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Gyrokinetic Studies of Microinstabilities in the RFPJan 19 2013An analytic equilibrium, the Toroidal Bessel Function Model, is used in conjunction with the gyrokinetic code GYRO to investigate the nature of microinstabilities in a reversed field pinch (RFP) plasma. The effect of the normalized electron plasma pressure ... More
Resource-efficient linear optical quantum computationMay 26 2004Feb 09 2005We introduce a scheme for linear optics quantum computation, that makes no use of teleported gates, and requires stable interferometry over only the coherence length of the photons. We achieve a much greater degree of efficiency and a simpler implementation ... More
Polarimetry in the Visible and Infrared: Application to CMB PolarimetryJul 23 2003Interstellar polarization from aligned dust grains can be measured both in transmission at visible and near-infrared wavelengths and in emission at far-infrared and sub-mm wavelengths. These observations can help predict the behavior of foreground contamination ... More
Quantitative structure of stable sets in finite abelian groupsMay 17 2018We prove an arithmetic regularity lemma for stable subsets of finite abelian groups, generalising our previous result for high-dimensional vector spaces over finite fields of prime order. A qualitative version of this generalisation was recently obtained ... More
Stable arithmetic regularity in the finite-field modelOct 05 2017Nov 15 2017The arithmetic regularity lemma for $\mathbb{F}_p^n$, proved by Green in 2005, states that given a subset $A\subseteq \mathbb{F}_p^n$, there exists a subspace $H\leq \mathbb{F}_p^n$ of bounded codimension such that $A$ is Fourier-uniform with respect ... More
Optical second harmonic generation in encapsulated single-layer InSeAug 17 2018We report the observation of optical second harmonic generation (SHG) in single-layer indium selenide (InSe). We measure a second harmonic signal of $>10^3$ $\textrm{cts/s}$ under nonresonant excitation using a home-built confocal microscope and a standard ... More
Learning from the past, predicting the statistics for the future, learning an evolving systemSep 01 2013Mar 22 2016We bring the theory of rough paths to the study of non-parametric statistics on streamed data. We discuss the problem of regression where the input variable is a stream of information, and the dependent response is also (potentially) a stream. A certain ... More
Loss tolerance in one-way quantum computation via counterfactual error correctionJul 04 2005Feb 06 2007We introduce a scheme for fault tolerantly dealing with losses (or other "leakage" errors) in cluster state computation that can tolerate up to 50% qubit loss. This is achieved passively using an adaptive strategy of measurement - no coherent measurements ... More
Measuring Antimatter Gravity with MuoniumAug 05 2013Aug 12 2013We consider a measurement of the gravitational acceleration of antimatter, gbar, using muonium. A monoenergetic, low-velocity, horizontal muonium beam will be formed from a surface-muon beam using a novel technique and directed at an atom interferometer. ... More
The D-branes of SU(n)Mar 27 2004D-branes that appear to generate all the K-theory charges of string theory on SU(n) are constructed, and their charges are determined.
Measuring Antimatter Gravity with MuoniumDec 10 2014The gravitational acceleration of antimatter, $\bar{g}$, has never been directly measured and could bear importantly on our understanding of gravity, the possible existence of a fifth force, and the nature and early history of the universe. Only two avenues ... More
Integration of time-varying cocyclic one-forms against rough pathsAug 12 2014Jan 04 2016We embed the rough integration in a larger geometrical/algebraic framework of integrating one-forms against group-valued paths, and reduce the rough integral to an inhomogeneous analogue of the classical Young integral. We define dominated paths as integrals ... More
Loss Tolerant Linear Optical Quantum Memory By Measurement Based Quantum ComputingMay 14 2007We give a scheme for loss tolerantly building a linear optical quantum memory which itself is tolerant to qubit loss. We use the encoding recently introduced in [Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 120501, (2006)] and give a method for efficiently achieving this. The ... More
The coset D-branes of SU(n)Apr 16 2004Using a nested coset construction a collection of D-branes that appear to generate all the K-theory charges of string theory on SU(n) are constructed and their charges are determined.
Rough differential equation in Banach space driven by weak geometric p-rough pathFeb 12 2014By using an explicit ordinary differential equation to approximate the exponential solution flow, we extend the universal limit theorem to rough differential equation in Banach space driven by weak geometric rough path, and give the quantitative dependence ... More
The partial sum process of orthogonal expansion as geometric rough process with Fourier series as an example---an improvement of Menshov-Rademacher theoremSep 06 2011Oct 07 2013In this paper, we prove that the partial sum process of general orthogonal series is a geometric 2-rough process under the same condition as in Menshov-Rademacher Theorem. For Fourier series, the condition can be improved, and an equivalent condition ... More
On Itô differential equation in rough path theoryJun 11 2013Nov 01 2013The solution of rough differential equation, driven by the It\^o signature of a continuous local martingale, exists uniquely a.s. when the vector field is Lip(\beta) for \beta > 1, and coincides a.s. with the It\^o signature of the solution of parallel ... More
Progress Towards a Muonium Gravity ExperimentJul 23 2016Nov 01 2016The gravitational acceleration of antimatter, $\bar g$, has yet to be directly measured but could change our understanding of gravity, the Universe, and the possibility of a fifth force. Three avenues are apparent for such a measurement: antihydrogen, ... More
On continuous-variable entanglement with and without phase referencesMar 14 2003We discuss how continous-variable quantum states such as coherent states and two-mode squeezed states can be encoded in phase-reference independent ways.
Progress Towards a Muonium Gravity ExperimentJul 23 2016The gravitational acceleration of antimatter, $\bar g$, has yet to be directly measured but could change our understanding of gravity, the Universe, and the possibility of a fifth force. Three avenues are apparent for such a measurement: antihydrogen, ... More
Antimatter gravity with muoniumJan 26 2016Mar 18 2016The gravitational acceleration of antimatter, $\bar{g}$, has never been directly measured and could bear importantly on our understanding of gravity, the possible existence of a fifth force, and the nature and early history of the universe. Three avenues ... More
Advances towards pB11 Fusion with the Dense Plasma FocusOct 16 2007The prospects for achieving net energy production with pB11 fuel have recently considerably brightened. Studies have shown that the multi-GG field potentially obtainable with modest dense plasma focus devices have the effect of reducing the flow of energy ... More
How different incentives affect homework completion in introductory physics coursesMay 10 2013Sep 02 2013This article quantitatively examines the effects that different incentives have on students' homework completion rates in introductory physics courses at the United States Air Force Academy. Our data suggest that no more than 10-15% of the total course ... More
Where Does the Density Localize? Convergent Behavior for Global Hybrids, Range Separation, and DFT+UOct 04 2016Approximate density functional theory (DFT) suffers from many-electron self- interaction error, otherwise known as delocalization error, that may be diagnosed and then corrected through elimination of the deviation from exact piecewise linear behavior ... More
A Scalable Machine Learning Approach for Inferring Probabilistic US-LI-RADS CategorizationJun 15 2018We propose a scalable computerized approach for large-scale inference of Liver Imaging Reporting and Data System (LI-RADS) final assessment categories in narrative ultrasound (US) reports. Although our model was trained on reports created using a LI-RADS ... More
Multi-Scale Analysis of Magnetic Fields in Filamentary Molecular Clouds in Orion AAug 30 2011New visible and K-band polarization measurements on stars surrounding molecular clouds in Orion A and stars in the BN vicinity are presented. Our results confirm that magnetic fields located inside the Orion A molecular clouds and in their close neighborhood ... More
The benefits of completing homework for students with different aptitudes in an introductory physics courseMay 09 2013We examine the relationship between homework completion and exam performance for students having different physics aptitudes for five different semesters of an introductory electricity and magnetism course. In our analysis, we plot exam scores versus ... More
A Multi-layer Gaussian Process for Motor Symptom Estimation in People with Parkinson's DiseaseAug 31 2018Sep 27 2018The assessment of Parkinson's disease (PD) poses a significant challenge as it is influenced by various factors which lead to a complex and fluctuating symptom manifestation. Thus, a frequent and objective PD assessment is highly valuable for effective ... More
Human-Centered Tools for Coping with Imperfect Algorithms during Medical Decision-MakingFeb 08 2019Machine learning (ML) is increasingly being used in image retrieval systems for medical decision making. One application of ML is to retrieve visually similar medical images from past patients (e.g. tissue from biopsies) to reference when making a medical ... More
Alignments of the Dominant Galaxies in Poor ClustersJan 29 1999We have examined the orientations of brightest cluster galaxies (BCGs) in poor MKW and AWM clusters and find that, like their counterparts in richer Abell clusters, poor cluster BCGs exhibit a strong propensity to be aligned with the principal axes of ... More
Infrared-to-violet tunable optical activity in atomic films of GaSe, InSe, and their heterostructuresOct 03 2018Two-dimensional semiconductors - atomic layers of materials with covalent intra-layer bonding and weak (van der Waals or quadrupole) coupling between the layers - are a new class of materials with great potential for optoelectronic applications. Among ... More
Broadband reduction of quantum radiation pressure noise via squeezed light injectionDec 24 2018We present the reduction and manipulation of quantum radiation pressure noise (QRPN) in an optomechanical cavity with the injection of squeezed light. The optomechanical system consists of a high-reflectivity single-crystal microresonator which serves ... More
Searching for Planetary Transits in Globular Clusters - 47 Tucanae and omega CentauriDec 08 2006We have performed a large ground-based search for transiting Hot Jupiter planets in the outer regions of the globular clusters 47 Tucanae and omega Centauri. The aim was to help understand the role that environmental effects play on Hot Jupiter formation ... More
Theta Graph DesignsMar 04 2017Sep 19 2017We solve the design spectrum problem for all theta graphs with 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 edges
Understanding of the role of magnetic fields: Galactic perspectiveFeb 20 2009A combination of observation, theory, modeling, and laboratory plasma experiments provides a multifaceted approach to develop a much greater understanding of how magnetic fields arise in galactic settings and how these magnetic fields mediate important ... More
Quantum communication protocols using the vacuumFeb 11 2003May 30 2003We speculate what quantum information protocols can be implemented between two accelerating observers using the vacuum. Whether it is in principle possible or not to implement a protocol depends on whether the aim is to end up with classical information ... More
The `remarkable' M31 globular cluster 037-B327 revisitedSep 27 2001The M31 globular cluster candidate 037-B327 has long been known to be an extremely red, non-stellar object. The first published spectrum of this object is used to confirm that it is a globular cluster belonging to M31, with rather typical values of v_r ... More
Comparing classical and quantum equilibrationApr 08 2016May 18 2016By using a physically-relevant and theory independent definition of measurement-based equilibration, we show quantitatively that equilibration is easier for quantum systems than for classical systems, in the situation where the initial state of the system ... More
The Morphology of IRC +10420's Circumstellar EjectaJun 02 2010Images of the circumstellar ejecta associated with the post-red supergiant IRC +10420 show a complex ejecta with visual evidence for episodic mass loss. In this paper we describe the transverse motions of numerous knots, arcs and condensations in the ... More
Energy cost of entanglement extraction in complex quantum systemsNov 17 2017What is the energy cost of extracting entanglement from complex quantum systems? In other words, given a state of a quantum system, how much energy does it cost to extract m EPR pairs? This is an important question, particularly for quantum field theories ... More
The 3D Morphology of VY Canis Majoris. I The Kinematics of the EjectaFeb 27 2007Images of the complex circumstellar nebula associated with the famous red supergiant VY CMa show evidence for multiple and asymmetric mass loss events over the past 1000 yrs. Doppler velocities of the arcs and knots in the ejecta showed that they are ... More
The Frequency of Large Radius Hot and Very Hot Jupiters in omega CentauriOct 18 2007We present the results of a deep, wide-field search for transiting `Hot Jupiter (HJ)' planets in the globular cluster omega Centauri. As a result of a 25-night observing run with the ANU 40-inch telescope at Siding Spring Observatory, a total of 109,726 ... More
Tracing cosmic evolution with the Coma clusterOct 08 2001We summarize here the first results of a new spectroscopic survey of galaxies in the Coma cluster with -20.5 < M_B < -14. Differences between the last epoch of star formation (SF) activity in S0 and elliptical galaxies are discussed. Furthermore, we show ... More
New Light on the Formation and Evolution of M31 and its Globular Cluster SystemJan 25 2005We present spectroscopic ages, metallicities, and [alpha/Fe] ratios for 70 globular clusters in M31 that were derived from Lick line-index measurements. In addition to a population of old (>10 Gyr) globular clusters with a wide range of metallicities, ... More
Large-scale error-correction protocols using global operations in ion trapsMay 31 2016The technical demands to perform quantum error correction are considerable. The task requires the preparation of a many-body entangled state, together with the ability to make parity measurements over subsets of the physical qubits of the system to detect ... More
Outflows from Luminous YSOs: An Infrared Polarimetric StudyJul 21 2004e present Near Infrared imaging polarimetry of three regions of massive star formation, G$192.16 - 3.82$, Cepheus A, and W42. In W42 we have discovered a new bipolar nebula located at the far side of the HII region behind the visible cluster of exciting ... More
An Experimental Quantum Bernoulli FactoryJul 11 2018There has been a concerted effort to identify problems computable with quantum technology which are intractable with classical technology or require far fewer resources to compute. Recently, randomness processing in a Bernoulli factory has been identified ... More
A Determination of the Local Density of White Dwarf StarsFeb 07 2001The most recent version of the Catalog of Spectroscopically Identified White Dwarfs lists 2249 white dwarf stars. Among these stars are 118 white dwarfs that have either reliable trigonometric parallaxes or color-based distance moduli which place them ... More
A Deep Wide-Field Variable Star Catalog of Omega CentauriOct 24 2006We present a variable star catalog of an extensive ground-based wide-field variability survey in the globular cluster omega Centauri. Using the ANU 40-inch (1m) telescope at Siding Spring Observatory, the cluster was observed with a 52'x52' (0.75 deg^2) ... More
Giant Planets and Variable Stars in 47 Tucanae - a progress report of a comprehensive ground-based searchSep 17 2003We present a short progress report of a comprehensive search for variability in the globular cluster 47 Tucanae. Using the MSSSO 40'' telescope and a combined V+R filter, we are searching for variability across a 52x52' field centered on the cluster. ... More
Cosmic Microwave Background constraint on residual annihilations of relic particlesAug 09 2000Energy injected into the Cosmic Microwave Background at redshifts z<10^6 will distort its spectrum permanently. In this paper we discuss the distortion caused by annihilations of relic particles. We use the observational bounds on deviations from a Planck ... More
Luminous and Variable Stars in M31 and M33. III. The Yellow and Red Supergiants and Post-Red Supergiant EvolutionMar 25 2016Apr 19 2016Recent supernova and transient surveys have revealed an increasing number of non-terminal stellar eruptions. Though the progenitor class of these eruptions includes the most luminous stars, little is known of the pre-supernova mechanics of massive stars ... More
Similar Image Search for Histopathology: SMILYJan 30 2019Feb 06 2019The increasing availability of large institutional and public histopathology image datasets is enabling the searching of these datasets for diagnosis, research, and education. Though these datasets typically have associated metadata such as diagnosis ... More
Kelvin Probe Studies of Cesium Telluride Photocathode for AWA PhotoinjectorMar 29 2012May 17 2012Cesium telluride is an important photocathode as an electron source for particle accelerators. It has a relatively high quantum efficiency (>1%), is sufficiently robust in a photoinjector, and has a long lifetime. This photocathode is grown in-house for ... More
MRAM Co-designed Processing-in-Memory CNN Accelerator for Mobile and IoT ApplicationsNov 26 2018We designed a device for Convolution Neural Network applications with non-volatile MRAM memory and computing-in-memory co-designed architecture. It has been successfully fabricated using 22nm technology node CMOS Si process. More than 40MB MRAM density ... More
$U(1)^m$ modular invariants, N=2 minimal models, and the quantum Hall effectAug 11 1996The problem of finding all possible effective field theories for the quantum Hall effect is closely related to the problem of classifying all possible modular invariant partition functions for the algebra $u(1)^m$, as was argued recently by Cappelli and ... More
Monstrous moonshine and the classification of CFTJun 25 1999Aug 10 1999In these notes, based on lectures given in Istanbul, we give an introduction both to Monstrous Moonshine and to the classification of rational conformal field theories, using this as an excuse to explore several related structures and go on a little tour ... More
The Classification of SU(3) Modular Invariants RevisitedApr 29 1994The SU(3) modular invariant partition functions were first completely classified in Ref.\ \SU. The purpose of these notes is four-fold: \item{(i)} Here we accomplish the SU(3) classification using only the most basic facts: modular invariance; $M_{\la\mu}\in{\bf ... More
Towards a Classification of su(2)$\bigoplus\cdots\bigoplus$su(2) Modular Invariant Partition FunctionsFeb 14 1994The complete classification of WZNW modular invariant partition functions is known for very few affine algebras and levels, the most significant being all levels of $A_1$ and $A_2$ and level 1 of all simple algebras. Here, we address the classification ... More
A simple encoding of a quantum circuit amplitude as a matrix permanentSep 16 2009A simple construction is presented which allows computing the transition amplitude of a quantum circuit to be encoded as computing the permanent of a matrix which is of size proportional to the number of quantum gates in the circuit. This opens up some ... More
Quantum Triangulation and Violation of Conservation of TroubleFeb 03 1999A scheme is described that allows Alice to communicate to Bob where on earth she is, even though she doesn't know herself. The situation described shows how the generalization of a recent result of Gisin and Popescu [quant-ph/9901072] could be useful. ... More
Lefschetz Fibrations and 3-Fold Branched Covering SpacesJun 03 1998Mar 25 1999This paper is withdrawn by the author. See math.GT/9811093 for replacement.
Jet Decorrelation and Jet Shapes at the TevatronJul 01 1996We present results on measurements of jet shapes and jet azimuthal decorrelation from $\overline{p}p$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}=1.8$ TeV using data collected during the 1992--1993 run of the Fermilab Tevatron. Jets are seen to narrow both with increasing ... More
The Classification of SU(m)_{k} Automorphism InvariantsAug 22 1994In this paper we find all permutations of the level k weights of the affine algebra A_r^{(1)} which commute with both its S and T modular matrices. We find that all of these are simple current automorphisms and their conjugations. Previously, the A_{r,k}^{(1)} ... More
The Classification of Affine SU(3) Modular Invariant Partition FunctionsDec 09 1992A complete classification of the WZNW modular invariant partition functions is known for very few affine algebras and levels, the most significant being all levels of SU(2), and level 1 of all simple algebras. In this paper we solve the classification ... More
The Laws of Physics and Cryptographic SecurityFeb 25 2002This paper consists of musings that originate mainly from conversations with other physicists, as together we've tried to learn some cryptography, but also from conversations with a couple of classical cryptographers. The main thrust of the paper is an ... More
A review of Quantum Cellular AutomataApr 30 2019Discretizing spacetime is often a natural step towards modelling physical systems. For quantum systems, if we also demand a strict bound on the speed of information propagation, we get quantum cellular automata (QCAs). These originally arose as an alternative ... More
The theory of vector-modular forms for the modular groupOct 16 2013We explain the basic ideas, describe with proofs the main results, and demonstrate the effectiveness, of an evolving theory of vector-valued modular forms (vvmf). To keep the exposition concrete, we restrict here to the special case of the modular group. ... More
Structure and enumeration theorems for hereditary properties in finite relational languagesJul 17 2016Jul 19 2016Given a finite relational language $\calL$, a hereditary $\calL$-property is a class of finite $\calL$-structures which is closed under isomorphism and model theoretic substructure. This notion encompasses many objects of study in extremal combinatorics, ... More
Translation-Equivariant Matchings of Coin-Flips on Z^dOct 10 2006Aug 19 2009Consider independent fair coin-flips at each site of the lattice Z^d. A translation-equivariant matching rule is a perfect matching of heads to tails that commutes with translations of Z^d and is given by a deterministic function of the coin-flips. Let ... More
Modular data: the algebraic combinatorics of conformal field theoryMar 07 2001Feb 12 2002This paper is primarily intended as an introduction for the mathematically inclined to some of the rich algebraic combinatorics arising in for instance CFT. It is essentially self-contained, apart from some of the background motivation and examples which ... More
WZW Commutants, Lattices, and Level 1 Partition FunctionsSep 13 1992A natural first step in the classification of all `physical' modular invariant partition functions $\sum N_{LR}\,\c_L\,\C_R$ lies in understanding the commutant of the modular matrices $S$ and $T$. We begin this paper extending the work of Bauer and Itzykson ... More
Constructing physically intuitive graph invariantsJun 11 2002In this brief note I try to give a simple example of where physical intuition about a collection of interacting qubits can lead to the construction of "natural" versions of what are, generically, quite abstract mathematical objects - in this case graph ... More
A monotone isomorphism theoremSep 05 2015Feb 12 2016In the simple case of a Bernoulli shift on two symbols, zero and one, by permuting the symbols, it is obvious that any two equal entropy shifts are isomorphic. We show that the isomorphism can be realized by a factor that maps a binary sequence to another ... More
Symmetries of the Kac-Peterson Modular Matrices of Affine AlgebrasFeb 03 1995The characters $\chi_\mu$ of nontwisted affine algebras at fixed level define in a natural way a representation $R$ of the modular group $SL_2(Z)$. The matrices in the image $R(SL_2(Z))$ are called the Kac-Peterson modular matrices, and describe the modular ... More
How Einstein and/or Schroedinger should have discovered Bell's theorem in 1936Jun 01 2012This note shows how one can be led from considerations of quantum steering to Bell's theorem. The point is that steering remote systems by choosing between two measurements can be described in a local theory if we take quantum states to be associated ... More
Ontological Models for Quantum Mechanics and the Kochen-Specker theoremAug 15 2006Certain concrete "ontological models" for quantum mechanics (models in which measurement outcomes are deterministic and quantum states are equivalent to classical probability distributions over some space of `hidden variables') are examined. The models ... More
Halo KinematicsNov 09 1998I summarize recent observations of the kinematics of hot tracers in elliptical galaxy halos (globular clusters, planetary nebulae, and integrated stellar light), and what these tell us about the dynamics, dark matter content, and formation of ellipticals. ... More
Finitary isomorphisms of some infinite entropy Bernoulli flowsJun 25 2018Oct 07 2018A consequence of Ornstein theory is that the infinite entropy flows associated with Poisson processes and continuous-time irreducible Markov chains on a finite number of states are isomorphic as measure-preserving systems. We give an elementary construction ... More
The level 2 and 3 modular invariants for the orthogonal algebrasSep 04 1998This paper finds for all orthogonal algebras (i.e. the B and D series) all modular invariant 1-loop partition functions at levels 1,2,3. Previously, only those at level 1 were classified. An extraordinary number of exceptionals appear at level 2 -- indeed ... More
Kac-Peterson, Perron-Frobenius, and the Classification of Conformal Field TheoriesOct 30 1995The classification of CFTs has an important subproblem, namely classifiying the partition functions for WZW theories. This subproblem is intimately connected to the modular behaviour of the characters of affine algebras. This paper addresses the classification ... More
Algorithms for affine Kac-Moody algebrasJun 14 2001Feb 12 2002Weyl groups are ubiquitous, and efficient algorithms for them -- especially for the exceptional algebras -- are clearly desirable. In this paper we provide several of these, addressing practical concerns arising naturally for instance in computational ... More
The level 2 and 3 modular invariants of SU(n)Nov 06 1995In this paper we explicitly classify all modular invariant partition functions for su(n) at level 2 and 3. Previously, these were known only for level 1. The level 2 exceptionals exist at n=10, 16, and 28; the level 3 exceptionals exist at n=5, 9, and ... More
Partition Functions for Heterotic WZW Conformal Field TheoriesSep 13 1992Thus far in the search for, and classification of, `physical' modular invariant partition functions $\sum N_{LR}\,\c_L\,\C_R$ the attention has been focused on the {\it symmetric} case where the holomorphic and anti-holomorphic sectors, and hence the ... More
Why I am optimistic about the silicon-photonic route to quantum computingJul 28 2016This is a short overview explaining how building a large-scale, silicon-photonic quantum computer has been reduced to the creation of good sources of 3-photon entangled states (and may simplify further). Given such sources, each photon need pass through ... More
Quantum Information is physical tooApr 08 1999We discuss the physical nature of quantum information, in particular focussing on tasks that are achievable by some physical realizations of qubits but not by others.
Kinematics of Globular Clusters in M49 and M87Jun 08 2001We present recent multi-object spectroscopy of globular clusters in the Virgo gEs M49 and M87. In M49, we have a total of 144 confirmed clusters out to 8 arcmin radius (~6 R_eff or 35 kpc). We find that the blue (metal-poor) clusters have both a higher ... More
Hyperelliptic Lefschetz fibrations and branched covering spacesNov 15 1998Mar 25 1999Let M be a smooth 4-manifold which admits a relatively minimal hyperelliptic genus h Lefschetz fibration over the 2-sphere. If all of the vanishing cycles for this fibration are nonseparating curves, then we show that M is a 2-fold cover of a 2-sphere ... More
Rough paths, Signatures and the modelling of functions on streamsMay 18 2014Rough path theory is focused on capturing and making precise the interactions between highly oscillatory and non-linear systems. It draws on the analysis of LC Young and the geometric algebra of KT Chen. The concepts and the uniform estimates, have widespread ... More
Much ado about MathieuNov 23 2012Mar 15 2013Eguchi, Ooguri and Tachikawa have observed that the elliptic genus of type II string theory on K3 surfaces appears to possess a Moonshine for the largest Mathieu group. Subsequent work by several people established a candidate for the elliptic genus twisted ... More
Abundance ratios in red-sequence galaxies over a wide mass range: The "X-planes" for magnesium, calcium, carbon and nitrogenMar 16 2009May 28 2009We analyse the abundance ratios of the light elements Mg, Ca, C and N, relative to Fe, for 147 red-sequence galaxies in the Coma cluster and the Shapley Supercluster. The sample covers a six-magnitude range in luminosity, from giant ellipticals to dwarfs ... More
Data Augmentation of Wearable Sensor Data for Parkinson's Disease Monitoring using Convolutional Neural NetworksJun 02 2017Nov 08 2017While convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have been successfully applied to many challenging classification applications, they typically require large datasets for training. When the availability of labeled data is limited, data augmentation is a critical ... More
Superiority of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (LPL) over Steward Observatory (SO) at the University of ArizonaApr 01 2002LPL dominance over Steward is demonstrated through several lines of evidence including observations and modelling of previous April Fools day behavior. The decrease in Steward coolness is attributed to the departure of interesting graduate students from ... More
Calibrating Photometric Redshifts of Luminous Red GalaxiesJul 28 2004May 24 2005We discuss the construction of a photometric redshift catalogue of Luminous Red Galaxies (LRGs) from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), emphasizing the principal steps necessary for constructing such a catalogue -- (i) photometrically selecting the ... More
Anomalous Workfunction Anisotropy in Ternary AcetylidesJul 11 2012Anomalous anisotropy of workfunction values in ternary alkali metal transition metal acetylides is reported. Workfunction values of some characteristic surfaces in these emerging semiconducting materials may differ by more than $\approx$ 2 eV as predicted ... More
Interactive-Automatic Segmentation and Modelling of the Mitral ValveMay 03 2019Mitral valve regurgitation is the most common valvular disease, affecting 10% of the population over 75 years old. Left untreated, patients with mitral valve regurgitation can suffer declining cardiac health until cardiac failure and death. Mitral valve ... More
Parkinson's Disease Assessment from a Wrist-Worn Wearable Sensor in Free-Living Conditions: Deep Ensemble Learning and VisualizationAug 08 2018Parkinson's Disease (PD) is characterized by disorders in motor function such as freezing of gait, rest tremor, rigidity, and slowed and hyposcaled movements. Medication with dopaminergic medication may alleviate those motor symptoms, however, side-effects ... More
The 2dF-SDSS LRG and QSO Survey: The Star Formation Histories of Luminous Red GalaxiesSep 07 2006We present a detailed investigation into the recent star formation histories of 5,697 Luminous Red Galaxies (LRGs) based on the Hdelta (4101A) and [OII] (3727A) lines. LRGs are luminous (L>3L*), galaxies which have been selected to have photometric properties ... More
Resonantly hybridised excitons in moiré superlattices in van der Waals heterostructuresApr 12 2019Atomically-thin layers of two-dimensional materials can be assembled in vertical stacks held together by relatively weak van der Waals forces, allowing for coupling between monolayer crystals with incommensurate lattices and arbitrary mutual rotation. ... More
LP 400-22, A very low-mass and high-velocity white dwarfApr 21 2006May 05 2006We report the identification of LP 400-22 (WD 2234+222) as a very low-mass and high-velocity white dwarf. The ultraviolet GALEX and optical photometric colors and a spectral line analysis of LP 400-22 show this star to have an effective temperature of ... More