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Half-tapering strategy for conditional simulation with large datasetsJul 28 2016Gaussian conditional realizations are routinely used for risk assessment and planning in a variety of Earth sciences applications. Conditional realizations can be obtained by first creating unconditional realizations that are then post-conditioned by ... More
Fukaya categories of symmetric products and bordered Heegaard-Floer homologyJan 25 2010Jul 28 2010The main goal of this paper is to discuss a symplectic interpretation of Lipshitz, Ozsvath and Thurston's bordered Heegaard-Floer homology in terms of Fukaya categories of symmetric products and Lagrangian correspondences. More specifically, we give a ... More
Asymptotics for the solutions of elliptic systems with fast oscillating coefficientsDec 04 2006May 07 2007We consider a singularly perturbed second order elliptic system in the whole space. The coefficients of the systems fast oscillate and depend both of slow and fast variables. We obtain the homogenized operator and in the uniform norm sense we construct ... More
Extragalactic propagation of ultrahigh energy cosmic-raysNov 14 2011In this paper we review the extragalactic propagation of ultrahigh energy cosmic-rays (UHECR). We present the different energy loss processes of protons and nuclei, and their expected influence on energy evolution of the UHECR spectrum and composition. ... More
Testing Regression Monotonicity in Econometric ModelsDec 30 2012Dec 03 2013Monotonicity is a key qualitative prediction of a wide array of economic models derived via robust comparative statics. It is therefore important to design effective and practical econometric methods for testing this prediction in empirical analysis. ... More
Adaptive Test of Conditional Moment InequalitiesDec 30 2011Jan 05 2012In this paper, I construct a new test of conditional moment inequalities, which is based on studentized kernel estimates of moment functions with many different values of the bandwidth parameter. The test automatically adapts to the unknown smoothness ... More
Classes de cycles en cohomologie rigideMar 20 2001We define the rigid homology. The trace morphism in rigid cohomology define by duality the cycle class in rigid homology. We verify the compatibility of this classes with rationnal equivalence and intersection theory. We deduce some formal consequences ... More
Renormalization for Lorenz maps of long monotone combinatorial typesApr 11 2012Oct 14 2013Lorenz maps are maps of the unit interval with one critical point of order rho>1, and a discontinuity at that point. They appear as return maps of leafs of sections of the geometric Lorenz flow. We construct real a priori bounds for renormalizable Lorenz ... More
Search for dark matter at high-power laser facilities : flawed luminosity calculations in QPS -- Quasi parallel scatteringNov 21 2013I point the erroneous use, in several papers published recently, of the well known expression for the luminosity of the head-on collision of two particle bunches, in a QPS -- Quasi parallel scattering -- configuration, in which the two beams are co-propagating, ... More
QCD and Hadronic Interactions with Initial-State-Radiation at B-FactoriesApr 09 2010The efforts to improve on the precision of the measurement and theoretical prediction of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon a_mu have turned into a test of our understanding of the hadronic contribution to vacuum polarisation. I describe how recent ... More
Turbulence for (and by) amateursJul 06 2000Series of lectures on statistical turbulence written for amateurs but not experts. Elementary aspects and problems of turbulence in two and three dimensional Navier-Stokes equation are introduced. A few properties of scalar turbulence and transport phenomena ... More
(Perturbed) Conformal Field Theory Applied To 2D Disordered Systems: An IntroductionSep 25 1995We describe applications of (perturbed) conformal field theories to two-dimensional disordered systems. We present various methods of study~: (i) {\it A direct method} in which we compute the explicit disorder dependence of the correlation functions for ... More
Quantum Symmetries in 2D Massive Field TheoriesSep 30 1991We review various aspects of (infinite) quantum group symmetries in 2D massive quantum field theories. We discuss how these symmetries can be used to exactly solve the integrable models. A possible way for generalizing to three dimensions is shortly described. ... More
The CAPMAP Instrument and its First SeasonMay 30 2003I describe here the new CAPMAP (Cosmic Anisotropy Polarization MAPer) instrument, which performed its first season of observing between February and April 2003 from the Crawford Hill 7-meter antenna in NJ. CAPMAP is based on the design for the PIQUE instrument, ... More
Approximation of quasi-stationary distributions for 1-dimensional killed diffusions with unbounded driftsMay 22 2009The long time behavior of an absorbed Markov process is well described by the limiting distribution of the process conditioned to not be killed when it is observed. Our aim is to give an approximation's method of this limit, when the process is a 1-dimensional ... More
The canonical pencils on Horikawa surfacesMay 26 2006Mar 02 2009We calculate the monodromies of the canonical Lefschetz pencils on a pair of homeomorphic Horikawa surfaces. We show in particular that the (pluri)canonical pencils on these surfaces have the same monodromy groups, and are related by a "partial twisting" ... More
The trigonometric counterpart of the Haldane Shastry ModelAug 27 1995Aug 29 1995The hierarchy of Integrable Spin Chain Hamiltonians, which are trigonometric analogs of the Haldane Shastry Model and of the associated higher conserved charges, is derived by a reduction from the trigonometric Dynamical Models of Bernard-Gaudin-Haldane-Pasquier. ... More
Compression and collisions of chirped pulses in a dense two-level mediumOct 12 2015Using numerical simulations, we study propagation of linearly-chirped optical pulses in a homogeneously broadened two-level medium. We pay attention to the three main topics -- validity of the rotating-wave approximation (RWA), pulse compression, and ... More
On the convergence of products of operator netsFeb 21 2016The generalization of the Jessen-Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund-type theorem for the abstract space with measure was obtained in current paper. Some applications to classical harmonic analysis were reviewed.
Critical current density and trapped field in HTS with asymmetric magnetization loopsNov 23 2015Applications of the extended critical state model are considered. The trapped magnetic field, the penetration field and the field dependence of the critical current density are analysed. The critical current density and the trapped field in superconducting ... More
Scalar Glueball in a Top-Down Holographic Approach to QCDMar 02 2015Identification of glueballs -- bound states of gauge bosons in Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) -- is a very important open question in dynamics of the strong interaction. The search for the glueball ground state, carrying scalar quantum numbers, poses a ... More
Pseudodifferential extension and Todd classDec 08 2011Let M be a closed manifold. Wodzicki shows that, in the stable range, the cyclic cohomology of the associative algebra of pseudodifferential symbols of order \leq 0 is isomorphic to the homology of the cosphere bundle of M. In this article we develop ... More
Secondary invariants for Frechet algebras, quasihomomorphisms, and the residue Chern characterJun 13 2007Nov 28 2008This paper has been replaced by arXiv:0804.1042 and arXiv:0804.1048
Localization over complex-analytic groupoids and conformal renormalizationApr 24 2008Sep 16 2008We present a higher index theorem for a certain class of etale one-dimensional complex-analytic groupoids. The novelty is the use of the local anomaly formula established in a previous paper, which represents the bivariant Chern character of a quasihomomorphism ... More
Quasihomomorphisms and the residue Chern characterApr 07 2008Dec 18 2008We develop a general procedure, based on the renormalized eta-cochain, which allows to find local representatives of the bivariant Chern character of finitely summable quasihomomorphisms. In particular, using zeta-function renormalization we obtain a ... More
Anomalies and noncommutative index theoryMar 27 2006These are the notes of a lecture given during the summer school "Geometric and Topological Methods for Quantum Field Theory", Villa de Leyva, Colombia, july 11 - 29, 2005. We review basic facts concerning gauge anomalies and discuss the link with the ... More
The equivariant index theorem in entire cyclic cohomologyOct 13 2004Sep 16 2008Let G be a locally compact group acting smoothly and properly by isometries on a complete Riemannian manifold M, with compact quotient. There is an assembly map which associates to any G-equivariant K-homology class on M, an element of the topological ... More
A Riemann-Roch Theorem For One-Dimensional Complex GroupoidsJan 27 2000Mar 13 2001We consider a smooth groupoid of the form \Sigma\rtimes\Gamma where \Sigma is a Riemann surface and \Gamma a discrete pseudogroup acting on \Sigma by local conformal diffeomorphisms. After defining a K-cycle on the crossed product C_0(\Sigma)\rtimes\Gamma ... More
Direct quantization of equations of motion: from classical dynamics to transition amplitudes via stringsMar 08 2007New method of quantization is presented. It is based on classical Newton-Lagrange equations of motion (representing the fundamental physical law of mechanics) rather than on their traditional Lagrangian and/or Hamiltonian precursors. It is shown that ... More
On the rates of convergence of simulation based optimization algorithms for optimal stopping problemsSep 19 2009In this paper we study simulation based optimization algorithms for solving discrete time optimal stopping problems. This type of algorithms became popular among practioneers working in the area of quantitative finance. Using large deviation theory for ... More
Conformational selection or induced fit? New insights from old principlesSep 27 2016A long standing debate in biochemistry is to determine whether the conformational changes observed during biomolecular interactions proceed through conformational selection (of preexisting isoforms) or induced fit (ligand-induced 3D reshaping). The latter ... More
On calculation of the interweight distribution of an equitable partitionFeb 28 2013Dec 26 2013We derive recursive and direct formulas for the interweight distribution of an equitable partition of a hypercube. The formulas involve a three-variable generalization of the Krawtchouk polynomials. Keywords: equitable partition; regular partition; partition ... More
Z4-linear Hadamard and extended perfect codesOct 01 2007If $N=2^k > 8$ then there exist exactly $[(k-1)/2]$ pairwise nonequivalent $Z_4$-linear Hadamard $(N,2N,N/2)$-codes and $[(k+1)/2]$ pairwise nonequivalent $Z_4$-linear extended perfect $(N,2^N/2N,4)$-codes. A recurrent construction of $Z_4$-linear Hadamard ... More
On the Automorphism Groups of the Z2Z4-Linear 1-Perfect and Preparata-Like CodesJan 29 2016We consider the symmetry group of a $Z_2Z_4$-linear code with parameters of a $1$-perfect, extended $1$-perfect, or Preparata-like code. We show that, provided the code length is greater than $16$, this group consists only of symmetries that preserve ... More
The minimum volume of subspace tradesDec 08 2015A subspace bitrade of type $T_q(t,k,v)$ is a pair $(T_0,T_1)$ of two disjoint nonempty collections (trades) of $k$-dimensional subspaces of a $v$-dimensional space $F^v$ over the finite field of order $q$ such that every $t$-dimensional subspace of $V$ ... More
On weight distributions of perfect colorings and completely regular codesJun 30 2009May 02 2011A vertex coloring of a graph is called "perfect" if for any two colors $a$ and $b$, the number of the color-$b$ neighbors of a color-$a$ vertex $x$ does not depend on the choice of $x$, that is, depends only on $a$ and $b$ (the corresponding partition ... More
The sharp estimates of all initial taylor coefficients in the Krzyz's problemApr 20 2011For each $t>0,$ up to the number $n=N(t),$ the exact estimations of all initial taylor coefficients in the class $B_t$ were found, where $B_t$ is a set of holomorphic in unit disk functions $f,$ $0<|f|<1,$ $f(0)=e^{-t}.$
Density Matrix Functional Theory for the Lipkin modelDec 18 2008A Density Matrix Functional theory is constructed semi-empirically for the two-level Lipkin model. This theory, based on natural orbitals and occupation numbers, is shown to provide a good description for the ground state energy of the system as the two-body ... More
Stochastic Schroedinger equation from optimal observable evolutionJun 29 2006In this article, we consider a set of trial wave-functions denoted by $| Q \right>$ and an associated set of operators $A_\alpha$ which generate transformations connecting those trial states. Using variational principles, we show that we can always obtain ... More
Surveying Diffusion in Complex Geometries. An EssaySep 08 2009The surrounding world surprises us by the beauty and variety of complex shapes that emerge from nanometric to macroscopic scales. Natural or manufactured materials (sandstones, sedimentary rocks and cement), colloidal solutions (proteins and DNA), biological ... More
Many-Body Physics and Quantum ChaosDec 07 2007Experimental progresses in the miniaturisation of electronic devices have made routinely available in the laboratory small electronic systems, on the micron or sub-micron scale, which at low temperature are sufficiently well isolated from their environment ... More
Non annulation des fonctions $L$ des formes modulaires de Hilbert en le point centralSep 29 2008Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture allows for sharp estimates on the rank of certain abelian varieties defined over $ \Q$. in the case of the jacobian of the modular curves, this problem is equivalent to the estimation of the order of vanishing at 1/2 ... More
A Generalization of Greenberg's $\Cal L$-invariantJun 16 2009Using the theory of $(\varphi, \Gamma)$-modules we generalizes Greenberg's construction of the $\Cal L$-invariant to semistable representations
On trivial zeros of Perrin-Riou's $L$-functionsJun 16 2009In the previous paper we generalized Greenberg's construction of the $\Cal L$-invariant to semistable representations. Here we prove that this construction is compatible with Perrin-Riou's theory of $p$-adic $L$-functions
Variations on Descents and Inversions in PermutationsApr 11 2008We study new statistics on permutations that are variations on the descent and the inversion statistics. In particular, we consider the alternating descent set of a permutation sigma = sigma_1sigma_2...sigma_n defined as the set of indices i such that ... More
The circulation radius and critical current density in type-II superconductorsJan 21 2019Feb 04 2019A method is proposed for estimating the length scale of currents circulating in superconductors. The estimated circulation radius is used to determine the critical current density on the basis of magnetic measurements. The obtained formulas are applicable ... More
Pseudodifferential forms and supermechanicsAug 25 2003We investigate (pseudo)differential forms in the framework of supergeometry. Definitions, basic properties and Cartan calculus (DeRham differential, Lie derivative, inner product, Hodge operator) are presented; the symplectic supermechanics (even and ... More
Grassmann Electrodynamics and General RelativitySep 23 2003The aim of this paper is to present a short introduction to supergeometry on pure odd supermanifolds. (Pseudo)differential forms, Cartan calculus (DeRham differential, Lie derivative, "inner" product), metric, inner product, Killing's vector fields, Hodge ... More
Effective Equations on the 3-Brane World from Type IIB StringMar 02 2005Nov 09 2005The effective field equations on a 3-brane are established considering the massless bosonic sector of the type IIB string compactified on S^5. The covariant embedding formalism in a space endowed with Z_2-symmetry is applied. Recently the derivation of ... More
AdSS_5 Brane World CosmologyJan 15 2004Mar 09 2005The gravitational equations of the 5-dimensional analogue of the AdSS space-time, where all the matter fields are confined on the 3-brane are examined. The most general solutions are established in the generic case of a non-Z_2-symmetric bulk. Constraining ... More
Divergence theorems in path space III: hypoelliptic diffusions and beyondFeb 05 2007Let $x$ denote a diffusion process defined on a closed compact manifold. In an earlier article, the author introduced a new approach to constructing admissible vector fields on the associated space of paths, under the assumption of ellipticity of $x$. ... More
Canonical bases of higher-level q-deformed Fock spacesJan 08 1999We define canonical bases of the higher-level q-deformed Fock space modules of the affine Lie algebra sl(n)^. This generalizes the result of Leclerc and Thibon for the case of level 1. We express the transition matrices between the canonical bases and ... More
Yangian actions on higher level irreducible integrable modules of affine gl(N)Feb 09 1998Apr 08 1998An action of the Yangian of the general Lie algebra gl(N) is defined on every irreducible integrable highest weight module of affine gl(N) with level greater than 1. This action is derived, by means of the Drinfeld duality and a subsequent semi-infinite ... More
Approximation of linear functionals on the space with convex measureFeb 22 2016There are two definitions of the measurable functional on the topological vector space: as a linear and measurable real-valued function and as a pointwise limit of the sequence of the continious linear functionals. In general case they are not equivalent, ... More
Fukaya categories and bordered Heegaard-Floer homologyMar 15 2010We outline an interpretation of Heegaard-Floer homology of 3-manifolds (closed or with boundary) in terms of the symplectic topology of symmetric products of Riemann surfaces, as suggested by recent work of Tim Perutz and Yanki Lekili. In particular we ... More
Estimated transversality in symplectic geometry and projective mapsOct 05 2000The main theorem of this paper is a result of estimated transversality with respect to stratifications of jet spaces in the approximately holomorphic category over an almost-complex manifold. The notion of asymptotic ampleness of complex vector bundles ... More
Towards A Description Of Interactive Psychoinformation Systems. Preliminary Remarks. (K Opisaniyu Interaktivnyh Psihoinformatsionnyh Sistem. Predvaritel'Nye Zamechaniya)Sep 14 1994Nov 07 1994An approach to description of interactive psychoinformation systems, based on the concept of "virtualization" and essentially using the technique of the "secondary image synthesis" (adap-org/9409002), is sketched. The article has a rather discussional ... More
Classes de Chern en cohomologie rigideMar 19 2001In this paper, I construct Chern classes in the rigid cohomology of P. Berthelot. We start by constructing Chern classes for proper varieties. To prove all the properties we have to reinterpret the construction in a crystalline way. Then we can deal with ... More
Results on conventional and exotic charmonium at BaBarNov 05 2013The B factories provide a unique playground for studying the properties of conventional and exotic charmonium states. We present recent results in initial state radiation and two-photon fusion, obtained using the full data set collected by the BaBar experiment. ... More
HARPO - A Gaseous TPC for High Angular Resolution Gamma-Ray Astronomy and Polarimetry from the MeV to the TeVOct 16 2012We propose a "thin" detector as a high-angular-precision telescope and polarimeter for cosmic gamma-rays above the pair-creation threshold. We have built a demonstrator based on a gaseous TPC. We are presently characterizing the detector with charged ... More
Comment on : "Neutrino Velocity Anomalies: A Resolution without a Revolution"Oct 11 2011I comment on a recent preprint "Neutrino Velocity Anomalies: A Resolution without a Revolution" that appeared recently as arXiv:1110.0989 [hep-ph]
Conformal field theories in random domains and stochastic Loewner evolutionsSep 08 2003We review the recently developed relation between the traditional algebraic approach to conformal field theories and the more recent probabilistic approach based on stochastic Loewner evolutions. It is based on implementing random conformal maps in conformal ... More
An Introduction to Yangian SymmetriesNov 30 1992Dec 01 1992We review some aspects of the quantum Yangians as symmetry algebras of two-dimensional quantum field theories. The plan of these notes is the following: 1 - The classical Heisenberg model: Non-Abelian symmetries; The generators of the symmetries and the ... More
Expansion of a compressible gas in vacuumApr 07 2015Tai-Ping Liu \cite{Liu\_JJ} introduced the notion of "physical solution' of the isentropic Euler system when the gas is surrounded by vacuum. This notion can be interpreted by saying that the front is driven by a force resulting from a H\"older singularity ... More
Secondary invariants for Frechet algebras and quasihomomorphismsApr 07 2008Aug 18 2008A Frechet algebra endowed with a multiplicatively convex topology has two types of invariants: homotopy invariants (topological K-theory and periodic cyclic homology) and secondary invariants (multiplicative K-theory and the non-periodic versions of cyclic ... More
BRS-Chern-Simons forms and cyclic homologyNov 29 2000We use some BRS techniques to construct Chern-Simons forms generalizing the Chern character of K_1 groups in the Cuntz-Quillen description of cyclic homology.
BRS Cohomology And The Chern Character In Non-Commutative GeometryOct 27 1999We establish a general local formula computing the topological anomaly of gauge theories in the framework of non-commutative geometry.
New treatments of density fluctuations and recurrence times for re-estimating Zermelo's paradoxApr 24 2014What is the probability that all the gas in a box accumulates in the same half of this box? Though amusing, this question underlies the fundamental problem of density fluctuations at equilibrium, which has profound implementations in many physical fields. ... More
Solution to the Volterra integral equations of the first kind with piecewise continuous kernels in class of Sobolev-Schwartz distributionsApr 25 2012Sufficient conditions for existence and uniqueness of the solution of the Volterra integral equations of the first kind with piecewise continuous kernels are derived in framework of Sobolev-Schwartz distribution theory. The asymptotic approximation of ... More
P-adic heights and p-adic Hodge theoryDec 23 2014Using the theory of $(\phi,\Gamma)$-modules and the formalism of Selmer complexes we construct the p-adic height for p-adic representations with coefficients in an affinoid algebra over $Q_p$.
Selmer complexes and the $p$-adic Hodge theoryApr 29 2014The first part of the paper is a survey of recent results about the cohomology of $(\phi,\Gamma)$-modules and its applications to the theory of Selmer complexes. In the second part we formulate a version of the Main Conjecture for $p$-adic representations ... More
Trivial zeros of p-adic L-functions at near central pointsJul 06 2011Sep 06 2012Using the $\scr L$-invariant constructed in our previous paper we prove a Mazur-Tate-Teitelbaum style formula for derivatives of p-adic L-functions of elliptic modular forms at near central points. In the second version of the paper the case of potentially ... More
On extra zeros of p-adic L-functions: the crystalline caseMay 02 2013We formulate a conjecture about extra zeros of p-adic L-functions at near central points which generalises the conjecture formulated in our previous paper. We prove that this conjecture is compatible with Perrin-Riou's theory of p-adic L-functions.
Perfect colorings of $Z^2$: Nine colorsDec 30 2008We list all perfect colorings of $Z^2$ by 9 or less colors. Keywords: perfect colorings, equitable partitions
Z4-Linear Perfect CodesOct 01 2007For every $n = 2^k > 8$ there exist exactly $[(k+1)/2]$ mutually nonequivalent $Z_4$-linear extended perfect codes with distance 4. All these codes have different ranks.
On decomposability of 4-ary distance 2 MDS codes, double-codes, and n-quasigroups of order 4Sep 15 2005Jan 18 2007A subset $S$ of $\{0,1,...,2t-1\}^n$ is called a $t$-fold MDS code if every line in each of $n$ base directions contains exactly $t$ elements of $S$. The adjacency graph of a $t$-fold MDS code is not connected if and only if the characteristic function ... More
A partition of the hypercube into maximally nonparallel Hamming codesSep 28 2012Apr 29 2016By using the Gold map, we construct a partition of the hypercube into cosets of Hamming codes such that for every two cosets the corresponding Hamming codes are maximally nonparallel, that is, their intersection cardinality is as small as possible to ... More
On perfect colorings of the halved 24-cubeMar 02 2008Jul 17 2008A vertex 2-coloring of a graph is said to be perfect with parameters $(a_{ij})_{i,j=1}^k$ if for every $i,j\in\{1,...,k\}$ every vertex of color $i$ is adjacent with exactly $a_{ij}$ vertices of color $j$. We consider the perfect 2-colorings of the distance-2 ... More
On diameter perfect constant-weight ternary codesSep 27 2005Aug 03 2009From cosets of binary Hamming codes we construct diameter perfect constant-weight ternary codes with weight $n-1$ (where $n$ is the code length) and distances 3 and 5. The class of distance 5 codes has parameters unknown before. Keywords: constant-weight ... More
Functional integral for non-Lagrangian systemsJan 12 2010Feb 22 2010A novel functional integral formulation of quantum mechanics for non-Lagrangian systems is presented. The new approach, which we call "stringy quantization," is based solely on classical equations of motion and is free of any ambiguity arising from Lagrangian ... More
Exact stochastic simulation of dissipation and non-Markovian effects in open quantum systemsFeb 14 2008Mar 31 2008The exact dynamics of a system coupled to an environment can be described by an integro-differential stochastic equation of its reduced density. The influence of the environment is incorporated through a mean-field which is both stochastic and non-local ... More
Stochastic mean-field dynamics for fermions in the weak coupling limitSep 06 2005Jan 16 2006Assuming that the effect of the residual interaction beyond mean-field is weak and has a short memory time, two approximate treatments of correlation in fermionic systems by means of Markovian quantum jump are presented. A simplified scenario for the ... More
Efficient Monte Carlo methods for simulating diffusion-reaction processes in complex systemsApr 29 2013We briefly review the principles, mathematical bases, numerical shortcuts and applications of fast random walk (FRW) algorithms. This Monte Carlo technique allows one to simulate individual trajectories of diffusing particles in order to study various ... More
On a connection between the switching separability of a graph and that of its subgraphsMar 31 2011A graph of order $n>3$ is called {switching separable} if its modulo-2 sum with some complete bipartite graph on the same set of vertices is divided into two mutually independent subgraphs, each having at least two vertices. We prove the following: if ... More
Accuracy of translation on ribosome could be provided by a resonance of intramolecular oscillations in tRNA moleculesDec 02 2013X-ray data indicate that complexes of ribosomes with cognate and near cognate tRNAs are very similar structurally, and this was the ground for a suggestion that the ribosome discriminates correct codon-anticodon pair because of its higher stability. Here ... More
Limitations in learning an interpreted language with recurrent modelsSep 11 2018In this submission I report work in progress on learning simplified interpreted languages by means of recurrent models. The data is constructed to reflect core properties of natural language as modeled in formal syntax and semantics: recursive syntactic ... More
Renormalization for Lorenz maps of monotone combinatorial typesApr 11 2012Nov 16 2016Lorenz maps are maps of the unit interval with one critical point of order rho>1, and a discontinuity at that point. They appear as return maps of leafs of sections of the geometric Lorenz flow. We construct real a priori bounds for renormalizable Lorenz ... More
Perfect codes in Doob graphsJul 23 2014We study $1$-perfect codes in Doob graphs $D(m,n)$. We show that such codes that are linear over $GR(4^2)$ exist if and only if $n=(4^{g+d}-1)/3$ and $m=(4^{g+2d}-4^{g+d})/6$ for some integers $g \ge 0$ and $d>0$. We also prove necessary conditions on ... More
A beginner's introduction to Fukaya categoriesJan 29 2013The goal of these notes is to give a short introduction to Fukaya categories and some of their applications. The first half of the text is devoted to a brief review of Lagrangian Floer (co)homology and product structures. Then we introduce the Fukaya ... More
Special Lagrangian fibrations, mirror symmetry and Calabi-Yau double coversMar 18 2008The first part of this paper is a review of the Strominger-Yau-Zaslow conjecture in various settings. In particular, we summarize how, given a pair (X,D) consisting of a Kahler manifold and an anticanonical divisor, families of special Lagrangian tori ... More
Some open questions about symplectic 4-manifolds, singular plane curves, and braid group factorizationsOct 05 2004May 05 2005The topology of symplectic 4-manifolds is related to that of singular plane curves via the concept of branched covers. Thus, various classification problems concerning symplectic 4-manifolds can be reformulated as questions about singular plane curves. ... More
Linear Temporal Logic for Regular Cost FunctionsJan 07 2014May 08 2014Regular cost functions have been introduced recently as an extension to the notion of regular languages with counting capabilities, which retains strong closure, equivalence, and decidability properties. The specificity of cost functions is that exact ... More
Fifth Memoir or Letter on the Resistance of Air to the Movement of PendulumsSep 26 2014Translation of Denis Diderot's `Cinqui\`eme M\'emoire ou Lettre sur la R\'esitance de L'Air ou Mouvement des Pendules.'
Belavkin-Kolkoltsov watch-dog effects in interactively controlled stochastic computer-graphic dynamic systems. A mathematical studyApr 11 1995Stochastic properties of the long-time behaviour of a continuously observed (and interactively controlled) quantum-field top are investigated mathematically. Applications to interactively controlled stochastic computer-graphic dynamic systems are discussed. ... More
Secondary Image Synthesis In Electronic Computer Photography (Vtorichnyj Sintez Izobrazhenij V Elektronnoj Komp'Yuternoj Fotografii)Sep 08 1994Sep 22 1994The principal scheme of the secondary image synthesis in electronic computer photography is described. The crucial role of the Clebsch-Gordan coefficient calculus is pointed out.
Statistical inference for time-changed Lévy processes via composite characteristic function estimationMar 01 2010Jan 30 2012In this article, the problem of semi-parametric inference on the parameters of a multidimensional L\'{e}vy process $L_t$ with independent components based on the low-frequency observations of the corresponding time-changed L\'{e}vy process $L_{\mathcal{T}(t)}$, ... More
Measurement of e+e- to hadrons cross sections at BABAR, and implication for the muon g-2Feb 04 2014The BaBar Collaboration has an intensive program of studying hadronic cross sections at low-energy $e^+e^-$ collisions, accessible via initial-state radiation. Our measurements allow significant improvements in the precision of the predicted value of ... More
Comment on : A Proposal to Measure Photon-Photon ScatteringJun 03 2011Jun 07 2011I comment on a recent preprint "A Proposal to Measure Photon-Photon Scattering" that appeared recently as arXiv:1106.0465v1 [hep-ph].
On The Random Vector Potential Model In Two DimensionsJan 19 1995Jan 30 1995The random vector potential model describes massless fermions coupled to a quenched random gauge field. We study its abelian and non-abelian versions. The abelian version can be completely solved using bosonization. We analyse the non-abelian model using ... More
On the existence of distortion maps on ordinary elliptic curvesMar 31 2006Aug 15 2006Distortion maps allow one to solve the Decision Diffie-Hellman problem on subgroups of points on the elliptic curve. In the case of ordinary elliptic curves over finite fields, it is known that in most cases there are no distortion maps. In this article ... More