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Generating $θ_{13}$ from sterile neutrinos in $μ- τ$ symmetric modelsJul 24 2015Oct 07 2015The smallness of the $\theta_{13}$ mixing angle as observed in neutrino oscillation experiments can be understood through an approximated $\mu - \tau$ exchange symmetry in the neutrino mass matrix. Using recent oscillation neutrino data, but assuming ... More
Leptonic CP phases near the $μ-τ$ symmetric limitMar 07 2016Jun 30 2016The neutrino masses and mixings indicated by current neutrino oscillation experiments suggest that the neutrino mass matrix possesses an approximate $\mu-\tau$ exchange symmetry. In this study, we explore the neutrino parameter space and show that if ... More
Deviations to Tri-Bi-Maximal mixing in the limit of $μ-τ$ symmetryMar 13 2019In the limit of an approximate $\mu-\tau$ symmetry in the neutrino mass matrix, we explore deviations to the Tri-Bi-Maximal mixing pattern in the neutrino sector. We consider two different ansatzes for the corrected pattern to predict the current values ... More
Nonparametric reconstruction of the Om diagnostic to test LCDMNov 22 2015Cosmic acceleration is usually related with the unknown dark energy, which equation of state, w(z), is constrained and numerically confronted with independent astrophysical data. In order to make a diagnostic of w(z), the introduction of a null test of ... More
$A_1$ theory of weights for rough homogeneous singular integrals and commutatorsJul 21 2016Quantitative $A_1-A_\infty$ estimates for rough homogeneous singular integrals $T_{\Omega}$ and commutators of $BMO$ symbols and $T_{\Omega}$ are obtained. In particular the following estimates are proved: % \[ \|T_\Omega \|_{L^p(w)}\le c_{n,p}\|\Omega\|_{L^\infty} ... More
Decoherence during Inflation: the generation of classical inhomogeneitiesJun 08 2005Aug 23 2005We show how the quantum to classical transition of the cosmological fluctuations produced during inflation can be described by means of the influence functional and the master equation. We split the inflaton field into the system-field (long-wavelength ... More
Pair annihilation and radio emission from galactic jet sources: The case of Nova MuscaeOct 15 2001In the hard X-ray spectra of some X-ray binaries line features at around 500 keV are detected. We interpret these as arising from pair annihilation in relativistic outflows leading to a significant Doppler shift of the lines' frequencies. We show how ... More
Negative Magnetoresistance in Amorphous Indium Oxide WiresJun 01 2015Nov 28 2016We study magneto-transport properties of several amorphous Indium oxide nanowires of different widths. The wires show superconducting transition at zero magnetic field, but, there exist a finite resistance at the lowest temperature. The $R(T)$ broadening ... More
Shape resonances in nested diffraction gratingsNov 24 2004The diffraction problem of a plane wave impinging on a grating formed by nested cavities is solved by means of the modal method, for $s$ and $p$ polarization modes. The cavities are formed by perfectly conducting sheets that describe rectangular profiles. ... More
Existence and Morse Index of least energy nodal solution of the $(p,2)$-laplacianDec 06 2018In this paper we study the quasilinear equation $- \ep^2 \Delta u-\Delta_p u=f(u)$ in a smooth bounded domain $\Omega$ with Dirichlet boundary condition. For $\ep \geq 0$, we review existence of a least energy nodal solution and then present information ... More
Decoherence and entanglement in tripartite systems: Cavity QEDFeb 23 2010We propose an experimental setup, feasible with present day technology, involving two highquality- factor cavities, one Ramsey zone and a two-level atom which interacts with them. The dynamics in the cavities is modeled by a dissipative dispersive Jaynes-Cummings ... More
DBI Galileon inflation in the light of Planck 2015Apr 06 2015Feb 27 2016In this work we consider a DBI Galileon (DBIG) inflationary model and constrain its parameter space with the Planck 2015 and BICEP2/Keck array and Planck (BKP) joint analysis data by means of a potential independent analysis. We focus our attention on ... More
Local Classical Strategies vs Geometrical Quantum ConstraintsSep 11 2018We use an alternative approach to show that quantum entanglement-like correlations cannot be reproduced for any classical protocol. In our proposal, quantum geometric restrictions are impose over the physical system related to the existence of entanglement ... More
On the classification of G-graded twisted algebrasJan 23 2013Let G denote a group and let W be an algebra over a commutative ring R. We will say that W is a G-graded twisted algebra (not necessarily commutative, neither associative) if there exists a G-grading W=\bigoplus_{g \in G}W_{g} where each summand W_{g} ... More
Relationships among the nucleotide content of human genome sequence, gene structure, and gene expression features (PhD synopsis)Dec 30 2010The Dissertation is focused on the studies of associations between functional elements in human genome and their nucleotide structure. The asymmetry in nucleotide content (skew, bias) was chosen as the main feature for nucleotide structure. A significant ... More
Inquiry-based learning in a first-year honors courseJun 28 2016Aug 31 2017We describe a case study of a problem-solving section, using the "Harkness" discussion method, of an honors multivariable calculus course. Students in the problem-solving section had equivalent outcomes on exams, reported higher ratings in self-assessments ... More
AQV IV. A new formulation of the holonomy-flux *-algebraAug 19 2011In this article the holonomy-flux *-algebra, which has been introduced by Lewandowski, Okolow, Sahlmann and Thiemann, is modificated. The new *-algebra is called the holonomy-flux cross-product *-algebra. This algebra is an abstract cross-product *-algebra. ... More
AQV II. A new formulation of the Weyl C*-algebraAug 19 2011In this article a new formulation of the Weyl C*-algebra, which has been invented by Fleischhack, in terms of C*-dynamical systems is presented. The quantum configuration variables are given by the holonomies along paths in a graph. Functions depending ... More
Some properties of Fibonacci numbers, Fibonacci octonions and generalized Fibonacci-Lucas octonionsMay 07 2015Jun 12 2015In this paper we determine some properties of Fibonacci octonions. Also, we introduce the generalized Fibonacci-Lucas octonions and we investigate some properties of these elements.
Special numbers, special quaternions and special symbol elementsDec 05 2017{\small In this paper we define and we study properties of} $\left(l,1,p+2q,q\cdot l\right) -$ {\small numbers,} $\left(l,1,p+2q,q\cdot l\right) -$ {\small quaternions,} $\left(l,1,p+2q,q\cdot l\right) -$ {\small symbol elements. Finally, we obtain an ... More
On Sutured Khovanov Homology and Axis-Preserving MutationsMay 12 2015This paper establishes that sutured annular Khovanov homology is not invariant for braid closures under axis-preserving mutations. This follows from an explicit relationship between sutured annular Khovanov homology and the classical Burau representation ... More
Comparative analysis of the nucleotide composition biases in exons and introns of human genesNov 09 2010The nucleotide composition of human genes with a special emphasis on transcription-related strand asymmetries is analyzed. Such asymmetries may be associated with different mutational rates in two principal factors. The first one is transcription-coupled ... More
Understanding Knowledge Leakage & BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): A Mobile Worker PerspectiveJun 05 2016Knowledge sharing drives innovation and the opportunity to develop a sustainable competitive advantage. However, in the extant knowledge management and information security literature, leakage from sharing activities is neglected. The risk of knowledge ... More
Constraints on planetesimal disk mass from the cratering record and equatorial ridge on IapetusJun 26 2014Iapetus, the outermost regular satellite of Saturn, has a drastic albedo dichotomy and an equatorial circumferential ridge that reaches heights of 20 km and widths of 70 km. This moon is thought to have formed concurrently with Saturn, and so would have ... More
Behavior of early warnings near the critical temperature in the two-dimensional Ising modelFeb 21 2015Among the properties that are common to complex systems, the presence of critical thresholds in the dynamics of the system is one of the most important. Recently, there has been interest in the universalities that occur in the behavior of systems near ... More
Antiferromagnetic and Orbital Ordering on a Diamond Lattice Near Quantum CriticalityMar 25 2016We present neutron scattering measurements on powder samples of the spinel FeSc2S4 that reveal a previously unobserved magnetic ordering transition occurring at 11.8(2)~K. Magnetic ordering occurs subsequent to a subtle cubic-to-tetragonal structural ... More
The VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey. XIII: On the nature of O Vz stars in 30 DoradusDec 11 2013AIMS. We test the hypothesis of O Vz stars (characterized by having HeII4686 stronger in absorption than other He lines in their blue-violet spectra) being at a younger evolutionary stage than are normal O-type dwarfs. METHODS. We have performed a quantitative ... More
The VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey X: Evidence for a bimodal distribution of rotational velocities for the single early B-type starsDec 11 2012Aims: Projected rotational velocities (\vsini) have been estimated for 334 targets in the VLT-FLAMES Tarantula survey that do not manifest significant radial velocity variations and are not supergiants. They have spectral types from approximately O9.5 ... More
Singular chains and the fundamental groupJul 17 2018Jul 27 2018We show that the singular chains on a space, with its natural algebraic structure and under a notion of weak equivalence which is stronger than quasi-isomorphism, encodes the fundamental group.
Fluctuations of gravitational waves in Eddington inspired Born-Infeld theoryMar 07 2018In this paper we review the EiBI gravity in the presence of a cosmological constant and its tensor perturbations analysis. We show the existence of gravitational waves in the past-time, seeing as a result the smooth transition between high-energy densities ... More
The Closed String Tachyon and its relationship with the evolution of the UniverseJan 21 2013We present a cosmological landscape where the classical closed string tachyon field plays an important role in the framework of a critical bosonic compactification. Our cosmological solutions for a universe with constant curvature describes an finite ... More
The signed enhanced principal rank characteristic sequenceDec 28 2016Sep 02 2017The signed enhanced principal rank characteristic sequence (sepr-sequence) of an $n \times n$ Hermitian matrix is the sequence $t_1t_2 \cdots t_n$, where $t_k$ is either $\tt A^*$, $\tt A^+$, $\tt A^-$, $\tt N$, $\tt S^*$, $\tt S^+$, or $\tt S^-$ based ... More
Improved $A_1-A_\infty$ and related estimates for commutators of rough singular integralsMay 28 2017Jun 13 2017An $A_1-A_\infty$ estimate improving a previous result in arXiv:1607.06432 is obtained. Also new a result in terms of the ${A_\infty}$ constant and the one supremum $A_q-A_\infty^{\exp}$ constant, is proved, providing a counterpart for the result obained ... More
Forecasting of commercial sales with large scale Gaussian ProcessesSep 16 2017This paper argues that there has not been enough discussion in the field of applications of Gaussian Process for the fast moving consumer goods industry. Yet, this technique can be important as it e.g., can provide automatic feature relevance determination ... More
Scan Quantum Mechanics: Quantum Inertia Stops SuperpositionNov 27 2015May 30 2016A novel interpretation of the quantum mechanical superposition is put forward. Quantum systems scan all possible available states and switch randomly and very rapidly among them. The longer they remain in a given state, the larger the probability of the ... More
The Last Workshop on Theoretical Physics in the Soviet UnionDec 30 2010Apr 29 2011Twenty years ago, in October 1990, I found myself attending a workshop on Theoretical Physics in Chernomorka (Ukraine) intended only for Soviet physicists. That trip to the USSR/CCCP as well as the preceding months at CERN were highly surrealistic with ... More
The Adapted Ordering Method in Representation TheoryOct 15 2004Dec 09 2004In 1998 the Adapted Ordering Method was developed for the representation theory of the superconformal algebras. This method, which proves to be very powerful, can be applied to most algebras and superalgebras, however. It allows: to determine maximal ... More
A quantitative approach to weighted Carleson ConditionFeb 21 2016Quantitative versions of weighted estimates obtained by F. Ruiz and J.L. Torrea in the 80's for the operator \[ \mathcal{M}f(x,t)=\sup_{x\in Q,\,l(Q)\geq t}\frac{1}{|Q|}\int_{Q}|f(x)|dx \qquad x\in\mathbb{R}^{n}, \, t \geq0 \] are obtained. As a consequence, ... More
Spectral Triples for the Variants of the Sierpinski GasketSep 03 2017Fractal geometry is the study of sets which exhibit the same pattern at multiple scales. Developing tools to study these sets is of great interest. One step towards developing some of these tools is recognizing the duality between topological spaces and ... More
Integer sequences and k-commuting permutationsJun 11 2014Nov 30 2015Let $\beta$ be any permutation on $n$ symbols and let $c(k, \beta)$ be the number of permutations that $k$-commute with $\beta$. The cycle type of a permutation $\beta$ is a vector $(c_1, \dots, c_n)$ such that $\beta$ has exactly $c_i$ cycles of length ... More
Bikei Invariants and Gauss Diagrams for Virtual Knotted SurfacesSep 27 2014Jun 05 2015Marked vertex diagrams provide a combinatorial way to represent knotted surfaces in $\mathbb{R}^4$; including virtual crossings allows for a theory of virtual knotted surfaces and virtual cobordisms. Biquandle counting invariants are defined only for ... More
Classification of families of pr- and epr-sequencesJun 23 2016Nov 01 2016This paper establishes new restrictions for attainable enhanced principal rank characteristic sequences (epr-sequences). These results are then used to classify two related families of sequences that are attainable by a real symmetric matrix: the family ... More
The enhanced principal rank characteristic sequence over a field of characteristic 2Aug 29 2016Sep 02 2017The enhanced principal rank characteristic sequence (epr-sequence) of an $n \times n$ symmetric matrix over a field $\mathbb{F}$ was recently defined as $\ell_1 \ell_2 \cdots \ell_n$, where $\ell_k$ is either $\tt A$, $\tt S$, or $\tt N$ based on whether ... More
The Tarantula Massive Binary Monitoring: I. Observational campaign and OB-type spectroscopic binariesOct 11 2016Mar 13 2017Massive binaries (MBs) play a crucial role in the Universe. Knowing the distributions of their orbital parameters (OPs) is important for a wide range of topics, from stellar feedback to binary evolution channels, from the distribution of supernova types ... More
Bayesian Online Detection and Prediction of Change PointsFeb 12 2019Online detection of instantaneous changes in the generative process of a data sequence generally focuses on retrospective inference of such change points without considering their future occurrences. We extend the Bayesian Online Change Point Detection ... More
Some generalizations of the functions $τ$ and $τ^{\left(e\right)}$ in algebraic number fieldsFeb 25 2019In this paper, we generalize the arithmetic functions $\tau$ and $\tau^{\left(e\right)}$ in algebraic number fields and we find some properties of these functions.
A Neptune-mass Planet Orbiting the Nearby G Dwarf HD16417Feb 23 2009Precision Doppler measurements from an intensive 48 night "Rocky Planet Search" observing campaign on the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) have revealed the presence of a low-mass exoplanet orbiting the G1 dwarf HD16417. Subsequent Doppler observations ... More
Strong and Weak Chaos in Networks of Semiconductor Lasers with Time-delayed CouplingsOct 05 2012Nonlinear networks with time-delayed couplings may show strong and weak chaos, depending on the scaling of their Lyapunov exponent with the delay time. We study strong and weak chaos for semiconductor lasers, either with time-delayed self-feedback or ... More
IGR J19140+098, a new INTEGRAL transientApr 16 2004IGR J19140+098 (SIMBAD corrected name IGR J19140+0951) is a new X-ray transient, discovered by INTEGRAL during an observation of GRS 1915+015. The source presents strong variations on timescales from seconds to days. We present results of multiwavelength ... More
Quaternion algebras and the generalized Fibonacci-Lucas quaternionsJan 08 2015Mar 16 2015In this paper, we introduce the generalized Fibonacci-Lucas quaternions and we prove that the set of these elements is an order,in the sense of ring theory, of a quaternion algebra. Moreover, we investigate some properties of these elements.
An annular refinement of the transverse element in Khovanov homologyJul 22 2015We construct a braid conjugacy class invariant $\kappa$ by refining Plamenevskaya's transverse element $\psi$ in Khovanov homology via the annular grading. While $\kappa$ is not an invariant of transverse links, it distinguishes some braids whose closures ... More
Symmetry and degeneracy of the curved Coulomb potential on the S3 ballFeb 09 2012The "curved" Coulomb potential on the S3 ball, whose isometry group is SO(4), takes the form of a cotangent function, and when added to the four-dimensional squared angular momentum operator, one of the so(4) Casimir invariants, a Hamiltonian is obtained ... More
Two-Step phase estimation using the Simplified Lissajous Ellipse Fitting method with Gabor filter banks preprocessingApr 10 2019We present the Simplified Lissajous Ellipse Fitting (SLEF) method for the calculation of the random phase step and the phase distribution from two phase-shifted interferograms. We consider interferograms with spatial and temporal dependency of background ... More
Theorie ergodique des fractions rationnelles sur un corps ultrametriqueSep 02 2007Jul 10 2009We make the first steps towards an understanding of the ergodic properties of a rational map defined over a complete algebraically closed non-archimedean field. For such a rational map R, we construct a natural invariant probability measure m_R which ... More
Theoreme d'equidistribution de Brolin en dynamique p-adiqueJul 27 2004We prove an analog of the famous equidistribution theorem of Brolin for rational mappings in one variable defined over the p-adic field C_p. We construct a mixing invariant probability measure which describes the asymptotic distribution of iterated preimages ... More
Residue fixed point index and wildly ramified power seriesApr 09 2019In this paper, we study power series having a fixed point of multiplier $1$. First, we give a closed formula for the residue fixed point index, in terms of the first coefficients of the power series. Then, we use this formula to study wildly ramified ... More
Relation of the cyclotomic equation with the harmonic and derived seriesJan 22 2015We associate some (old) convergent series related to definite integrals with the cyclotomic equation $x^m-1= 0$, for several natural numbers $m$; for example, for $m = 3$, $x^3-1 = (x-1)(1+x+x^2)$, leads to $\int_0^1dx\frac{1}{(1+x+x^2)} = \frac{\pi}{(3\sqrt{3})} ... More
Singular dimensions of the N=2 superconformal algebras. IJul 30 1998Verma modules of superconfomal algebras can have singular vector spaces with dimensions greater than 1. Following a method developed for the Virasoro algebra by Kent, we introduce the concept of adapted orderings on superconformal algebras. We prove several ... More
Transmutations between Singular and Subsingular Vectors of the N=2 Superconformal AlgebrasDec 08 1997Dec 13 1999We present subsingular vectors of the N=2 superconformal algebras other than the ones which become singular in chiral Verma modules, reported recently by Gato-Rivera and Rosado. We show that two large classes of singular vectors of the Topological algebra ... More
Singular dimensions of the N=2 superconformal algebras II: the twisted N=2 algebraFeb 05 1999We introduce a suitable adapted ordering for the twisted N=2 superconformal algebra (i.e. with mixed boundary conditions for the fermionic fields). We show that the ordering kernels for complete Verma modules have two elements and the ordering kernels ... More
On the Identification of Wide Binaries in the Kepler FieldJun 29 2018We perform a search for wide binaries in the Kepler field with the prospect of providing new constraints for gyrochronology. First, we construct our base catalog by compiling astrometry for the stars observed by Kepler, and supplement it with parallaxes, ... More
On low rank perturbation of matricesFeb 26 2008Sep 02 2008The article is devoted to different aspects of the question "What can be done with a matrix by low rank perturbation?" It is proved that one can change a geometrically simple spectrum drastically by a rank 1 permutation, but the situation is quite different ... More
New structural results on tetravalent half-arc-transitive graphsJan 26 2018Tetravalent graphs admitting a half-arc-transitive subgroup of automorphisms, that is a subgroup acting transitively on its vertices and its edges but not on its arcs, are investigated. One of the most fruitful approaches for the study of structural properties ... More
Equidistribution quantitative des points de petite hauteur sur la droite projectiveJul 28 2004Jan 24 2006We introduce a new class of adelic heights on the projective line. We estimate their essential minimum and prove a result of equidistribution (at every place) for points of small height with estimates on the speed of convergence. To each rational function ... More
Kernel-estimated Nonparametric Overlap-Based Syncytial ClusteringMay 24 2018Standard clustering algorithms usually find regular-structured clusters such as ellipsoidally- or spherically-dispersed groups, but are more challenged with groups lacking formal structure or definition. Syncytial clustering is the name that we introduce ... More
Blocks in cycles and k-commuting permutationsJun 24 2013Aug 18 2014Let $k$ be a nonnegative integer, and let $\alpha$ and $\beta$ be two permutations of $n$ symbols. We say that $\alpha$ and $\beta$ $k$-commute if $H(\alpha\beta, \beta\alpha)=k$, where $H$ denotes the Hamming metric between permutations. In this paper, ... More
Large deviation principles for non-uniformly hyperbolic rational mapsDec 27 2008Feb 06 2010We show some level-2 large deviation principles for rational maps satisfying a strong form of non-uniform hyperbolicity, called "Topological Collet-Eckmann". More precisely, we prove a large deviation principle for the distribution of iterated preimages, ... More
On the Stability of Particles in Extrasolar Planetary SystemsAug 30 2002In this paper, we present preliminary results on the stability of massless particles in two and three-planet systems. The results of our study may be used to address questions concerning the stability of terrestrial planets in these systems and also the ... More
FAST Adaptive Smoothing and Thresholding for Improved Activation Detection in Low-Signal fMRIFeb 01 2017May 05 2019Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a noninvasive tool for studying cerebral function. Many factors challenge activation detection, especially in low-signal scenarios that arise in the performance of high-level cognitive tasks. We provide a fully ... More
Applications of some special numbers obtained from a difference equation of degree threeMay 07 2017Aug 12 2017In this paper we present applications of some special numbers obtained from a difference equation of degree three, especially in the Coding Theory. As a particular case, we obtain the generalized Pell-Fibonacci-Lucas numbers, which were extended to the ... More
Some remarks regarding l elements defined in algebras obtained by the Cayley-Dickson processJul 15 2018In this paper, we define a special class of elements in the algebras obtained by the Cayley Dickson process, called l elements. We find conditions such that these elements to be invertible. These conditions can be very useful for finding new identities, ... More
From Ising resonant fluctuations to static uniaxial order in antiferromagnetic and weakly superconducting CeCo(In$_{1-x}$Hg$_{x}$)$_{5}$ ($x$=0.01)Jul 09 2018CeCo(In$_{0.990}$Hg$_{0.010}$)$_{5}$ is a charge doped variant of the $d$-wave CoCoIn$_{5}$ superconductor with coexistent antiferromagnetic and superconducting transitions occurring at T$_{N}$= 3.4 K and T$_{c}$=1.4 K, respectively. We use neutron diffraction ... More
Spectral estimates for Dirichlet Laplacian on tubes with exploding twisting velocityApr 19 2018We study the spectrum of the Dirichlet Laplacian on an unbounded twisted tube with twisting velocity exploding to infinity. If the tube cross section does not intersect the axis of rotation, then its spectrum is purely discrete under some additional conditions ... More
Task Scheduling for Heterogeneous Multicore SystemsDec 08 2017In recent years, as the demand for low energy and high performance computing has steadily increased, heterogeneous computing has emerged as an important and promising solution. Because most workloads can typically run most efficiently on certain types ... More
Some properties of symbol algebras of degree threeNov 04 2012Oct 04 2013In this paper we will study some properties of the matrix representations of symbol algebras of degree three, we study some equations with coefficients in these algebras, we find an octonion algebra in a symbol algebra of degree three, we define the Fibonacci ... More
Ohmic Dissipation in Mini-NeptunesSep 06 2017In the presence of a magnetic field and weakly ionizing winds, ohmic dissipation is expected to take place in the envelopes of Jovian and lower-mass planets alike. While the process has been investigated on the former, there have been no studies done ... More
Light curve solutions of the eccentric binaries KIC 10992733, KIC 5632781, KIC 10026136 and their out-of-eclipse variabilityJul 08 2017We determined the orbits and stellar parameters of three eccentric eclipsing binaries by light curve solutions of their Kepler data. KIC 10992733 and KIC 5632781 undergo total eclipses while KIC 10026136 reveals partial eclipses. The components of the ... More
Asymptotic behaviour of solutions to fractional diffusion-convection equationsMar 08 2017Feb 13 2018We consider a convection-diffusion model with linear fractional diffusion in the sub-critical range. We prove that the large time asymptotic behavior of the solution is given by the unique entropy solution of the convective part of the equation. The proof ... More
Riesz Bases of Exponentials on Unbounded Multi-tilesJan 24 2017Oct 10 2017We prove the existence of Riesz bases of exponentials of L^2(Omega), provided that Omega in R^d is a measurable set of finite and positive measure, not necessarily bounded, that satisfies a multi-tiling condition and an arithmetic property that we call ... More
Edge-exchangeable graphs and sparsityMar 22 2016A known failing of many popular random graph models is that the Aldous-Hoover Theorem guarantees these graphs are dense with probability one; that is, the number of edges grows quadratically with the number of nodes. This behavior is considered unrealistic ... More
The Cuboid Lemma and Mal'tsev categoriesApr 21 2014We prove that a regular category $\mathcal C$ is a Mal'tsev category if and only if a strong form of the denormalised $3 \times 3$ Lemma holds true in $\mathcal C$. In this version of the $3 \times 3$ Lemma, the vertical exact forks are replaced by pullbacks ... More
A norm for Tsirelson's Banach spaceJul 18 2012Sep 14 2012We give an expression for the norm of the space constructed by Tsirelson. The implicit equation satisfied by this norm is dual to the implicit equation for the norm of the dual of Tsirelson space given by Figiel and Johnson. The expression can be modified ... More
Spectral estimates for Dirichlet Laplacians and Schroedinger operators on geometrically nontrivial cuspsMar 09 2012Sep 28 2012The goal of this paper is to derive estimates of eigenvalue moments for Dirichlet Laplacians and Schr\"odinger operators in regions having infinite cusps which are geometrically nontrivial being either curved or twisted; we are going to show how those ... More
On the first determination of Mercury's perihelion advanceApr 04 2011The first determination of the perihelion advance of Mercury's orbit was obtained by Leverrier from the analysis of the transit contacts of the planet on the solar disk. He obtained for the advance the value \delta \pi ' = 38".3/century, considering that ... More
Determinative degree and nucleotide sequence analysis by triandersNov 10 2003Nov 23 2003A new version of DNA walks, where nucleotides are regarded unequal in their contribution to a walk is introduced, which allows us to study thoroughly the "fine structure" of nucleotide sequences. The approach is based on the assumption that nucleotides ... More
Purine-pyrimidine symmetry, determinative degree and DNAAug 28 2000Various symmetries connected with purine-pyrimidine content of DNA sequences are studied in terms of the intruduced determinative degree, a new characteristics of nucleotide which is connected with codon usage. A numerological explanation of CG pressure ... More
Finite trees are Ramsey under topological embeddingsFeb 08 2010We show that the class of finite rooted binary plane trees is a Ramsey class (with respect to topological embeddings that map leaves to leaves). That is, for all such trees P,H and every natural number k there exists a tree T such that for every k-coloring ... More
First passage time law for some jump-diffusion processes : existence of a densityApr 10 2009Jan 11 2012Let (Xt, t >= 0) be a diffusion process with jumps, sum of a Brownian motion with drift and a compound Poisson process. We consider T_x the first hitting time of a fixed level x > 0 by (Xt, t >= 0). We prove that the law of T_x has a density (defective ... More
L'entreprise franco-roumaine face au InternetMar 05 2009Jun 23 2009The main goal of the present work is to analyze the activity of the French companies from Romania related to the increasing use of the information and communication technology in the productive field. The convergent assembly of information and communication ... More
Multi-Field Inflation on the LandscapeDec 01 2008Mar 04 2009We examine a wide class of multi-field inflationary models based on fields that decay or stabilize during inflation in a staggered fashion. The fields driving assisted inflation are on flat, short stretches, before they encounter a sharp drop; whenever ... More
A Critical Review of Classical Bouncing CosmologiesJun 11 2014Dec 02 2014Given the proliferation of bouncing models in recent years, we gather and critically assess these proposals in a comprehensive review. The Planck data shows an unmistakably red, quasi scale-invariant, purely adiabatic primordial power spectrum and no ... More
Characterization of atomic decompositions, Banach frames, Xd-frames, duals and synthesis-pseudo-duals, with application to Hilbert frame theoryAug 31 2011Sep 09 2016In this paper we consider series expansions via a frame and a non-frame and the possibilities for interchange of the two sequences, both in the Hilbert and Banach space setting. First we give a characterization of frame-related concepts in Banach spaces ... More
Foxby equivalence over associative ringsNov 27 2006We extend the definition of a semidualizing module to associative rings. This enables us to define and study Auslander and Bass classes with respect to a semidualizing bimodule C. We then study the classes of C-flats, C-projectives, and C-injectives, ... More
Spinning particles in Taub-NUT spaceJul 21 1997The geodesic motion of pseudo-classical spinning particles in Euclidean Taub-NUT space is analysed. The constants of motion are expressed in terms of Killing-Yano tensors. Some previous results from the literature are corrected.
Derived classification of gentle algebras with two cyclesAug 28 2007Aug 14 2008We classify gentle algebras defined by quivers with two cycles under derived equivalence in a non degenerate case, by using some combinatorial invariants constructed from the quiver with relations defining these algebras. We also present a list of normal ... More
Some remarks regarding a, b, x0, x1 numbers and a, b, x0, x1 quaternionsApr 30 2017Oct 08 2017In this paper we define and study properties and applications of a, b, x0, x1 elements in some special cases.
Some examples of division symbol algebras of degree 3 and 5Oct 04 2013In this paper we provide an algorithm to compute the product between two elements in a symbol algebra of degree n and we find an octonion non-division algebra in a symbol algebra of degree three. Starting from this last idea, we try to find an answer ... More
Equilibrium states of weakly hyperbolic one-dimensional maps for Holder potentialsOct 01 2012Mar 04 2014There is a wealth of results in the literature on the thermodynamic formalism for potentials that are, in some sense, "hyperbolic". We show that for a sufficiently regular one-dimensional map satisfying a weak hyperbolicity assumption, every Holder continuous ... More
Tracing the Origins and Evolution of Small Planets using Their Orbital ObliquitiesMar 11 2019We recommend an intensive effort to survey and understand the obliquity distribution of small close-in extrasolar planets over the coming decade. The orbital obliquities of exoplanets--i.e., the relative orientation between the planetary orbit and the ... More
Conductance through a helical state in an InSb nanowireJan 24 2017The motion of an electron and its spin are generally not coupled. However in a one dimensional material with strong spin-orbit interaction (SOI) a helical state may emerge at finite magnetic fields, where electrons of opposite spin will have opposite ... More