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Robust Data-Driven Guarantees in AuctionsMay 03 2015Feb 25 2016Analysis of welfare in auctions comes traditionally via one of two approaches: precise but fragile inference of the exact details of a setting from data or robust but coarse theoretical price of anarchy bounds that hold in any setting. As markets get ... More
Mechanism Design for Data ScienceApr 23 2014Jun 09 2014Good economic mechanisms depend on the preferences of participants in the mechanism. For example, the revenue-optimal auction for selling an item is parameterized by a reserve price, and the appropriate reserve price depends on how much the bidders are ... More
Econometrics for Learning AgentsMay 04 2015The main goal of this paper is to develop a theory of inference of player valuations from observed data in the generalized second price auction without relying on the Nash equilibrium assumption. Existing work in Economics on inferring agent values from ... More
Learning and Trust in Auction MarketsMar 30 2017In this paper, we study behavior of bidders in an experimental launch of a new advertising auction platform by Zillow, as Zillow switched from negotiated contracts to using auctions in several geographically isolated markets. A unique feature of this ... More
A/B Testing of AuctionsJun 02 2016For many application areas A/B testing, which partitions users of a system into an A (control) and B (treatment) group to experiment between several application designs, enables Internet companies to optimize their services to the behavioral patterns ... More
Mechanism RedesignAug 15 2017This paper develops the theory of mechanism redesign by which an auctioneer can reoptimize an auction based on bid data collected from previous iterations of the auction on bidders from the same market. We give a direct method for estimation of the revenue ... More
Plug-in Regularized Estimation of High-Dimensional Parameters in Nonlinear Semiparametric ModelsJun 13 2018Jun 30 2018We develop a theory for estimation of a high-dimensional sparse parameter $\theta$ defined as a minimizer of a population loss function $L_D(\theta,g_0)$ which, in addition to $\theta$, depends on a, potentially infinite dimensional, nuisance parameter ... More
Dashboard Mechanisms for Online MarketplacesMay 14 2019This paper gives a theoretical model for design and analysis of mechanisms for online marketplaces where a bidding dashboard enables the bid-optimization of long-lived agents. We assume that a good allocation algorithm exists when given the true values ... More
Inference from Auction PricesFeb 19 2019Econometric inference allows an analyst to back out the values of agents in a mechanism from the rules of the mechanism and bids of the agents. This paper proposes the problem of inferring the values of agents in a mechanism from the social choice function ... More
Half-tapering strategy for conditional simulation with large datasetsJul 28 2016Gaussian conditional realizations are routinely used for risk assessment and planning in a variety of Earth sciences applications. Conditional realizations can be obtained by first creating unconditional realizations that are then post-conditioned by ... More
A beginner's introduction to Fukaya categoriesJan 29 2013The goal of these notes is to give a short introduction to Fukaya categories and some of their applications. The first half of the text is devoted to a brief review of Lagrangian Floer (co)homology and product structures. Then we introduce the Fukaya ... More
Special Lagrangian fibrations, mirror symmetry and Calabi-Yau double coversMar 18 2008The first part of this paper is a review of the Strominger-Yau-Zaslow conjecture in various settings. In particular, we summarize how, given a pair (X,D) consisting of a Kahler manifold and an anticanonical divisor, families of special Lagrangian tori ... More
Some open questions about symplectic 4-manifolds, singular plane curves, and braid group factorizationsOct 05 2004May 05 2005The topology of symplectic 4-manifolds is related to that of singular plane curves via the concept of branched covers. Thus, various classification problems concerning symplectic 4-manifolds can be reformulated as questions about singular plane curves. ... More
Linear Temporal Logic for Regular Cost FunctionsJan 07 2014May 08 2014Regular cost functions have been introduced recently as an extension to the notion of regular languages with counting capabilities, which retains strong closure, equivalence, and decidability properties. The specificity of cost functions is that exact ... More
Fifth Memoir or Letter on the Resistance of Air to the Movement of PendulumsSep 26 2014Translation of Denis Diderot's `Cinqui\`eme M\'emoire ou Lettre sur la R\'esitance de L'Air ou Mouvement des Pendules.'
Belavkin-Kolkoltsov watch-dog effects in interactively controlled stochastic computer-graphic dynamic systems. A mathematical studyApr 11 1995Stochastic properties of the long-time behaviour of a continuously observed (and interactively controlled) quantum-field top are investigated mathematically. Applications to interactively controlled stochastic computer-graphic dynamic systems are discussed. ... More
Secondary Image Synthesis In Electronic Computer Photography (Vtorichnyj Sintez Izobrazhenij V Elektronnoj Komp'Yuternoj Fotografii)Sep 08 1994Sep 22 1994The principal scheme of the secondary image synthesis in electronic computer photography is described. The crucial role of the Clebsch-Gordan coefficient calculus is pointed out.
Statistical inference for time-changed Lévy processes via composite characteristic function estimationMar 01 2010Jan 30 2012In this article, the problem of semi-parametric inference on the parameters of a multidimensional L\'{e}vy process $L_t$ with independent components based on the low-frequency observations of the corresponding time-changed L\'{e}vy process $L_{\mathcal{T}(t)}$, ... More
Measurement of e+e- to hadrons cross sections at BABAR, and implication for the muon g-2Feb 04 2014The BaBar Collaboration has an intensive program of studying hadronic cross sections at low-energy $e^+e^-$ collisions, accessible via initial-state radiation. Our measurements allow significant improvements in the precision of the predicted value of ... More
Comment on : A Proposal to Measure Photon-Photon ScatteringJun 03 2011Jun 07 2011I comment on a recent preprint "A Proposal to Measure Photon-Photon Scattering" that appeared recently as arXiv:1106.0465v1 [hep-ph].
On The Random Vector Potential Model In Two DimensionsJan 19 1995Jan 30 1995The random vector potential model describes massless fermions coupled to a quenched random gauge field. We study its abelian and non-abelian versions. The abelian version can be completely solved using bosonization. We analyse the non-abelian model using ... More
On the moduli space of Higgs pairs with nilpotent residuesOct 26 2015We specify the conjecture about the structure of the Coulomb branch of N=2 supersymmetric quantum field theories in four dimensions.
Tensor Glueball in a Top-Down Holographic Approach to QCDJun 09 2015Jun 01 2016Properties of the tensor glueball are discussed in the Witten-Sakai-Sugimoto Model, a top-down holographic approach to the non-perturbative region of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD).
Life history evolution and the origin of multicellularity: differentiation of types, energy constraints, non-linear curvatures of trade-off functionsJan 24 2015A fundamental issue discussed in evolutionary biology is the transition from unicellular to multicellular organisms. Here we develop non-robust models provided in [1] and attempt to get robust models investigated how differentiation of types and energy ... More
Noncommutative Lagrange MechanicsOct 05 2006Feb 25 2008It is proposed how to impose a general type of ''noncommutativity'' within classical mechanics from first principles. Formulation is performed in completely alternative way, i.e. without any resort to fuzzy and/or star product philosophy, which are extensively ... More
Glueballs and vector mesons at NICAJan 20 2016Sep 15 2016Two interconnected fields of interest are suggested for NICA. Firstly, existence of glueballs is predicted by the theory of strong interaction but -- even after decades of research -- glueball identification in the physical spectrum is still unclear. ... More
Using observations of millisecond pulsars to measure mass and radius of neutron stars and implications for equation of state of matter at high densityMar 26 2010Millisecond pulsars are rapidly rotating neutron stars where general relativity plays a strong role in the propagation of light from the neutron star to observer. The observed X-ray pulse shapes carry information on the mass, radius and surface shape ... More
Calculation of the Raman G peak intensity in monolayer graphene: role of Ward identitiesOct 05 2009The absolute integrated intensity of the single-phonon Raman peak at 1580 cm^{-1} is calculated for a clean graphene monolayer. The resulting intensity is determined by the trigonal warping of the electronic bands and the anisotropy of the electron-phonon ... More
Quasi-invariant measures on the path space of a diffusionJun 15 2006The author has previously constructed a class of admissible vector fields on the path space of an elliptic diffusion process $x$ taking values in a closed compact manifold. In this Note the existence of flows for this class of vector fields is established ... More
A recursive approach for the finite element computation of waveguidesDec 18 2008The finite element computation of structures such as waveguides can lead to heavy computations when the length of the structure is large compared to the wavelength. Such waveguides can in fact be seen as one-dimensional periodic structures. In this paper ... More
Estimating the number and the strength of collisions in molecular dynamicsMar 14 2019We consider the motion of a finite though large number of particles in the whole space R n. Particles move freely until they experience pairwise collisions. We use our recent theory of divergence-controlled positive symmetric tensors in order to establish ... More
Einstein Equations, Cosmological Constant and all thatApr 05 2017Feb 07 2018We suggest an interpretation of Einstein Equations of General Relativity at large scales in which the Cosmological constant is exactly zero in the limit of zero spacetime variations of fundamental constants. We argue that in a quasiclassical Universe ... More
Supernova Remnant Evolution: from explosion to dissipationJul 15 2016Here is considered the full evolution of a spherical supernova remnant. We start by calculating the early time ejecta dominated stage and continue through the different phases of interaction with the circumstellar medium, and end with the dissipation ... More
From resonantly interacting fermions with effective range to neutron matterAug 30 2016A density functional theory is proposed for strongly interacting fermions with arbitrary large negative scattering length. The functional has only two parameters that are directly fixed to reproduce the universal properties of unitary gas: the so-called ... More
Quantum Monte-Carlo methods and exact treatment of the two-body problem with Hartree-Fock Bogoliubov statesMay 16 2006In this article, we show that the exact two-body problem can be replaced by quantum jumps between densities written as $D=| \Psi_a \right> \left< \Psi_b |$ where $| \Psi_a \right>$ and $| \Psi_b \right>$ are vacuum for different quasi-particles operators. ... More
Energy functional based on natural orbitals and occupancies for static properties of nucleiJul 01 2009The possibility to use functionals of occupation numbers and natural orbitals for interacting fermions is discussed as an alternative to multi-reference energy density functional method. An illustration based on the two-level Lipkin model is discussed. ... More
On the existence of distortion maps on ordinary elliptic curvesMar 31 2006Aug 15 2006Distortion maps allow one to solve the Decision Diffie-Hellman problem on subgroups of points on the elliptic curve. In the case of ordinary elliptic curves over finite fields, it is known that in most cases there are no distortion maps. In this article ... More
On irreducible n-ary quasigroups with reducible retractsJul 31 2006Jan 28 2007An n-ary operation q:A^n->A is called an n-ary quasigroup of order |A| if in x_0=q(x_1,...,x_n) knowledge of any n elements of x_0,...,x_n uniquely specifies the remaining one. An n-ary quasigroup q is permutably reducible if q(x_1,...,x_n)=p(r(x_{s(1)},...,x_{s(k)}),x_{s(k+1)},...,x_{s(n)}) ... More
On reducibility of n-ary quasigroupsJul 12 2006Jul 17 2007An $n$-ary operation $Q:S^n -> S$ is called an $n$-ary quasigroup of order $|S|$ if in the equation $x_{0}=Q(x_1,...,x_n)$ knowledge of any $n$ elements of $x_0$, ..., $x_n$ uniquely specifies the remaining one. $Q$ is permutably reducible if $Q(x_1,...,x_n)=P(R(x_{s(1)},...,x_{s(k)}),x_{s(k+1)},...,x_{s(n)})$ ... More
CPA-laser effect and exceptional points in PT-symmetric multilayer structuresAug 13 2019The simultaneous existence of coherent perfect absorption (CPA) and lasing is one of the most intriguing features of non-Hermitian photonics. However, the link between CPA lasing and PT symmetry breaking at the exceptional point (EP) needs clarification. ... More
On the scaling ratios for Siegel disksSep 25 2012Oct 10 2014The boundary of the Siegel disk of a quadratic polynomial with an irrationally indifferent fixed point and the rotation number whose continued fraction expansion is preperiodic has been observed to be self-similar with a certain scaling ratio. The restriction ... More
Random matrix theory for an adiabatically-varying oceanic acoustic waveguideJan 24 2018Problem of sound propagation in the ocean is considered. A novel approach of K. Hegewisch and S. Tomsovic for statistical modelling of acoustic wavefields in the random ocean is examined. The approach is based on construction of a wavefield propagator ... More
Infinite Dimensional Geometry and Quantum Field Theory of Strings. I. Infinite Dimensional Geometry of Second Quantized Free StringMar 11 1994Sep 22 1994There are investigated several objects of an INFINITE DIMENSIONAL GEOMETRY appearing from the second quantization of a free string. The paper contains 2 chapters: 1st is devoted to the infinite dimensional geometry of flag, fundamental and $\Pi$-spaces ... More
Setting Hidden Symmetries Free by the Noncommutative Veronese MappingFeb 23 1994The short note is devoted to the setting free of hidden symmetries in Verma modules over sl(2,C) by the noncommutative Veronese mappings.
On the spectrum of two quantum layers coupled by a windowFeb 08 2007We consider the Dirichlet Laplacian in a domain two three-dimensional parallel layers having common boundary and coupled by a window. The window produces the bound states below the essential spectrum; we obtain two-sided estimates for them. It is also ... More
Fiber sums of genus 2 Lefschetz fibrationsApr 23 2002Using the recent results of Siebert and Tian about the holomorphicity of genus 2 Lefschetz fibrations with irreducible singular fibers, we show that any genus 2 Lefschetz fibration becomes holomorphic after fiber sum with a holomorphic fibration.
Factorizations in SL(2,Z) and simple examples of inequivalent Stein fillingsNov 04 2013Jan 01 2014We give simple examples of elements of SL(2,Z) admitting inequivalent factorizations into products of Dehn twists. This can be interpreted in terms of inequivalent Stein fillings of a same contact 3-manifold by genus 1 Lefschetz fibrations over the disk. ... More
Symplectic maps to projective spaces and symplectic invariantsJul 21 2000After reviewing recent results on symplectic Lefschetz pencils and symplectic branched covers of CP^2, we describe a new construction of maps from symplectic manifolds of any dimension to CP^2 and the associated monodromy invariants. We also show that ... More
TPC in gamma-ray astronomy above pair-creation thresholdNov 07 2012We examine the performance of a TPC as a gamma-ray telescope above the pair-creation threshold. The contributions to the photon angular resolution are studied and their dependence on energy is obtained. The effective area per detector unit mass for such ... More
Laser Wakefield Acceleration of Particle in a PlasmaMay 17 2005A review of the present situation and perspectives, in particular in the scope of a multi-Tev linear accelerator.
On The Three Point Velocity Correlation Functions in 2d Forced TurbulenceFeb 11 1999Feb 18 1999We present a simple exact formula for the three point velocity correlation functions in two dimensional turbulence which is valid on all scales and which interpolates between the direct and inverse cascade regimes. As expected, these correlation functions ... More
On Symmetries of Some Massless 2D Field TheoriesJan 06 1992We describe few aspects of the quantum symmetries of some massless two-dimensional field theories. We discuss their relations with recent proposals for the factorized scattering theories of the massless $PCM_1$ and $O(3)_{\theta=\pi}$ sigma models. We ... More
Influence of Friction on the Direct Cascade of the 2d Forced TurbulenceApr 20 1999Mar 10 2000We discuss two possible scenario for the direct cascade in two dimensional turbulent systems in presence of friction which differ by the presence or not of enstrophy dissipation in the inviscid limit.They are distinguished by the existence or not of a ... More
Holomorphic Couplings In Non-Perturbative String CompactificationsJun 30 2011In this review article we present an analysis of several aspects of four-dimensional, non-perturbative N=1 compactifications of string theory. Our study focuses on brane dynamics and their effective physics as encoded in the holomorphic couplings of the ... More
Characterization of amenability by a factorization property of the group von Neumann algebraAug 15 2011We show that the amenability of a locally compact group $G$ is equivalent to a factorization property of $VN(G)$ which is given by $ VN(G) = <VN(G)^*VN(G)>$. This answer partially two problems proposed by Z. Hu and M. Neufang in their article \textit{Distinguishing ... More
Symmetric functions and the Yangian decomposition of the Fock and Basic modules of the affine Lie algebra \hat{sl(N)}May 14 1997The decompositions of the Fock and Basic modules of the affine Lie algebra \hat{sl(N)} into irreducible submodules of the Yangian algebra Y(gl(N)) are constructed. Each of the irreducible submodules admits the unique up to normalization eigenbasis of ... More
Semi-infinite wedges and the conformal limit of the fermionic Calogero-Sutherland Model with spin $\frac{1}{2}$Jan 31 1996The conformal limit over an anti-ferromagnetic vacuum of the fermionic spin $\frac{1}{2}$ Calogero-Sutherland Model is derived by using the wedge product formalism. The space of states in the conformal limit is identified with the Fock space of two complex ... More
Simply conceiving the Arrhenius law and absolute kinetic constants using the geometric distributionJul 17 2013Dec 19 2013Although first-order rate constants are basic ingredients of physical chemistry, biochemistry and systems modeling, their innermost nature is derived from complex physical chemistry mechanisms. The present study suggests that equivalent conclusions can ... More
Oscillation of irrational measure function in the multidimensional caseJan 28 2015We proved that difference function $\psi_\Theta-\psi_{\Theta'}$ for almost all pairs $\Theta$, $\Theta'$ in cases $m=1$, $n=2$ or $m\geqslant2$ and $n=1$ changes its sign infinity many times as $t\rightarrow+\infty$.
Quantum Field Theory, Causal Structures and Weyl TransformationsJan 23 2016Jan 28 2016We suggest that in the proper definition, Quantum Field Theories are quantum mechanical system which 'live' on the space of causal structures ${\cal C}$ of spacetime. That is, for any QFT a Hilbert space ${\cal H}$ on which local operators live is assigned ... More
On a Generalization of Alexander Polynomial for Long Virtual KnotsJun 23 2009We construct new invariant polynomial for long virtual knots. It is a generalization of Alexander polynomial. We designate it by $\zeta$ meaning an analogy with $\zeta$-polynomial for virtual links. A degree of $\zeta$-polynomial estimates a virtual crossing ... More
Extensions and renormalized tracesAug 12 2009Nov 01 2009It has been shown by Nistor that given any extension of associative algebras over C, the connecting morphism in periodic cyclic homology is compatible, under the Chern-Connes character, with the index morphism in lower algebraic K-theory. The proof relies ... More
A bivariant Chern character for families of spectral triplesMar 12 2001Oct 31 2002In this paper we construct a bivariant Chern character defined on ``families of spectral triples''. Such families should be viewed as a version of unbounded Kasparov bimodules adapted to the category of bornological algebras. The Chern character then ... More
Local index theory for certain Fourier integral operators on Lie groupoidsDec 31 2013We develop a local index theory, in the sense of non-commutative geometry, for operators associated to non-proper and non-isometric actions of Lie groupoids on smooth submersions.
Chern character, Hopf algebras, and BRS cohomologyOct 23 2002We present the construction of a Chern character in cyclic cohomology, involving an arbitrary number of associative algebras in contravariant or covariant position. This is a generalization of the bivariant Chern character for bornological algebras introduced ... More
On the Topological Interpretation of Gravitational AnomaliesJun 05 2000We consider the mixed gravitational-Yang-Mills anomaly as the coupling between the $K$-theory and $K$-homology of a $C^*$-algebra crossed product. The index theorem of Connes-Moscovici allows to compute the Chern character of the $K$-cycle by local formulae ... More
Does a functional integral really need a Lagrangian?Dec 03 2008Nov 05 2010Path integral formulation of quantum mechanics (and also other equivalent formulations) depends on a Lagrangian and/or Hamiltonian function that is chosen to describe the underlying classical system. The arbitrariness presented in this choice leads to ... More
How to Quantize Forces(?): An Academic Essay How the Strings Could Enter Classical MechanicsDec 12 2006Dec 13 2006Geometrical formulation of classical mechanics with forces that are not necessarily potential-generated is presented. It is shown that a natural geometrical "playground" for a mechanical system of point particles lacking Lagrangian and/or Hamiltonian ... More
Softening and melting of a vortex lattice in presence of point disorderMay 07 1998May 13 1998A phenomenological model is proposed for melting of a vortex lattice, based on screening of the elastic shear modulus by mobile or partially pinned dislocations. A first-order softening line is found and ends at a critical point beyond which the lattice ... More
On mechanisms for transfer using landmark value functions in multi-task lifelong reinforcement learningJul 01 2019Transfer learning across different reinforcement learning (RL) tasks is becoming an increasingly valuable area of research. We consider a goal-based multi-task RL framework and mechanisms by which previously solved tasks can reduce sample complexity and ... More
Invitation to higher local fields, Part II, section 2: Adelic constructions for direct images of differentials and symbolsDec 18 2000This work introduces adelic constructions of direct images of differentials and symbols in the two-dimensional case in the relative situation. In particular, reciprocity laws for relative residues of differentials and symbols are stated and applied to ... More
Exact and approximate many-body dynamics with stochastic one-body density matrix evolutionJul 06 2004Jul 29 2005We show that the dynamics of interacting fermions can be exactly replaced by a quantum jump theory in the many-body density matrix space. In this theory, jumps occur between densities formed of pairs of Slater determinants, $D_{ab}=| \Phi_a > < \Phi_b ... More
Large amplitude collective dynamic beyond the independent particle/quasiparticle pictureApr 07 2015In the present note, a summary of selected aspects of time-dependent mean-field theory is first recalled. This approach is optimized to describe one-body degrees of freedom. A special focus is made on how this microscopic theory can be reduced to a macroscopic ... More
A 15-vertex triangulation of the quaternionic projective planeMar 17 2016In 1992, Brehm and K\"uhnel constructed a 8-dimensional simplicial complex $M^8_{15}$ with 15 vertices as a candidate to be a minimal triangulation of the quaternionic projective plane. They managed to prove that it is a manifold "like a projective plane" ... More
Complex Multiplication Tests for Elliptic CurvesSep 26 2004We consider the problem of checking whether an elliptic curve defined over a given number field has complex multiplication. We study two polynomial time algorithms for this problem, one randomized and the other deterministic. The randomized algorithm ... More
Period Doubling Renormalization for Area-Preserving Maps and Mild Computer Assistance in Contraction Mapping PrincipleSep 03 2010Jul 15 2011It has been observed that the famous Feigenbaum-Coullet-Tresser period doubling universality has a counterpart for area-preserving maps of ${\fR}^2$. A renormalization approach has been used in a "hard" computer-assisted proof of existence of an area-preserving ... More
A stable classification of Lefschetz fibrationsDec 06 2004Jan 21 2005We study the classification of Lefschetz fibrations up to stabilization by fiber sum operations. We show that for each genus there is a `universal' fibration f^0_g with the property that, if two Lefschetz fibrations over S^2 have the same Euler-Poincare ... More
On eigenvalues of discrete Schrödinger operators with potentials of Coulomb type decayMar 26 2002We study the distribution of the eigenvalues inside of the essential spectrum for discrete one-dimensional Schr\"odinger operators with potentials of Coulomb type decay.
The extended 1-perfect trades in small hypercubesDec 10 2015Jun 15 2017An extended $1$-perfect trade is a pair $(T_0,T_1)$ of two disjoint binary distance-$4$ even-weight codes such that the set of words at distance $1$ from $T_0$ coincides with the set of words at distance $1$ from $T_1$. Such trade is called primary if ... More
On the binary codes with parameters of doubly-shortened 1-perfect codesJul 01 2009We show that any binary $(n=2^m-3, 2^{n-m}, 3)$ code $C_1$ is a part of an equitable partition (perfect coloring) $\{C_1,C_2,C_3,C_4\}$ of the $n$-cube with the parameters $((0,1,n-1,0)(1,0,n-1,0)(1,1,n-4,2)(0,0,n-1,1))$. Now the possibility to lengthen ... More
Graph powers and k-ordered HamiltonicityJul 28 2003It is known that if G is a connected simple graph, then G^3 is Hamiltonian (in fact, Hamilton-connected). A simple graph is k-ordered Hamiltonian if for any sequence v_1, v_2, ..., v_k of k vertices there is a Hamiltonian cycle containing these vertices ... More
Attractors of Piecewise Translation MapsAug 12 2017Piecewise Translations is a class of dynamical systems which arises from some applications in computer science, machine learning, and electrical engineering. In dimension 1 it can also be viewed as a non-invertible generalization of Interval Exchange ... More
Almost every Interval Translation Map of three intervals is finite typeMar 15 2012Aug 02 2013Interval translation maps (ITMs) are a non-invertible generalization of interval exchange transformations (IETs). The dynamics of finite type ITMs is similar to IETs, while infinite type ITMs are known to exhibit new interesting effects. In this paper, ... More
On $Z_{2^k}$-Dual Binary CodesSep 14 2005Oct 05 2009A new generalization of the Gray map is introduced. The new generalization $\Phi: Z_{2^k}^n \to Z_{2}^{2^{k-1}n}$ is connected with the known generalized Gray map $\phi$ in the following way: if we take two dual linear $Z_{2^k}$-codes and construct binary ... More
Modular forms of weight one: Galois representations and dimensionJun 24 2009The present notes are the expanded and polished version of three lectures given in Stanford, concerning the analytic and arithmetic properties of weight one modular forms. The author tried to write them in a style accessible to non-analytically oriented ... More
Spectral estimation of the fractional order of a Lévy processJan 12 2010We consider the problem of estimating the fractional order of a L\'{e}vy process from low frequency historical and options data. An estimation methodology is developed which allows us to treat both estimation and calibration problems in a unified way. ... More
Efficient Monte Carlo methods for simulating diffusion-reaction processes in complex systemsApr 29 2013We briefly review the principles, mathematical bases, numerical shortcuts and applications of fast random walk (FRW) algorithms. This Monte Carlo technique allows one to simulate individual trajectories of diffusing particles in order to study various ... More
Accuracy of translation on ribosome could be provided by a resonance of intramolecular oscillations in tRNA moleculesDec 02 2013X-ray data indicate that complexes of ribosomes with cognate and near cognate tRNAs are very similar structurally, and this was the ground for a suggestion that the ribosome discriminates correct codon-anticodon pair because of its higher stability. Here ... More
Effective Equations on the 3-Brane World from Type IIB StringMar 02 2005Nov 09 2005The effective field equations on a 3-brane are established considering the massless bosonic sector of the type IIB string compactified on S^5. The covariant embedding formalism in a space endowed with Z_2-symmetry is applied. Recently the derivation of ... More
AdSS_5 Brane World CosmologyJan 15 2004Mar 09 2005The gravitational equations of the 5-dimensional analogue of the AdSS space-time, where all the matter fields are confined on the 3-brane are examined. The most general solutions are established in the generic case of a non-Z_2-symmetric bulk. Constraining ... More
Approximation of linear functionals on the space with convex measureFeb 22 2016There are two definitions of the measurable functional on the topological vector space: as a linear and measurable real-valued function and as a pointwise limit of the sequence of the continious linear functionals. In general case they are not equivalent, ... More
Fukaya categories and bordered Heegaard-Floer homologyMar 15 2010We outline an interpretation of Heegaard-Floer homology of 3-manifolds (closed or with boundary) in terms of the symplectic topology of symmetric products of Riemann surfaces, as suggested by recent work of Tim Perutz and Yanki Lekili. In particular we ... More
Estimated transversality in symplectic geometry and projective mapsOct 05 2000The main theorem of this paper is a result of estimated transversality with respect to stratifications of jet spaces in the approximately holomorphic category over an almost-complex manifold. The notion of asymptotic ampleness of complex vector bundles ... More
Towards A Description Of Interactive Psychoinformation Systems. Preliminary Remarks. (K Opisaniyu Interaktivnyh Psihoinformatsionnyh Sistem. Predvaritel'Nye Zamechaniya)Sep 14 1994Nov 07 1994An approach to description of interactive psychoinformation systems, based on the concept of "virtualization" and essentially using the technique of the "secondary image synthesis" (adap-org/9409002), is sketched. The article has a rather discussional ... More
Results on conventional and exotic charmonium at BaBarNov 05 2013The B factories provide a unique playground for studying the properties of conventional and exotic charmonium states. We present recent results in initial state radiation and two-photon fusion, obtained using the full data set collected by the BaBar experiment. ... More
HARPO - A Gaseous TPC for High Angular Resolution Gamma-Ray Astronomy and Polarimetry from the MeV to the TeVOct 16 2012We propose a "thin" detector as a high-angular-precision telescope and polarimeter for cosmic gamma-rays above the pair-creation threshold. We have built a demonstrator based on a gaseous TPC. We are presently characterizing the detector with charged ... More
Comment on : "Neutrino Velocity Anomalies: A Resolution without a Revolution"Oct 11 2011I comment on a recent preprint "Neutrino Velocity Anomalies: A Resolution without a Revolution" that appeared recently as arXiv:1110.0989 [hep-ph]
Conformal field theories in random domains and stochastic Loewner evolutionsSep 08 2003We review the recently developed relation between the traditional algebraic approach to conformal field theories and the more recent probabilistic approach based on stochastic Loewner evolutions. It is based on implementing random conformal maps in conformal ... More
An Introduction to Yangian SymmetriesNov 30 1992Dec 01 1992We review some aspects of the quantum Yangians as symmetry algebras of two-dimensional quantum field theories. The plan of these notes is the following: 1 - The classical Heisenberg model: Non-Abelian symmetries; The generators of the symmetries and the ... More
Expansion of a compressible gas in vacuumApr 07 2015Tai-Ping Liu \cite{Liu\_JJ} introduced the notion of "physical solution' of the isentropic Euler system when the gas is surrounded by vacuum. This notion can be interpreted by saying that the front is driven by a force resulting from a H\"older singularity ... More