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On Framework and Hybrid Auction Approach to the Spectrum Licensing ProcedureFeb 18 2009Inspired by the recent developments in the field of Spectrum Auctions, we have tried to provide a comprehensive framework for the complete procedure of Spectrum Licensing. We have identified the various issues the Governments need to decide upon while ... More
Dimensionality Reduction with Subspace Structure PreservationDec 07 2014Apr 06 2016Modeling data as being sampled from a union of independent subspaces has been widely applied to a number of real world applications. However, dimensionality reduction approaches that theoretically preserve this independence assumption have not been well ... More
Everyday Radio TelescopeJan 12 2016We have developed an affordable, portable college level radio telescope for amateur radio astronomy which can be used to provide hands-on experience with the fundamentals of a radio telescope and an insight into the realm of radio astronomy. With our ... More
GREENBURST: a commensal fast radio burst search back-end for the Green Bank TelescopeMar 13 2019We describe the design and deployment of GREENBURST, a commensal Fast Radio Burst (FRB) search system at the Green Bank Telescope. GREENBURST uses the dedicated L-band receiver tap to search over the 960$-$1920 MHz frequency range for pulses with dispersion ... More
Towards deeper neural networks for Fast Radio Burst detectionFeb 17 2019With the upcoming commensal surveys for Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), and their high candidate rate, usage of machine learning algorithms for candidate classification is a necessity. Such algorithms will also play a pivotal role in sending real-time triggers ... More
A Survey of the Galactic Plane for Dispersed Pulses with the Australian Square Kilometre Array PathfinderMar 12 2019We report the results from a survey of the Galactic plane for dispersed single pulses using the Australian SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP). We searched for rare bright dispersed radio pulses comprising 160 pointings covering 4800 deg$^2$ of the Galactic plane ... More
Mass Deformations of Super Yang-Mills Theories in D= 2+1, and Super-Membranes: A NoteJun 26 2008Mass deformations of supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories in three spacetime dimensions are considered. The gluons of the theories are made massive by the inclusion of a non-local gauge and Poincare invariant mass term due to Alexanian and Nair, while the ... More
Open Spin Chains in Super Yang-Mills at Higher Loops: Some Potential Problems with IntegrabilityMar 09 2006May 14 2006The super Yang-Mills duals of open strings attached to maximal giant gravitons are studied in perturbation theory. It is shown that non-BPS baryonic excitations of the gauge theory can be studied within the paradigm of open quantum spin chains even beyond ... More
Toward a Push-Scalable Global InternetNov 29 2010Push message delivery, where a client maintains an ``always-on'' connection with a server in order to be notified of a (asynchronous) message arrival in real-time, is increasingly being used in Internet services. The key message in this paper is that ... More
Rate-distortion functions of non-stationary Markoff chains and their block-independent approximationsMar 27 2018It is proved that the limit of the normalized rate-distortion functions of block independent approximations of an irreducible, aperiodic Markoff chain is independent of the initial distribution of the Markoff chain and thus, is also equal to the rate-distortion ... More
PSPACE hardness of approximating the capacity of Markoff channels with noiseless feedbackMar 24 2017Mar 21 2018It will be proved that computing the capacity of a Markoff channel with noiseless feedback is PSPACE-hard.
Stabilizing Graph-dependent Switched SystemsOct 08 2018Mar 12 2019We give sufficient conditions for stability of a continuous-time linear switched system consisting of finitely many subsystems. The switching between subsystems is governed by an underlying graph. The results are applicable to switched systems having ... More
Asymptotic expansion for characteristic function in Heston stochastic volatility model with fast mean-reverting correctionOct 14 2013In this note, we derive the characteristic function expansion for logarithm of the underlying asset price in corrected Heston model as proposed by Fouque and Lorig.
An Analysis of Random Projections in Cancelable BiometricsJan 17 2014Nov 14 2014With increasing concerns about security, the need for highly secure physical biometrics-based authentication systems utilizing \emph{cancelable biometric} technologies is on the rise. Because the problem of cancelable template generation deals with the ... More
A Walk with SGDFeb 24 2018May 30 2018We present novel empirical observations regarding how stochastic gradient descent (SGD) navigates the loss landscape of over-parametrized deep neural networks (DNNs). These observations expose the qualitatively different roles of learning rate and batch-size ... More
A Supersymmetry Preserving Mass-Deformation of N=1 Super Yang-Mills in D=2+1Sep 04 2009Sep 18 2009We construct a massive non-abelian N= 1 SYM theory on R^3. This is achieved by using a non-local gauge and Poincare invariant mass term for gluons due to Nair. The underlying supersymmetry algebra is shown to be a non-central extension of the Poincare ... More
On Computation of Error Locations and Values in Hermitian CodesDec 11 2007We obtain a technique to reduce the computational complexity associated with decoding of Hermitian codes. In particular, we propose a method to compute the error locations and values using an uni-variate error locator and an uni-variate error evaluator ... More
Comments on Higher Loop Integrability in the $su(1|1)$ Sector of $\cal N$=4 $SYM$: Lessons From the $su(2)$ SectorJun 13 2005An analysis of two loop integrability in the $su(1|1)$ sector of $\cal{N}$=4$SYM$ is presented from the point of view of Yangian symmetries. The analysis is carried out in the scaling limit of the dilatation operator which is shown to have a manifest ... More
Towards a PURE Spoken Dialogue System for Information AccessJul 22 1997With the rapid explosion of the World Wide Web, it is becoming increasingly possible to easily acquire a wide variety of information such as flight schedules, yellow pages, used car prices, current stock prices, entertainment event schedules, account ... More
Surrogate Regret Bounds for Bipartite Ranking via Strongly Proper LossesJul 02 2012The problem of bipartite ranking, where instances are labeled positive or negative and the goal is to learn a scoring function that minimizes the probability of mis-ranking a pair of positive and negative instances (or equivalently, that maximizes the ... More
A Simple Loop Dwell Time Approach for Stability of Switched SystemsApr 09 2017Jun 18 2017We introduce a novel concept of simple loop dwell time and use it to give sufficient conditions for stability of a continuous-time linear switched system where switching between subsystems is governed by an underlying graph. We present a slow-fast switching ... More
A Novel MINLP Reformulation for Nonlinear Generalized Disjunctive Programming (GDP) ProblemsOct 07 2015In optimization problems, often equations and inequalities are represented using if-else (implication) construct which is known to be equivalent to a disjunction. Such statements are modeled and incorporated in an optimization problem using Generalized ... More
The $k$-transformation on an interval with a holeApr 09 2017Oct 08 2018Let $T_{k}$ be the expanding map of $[0,1)$ defined by $T_{k}(x) = k x\ \text{mod 1}$, where $k$ is an integer atleast 2. Given $0\leq a<b\leq 1$, let $\mathcal{W}_{k}(a,b)=\{x\in [0,1)\ | \ T_{k}^nx\notin (a,b), \ n\geq 0\}$ be the maximal $T$-invariant ... More
Time resolved transport properties of a $Y$-junction of Tomonaga-Luttinger liquidsJun 30 2014Nov 05 2014We study time resolved transport properties of a $Y$-junction composed of interacting one-dimensional quantum wires using a bosonization approach. In particular, we investigate the AC conductivity of the $Y$-junction formed from finite length Tomonaga-Luttinger ... More
Text Steganographic Approaches: A ComparisonFeb 12 2013Feb 14 2013This paper presents three novel approaches of text steganography. The first approach uses the theme of missing letter puzzle where each character of message is hidden by missing one or more letters in a word of cover. The average Jaro score was found ... More
Aspects of Integrability in N =4 SYMAug 21 2007Various recently developed connections between supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories in four dimensions and two dimensional integrable systems serve as crucial ingredients in improving our understanding of the AdS/CFT correspondence. In this review, we highlight ... More
Mass-Gaps and Spin Chains for (Super) MembranesOct 01 2006We present a method for computing the non-perturbative mass-gap in the theory of Bosonic membranes in flat background spacetimes with or without background fluxes. The computation of mass-gaps is carried out using a matrix regularization of the membrane ... More
Stabilizing Graph-dependent Switched systems with all Unstable SubsystemsOct 08 2018We give sufficient conditions for stability of a continuous-time linear switched system with all unstable subsystems where switchings between subsystems are governed by an underlying graph. We also present a slow-fast switching mechanism on subsystems ... More
Evaluation of Semantic ClustersMay 04 1995Semantic clusters of a domain form an important feature that can be useful for performing syntactic and semantic disambiguation. Several attempts have been made to extract the semantic clusters of a domain by probabilistic or taxonomic techniques. However, ... More
Source-channel separation for two-way interactive communication with fidelity criteriaApr 16 2018May 11 2018Consider the channel coding problem where two users are interacting in order to communicate an i.i.d. source X1 from User 1 to User 2 with distortion D1 and an i.i.d. source X2 from User 2 to User 1 with distortion D2. X1 and X2 may be dependent. Communication ... More
Non-existence of certain kind of finite-letter mutual information characterization for a class of time-invariant Markoff channelsApr 16 2018Oct 23 2018We provide a rigorous definition of a certain kind of characterization for capacity regions of a family of Markoff networks which is based on optimization problems resulting out of calculating conditional mutual information from a finite number of random ... More
GBTrans: A commensal search for radio pulses with the Green Bank twenty metre telescopeMay 02 2019May 06 2019We describe GBTrans, a real-time search system designed to find fast radio bursts (FRBs) using the 20-m radio telescope at the Green Bank Observatory. The telescope has been part of the Skynet educational program since 2015. We give details of the observing ... More
Three Factors Influencing Minima in SGDNov 13 2017Sep 13 2018We investigate the dynamical and convergent properties of stochastic gradient descent (SGD) applied to Deep Neural Networks (DNNs). Characterizing the relation between learning rate, batch size and the properties of the final minima, such as width or ... More
Non-local symmetries for Yang-Mills theories and their massive counterparts in two and three dimensionsDec 05 2011We identify a non-local symmetry for Yang-Mills theories in 1+1 and 2+1 spacetime dimensions. The symmetry mixes a vector current with the gauge field. The current involved in the symmetry is required to satisfy certain constraints. The explicit solution ... More
Anisotropy-Induced Quantum Interference Between Orthogonal Quantum Dot Exciton States in Semiconductor Cavity SystemsAug 23 2016We describe how quantum dot semiconductor cavity systems can be engineered to exploit anisotropy-induced dipole-dipole coupling between orthogonal dipole states in a single quantum dot. Quantum dots in single-mode cavity structures with spin exciton states, ... More
Power and efficiency analysis of a realistic resonant tunneling diode thermoelectricMar 04 2014Jul 01 2014Low-dimensional systems with sharp features in the density of states have been proposed as a means to improving the efficiency of thermoelectric devices. Quantum dot systems, which offer the sharpest density of states achievable, however, suffer from ... More
Heisenberg's Uncertainty Relations and Quantum OpticsJan 22 2002We present a brief review of the impact of the Heisenberg uncertainty relations on quantum optics. In particular we demonstrate how almost all coherent and nonclassical states of quantum optics can be derived from uncertainty relations.
Line junction in a quantum Hall system with two filling fractionsMar 10 2008We present a microscopic model for a line junction formed by counter or co-propagating single mode quantum Hall edges corresponding to different filling factors. The ends of the line junction can be described by two possible current splitting matrices ... More
Charge transport in a Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid: effects of pumping and biasFeb 19 2007Jul 07 2007We study the current produced in a Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid by an applied bias and by weak, point-like impurity potentials which are oscillating in time. We use bosonization to perturbatively calculate the current up to second order in the impurity potentials. ... More
Contact radius and curvature corrections to the nonlocal contact formulation accounting for multi-particle interactions in elastic confined granular systemsAug 15 2018Sep 10 2018We present contact radius and curvature corrections to the nonlocal contact formulation that take into account multi-particle interactions in elastic confined granular systems. The nonlocal contact formulation removes the classical assumption of independent ... More
Investigating the Application of Common-Sense Knowledge-Base for Identifying Term Obfuscation in Adversarial CommunicationJan 18 2017Word obfuscation or substitution means replacing one word with another word in a sentence to conceal the textual content or communication. Word obfuscation is used in adversarial communication by terrorist or criminals for conveying their messages without ... More
Nuclear Star Clusters from Clustered Star FormationAug 17 2010Dec 28 2010Photometrically distinct nuclear star clusters (NSCs) are common in late-type-disk and spheroidal galaxies. The formation of NSCs is inevitable in the context of normal star formation in which a majority of stars form in clusters. A young, mass-losing ... More
Deconstructing Supersymmetric S-matrices in D <= 2 + 1Jun 08 2012Global supersymmetries of the S-matrices of N = 2, 4, 8 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories in three spacetime dimensions (without matter hypermultiplets) are shown to be SU(1|1), SU(2|2) and SU(2|2) X SU(2|2) respectively. These symmetries are not manifest ... More
Hidden Local and Non-local Symmetries of S-matrices of N=2,4,8 SYM in D=2+1Sep 13 2011Sep 26 2011This talk, based principally on arXiv:1103.0786, is devoted to properties of tree-level S-matrices of N=2,4,8 SYM in D=2+1. We'll discuss an on-shell formalism for three-dimensional theories inspired by the spinor-helicity framework in four spacetime ... More
Manifest SO(N) invariance and S-matrices of three-dimensional N=2,4,8 SYMMar 03 2011An on-shell formalism for the computation of S-matrices of SYM theories in three spacetime dimensions is presented. The framework is a generalization of the spinor-helicity formalism in four dimensions. The formalism is applied to establish the manifest ... More
Supporting Dynamic Ad hoc Collaboration CapabilitiesJul 14 2003Modern HENP experiments such as CMS and Atlas involve as many as 2000 collaborators around the world. Collaborations this large will be unable to meet often enough to support working closely together. Many of the tools currently available for collaboration ... More
New type integral inequalities for convex functions with applications IIMar 25 2017We have recently established some integral inequalities for convex functions via the Hermite-Hadamard's inequalities. In continuation here, we also establish some interesting new integral inequalities for convex functions via the Hermite--Hadamard's inequalities ... More
Noncooperative Games for Autonomous Consumer Load Balancing over Smart GridApr 19 2011Jun 12 2011Traditionally, most consumers of electricity pay for their consumptions according to a fixed rate. With the advancement of Smart Grid technologies, large-scale implementation of variable-rate metering becomes more practical. As a result, consumers will ... More
Bringing Cartoons to Life: Towards Improved Cartoon Face Detection and Recognition SystemsApr 05 2018Jul 06 2018Given the recent deep learning advancements in face detection and recognition techniques for human faces, this paper answers the question "how well would they work for cartoons'?" - a domain that remains largely unexplored until recently, mainly due to ... More
VisualBackProp for learning using privileged information with CNNsMay 24 2018In many machine learning applications, from medical diagnostics to autonomous driving, the availability of prior knowledge can be used to improve the predictive performance of learning algorithms and incorporate `physical,' `domain knowledge,' or `common ... More
Skin Lesion Segmentation and Classification with Deep Learning SystemFeb 16 2019Melanoma is one of the ten most common cancers in the US. Early detection is crucial for survival, but often the cancer is diagnosed in the fatal stage. Deep learning has the potential to improve cancer detection rates, but its applicability to melanoma ... More
Towards Optimality Conditions for Non-Linear NetworksMay 23 2016Training non-linear neural networks is a challenging task, but over the years, various approaches coming from different perspectives have been proposed to improve performance. However, insights into what fundamentally constitutes \textit{optimal} network ... More
Notes on Collective Field Theory of Large N Vector Models as Classical Mechanics on the Siegel DiscNov 15 2004We use deformation quantization to construct the large N limits of Bosonic vector models as classical dynamical systems on the Siegel disc and study the relation of this formulation to standard results of collective field theory. Special emphasis is paid ... More
Multiple Signal Classification Algorithm (MUSICAL) for super-resolution fluorescence microscopyNov 28 2016Super-resolution microscopy is providing unprecedented insights into biology by resolving details much below the diffraction limit. State-of-the-art Single Molecule Localization Microscopy (SMLM) techniques for super-resolution are restricted by long ... More
Adaptive Resolution Simulation in Equilibrium and BeyondDec 07 2014In this paper, we investigate the equilibrium statistical properties of both the force and potential interpolations of adaptive resolution simulation (AdResS) under the theoretical framework of grand-canonical like AdResS (GC-AdResS). The thermodynamic ... More
Plasmons in spin polarized graphene: a new way to measure spin polarizationMay 05 2015Jun 14 2015We study the collective charge excitations (plasmons) in spin polarized graphene, and derive explicit expressions for their dispersion in the undamped regime. From this, we are able to calculate the critical wave vector beyond which the plasmon enters ... More
Bounds on the Rate of Linear Locally Repairable Codes over Small AlphabetsJul 28 2016Locally repairable codes (LRC) have recently been a subject of intense research due to theoretical appeal and their application in distributed storage systems. In an LRC, any coordinate of a codeword can be recovered by accessing only few other coordinates. ... More
Security in Locally Repairable StorageMar 13 2015Aug 12 2016In this paper we extend the notion of {\em locally repairable} codes to {\em secret sharing} schemes. The main problem that we consider is to find optimal ways to distribute shares of a secret among a set of storage-nodes (participants) such that the ... More
Stochastic Control of Tidal Dynamics Equation with Levy NoiseJan 03 2015In this work we first present the existence, uniqueness and regularity of the strong solution of the tidal dynamics model perturbed by Levy noise. Monotonicity arguments have been exploited in the proofs. We then formulate a martingale problem of Stroock ... More
Analysis of boundary point (break point) in Linear Delay Model for nanoscale VLSI standard cell library characterization at PVT cornersOct 06 2014In VLSI chip design flow, Static Timing Analysis (STA) is used for fast and accurate analysis of data-path delay. This process is fast because delay is picked from Look Up Tables (LUT) rather than conventional SPICE simulations. But accuracy of this method ... More
Anisotropy-Induced Quantum Interference and Population Trapping Between Orthogonal Quantum Dot Exciton States in Semiconductor Cavity SystemsAug 23 2016Nov 24 2016We describe how quantum dot semiconductor cavity systems can be engineered to realize anisotropy-induced dipole-dipole coupling between orthogonal dipole states in a single quantum dot. Quantum dots in single-mode cavity structures as well as photonic ... More
Modularity-Maximizing Network Communities via Mathematical ProgrammingOct 12 2007Apr 19 2008In many networks, it is of great interest to identify "communities", unusually densely knit groups of individuals. Such communities often shed light on the function of the networks or underlying properties of the individuals. Recently, Newman suggested ... More
Berry curvature induced thermopower in type-I and type-II Weyl SemimetalsMar 04 2019Berry curvature acts analogous to a magnetic field in the momentum-space, and it modifies the flow of charge carriers and entropy. This induces several intriguing magnetoelectric and magnetothermal transport phenomena in Weyl semimetals. Here, we explore ... More
AC conductivity of a quantum Hall line junctionSep 08 2008Aug 14 2009We present a microscopic model for calculating the AC conductivity of a finite length line junction made up of two counter or co-propagating single mode quantum Hall edges with possibly different filling fractions. The effect of density-density interactions ... More
Conductance of quantum wires: a numerical study of the effects of an impurity and interactionsJul 05 2005Mar 02 2006We use the non-equilibrium Green's function formalism along with a self-consistent Hartree-Fock approximation to numerically study the effects of a single impurity and interactions between the electrons (with and without spin) on the conductance of a ... More
Continuous Optimization for Fields of Experts Denoising WorksMar 21 2014Several recent papers use image denoising with a Fields of Experts prior to benchmark discrete optimization methods. We show that a non-linear least squares solver significantly outperforms all known discrete methods on this problem.
Architecture for communication with a fidelity criterion in unknown networksFeb 05 2010Jan 21 2011We prove that in order to communicate independent sources (this is the unicast problem) between various users over an unknown medium to within various distortion levels, it is sufficient to consider source-channel separation based architectures: architectures ... More
SU(2|2) for Theories with Sixteen Supercharges at Weak and Strong CouplingMar 29 2010Jul 28 2010We consider the dimensional reductions of N=4 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory on R x S^3 to the three-dimensional theory on R x S^2, the orbifolded theory on R x S^3/Z_k, and the plane-wave matrix model. With explicit emphasis on the three-dimensional ... More
$2^{\aleph_0}$ pairwise non-isomorphic maximal-closed subgroups of Sym$(\mathbb{N})$ via the classification of the reducts of the Henson digraphsSep 25 2015Given two structures $\mathcal{M}$ and $\mathcal{N}$ on the same domain, we say that $\mathcal{N}$ is a reduct of $\mathcal{M}$ if all $\emptyset$-definable relations of $\mathcal{N}$ are $\emptyset$-definable in $\mathcal{M}$. In this article the reducts ... More
Characterizing Linguistic Attributes for Automatic Classification of Intent Based Racist/Radicalized Posts on Tumblr Micro-Blogging WebsiteJan 18 2017Research shows that many like-minded people use popular microblogging websites for posting hateful speech against various religions and race. Automatic identification of racist and hate promoting posts is required for building social media intelligence ... More
Lower Bounds for Higher-Order Convex OptimizationOct 27 2017State-of-the-art methods in convex and non-convex optimization employ higher-order derivative information, either implicitly or explicitly. We explore the limitations of higher-order optimization and prove that even for convex optimization, a polynomial ... More
Do Deep Neural Networks Model Nonlinear Compositionality in the Neural Representation of Human-Object Interactions?Mar 31 2019Visual scene understanding often requires the processing of human-object interactions. Here we seek to explore if and how well Deep Neural Network (DNN) models capture features similar to the brain's representation of humans, objects, and their interactions. ... More
Finding $k$ Simple Shortest Paths and CyclesDec 07 2015Feb 23 2016The problem of finding multiple simple shortest paths in a weighted directed graph $G=(V,E)$ has many applications, and is considerably more difficult than the corresponding problem when cycles are allowed in the paths. Even for a single source-sink pair, ... More
Higher Charges in Dynamical Spin Chains for SYM TheoryAug 19 2005Aug 30 2005We construct, to the first two non-trivial orders, the next conserved charge in the su(2|3) sector of N=4 Super Yang-Mills theory. This represents a test of integrability in a sector where the interactions change the number of sites of the chain. The ... More
Anisotropy-Induced Quantum Interference and Population Trapping Between Orthogonal Quantum Dot Exciton States in Semiconductor Cavity SystemsAug 23 2016Nov 23 2016We describe how quantum dot semiconductor cavity systems can be engineered to realize anisotropy-induced dipole-dipole coupling between orthogonal dipole states in a single quantum dot. Quantum dots in single-mode cavity structures as well as photonic ... More
Anisotropic Vacuum Induced Interference in Decay ChannelsMay 23 2000We demonstrate how the anisotropy of the vacuum of the electromagnetic field can lead to quantum interferences among the decay channels of close lying states. Our key result is that interferences are given by the {\em scalar} formed from the antinormally ... More
New N=1 Dualities from M5-branes and Outer-automorphism TwistsNov 12 2013Feb 27 2014We generalize recent construction of four-dimensional $\mathcal{N}=1$ SCFT from wrapping six-dimensional $\mathcal{N}=(2,0)$ theory on a Riemann surface to the case of $D$-type with outer-automorphism twists. This construction allows us to build various ... More
Analyzing Molecular Simulations Trajectories by Utilizing CUDA on GPU ArchitectureAug 29 2017Nov 06 2018With the advent of high-performance computing techniques, the data for analysis has grown significantly. Here, graphic processing unit (GPU) based program kernels are discussed to exploit parallelism in the analysis codes specific to molecular simulations ... More
Support Vector Algorithms for Optimizing the Partial Area Under the ROC CurveMay 13 2016The area under the ROC curve (AUC) is a widely used performance measure in machine learning. Increasingly, however, in several applications, ranging from ranking to biometric screening to medicine, performance is measured not in terms of the full area ... More
Applying Social Media Intelligence for Predicting and Identifying On-line Radicalization and Civil Unrest Oriented ThreatsNov 21 2015Research shows that various social media platforms on Internet such as Twitter, Tumblr (micro-blogging websites), Facebook (a popular social networking website), YouTube (largest video sharing and hosting website), Blogs and discussion forums are being ... More
Role of Heterogeneities in Staebler-Wronski EffectSep 12 2012The effect of light soaking (LS) on the properties of hydrogenated amorphous silicon presents many challenging puzzles. Some of them are discussed here, along with their present status. In particular the role of the heterogeneities in LS is examined. ... More
Berry curvature induced thermopower in type-I and type-II Weyl SemimetalsMar 04 2019Mar 14 2019Berry curvature acts analogous to a magnetic field in the momentum-space, and it modifies the flow of charge carriers and entropy. This induces several intriguing magnetoelectric and magnetothermal transport phenomena in Weyl semimetals. %, including ... More
ParseIT: A Question-Answer based Tool to Learn Parsing TechniquesFeb 02 2017Parsing (also called syntax analysis) techniques cover a substantial portion of any undergraduate Compiler Design course. We present ParseIT, a tool to help students understand the parsing techniques through question-answering. ParseIT automates the generation ... More
The dynamical viability of scalar-tensor gravity theoriesAug 29 2007Jun 23 2008We establish the dynamical attractor behavior in scalar-tensor theories of dark energy, providing a powerful framework to analyze classes of theories, predicting common evolutionary characteristics that can be compared against cosmological constraints. ... More
Product of Expansive Markov Maps with HoleJun 19 2018We consider product of expansive Markov maps on an interval with hole which is conjugate to a subshift of finite type. We will show that the escape rate into a given hole does not just depend on its size but also its position in the state space. We compare ... More
Effective Dimension of Exp-concave OptimizationMay 21 2018Jan 29 2019We investigate the role of the effective dimension $d_\lambda$ in determining both the statistical and the computational costs associated with exp-concave stochastic minimization. Our main statistical result is a nearly tight bound of order $d_\lambda/\epsilon$ ... More
Machine Translation: A Literature ReviewDec 28 2018Machine translation (MT) plays an important role in benefiting linguists, sociologists, computer scientists, etc. by processing natural language to translate it into some other natural language. And this demand has grown exponentially over past couple ... More
Branching diffusion representation of semi-linear elliptic PDEs and estimation using Monte Carlo methodApr 02 2017Feb 14 2018We study semi-linear elliptic PDEs with polynomial non-linearity and provide a probabilistic representation of their solution using branching diffusion processes. When the non-linearity involves the unknown function but not its derivatives, we extend ... More
Investigating IoT Middleware Platforms for Smart Application DevelopmentOct 27 2018Feb 09 2019With the growing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the data generated through these devices is also increasing. By 2030, it is been predicted that the number of IoT devices will exceed the number of human beings on earth. This gives rise to ... More
A Lower Bound for the Optimization of Finite SumsOct 02 2014Oct 04 2015This paper presents a lower bound for optimizing a finite sum of $n$ functions, where each function is $L$-smooth and the sum is $\mu$-strongly convex. We show that no algorithm can reach an error $\epsilon$ in minimizing all functions from this class ... More
Thermal Tachyacoustic CosmologyJun 03 2014An intriguing possibility that can address pathologies in both early universe cosmology (i.e. the horizon problem) and quantum gravity (i.e. non-renormalizability), is that particles at very high energies and/or temperatures could propagate arbitrarily ... More
Gauge Theories on Open Lie Algebra Non-Commutative SpacesNov 13 2002Nov 26 2002It is shown that non-commutative spaces, which are quotients of associative algebras by ideals generated by non-linear relations of a particular type, admit extremely simple formulae for deformed or star products. Explicit construction of these star products ... More
Fine-Grained Complexity and Conditional Hardness for Sparse GraphsNov 21 2016There is a large class of path and cycle problems on graphs that currently have $\tilde{O}(n^3)$ time algorithms. Graphs encountered in practice are typically sparse, with $m <<n^2$, were $n$ and $m$ are the number of vertices and edges in the graph. ... More
Microscopic Origin of Spatial Cherence and Wolf ShiftsOct 01 2003Wolf discovered how the spatial coherence characteristics of the source affect the spectrum of the radiation in the far zone. In particular the spatial coherence of the source can result either in red or blue shifts in the measured spectrum.His predictions ... More
Control of Decoherence and Relaxation by Frequency Modulation of Heat BathApr 26 1999We demonstrate in a very general fashion, considerable slowing down of decoherence and relaxation by fast frequency modulation of the system heat bath coupling. The slowing occurs as the decoherence rates are now determined by the spectral components ... More
Mesoscopic superpositions of states - approach to classicality and diagonalization in coherent state basisOct 16 1998I consider the interaction of a superposition of mesoscopic coherent states and its approach to a mixed state as a result of a suitably controlled environment. I show how the presence of a gain medium in a cavity can lead to diagonalization in coherent ... More
Nonadiabatic charge pumping in a one-dimensional system of noninteracting electrons by an oscillating potentialAug 27 2007Dec 24 2007Using a tight-binding model, we study one-parameter charge pumping in a one-dimensional system of non-interacting electrons. An oscillating potential is applied at one site while a static potential is applied in a different region. Using Floquet scattering ... More
An Extended k-type Hypergeometric FunctionsMay 07 2017May 17 2017Hypergeometric functions and their generalizations play an important r\^{o}les in diverse applications. Many authors have been established generalizations of hypergeometric functions by a number ways. In this paper, we aim at establishing (presumably ... More
HT-Ring Paxos: Theory of High Throughput State-Machine Replication for Clustered Data CentersJul 15 2015Implementations of state-machine replication (SMR) prevalently use the variants of Paxos. Some of the recent variants of Paxos like, Ring Paxos, Multi-Ring Paxos, S-Paxos and HT-Paxos achieve significantly high throughput. However, to meet the growing ... More
An Efficient Read Dominant Data Replication Protocol under Serial Isolation using Quorum Consensus ApproachJun 28 2014In distributed systems, data replication provides better availability, higher read capacity, improved access efficiency and lower bandwidth requirements in the system. In this paper, we propose a significantly efficient approach of the data replication ... More