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Industrial Symbiotic Relations as Cooperative GamesFeb 04 2018In this paper, we introduce a game-theoretical formulation for a specific form of collaborative industrial relations called "Industrial Symbiotic Relation (ISR) games" and provide a formal framework to model, verify, and support collaboration decisions ... More
An Introduction to Engineering Multiagent Industrial Symbiosis Systems: Potentials and ChallengesMay 30 2019Multiagent Systems (MAS) research reached a maturity to be confidently applied to real-life complex problems. Successful application of MAS methods for behavior modeling, strategic reasoning, and decentralized governance, encouraged us to focus on applicability ... More
Industrial Symbiotic Networks as Coordinated GamesApr 19 2018We present an approach for implementing a specific form of collaborative industrial practices-called Industrial Symbiotic Networks (ISNs)-as MC-Net cooperative games and address the so called ISN implementation problem. This is, the characteristics of ... More
Superluminal Pulse Propagation in a One-sided Nanomechanical Cavity SystemOct 23 2012May 22 2013We investigate the propagation of a pulse field in an optomechanical system. We examine the question of advance of the pulse under the conditions of electromagnetically induced transparency in the mechanical system contained in a high quality cavity. ... More
The Blue Straggler Population in Dwarf GalaxiesJun 13 2014In this chapter I review the recent developments regarding the study of Blue Stragglers (BSS) in dwarf galaxies. The loose density environment of dwarf galaxies resembles that of the Galactic Halo, hence it is natural to compare their common BSS properties. ... More
Symmetries, integrals and hierarchies of new (3+1)-dimensional bi-Hamiltonian systems of Monge--Ampère typeApr 25 2019We study point symmetries, the corresponding conserved densities and hierarchies of four new bi-Hamiltonian heavenly systems in 3+1 dimensions which we discovered recently. We exhibit an important role played by the inverse recursion operators in the ... More
Statistical Simulation Models for Cascaded Rayleigh Fading ChannelsJul 11 2012In this paper, we present statistical simulators for cascaded Rayleigh fading channels with and without line-of-sight (LOS). These simulators contain two individual summations and are therefore easy to implement with lower complexity. Detailed statistical ... More
Symmetries, integrals and hierarchies of new (3+1)-dimensional bi-Hamiltonian systems of Monge--Ampère typeApr 25 2019May 23 2019We study point symmetries, the corresponding conserved densities and hierarchies of four new bi-Hamiltonian heavenly systems in 3+1 dimensions which we discovered recently. We exhibit an important role played by the inverse recursion operators in the ... More
Bose-Einstein Condensate in a Linear Trap With a Dimple PotentialOct 23 2012Feb 04 2013We study Bose-Einstein condensation in a linear trap with a dimple potential where we model dimple potentials by Dirac \del function. Attractive and repulsive dimple potentials are taken into account. This model allows simple, explicit numerical and analytical ... More
Evolutionary Hirota Type (2+1)-Dimensional Equations: Lax Pairs, Recursion Operators and Bi-Hamiltonian StructuresDec 05 2017Mar 07 2018We show that evolutionary Hirota type Euler-Lagrange equations in (2+1) dimensions have a symplectic Monge-Amp\`ere form. We consider integrable equations of this type in the sense that they admit infinitely many hydrodynamic reductions and determine ... More
Enhancing capacity of coherent optical information storage and transfer in a Bose-Einstein condensateJan 18 2007Coherent optical information storage capacity of an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate is examined. Theory of slow light propagation in atomic clouds is generalized to short pulse regime by taking into account group velocity dispersion. It is shown that ... More
Recursion Operators and Tri-Hamiltonian Structure of the First Heavenly Equation of PlebańskiMay 25 2016Sep 14 2016We present first heavenly equation of Pleba\'nski in a two-component evolutionary form and obtain Lagrangian and Hamiltonian representations of this system. We study all point symmetries of the two-component system and, using the inverse Noether theorem ... More
MS-TCN: Multi-Stage Temporal Convolutional Network for Action SegmentationMar 05 2019Apr 02 2019Temporally locating and classifying action segments in long untrimmed videos is of particular interest to many applications like surveillance and robotics. While traditional approaches follow a two-step pipeline, by generating frame-wise probabilities ... More
MS-TCN: Multi-Stage Temporal Convolutional Network for Action SegmentationMar 05 2019Temporally locating and classifying action segments in long untrimmed videos is of particular interest to many applications like surveillance and robotics. While traditional approaches follow a two-step pipeline, by generating frame-wise probabilities ... More
Lensing and Waveguiding of Ultraslow Pulses in an Atomic Bose-Einstein CondensateMar 24 2011We investigate lensing and waveguiding properties of an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate for ultraslow pulse generated by electromagnetically induced transparency method. We show that a significant time delay can be controllably introduced between the ... More
Propagation of short pulses through a Bose-Einstein condensateJan 16 2007We study propagation of short laser pulses in a Bose-Einstein condensate taking into account dispersive effects under the conditions for electromagnetically induced transparency. We calculate dispersion coefficients using typical experimental parameters ... More
Dispersive effects on optical information storage in Bose-Einstein condensates with ultra-slow short pulsesJan 15 2007We investigate the potential of atomic Bose-Einstein condensates as dynamic memory devices for coherent optical information processing. Specifically, the number of ultraslow pulses that can be simultaneously present within the storage time in the condensate ... More
Laser pulse amplification and dispersion compensation in an effectively extended optical cavity containing Bose-Einstein condensatesJan 09 2013We review and critically evaluate our proposal of a pulse amplification scheme based on two Bose-Einstein condensates inside the resonator of a mode-locked laser. Two condensates are used for compensating the group velocity dispersion. Ultraslow light ... More
Superluminal and Ultraslow Light Propagation in Optomechanical SystemsOct 25 2012Feb 04 2013We consider an optomechanical double-ended cavity under the action of a coupling laser and a probe laser in electromagnetically induced transparency configuration. It is shown how the group delay and advance of the probe field can be controlled by the ... More
Control of Optical Dynamic Memory Capacity of an Atomic Bose-Einstein CondensateOct 24 2007Jan 23 2008Light storage in an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate is one of the most practical usage of these coherent atom-optical systems. In order to make them even more practical, it is necessary to enhance our ability to inject multiple pulses into the condensate. ... More
Multicomponent bi-superHamiltonian KdV systemsSep 11 2001It is shown that a new class of classical multicomponent super KdV equations is bi-superHamiltonian by extending the method for the verification of graded Jacobi identity. The multicomponent extension of super mKdV equations is obtained by using the super ... More
Ultraslow optical waveguiding in an atomic Bose-Einstein condensateJan 15 2007Apr 06 2007We investigate waveguiding of ultraslow light pulses in an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate. We show that under the conditions of off-resonant electromagnetically induced transparency, waveguiding with a few ultraslow modes can be realized. The number ... More
Dispersion Management of Ultraslow Light in a Bose-Einstein Condensate via Trap CurvatureMay 21 2009Sep 04 2009One dimensional propagation of ultraslow optical pulses in an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate taking into account the dispersion and the spatial inhomogeneity is investigated. Analytical and semi-analytical solutions of the dispersive inhomogeneous wave ... More
When will you do what? - Anticipating Temporal Occurrences of ActivitiesApr 03 2018Analyzing human actions in videos has gained increased attention recently. While most works focus on classifying and labeling observed video frames or anticipating the very recent future, making long-term predictions over more than just a few seconds ... More
Bose-Einstein condensate in a harmonic trap with an eccentric dimple potentialSep 27 2007We investigate Bose-Einstein condensation of noninteracting gases in a harmonic trap with an off-center dimple potential. We specifically consider the case of a tight and deep dimple potential which is modelled by a point interaction. This point interaction ... More
Edge stability, reconstruction, zero-energy states and magnetism in triangular graphene quantum dots with zigzag edgesNov 01 2010We present the results of ab-initio density functional theory based calculations of the stability and reconstruction of zigzag edges in triangular graphene quantum dots. We show that, while the reconstructed pentagon-heptagon zigzag edge structure is ... More
Bose-Einstein condensate in a harmonic trap decorated with Dirac delta functionsJan 26 2007Aug 24 2007We study Bose-Einstein condensation in a harmonic trap with a dimple potential. We specifically consider the case of a tight and deep dimple potential which is modelled by a Dirac delta function. This allows for simpler, explicit numerical and analytical ... More
A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Sensor Planning for 3D ModelsOct 19 2016We introduce a novel, fully automated solution method for sensor planning problem for 3D models. By modeling the human approach to the problem first, we put the problem into a reinforcement learning (RL) framework and successfully solve it using the well-known ... More
A new periodicity concept for time scalesDec 09 2010Jan 04 2012By means of the shift operators we introduce a new periodicity concept on time scales. This new approach will enable researchers to investigate periodicity notion on a large class of time scales whose members may not satisfy the condition: "there exists ... More
The elusive old population of the dwarf spheroidal galaxy Leo IDec 30 1999Dec 31 1999We report the discovery of a significant old population in the dwarf spheroidal (dSph) galaxy Leo I as a result of a wide-area search with the ESO New Technology Telescope. Studies of the stellar content of Local Group dwarf galaxies have shown the presence ... More
FPGA Implementation of pipeline Digit-Slicing Multiplier-Less Radix 2 power of 2 DIF SDF Butterfly for Fourier Transform StructureJun 09 2018The need for wireless communication has driven the communication systems to high performance. However, the main bottleneck that affects the communication capability is the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), which is the core of most modulators. This paper ... More
On the Equivalence Principle and a Unified Description of Gravitation and ElectromagnetismOct 19 1999Feb 29 2000We first investigate the form the general relativity theory would have taken had the gravitational mass and the inertial mass of material objects been different. We then extend this analysis to electromagnetism and postulate an equivalence principle for ... More
A domain decomposing parallel sparse linear system solverAug 10 2010Aug 26 2011The solution of large sparse linear systems is often the most time-consuming part of many science and engineering applications. Computational fluid dynamics, circuit simulation, power network analysis, and material science are just a few examples of the ... More
A Proposed New Test of General Relativity and a Possible Solution to the Cosmological Constant ProblemMar 20 2001Following a conjecture of Feynman, we explore the possibility that only those energy forms that are associated with (massive or massless) particles couple to the gravitational field, but not others. We propose an experiment to deflect electrons by a small ... More
Proposed Experiments to Test the Unified Description of Gravitation and Electromagnetism through a Symmetric MetricOct 26 1999Oct 27 1999If gravitation and electromagnetism are both described in terms of a symmetric metric tensor, then the deflection of an electron beam by a charged sphere should be different from its deflection according to the Reissner-Nordstr\"om solution of General ... More
N=4 Superconformal Algebras and Gauged WZW ModelsJan 13 1993As shown by Witten the N=1 supersymmetric gauged WZW model based on a group G has an extended N=2 supersymmetry if the gauged subgroup H is so chosen that G/H is Kahler. We extend Witten's result and prove that the N=1 supersymmetric gauged WZW models ... More
Can Machines Truly ThinkApr 28 2015Can machines truly think? This question and its answer have many implications that depend, in large part, on any number of assumptions underlying how the issue has been addressed or considered previously. A crucial question, and one that is almost taken ... More
On the quantum interpretation of the classical Schott term in the theory of radiation dampingJan 04 2019The quantum interpretation of classical radiation reaction coming from the near electromagnetic self-force (the so-called "Schott term") is given for the first time. The analysis is based on the Landau--Lifshitz equation for classical ultrarelativistic ... More
Fibonacci Statistical Convergence on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Normed SpacesDec 03 2018In this paper, we study the concept of Fibonacci statistical convergence on intuitionisitic fuzzy normed space. We define the Fibonacci statistically Cauchy sequences with respect to an intuitionisitic fuzzy normed space and introduce the Fibonacci statistical ... More
Erratum to "Lattice constellation and codes from quadratic number fields" [IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory, vol. 47, No. 4, May. 2001]Nov 28 2014We correct a partial mistake for a metric presented in the article "Lattice constellation and codes from quadratic number fields" [IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory, vol. 47, No. 4, May. 2001]. We show that the metric defined in the article is not true, therefore, ... More
AdS/CFT Dualities and the Unitary Representations of Non-compact Groups and Supergroups: Wigner versus DiracMay 18 2000I review the relationship between AdS/CFT (anti-de Sitter / conformal field theory) dualities and the general theory of positive energy unitary representations of non-compact space-time groups and supergroups. I show, in particular, how one can go from ... More
Asymptotic Performance Analysis of Generalized User Selection for Interference-Limited Multiuser SecondaryJan 28 2019We analyze the asymptotic performance of a generalized multiuser diversity scheme for an interference-limited secondary multiuser network of underlay cognitive radio systems. Assuming a large number of secondary users and that the noise at each secondary ... More
Na-O Anticorrelation and HB. II. The Na-O anticorrelation in the globular cluster NGC 6752Jan 08 2007We are studying the Na-O anticorrelation in several globular clusters of different Horizontal Branch (HB) morphology in order to derive a possible relation between (primordial) chemical inhomogeneities and morphological parameters of the cluster population. ... More
Effect of heat treatment on the structural and microstructural properties of the Co2-Y hexaferritesSep 09 2017The effect of heat treatment on the structural and micro-structural properties of the Co2-Y (Ba2Co2Fe12O22) was investigated by means of X-ray diffraction and the Rietveld refinement. The samples were synthesized using high-energy ball milling technique. ... More
On-Chip Implementation of Pipeline Digit-Slicing Multiplier-Less Butterfly for Fast Fourier Transform ArchitectureJun 09 2018The need for wireless communication has driven the communication systems to high performance. However, the main bottleneck that affects the communication capability is the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), which is the core of most modulators. This study ... More
New estimate for the multinomial Mittag-Leffler functionMay 24 2019Jun 02 2019In this paper, a new estimate is obtained for the multinomial Mittag-Leffler function. This function was introduced by Yuri Luchko and Rudolfo Gorenflo as the fundamental solution of the ordinary differential equation of fractional discrete distributed ... More
Unitary Supermultiplets of OSp(1/32,R) and M-theoryMar 17 1998Apr 26 1998We review the oscillator construction of the unitary representations of noncompact groups and supergroups and study the unitary supermultiplets of OSp(1/32,R) in relation to M-theory. OSp(1/32,R) has a singleton supermultiplet consisting of a scalar and ... More
The Application Domain of Infinite Matrices on Classical Sequence SpacesNov 18 2016The purpose of this paper is twofold. First, we define the new spaces and investigate some topological and structural properties. Also, we compute dual spaces of new spaces which are help us in the characterization of matrix mappings. Second, we give ... More
Relative Energy of the Taub Cosmological Model in Teleparallel GravityAug 03 2006Jul 26 2007This paper has been removed by arXiv administrators because it plagiarizes gr-qc/0303034, "The energy of the universe in teleparallel gravity," by T. Vargas; and Gen relativ. Grav. 37(6) 1151-1152 (2005), "The taub solution again," by Robert T. Jantzen. ... More
Fate of the Universe, Age of the Universe, Dark Matter, and the Decaying Vacuum EnergyNov 14 1999It is shown that in the cosmological models based on a vacuum energy decaying as a^{-2}, where a is the scale factor of the universe, the fate of the universe in regard to whether it will collapse in future or expand forever is determined not by the curvature ... More
On the Possibility of Building a Black Hole for Electrons in the LaboratoryNov 03 1999Feb 22 2000We point out in this work that if our recently proposed unified description of gravitation and electromagnetism through a symmetric metric tensor is true, then building in the laboratory black holes for electrons with radii r_E\ge 0.5m in air and with ... More
On the dimension of a certain measure in the planeJan 24 2013We study the Hausdorff dimension of a measure related to a positive weak solution of a certain partial differential equation in a simply connected domain in the plane. Our work generalizes work of Lewis and coauthors when the measure is $p$ harmonic and ... More
New type Pythagorean fuzzy soft set and decision-making applicationApr 05 2019We define the Pythagorean fuzzy parameterized soft set and investigate some properties of the new set. Further, we propose to the solution of decision-making application for the Pythagorean fuzzy parameterized soft set and other related concepts.
p_Hahn Sequence SpaceJan 10 2014The main purpose of the present paper is to introduce the space h_p and study of some properties of new sequence space. And we compute their dual spaces and characterizations of some matrix transformaitons.
Integrated and Differentiated Sequence Spaces and Weighted MeanNov 26 2016The purpose of this paper is twofold. Firstly, the new matrix domains are constructed with the new infinite matrices and some properties are investigated. Furthermore, dual spaces of new matrix domains are computed and matrix transformations are characterized. ... More
Codes over Hurwitz integersJan 13 2012In this study, we obtain new classes of linear codes over Hurwitz integers equipped with a new metric. We refer to the metric as Hurwitz metric. The codes with respect to Hurwitz metric use in coded modu- lation schemes based on quadrature amplitude modulation ... More
On spatially uniform behavior in reaction-diffusion PDE and coupled ODE systemsAug 18 2009We present a condition which guarantees spatial uniformity for the asymptotic behavior of the solutions of a reaction-diffusion PDE with Neumann boundary conditions. This condition makes use of the Jacobian matrix of the reaction terms and the second ... More
The Structure and Dynamics of Gene Regulation NetworksFeb 14 2008The structure and dynamics of a typical biological system are complex due to strong and inhomogeneous interactions between its constituents. The investigation of such systems with classical mathematical tools, such as differential equations for their ... More
Implications of a Quantum Mechanical Treatment of the UniverseJan 14 1998We attempt to treat the very early Universe according to quantum mechanics. Identifying the scale factor of the Universe with the width of the wave packet associated with it, we show that there cannot be an initial singularity and that the Universe expands. ... More
EXTENDED SUPERCONFORMAL SYMMETRY, FREUDENTHAL TRIPLE SYSTEMS AND GAUGED WZW MODELSFeb 10 1995We review the construction of extended ( N=2 and N=4 ) superconformal algebras over triple systems and the gauged WZW models invariant under them. The N=2 superconformal algebras (SCA) realized over Freudenthal triple systems (FTS) admit extension to ... More
Generalized Conformal and Superconformal Group Actions and Jordan AlgebrasJan 13 1993We study the conformal groups of Jordan algebras along the lines suggested by Kantor. They provide a natural generalization of the concept of conformal transformations that leave 2-angles invariant to spaces where "p-angles" can be defined. We give an ... More
Uav Route Planning For Maximum Target CoverageMar 12 2014Utilization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in military and civil operations is getting popular. One of the challenges in effectively tasking these expensive vehicles is planning the flight routes to monitor the targets. In this work, we aim to develop ... More
Generalized AdS/CFT Dualities and Space-Time Symmetries of M/Superstring TheoryJan 22 2001I review the relationship between AdS/CFT (anti-de Sitter / conformal field theory) dualities and the general theory of unitary lowest weight (ULWR) (positive energy) representations of non-compact space-time groups and supergroups. The ULWR's have the ... More
On the Equivalence Principle and a Unified Description of Gravitation and ElectromagnetismOct 19 1999Dec 18 2017We first investigate the form the General Relativity Theory would have taken had the gravitational mass and the inertial mass of material objects been different. We then extend this analysis to electromagnetism and postulate an equivalence principle for ... More
On the absolute continuity of p-harmonic measure and surface measure in Reifenberg flat domainsSep 23 2015Sep 30 2015In this paper, we study the set of absolute continuity of p-harmonic measure, $\mu$, and $(n-1)-$dimensional Hausdorff measure, $\mathcal{H}^{n-1}$, on locally flat domains in $\mathbb{R}^{n}$, $n\geq 2$. We prove that for fixed $p$ with $2<p<\infty$ ... More
Integrated and differentiated sequence spacesFeb 24 2014In this paper, we investigate integrated and differentiated sequence spaces which emerge from the concept of the space bv of sequences of bounded variation.The integrated and differentiated sequence spaces which was initiated by Goes and Goes. The main ... More
Reduced Differential Transform Method for Solving Foam Drainage Equation(FDE)Nov 25 2013Reduced Differental Transform Method (RDTM) which is one of the useful and effective numerical approximate method is applied to solve nonlinear time-dependent Foam Drainage Equation (FDE). Also, we compared the presented method with the famous Adomian ... More
Quantum Vacua of 2d Maximally Supersymmetric Yang-Mills TheorySep 27 2016We analyze the classical and quantum vacua of 2d $\mathcal{N}=(8,8)$ supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory with $SU(N)$ and $U(N)$ gauge group, describing the worldvolume interactions of $N$ parallel D1-branes with flat transverse directions $\mathbb{R}^8$. ... More
Diagonal Stability for a Class of Interconnected Passive SystemsApr 13 2005We consider a class of matrices with a specific structure that arises, among other examples, in dynamic models for biological regulation of enzyme synthesis (Tyson and Othmer, 1978). We first show that a stability condition given in (Tyson and Othmer, ... More
The sequence space bv and some applicationsMar 07 2014In this work, we give well-known results related to some properties, dual spaces and matrix transformations of the sequence space bv and introduce the matrix domain of space bv with arbitrary triangle matrix A. Afterward, we choose the matrix A as Ces\`aro ... More
A Broad Dynamical Model for Pattern Formation by Lateral InhibitionJan 06 2012Many patterning events in multi-cellular organisms rely on cell-to-cell contact signaling, such as the Notch pathway in metazoans. A particularly interesting phenomenon in this form of communication is lateral inhibition where a cell that adopts a particular ... More
Lectures on Spectrum Generating Symmetries and U-duality in Supergravity, Extremal Black Holes, Quantum Attractors and Harmonic SuperspaceAug 04 2009We review the underlying algebraic structures of supergravity theories with symmetric scalar manifolds in five and four dimensions, orbits of their extremal black hole solutions and the spectrum generating extensions of their U-duality groups. For 5D, ... More
Quadratic pencil of difference equations: Jost solutions, spectrum, and principal vectorsSep 19 2008Oct 28 2009In this paper, a quadratic pencil of Schr\"odinger type difference operator $L_{\lambda}$ is taken under investigation to give a general perspective on the spectral analysis of non-selfadjoint difference equations of second order. Introducing Jost-type ... More
Harmonic Superspace, Minimal Unitary Representations and Quasiconformal GroupsFeb 06 2007Mar 31 2007We show that there is a remarkable connection between the harmonic superspace (HSS) formulation of N=2, d=4 supersymmetric quaternionic Kaehler sigma models that couple to N=2 supergravity and the minimal unitary representations of their isometry groups. ... More
Metric Unification of Gravitation and Electromagnetism Solves the Cosmological Constant ProblemFeb 17 2000Feb 26 2000We first review the cosmological constant problem, and then mention a conjecture of Feynman according to which the general relativistic theory of gravity should be reformulated in such a way that energy does not couple to gravity. We point out that our ... More
Seven Sphere and the Exceptional Nonlinear Superconformal AlgebrasMar 03 1997The realizations of the exceptional non-linear (quadratically generated, or W-type) N=8 and N=7 superconformal algebras with Spin(7) and G_2 affine symmetry currents are reviewed. Both the N=8 and N=7 algebras admit unitary realizations in terms of a ... More
Wigner crystallization in topological flat bandsDec 16 2017May 21 2018We study the Wigner crystallization on partially filled topological flat bands. We identify the Wigner crystals by analyzing the cartesian and angular Fourier transform of the pair correlation density of the many-body ground state obtained using exact ... More
Sparse Recovery over Graph Incidence MatricesMar 26 2018Oct 26 2018Classical results in sparse recovery guarantee the exact reconstruction of $s$-sparse signals under assumptions on the dictionary that are either too strong or NP-hard to check. Moreover, such results may be pessimistic in practice since they are based ... More
On pairs of locally convex spaces between which all operators are strictly singularDec 18 2014Jan 13 2016A linear operator $T:X \to Y$ between topological vector spaces is called strictly singular if for any infinite dimensional vector subspace $X_0$ of $X$, the restriction of $T$ to $X_0$ is not a topological isomorphism. In this note we investigate ordered ... More
Graph partitions and cluster synchronization in networks of oscillatorsAug 15 2016Aug 16 2016Synchronization over networks depends strongly on the structure of the coupling between the oscillators. When the coupling presents certain regularities, the dynamics can be coarse-grained into clusters by means of External Equitable Partitions of the ... More
Multiple stellar populations in Galactic globular clusters: observational evidenceDec 06 2010An increasing number of both photometric and spectroscopic observations over the last years have shown the existence of distinct sub-populations in many Galactic globular clusters and shattered the paradigm of globulars hosting single, simple stellar ... More
Adaptive discontinuous Galerkin methods for non-linear diffusion-convection-reaction equationsSep 15 2014In this work, we apply the adaptive discontinuous Galerkin (DGAFEM) method to the convection dominated non-linear, quasi-stationary diffusion-convection-reaction equations. We propose an efficient preconditioner using a matrix reordering scheme to solve ... More
Compositional abstraction for networks of control systems: A dissipativity approachAug 04 2016In this paper we propose a compositional scheme for the construction of abstractions for networks of control systems using the interconnection matrix and joint dissipativity-type properties of subsystems and their abstractions. In the proposed framework, ... More
From a Modified Ambrosio-Tortorelli to a Randomized Part Hierarchy TreeApr 12 2011We demonstrate the possibility of coding parts, features that are higher level than boundaries, using a modified AT field after augmenting the interaction term of the AT energy with a non-local term and weakening the separation into boundary/not-boundary ... More
Manifold algorithmic errors in quantum computers with static internal imperfectionsJan 21 2008The inevitable existence of static internal imperfections and residual interactions in some quantum computer architectures result in internal decoherence, dissipation, and destructive unitary shifts of active algorithms. By exact numerical simulations ... More
Kraus decomposition for chaotic environments including time-dependent subsystem HamiltoniansOct 08 2007We derive an exact and explicit Kraus decomposition for the reduced density of a quantum system simultaneously interacting with time-dependent external fields and a chaotic environment of thermodynamic dimension. We test the accuracy of the Kraus decomposition ... More
Quantum pathology of static internal imperfections in flawed quantum computersMay 28 2007Even in the absence of external influences the operability of a quantum computer (QC) is not guaranteed because of the effects of residual one- and two-body imperfections. Here we investigate how these internal flaws affect the performance of a quantum ... More
Creation of Photons in Anisotropic Space-TimesJun 29 2005Aug 22 2007This paper has been removed by arXiv administrators because of excessive overlap with gr-qc/0506062.
Unified Maxwell-Einstein and Yang-Mills-Einstein Supergravity Theories in Five DimensionsApr 10 2003Jun 03 2003Unified N=2 Maxwell-Einstein supergravity theories (MESGTs) are supergravity theories in which all the vector fields, including the graviphoton, transform in an irreducible representation of a simple global symmetry group of the Lagrangian. As was established ... More
Situated Modeling of Epistemic PuzzlesSep 07 1994Situation theory is a mathematical theory of meaning introduced by Jon Barwise and John Perry. It has evoked great theoretical and practical interest and motivated the framework of a few `computational' systems. PROSIT is the pioneering work in this direction. ... More
A Compartmental Model for Traffic Networks and its Dynamical BehaviorSep 22 2014May 22 2015We propose a macroscopic traffic network flow model suitable for analysis as a dynamical system, and we qualitatively analyze equilibrium flows as well as convergence. Flows at a junction are determined by downstream supply of capacity as well as upstream ... More
Minimal unitary representation of 5d superconformal algebra F(4) and AdS_6/CFT_5 higher spin (super)-algebrasSep 08 2014We study the minimal unitary representation (minrep) of SO(5,2), obtained by quantization of its geometric quasiconformal action, its deformations and supersymmetric extensions. The minrep of SO(5,2) describes a massless conformal scalar field in five ... More
On the fine spectrum of the forward difference operator on the Hahn spaceFeb 24 2014The main purpose of this paper is to determine the fine spectrum with respect to Goldberg's classification of the difference operator over the sequence space h. As a new development, we give the approximate point spectrum, defect spectrum and compression ... More
Service Network Design Problem with Capacity-Demand BalancingJun 20 2019This paper addresses developing cost-effective strategies to respond to excessive demand in the service network design problem in a multi-period setting. The common assumption states that the capacity of freight carriers' assets is capable of handling ... More
Verification of Markov Decision Processes with Risk-Sensitive MeasuresFeb 28 2018We develop a method for computing policies in Markov decision processes with risk-sensitive measures subject to temporal logic constraints. Specifically, we use a particular risk-sensitive measure from cumulative prospect theory, which has been previously ... More
Simulation-based reachability analysis for nonlinear systems using componentwise contraction propertiesSep 19 2017A shortcoming of existing reachability approaches for nonlinear systems is the poor scalability with the number of continuous state variables. To mitigate this problem we present a simulation-based approach where we first sample a number of trajectories ... More
Automated Analysis of Voting Systems under an Active Intruder Model in CSPMay 02 2017This article presents a novel intruder model for automated reasoning about anonymity (vote-privacy) and secrecy properties of voting systems. We adapt the lazy spy for this purpose, as it avoids the eagerness of pre-computation of unnecessary deductions, ... More
A Benchmark Problem in Transportation NetworksMar 01 2018In this note, we propose a case study of freeway traffic flow modeled as a hybrid system. We describe two general classes of networks that model flow along a freeway with merging onramps. The admission rate of traffic flow from each onramp is metered ... More