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Sub-ballisticity of self-repelling polymers in Z^dJun 07 2017In this article, we prove sub-ballisticity for a class of self-repelling polymers inZ^d. Self-repelling polymers are a two-way generalization of the model of self-avoiding walks, for which the sub-ballisticity was proved by H. Duminil-Copin and A. Hammond. ... More
Multi-class classification: mirror descent approachJun 30 2016We consider the problem of multi-class classification and a stochastic opti- mization approach to it. We derive risk bounds for stochastic mirror descent algorithm and provide examples of set geometries that make the use of the algorithm efficient in ... More
A grid of upper atmosphere models for 1--40 MEARTH planets: application to CoRoT-7 b and HD219134 b,cSep 18 2018There is growing observational and theoretical evidence suggesting that atmospheric escape is a key driver of planetary evolution. Commonly, planetary evolution models employ simple analytic formulae (e.g., energy limited escape) that are often inaccurate, ... More
Overcoming the limitations of the energy-limited approximation for planet atmospheric escapeOct 16 2018Studies of planetary atmospheric composition, variability, and evolution require appropriate theoretical and numerical tools to estimate key atmospheric parameters, among which the mass-loss rate is often the most important. In evolutionary studies, it ... More
Quantitative Borell-Brascamp-Lieb inequalities for compactly supported power concave functions (and some applications)Feb 10 2015Aug 04 2015We strengthen, in two different ways, the so called Borell-Brascamp- Lieb inequality in the class of power concave functions with compact support. As examples of applications we obtain two quantitative versions of the Brunn- Minkowski inequality and of ... More
On a monotone scheme for nonconvex nonsmooth optimization with applications to fracture mechanicsApr 19 2018A general class of nonconvex optimization problems is considered, where the penalty is the composition of a linear operator with a nonsmooth nonconvex mapping, which is concave on the positive real line. The necessary optimality condition of a regularized ... More
Simple non-extensive sparsification of the hierarchical matricesMay 12 2017Apr 28 2018In this paper, we consider the matrices approximated in H2 format. The direct solution, as well as the preconditioning, of systems with such matrices is a challenging problem. We propose a non-extensive sparse factorization of the H2 matrix that allows ... More
Study of double parton scattering processes with heavy quarksNov 29 2017Study of double parton scattering processes (DPS) involving heavy quarks provides the most precise probing of factorization hypothesis for DPS for gluon-mediated processes. The measurements are performed for the different final states, including open ... More
Temporal Bibliographic NetworksMar 02 2019May 01 2019We present two ways (instantaneous and cumulative) to transform bibliographic networks, using the works' publication year, into corresponding temporal networks based on temporal quantities. We also show how to use the addition of temporal quantities to ... More
Super-Poissonian Shot Noise as a Measure of Dephasing in Closed Quantum DotsMay 18 2007Electron-electron interactions play a major role in determining the low-temperature rate of phase loss of electrons in mesoscopic systems. The study of the dephasing rate is expected to contribute to the understanding of the many-body nature of such systems. ... More
On the monotone and primal-dual active set schemes for $\ell^p$-type problems, $p \in (0,1]$Sep 19 2017Nonsmooth nonconvex optimization problems involving the $\ell^p$ quasi-norm, $p \in (0, 1]$, of a linear map are considered. A monotonically convergent scheme for a regularized version of the original problem is developed and necessary optimality conditions ... More
Active Tile Self-assembly, Self-similar Structures and RecursionNov 13 2012We present an active tile assembly model which extends Winfree's abstract tile assembly model to tiles that are capable of transmitting and receiving binding site activation signals. In addition, we introduce a mathematical framework to address self-similarity ... More
Tight Risk Bounds for Multi-Class Margin ClassifiersJul 10 2015Jul 02 2016We consider a problem of risk estimation for large-margin multi-class classifiers. We propose a novel risk bound for the multi-class classification problem. The bound involves the marginal distribution of the classifier and the Rademacher complexity of ... More
Social Network Analysis: Bibliographic Network Analysis of the Field and its Evolution / Part 1. Basic Statistics and Citation Network AnalysisDec 14 2018In this paper, we present the results of the study on the development of social network analysis (SNA) discipline and its evolution over time, using the analysis of bibliographic networks. The dataset consists of articles from the Web of Science Clarivate ... More
Distributed Control with Low-Rank CoordinationOct 03 2013Dec 29 2013A common approach to distributed control design is to impose sparsity constraints on the controller structure. Such constraints, however, may greatly complicate the control design procedure. This paper puts forward an alternative structure, which is not ... More
Second-harmonic generation in subwavelength graphene waveguidesAug 04 2014We suggest a novel approach for generating second-harmonic radiation in subwavelength graphene waveguides. We demonstrate that quadratic phase matching between the plasmonic guided modes of different symmetries can be achieved in a planar double-layer ... More
A Constraint Programming Approach for Solving a Queueing Control ProblemOct 31 2011In a facility with front room and back room operations, it is useful to switch workers between the rooms in order to cope with changing customer demand. Assuming stochastic customer arrival and service times, we seek a policy for switching workers such ... More
Multipolar nonlinear nanophotonicsSep 07 2016Nonlinear nanophotonics is a rapidly developing field with many useful applications for a design of nonlinear nanoantennas, light sources, nanolasers, sensors, and ultrafast miniature metadevices. A tight confinement of the local electromagnetic fields ... More
Imaging instantaneous electron flow with ultrafast resonant x-ray scatteringMay 27 2015We propose a novel way to image dynamical properties of nonstationary electron systems using ultrafast resonant x-ray scattering. Employing a rigorous theoretical analysis within the framework of quantum electrodynamics, we demonstrate that a single scattering ... More
Imaging interatomic electron current in crystals with ultrafast resonant x-ray scatteringNov 09 2015We demonstrate how the technique of ultrafast resonant x-ray scattering can be applied to imaging dynamics of electronic wave packets in crystals. We study scattering patterns from crystals with electron dynamics in valence bands taking into account that ... More
Preconditioners for hierarchical matrices based on their extended sparse formDec 03 2014In this paper we consider linear systems with dense-matrices which arise from numerical solution of boundary integral equations. Such matrices can be well-approximated with $\mathcal{H}^2$-matrices. We propose several new preconditioners for such matrices ... More
The Transiting Multi-planet System HD15337: Two Nearly Equal-mass Planets Straddling the Radius GapMar 13 2019May 07 2019We report the discovery of a super-Earth and a sub-Neptune transiting the star HD 15337 (TOI-402, TIC 120896927), a bright (V=9) K1 dwarf observed by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) in Sectors 3 and 4. We combine the TESS photometry with ... More
The balance of power: accretion and feedback in stellar mass black holesMay 13 2015In this review we discuss the population of stellar-mass black holes in our galaxy and beyond, which are the extreme endpoints of massive star evolution. In particular we focus on how we can attempt to balance the available accretion energy with feedback ... More
Consistency and Completeness of Rewriting in the Calculus of ConstructionsJun 10 2008Sep 15 2008Adding rewriting to a proof assistant based on the Curry-Howard isomorphism, such as Coq, may greatly improve usability of the tool. Unfortunately adding an arbitrary set of rewrite rules may render the underlying formal system undecidable and inconsistent. ... More
On the outburst evolution of H1743-322: a 2008/2009 comparisonJun 24 2010We present two observational campaigns performed with the RXTE satellite on the black hole transient H 1743-322. The source was observed in outburst on two separate occasions between October-November 2008 and May-July 2009. We have carried out timing ... More
"Compress and eliminate" solver for symmetric positive definite sparse matricesMar 30 2016Apr 10 2016We propose a new approximate factorization for solving linear systems with symmetric positive definite sparse matrices. In a nutshell the algorithm is to apply hierarchically block Gaussian elimination and additionally compress the fill-in. The systems ... More
Nonlinear generation of quantum-entangled photons from high-Q states in dielectric nanoparticlesAug 14 2018We develop multipolar theory of nonlinear generation of entangled photons from subwavelength dielectric particles due to the spontaneous parametric downconversion. We demonstrate that optical excitation in resonance with the high-quality supercavity mode ... More
Robust Kalman tracking and smoothing with propagating and non-propagating outliersApr 16 2012Nov 26 2012A common situation in filtering where classical Kalman filtering does not perform particularly well is tracking in the presence of propagating outliers. This calls for robustness understood in a distributional sense, i.e.; we enlarge the distribution ... More
Transmission conditions for thin curvilinear close to circular heat-resistant interphases in composite ceramicsNov 20 2015Apr 20 2016This paper considers the problem of heat transfer in a composite ceramic material where the structural elements are bonded to the matrix via a thin heat resistant adhesive layer. The layer has the form of a circular ring or close to it. Using an asymptotic ... More
Large deviations for some fast stochastic volatility models by viscosity methodsMay 13 2014We consider the short time behaviour of stochastic systems affected by a stochastic volatility evolving at a faster time scale. We study the asymptotics of a logarithmic functional of the process by methods of the theory of homogenisation and singular ... More
A Computational Study on Emotions and Temperament in Multi-Agent SystemsSep 27 2008Recent advances in neurosciences and psychology have provided evidence that affective phenomena pervade intelligence at many levels, being inseparable from the cognitionaction loop. Perception, attention, memory, learning, decisionmaking, adaptation, ... More
"Compress and eliminate" solver for symmetric positive definite sparse matricesMar 30 2016Nov 19 2016We propose a new approximate factorization for solving linear systems with symmetric positive definite sparse matrices. In a nutshell the algorithm is to apply hierarchically block Gaussian elimination and additionally compress the fill-in. The systems ... More
A Search for Dying Pulse Trains in Cyg X-1 using RXTEApr 15 2011Jul 08 2011Dying pulse trains (DPTs) pulses of radiation with decreasing intensity and decreasing intervals between them are predicted by General Relativity to occur from material spiraling into an event horizon after detaching from the last stable orbit in an accretion ... More
Probabilistic Matching of Planar RegionsFeb 25 2009We analyze a probabilistic algorithm for matching shapes modeled by planar regions under translations and rigid motions (rotation and translation). Given shapes $A$ and $B$, the algorithm computes a transformation $t$ such that with high probability the ... More
Imaging electron dynamics with time- and angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopyJul 05 2016We theoretically study how time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy can be applied for imaging coherent electron dynamics in molecules. We consider a process in which a pump pulse triggers coherent electronic dynamics in a molecule by creating ... More
The nature of the animacy organization in human ventral temporal cortexApr 05 2019Apr 10 2019The principles underlying the animacy organization of the ventral temporal cortex (VTC) remain hotly debated, with recent evidence pointing to an animacy continuum rather than a dichotomy. What drives this continuum? According to the visual categorization ... More
On the Szegö kernel of Cartan-Hartogs domainsOct 06 2014Inspired by the work of Z. Lu and G. Tian [21] in the compact setting, in this paper we address the problem of studying the Szeg\"o kernel of the disk bundle over a noncompact K\"ahler manifold. In particular we compute the Szeg\"o kernel of the disk ... More
Schrödinger Operators with $δ$-interactions in a Space of Vector-Valued FunctionsMar 02 2016We study spectral properties of Schr\"odinger operators with $\delta$-interactions on a semi-axis by using the theory of boundary triplets and the corresponding Weyl functions. We establish a connection between spectral properties (deficiency indices, ... More
Solvability of Hammerstein integral equations with applications to boundary value problemsJul 06 2016In this paper we present some new results regarding the solvability of nonlinear Hammerstein integral equations in a special cone of continuous functions. The proofs are based on a certain fixed point theorem of Leggett and Williams type. We give an application ... More
Quantum spin Hall effect of lightFeb 11 2015May 20 2015Maxwell's equations, formulated 150 years ago, ultimately describe properties of light, from classical electromagnetism to quantum and relativistic aspects. The latter ones result in remarkable geometric and topological phenomena related to the spin-1 ... More
H2 Optimal Coordination of Homogeneous Agents Subject to Limited Information ExchangeJan 19 2016Controllers with a diagonal-plus-low-rank structure constitute a scalable class of controllers for multi-agent systems. Previous research has shown that diagonal-plus-low-rank control laws appear as the optimal solution to a class of multi-agent H2 coordination ... More
Stochastic differential equations for Lie group valued moment mapsApr 14 2019The celebrated result by Biane-Bougerol-O'Connell relates Duistermaat-Heckman (DH) measures for coadjoint orbits of a compact Lie group $G$ with the multi-dimensional Pitman transform of the Wiener process on its Cartan subalgebra. The DH theory admits ... More
Young planets under extreme UV irradiation. I. Upper atmosphere modelling of the young exoplanet K2-33bDec 21 2017The K2-33 planetary system hosts one transiting ~5 R_E planet orbiting the young M-type host star. The planet's mass is still unknown, with an estimated upper limit of 5.4 M_J. The extreme youth of the system (<20 Myr) gives the unprecedented opportunity ... More
Study of KS semileptonic decays and CPT test with the KLOE detectorSep 03 2015Study of semileptonic decays of neutral kaons allows to perform a test of discrete symmetries, as well as basic principles of the Standard Model. In this paper a general review on dependency between charge asymmetry constructed for semileptonic decays ... More
Motion of grains in a vibrated U-tubeJan 14 2010We investigate experimentally the behavior of the rate of growth of a column of grains, in a partially filled vertically shaken U-tube. For the set of frequencies used we identify three qualitatively different behaviors for the growth rate $\gamma$ as ... More
The nature of the animacy organization in human ventral temporal cortexApr 05 2019The principles underlying the animacy organization of the ventral temporal cortex (VTC) remain hotly debated, with recent evidence pointing to an animacy continuum rather than a dichotomy. What drives this continuum? According to the visual categorization ... More
Junction conditions for finite horizon optimal control problems on multi-domains with continuous and discontinuous solutionsJul 20 2017This paper deals with junction conditions for Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman (HJB) equations for finite horizon control problems on multi-domains. We consider two different cases where the final cost is continuous or lower semi-continuous. In the continuous ... More
Solvability of Hammerstein integral equations with applications to boundary value problemsJul 06 2016Feb 04 2017In this paper we present some new results regarding the solvability of nonlinear Hammerstein integral equations in a special cone of continuous functions. The proofs are based on a certain fixed point theorem of Leggett and Williams type. We give an application ... More
L_2 Differentiability of Generalized Linear ModelsJul 22 2014Nov 24 2014We derive conditions for $L_2$ differentiability of generalized linear models with error distributions not necessarily belonging to exponential families, covering both cases of stochastic and deterministic regressors. These conditions induce smoothness ... More
Non-Standard Heavy Mesons and Baryons, an Experimental ReviewAug 14 2017Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), the generally accepted theory for the strong interactions, describes the interactions between quarks and gluons. The strongly interacting particles that are seen in nature are hadrons, which are composites of quarks and gluons. ... More
Structure of the particle population for a branching random walk with a critical reproduction lawMar 06 2019We consider a continuous-time symmetric branching random walk on the $d$-dimensional lattice, $d\ge 1$, and assume that at the initial moment there is one particle at every lattice point. Moreover, we assume that the underlying random walk has a finite ... More
The kinematics and chemical stratification of the Type Ia supernova remnant 0519-69.0Jan 07 2010May 10 2010We present an analysis of the XMM-Newton and Chandra X-ray data of the young Type Ia supernova remnant 0519-69.0 in the Large Magellanic Cloud. We used data from both the Chandra ACIS and XMM-Newton EPIC-MOS instruments, and high resolution X-ray spectra ... More
Parity anomaly laserNov 15 2018We propose a novel supersymmetry-inspired scheme for achieving disorder-robust single mode lasing in arrays of coupled microcavities, based on factorizing a given array Hamiltonian into its `supercharge' partner array. Pumping a single sublattice of the ... More
Emulating Batteries with Deferrable Energy Demand: Fundamental Trade-offs and Scheduling PoliciesNov 11 2016We investigate the ability of a homogeneous collection of deferrable energy loads to behave as a battery; that is, to absorb and release energy in a controllable fashion up to fixed and predetermined limits on volume, charge rate and discharge rate. We ... More
Battery Capacity of Deferrable Energy DemandSep 27 2016We investigate the ability of a homogeneous collection of deferrable energy loads to behave as a battery; that is, to absorb and release energy in a controllable fashion up to fixed and predetermined limits on volume, charge rate and discharge rate. We ... More
Nonvolatile Memory Cells Based on MoS2/Graphene HeterostructuresMar 20 2013Memory cells are an important building block of digital electronics. We combine here the unique electronic properties of semiconducting monolayer MoS2 with the high conductivity of graphene to build a 2D heterostructure capable of information storage. ... More
Ring Dirac Solitons in Nonlinear Topological LatticesMay 10 2018We study solitons of the two-dimensional nonlinear Dirac equation with asymmetric cubic nonlinearity. We show that, with the nonlinearity parameters specifically tuned, a high degree of localization of both spinor components is enabled on a ring of certain ... More
Parity anomaly laserNov 15 2018Feb 15 2019We propose a novel supersymmetry-inspired scheme for achieving robust single mode lasing in arrays of coupled microcavities, based on factorizing a given array Hamiltonian into its "supercharge" partner array. Pumping a single sublattice of the partner ... More
Cascaded third harmonic generation in hybrid graphene-semiconductor waveguidesJul 06 2015We study cascaded harmonic generation of hybrid surface plasmons in integrated planar waveguides composed of a graphene layer and a doped-semiconductor slab. We derive a comprehensive model of cascaded third harmonic generation through phase-matched nonlinear ... More
A Robust Preconditioner for High-Contrast ProblemsJan 04 2018A finite-element discretization of such an equation yields a linear system whose conditioning worsens as the variations in the values of PDE coefficients becomes large. This paper introduces a procedure by which the discrete system obtained from a linear ... More
Deep Inverse OptimizationDec 03 2018Given a set of observations generated by an optimization process, the goal of inverse optimization is to determine likely parameters of that process. We cast inverse optimization as a form of deep learning. Our method, called deep inverse optimization, ... More
A trip to the end of the universe and the twin paradoxDec 13 2006In principle, the twin paradox offers the possibility to go on a trip to the center of our galaxy or even to the end of our universe within life time. In order to be a most comfortable journey the voyaging twin accelerates with Earth's gravity. We developed ... More
"Compress and eliminate" solver for symmetric positive definite sparse matricesMar 30 2016May 05 2018We propose a new approximate factorization for solving linear systems with symmetric positive definite sparse matrices. In a nutshell the algorithm is to apply hierarchically block Gaussian elimination and additionally compress the fill-in. The systems ... More
Intersubband plasmon excitations in doped carbon nanotubesNov 28 2018Feb 07 2019We theoretically investigate intersubband plasmon excitations in doped single wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) by examining the dependence of plasmon frequency on the nanotube diameter, chirality, and Fermi energy. The intersubband plasmons can be excited ... More
An Extended Neo-Fuzzy Neuron and its Adaptive Learning AlgorithmOct 20 2016A modification of the neo-fuzzy neuron is proposed (an extended neo-fuzzy neuron (ENFN)) that is characterized by improved approximating properties. An adaptive learning algorithm is proposed that has both tracking and smoothing properties. An ENFN distinctive ... More
Theory of x-ray scattering from laser-driven electronic systemsNov 06 2018We describe, within the framework of quantum electrodynamics, an interaction between a non-resonant hard x-ray pulse and an electronic system in the presence of a temporally periodic laser field driving electron dynamics in this system. We apply Floquet ... More
Constant spacing in filament bundlesFeb 17 2019Assemblies of filaments appear in a wide range of systems: from biopolymer bundles, columnar liquid crystals, and superconductor vortex arrays; to familiar macroscopic materials, like ropes, cables and textiles. Interactions between the constituent filaments ... More
Topological edge states and gap solitons in the nonlinear Dirac modelApr 16 2019Topological photonics has emerged recently as a novel approach for realizing robust optical circuitry, and the study of nonlinear effects in topological photonics is expected to open the door for tunability of photonic structures with topological properties. ... More
Effect of stellar wind induced magnetic fields on planetary obstacles of non-magnetized hot JupitersAug 04 2017We investigate the interaction between the magnetized stellar wind plasma and the partially ionized hydrodynamic hydrogen outflow from the escaping upper atmosphere of non- or weakly magnetized hot Jupiters. We use the well-studied hot Jupiter HD 209458b ... More
Aeronomical constraints to the minimum mass and maximum radius of hot low-mass planetsDec 16 2016Stimulated by the discovery of a number of close-in low-density planets, we generalise the Jeans escape parameter taking hydrodynamic and Roche lobe effects into account. We furthermore define $\Lambda$ as the value of the Jeans escape parameter calculated ... More
Modeling the Ly$α$ transit absorption of the hot Jupiter HD 189733bMar 26 2019Hydrogen-dominated atmospheres of hot exoplanets expand and escape hydrodynamically due to the intense heating by the X-ray and extreme ultraviolet (XUV) irradiation of their host stars. Excess absorption of neutral hydrogen has been observed in the Ly$\alpha$ ... More
The "K-Correction" for Irradiated Emission Lines in LMXBs: Evidence for a Massive Neutron Star in X1822-371 (V691 CrA)Aug 25 2005We study the K-correction for the case of emission lines formed in the X-ray illuminated atmosphere of a Roche lobe filling star. We compute the K-correction as function of the mass ratio 'q' and the disc flaring angle 'alpha' using a compact binary code ... More
The faint 2011 outburst of the black hole X-ray binary candidate MAXI J1543-564Jan 27 2012We report on a spectral-timing analysis of the black hole X-ray binary candidate MAXI J1543- 564 during its 2011 outburst. All 99 pointed observations of this outburst obtained with the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) were included in our study. We ... More
The black hole candidate MAXI J1659-152: spectral and timing analysis during its 2010 outburstMar 11 2011We present a comprehensive spectral-timing study of the black hole candidate MAXI J1659-152 during its 2010 outburst. We analysed 65 RXTE observations taken along this period and computed the fundamental diagrams commonly used to study black hole transients. ... More
Spectral properties of transitions between soft and hard state in GX 339-4Aug 10 2011We present a study of the spectral properties during state transition of GX 339-4. Data are taken from the 2010 outburst of GX 339-4, which is densely covered by Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer, providing an excellent coverage of the state transitions between ... More
Tracing the reverberation lag in the hard state of black hole X-ray binariesOct 09 2015We report results obtained from a systematic analysis of X-ray lags in a sample of black hole X-ray binaries, with the aim of assessing the presence of reverberation lags and studying their evolution during outburst. We used XMM-Newton and simultaneous ... More
Using Capacitance Methods for Interface Trap Level Density Extraction in Graphene Field-Effect DevicesOct 24 2011Feb 02 2012Methods of extraction of interface trap level density in graphene field-effect devices from the capacitance-voltage measurements are described and discussed. Interrelation with the graphene Fermi velocity extraction is shown. Similarities and differences ... More
MoS2 Transistors Operating at Gigahertz FrequenciesSep 23 2014The presence of a direct band gap and an ultrathin form factor has caused a considerable interest in two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors from the transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD) family with molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) being the most studied representative ... More
High-frequency, scaled MoS2 transistorsSep 02 2016The interest in MoS2 for radio-frequency (RF) application has recently increased. However, little is known on the scaling behavior of transistors made from MoS2 for RF applications, which is important for establishing performance limits for electronic ... More
Tracing cultural diachronic semantic shifts in Russian using word embeddings: test sets and baselinesMay 16 2019The paper introduces manually annotated test sets for the task of tracing diachronic (temporal) semantic shifts in Russian. The two test sets are complementary in that the first one covers comparatively strong semantic changes occurring to nouns and adjectives ... More
Robust preparation and manipulation of protected qubits using time--varying HamiltoniansJun 20 2011We show that it is possible to initialize and manipulate in a deterministic manner protected qubits using time varying Hamiltonians. Taking advantage of the symmetries of the system, we predict the effect of the noise during the initialization and manipulation. ... More
Average Weights and Power in Weighted Voting GamesMay 10 2019We investigate a class of weighted voting games for which weights are randomly distributed over the unit simplex. We provide close-formed formulae for the expectation and density of the distribution of weight of the $k$-th largest player under the uniform ... More
The featureless and non-variable optical spectral energy distribution of AXP 4U 0142+61Feb 10 2016We present GTC-10.4m spectroscopy and multi-band photometry of the faint (r ~26) optical counterpart of the anomalous X-ray pulsar 4U 0142+61. The 5000 - 9000 Angs spectrum -- the first obtained for a magnetar -- is featureless, allowing us to set an ... More
A connection between accretion state and $\textit{Fe K absorption}$ in an accreting neutron star: black hole-like soft state winds?Jul 16 2014High resolution X-ray spectra of accreting stellar mass Black Holes reveal the presence of accretion disc winds, traced by high ionisation Fe K lines. These winds appear to have an equatorial geometry and to be observed only during disc dominated states ... More
The evolution of the disc variability along the hard state of the black hole transient GX 339-4Aug 31 2015We report on the analysis of hard-state power spectral density function (PSD) of GX 339-4 down to the soft X-ray band, where the disc significantly contributes to the total emission. At any luminosity probed, the disc in the hard state is intrinsically ... More
Multilayer graphene waveguidesFeb 26 2014We study dispersion properties of TM-polarized electromagnetic waves guided by a multilayer graphene metamaterial. We demonstrate that both dispersion and localization of the guided modes can be efficiently controlled by changing the number of layers ... More
Inverse Optimization: Closed-form Solutions, Geometry and Goodness of fitNov 15 2015Jun 22 2017In classical inverse linear optimization, one assumes a given solution is a candidate to be optimal. Real data is imperfect and noisy, so there is no guarantee this assumption is satisfied. Inspired by regression, this paper presents a unified framework ... More
The low-luminosity accretion disc wind of the black hole transient V4641 SagittariiJun 28 2018We present an optical spectroscopic study of the black hole X-ray transient V4641 Sgr (=SAX J1819.3-2525) covering the 1999, 2002 and 2004 outbursts. The spectra were taken over 22 different epochs during the low luminosity phases that follow the sharp ... More
Measurement of the ratio of branching fractions $\frac{\mathcal{BR}(B^0\to K^*γ)}{\mathcal{BR}(B_s^0\toφγ)}$Feb 02 2012The interest to the rare radiative decays of the B-mesons at LHCb is mostly aroused due to the measurement of the photon polarization in the $B_s^0\to\phi\gamma$ decay, which may provide a sensitive probe for the Standard Model. The LHCb experiment has ... More
Multimodal Clustering for Community DetectionFeb 27 2017Multimodal clustering is an unsupervised technique for mining interesting patterns in $n$-adic binary relations or $n$-mode networks. Among different types of such generalized patterns one can find biclusters and formal concepts (maximal bicliques) for ... More
Second-harmonic generation in Mie-resonant dielectric nanoparticles made of noncentrosymmetric materialsSep 17 2018Jan 25 2019We develop a multipolar theory of second-harmonic generation (SHG) by dielectric nanoparticles made of noncentrosymmetric materials with bulk quadratic nonlinearity. We specifically analyze two regimes of optical excitation: illumination by a plane wave ... More
Rapid Data Search using Adiabatic Quantum ComputationAug 15 2002We show that by a suitable choice of time-dependent Hamiltonian, the search for a marked item in an unstructured database can be achieved in unit time, using Adiabatic Quantum Computation. This is a considerable improvement over the O(sqrt(N)) time required ... More
Fast variability as a tracer of accretion regimes in black hole transientsAug 03 2010We present the rms-intensity diagram for black hole transients. Using observations taken with the Rossi X-ray timing explorer we study the relation between the root mean square (rms) amplitude of the variability and the net count-rate during the 2002, ... More
Black hole transientsSep 15 2011Sep 18 2011Sixteen years of observations of black hole transients with the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer, complemented by other X-ray observatories and ground-based optical/infrared/radio telescopes have given us a clear view of the complex phenomenology associated ... More
A Multidimensional Cascade Neuro-Fuzzy System with Neuron Pool Optimization in Each CascadeOct 20 2016A new architecture and learning algorithms for the multidimensional hybrid cascade neural network with neuron pool optimization in each cascade are proposed in this paper. The proposed system differs from the well-known cascade systems in its capability ... More
Goodness of Fit in Inverse OptimizaitonNov 15 2015The classical inverse optimization methodology for linear optimization assumes a given solution is a candidate to be optimal. Real data, however, is imperfect and noisy: there is no guarantee that a given solution is optimal for any cost vector. Inspired ... More
Proximity effect in atomic-scaled hybrid superconductor/ferromagnet structures: crucial role of electron spectraMay 26 2009We study the influence of the configuration of the majority and minority spin subbands of electron spectra on the properties of atomic-scaled superconductor-ferromagnet S-F-S and F-S-F hybrid structures. At low temperatures, the S/F/S junction is either ... More
Optical anapoles in nanophotonics and meta-opticsOct 05 2018Interference of electromagnetic modes supported by subwavelength photonic structures is one of the key concepts that underpins the subwavelength control of light in meta-optics. It drives the whole realm of all-dielectric Mie-resonant nanophotonics with ... More
How marketing vocabulary was evolving from 2005 to 2014? An illustrative application of statistical methods on text miningFeb 05 2016Here a collection of 1169 abstracts, which corresponds to articles that the Journal of Marketing Research has published from 2005 to 2014, are analysed under a novel approach. We apply several statistical methods, such as Principal Components Analysis ... More
Multiple Observations and Goodness of Fit in Generalized Inverse OptimizationApr 12 2018This paper develops a generalized inverse linear optimization framework for imputing objective function parameters given a data set containing both feasible and infeasible points. We devise assumption-free, exact solution methods to solve the inverse ... More