of a {\it dimension of a variety} $V$ as the cardinality of all its proper {\it derived} subvarieties (of the same type). The dimensions of varieties of lattices, varieties of regular bands and other general algebraic structures are ... More
Black Holes as Lumps of FluidNov 14 2008Jan 05 2009The old suggestive observation that black holes often resemble lumps of fluid has recently been taken beyond the level of an analogy to a precise duality. We investigate aspects of this duality, and in particular clarify the relation between area minimization ... More
Black strings in AdS_5Aug 17 2007Jan 10 2008We present non-extremal magnetic black string solutions in five-dimensional gauged supergravity. The conformal infinity is the product of time and S^1xS_h, where S_h denotes a compact Riemann surface of genus h. The construction is based on both analytical ... More
More on BPS solutions of N=2, D=4 gauged supergravityJun 25 2004Jun 29 2004We deepen and refine the classification of supersymmetric solutions to N=2, D=4 gauged supergravity obtained in a previous paper. In the case where the Killing vector constructed from the Killing spinor is timelike, it is shown that the nonlinear partial ... More
Issues in Exploiting GermaNet as a Resource in Real ApplicationsJan 31 2005This paper reports about experiments with GermaNet as a resource within domain specific document analysis. The main question to be answered is: How is the coverage of GermaNet in a specific domain? We report about results of a field test of GermaNet for ... More
Context Related Derivation of Word SensesJan 31 2005Real applications of natural language document processing are very often confronted with domain specific lexical gaps during the analysis of documents of a new domain. This paper describes an approach for the derivation of domain specific concepts for ... More
Transforming Business Rules Into Natural Language TextJan 31 2005The aim of the project presented in this paper is to design a system for an NLG architecture, which supports the documentation process of eBusiness models. A major task is to enrich the formal description of an eBusiness model with additional information ... More
Spectral measures of small index principal graphsMar 24 2006May 26 2006The principal graph $X$ of a subfactor with finite Jones index is one of the important algebraic invariants of the subfactor. If $\Delta$ is the adjacency matrix of $X$ we consider the equation $\Delta=U+U^{-1}$. When $X$ has square norm $\leq 4$ the ... More
The three dimensional Fueter equation and divergence free framesFeb 19 2012Feb 25 2013A divergence free frame on a closed three manifold is called regular if every solution of the linear Fueter equation is constant and is called singular otherwise. The set of singular divergence free frames is an analogue of the Maslov cycle. Regular divergence ... More
Using Calculation Fragments for Spreadsheet Testing and DebuggingMar 11 2015A number of automated techniques and tools were proposed in the research literature over the years which aim to support the spreadsheet developer in the process of testing and debugging a faulty spreadsheet. One underlying assumption of many of these ... More
Superspace formulation of general massive gauge theories and geometric interpretation of mass-dependent BRST symmetriesSep 10 1999Feb 11 2000A superspace formulation is proposed for the osp(1,2)-covariant Lagrangian quantization of general massive gauge theories. The superalgebra os0(1,2) is considered as subalgebra of sl(1,2); the latter may be considered as the algebra of generators of the ... More
Stable Multiscale Petrov-Galerkin Finite Element Method for High Frequency Acoustic ScatteringMar 17 2015Jul 14 2015We present and analyze a pollution-free Petrov-Galerkin multiscale finite element method for the Helmholtz problem with large wave number $\kappa$ as a variant of [Peterseim, ArXiv:1411.1944, 2014]. We use standard continuous $Q_1$ finite elements at ... More
Corrigenda to: Introduction to Symplectic TopologySep 29 1997This contains a list of (mostly very minor) corrections to the book Introduction to Symplectic Topology, Clarendon Press, Oxford, (1995), together with rewritten versions of two lemmas and some additional comments.
Confining Properties of Abelian(-Projected) TheoriesDec 14 1998Representations of the Abelian-projected SU(2)- and SU(3)-gluodynamics in terms of the magnetic monopole currents are derived. Besides the quadratic part, the obtained effective actions contain interactions of these currents with the world-sheets of electric ... More
String Representation of Field Correlators in the Dual Abelian Higgs ModelJun 18 1998By making use of the path integral duality transformation, we derive the string representation for the partition function of an extended Dual Abelian Higgs Model containing gauge fields of external currents of electrically charged particles. By the same ... More
Generating VaR scenarios with product beta distributionsAug 07 2018Jan 18 2019We propose a Monte Carlo simulation method to generate stress tests by VaR scenarios under Solvency II for dependent risks on the basis of observed data. This is of particular interest for the construction of Internal Models and requirements on evaluation ... More
The Viterbo-Maslov Index in Dimension TwoMay 02 2012We prove a formula that expresses the Viterbo-Maslov index of a smooth strip in an oriented 2-manifold with boundary curves contained in 1-dimensional submanifolds in terms the degree function on the complement of the union of the two submanifolds.
Numerical stochastic homogenization by quasilocal effective diffusion tensorsFeb 28 2017Jan 22 2019This paper proposes a numerical upscaling procedure for elliptic boundary value problems with diffusion tensors that vary randomly on small scales. The resulting effective deterministic model is given through a quasilocal discrete integral operator, which ... More
Characterizing the stepwise transformation from a low-density to a very-high-density form of supercooled liquid waterDec 09 2005We explore the phase diagram of TIP4P-Ew [J. Chem. Phys. {\bf 120}, 9665 (2004)] liquid model water from the boiling-point down to $150 {K}$ at densities ranging from $0.950 {g} {cm}^{-3}$ to $1.355 {g} {cm}^{-3}$. In addition to the low-density/high-density ... More
Delocalization due to correlations in two-dimensional disordered systemsJun 30 2004Jul 02 2004We study the spectral statistics of interacting spinless fermions in a two-dimensional disordered lattice. Within a full quantum treatment for small few-particle-systems, we compute the low-energy many-body states numerically. While at weak disorder the ... More
Algebraic renormalization of twisted N=2 supersymmetry with Z=2 central extensionApr 23 2001We study the renormalizability of (massive) topological QCD based on the algebraic BRST technique by adopting a non-covariant Landau type gauge and making use of the full topological superalgebra. The most general local counter terms are determined and ... More