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Learning binary undirected graph in low dimensional regimeJul 25 2019Given a random sample extracted from a Multivariate Bernoulli Variable (MBV), we consider the problem of estimating the structure of the undirected graph for which the distribution is pairwise Markov and the parameters' vector of its exponential form. ... More
A global approach for learning sparse Ising modelsJun 26 2019We consider the problem of learning the link parameters as well as the structure of a binary-valued pairwise Markov model. We propose a method based on $l_1$- regularized logistic regression, which estimate globally the whole set of edges and link parameters. ... More
De-noising procedures for frame operatorsJan 16 2013The present paper provides a comprehensive study of de-noising properties of frames and, in particular, tight frames, which constitute one of the most popular tools in contemporary signal processing. The objective of the paper is to bridge the existing ... More
Estimation of delta-contaminated density of the random intensity of Poisson dataSep 01 2015In the present paper, we constructed an estimator of a delta contaminated mixing density function $g(\lambda)$ of the intensity $\lambda$ of the Poisson distribution. The estimator is based on an expansion of the continuous portion $g_0(\lambda)$ of the ... More
Learning Gaussian Graphical Models by symmetric parallel regression techniqueFeb 08 2019In this contribution we deal with the problem of learning an undirected graph which encodes the conditional dependence relationship between variables of a complex system, given a set of observations of this system. This is a very central problem of modern ... More
Simultaneous nonparametric regression in RADWT dictionariesFeb 08 2019A new technique for nonparametric regression of multichannel signals is presented. The technique is based on the use of the Rational-Dilation Wavelet Transform (RADWT), equipped with a tunable Q-factor able to provide sparse representations of functions ... More
Solution of linear ill-posed problems by model selection and aggregationOct 30 2017We consider a general statistical linear inverse problem, where the solution is represented via a known (possibly overcomplete) dictionary that allows its sparse representation. We propose two different approaches. A model selection estimator selects ... More
Dispersive to non-dispersive transition and phase velocity transient for linear waves in plane wake and channel flowsApr 21 2015Feb 12 2016In this study we analyze the phase and group velocity of three-dimensional linear traveling waves in two sheared flows, the plane channel and the wake flows. This was carried out by varying the wave number over a large interval of values at a given Reynolds ... More
Global well-posedness and polynomial bounds for the defocusing $L^{2}$-critical nonlinear Schrödinger equation in $\R$Feb 23 2007Mar 13 2007We prove global well-posedness for low regularity data for the one dimensional quintic defocusing nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation. Precisely we show that a unique and global solution exists for initial data in the Sobolev space $H^{s}(\mathbb R)$ for ... More
Extracting relevant structures from self-determination theory questionnaires via Information Bottleneck methodJun 04 2018In this paper, we introduce the application of Information Bottleneck as a method to investigate properties of questionnaires developed for the study of motivational profiles based on self-determination theory. Founded on information theory, the Information ... More
Time-Varying Extreme Value Dependence with Application to Leading European Stock MarketsSep 05 2017Extremal dependence between international stock markets is of particular interest in today's global financial landscape. However, previous studies have shown this dependence is not necessarily stationary over time. We concern ourselves with modeling extreme ... More
Review of methods for assessing the causal effect of binary interventions from aggregate time-series observational dataApr 20 2018Researchers are often interested in assessing the impact of an intervention on an outcome of interest in situations where the intervention is non-randomised, information is available at an aggregate level, the intervention is only applied to one or few ... More
Graph homomorphisms and components of quotient graphsMay 11 2016Jul 21 2016We study how the number $c(X)$ of components of a graph $X$ can be expressed through the number and properties of the components of a quotient graph $X/\sim.$ We partially rely on classic qualifications of graph homomorphisms such as locally constrained ... More
A Characterization Theorem for Local Operators in Factorizing Scattering ModelsNov 15 2012In quantum field theory, the rigorous construction of local observables in the presence of nontrivial interaction is a crucial problem. In a class of integrable quantum field theories, a very abstract existence proof has recently been given by Lechner. ... More
Coverings of the Symmetric and Alternating GroupsSep 20 2010We analyse for which $n$ there exist in $G=A_n,S_n$ two proper subgroups $H,K$ such that $G$ is the union of the $G$-conjugacy classes of $H$ and $K$.
Psychometric properties of an instrument to investigate the motivation of visitors to a science museum: The combination of methodsSep 21 2018Sep 24 2018The visit to a science museum may be manifested through complex and dynamic motivations which, according to the literature, are under-investigated in a Brazilian context. In the present study, an instrument originally developed by Delgado in 2008 ( ... More
Quantum backflow in scattering situationsOct 11 2017Dec 11 2017Measurable quantities that have positive values in classical dynamical systems need not to be positive in quantum theory. For example, consider a free quantum mechanical particle in one dimension. There are quantum states in which the particle's velocity ... More
Agito ergo sum: correlates of spatiotemporal motion characteristics during fMRIJun 15 2019The impact of in-scanner motion on functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data has a notorious reputation in the neuroimaging community. State-ofthe-art guidelines advise to scrub out excessively corrupted frames as assessed by a composite framewise ... More
Towards an explicit construction of local observables in integrable quantum field theoriesJun 01 2018Mar 28 2019We present a new viewpoint on the construction of pointlike local fields in integrable models of quantum field theory. Rather than exhibiting their $n$-point functions and verifying the Wightman axioms, we aim to establish them as closed operators affiliated ... More
Automata Minimization: a Functorial ApproachDec 19 2017In this paper we regard languages and their acceptors - such as deterministic or weighted automata, transducers, or monoids - as functors from input categories that specify the type of the languages and of the machines to categories that specify the type ... More
Rumor processes in random environment on N and on Galton-Watson treesMay 29 2013The aim of this paper is to study rumor processes in random environment. In a rumor process a signal starts from the stations of a fixed vertex (the root) and travels on a graph from vertex to vertex. We consider two rumor processes. In the firework process ... More
Improved Method for Searching of Interleavers Using Garello's MethodMar 07 2012In this paper an improved method for searching good interleavers from a certain set is proposed. The first few terms, corresponding to maximum distance of approximately 40 of the distance spectra, for turbo codes using these interleavers are determined ... More
An operator expansion for integrable quantum field theoriesAug 23 2012Apr 29 2013A large class of quantum field theories on 1+1 dimensional Minkowski space, namely, certain integrable models, has recently been constructed rigorously by Lechner. However, the construction is very abstract and the concrete form of local observables in ... More
Normal coverings of finite symmetric and alternating groupsNov 19 2010In this paper we investigate the minimum number of maximal subgroups H_i for i=1 ...k of the symmetric group S_n (or the alternating group A_n) such that each element in the group S_n (respectively A_n) lies in some conjugate of one of the H_i. We prove ... More
Gaussian approximation for functionals of Gibbs particle processesJul 21 2017Jan 25 2018In the paper asymptotic properties of functionals of stationary Gibbs particle processes are derived. Two known techniques from the point process theory in the Euclidean space R^d are extended to the space of compact sets on R^d equipped by the Hausdorff ... More
Group Actions on Riemann-Roch SpaceApr 04 2019Let $ \; G \; $ be a group acting on a compact Riemann surface $ \; {\mathcal X} \; $ and $ \; D \; $ be a $ \; G$-invariant divisor on $\; {\mathcal X}. \; $ The action of $ \; G \; $ on $ \; {\mathcal X} \; $ induces a linear representation $ \; L_G(D) ... More
Automata Minimization: a Functorial ApproachNov 08 2017In this paper we regard languages and their acceptors -- such as deterministic or weighted automata, transducers, or monoids -- as functors from input categories that specify the type of the languages and of the machines to categories that specify the ... More
Lamb shift in hydrogen-like muonic atoms to test fractal extra dimensionsMar 02 2019From the comparison between the experimental and theoretical results for the energy difference between 2s1/2 and 2p1/2 states in hydrogen and hydrogen-like ions with different values of Z, we estimate bounds for the presence of an extra fractional dimension. ... More
Multi-electron dynamics in the tunnel ionization of correlated quantum systemsJun 11 2015The importance of multi-electron dynamics during the tunnel ionization of a correlated quantum system is investigated. By comparison of the solution of the time-dependent Schr\"odinger equation (TDSE) with the time-dependent configuration interaction ... More
Cohomology rings and formality properties of nilpotent groupsJan 31 2008We introduce partial formality and relate resonance with partial formality properties. For instance, we show that for finitely generated nilpotent groups that are k-formal, the resonance varieties are trivial up to degree k. We also show that the cohomology ... More
Exact Spike Train Inference Via $\ell_0$ OptimizationMar 25 2017Nov 12 2017In recent years, new technologies in neuroscience have made it possible to measure the activities of large numbers of neurons simultaneously in behaving animals. For each neuron, a fluorescence trace is measured; this can be seen as a first-order approximation ... More
Comparing fat graph models of moduli spaceAug 14 2015Godin introduced the categories of open closed fat graphs $Fat^{oc}$ and admissible fat graphs $Fat^{ad}$ as models of the mapping class group of open closed cobordism. We use the contractibility of the arc complex to give a new proof of Godin's result ... More
Time-dependent focusing Mean-Field Games: the sub-critical caseApr 13 2017We consider time-dependent viscous Mean-Field Games systems in the case of local, decreasing and unbounded coupling. These systems arise in mean-field game theory, and describe Nash equilibria of games with a large number of agents aiming at aggregation. ... More
Free boundary regularity for a problem with right hand sideDec 10 2009We consider a one-phase free boundary problem with variable coefficients and non-zero right hand side. We prove that flat free boundaries are $C^{1,\alpha}$ using a different approach than the classical supconvolution method of Caffarelli. We use this ... More
Comparing combinatorial models of moduli space and their compactificationsJun 08 2015Sep 25 2015In this paper we compare two combinatorial models for the moduli space of two-dimensional cobordisms: B\"odigheimer's radial slit configurations and Godin's admissible fat graphs, producing an explicit homotopy equivalence using a "critical graph" map. ... More
Infinite primitive and distance transitive directed graphs of finite out-valencyMay 12 2014We give certain properties which are satisfied by the descendant set of a vertex in an infinite, primitive, distance transitive digraph of finite out-valency and provide a strong structure theory for digraphs satisfying these properties. In particular, ... More
Existence and regularity of monotone solutions to a free boundary problemJan 15 2007We investigate existence and regularity properties of one-phase free boundary graphs, in connection with the question of whether there exists a complete non-planar free boundary graph in high dimensions.
Bernstein-type techniques for 2D free boundary graphsDec 15 2006We prove an a-priori bound for the Lipschitz constant of a smooth one-phase free boundary graph F(u) in two dimensions. The function u satisfies a fully nonlinear elliptic equation in its positive side, and the gradient of u is equal to 1 on F(u).
Vector bundles on projective varieties and representations of quiversSep 15 2015We present equivalences between certain categories of vector bundles on projective varieties, namely cokernel bundles, Steiner bundles, syzygy bundles, and monads, and full subcategories of representations of certain quivers. As an application, we provide ... More
Simplicity and exceptionality of syzygy bundles over P^nJun 26 2013In this work we will prove results that ensure the simplicity and the exceptionality of vector bundles which are defined by the splitting of pure resolutions. We will call such objects syzygy bundles.
Almost minimizers of the one-phase free boundary problemJan 07 2019We consider almost minimizers to the one-phase energy functional and we prove their optimal Lipschitz regularity and partial regularity of their free boundary. These results were recently obtained by David and Toro, and David, Engelstein, and Toro. Our ... More
Thin One-Phase almost minimizersDec 07 2018We consider almost minimizers to the thin-one phase energy functional and we prove optimal regularity of the solution and partial regularity of the free boundary. We thus recover the theory for energy minimizers. Our methods are based on a noninfinitesimal ... More
Segregated configurations involving the square root of the laplacian and their free boundariesOct 03 2018Nov 30 2018We study the local structure and the regularity of free boundaries of segregated critical configurations involving the square root of the laplacian. We develop an improvement of flatness theory and, as a consequence of this and Almgren's monotonicity ... More
Lipschitz regularity of solutions to two-phase free boundary problemsFeb 09 2017We prove Lipschitz continuity of viscosity solutions to a class of two-phase free boundary problems governed by fully nonlinear operators.
Quasi-Harnack inequalityMar 27 2018In this paper we obtain some extensions of the classical Krylov-Safonov Harnack inequality. The novelty is that we consider functions that do not necessarily satisfy an infinitesimal equation but rather exhibit a two-scale behavior. We require that at ... More
Global solutions to nonlinear two-phase free boundary problemsJun 23 2017We classify global Lipschitz solutions to two-phase free boundary problems governed by concave fully nonlinear equations, as either two-plane solutions or solutions to a one-phase problem.
Development of a SiPM Cherenkov camera demonstrator for the CTA observatory telescopesDec 24 2016The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) Consortium is developing the new generation of ground observatories for the detection of ultra-high energy gamma-rays. The Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) is participating to the R&D of a possible solution ... More
VHE observations of binary systems performed with the MAGIC telescopesJul 25 2018The improvement on the Imaging Air Cherenkov Technique (IACT) led to the discovery of a new type of sources that can emit at very high energies: the gamma-ray binaries. Only six systems are part of this exclusive class. We summarize the latest results ... More
Boundary Harnack estimates in slit domains and applications to thin free boundary problemsJun 23 2014We provide a higher order boundary Harnack inequality for harmonic functions in slit domains. As a corollary we obtain the $C^\infty$ regularity of the free boundary in the Signorini problem near non-degenerate points.
Regularity of Lipschitz free boundaries for the thin one-phase problemMay 08 2012We study regularity properties of the free boundary for the thin one-phase problem which consists of minimizing the energy functional $$\label{E} E(u,\Omega) = \int_\Omega |\nabla u|^2 dX + \mathcal{H}^n(\{u>0\} \cap \{x_{n+1} = 0\}), \quad \Omega \subset ... More
$C^{\infty}$ regularity of certain thin free boundariesFeb 05 2014We continue our study of the free boundary regularity in the thin one-phase problem and show that $C^{2,\alpha}$ free boundaries are smooth.
C^{2,α}$ regularity of flat free boundaries for the thin one-phase problemNov 10 2011We prove $C^{2,\alpha}$ regularity of sufficiently flat free boundaries, for the thin one-phase problem in which the free boundary occurs on a lower dimensional subspace. This problem appears also as a model of a one-phase free boundary problem in the ... More
A gradient bound for free boundary graphsSep 23 2010We prove an analogue for a one-phase free boundary problem of the classical gradient bound for solutions to the minimal surface equation. It follows, in particular, that every energy-minimizing free boundary that is a graph is also smooth. The method ... More
Increasing the Reusability of Enforcers with Lifecycle EventsOct 11 2018Runtime enforcement can be effectively used to improve the reliability of software applications. However, it often requires the definition of ad hoc policies and enforcement strategies, which might be expensive to identify and implement. This paper discusses ... More
BDCI: Behavioral Driven Conflict IdentificationAug 04 2017Source Code Management (SCM) systems support software evolution by providing features, such as version control, branching, and conflict detection. Despite the presence of these features, support to parallel software development is often limited. SCM systems ... More
Bounded Connectivity-Preserving Coordination of Networked Euler-Lagrange SystemsApr 01 2018This paper derives sufficient conditions for bounded distributed connectivity-preserving coordination of Euler-Lagrange systems with only position measurements and with system uncertainties, respectively. The paper proposes two strategies that suitably ... More
Local and global survival for nonhomogeneous random walk systems on ZJan 16 2012Dec 19 2012We study an interacting random walk system on Z where at time 0 there is an active particle at 0 and one inactive particle on each site $n \ge 1$. Particles become active when hit by another active particle. Once activated, the particle starting at n ... More
Quantum Energy Inequality for the Massive Ising ModelApr 29 2013Aug 12 2015A Quantum Energy Inequality (QEI) is derived for the massive Ising model, giving a state-independent lower bound on suitable averages of the energy density; the first QEI to be established for an interacting quantum field theory with nontrivial S-matrix. ... More
Effect fusion using model-based clusteringMar 22 2017In social and economic studies many of the collected variables are measured on a nominal scale, often with a large number of categories. The definition of categories is usually not unambiguous and different classification schemes using either a finer ... More
Wavelet transform on the torus: a group theoretical approachOct 31 2013We construct a Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT) on the torus $\mathbb T^2$ following a group-theoretical approach based on the conformal group $SO(2,2)$. The Euclidean limit reproduces wavelets on the plane $\mathbb R^2$ with two dilations, which can ... More
Normal coverings and pairwise generation of finite alternating and symmetric groupsNov 12 2012Jan 29 2013The normal covering number $\gamma(G)$ of a finite, non-cyclic group $G$ is the least number of proper subgroups such that each element of $G$ lies in some conjugate of one of these subgroups. We prove that there is a positive constant $c$ such that, ... More
Connectivity-Preserving Swarm Teleoperation Over A Tree Network With Time-Varying DelaysJul 16 2019A teleoperated swarm must follow the unpredictable commands of its human operator while remaining connected. When the swarm communications are limited by distance and affected by delays, both the user input and the transmission delays endanger the connectivity ... More
Affine Killing vector fields on homogeneous surfaces with torsionJun 04 2019Many extensions of General Relativity are based on considering metric and affine structures as independent properties of spacetime. This leads to the possibility of introducing torsion as an independent degree of freedom. In this article we examine the ... More
Quantum backflow and scatteringMar 14 2017Jul 21 2017Backflow is the phenomenon that the probability current of a quantum particle on the line can flow in the direction opposite to its momentum. In this article, previous investigations of backflow, pertaining to interaction-free dynamics or purely kinematical ... More
On the homotopy type of the space of Sullivan diagramsMay 21 2017We study the homotopy type of the harmonic compactification of the moduli space of a 2-cobordism S with one outgoing boundary component, or equivalently of the space of Sullivan diagrams of type S on one circle. Our results are of two types: vanishing ... More
Are Clusterings of Multiple Data Views Independent?Jan 12 2019In the Pioneer 100 (P100) Wellness Project (Price and others, 2017), multiple types of data are collected on a single set of healthy participants at multiple timepoints in order to characterize and optimize wellness. One way to do this is to identify ... More
Connectivity-Preserving Consensus of Multi-Agent Systems with Bounded ActuationMar 25 2018This paper investigates the impact of bounded actuation on the connectivity-preserving consensus of two classes of multi-agent systems, with kinematic agents and with Euler- Lagrange agents. The investigation establishes that: (1) there exists a class ... More
Connectivity-Preserving Coordination Control of Multi-Agent Systems with Time-Varying DelaysMar 21 2018This paper presents a distributed position synchronization strategy that also preserves the initial communication links for single-integrator multi-agent systems with time-varying delays. The strategy employs a coordinating proportional control derived ... More
Globally Stable Output Feedback Synchronization of Teleoperation with Time-Varying DelaysMar 21 2018This paper presents a globally stable teleoperation control strategy for systems with time-varying delays that eliminates the need for velocity measurements through novel augmented Immersion and Invariance velocity observers. The new observers simplify ... More
Interpolation methods to compute statistics of a stochastic partial differential equationSep 16 2013This paper considers the analysis of partial differential equations (PDE) containing multiple random variables. Recently developed collocation methods enable the construction of high-order stochastic solutions by converting a stochastic PDE into a system ... More
On the Capacity Region of the Layered Packet Erasure Broadcast Channel with FeedbackJan 07 2019In this paper, the capacity region of the Layered Packet Erasure Broadcast Channel (LPE-BC) with Channel Output Feedback (COF) available at the transmitter is investigated. The LPE-BC is a high-SNR approximation of the fading Gaussian BC recently proposed ... More
A note on higher regularity boundary Harnack inequalityMar 11 2014We show that the quotient of two positive harmonic functions vanishing on the boundary of a $C^{k,\alpha}$ domain is of class $C^{k,\alpha}$ up to the boundary.
Star Formation in NGC 5194 (M51a). II. The Spatially-Resolved Star Formation LawAug 07 2007We have studied the relationship between the star formation rate (SFR) surface density and gas surface density in the spiral galaxy M51a (NGC 5194), using multi-wavelength data obtained as part of the Spitzer Infrared Nearby Galaxies Survey (SINGS). We ... More
A fully nonlinear problem with free boundary in the planeNov 10 2008We prove that bounded solutions to an overdetermined fully nonlinear free boundary problem in the plane are one dimensional. Our proof relies on maximum principle techniques and convexity arguments.
Minimizers of Convex Functionals Arising in Random SurfacesSep 22 2008We investigate regularity of minimizers in two dimensions for certain classes of non-smooth convex functionals. In particular our results apply to the surface tensions that appear in recent works on random surfaces and random tilings of Kenyon, Okounkov ... More
Low regularity solutions for a 2D quadratic non-linear Schrödinger equationSep 08 2006We establish that the initial value problem for the quadratic non-linear Schr\"odinger equation $$ iu_t - \Delta u = u^2$$ where $u: \R^2 \times \R \to \C$, is locally well-posed in $H^s(\R^2)$ when $s > -1$. The critical exponent for this problem is ... More
Chebyshev-Grüss-type inequalities via discrete oscillationsJan 30 2014The classical form of Gr\"uss' inequality, first published by G. Gr\"{u}ss in 1935, gives an estimate of the difference between the integral of the product and the product of the integrals of two functions. In the subsequent years, many variants of this ... More
An Application of ASP Theories of Intentions to Understanding Restaurant Scenarios: Insights and Narrative CorpusSep 30 2018This paper presents a practical application of Answer Set Programming to the understanding of narratives about restaurants. While this task was investigated in depth by Erik Mueller, exceptional scenarios remained a serious challenge for his script-based ... More
Robust estimators in a generalized partly linear regression model under monotony constraintsFeb 22 2018Nov 29 2018In this paper, we consider the situation in which the observations follow an isotonic generalized partly linear model. Under this model, the mean of the responses is modelled, through a link function, linearly on some covariates and nonparametrically ... More
Linear bounds for the normal covering number of the symmetric and alternating groupsMar 12 2019The normal covering number $\gamma(G)$ of a finite, non-cyclic group $G$ is the minimum number of proper subgroups such that each element of $G$ lies in some conjugate of one of these subgroups. We find lower bounds linear in $n$ for $\gamma(S_n)$, when ... More
A simple electronic device to experiment with the Hopf bifurcationJan 26 2019We present a simple low-cost electronic circuit that is able to show two different dynamical regimens with oscillations of voltages and with constant values of them. This device is designed as a negative feedback three-node network inspired in the genetic ... More
Exceptionally strong correlation-driven charge migration and attosecond transient absorption spectroscopyMay 22 2016We investigate theoretically charge migration following prompt double ionization of a polyatomic molecule (C$_2$H$_4$BrI) and find that for double ionization, correlation-driven charge migration appears to be particularly prominent, i.e., we observe exceptionally ... More
Algebraic and Topological Results on Lifting Properties in Residuated LatticesMar 19 2014We define lifting properties for universal algebras, which we study in this general context and then particularize to various such properties in certain classes of algebras. Next we focus on residuated lattices, in which we investigate lifting properties ... More
Partially linear models on Riemannian manifoldsMar 08 2010In partially linear models the dependence of the response y on (x^T,t) is modeled through the relationship y=\x^T \beta+g(t)+\epsilon where \epsilon is independent of (x^T,t). In this paper, estimators of \beta and g are constructed when the explanatory ... More
Dynamic Interconnection and Damping Injection for Input-to-State Stable Bilateral TeleoperationFeb 14 2019In bilateral teleoperation, the human who operates the master and the environment which interacts with the slave are part of the force feedback loop. Yet, both have time-varying and unpredictable dynamics and are challenging to model. A conventional strategy ... More
Tail behavior of dependent V-statistics and its applicationsFeb 07 2019We establish exponential inequalities and Cramer-type moderate deviation theorems for a class of V-statistics under strong mixing conditions. Our theory is developed via kernel expansion based on random Fourier features. This type of expansion is new ... More
Connectivity-Preserving Swarm Teleoperation With A Tree NetworkOct 18 2018Feb 26 2019During swarm teleoperation, the human operator may threaten the distance-dependent inter-robot communications and, with them, the connectivity of the slave swarm. To prevent the harmful component of the human command from disconnecting the swarm network, ... More
On the Capacity of the Slotted Strongly Asynchronous Channel with a Bursty UserJan 30 2017Jul 26 2018In this paper, the trade-off between the number of transmissions (or burstiness) $K_n=e^{n\nu}$ of a user, the asynchronism level $A_n=e^{n\alpha}$ in a slotted strongly asynchronous channel, and the ability to distinguish $M_n=e^{nR}$ messages per transmission ... More
An algorithm to estimate the vertices of a tetrahedron from uniform random points insideAug 30 2016Aug 18 2017In this paper, we give an algorithm to infer the positions of the vertices of an unknown tetrahedron, given a sample of points which are uniformly distributed within the tetrahedron. The accuracy of the algorithm is demonstrated using some numerical experiments. ... More
The orthogonal gamma-ray burst modelOct 18 2013Nov 19 2013We explore the analogy between a rotating magnetized black hole and an axisymmetric pulsar and derive its electromagnetic spindown after its formation in the core collapse of a supermassive star. The spindown shows two characteristic phases, an early ... More
On some graphs associated with the finite alternating groupsDec 23 2014Jul 21 2016Let $P_0(A_n), \widetilde{P}_0(A_n), P_0(\mathcal{T}(A_n))$ and $\mathcal{O}_0(A_n)$ be respectively the proper power graph, the proper quotient power graph, the proper power type graph and the proper order graph of the alternating group $A_n$, for $n\geq ... More
Cauchy theory and exponential stability for inhomogeneous boltzmann equation for hard potentials without cut-offOct 03 2017Apr 23 2018In this paper, we investigate both the problems of Cauchy theory and exponential stability for the inhomogeneous Boltzmann equation without angular cutoff. We only deal with the physical case of hard potentials type interactions (with a moderate angular ... More
Continuity equation for probability as a requirement of inference over pathsFeb 17 2016In this work we present the fundamental ideas of inference over paths, and show how this formalism implies the continuity equation, which is central for the derivation of the main partial differential equations that constitute non-equilibrium statistical ... More
Determination of density and concentration from fluorescent images of a gas flowJun 27 2007Jul 03 2007A fluorescent image analysis procedure to determine the distribution of species concentration and density in a gas flow is proposed. The fluorescent emission is due to the excitation of atoms/molecules of a gas that is intercepted by an electron blade. ... More
New observations in transient hydrodynamic perturbations. Frequency jumps, intermediate term and spot formationNov 07 2011Nov 15 2012Sheared incompressible flows are usually considered non-dispersive media. As a consequence, the frequency evolution in transients has received much less attention than the wave energy density or growth factor. By carrying out a large number of long term ... More
Analysing Multiple Epidemic Data SourcesAug 13 2018Evidence-based knowledge of infectious disease burden, including prevalence, incidence, severity and transmission, in different population strata and locations, and possibly in real time, is crucial to the planning and evaluation of public health policies. ... More
Highly under-expanded jets in the presence of a transverse density gradientMay 28 2010An experimental research concerning highly underexpanded jets made of different gases from the surrounding ambient is here described. By selecting different species of gases, it was possible to vary the jet-to-ambient density ratio in the 0.04 to 12 range ... More
Kolmogorov scaling bridges linear hydrodynamic stability and turbulenceOct 19 2011The way in which kinetic energy is distributed over the multiplicity of inertial (intermediate) scales is a fundamental feature of turbulence. According to Kolmogorov's 1941 theory, on the basis of a dimensional analysis, the form of the energy spectrum ... More
Regularity of higher order in two-phase free boundary problemsJan 26 2017May 23 2017We develop further the strategy implemented in our series of papers on inhomogeneous two-phase fee boundary problems, to show that flat or Lipschitz free boundaries of such problems are locally $C^{2,\gamma }.$
Two-phase anisotropic free boundary problems and applications to the Bellman equation in 2DApr 15 2016We prove Lipschitz continuity of solutions to a class of rather general two-phase anisotropic free boundary problems in 2D and we classify global solutions. As a consequence, we obtain $C^{2,1}$ regularity of solutions to the Bellman equation in 2D.