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Families of canonically polarized manifolds over log Fano varietiesJul 22 2011Let (X,D) be a dlt pair, where X is a normal projective variety. Let S denote the support of the rounddown of D, and K the canonical divisor of X. We show that any smooth family of canonically polarized varieties over X\S is isotrivial if the divisor ... More
The List is the Process: Reliable Pre-Integration Tracking of Commits on Mailing ListsFeb 08 2019A considerable corpus of research on software evolution focuses on mining changes in software repositories, but omits their pre-integration history. We present a novel method for tracking this otherwise invisible evolution of software changes on mailing ... More
Observing Custom Software Modifications: A Quantitative Approach of Tracking the Evolution of Patch StacksJul 04 2016Modifications to open-source software (OSS) are often provided in the form of "patch stacks" - sets of changes (patches) that modify a given body of source code. Maintaining patch stacks over extended periods of time is problematic when the underlying ... More
A Graph-Partition-Based Scheduling Policy for Heterogeneous ArchitecturesFeb 26 2015In order to improve system performance efficiently, a number of systems choose to equip multi-core and many-core processors (such as GPUs). Due to their discrete memory these heterogeneous architectures comprise a distributed system within a computer. ... More
Deformations along subsheavesMay 17 2009Mar 29 2010Let f : Y -> X be a morphism of complex projective manifolds, and let F be a subsheaf of the tangent bundle which is closed under the Lie bracket, but not necessarily a foliation. This short paper contains an elementary and very geometric argument to ... More
Look Mum, no VM Exits! (Almost)May 19 2017Multi-core CPUs are a standard component in many modern embedded systems. Their virtualisation extensions enable the isolation of services, and gain popularity to implement mixed-criticality or otherwise split systems. We present Jailhouse, a Linux-based, ... More
Critical two-point function for long-range $O(n)$ models below the upper critical dimensionMay 23 2017Sep 20 2017We consider the $n$-component $|\varphi|^4$ lattice spin model ($n \ge 1$) and the weakly self-avoiding walk ($n=0$) on $\mathbb{Z}^d$, in dimensions $d=1,2,3$. We study long-range models based on the fractional Laplacian, with spin-spin interactions ... More
Electromagnetic and Weak Moments of the Tau-LeptonJan 25 2005Feb 04 2005The electromagnetic and weak dipole moments of the Tau-lepton have been measured by experiments at e+e- colliders. Data samples of e+e- --> tau+tau-, e+e- --> tau+tau- gamma and e+e- --> e+e-tau+tau- events collected at centre-of-mass energies between ... More
Some improved nonperturbative bounds for Fermionic expansionsSep 15 2015Apr 20 2016We reconsider the Gram-Hadamard bound as it is used in constructive quantum field theory and many body physics to prove convergence of Fermionic perturbative expansions. Our approach uses a recursion for the amplitudes of the expansion, discovered originally ... More
Single Scale Cluster Expansions with Applications to Many Boson and Unbounded Spin SystemsNov 04 2014We develop a cluster expansion to show exponential decay of correlations for quite general single scale spin systems, as they arise in lattice quantum field theory and discretized functional integral representations for observables of quantum statistical ... More
R&D for Very Forward Calorimeters at the ILC DetectorFeb 19 2009Special calorimeters are needed to instrument the very forward region of an ILC detector. These devices will improve the hermeticity being important for new particle searches. A luminometer is foreseen to measure the rate of low angle Bhabha scattering ... More
ADI iteration for Lyapunov equations: a tangential approach and adaptive shift selectionDec 04 2013A new version of the alternating directions implicit (ADI) iteration for the solution of large-scale Lyapunov equations is introduced. It generalizes the hitherto existing iteration, by incorporating tangential directions in the way they are already available ... More
Task-related edge density (TED) - a new method for revealing large-scale network formation in fMRI data of the human brainDec 14 2015The formation of transient networks in response to external stimuli or as a reflection of internal cognitive processes is a hallmark of human brain function. However, its identification in fMRI data of the human brain is notoriously difficult. Here we ... More
e^+e^- Physics at LEP and a Future Linear ColliderFeb 01 2002A summary of results obtained from e^+e^- annihilations at LEP is given. The precision measurements around the Z resonance, the results from charged gauge boson production and searches for new particles are reviewed. Particular emphasis is devoted to ... More
Critical exponent for the magnetization of the weakly coupled $φ^4_4$ modelOct 31 2018We consider the weakly coupled $\phi^4 $ theory on $\mathbb Z^4 $, in a weak magnetic field $h$, and at the chemical potential $\nu_c $ for which the theory is critical if $h=0$. We prove that, as $h\to 0$, the magnetization of the model behaves as $(h\log ... More
Practicable Simulation-Free Model Order Reduction by Nonlinear Moment MatchingJan 30 2019In this paper, a practicable simulation-free model order reduction method by nonlinear moment matching is developed. Based on the steady-state interpretation of linear moment matching, we comprehensively explain the extension of this reduction concept ... More
A New Framework for $\mathcal{H}_2$-Optimal Model ReductionSep 21 2017In this contribution, a new framework for H2-optimal reduction of multiple-input, multiple- output linear dynamical systems by tangential interpolation is presented. The framework is motivated by the local nature of both tangential interpolation and H2-optimal ... More
Complexity of Model Checking for Modal Dependence LogicApr 06 2011Jan 27 2012Modal dependence logic (MDL) was introduced recently by V\"a\"an\"anen. It enhances the basic modal language by an operator =(). For propositional variables p_1,...,p_n the atomic formula =(p_1,...,p_(n-1),p_n) intuitively states that the value of p_n ... More
Complexity Results for Modal Dependence LogicApr 04 2011Modal dependence logic was introduced recently by V\"a\"an\"anen. It enhances the basic modal language by an operator =(). For propositional variables p_1,...,p_n, =(p_1,...,p_(n-1);p_n) intuitively states that the value of p_n is determined by those ... More
Methods for a measurement of $τ$ polarization asymmetry in the decay $Z\rightarrow ττ$ at LHC and determination of the effective weak mixing angleMay 26 2018In this paper a general method to measure the longitudinal polarization of $\tau$ lepton in the process $pp \rightarrow Z^{0} \rightarrow \tau\tau$ is described. The method of optimal observable allows to distinguish between the $\tau$ lepton helicity ... More
Measurement of the Higgs Cross Section and Mass with Linear CollidersAug 30 1999We report on the accuracy of the measurement of the Higgs boson mass and the total cross section of the process e+e- -> ZH that would be achieved in a linear collider operating at a centre-of-mass energy of 350 GeV, assuming an integrated luminosity of ... More
Model reduction of linear time-varying systems with applications for moving loadsJul 11 2016In this paper we consider different model reduction techniques for systems with moving loads. Due to the time-dependency of the input and output matrices, the application of time-varying projection matrices for the reduction offers new degrees of freedom, ... More
Notes on non-trivial and logarithmic CFTs with c=0Oct 12 2005We examine the properties of two-dimensional conformal field theories (CFTs) with vanishing central charge based on the extended Kac-table for c_(9,6)=0 using a general ansatz for the stress energy tensor residing in a Jordan cell of rank two. Within ... More
Moments of general Heisenberg Hamiltonians up to sixth orderDec 19 2010Jun 30 2011We explicitly calculate the moments t_n of general Heisenberg Hamiltonians up to sixth order. They have the form of finite sums of products of two factors, the first factor being represented by a multigraph and the second factor being a polynomial in ... More
Measurement of the Higgs Boson Mass with a Linear e+e- ColliderMay 30 2005The potential of a linear e+e- collider operated at a centre-of-mass energy of 350 GeV is studied for the measurement of the Higgs boson mass. An integrated luminosity of 500 fb-1 is assumed. For Higgs boson masses of 120, 150 and 180 GeV the uncertainty ... More
Proposal for a CFT interpretation of Watts' differential equation for percolationJul 21 2005Nov 21 2005G. M. T. Watts derived that in two dimensional critical percolation the crossing probability Pi_hv satisfies a fifth order differential equation which includes another one of third order whose independent solutions describe the physically relevant quantities ... More
Eighth-order high-temperature expansion for general Heisenberg HamiltoniansDec 05 2011We explicitly calculate the moments $t_n$ of general Heisenberg Hamiltonians up to eighth order. They have the form of finite sums of products of two factors. The first factor is represented by a (multi-)graph which has to be evaluated for each particular ... More
Towards Robotic Eye Surgery: Marker-free, Online Hand-eye Calibration using Optical Coherence Tomography ImagesAug 17 2018Ophthalmic microsurgery is known to be a challenging operation, which requires very precise and dexterous manipulation. Image guided robot-assisted surgery (RAS) is a promising solution that brings significant improvements in outcomes and reduces the ... More
Nonlinear Moment Matching for the Simulation-Free Reduction of Structural SystemsMar 28 2019This paper transfers the concept of moment matching to nonlinear structural systems and further provides a simulation-free reduction scheme for such nonlinear second-order models. After first presenting the steady-state interpretation of linear moment ... More
The Impact of BeamCal Performance at Different ILC Beam Parameters and Crossing Angles on \tilde{tau} searchesOct 19 2006The ILC accelerator parameters and detector concepts are still under discussion in the world-wide community. As will be shown, the performance of the BeamCal, the calorimeter in the very forward area of the ILC detector, is very sensitive to the beam ... More
Tenth-order high-temperature expansion for the susceptibility and the specific heat of spin-s Heisenberg models with arbitrary exchange patterns: Application to pyrochlore and kagome magnetsSep 04 2013Jan 20 2014We present the high-temperature expansion (HTE) up to 10th order of the specific heat C and the uniform susceptibility \chi for Heisenberg models with arbitrary exchange patterns and arbitrary spin quantum number s. We encode the algorithm in a C++ program ... More
The density of states of 1D random band matrices via a supersymmetric transfer operatorOct 31 2018Feb 04 2019Recently, T. and M. Shcherbina proved a pointwise semicircle law for the density of states of one-dimensional Gaussian band matrices of large bandwidth. The main step of their proof is a new method to study the spectral properties of non-self-adjoint ... More
Long-Range Correlations in Self-Gravitating N-Body SystemsJan 29 2002Observed self-gravitating systems reveal often fragmented non-equilibrium structures that feature characteristic long-range correlations. However, models accounting for non-linear structure growth are not always consistent with observations and a better ... More
Lumpy Structures in Self-Gravitating DisksMay 29 2001Following Toomre & Kalnajs (1991), local models of slightly dissipative self-gravitating disks show how inhomogeneous structures can be maintained over several galaxy rotations. Their basic physical ingredients are self-gravity, dissipation and differential ... More
Equilateral Non-Gaussianity and New Physics on the HorizonFeb 25 2011Mar 23 2011We examine the effective theory of single-field inflation in the limit where the scalar perturbations propagate with a small speed of sound. In this case the non-linearly realized time-translation symmetry of the Lagrangian implies large interactions, ... More
Formalizing and Checking Thread Refinement for Data-Race-Free Execution Models (Extended Version)Oct 24 2015When optimizing a thread in a concurrent program (either done manually or by the compiler), it must be guaranteed that the resulting thread is a refinement of the original thread. Most theories of valid optimizations are formulated in terms of valid syntactic ... More
Desensitizing Inflation from the Planck ScaleApr 21 2010A new mechanism to control Planck-scale corrections to the inflationary eta parameter is proposed. A common approach to the eta problem is to impose a shift symmetry on the inflaton field. However, this symmetry has to remain unbroken by Planck-scale ... More
Signatures of Supersymmetry from the Early UniverseSep 01 2011Oct 11 2011Supersymmetry plays a fundamental role in the radiative stability of many inflationary models. Spontaneous breaking of the symmetry inevitably leads to fields with masses of order the Hubble scale during inflation. When these fields couple to the inflaton ... More
The symmetric Radon-Nikodým property for tensor normsMay 15 2010We introduce the symmetric-Radon-Nikod\'ym property (sRN property) for finitely generated s-tensor norms $\beta$ of order $n$ and prove a Lewis type theorem for s-tensor norms with this property. As a consequence, if $\beta$ is a projective s-tensor norm ... More
Scaling Laws in Self-Gravitating DisksApr 16 1999The interstellar medium (ISM) reveals strongly inhomogeneous structures at every scale. These structures do not seem completely random since they obey certain power laws. Larson's law (\citeyear{Larson81}) $\sigma \propto R^{\delta}$ and the plausible ... More
Supergravity for Effective TheoriesSep 01 2011Higher-derivative operators are central elements of any effective field theory. In supersymmetric theories, these operators include terms with derivatives in the K\"ahler potential. We develop a toolkit for coupling such supersymmetric effective field ... More
Inflating with BaryonsSep 15 2010We present a field theory solution to the eta problem. By making the inflaton field the phase of a baryon of SU(N_c) supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory we show that all operators that usually spoil the flatness of the inflationary potential are absent. ... More
Casimir force in O(n) lattice models with a diffuse interfaceJun 23 2008On the example of the spherical model we study, as a function of the temperature $T$, the behavior of the Casimir force in O(n) systems with a diffuse interface and slab geometry $\infty^{d-1}\times L$, where $2<d<4$ is the dimensionality of the system. ... More
Fragmentation in Kinematically Cold DisksJan 16 2001Gravity is scale free. Thus gravity may form similar structures in self-gravitating systems on different scales. Indeed, observations of the interstellar medium, spiral disks and cosmic structures, reveal similar characteristics. The structures in these ... More
A Field Range Bound for General Single-Field InflationNov 13 2011We explore the consequences of a detection of primordial tensor fluctuations for general single-field models of inflation. Using the effective theory of inflation, we propose a generalization of the Lyth bound. Our bound applies to all single-field models ... More
Unconditionality in tensor products and ideals of polynomials, multilinear forms and operatorsJun 17 2009Feb 08 2010We study tensor norms that destroy unconditionality in the following sense: for every Banach space $E$ with unconditional basis, the $n$-fold tensor product of $E$ (with the corresponding tensor norm) does not have unconditional basis. We establish an ... More
Extending polynomials in maximal and minimal idealsOct 20 2009Feb 08 2010Given an homogeneous polynomial on a Banach space $E$ belonging to some maximal or minimal polynomial ideal, we consider its iterated extension to an ultrapower of $E$ and prove that this extension remains in the ideal and has the same ideal norm. As ... More
Thermodynamics of the pyrochlore Heisenberg ferromagnet with arbitrary spin $S$Jul 05 2017We use the rotation-invariant Green's function method (RGM) and the high-temperature expansion (HTE) to study the thermodynamic properties of the spin-$S$ Heisenberg ferromagnet on the pyrochlore lattice. We examine the excitation spectra as well as various ... More
Four-terminal magneto-transport in graphene p-n junctions created by spatially selective dopingMar 31 2009In this paper we describe a graphene p-n junction created by chemical doping. We find that chemical doping does not reduce mobility in contrast to top-gating. The preparation technique has been developed from systematic studies about influences on the ... More
$\mathcal{H}_2$ Pseudo-Optimal Reduction of Structured DAEs by Rational InterpolationApr 23 2018In this contribution, we extend the concept of $\mathcal{H}_2$ inner product and $\mathcal{H}_2$ pseudo-optimality to dynamical systems modeled by differential-algebraic equations (DAEs). To this end, we derive projected Sylvester equations that characterize ... More
Prospects to Measure the Higgs Boson Mass and Cross Section in ee-->ZH Using the Recoil Mass SpectrumOct 13 2007The process ee-->ZH allows to measure the Higgs boson in the recoil mass spectrum against the Z boson without any assumptions on the Higgs boson decay. We performed a full simulation and reconstruction of ee-->ZH using the MOKKA and MARLIN packages describing ... More
Boolean Dependence Logic and Partially-Ordered ConnectivesJun 27 2014We introduce a new variant of dependence logic called Boolean dependence logic. In Boolean dependence logic dependence atoms are of the type =(x_1,...,x_n,\alpha), where \alpha is a Boolean variable. Intuitively, with Boolean dependence atoms one can ... More
Interpolation between low and high temperatures of the specific heat for spin systemsFeb 02 2017The high temperature expansion (HTE) of the specific heat of a spin system fails at low temperatures, even if it is combined with a Pad\'e approximation. On the other hand we often have information about the low temperature asymptotics (LTA) of the system. ... More
Thermodynamics of the pyrochlore-lattice quantum Heisenberg antiferromagnetJan 26 2019We use the rotation-invariant Green's function method (RGM) and the high-temperature expansion (HTE) to study the thermodynamic properties of the Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the pyrochlore lattice. We discuss the excitation spectra as well as various ... More
Determination of the Higgs boson spin with a linear e+e- colliderFeb 14 2003The energy dependence of the production cross section of a light Higgs boson is studied at threshold and compared to the expectations of several spin assumptions. Cross section measurements at three centre-of-mass energies with an integrated luminosity ... More
Magnetic susceptibility of frustrated spin-s J1-J2 quantum Heisenberg magnets: High-temperature expansion and exact diagonalization dataJan 22 2014Motivated by recent experiments on low-dimensional frustrated quantum magnets with competing nearest-neighbor exchange coupling J1 and next nearest-neighbor exchange coupling J2 we investigate the magnetic susceptibility of two-dimensional J1-J2 Heisenberg ... More
A note on some fiber-integralsDec 22 2015We remark that the study of a fiber-integral of the type F (s) := f =s ($\omega$/df) $\land$ ($\omega$/df) either in the local case where $\rho$ $\not\equiv$ 1 around 0 is C $\infty$ and compactly supported near the origin which is a singular point of ... More
Quasi-proper meromorphic equivalence relationsJun 02 2010The aim of this article is to complete results of [M.00] and [B.08] and to show that they imply a rather general existence theorem for meromorphic quotient of strongly quasi-proper meromorphic equivalence relations. In this context, generic equivalence ... More
A finiteness theorem for \ $S-$relative formal Brieskorn modulesJul 17 2012Mar 01 2014We give a general result of finiteness for holomorphic families of Brieskorn modules constructed from a holomorphic family of one parameter degeneration of compact complex manifolds acquiring (general) singularities.
Asymptotics of a vanishing period : the quotient themes of a given frescoJan 20 2011In this paper we introduce the word "fresco" to denote a $[\lambda]-$primitive monogenic geometric (a,b)-module. The study of this "basic object" (generalized Brieskorn module with one generator) which corresponds to the minimal filtered (regular) differential ... More
Sur certaines singularites non isolees d'hypersurfaces IMay 19 2005Jan 09 2006The aim of this fisrt part is to introduce, for a rather large class of hypersurface singularities with 1 dimensionnal locus, the analog of the Brieskorn lattice at the origin (the singular point of the singular locus). The main results are the finitness ... More
Design, Evaluation and Analysis of Combinatorial Optimization Heuristic AlgorithmsJul 07 2012Combinatorial optimization is widely applied in a number of areas nowadays. Unfortunately, many combinatorial optimization problems are NP-hard which usually means that they are unsolvable in practice. However, it is often unnecessary to have an exact ... More
Quantifying Residual Finiteness of Linear GroupsFeb 15 2016Feb 27 2016Normal residual finiteness growth measures how well a finitely generated group is approximated by its finite quotients. We show that any linear group $\Gamma \leq \mathrm{GL}_d(K)$ has normal residual finiteness growth asymptotically bounded above by ... More
$\mathfrak{sl}_n$-webs, categorification and Khovanov-Rozansky homologiesApr 23 2014Jul 21 2014In this paper we define an explicit basis for the $\mathfrak{sl}_n$-web algebra $H_n(\vec{k})$, the $\mathfrak{sl}_n$ generalization of Khovanov's arc algebra $H_{2}(m)$, using categorified $q$-skew Howe duality. Our construction is a $\mathfrak{sl}_n$-web ... More
$\mathfrak{sl}_3$-web bases, intermediate crystal bases and categorificationOct 10 2013Mar 05 2014We give an explicit graded cellular basis of the $\mathfrak{sl}_3$-web algebra $K_S$. In order to do this, we identify Kuperberg's basis for the $\mathfrak{sl}_3$-web space $W_S$ with a version of Leclerc-Toffin's intermediate crystal basis and we identify ... More
Virtual Khovanov homology using cobordismsNov 02 2011Sep 02 2014We extend Bar-Natan's cobordism based categorification of the Jones polynomial to virtual links. Our topological complex allows a direct extension of the classical Khovanov complex ($h=t=0$), the variant of Lee ($h=0,t=1$) and other classical link homologies. ... More
Categorification and applications in topology and representation theoryJul 03 2013This thesis splits into two major parts. The connection between the two parts is the notion of "categorification" which we shortly explain/recall in the introduction. In the first part of this thesis we extend Bar-Natan's cobordism based categorification ... More
Asteroseismology of Cool StarsNov 04 2014The measurement of oscillations excited by surface convection is a powerful method to study the structure and evolution of cool stars. CoRoT and Kepler have initiated a revolution in asteroseismology by detecting oscillations in thousands of stars from ... More
Fault-Tolerant Quantum ComputationJan 16 2007Aug 30 2007I give a brief overview of fault-tolerant quantum computation, with an emphasis on recent work and open questions.
Sur la compatibilité à Frobenius de l'isomorphisme de dualité relativeSep 20 2005Jan 26 2009Let $\V$ be a mixed characteristic complete discrete valuation ring, let $\X$ and $\Y$ be two smooth formal $\V$-schemes, let $f_0$ : $X \to Y$ be a projective morphism between their special fibers, let $T$ be a divisor of $Y$ such that $T_X := f_0 ^{-1} ... More
Universal 2-local Hamiltonian Quantum ComputingFeb 02 2010Nov 21 2011We present a Hamiltonian quantum computation scheme universal for quantum computation (BQP). Our Hamiltonian is a sum of a polynomial number (in the number of gates L in the quantum circuit) of time-independent, constant-norm, 2-local qubit-qubit interaction ... More
Complex bounds for multimodal maps: bounded combinatoricsSep 19 2000Sep 19 2000We proved the so called complex bounds for multimodal, infinitely renormalizable analytic maps with bounded combinatorics: deep renormalizations have polynomial-like extensions with definite modulus. The complex bounds is the first step to extend the ... More
Overview of TMD evolutionFeb 03 2015Transverse momentum dependent parton distributions (TMDs) appear in many scattering processes at high energy, from the semi-inclusive DIS experiments at a few GeV to the Higgs transverse momentum distribution at the LHC. Predictions for TMD observables ... More
TMD evolution of the Sivers asymmetryApr 19 2013The energy scale dependence of the Sivers asymmetry in semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering is studied numerically within the framework of TMD factorization that was put forward in 2011. The comparison to previous results in the literature shows that ... More
Transversity AsymmetriesAug 21 2008Ways to access transversity through asymmetry measurements are reviewed. The recent first extraction and possible near future extractions are discussed.
Review of QCD spin physicsMay 27 2003A short review is given of QCD spin physics and its major aims: obtaining the polarized gluon density, the transversity distribution and understanding single spin asymmetries. The importance of the Drell-Yan process, the role of electron-positron colliders ... More
Average transverse momentum quantities approaching the lightfrontSep 29 2014In this contribution to Light Cone 2014, three average transverse momentum quantities are discussed: the Sivers shift, the dijet imbalance, and the $p_T$ broadening. The definitions of these quantities involve integrals over all transverse momenta that ... More
Anomalous Drell-Yan asymmetry from hadronic or QCD vacuum effectsNov 03 2005The anomalously large cos(2 phi) asymmetry measured in the Drell-Yan process is discussed. Possible origins of this large deviation from the Lam-Tung relation are considered with emphasis on the comparison of two particular proposals: one that suggests ... More
Mapping the Transverse Nucleon SpinJun 24 2002Jul 23 2002The transverse nucleon spin can be transferred to the quarks and gluons in several ways. In the factorizing, hard scattering processes to be considered, these are parameterized at leading twist by the transversity distribution function and at next-to-leading ... More
Double transverse spin asymmetries in vector boson productionApr 24 2000Sep 09 2000We investigate a helicity non-flip double transverse spin asymmetry in vector boson production in hadron-hadron scattering, which was first considered by Ralston and Soper at the tree level. It does not involve transversity functions and in principle ... More
Intrinsic transverse momentum and transverse spin asymmetriesMay 13 1999We investigate leading twist transverse momentum dependent origins of transverse spin asymmetries in hadron-hadron collisions. The chiral-odd T-odd distribution function with intrinsic transverse momentum dependence, which would signal an intrinsic handedness ... More
On a theorem of Bombieri, Friedlander and IwaniecAug 01 2011In this article, we show to which extent one can improve a theorem of Bombieri, Friedlander and Iwaniec by using Hooley's variant of the divisor switching technique. We also give an application of the theorem in question, which is a Bombieri-Vinogradov ... More
Composition of Kinetic Momenta: The U_q(sl(2)) caseDec 10 1992Mar 29 1993The tensor products of (restricted and unrestricted) finite dimensional irreducible representations of $\uq$ are considered for $q$ a root of unity. They are decomposed into direct sums of irreducible and/or indecomposable representations.
Analyticity in Hubbard modelsOct 23 1998Feb 11 1999The Hubbard model describes a lattice system of quantum particles with local (on-site) interactions. Its free energy is analytic when \beta t is small, or \beta t^2/U is small; here, \beta is the inverse temperature, U the on-site repulsion and t the ... More
The relation between Feynman cycles and off-diagonal long-range orderMar 31 2006Aug 23 2006The usual order parameter for the Bose-Einstein condensation involves the off-diagonal correlation function of Penrose and Onsager, but an alternative is Feynman's notion of infinite cycles. We present a formula that relates both order parameters. We ... More
A Hsu-Robbins-Erdős strong law in first-passage percolationMay 27 2013Sep 09 2015Large deviations in the context of first-passage percolation was first studied in the early 1980s by Grimmett and Kesten, and has since been revisited in a variety of studies. However, none of these studies provides a precise relation between the existence ... More
Erratum to the paper: Compact hyperkaehler manifolds: basic resultsJun 03 2001This is an Erratum to the paper: Compact hyperkaehler manifolds: basic results. (alg-geom/9705025, Inv. math. 135). We give a correct proof of the projectivity criterion for hyperkaehler manifolds. We use a recent result of Demailly and Paun math.AG/0105176. ... More
A note on the Bloch-Beilinson conjecture for K3 surfaces and spherical objectsSep 22 2010For a projective K3 surface X we introduce the dense triangulated subcategory S^* of the bounded derived category D^b(Coh(X)) of coherent sheaves on X that is generated by spherical objects. For a K3 surface X over \bar Q it is shown that S^* admits a ... More
Chow groups and derived categories of K3 surfacesDec 29 2009This survey is based on my talk at the conference `Classical algebraic geometry today' at the MSRI. Some new results on the action of symplectomorphisms on the Chow group are added.
Charged String-like Solutions of Low-energy Heterotic String TheoryOct 06 1992Two string-like solutions to the equations of motion of the low-energy effective action for the heterotic string are found, each a source of electric and magnetic fields. The first carries an electric current equal to the electric charge per unit length ... More
Vertical flows and a general currential homotopy formulaMay 05 2014We generalize some of the results of Harvey, Lawson and Latschev about transgression formulas. The focus here is on flowing forms via vertical vector fields, especially Morse-Bott-Smale vector fields. We prove a very general transgression formula including ... More
On the hyperbolicity of the Feigenbaum fixed pointJan 11 2003We show the hyperbolicity of the Feigenbaum fixed point using the inflexibility of the Feigenbaum tower, the Man\~e-Sad-Sullivan $\lambda$-Lemma and the existence of parabolic domains (petals) for semi-attractive fixed points.
Parity Types, Cycle Structures and Autotopisms of Latin SquaresMar 01 2012Oct 03 2012The parity type of a Latin square is defined in terms of the numbers of even and odd rows and columns. It is related to an Alon-Tarsi-like conjecture that applies to Latin squares of odd order. Parity types are used to derive upper bounds for the size ... More
Dynamics of warped flux compactifications with backreacting anti-branesFeb 19 2014May 06 2014We revisit the effective low-energy dynamics of the volume modulus in warped flux compactifications with anti-D3-branes in order to analyze the prospects for meta-stable de Sitter vacua and brane inflation along the lines of KKLT/KKLMMT. At the level ... More
Ueber Eigenwerte, Integrale und pi^2/6: Die Idee der Spurformel (On eigenvalues, integrals and pi^2/6: The idea of the trace formula)Nov 02 2007This is an expository article that results from a talk given to second year students at Oldenburg university. The aim of the talk was to show what beautiful and unexpected results may be obtained if one plays with daring analogies in a way that is usually ... More
Factorizations of Elements in Noncommutative Rings: A SurveyJul 27 2015May 30 2016We survey results on factorizations of non zero-divisors into atoms (irreducible elements) in noncommutative rings. The point of view in this survey is motivated by the commutative theory of non-unique factorizations. Topics covered include unique factorization ... More
Coherence and decoherence in photon spin-qubit entanglementJan 14 2013Mar 18 2013We study the dynamics of spontaneous generation of coherence and photon spin-qubit entanglement or "flying qubits" in a $\Lambda$ system with non-degenerate lower levels. The cases of entanglement in frequency only and frequency and polarization are compared ... More
Quantum Spinodal DecompositionJan 22 1993We study the process of spinodal decomposition in a scalar quantum field theory that is quenched from an equilibrium disordered initial state at $T_i > T_f$ to a final state at $T_f \approx 0$. The process of formation and growth of correlated domains ... More
Nearly degenerate heavy sterile neutrinos in cascade decay: mixing and oscillationsSep 15 2014Nov 20 2014Some extensions beyond the Standard Model propose the existence of nearly degenerate heavy sterile neutrinos. If kinematically allowed these can be resonantly produced and decay in a cascade to common final states. The common decay channels lead to mixing ... More
On the strength of connectedness of a random hypergraphSep 04 2014Mar 09 2015Bollob\'{a}s and Thomason (1985) proved that for each $k=k(n) \in [1, n-1]$, with high probability, the random graph process, where edges are added to vertex set $V=[n]$ uniformly at random one after another, is such that the stopping time of having minimal ... More