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Direct Evidence of Interaction-Induced Dirac Cones in Monolayer Silicene/Ag(111) SystemMar 21 2015Silicene, analogous to graphene, is a one-atom-thick two-dimensional crystal of silicon which is expected to share many of the remarkable properties of graphene. The buckled honeycomb structure of silicene, along with its enhanced spin-orbit coupling, ... More
Large non-factorizable contributions in $B \to a_0 a_0$ decaysSep 15 2015Jan 25 2016We investigate three tree-dominated $B \to a_0 a_0$ decays for the first time in the perturbative QCD(pQCD) approach at leading order in the standard model, with $a_0$ standing for the light scalar $a_0(980)$ state, which is assumed as a meson based on ... More
Fermi Surface and Band Structure of (Ca,La)FeAs2 Superconductor from Angle-Resolved Photoemission SpectroscopyNov 23 2013The (Ca,R)FeAs2 (R=La,Pr and etc.) superconductors with a signature of superconductivity transition above 40 K possess a new kind of block layers that consist of zig-zag As chains. In this paper, we report the electronic structure of the new (Ca,La)FeAs2 ... More
Cross-domain Human Parsing via Adversarial Feature and Label AdaptationJan 04 2018Jan 08 2018Human parsing has been extensively studied recently due to its wide applications in many important scenarios. Mainstream fashion parsing models focus on parsing the high-resolution and clean images. However, directly applying the parsers trained on benchmarks ... More
Orbital Origin of Extremely Anisotropic Superconducting Gap in Nematic Phase of FeSe SuperconductorFeb 08 2018The iron-based superconductors are characterized by multiple-orbital physics where all the five Fe 3$d$ orbitals get involved. The multiple-orbital nature gives rise to various novel phenomena like orbital-selective Mott transition, nematicity and orbital ... More
Face Aging with Contextual Generative Adversarial NetsFeb 01 2018Face aging, which renders aging faces for an input face, has attracted extensive attention in the multimedia research. Recently, several conditional Generative Adversarial Nets (GANs) based methods have achieved great success. They can generate images ... More
Spectroscopic Evidence of Type II Weyl Semimetal State in WTe2Apr 14 2016Quantum topological materials, exemplified by topological insulators, three-dimensional Dirac semimetals and Weyl semimetals, have attracted much attention recently because of their unique electronic structure and physical properties. Very lately it is ... More
Electronic Evidence for Type II Weyl Semimetal State in MoTe2Apr 06 2016Topological quantum materials, including topological insulators and superconductors, Dirac semimetals and Weyl semimetals, have attracted much attention recently for their unique electronic structure, spin texture and physical properties. Very lately, ... More
Electronic Structure and Superconductivity of FeSe-Related SuperconductorsApr 17 2015Apr 20 2015The FeSe superconductor and its related systems have attracted much attention in the iron-based superconductors owing to their simple crystal structure and peculiar electronic and physical properties. The bulk FeSe superconductor has a superconducting ... More
Dichotomy of Electronic Structure and Superconductivity between Single-Layer and Double-Layer FeSe/SrTiO3 FilmsFeb 06 2014The latest discovery of possible high temperature superconductivity in the single-layer FeSe film grown on a SrTiO3 substrate, together with the observation of its unique electronic structure and nodeless superconducting gap, has generated much attention. ... More
Electronic Evidence of an Insulator-Superconductor Transition in Single-Layer FeSe/SrTiO3 FilmsJan 28 2014In high temperature cuprate superconductors, it is now generally agreed that the parent compound is a Mott insulator and superconductivity is realized by doping the antiferromagnetic Mott insulator. In the iron-based superconductors, however, the parent ... More
Electronic Structure of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides PdTe2 and Cu0.05PdTe2 Superconductors Obtained by Angle-Resolved Photoemission SpectroscopyMay 25 2015The layered transition metal chalcogenides have been a fertile land in solid state physics for many decades. Various MX2-type transition metal dichalcogenides, such as WTe2, IrTe2, and MoS2, have triggered great attention recently, either for the discovery ... More
Phase Diagram and High Temperature Superconductivity at 65 K in Tuning Carrier Concentration of Single-Layer FeSe FilmsJul 30 2012Superconductivity in the cuprate superconductors and the Fe-based superconductors is realized by doping the parent compound with charge carriers, or by application of high pressure, to suppress the antiferromagnetic state. Such a rich phase diagram is ... More
Common Electronic Origin of Superconductivity in (Li,Fe)OHFeSe Bulk Superconductor and Single-Layer FeSe/SrTiO3 FilmsMay 23 2015The mechanism of high temperature superconductivity in the iron-based superconductors remains an outstanding issue in condensed matter physics. The electronic structure, in particular the Fermi surface topology, is considered to play an essential role ... More
Electronic Origin of High Temperature Superconductivity in Single-Layer FeSe SuperconductorFeb 27 2012The latest discovery of high temperature superconductivity signature in single-layer FeSe is significant because it is possible to break the superconducting critical temperature ceiling (maximum Tc~55 K) that has been stagnant since the discovery of Fe-based ... More
Evidence of Electron-Hole Imbalance in WTe2 from High-Resolution Angle-Resolved Photoemission SpectroscopyAug 28 2017WTe2 has attracted a great deal of attention because it exhibits extremely large and nonsaturating magnetoresistance. The underlying origin of such a giant magnetoresistance is still under debate. Utilizing laser-based angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy ... More
A stochastic asymptotic-preserving scheme for the bipolar semiconductor Boltzmann-Poisson system with random inputs and diffusive scalingsFeb 26 2018Jul 16 2018In this paper, we study the bipolar Boltzmann-Poisson model, both for the deterministic system and the system with uncertainties, with asymptotic behavior leading to the drift diffusion-Poisson system as the Knudsen number goes to zero. The random inputs ... More
Elastic Waves Scattering without Conversion in Metamaterials with Simultaneous Zero Indices for Longitudinal and Transverse wavesMar 08 2015Sep 28 2015We theoretically investigate elastic waves propagating in metamaterials with simultaneous zero indices for both the longitudinal and transverse waves. With scattering objects (here cylinders) present in the metamaterials slabs, while the elastic waves ... More
Twisted exponential sums of polynomials in one variableDec 10 2009The twisted $T$-adic exponential sum associated to a polynomial in one variable is studied. An explicit arithmetic polygon in terms of the highest two exponents of the polynomial is proved to be a lower bound of the Newton polygon of the $C$-function ... More
Exploiting Unlabeled Data for Neural Grammatical Error DetectionNov 28 2016Nov 29 2016Identifying and correcting grammatical errors in the text written by non-native writers has received increasing attention in recent years. Although a number of annotated corpora have been established to facilitate data-driven grammatical error detection ... More
Recovery of an embedded obstacle and its surrounding medium by formally-determined scattering dataOct 19 2016We consider an inverse acoustic scattering problem in simultaneously recovering an embedded obstacle and its surrounding inhomogeneous medium by formally determined far-field data. It is shown that the knowledge of the scattering amplitude with a fixed ... More
Recovery of an embedded obstacle and its surrounding medium by formally-determined scattering dataOct 19 2016Nov 10 2016We consider an inverse acoustic scattering problem in simultaneously recovering an embedded obstacle and its surrounding inhomogeneous medium by formally determined far-field data. It is shown that the knowledge of the scattering amplitude with a fixed ... More
Formula of Volume of Revolution with Integration by Parts and ExtensionSep 04 2016A calculation formula of volume of revolution with integration by parts of definite integral is derived based on monotone function, and extended to a general case that curved trapezoids is determined by continuous, piecewise strictly monotone and differential ... More
A class of cyclic codes whose dual have five zerosFeb 07 2015In this paper, a family of cyclic codes over $\mathbb{F}_{p}$ whose duals have five zeros is presented, where $p$ is an odd prime. Furthermore, the weight distributions of these cyclic codes are determined.
An Online Approach to Dynamic Channel Access and Transmission SchedulingApr 04 2015Making judicious channel access and transmission scheduling decisions is essential for improving performance as well as energy and spectral efficiency in multichannel wireless systems. This problem has been a subject of extensive study in the past decade, ... More
To Stay Or To Switch: Multiuser Dynamic Channel AccessSep 14 2013In this paper we study opportunistic spectrum access (OSA) policies in a multiuser multichannel random access cognitive radio network, where users perform channel probing and switching in order to obtain better channel condition or higher instantaneous ... More
On the arithmetic of the endomorphism ring End($\mathbb{Z}_{p}\times\mathbb{Z}_{p^{m}}$)May 03 2016For a prime $p$, let $E_{p,p^m}=\{\begin{pmatrix}a&b\\p^{m-1}c&d\end{pmatrix}|a,b,c\in\mathbb{Z}_{p},~\mathrm{and}~d\in \mathbb{Z}_{p^{m}}\}$. We first establish a ring isomorphism from $\mathrm{End}(\mathbb{Z}_p\times\mathbb{Z}_p^m)$ onto $E_{p,p^m}$. ... More
$T$-adic exponential sums of polynomials in one variableNov 03 2009The $T$-adic exponential sum of a polynomial in one variable is studied. An explicit arithmetic polygon in terms of the highest two exponents of the polynomial is proved to be a lower bound of the Newton polygon of the $C$-function of the T-adic exponential ... More
The Dynamic Behavior of Quantum Statistical Entropy in 5D Ricci-flat Black String with Thin-layer ApproachNov 05 2008In this paper, the statistical-mechanical entropies of 5D Ricci-flat black string is calculated through the wave modes of the quantum field with improved thin-layer brick-wall method. The modes along the fifth dimension are semi-classically quantized ... More
On surjectivity of smooth maps into Euclidean spaces and the fundamental theorem of algebraJun 16 2017In this note we obtain the surjectivity of smooth maps into Euclidean spaces under mild conditions. As application we give a new proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra. We also observe that any $C^1$-map from a compact manifold into Euclidean space ... More
Hypocoercivity for a BGK model for gas mixturesOct 19 2018Jan 08 2019We consider a kinetic model for a two component gas mixture without chemical reactions. Our goal is to study hypocoercivity for the linearized BGK model for gas mixtures in continuous phase space. By constructing an entropy functional, we can prove exponential ... More
A blow-up criterion for the compressible liquid crystals systemNov 19 2010Nov 23 2010In this paper, we establish a blow-up criterion for the compressible liquid crystals equations in terms of the gradient of the velocity only, similar to the Beale-Kato-Majda criterion \cite{majda} for ideal incompressible flows and the criterion obtained ... More
Fine Magnetic Characteristics of a Light Bridge by HinodeFeb 01 2019Light bridge (LB) is bright structure crossing the umbra of sunspots and associated to the breakup or assembly of sunspots. In this paper, a LB is presented and studied using the observatory data obtained by {\it Hinode} satellites. Force-free factor ... More
Relationship between Magnetic Field Properties and an X-class Flare in Active Region NOAA 9077Feb 01 2019The magnetic field plays a key role in producing solar flares, so that the investigation on the relationship between the magnetic field properties and flares is significant. In this paper, based on the magnetic field extrapolated from the photospheric ... More
$σ$-self-orthogonal constacyclic codes of length $p^s$ over $\mathbb F_{p^m}+u\mathbb F_{p^m}$Jul 25 2018In this paper, we study the $\sigma$-self-orthogonality of constacyclic codes of length $p^s$ over the finite commutative chain ring $\mathbb F_{p^m} + u \mathbb F_{p^m}$, where $u^2=0$ and $\sigma$ is a ring automorphism of $\mathbb F_{p^m} + u \mathbb ... More
Matrix-Product Complementary dual CodesApr 13 2016Linear complementary dual codes (LCD) are linear codes satisfying $C\cap C^{\perp}=\{0\}$. Under suitable conditions, matrix-product codes that are complementary dual codes are characterized. We construct LCD codes using quasi-orthogonal matrices. Some ... More
Wake Potential in Strong Coupling Plasma from AdS/CFT CorrespondenceFeb 06 2015With the dielectric function computed from AdS/CFT correspondence, we studied the wake potential induced by a fast moving charge in strong coupling plasma, and compared it with the weak coupling wake potential for different particle velocities as $v=0.55c$ ... More
Quantum Manifestation of Elastic Constants in NanostructuresSep 05 2012Generally, there are two distinct effects in modifying the properties of low-dimensional nanostructures: surface effect (SS) due to increased surface-volume ratio and quantum size effect (QSE) due to quantum confinement in reduced dimension. The SS has ... More
Maximal graded subalgebras of Witt and Special superalgebrasNov 18 2009Mar 08 2010This paper has been withdrawn by the author due to that the main results and approaches are closedly parallel to the ones in Lie algebra case.
Derivations from the even parts into the odd parts for Lie superalgebras W and SSep 08 2005Let $\mathcal{W}$ and $\mathcal{S}$ denote the even parts of the general Witt superalgebra $W$ and the special superalgebra $S$ over a field of characteristic $ p>3,$ respectively. In this note, using the method of reduction on $\mathbb{Z}$-gradations, ... More
Hypocoercivity based Sensitivity Analysis and Spectral Convergence of the Stochastic Galerkin Approximation to Collisional Kinetic Equations with Multiple Scales and Random InputsSep 30 2017May 22 2018In this paper, we provide a general framework to study general class of linear and nonlinear kinetic equations with random uncertainties from the initial data or collision kernels, and their stochastic Galerkin approximations, in both incompressible Navier-Stokes ... More
Recovery of an embedded obstacle and its surrounding medium by formally-determined scattering dataOct 19 2016Jan 04 2017We consider an inverse acoustic scattering problem in simultaneously recovering an embedded obstacle and its surrounding inhomogeneous medium by formally determined far-field data. It is shown that the knowledge of the scattering amplitude with a fixed ... More
Upper Beurling Density of Systems formed by Translates of finite Sets of Elements in $L^p(\R^d)$Mar 28 2012In this paper, we prove that if a finite disjoint union of translates $\bigcup_{k=1}^n\{f_k(x-\gamma)\}_{\gamma\in\Gamma_k}$ in $L^p(\R^d)$ $(1<p<\infty)$ is a $p'$-Bessel sequence for some $1<p'<\infty$, then the disjoint union $\Gamma=\bigcup_{k=1}^n\Gamma_k$ ... More
A Comparative Study on Linguistic Feature Selection in Sentiment Polarity ClassificationNov 04 2013Sentiment polarity classification is perhaps the most widely studied topic. It classifies an opinionated document as expressing a positive or negative opinion. In this paper, using movie review dataset, we perform a comparative study with different single ... More
Geometric Equivariant Extension of Sections in GW Theory ISep 22 2015This paper is to explain one of the two constructions in our work [L] on analytic foundation of GW theory. We improve and clarify the results there.
Definition and Research of Internet NeurologyApr 11 2015More and more scientific research shows that there is a close correlation between the Internet and brain science. This paper presents the idea of establishing the Internet neurology, which means to make a cross-contrast between the two in terms of physiology ... More
Uniqueness of scatterer in inverse acoustic obstacle scattering with a single incident plane waveOct 11 2016In this paper, we give a new proof for uniqueness of the scatterer in inverse obstacle scattering problem for acoustic wave with a single incident plane wave. Ramm in \cite{Ram1} showed that the acoustic scattering amplitude $A(\beta, {\alpha}_0, k_0)$, ... More
Detection of some elements in the stable homotopy groups of spheresNov 06 2009In this paper we constructs a new nontrivial family in the stable homotopy groups of spheres $\pi_{p^nq+2pq+q-3}S$ which is of order $p$ and is represented by $k_0h_{n} \in Ext_A^{3,p^nq+2pq+q}(\mathbb{Z}_p,\mathbb{Z}_p)$ in the Adams spectral sequence, ... More
Evidence of s-channel Single Top Quark Production in Events with one Charged Lepton and Bottom Quark Jets at CDFOct 08 2013We report an evidence of \textit{s}-channel single top quark production in $p\bar{p}$ collision at $\sqrt{s}= 1.96 \mathrm{TeV}$ using data with integrated luminosity of $9.4 \mathrm{fb}^{-1}$ collected by the Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF). We select ... More
Uniqueness of scatterer in inverse acoustic obstacle scattering with a single incident plane waveOct 11 2016Oct 25 2016In this paper, we give a simple proof for uniqueness of the scatterer in inverse obstacle scattering problem for acoustic wave with a single incident plane wave. Ramm in \cite{Ram1} showed that the acoustic scattering amplitude $A(\beta, {\alpha}_0, k_0)$, ... More
A Chernoff bound for branching random walkMar 31 2016Concentration inequalities, which prove to be very useful in a variety of fields, provide fairly tight bounds for large deviation probability while central limit theorem (CLT) describes the asymptotic distribution around the mean (within scope of $\sqrt{n}$ ... More
Extended Hilbert's NullstellensatzFeb 25 2007We prove the extended Hilbert's Nullstellensatz in the context of Hu-Liu polynomial trirings.
On the mean value of a kind of Zeta functionsDec 28 2012Let $d_{\alpha, \beta}(n)=\sum\limits_{\substack{n=kl \alpha l<k\leq\beta l}}1$ be the number of ways of factoring n into two almost equal integers. For rational numbers $0<\alpha <\beta $, we consider the following Zeta function $\zeta_{\alpha,\beta}(s)=\sum\limits_{n=1}^{\infty}\frac{d_{\alpha, ... More
Representations$^{6-th}$ of Lie AlgebrasJul 26 2012We introduce representations$^{6-th}$ of Lie algebras, and study the counterparts of the P-B-W Theorem and the Hopf algebra structure for the enveloping algebras of Lie algebras in the context of representations$^{6-th}$ of Lie algebras.
$ξ$-Groups and Hu-Liu Leibniz AlgebrasDec 26 2005Dec 27 2005We initiate the study of $\xi$-groups and Hu-Liu Leibniz algebras, claim that alomost all simple Leibniz algebras and simple Hu-Liu Leibniz algebras are linear, and establish two passages. One is the passage from a special $\mathcal{Z}_2$-graded associative ... More
An Overview of $D^0\bar{D}^0$ Mixing Search Techniques: Current Status and Future ProspectsAug 31 1995Sep 01 1995The search for $D^0\bar{D}^0$ mixing may carry a large discovery potential for new physics. This paper discusses the techniques, current experimental status, and future prospects for the mixing search. Some new ideas, applicable to future mixing searches, ... More
Knowledge model: a method to evaluate an individual's knowledge quantitativelyApr 21 2016As the quantity of human knowledge increasing rapidly, it is harder and harder to evaluate a knowledge worker's knowledge quantitatively. There are lots of demands for evaluating a knowledge worker's knowledge. For example, accurately finding out a researcher's ... More
Gromov-Hausdorff limits of Kähler manifolds with bisectional curvature lower bound IIJun 29 2016Let $M^n$ be a complete noncompact K\"ahler manifold with nonnegative bisectional curvature and maximal volume growth, we prove that $M$ is diffeomorphic to $\mathbb{R}^{2n}$. If $n\leq 3$, we show that $M$ is biholomorphic to $\mathbb{C}^n$. We also ... More
Schiffer's Conjecture, Interior Transmission Eigenvalues and Invisibility Cloaking: Singular Problem vs. Nonsingular ProblemFeb 28 2012Nov 07 2012In this note, we present some interesting observations on the Schiffer's conjecture, interior transmission eigenvalue problem and their connections to singular and nonsingular invisibility cloaking problems of acoustic waves.
Strange Lagrangian systems and statistical mechanicsMay 22 2013We consider the canonical ensemble of $N$ particles admitting a strange Hamiltonian description. Each of the particles obeys a set of Newtonian equation of motion, which can also be described by the standard canonical Hamiltonian mechanics. However, the ... More
Preference at First SightJun 24 2016We consider decision-making and game scenarios in which an agent is limited by his/her computational ability to foresee all the available moves towards the future - that is, we study scenarios with short sight. We focus on how short sight affects the ... More
Clifford theory on rational Cherednik algebras of imprimitive groupsJun 17 2016Ram and Rammage have introduced an automorphism and Clifford theory on affine Hecke algebras. Here we will extend them to cyclotomic Hecke algebras and rational Cherednik algebras.
Application of bond valence method in the non-isovalent semiconductor alloy (GaN)$_{1-x}$(ZnO)$_x$Sep 15 2015Dec 28 2015This paper studies the bond valence method (BVM) and its application in the non-isovalent semiconductor alloy (GaN)$_{\rm{1-x}}$(ZnO)$_{\rm{x}}$. Particular attention is paid to the role of short-range order (SRO). A physical interpretation based on atomic ... More
Space-time derivative estimates of the Kock-Tataru solutions to the nematic liquid crystal system in Besov spacesJun 18 2014In recent paper \cite{DW1} (Y. Du and K. Wang, Space-time regularity of the Kock $\&$ Tataru solutions to the liquid crystal equations, SIAM J. Math. Anal., \textbf{45}(6), 3838--3853.), the authors proved that the global-in-time Koch-Tataru type solution ... More
An Aggregation Method for Sparse Logistic RegressionOct 25 2014Feb 11 2015$L_1$ regularized logistic regression has now become a workhorse of data mining and bioinformatics: it is widely used for many classification problems, particularly ones with many features. However, $L_1$ regularization typically selects too many features ... More
Prospects for Testing Lorentz and CPT Invariance in the Top-Quark SectorJul 22 2016We present how to further the search for Lorentz and CPT violation in the top-quark sector after the first measurement in this sector by D0. We compute the Lorentz-violating matrix element for top pair production via gluon fusion, which allows a similar ... More
Truth Discovery to Resolve Object Conflicts in Linked DataSep 01 2015Mar 08 2016In the community of Linked Data, anyone can publish their data as Linked Data on the web because of the openness of the Semantic Web. As such, RDF (Resource Description Framework) triples described the same real-world entity can be obtained from multiple ... More
Numerical Study of the Magnetorotational Instability in Princeton MRI ExperimentApr 01 2008Aug 22 2008In preparation for an experimental study of magnetorotational instability (MRI) in liquid metal, we present non-ideal axisymmetric magnetohydrodynamic simulations of the nonlinear evolution of MRI in the experimental geometry. The simulations adopt fully ... More
Pebbling Arguments for Tree EvaluationNov 01 2013The Tree Evaluation Problem was introduced by Cook et al. in 2010 as a candidate for separating P from L and NL. The most general space lower bounds known for the Tree Evaluation Problem require a semantic restriction on the branching programs and use ... More
Eisenstein Series on Loop GroupsMar 22 2011Jul 10 2013Based on Garland's work, in this paper we construct the Eisenstein series on the adelic loop groups over a number field, induced from either a cusp form or a quasi-character which is assumed to be unramified. We compute the constant terms, prove their ... More
Modular curvature for toric noncommutative manifoldsOct 15 2015Jun 25 2016A general question behind this paper is to explore a good notion for intrinsic curvature in the framework of noncommutative geometry started by Alain Connes in the 80s. It has only recently begun (2014) to be comprehended via the intensive study of modular ... More
Bounding cubic-triple product Selmer groups of elliptic curvesNov 26 2015Let $E$ be a modular elliptic curve over a totally real cubic field. We have a cubic-triple product motive over $\mathbb{Q}$ constructed from $E$ through multiplicative induction; it is of rank $8$. We show that, under certain assumptions on $E$, the ... More
Rotating Superconductors and the Frame-independent London EquationJun 25 1998A frame-independent, thermodynamically exact London equation is presented, which is especially valid for rotating superconductors. A direct result is the unexpectedly high accuracy ($\sim10^{-10}$) for the usual expression of the London moment.
The Onsager Symmetry Relation and the Time Inversion Invariance of the Entropy ProductionJun 26 1998Starting from the entropy production being invariant under time reversal, one can (i) easily proof, and understand, many aspects of the linear Onsager relations and (ii) deduce the result that all quadratic Onsager coefficients for hydrodynamic fluxes ... More
A class of group-like objectNov 22 2003We introduce a class of group-like objects and prove that Cayley Theorem on groups has a counterpart in the class of group-like objects.
Review on Hadron SpectroscopyDec 01 2016I review some of the lattice results on spectroscopy and resonances in the past years. For the conventional hadron spectrum computations, focus has been put on the isospin breaking effects, QED effects, and simulations near the physical pion mass point. ... More
On the List Decodability of Self-orthogonal Rank Metric CodesJan 22 2018V. Guruswami and N. Resch prove that the list decodability of $\mathbb{F}_q$-linear rank metric codes is as good as that of random rank metric codes in~\cite{venkat2017}. Due to the potential applications of self-orthogonal rank metric codes, we focus ... More
Harnessing Low-Fidelity Data to Accelerate Bayesian Optimization via Posterior RegularizationFeb 11 2019Bayesian optimization (BO) is a powerful derivative-free technique for global optimization of expensive black-box objective functions (BOFs). However, the overhead of BO can still be prohibitive if the number of allowed function evaluations is less than ... More
Exotic and Charmonium(-like) states at BESIIISep 27 2015The BESIII experiment at the Beijing Electron Positron Collider (BEPCII) has accumulated the world's largest samples of direct $e^+e^-$ collisions in the $\tau$-charm region. From the collected samples, which include $e^+e^-$ annihilations at $J/\psi$, ... More
QCD corrections to the production of $t\bar{t}γ$ at the ILCDec 16 2011A precise calculation of the top quark pair production associated with a hard photon is essential for testing the electroweak property of the top quark in the Standard Model (SM). We investigate the one-loop QCD corrections to the process $e^{+}e^{-} ... More
Free compact boson on branched covering of $\mathbb{CP}^1$ and on branched covering of the torusOct 30 2016We have studied free compact boson on two special kinds of Riemann surfaces: One is branched covering of $\mathbb{CP}^1$, and the other one is branched covering of the torus. We obtain the partition function for arbitrary higher genus by directly constructing ... More
Necessary Conditions about the Diederich-Fornæss indexOct 20 2016Nov 12 2016We derive several necessary conditions about the Diederich--Forn\ae ss index. One of the main motivations in the article is to look for a necessary condition for a given bounded pseudoconvex domain $\Omega\subset\mathbb{C}^2$ with smooth boundary such ... More
Kato's residue homomorphisms and reciprocity laws on arithmetic surfacesMar 30 2012Jul 10 2013We explicitly study Kato's residue homomorphisms in Milnor $K$-theory, which are closely related to Contou-Carr\`ere symbols. As applications we establish several reciprocity laws for certain locally defined maps on $K$-groups that are associated to arithmetic ... More
Higher-degree Smoothness of Perturbations IISep 23 2018In this paper we generalize the higher-degree smoothness results in perturbation theory from the case that the stable maps have the fixed domain $S^2$ to the general genus zero case.
Harnack Inequality and Applications for Stochastic Evolution Equations with Monotone DriftsFeb 03 2008Sep 10 2009In this paper, the dimension-free Harnack inequality is proved for the associated transition semigroups to a large class of stochastic evolution equations with monotone drifts. As applications, the ergodicity, hyper-(or ultra-)contractivity and compactness ... More
Complexity and scaling in quantum quench in $1+1$ dimensional fermionic field theoriesFeb 08 2019We consider the scaling behavior of circuit complexity under quantum quench in an a relativistic fermion field theory on a one dimensional spatial lattice. This is done by finding an exactly solvable quench protocol which asymptotes to massive phases ... More
Density Forecasts in Panel Data Models: A Semiparametric Bayesian PerspectiveMay 10 2018This paper constructs individual-specific density forecasts for a panel of firms or households using a dynamic linear model with common and heterogeneous coefficients and cross-sectional heteroskedasticity. The panel considered in this paper features ... More
Robust Abstractions for Control Synthesis: Robustness Equals Realizability for Linear-Time PropertiesMar 04 2018We define robust abstractions for synthesizing provably correct and robust controllers for (possibly infinite) uncertain transition systems. It is shown that robust abstractions are sound in the sense that they preserve robust satisfaction of linear-time ... More
Monodromy map for tropical Dolbeault cohomologyApr 23 2017Apr 27 2017We define monodromy maps for tropical Dolbeault cohomology of algebraic varieties over non-Archimedean fields. We propose a conjecture of Hodge isomorphisms via monodromy maps, and provide some evidence.
Exchange relation planar algebras of small rankAug 26 2013Mar 25 2014The main purpose of this paper is to classify exchange relation planar algebras with 4 dimensional 2-boxes. Besides its skein theory, we emphasize the positivity of subfactor planar algebras based on the Schur product theorem. We will discuss the lattice ... More
Generalized low solution of $\mathsf{RT}_k^1$ problemFeb 19 2016Feb 28 2016We study the "coding power" of an arbitrary $\mathsf{RT}_k^1$-instance. We prove that every $\mathsf{RT}_k^1$-instance admit non trivial generalized low solution. This is somewhat related to a problem proposed by Patey. We also answer a question proposed ... More
A counterexample to the extension space conjecture for realizable oriented matroidsJun 16 2016Jul 17 2016The extension space conjecture of oriented matroid theory states that the space of all one-element, non-loop, non-coloop extensions of a realizable oriented matroid of rank $d$ has the homotopy type of a sphere of dimension $d-1$. We disprove this conjecture ... More
A novel sampling method for multiple multiscale targets from scattering amplitudes at a fixed frequencyJan 03 2017A sampling method by using scattering amplitude is proposed for shape and location reconstruction in inverse acoustic scattering problems. Only matrix multiplication is involved in the computation, thus the novel sampling method is very easy and simple ... More
Uniqueness in inverse elastic scattering with one incident waveAug 03 2016Aug 10 2017In this paper, we give a positive answer to a longstanding open problem for determining the shape of an obstacle from the knowledge of the far field pattern for the scattering of time-harmonic elastic wave. We show that the elastic far field pattern by ... More
Uniqueness of the scatterer for electromagnetic field with one incident plane waveJun 21 2016Aug 07 2017In this paper, we solve a longstanding open problem for determining the shape of an obstacle from the knowledge of the electric (or magnetic) far field pattern for the scattering of time-harmonic electromagnetic field. We show that the electric (or magnetic) ... More
Sharp Weyl-Type Formulas of the Spectral Functions for Biharmonic Steklov EigenvaluesDec 06 2011Apr 02 2012In this paper, by explicitly calculating the principal symbols of pseudodifferential operators and by applying H\"omander's spectral function theorem, we obtain the Weyl-type asymptotic formulas with sharp remainder estimates for the counting functions ... More
The Fadell-Rabinowitz index and multiplicity of non-contractible closed geodesics on Finsler $\mathbb{R}P^{n}$May 24 2016Aug 24 2016In this paper, we prove that for every irreversible Finsler $n$-dimensional real projective space $(\mathbb{R}P^n,F)$ with reversibility $\lambda$ and flag curvature $K$ satisfying $\frac{16}{9}\left(\frac{\lambda}{1+\lambda}\right)^2<K\le 1$ with $\lambda<3$, ... More
Real embedding and equivariant eta formsJun 21 2017Jan 28 2018In 1993, Bismut and Zhang establish a mod Z embedding formula of Atiyah-Patodi-Singer reduced eta invariants. In this paper, we explain the hidden mod Z term as a spectral flow and extend this embedding formula to the equivariant family case. In this ... More
The random case of Conley's theorem: II. The complete Lyapunov functionOct 30 2007Conley in \cite{Con} constructed a complete Lyapunov function for a flow on compact metric space which is constant on orbits in the chain recurrent set and is strictly decreasing on orbits outside the chain recurrent set. This indicates that the dynamical ... More
An $L^2$-identity and pinned distance problemFeb 01 2018Jun 23 2018Let $\mu$ be a Frostman measure on $E\subset\mathbb{R}^d$. The spherical average decay $$\int_{S^{d-1}}|\widehat{\mu}(r\omega)|^2\,d\omega\lesssim r^{-\beta} $$ was originally used to attack Falconer distance conjecture, via Mattila's integral. In this ... More