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Generalized Presentation Attack Detection: a face anti-spoofing evaluation proposalApr 12 2019Over the past few years, Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) has become a fundamental part of facial recognition systems. Although much effort has been devoted to anti-spoofing research, generalization in real scenarios remains a challenge. In this paper ... More
Intrinsic Calibration of Depth Cameras for Mobile Robots using a Radial Laser ScannerJul 03 2019Depth cameras, typically in RGB-D configurations, are common devices in mobile robotic platforms given their appealing features: high frequency and resolution, low price and power requirements, among others. These sensors may come with significant, non-linear ... More
Deep Anomaly Detection for Generalized Face Anti-SpoofingApr 17 2019Face recognition has achieved unprecedented results, surpassing human capabilities in certain scenarios. However, these automatic solutions are not ready for production because they can be easily fooled by simple identity impersonation attacks. And although ... More
Brunn-Minkowski and Zhang inequalities for Convolution BodiesDec 20 2011Feb 11 2013A quantitative version of Minkowski sum, extending the definition of $\theta$-convolution of convex bodies, is studied to obtain extensions of the Brunn-Minkowski and Zhang inequalities, as well as, other interesting properties on Convex Geometry involving ... More
Fine structure of the homomorphisms of the lattice of uniformly continuous functions on the lineMay 22 2019We provide a representation of the homomorphisms $U\longrightarrow \mathbb R$, where $U$ is the lattice of all uniformly continuous on the line. The resulting picture is sharp enough to describe the fine topological structure of the space of such homomorphisms. ... More
Automatic Multi-Sensor Extrinsic Calibration for Mobile RobotsJun 11 2019In order to fuse measurements from multiple sensors mounted on a mobile robot, it is needed to express them in a common reference system through their relative spatial transformations. In this paper, we present a method to estimate the full 6DoF extrinsic ... More
Computers and turbulenceFeb 22 2019This paper briefly reviews the influence that the rapid evolution of computer power in the last decades has had on turbulence research. It is argued that it can be divided into three stages. In the earliest (`heroic') one, simulations were expensive and ... More
A 6% measurement of the Hubble parameter at $z\sim0.45$: direct evidence of the epoch of cosmic re-accelerationJan 07 2016May 02 2016Deriving the expansion history of the Universe is a major goal of modern cosmology. To date, the most accurate measurements have been obtained with Type Ia Supernovae and Baryon Acoustic Oscillations, providing evidence for the existence of a transition ... More
Drift-diffusion model for single layer transition metal dichalcogenide field-effect transistorsJul 12 2012A physics-based model for the surface potential and drain current for monolayer transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD) field-effect transistor (FET) is presented. Taking into account the 2D density-of-states of the atomic layer thick TMD and its impact ... More
A current-voltage model for Schottky-barrier graphene based transistorsDec 11 2007Jul 15 2008A low complexity computational model of the current-voltage characteristics for graphene nano-ribbon (GNR) field effect transistors (FET), able to simulate a hundred of points in few seconds using a PC, is presented. For quantum capacitance controlled ... More
Simple PTAS's for families of graphs excluding a minorOct 21 2014Mar 27 2015We show that very simple algorithms based on local search are polynomial-time approximation schemes for Maximum Independent Set, Minimum Vertex Cover and Minimum Dominating Set, when the input graphs have a fixed forbidden minor.
Measurements of minimum entropy at K-shell photoelectric effect provides the radius and shape of the protonJan 04 2017Jan 12 2017Constructive resonances with minimum entropy are derived from measurements of photoelectric effect cross sections at atomic K-shell thresholds. A resonance region with optimal constructive interference is given by a principal wave length {\lambda} of ... More
Bell's inequalities with realistic noise for polarization-entangled photonsSep 03 2005Nov 30 2005Contrary to the usual assumption that the experimental preparation of pure entangled states can be described by mixed states due to white noise, a more realistic description for polarization-entangled states produced by parametric down-conversion is that ... More
On the cohomology of pure mapping class groups as FI-modulesJul 30 2012Sep 30 2013In this paper we apply the theory of finitely generated FI-modules developed by Church, Ellenberg and Farb to certain sequences of rational cohomology groups. Our main examples are the cohomology of the moduli space of n-pointed curves, the cohomology ... More
Approximate linear minimum variance filters for continuous-discrete state space models: convergence and practical algorithmsJul 25 2012Dec 17 2013In this paper, approximate Linear Minimum Variance (LMV) filters for continuous-discrete state space models are introduced. The filters are obtained by means of a recursive approximation to the predictions for the first two moments of the state equation. ... More
Approximate discrete-time schemes for the estimation of diffusion processes from complete observationsDec 08 2012Dec 18 2013In this paper, a modification of the conventional approximations to the quasi-maximum likelihood method is introduced for the parameter estimation of diffusion processes from discrete observations. This is based on a convergent approximation to the first ... More
Projective symmetries and induced electromagnetism in metric-affine gravityJul 26 2018Oct 17 2018We present a framework in which the projective symmetry of the Einstein-Hilbert action in metric-affine gravity is used to induce an effective coupling between the Dirac lagrangian and the Maxwell field. The effective $U(1)$ gauge potential arises as ... More
Approximation by smooth functions with no critical points on separable Banach spacesOct 27 2005We characterize the class of separable Banach spaces $X$ such that for every continuous function $f:X\to\mathbb{R}$ and for every continuous function $\epsilon:X\to\mathbb(0,+\infty)$ there exists a $C^1$ smooth function $g:X\to\mathbb{R}$ for which $|f(x)-g(x)|\leq\epsilon(x)$ ... More
Explicit drain-current model of graphene field-effect transistors targeting analog and radio-frequency applicationsMar 08 2011Jun 24 2011We present a compact physics-based model of the current-voltage characteristics of graphene field-effect transistors, of especial interest for analog and radio-frequency applications where bandgap engineering of graphene could be not needed. The physical ... More
Genuine infinitesimal bendings of submanifoldsApr 23 2019A basic question in submanifold theory is whether a given isometric immersion $f\colon M^n\to\R^{n+p}$ of a Riemannian manifold of dimension $n\geq 3$ into Euclidean space with low codimension $p$ admits, locally or globally, a genuine infinitesimal bending. ... More
Angular momentum and Horn's problemOct 23 2011Dec 19 2011We prove a conjecture made by the first author: given an n-body central configuration X_0 in the euclidean space R^{2p}, let Im F be the set of ordered real p-tuples {\nu_1,\nu_2,...,\nu_p} such that {\pm i\nu_1,\pm i\nu_2,...,\pm i\nu_p} is the spectrum ... More
Minimum detection efficiency for a loophole-free violation of the Braunstein-Caves chained Bell inequalitiesApr 06 2009Jun 23 2009The chained Bell inequalities of Braunstein and Caves involving N settings per observer have some interesting applications. Here we obtain the minimum detection efficiency required for a loophole-free violation of the Braunstein-Caves inequalities for ... More
Extreme nonlocality with one photonNov 04 2009Mar 22 2011Quantum nonlocality is typically assigned to systems of two or more well separated particles, but nonlocality can also exist in systems consisting of just a single particle, when one considers the subsystems to be distant spatial field modes. Single particle ... More
Peeling potatoes near-optimally in near-linear timeJun 05 2014Oct 14 2017We consider the following geometric optimization problem: find a convex polygon of maximum area contained in a given simple polygon $P$ with $n$ vertices. We give a randomized near-linear-time $(1-\varepsilon)$-approximation algorithm for this problem: ... More
Avoiding apparent signaling in Bell tests for quantitative applicationsJan 17 2018Bell tests have become a powerful tool for quantifying security, randomness, entanglement, and many other properties, as well as for investigating fundamental physical limits. In all these cases, the specific experimental value of the Bell parameter is ... More
Simple Hardy-like proof of quantum contextualityOct 30 2013Contextuality and nonlocality are two fundamental properties of nature. Hardy's proof is considered the simplest proof of nonlocality and can also be seen as a particular violation of the simplest Bell inequality. A fundamental question is: Which is the ... More
The Fibonacci dimension of a graphMar 13 2009The Fibonacci dimension fdim(G) of a graph G is introduced as the smallest integer f such that G admits an isometric embedding into Gamma_f, the f-dimensional Fibonacci cube. We give bounds on the Fibonacci dimension of a graph in terms of the isometric ... More
Mermin inequalities for perfect correlationsAug 23 2007Jun 16 2008Any n-qubit state with n independent perfect correlations is equivalent to a graph state. We present the optimal Bell inequalities for perfect correlations and maximal violation for all classes of graph states with n < 7 qubits. Twelve of them were previously ... More
Parameterized Complexity of 1-PlanarityApr 20 2013We consider the problem of finding a 1-planar drawing for a general graph, where a 1-planar drawing is a drawing in which each edge participates in at most one crossing. Since this problem is known to be NP-hard we investigate the parameterized complexity ... More
Necessary and sufficient detection efficiency for the Mermin inequalitiesDec 19 2007Sep 16 2008We prove that the threshold detection efficiency for a loophole-free Bell experiment using an $n$-qubit Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger state and the correlations appearing in the $n$-partite Mermin inequality is $n/(2n-2)$. If the detection efficiency is ... More
Community Organizations: Changing the Culture in Which Research Software Is Developed and SustainedNov 20 2018Dec 08 2018Software is the key crosscutting technology that enables advances in mathematics, computer science, and domain-specific science and engineering to achieve robust simulations and analysis for science, engineering, and other research fields. However, software ... More
Elliptic Curves with abelian division fieldsNov 27 2015Let E be an elliptic curve over Q, and let n=>1. The central object of study of this article is the division field Q(E[n]) that results by adjoining to Q the coordinates of all n-torsion points on E(Q). In particular, we classify all curves E/Q such that ... More
On the minimal degree of definition of p-primary torsion subgroups of elliptic curvesNov 25 2015In this article, we study the minimal degree [K(T):K] of a p-subgroup T <= E(\overline{K})_tors for an elliptic curve E/K defined over a number field K. Our results depend on the shape of the image of the p-adic Galois representation \rho_{E,p^infty}:Gal_K-->GL(2,Z_p). ... More
Smooth extension of functions on a certain class of non-separable Banach spacesFeb 22 2010Jan 14 2011Let us consider a Banach space $X$ with the property that every real-valued Lipschitz function $f$ can be uniformly approximated by a Lipschitz, $C^1$-smooth function $g$ with $\Lip(g)\le C \Lip(f)$ (with $C$ depending only on the space $X$). This is ... More
Variational Intrinsic ControlNov 22 2016In this paper we introduce a new unsupervised reinforcement learning method for discovering the set of intrinsic options available to an agent. This set is learned by maximizing the number of different states an agent can reliably reach, as measured by ... More
Properties of the weighted log-rank test in the design of confirmatory studies with delayed effectsJun 29 2018Dec 09 2018Proportional hazards are a common assumption when designing confirmatory clinical trials in oncology. This assumption not only affects the analysis part but also the sample size calculation. The presence of delayed effects causes a change in the hazard ... More
Phenomenology of the minimal inflation scenario: inflationary trajectories and particle productionOct 18 2011Mar 06 2012We discuss the phenomenology of the minimal inflation scenario. We concentrate on two aspects: inflationary trajectories and particle production. Our findings can be summarized in two main results: first, that inflationary trayectories that are very flat ... More
Minimal InflationDec 30 2009Using the universal X superfield that measures in the UV the violation of conformal invariance we build up a model of multifield inflation. The underlying dynamics is the one controlling the natural flow of this field in the IR to the Goldstino superfield ... More
Dark Matter Relics and the Expansion Rate in Scalar-Tensor TheoriesDec 14 2016Jun 03 2017We study the impact of a modified expansion rate on the dark matter relic abundance in a class of scalar-tensor theories. The scalar-tensor theories we consider are motivated from string theory constructions, which have conformal as well as disformally ... More
Cropping Euler factors of modular L-functionsFeb 23 2010Mar 29 2010According to the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjectures, if A/Q is an abelian variety then its L-function must capture substantial part of the arithmetic properties of A. The smallest number field L where A has all its endomorphisms defined must also have ... More
Slow-Roll Inflation in Scalar-Tensor ModelsMay 20 2019The linear and quadratic perturbations for a scalar-tensor model with non-minimal coupling to curvature, coupling to the Gauss-Bonnet invariant and non-minimal kinetic coupling to the Einstein tensor are developed. The quadratic action for the scalar ... More
Gevrey expansions of hypergeometric integrals IDec 06 2012Feb 05 2013We study integral representations of the Gevrey series solutions of irregular hypergeometric systems. In this paper we consider the case of the systems associated with a one row matrix, for which the integration domains are one dimensional. We prove that ... More
Square-free discriminants of Frobenius ringsMay 06 2008Let $E$ be an elliptic curve over $\Q$. It is well known that the ring of endomorphisms of $E_p$, the reduction of $E$ modulo a prime $p$ of ordinary reduction, is an order of the quadratic imaginary field $Q(\pi_p)$ generated by the Frobenius element ... More
Gas infall into atomic cooling haloes: on the formation of protogalactic disks and supermassive black holes at z > 10Jan 23 2013We have performed cosmo-hydro simulations using the RAMSES code to study atomic cooling (ACHs) haloes at z=10 with masses 5E7Msun<~M<~2E9Msun. We assume primordial gas and H2-cooling and prior star-formation have been suppressed. We analysed 19 haloes ... More
A flatness property for filtered D-modulesMay 23 2005Let M be a coherent module over the ring D of linear differential operators on an analytic manifold X and let us consider k germs of transverse hypersurfaces at a point x in X. The Malgrange-Kashiwara V-filtrations along these hypersurfaces, associated ... More
Canonicalizing Knowledge Base LiteralsJun 26 2019Ontology-based knowledge bases (KBs) like DBpedia are very valuable resources, but their usefulness and usability is limited by various quality issues. One such issue is the use of string literals instead of semantically typed entities. In this paper ... More
Homogenising differential operatorsNov 08 2012We consider the Weyl algebra A (=A_n(k)) and its Rees algebra B with respect to the Bernstein filtration. The homogenisation of a differential operator in A is an element in B. In this paper we establish the validity of the division theorem for homogenized ... More
D-brane Disformal Coupling and Thermal Dark MatterAug 23 2017Nov 03 2017Conformal and Disformal couplings between a scalar field and matter occur naturally in general scalar-tensor theories. In D-brane models of cosmology and particle physics, these couplings originate from the D-brane action describing the dynamics of its ... More
On the torsion of rational elliptic curves over quartic fieldsJun 02 2016Mar 18 2019Let E be an elliptic curve defined over Q and let G = E(Q)_tors be the associated torsion subgroup. We study, for a given G, which possible groups G <= H could appear such that H=E(K)_tors, for [K:Q]=4 and H is one of the possible torsion structures that ... More
Lost chapter of Physical Chemistry means convergence between Fisher Kolmogorov equation and tunnel effectSep 27 2016In this work we show that the dynamics of chemical reactions of order zero, one and two have a representation through logistics probability. This probability is robust, stable and complies systemically with the differential equation of Fisher Kolmogorov ... More
SDN for End-Nodes: Scenario Analysis and Architectural GuidelinesMar 16 2018The advent of SDN has brought a plethora of new architectures and controller designs for many use-cases and scenarios. Existing SDN deployments focus on campus, datacenter and WAN networks. However, little research efforts have been devoted to the scenario ... More
Experimental quantum "Guess my Number" protocol using multiphoton entanglementFeb 06 2007We present an experimental demonstration of a modified version of the entanglement-assisted "Guess my Number" protocol for the reduction of communication complexity among three separated parties. The results of experimental measurements imply that the ... More
Experimental Violation of Bell Inequality beyond Cirel'son's BoundJul 27 2006The correlations between two qubits belonging to a three-qubit system can violate the Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt-Bell inequality beyond Cirel'son's bound [A. Cabello, Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 060403 (2002)]. We experimentally demonstrate such a violation ... More
On the Minimum Consistent Subset ProblemOct 22 2018Nov 26 2018Let $P$ be a set of $n$ colored points in the plane. Introduced by Hart (1968), a consistent subset of $P$, is a set $S\subseteq P$ such that for every point $p$ in $P\setminus S$, the closest point of $p$ in $S$ has the same color as $p$. The consistent ... More
Experimental implementation of an eight-dimensional Kochen-Specker set and observation of its connection with the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger theoremAug 29 2013Aug 04 2014For eight-dimensional quantum systems there is a Kochen-Specker (KS) set of 40 quantum yes-no tests that is related to the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) proof of Bell's theorem. Here we experimentally implement this KS set using an eight-dimensional ... More
The VISCACHA survey - I. Overview and First ResultsFeb 05 2019The VISCACHA (VIsible Soar photometry of star Clusters in tApii and Coxi HuguA) Survey is an ongoing project based on deep photometric observations of Magellanic Cloud star clusters, collected using the SOuthern Astrophysical Research (SOAR) telescope ... More
Hardy's Paradox for High-Dimensional Systems: Beyond Hardy's LimitAug 21 2013Aug 22 2013Hardy's proof is considered the simplest proof of nonlocality. Here we introduce an equally simple proof that (i) has Hardy's as a particular case, (ii) shows that the probability of nonlocal events grows with the dimension of the local systems, and (iii) ... More
Applying the simplest Kochen-Specker set for quantum information processingAug 28 2014Kochen-Specker (KS) sets are key tools for proving some fundamental results in quantum theory and also have potential applications in quantum information processing. However, so far, their intrinsic complexity has prevented experimentalists from using ... More
Detection efficiency for loophole-free Bell tests with entangled states affected by colored noiseJun 11 2012Jan 17 2013Loophole-free Bell tests for quantum nonlocality and long-distance secure communication require photodetection efficiencies beyond a threshold eta_{crit} that depends on the Bell inequality and the noise affecting the entangled state received by the distant ... More
A New Algorithm to Fit Exponential DecaysNov 21 2017This paper deals with some nonlinear problems which exponential and biexponential decays are involved in. A proof of the quasiconvexity of the error function in some of these problems of optimization is presented. This proof is restricted to fitting observations ... More
On Banach spaces whose group of isometries acts micro-transitively on the unit sphereJun 21 2019We study Banach spaces whose group of isometries acts micro-transitively on the unit sphere. We introduce a weaker property, which one-complemented subspaces inherit, that we call uniform micro-semitransitivity. We prove a number of results about both ... More
The thermodynamical cost of some interpretations of quantum theory. Reply to Prunkl and Timpson, and DavidssonJan 03 2019Here we clarify the assumptions made and conclusions reached in our paper "The thermodynamical cost of some interpretations of quantum theory" [Phys. Rev. A 94, 052127 (2016)], at the light of the criticisms of Prunkl and Timpson [Stud. Hist. Philos. ... More
Experimental device-independent certification of a symmetric, informationally complete, positive operator-valued measureNov 30 2018Quantum theory predicts that, for qubits, there is a symmetric measurement with four outcomes whose statistics are sufficient to reconstruct any quantum state. A fundamental challenge is demonstrating in a device-independent way that such a "standard ... More
Multi-wavelength observations of vortex-like flows in the photosphere using ground-based and space-borne telescopesApr 03 2017In this work we follow a series of papers on high-resolution observations of small-scale structures in the solar atmosphere \citep[][Cabello et al., in prep]{Balmaceda2009, Balmaceda2010, Vargas2011, Palacios2012, Domingo2012, Vargas2015}, combining several ... More
$\aleph$-injective Banach spaces and $\aleph$-projective compactaJun 25 2014A Banach space $E$ is said to be injective if for every Banach space $X$ and every subspace $Y$ of $X$ every operator $t:Y\to E$ has an extension $T:X\to E$. We say that $E$ is $\aleph$-injective (respectively, universally $\aleph$-injective) if the preceding ... More
Higher order derivatives of analytic families of Banach spacesJun 16 2019We show that the Rochberg spaces induced by complex interpolation form themselves complex interpolation scales, obtain the interpolated spaces and associated derivations. We present our results in the context of analytic families of Banach spaces and ... More
Bell tests with random measurements require very high detection efficienciesFeb 02 2013Aug 02 2013The observation that violating Bell inequalities with high probability is possible even when the local measurements are randomly chosen, as occurs when local measurements cannot be suitably calibrated or the parties do not share a common reference frame, ... More
On the origin of Damped Lyman-alpha systems: a case for LSB galaxies?Dec 02 1998We use a model of galaxy disk formation to explore the metallicities, dust content, and neutral-gas mass density of damped Lyman-$\alpha$ (D\lya) absorbers. We find that the [Zn/H] abundance measurements of D\lya systems now available can be reproduced ... More
Astro2020 Science White Paper - Quasar Microlensing: Revolutionizing our Understanding of Quasar Structure and DynamicsApr 29 2019Microlensing by stars within distant galaxies acting as strong gravitational lenses of multiply-imaged quasars, provides a unique and direct measurement of the internal structure of the lensed quasar on nano-arcsecond scales. The measurement relies on ... More
Energetics of Gamma Ray BurstsMar 16 2001We determine the distribution of total energy emitted by gamma-ray bursts for bursts with fluences and distance information. Our core sample consists of eight bursts with BATSE spectra and spectroscopic redshifts. We extend this sample by adding four ... More
Analytic model for the surface potential and drain current in negative capacitance field-effect transistorsMar 31 2010In 2008, Salahuddin and Datta proposed that a ferroelectric material operating in the negative capacitance region could act as a step-up converter of the surface potential in a MOS structure, opening a new route for the realization of transistors with ... More
On the signatures of flare-induced global waves in the Sun: GOLF and VIRGO observationsOct 17 2017Recently, several efforts have been made to identify the seismic signatures of flares and magnetic activity in the Sun and Sun-like stars. In this work, we have analyzed the disk-integrated velocity and intensity observations of the Sun obtained from ... More
Galois Theory, discriminants and torsion subgroups of elliptic curvesNov 10 2008Jun 30 2009We find a tight relationship between the torsion subgroup and the image of the mod 2 Galois representation associated to an elliptic curve defined over the rationals. This is shown using some characterizations for the squareness of the discriminant of ... More
An alternative to continuous univariate distributions supported on a bounded interval: The BMT distributionSep 16 2017In this paper, we introduce the BMT distribution as an unimodal alternative to continuous univariate distributions supported on a bounded interval. The ideas behind the mathematical formulation of this new distribution come from computer aid geometric ... More
Unveiling the tachyon dynamics in the Carrollian limitSep 01 2010We briefly study the dynamics at classical level of the Carrollian limit, with vanishing speed of light and no possible propagation of signals, for a simply effective action in a flat space with a open string tachyon as scalar field. The canonical analysis ... More
Population inversion of a NAHS mixture adsorbed into a cylindrical poreSep 13 2007Nov 19 2008A cylindrical nanopore immersed in a non-additive hard sphere binary fluid is studied by means of integral equation theories and Monte Carlo simulations. It is found that at low and intermediate values of the bulk total number density the more concentrated ... More
Gevrey solutions of the irregular hypergeometric system associated with an affine monomial curveNov 20 2008We describe the Gevrey series solutions at singular points of the irregular hypergeometric system (GKZ system) associated with an affine monomial curve. We also describe the irregularity complex of such a system with respect to its singular support. We ... More
Learning-based Image Enhancement for Visual Odometry in Challenging HDR EnvironmentsJul 05 2017Apr 09 2018One of the main open challenges in visual odometry (VO) is the robustness to difficult illumination conditions or high dynamic range (HDR) environments. The main difficulties in these situations come from both the limitations of the sensors and the inability ... More
A cosmological pathway to testable leptogenesisApr 20 2018Leptogenesis could have occurred at temperatures much lower than generally thought, if the cosmological history of the Universe underwent a period of accelerated expansion, as is predicted for example in a class of scalar-tensor theories of gravitation. ... More
Space QUEST mission proposal: Experimentally testing decoherence due to gravityMar 23 2017Jan 09 2018Models of quantum systems on curved space-times lack sufficient experimental verification. Some speculative theories suggest that quantum properties, such as entanglement, may exhibit entirely different behavior to purely classical systems. By measuring ... More
Chain Homotopies for Object Topological RepresentationsMay 18 2011May 20 2011This paper presents a set of tools to compute topological information of simplicial complexes, tools that are applicable to extract topological information from digital pictures. A simplicial complex is encoded in a (non-unique) algebraic-topological ... More
Cubical Cohomology Ring of 3D PhotographsMay 20 2011Cohomology and cohomology ring of three-dimensional (3D) objects are topological invariants that characterize holes and their relations. Cohomology ring has been traditionally computed on simplicial complexes. Nevertheless, cubical complexes deal directly ... More
Locally Linearized Runge Kutta method of Dormand and PrinceSep 06 2012Dec 22 2013In this paper, the effect that produces the local linearization of the embedded Runge-Kutta formulas of Dormand and Prince for initial value problems is studied. For this, embedded Locally Linearized Runge-Kutta formulas are defined and their performance ... More
Nitrogen Fractionation in External GalaxiesApr 26 2019In star forming regions in our own Galaxy, the 14N/15N ratio is found to vary from $\sim$ 100 in meteorites, comets and protoplanetary disks up to $\sim$ 1000 in pre-stellar and star forming cores, while in external galaxies the very few single-dish large ... More
Optimization in Engine Design via Formal Concept Analysis using Negative AttributesJan 08 2016There is an exhaustive study around the area of engine design that covers different methods that try to reduce costs of production and to optimize the performance of these engines. Mathematical methods based in statistics, self-organized maps and neural ... More
Altmetrics: New Indicators for Scientific Communication in Web 2.0Jun 27 2013In this paper we review the socalled altmetrics or alternative metrics. This concept raises from the development of new indicators based on Web 2.0, for the evaluation of the research and academic activity. The basic assumption is that variables such ... More
Connected but Segregated: Social Networks in Rural VillagesMay 29 2018There is an increased appreciation for, and utilization of, social networks to disseminate various kinds of interventions in a target population. Homophily, the tendency of people to be similar to those they interact with, can create within-group cohesion ... More
Heterogeneous gain distributions in neural networks I:The stationary caseFeb 02 2017We study heterogeneous distribution of gains in neural fields using techniques of quantum mechanics by exploiting a relationship of our model and the time-independent Schr\"{o}dinger equation. We show that specific relationships between the connectivity ... More
Detectability of Glycine in Solar-type System PrecursorsApr 23 2014Glycine (NH2CH2COOH) is the simplest amino acid relevant for life. Its detection in the interstellar medium is key to understand the formation mechanisms of pre-biotic molecules and their subsequent delivery onto planetary systems. Glycine has extensively ... More
On the consistency of universally non-minimally coupled $f(R,T,R_{μν}T^{μν})$ theoriesNov 06 2014May 14 2015We discuss the consistency of a recently proposed class of theories described by an arbitrary function of the Ricci scalar, the trace of the energy-momentum tensor and the contraction of the Ricci tensor with the energy-momentum tensor. We briefly discuss ... More
PasMoQAP: A Parallel Asynchronous Memetic Algorithm for solving the Multi-Objective Quadratic Assignment ProblemJun 27 2017Multi-Objective Optimization Problems (MOPs) have attracted growing attention during the last decades. Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms (MOEAs) have been extensively used to address MOPs because are able to approximate a set of non-dominated high-quality ... More
Topological Entanglement Entropy in $d$-dimensionsJul 02 2019We compute topological entanglement entropy for a large set of lattice models in $d$-dimensions. It is well known that many such quantum systems can be constructed out of lattice gauge models. For dimensionality higher than 2 there are generalizations ... More
Gevrey solutions of irregular hypergeometric systems in two variablesNov 20 2008We describe the Gevrey series solutions at singular points of the irregular hypergeometric system (GKZ system) associated with an affine plane monomial curve. We also describe the irregularity complex of such a system with respect to its singular support. ... More
All-Versus-Nothing Proof of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen SteeringApr 09 2012Jun 13 2013Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering is a form of quantum nonlocality intermediate between entanglement and Bell nonlocality. Although Schr\"odinger already mooted the idea in 1935, steering still defies a complete understanding. In analogy to "all-versus-nothing" ... More
Experimental demonstration of the connection between quantum contextuality and graph theoryJul 22 2016We report a method that exploits a connection between quantum contextuality and graph theory to reveal any form of quantum contextuality in high-precision experiments. We use this technique to identify a graph which corresponds to an extreme form of quantum ... More
Millimeter-Wave Propagation within a Computer Chip PackageJul 25 2018Wireless Network-on-Chip (WNoC) appears as a promising alternative to conventional interconnect fabrics for chip-scale communications. The WNoC paradigm has been extensively analyzed from the physical, network and architecture perspectives assuming mmWave ... More
Quantum contextuality for a relativistic spin-1/2 particleJan 26 2012Feb 15 2013The quantum predictions for a single nonrelativistic spin-1/2 particle can be reproduced by noncontextual hidden variables. Here we show that quantum contextuality for a relativistic electron moving in a Coulomb potential naturally emerges if relativistic ... More
Experimental quantum randomness generation invulnerable to the detection loopholeOct 13 2014Oct 28 2014Random numbers are essential for multiple applications, including cryptography, financial security, digital rights management and scientific simulations. However, producing random numbers from a finite state machine, such as a classical computer, is impossible. ... More
Proposal for revealing quantum nonlocality via local contextualityOct 28 2009Jun 01 2010Two distant systems can exhibit quantum nonlocality even though the correlations between them admit a local model. This nonlocality can be revealed by testing extra correlations between successive measurements on one of the systems which do not admit ... More
Bell's theorem without inequalities and without unspeakable informationSep 27 2004A proof of Bell's theorem without inequalities is presented in which distant local setups do not need to be aligned, since the required perfect correlations are achieved for any local rotation of the local setups.