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Minmax Tree Facility Location and Sink Evacuation with Dynamic Confluent FlowsJul 27 2016Let $G=(V,E)$ be a graph modelling a building or road network in which edges have-both travel times (lengths) and capacities associated with them. An edge's capacity is the number of people that can enter that edge in a unit of time. In emergencies, people ... More
Relative Error Embeddings for the Gaussian Kernel DistanceFeb 17 2016Sep 20 2016A reproducing kernel can define an embedding of a data point into an infinite dimensional reproducing kernel Hilbert space (RKHS). The norm in this space describes a distance, which we call the kernel distance. The random Fourier features (of Rahimi and ... More
Stability of Gorenstein flat categories with respect to a semidualizing moduleOct 29 2012In this paper, we first introduce $\mathcal {W}_F$-Gorenstein modules to establish the following Foxby equivalence: $\xymatrix@C=80pt{\mathcal {G}(\mathcal {F})\cap \mathcal {A}_C(R) \ar@<0.5ex>[r]^{C\otimes_R-} & \mathcal {G}(\mathcal {W}_F) \ar@<0.5ex>[l]^{\textrm{Hom}_R(C,-)}} ... More
Tunable pulse delay and advancement in a coupled nanomechanical resonator-superconducting microwave cavity systemDec 16 2010We theoretically study the transmission of a weak probe field under the influence of a strong pump field in a coupled nanomechanical resonator-superconducting microwave cavity system. Using the standard input-output theory, we find that both pulse delay ... More
Backhaul Traffic Balancing and Dynamic Content-Centric Clustering for the Downlink of Fog Radio Access NetworkFeb 17 2016Feb 22 2016Recently, an evolution of the Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN) has been proposed, named as Fog Radio Access Network (F-RAN). Compared to C-RAN, the Radio Units (RUs) in F-CAN are equipped with local caches, which can store some frequently requested ... More
CHAOS: Accurate and Realtime Detection of Aging-Oriented Failure Using EntropyFeb 03 2015Even well-designed software systems suffer from chronic performance degradation, also named "software aging", due to internal (e.g. software bugs) and external (e.g. resource exhaustion) impairments. These chronic problems often fly under the radar of ... More
How does baryon magnetic moment relate to its spin structureFeb 18 1998Sep 03 1998A model independent, field theoretical relation between baryon magnetic moment and its spin structure is derived and it is explained why constituent quark model is a good approximation in describing baryon magnetic moments.
Outage Probability of Dual-Hop Selective AF With Randomly Distributed and Fixed InterferersOct 04 2014The outage probability performance of a dual-hop amplify-and-forward selective relaying system with global relay selection is analyzed for Nakagami-$m$ fading channels in the presence of multiple interferers at both the relays and the destination. Two ... More
Spin content of the nucleon in a valence and sea quark mixing modelDec 19 1997A dynamical valence and sea quark mixing model is shown to fit the baryon ground state properties as well as the spin content of the nucleon. The relativistic correction and the $q^3{\leftrightarrow} q^3q\bar{q}$ transition terms induced by the quark ... More
Effect of electron-phonon scattering on shot noise in nanoscale junctionsApr 30 2005May 05 2005We investigate the effect of electron-phonon inelastic scattering on shot noise in nanoscale junctions in the regime of quasi-ballistic transport. We predict that when the local temperature of the junction is larger than its lowest vibrational mode energy ... More
Shot Noise in Nanoscale Conductors From First PrinciplesAug 04 2002Mar 02 2005We describe a field-theoretic approach to calculate quantum shot noise in nanoscale conductors from first principles. Our starting point is the second-quantization field operator to calculate shot noise in terms of single quasi-particle wavefunctions ... More
Is nucleon spin structure inconsistent with constituent quark model?Feb 26 1998A qualitative QCD analysis and a quantitative model calculation are given to show that the constituent quark model remains a good approximation even with the nucleon spin structure revealed in polarized deep inelastic scattering taking into account.
Electron Tunneling in Monolayer and Bilayer GrapheneAug 22 2008Electron's tunneling through potential barrier in monolayer and bilayer graphene lattices is investigated by using full tight-binding model. Emphasis is placed on the resonance tunneling feature and inter-valley scattering probability. It is shown that ... More
Classical Trajectory Perspective on Double Ionization Dynamics of Diatomic Molecules Irradiated by Ultrashort Intense Laser PulsesAug 16 2007In the present paper, we develop a semiclassical quasi-static model accounting for molecular double ionization in an intense laser pulse. With this model, we achieve insight into the dynamics of two highly-correlated valence electrons under the combined ... More
A Selection Region Based Routing Protocol for Random Mobile ad hoc Networks with Directional AntennasNov 28 2010In this paper, we propose a selection region based multihop routing protocol with directional antennas for wireless mobile ad hoc networks, where the selection region is defined by two parameters: a reference distance and the beamwidth of the directional ... More
Ultrasensitive Detection of Majorana Fermions via Spin-based Optomechanics with Carbon NanotubesJun 18 2013We propose a novel optical method to detect the existence of Majorana fermions at the ends of the semiconductor nanowire via the coupling to an electron spin trapped on a carbon nanotube resonator under the control of a strong pump field and a weak probe ... More
Deep Multi-Species EmbeddingSep 28 2016Nov 29 2016Understanding how species are distributed across landscapes over time is a fundamental question in biodiversity research. Unfortunately, most species distribution models only target a single species at a time, despite the fact that there is strong evidence ... More
Deep Multi-Species EmbeddingSep 28 2016Understanding how species are distributed across landscapes over time is a fundamental question in biodiversity research. Unfortunately, most species distribution models only target a single species at a time, despite the fact that there is strong evidence ... More
A Finite Exact Representation of Register Automata ConfigurationsFeb 27 2014A register automaton is a finite automaton with finitely many registers ranging from an infinite alphabet. Since the valuations of registers are infinite, there are infinitely many configurations. We describe a technique to classify infinite register ... More
Coarse-grained periodic orbits and bifurcations in a Markov chain model for evolution of labor divisionJul 24 2004We construct a Markov process model to describe the evolution of labor division and its dynamical behavior is investigated by numerical simulations in detail. We have shown that under the mechanism of increasing returns, the division of labor will emerge ... More
Mixed Eigenvalues of Discrete {\LARGE $\pmb p$\,}-LaplacianNov 22 2014This paper deals with the principal eigenvalue of discrete $p$-Laplacian on the set of nonnegative integers. Alternatively, it is studying the optimal constant of a class of weighted Hardy inequalities. The main goal is the quantitative estimates of the ... More
Bio-inspired Mechanism and Model Exploration of Software AgingAug 27 2014Software systems situated in network environment may experience performance degradation, availability decrease and even crash during long time running, which is called software aging. This phenomenon has been studied for more than 15 years, but most of ... More
Flexible Metasurface HologramsNov 29 2016Metasurface holograms are typically fabricated on rigid substrates. Here we experimentally demonstrate broadband, flexible, conformable, helicity multiplexed metasurface holograms operating in the visible range, offering increased potential for real life ... More
Relative Derived Category with respect to a SubcategoryOct 14 2014The notion of relative derived category with respect to a subcategory is introduced. A triangle-equivalence, which extends a theorem of Gao and Zhang [Gorenstein derived categories, \emph{J. Algebra} \textbf{323} (2010) 2041-2057] to the bounded below ... More
Colossal electroresistance in metal/ferroelectric/semiconductor tunnel diodes for resistive switching memoriesAug 27 2012We propose a tunneling heterostructure by replacing one of the metal electrodes in a metal/ferroelectric/metal ferroelectric tunnel junction with a heavily doped semiconductor. In this metal/ferroelectric/semiconductor tunnel diode, both the height and ... More
Shot noise in parallel wiresFeb 05 2004Feb 19 2004We report first-principles calculations of shot noise properties of parallel carbon wires in the regime in which the interwire distance is much smaller than the inelastic mean free path. We find that, with increasing interwire distance, the current approaches ... More
Sub-optimality of Treating Interference as Noise in the Cellular Uplink with Weak InterferenceJan 31 2014Apr 20 2015Despite the simplicity of the scheme of treating interference as noise (TIN), it was shown to be sum-capacity optimal in the Gaussian interference channel (IC) with very-weak (noisy) interference. In this paper, the 2-user IC is altered by introducing ... More
Are current-induced forces conservative?Jul 30 2003The expression for the force on an ion in the presence of current can be derived from first principles without any assumption about its conservative character. However, energy functionals have been constructed that indicate that this force can be written ... More
CO Oxidation Facilitated by Robust Surface States on Au-Covered Topological InsulatorsApr 08 2011Surface states refer to electronic states emerging as a solid material terminates at a surface, and can be present in many systems. Despite their spatial proximity to material surfaces, surface states have been largely overlooked in fundamental understanding ... More
Sharp Inequalities between Harmonic, Seiffert, Quadratic and Contraharmonic MeansOct 15 2012In this paper, we present the greatest values $\alpha$, $\lambda$ and $p$, and the least values $\beta$, $\mu$ and $q$ such that the double inequalities $\alpha D(a,b)+(1-\alpha)H(a,b)<T(a,b)<\beta D(a,b)+(1-\beta) H(a,b)$, $\lambda D(a,b)+(1-\lambda)H(a,b)<C(a,b)<\mu ... More
A Game-theoretic Machine Learning Approach for Revenue Maximization in Sponsored SearchJun 03 2014Jun 04 2014Sponsored search is an important monetization channel for search engines, in which an auction mechanism is used to select the ads shown to users and determine the prices charged from advertisers. There have been several pieces of work in the literature ... More
Inelastic effects on the transport properties of alkanethiolsDec 19 2004Using first-principles approaches we investigate local heating and the inelastic contribution to the current for various alkanethiols sandwiched between metal electrodes. In the absence of good heat dissipation into the bulk electrodes, we find that the ... More
Pinning-controllability of complex networksJan 04 2007Jan 30 2007We study the problem of controlling a general complex network towards an assigned synchronous evolution, by means of a pinning control strategy. We define the pinning-controllability of the network in terms of the spectral properties of an extended network ... More
Emergence of Specialization from Global Optimizing Evolution in a Multi-Agent SystemJul 02 2004The evolution of specialization in a multi-agent system is studied both by computer simulation and Markov process model. Many individual agents search for and exploit resources to get global optimization in an environment without complete information. ... More
Dendritic cell-cluster metasurface manipulation of visible lightDec 02 2016The manipulation of visible light is important in science and technology research. Metasurfaces can enable flexible and effective regulation of the phase, polarization, and propagation modes of an electromagnetic wave. Metasurfaces have become a research ... More
Mixed Eigenvalues of {\LARGE $\pmb p$\,}-LaplacianJan 14 2015The mixed principal eigenvalue of $p\,$-Laplacian (equivalently, the optimal constant of weighted Hardy inequality in $L^p$ space) is studied in this paper. Several variational formulas for the eigenvalue are presented. As applications of the formulas, ... More
Inelastic current-voltage characteristics of atomic and molecular junctionsFeb 20 2004Mar 08 2005We report first-principles calculations of the inelastic current-voltage (I-V) characteristics of a gold point contact and a molecular junction in the nonresonant regime. Discontinuities in the I-V curves appear in correspondence to the normal modes of ... More
Theory of local heating in nanoscale conductorsFeb 20 2003Mar 02 2005We report first-principles calculations of local heating in nanoscale junctions formed by a single molecule and a gold point contact. Due to a larger heat dissipation, the single molecule heats up less than the gold point contact. We also find, at zero ... More
A Selection Region Based Routing Protocol for Random Mobile ad hoc NetworksJul 19 2010We propose a selection region based multi-hop routing protocol for random mobile ad hoc networks, where the selection region is defined by two parameters: a reference distance and a selection angle. At each hop, a relay is chosen as the nearest node to ... More
Variability of OI 090.4Oct 25 2013OI 090.4 was monitored on 21 nights from 2006 to 2012 for studying the variability. Strong variations occurred during the past 6 years. The long-term variability amplitude is consistent with previous results. Microvariability was analyzed for 43 intra-night ... More
Spread spectrum compressed sensing MRI using chirp radio frequency pulsesJan 23 2013Compressed sensing has shown great potential in reducing data acquisition time in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Recently, a spread spectrum compressed sensing MRI method modulates an image with a quadratic phase. It performs better than the conventional ... More
Robust Majorana signature detection with a coupled quantum dot-nanomechanical resonator in all-optical domainOct 29 2015Motivated by a recent experiment [Nadj-Perge et al., Science 346, 602 (2014)] providing evidence for Majorana zero modes in iron chains on the superconducting Pb surface, in the present work, we theoretically propose an all-optical scheme to detect Majorana ... More
Generalized Second Price Auction with Probabilistic Broad MatchApr 15 2014Generalized Second Price (GSP) auctions are widely used by search engines today to sell their ad slots. Most search engines have supported broad match between queries and bid keywords when executing GSP auctions, however, it has been revealed that GSP ... More
Nematic Metal and Antiferromagnetic Insulator on Hexagonal Kagome LatticeOct 09 2013Dec 01 2013Hexagonal Kagome lattice is a multiband system with a quadratic band crossing point, in contrast with honeycomb lattice with linear band crossing point, which has exotic correlated effect and can produce various novel quantum states. Here we investigate ... More
Universal Predictability of Mobility Patterns in CitiesJul 29 2013Aug 25 2014Despite the long history of modelling human mobility, we continue to lack a highly accurate approach with low data requirements for predicting mobility patterns in cities. Here, we present a population-weighted opportunities model without any adjustable ... More
Fast Multi-class Dictionaries Learning with Geometrical Directions in MRI ReconstructionMar 10 2015Nov 20 2015Objective: Improve the reconstructed image with fast and multi-class dictionaries learning when magnetic resonance imaging is accelerated by undersampling the k-space data. Methods: A fast orthogonal dictionary learning method is introduced into magnetic ... More
Projected Iterative Soft-thresholding Algorithm for Tight Frames in Compressed Sensing Magnetic Resonance ImagingApr 29 2015Oct 03 2015Compressed sensing has shown great potentials in accelerating magnetic resonance imaging. Fast image reconstruction and high image quality are two main issues faced by this new technology. It has been shown that, redundant image representations, e.g. ... More
An extended hybrid magnetohydrodynamics gyrokinetic model for numerical simulation of shear Alfvén waves in burning plasmasDec 24 2010Adopting the theoretical framework for the generalized fishbonelike dispersion relation, an extended hybrid magnetohydrodynamics gyrokinetic simulation model has been derived analytically by taking into account both thermal ion compressibility and diamagnetic ... More
A New Comparative Definition of Community and Corresponding Identifying AlgorithmFeb 02 2008In this paper, a new comparative definition for community in networks is proposed and the corresponding detecting algorithm is given. A community is defined as a set of nodes, which satisfy that each node's degree inside the community should not be smaller ... More
Rapid building detection using machine learningMar 14 2016This work describes algorithms for performing discrete object detection, specifically in the case of buildings, where usually only low quality RGB-only geospatial reflective imagery is available. We utilize new candidate search and feature extraction ... More
8D Likelihood Effective Higgs Couplings Extraction Framework in the Golden ChannelJan 09 2014Dec 16 2014In this paper we build a comprehensive analysis framework to perform direct extraction of all possible effective Higgs couplings to neutral electroweak gauge bosons in the decay to electrons and muons, the so called `golden channel'. Our framework is ... More
HST/NICMOS Imaging Survey of the Ophiuchus (Lynds 1688) ClusterOct 03 2001We present a catalogue of near-infrared photometry of young stars associated with the Ophiuchus molecular cloud, based on observations made with the Hubble Space Telescope NICMOS-3 camera at 1.1 $\mu$m and 1.6 $\mu$m. Our survey covers 0.02 square degrees ... More
Properties of light (anti)nuclei and (anti) hypertriton production in Pb-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm{NN}}}$ = 2.76 TeVSep 22 2015Nov 05 2015We investigate the properties of light (anti)nuclei and (anti)hypertriton production in Pb-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm{NN}}}=2.76$ TeV, based on the parton and hadron cascade and dynamically constrained phase-space coalescence (PACIAE + DCPC) model. ... More
A numerical study of the motion of a neutrally buoyant cylinder in two dimensional shear flowSep 04 2012In this paper, we investigate the motion of a neutrally buoyant cylinder of circular or elliptic shape in two dimensional shear flow of a Newtonian fluid by direct numerical simulation. The numerical results are validated by comparisons with existing ... More
Tunable current circulation in triangular quantum-dot metastructuresFeb 06 2018Advances in fabrication and control of quantum dots allow the realization of metastructures that may exhibit novel electrical transport phenomena. Here, we investigate the electrical current passing through one such metastructure, a system composed of ... More
The energy dependence of antiparticle to particle ratios in high energy pp collisionsSep 28 2014The energy dependence of antiparticle to particle ratios in pp collisions of high energy is studied using the PACIEA and DCPC model. The yield ratios of antimatter and matter for different masses are measured at various energies. It is found that the ... More
Layer Anti-Ferromagnetism on Bilayer Honeycomb LatticeJan 17 2014Bilayer honeycomb lattice, with inter-layer tunneling energy, has a parabolic dispersion relation, which causes the charge imbalance between two sublattices. Here, we investigate the metal-insulator and magnetic phase transitions on the strongly correlated ... More
Landau-Zener Tunnelling in a Nonlinear Three-level SystemJul 14 2006We present a comprehensive analysis of the Landau-Zener tunnelling of a nonlinear three-level system in a linearly sweeping external field. We find the presence of nonzero tunnelling probability in the adiabatic limit (i.e., very slowly sweeping field) ... More
The motion of a neutrally buoyant particle of an elliptic shape in two dimensional shear flow: a numerical studyMay 28 2014In this paper, we investigate the motion of a neutrally buoyant cylinder of an elliptic shape freely moving in two dimensional shear flow by direct numerical simulation. An elliptic shape cylinder in shear flow, when initially being placed at the middle ... More
Nonlinear dynamics of beta induced Alfvén eigenmode driven by energetic particlesMar 16 2012Nonlinear saturation of beta induced Alfv\'en eigenmode, driven by slowing down energetic particles via transit resonance, is investigated by the nonlinear hybrid magnetohyrodynamic gyro-kinetic code (XHMGC). Saturation is characterized by frequency chirping ... More
Weighted networks of scientific communication: the measurement and geometrical role of weightSep 10 2004Nov 13 2004In order to take the weight of connection into consideration and to find a natural measurement of weight, we have collected papers in Econophysics and constructed a network of scientific communication to integrate idea transportation among econophysicists ... More
Network of Econophysicists: a weighted network to investigate the development of EconophysicsJan 06 2004The development of Econophysics is studied from the perspective of scientific communication networks. Papers in Econophysics published from 1992 to 2003 are collected. Then a weighted and directed network of scientific communication, including collaboration, ... More
Texture Segmentation Based Video Compression Using Convolutional Neural NetworksFeb 08 2018There has been a growing interest in using different approaches to improve the coding efficiency of modern video codec in recent years as demand for web-based video consumption increases. In this paper, we propose a model-based approach that uses texture ... More
Role of heating and current-induced forces in the stability of atomic wiresSep 30 2004We investigate the role of local heating and forces on ions in the stability of current-carrying aluminum wires. We find that heating increases with wire length due to a red shift of the frequency spectrum. Nevertheless, the local temperature of the wire ... More
Semiclassical Theory of Linear Magnetoresistance in Crystalline Conductors with Broken Time-Reversal SymmetryNov 09 2015Onsager relations permit linear response of the resistivity to an external magnetic field only when time reversal symmetry is broken. By employing semiclassical Boltzmann transport theory generalized to account for anomalous velocities and orbital and ... More
Phase Transitions and the Perfectness of FluidsSep 21 2007Oct 11 2008We calculate the ratio eta/s, the shear viscosity (eta) to entropy density (s), which characterizes how perfect a fluid is, in weakly coupled real scalar field theories with different types of phase transitions. The mean-field results of the eta/s behaviors ... More
On Optimal Link Activation with Interference Cancellation in Wireless NetworkingDec 06 2011Mar 18 2012A fundamental aspect in performance engineering of wireless networks is optimizing the set of links that can be concurrently activated to meet given signal-to-interference-and-noise ratio (SINR) thresholds. The solution of this combinatorial problem is ... More
EDF-VD Scheduling of Mixed-Criticality Systems with Degraded Quality GuaranteesMay 04 2016This paper studies real-time scheduling of mixed-criticality systems where low-criticality tasks are still guaranteed some service in the high-criticality mode, with reduced execution budgets. First, we present a utilization-based schedulability test ... More
A Theoretical Analysis of NDCG Type Ranking MeasuresApr 24 2013A central problem in ranking is to design a ranking measure for evaluation of ranking functions. In this paper we study, from a theoretical perspective, the widely used Normalized Discounted Cumulative Gain (NDCG)-type ranking measures. Although there ... More
Exact Controllability of Complex NetworksOct 22 2013Controlling complex networks is of paramount importance in science and engineering. Despite the recent development of structural-controllability theory, we continue to lack a framework to control undirected complex networks, especially given link weights. ... More
Mott transition and Antiferromagnetic Metal on Shastry-Sutherland LatticeJan 16 2014The Shastry-Sutherland lattice, one of the simplest systems with geometric frustration, which has an exact eigenstate by putting singlets on diagonal bonds, can be realized in a group of layered compounds and rises both theoretical and experimental interest. ... More
Optical Monitoring of the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 4151 and Possible Periodicities in the Historical Light CurveMay 19 2014We report B, V, and R band CCD photometry of the Seyfert galaxy NGC 4151 obtained with the 1.0-m telescope at Weihai Observatory of Shandong University and the 1.56-m telescope at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory from 2005 December to 2013 February. ... More
Sky Brightness at Weihai Observatory of Shandong UniversityMay 27 2014In this paper, a total of about 28000 images in $V$ and $R$ band obtained on 161 nights using the one-meter optical telescope at Weihai Observatory (WHO) of Shandong University since 2008 to 2012 have been processed to measure the sky brightness. It provides ... More
Bridging the Gap between Individuality and Joint Improvisation in the Mirror GameNov 16 2016Extensive experiments in Human Movement Science suggest that solo motions are characterized by unique features that define the individuality or motor signature of people. While interacting with others, humans tend to spontaneously coordinate their movement ... More
Raman scattering and anomalous Stokes anti-Stokes ratio in MoTe2 atomic layersMar 11 2016Stokes and anti-Stokes Raman scattering are performed on atomic layers of hexagonal molybdenum ditelluride (MoTe2), a prototypical transition metal dichalcogenide (TMDC) semiconductor. The data reveal all six types of zone center optical phonons, along ... More
Single-Crystal Organic Charge-Transfer Interfaces probed using Schottky-Gated HeterostructuresFeb 08 2013Organic semiconductors based on small conjugated molecules generally behave as insulators when undoped, but the hetero-interfaces of two such materials can show electrical conductivity as large as in a metal. Although charge transfer is commonly invoked ... More
Half-Heusler Compounds as a New Class of Three-Dimensional Topological InsulatorsJul 31 2010Using first-principles calculations within density functional theory, we explore the feasibility of converting ternary half-Heusler compounds into a new class of three-dimensional topological insulators (3DTI). We demonstrate that the electronic structure ... More
Tuning the Competition between Ferromagnetism and Antiferromagnetism in a Half-doped Manganite through Magnetoelectric CouplingSep 16 2013We investigate the possibility of controlling the magnetic phase transition of the heterointerface between a half-doped manganite La$_{0.5}$Ca$_{0.5}$MnO$_{3}$ and a multiferroic BiFeO$_{3}$ through magnetoelectric coupling. Using macroscopic magnetometry ... More
Size-dependent radiosensitization of PEG-coated gold nanoparticles for cancer radiation therapyOct 02 2012Gold nanoparticles have been conceived as a radiosensitizer in cancer radiation therapy, but one of the important questions for primary drug screening is what size of gold nanoparticles can optimally enhance radiation effects. Herein, we perform in vitro ... More
A weighted evolving network model more approach to realityAug 07 2004In search of many social and economical systems, it is found that node strength distribution as well as degree distribution demonstrate the behavior of power-law with droop-head and heavy-tail. We present a new model for the growth of weighted networks ... More
Hankel Matrix Nuclear Norm Regularized Tensor Completion for N-dimensional Exponential SignalsApr 06 2016Signals are usually modeled as a superposition of exponential functions in spectroscopy of chemistry, biology and medical imaging. However, for fast data acquisition or other inevitable reasons, only a small amount of samples may be acquired. How to recover ... More
Anomalous Sound Velocity and Dielectric Shift in Glass: a Renormalization Technique for Mechanical and Dielectric Susceptibilities from Generic Coupled Block ModelFeb 15 2016Aug 10 2016Glass sound velocity shift was observed to be longarithmically temperature dependent in both relaxation and resonance regimes: $\Delta c/c=\mathcal{C}\ln T$. It does not monotonically increase with temperature from $T=0$K, but to reach a maximum around ... More
Real Space Renormalization: A Generic Microscopic Theory for Low-Temperature Avalanches in Static Strained Insulating GlassFeb 15 2016Jul 26 2016We propose a microscopic model to study the avalanche problem of insulating glass deformed by external static uniform strain below $T=60$K. We use three-dimensional real-space renormalization procedure to carry out the glass mechanical susceptibility ... More
A Microscopic Field Theory for the Universal Shift of Sound Velocity and Dielectric Constant in Low-Temperature GlassesAug 08 2016In low-temperature glasses, the sound velocity changes as the logarithmic function of temperature below $10$K: $[c(T) - c(T_0)]/c(T_0) = \mathcal{C}\ln(T/T_0)$. With increasing temperature starting from $T=0$K, the sound velocity does not increase monotonically, ... More
Gate-tunable Topological Valley Transport in Bilayer GrapheneJan 20 2015Valley pseudospin, the quantum degree of freedom characterizing the degenerate valleys in energy bands, is a distinct feature of two-dimensional Dirac materials. Similar to spin, the valley pseudospin is spanned by a time reversal pair of states, though ... More
Multiple Unpinned Dirac Points in Group-Va Single-layers with Phosphorene StructureSep 18 2015Apr 27 2016Emergent Dirac fermion states underlie many intriguing properties of graphene, and the search for them constitute one strong motivation to explore two-dimensional (2D) allotropes of other elements. Phosphorene, the ultrathin layers of black phosphorous, ... More
Unconventional interfacial superconductivity in epitaxial Bi/Ni heterostructuresApr 16 2015Apr 19 2015Superconductivity (SC) is one of the most intriguing physical phenomena in nature. Nucleation of SC has long been considered highly unfavorable if not impossible near ferromagnetism, in low dimensionality and, above all, out of non-superconductor. Here ... More
GRB Spectra in the complex of synchrotron and Compton processesJan 21 2015Under the steady state condition, the spectrum of electrons is investigated by solving the continuity equation under the complex radiation of both the synchrotron and Compton processes. The resulted GRB spectrum is a broken power law in both the fast ... More
Ferroelectric domain inversion and its stability in lithium niobate thin film on insulator with different thicknessesApr 19 2016Ferroelectric domain inversion and its effect on the stability of lithium niobate thin films on insulator (LNOI) are experimentally characterized. Two sets of specimens with different thicknesses varying from submicron to microns are selected. For micron ... More
A general model for collaboration networksFeb 10 2005May 13 2005In this paper, we propose a general model for collaboration networks. Depending on a single free parameter "{\bf preferential exponent}", this model interpolates between networks with a scale-free and an exponential degree distribution. The degree distribution ... More
Half integer features in the quantum Hall Effect: experiment and theoryNov 21 2008The quantum Hall effect is one of the most important developments in condensed matter physics of the 20th century. The standard explanations of the famous integer quantized Hall plateaus in the transverse resistivity are qualitative, and involve assumptions ... More
Very low bias stress in n-type organic single crystal transistorsFeb 09 2012Bias stress effects in n-channel organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) are investigated using PDIF-CN2 single-crystal devices with Cytop gate dielectric, both under vacuum and in ambient. We find that the amount of bias stress is very small as compared ... More
WES - Weihai Echelle SpectrographNov 01 2016The Weihai Echelle Spectrograph (WES) is the first fiber-fed echelle spectrograph for astronomical observation in China. It is primarily used for chemical abundance and asteroseismology studies of nearby bright stars, as well as radial velocity detections ... More
A gate defined quantum dot on the two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenide semiconductor WSe2Jan 19 2015Oct 13 2015Two-dimensional layered materials, such as transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs), are promising materials for future electronics owing to their unique electronic properties. With the presence of a band gap, atomically thin gate defined quantum dots ... More
Single-crystalline aluminum film for ultraviolet plasmonic nanolasersMay 21 2015Plasmonic devices have advanced significantly in the past decade. Being one of the most intriguing devices, plamonic nanolasers plays an important role in biomedicine, chemical sensor, information technology, and optical integrated circuits. However, ... More
WES - Weihai Echelle SpectrographNov 01 2016Nov 11 2016The Weihai Echelle Spectrograph (WES) is the first fiber-fed echelle spectrograph for astronomical observation in China. It is primarily used for chemical abundance and asteroseismology studies of nearby bright stars, as well as radial velocity detections ... More
Development of a modular test system for the silicon sensor R&D of the ATLAS UpgradeMar 25 2016Oct 17 2016High Voltage CMOS sensors are a promising technology for tracking detectors in collider experiments. Extensive R&D studies are being carried out by the ATLAS Collaboration for a possible use of HV-CMOS in the High Luminosity LHC upgrade of the Inner Tracker ... More
Probing onset of strong localization and electron-electron interactions with the presence of direct insulator-quantum Hall transitionApr 29 2010We have performed low-temperature transport measurements on a disordered two-dimensional electron system (2DES). Features of the strong localization leading to the quantum Hall effect are observed after the 2DES undergoes a direct insulator-quantum Hall ... More
Exceptional collections and the bicanonical map of Keum's fake projective planesMar 14 2016Jul 29 2016We apply the recent results of Galkin et al. [GKMS15] to study some geometrical features of Keum's fake projective planes. Among other things, we show that the bicanonical map of Keum's fake projective planes is always an embedding. Moreover, we construct ... More
On the canonical divisor of smooth toroidal compactifications of complex hyperbolic manifoldsFeb 22 2015May 03 2016In this paper, we show that the canonical divisor of a smooth toroidal compactification of a complex hyperbolic manifold must be nef if the dimension is greater or equal to three. Moreover, if $n\geq 3$ we show that the numerical dimension of the canonical ... More