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"Visible" 5d orbital states in a pleochroic oxychlorideApr 12 2019Transition metal compounds sometimes exhibit beautiful colors. We report here on a new oxychloride Ca3ReO5Cl2 which shows unusually distinct pleochroism; that is, the material exhibits different colors depending on viewing directions. This ple-ochroism ... More
Weak ferromagnetic order breaking the threefold rotational symmetry of the underlying kagomé lattice in CdCu$_3$(OH)$_6$(NO$_3$)$_2\cdot$H$_2$OMar 28 2017Novel magnetic phases are expected to occur in highly frustrated spin systems. Here we study the structurally perfect kagom\'e antiferromagnet CdCu$_3$(OH)$_6$(NO$_3$)$_2\cdot$H$_2$O by magnetization, magnetic torque, and heat capacity measurements using ... More
Large anomalous Nernst effect at room temperature in a chiral antiferromagnetSep 20 2017Temperature gradient in a ferromagnetic conductor may generate a spontaneous transverse voltage drop in the direction perpendicular to both magnetization and heat current. This anomalous Nernst effect (ANE) has been considered to be proportional to the ... More
The classification of orbits on certain exceptional Jordan algebra under the automorphism groupNov 03 2010Jul 07 2012Let $\mathcal{J}^1$ be the real form of complex simple Jordan algebra with the automorphism group $G$ of type $F_{4(-20)}$. Explicitly, we give the orbit decomposition of $\mathcal{J}^1$ under the action of $G$ and determine the Lie group structure of ... More
The Iwasawa decomposition and the Bruhat decomposition of the automorphism group on certain exceptional Jordan algebraSep 05 2011Apr 27 2013Let $\mathcal{J}^1$ be the real form of a complex simple Jordan algebra such that the automorphism group is $\mathrm{F}_{4(-20)}$. By using some orbit types of $\mathrm{F}_{4(-20)}$ on $\mathcal{J}^1$, for $\mathrm{F}_{4(-20)}$, explicitly, we give the ... More
Giant anomalous Nernst effect and quantum-critical scaling in a ferromagnetic semimetalJul 12 2018In metallic ferromagnets, the Berry curvature of underlying quasiparticles can cause an electric voltage perpendicular to both magnetization and an applied temperature gradient, a phenomenon called the anomalous Nernst effect (ANE). Here, we report the ... More
Orbit decomposition of Jordan matrix algebras of order three under the automorphism groupsJul 17 2010Apr 06 2011The orbit decomposition is given under the automorphism group on the real split Jordan algebra of all hermitian matrices of order three corresponding to any real split composition algebra, or the automorphism group on the complexification, explicitly, ... More
Skewness Dependence of GPD / DVCS, Conformal OPE and AdS/CFT Correspondence II: a holographic model of GPDAug 27 2014Traditional idea of Pomeron/Reggeon description for hadron scattering is now being given theoretical foundation in gravity dual descriptions, where Pomeron corresponds to exchange of spin-$j \in 2\mathbb{Z}$ states in the graviton trajectory. Deeply virtual ... More
Skewness Dependence of GPD / DVCS, Conformal OPE and AdS/CFT Correspondence I: Wavefunctions of Regge TrajectoryDec 13 2012Traditional idea of Pomeron/Reggeon description for hadron scattering is now being given theoretical foundation in gravity dual descriptions, where Pomeron corresponds to exchange of spin-j\in 2Z states in the graviton trajectory. Deeply virtual compton ... More
Effects of time delay in feedback control of linear quantum systemsNov 27 2008We investigate feedback control of linear quantum systems subject to feedback-loop time delays. In particular, we examine the relation between the potentially achievable control performance and the time delays, and provide theoretical guidelines for the ... More
Metastability of R-Charged Black HolesJan 27 2007Jul 04 2007The global stability of R-charged AdS black holes in a grand canonical ensemble is examined by eliminating the constraints from the action, but without solving the equations of motion, thereby constructing the reduced action of the system. The metastability ... More
Box ball system associated with antisymmetric tensor crystalsDec 26 2003Mar 18 2007A new box ball system associated with an antisymmetric tensor crystal of the quantum affine algebra of type A is considered. This includes the so-called colored box ball system with capacity 1 as the simplest case. Infinite number of conserved quantities ... More
Lambda(1405) and kaonic few-body states in chiral dynamicsMar 14 2011Mar 18 2011The present status of the Lambda(1405) structure study in chiral dynamics is briefly reviewed. It turns out that the Lambda(1405) resonance can be described by hadronic dynamics. The idea of the hadronic molecular state is extended to kaonic few-body ... More
On singular fibres of complex Lagrangian fibrationsNov 22 1999We classify singular fibres over general points of the discriminant locus of projective complex Lagrangian fibrations on 4-dimensional holomorphic symplectic manifolds. The singular fibre F is the following either one: F is isomorphic to the product of ... More
The boundary state for a class of analytic solutions in open string field theoryOct 07 2011Nov 18 2011We construct a boundary state for a class of analytic solutions in the Witten's open string field theory. The result is consistent with the property of the zero limit of a propagator's length, which was claimed in [19]. And we show that our boundary state ... More
Fourier-Laplace transform and isomonodromic deformationsJun 03 2013Jan 27 2014Using the Fourier-Laplace transform, we describe the isomonodromy equations for meromorphic connections on the Riemann sphere with unramified irregular singularities as those for connections with a (possibly ramified) irregular singularity and a regular ... More
Geometry of Multiplicative Preprojective AlgebraOct 14 2007Nov 15 2007Crawley-Boevey and Shaw recently introduced a certain multiplicative analogue of the deformed preprojective algebra, which they called the multiplicative preprojective algebra. In this paper we study the moduli space of (semi)stable representations of ... More
Quiver Varieties with Multiplicities, Weyl Groups of Non-Symmetric Kac-Moody Algebras, and Painlevé EquationsMar 18 2010Oct 26 2010To a finite quiver equipped with a positive integer on each of its vertices, we associate a holomorphic symplectic manifold having some parameters. This coincides with Nakajima's quiver variety with no stability parameter/framing if the integers attached ... More
Mesons in Nuclei and Partial Restoration of Chiral SymmetryMar 23 2016Jul 12 2016Recent topics on mesons in nuclei are discussed by especially emphasizing the role of the partial restoration of chiral symmetry in the nuclear medium. The spontaneously broken chiral symmetry in vacuum is considered to be incompletely restored in finite ... More
Upper Bound for Diameter of Cosmological Black Holes and Nonexistence of Black StringsSep 29 2016The diameter of the apparent horizon, defined by the distance between furthest points on the horizon, in spacetimes with a positive cosmological constant $\varLambda$ has been investigated. It is established that the diameter of the apparent horizon on ... More
Brane-world cosmologyDec 01 1999A simple model of the brane-world cosmology has been proposed, which is characterized by four parameters, the bulk cosmological constant, the spatial curvature of the universe, the radiation strength arising from bulk space-time and the breaking parameter ... More
Recent progress in lattice supersymmetry: from lattice gauge theory to black holesJul 05 2016Supersymmetry (SUSY) is a fascinating topic in theoretical physics, because of its unique and counterintuitive properties. It is expected to emerge as new physics beyond the standard model, and it is also a building block for supergravity and superstring ... More
Diagrammatic and Kinetic Equation Analysis of Ultrasoft Fermionic Sector in Quark-Gluon PlasmaMar 26 2013At so high temperature (T) that the coupling constant (g) is small and the masses of the particles are negligible, different scheme has to be applied in each energy scale in the analysis of the quark-gluon plasma (QGP). In the soft energy region (p gT), ... More
On fibre space structures of a projective irreducible symplectic manifoldSep 30 1997In this note, we investigate fibre space structures of a projective irreducible symplectic manifold. We prove that an 2n-dimensional projective irreducible symplectic manifold admits only an n-dimensional fibration over a Fano variety which has only Q-factorial ... More
Convergence of energy functionals and stability of lower bounds of Ricci curvature via metric measure foliationApr 02 2018Oct 26 2018The notion of the metric measure foliation is introduced by Galaz-Garc\'ia, Kell, Mondino, and Sosa. They studied the relation between a metric measure space with a metric measure foliation and its quotient space. They showed that the curvature-dimension ... More
Power variations and testing for co-jumps: the small noise approachMay 09 2016Jun 20 2016In this paper we study the effects of noise on the bipower variation (BPV), realized volatility (RV) and testing for co-jumps in high-frequency data under the small noise framework. We first establish asymptotic properties of the BPV in this framework. ... More
Effects of SNe II and SNe Ia Feedback on the Chemo-Dynamical Evolution of Elliptical GalaxiesMay 17 2001We numerically investigate the dynamical and chemical processes of the formation of elliptical galaxies in a cold dark matter (CDM) universe, in order to understand the origin of the mass-dependence of the photometric properties of elliptical galaxies. ... More
Static charged perfect fluid with the Weyl-Majumdar relationJun 17 1999Apr 12 2000Static charged perfect fluid distributions have been studied. It is shown that if the norm of the timelike Killing vector and the electrostatic potential have the Weyl-Majumdar relation, then the background spatial metric is the space of constant curvature, ... More
A basis construction for the Shi arrangement of the type $B_{\ell}$ or $C_{\ell}$May 29 2012The Shi arrangement is an affine arrangement of hyperplanes consisting of the hyperplanes of the Weyl arrangement and their parallel translations. It was introduced by J.-Y. Shi in the study of the Kazhdan-Lusztig representation of the affine Weyl groups. ... More
Exact Solution of Bogoliubov Equations for Bosons in One-Dimensional Piecewise Constant PotentialSep 07 2009Sep 08 2009We show that Bogoliubov equations in one-dimensional systems with piecewise constant potentials can be always solved. In particular, we analyze in detail the case where the condensate wavefunction is a real-valued function, and give the explicit expressions ... More
Scattering Rule in Soliton Cellular Automaton associated with Crystal Base of $U_q(D_4^{(3)})$Sep 03 2006Mar 18 2007In terms of the crystal base of a quantum affine algebra $U_q(\mathfrak{g})$, we study a soliton cellular automaton (SCA) associated with the exceptional affine Lie algebra $\mathfrak{g}=D_4^{(3)}$. The solitons therein are labeled by the crystals of ... More
Evaluation of spin diffusion length and spin Hall angle of antiferromagnetic Weyl semimetal Mn$_3$SnFeb 18 2019Antiferromagnetic Weyl semimetal Mn$_3$Sn has shown to generate strong intrinsic anomalous Hall effect (AHE) at room temperature, due to large momentum-space Berry curvature from the time-reversal symmetry breaking electronic bands of the Kagome planes. ... More
Ultrasoft fermion mode and off-diagonal Boltzmann equation in quark-gluon plasma at high temperatureMar 11 2013We derive the generalized Boltzmann equation (GBE) near equilibrium from the Kadanoff-Baym equation for quark excitation with ultrasoft momentum (~g^2T, g: coupling constant, T: temperature) in quantum chromodynamics (QCD) at extremely high T, and show ... More
A determinant formula for relative congruence zeta functions for cyclotomic function fieldsJun 17 2009Jul 17 2009Rosen M. gave a determinant formula for relative class numbers for the P-th cyclotomic function fields in the case of the monic irreducible polynomial P, which is regarded as an analogue of the classical Maillet determinant. In this paper, we will give ... More
On the Topology of Black LensesApr 23 2009The topological structure of the black holes in 5-dimensional space-times with a horizon diffeomorphic with the lens space has been discussed. It has been shown that such a black hole can emerge from the crease set, which is composed of the plumbings ... More
Pseudoscalar mesons in nuclei and partial restoration of chiral symmetryDec 16 2010Recent theoretical developments of hadrons in nuclei are briefly reviewed in the aspect of chiral symmetry in nuclei. We show a general sum rule connecting in-medium hadronic quantities and quark condensate, emphasizing that both pionic mode and particle-hole ... More
Higher direct images of Lagrangian fibrationsOct 29 2000We prove that the higher direct images of the dualizing sheaf of a Lagrangian fibration between smooth projective manifolds are isomorphic to the cotangent bundles of base space. As a corollary, we obtain that every Hodge number of the base space of a ... More
Calabi--Yau 3-folds from projective joins of del Pezzo manifoldsFeb 26 2019In this paper, we will construct new examples of derived equivalent Calabi--Yau 3-folds with Picard number greater than one. We also study their mirror Calabi--Yau manifolds and find that they are given by Schoen's fiber products of suitable rational ... More
Fujiki relation on symplectic varietiesSep 22 2001We generalize Fujiki relation of Beauville-Bogomolov quadratic form on a projective symplectic variety. As an application, we study a fibre space structure of a projective symplectic variety.
Middle Convolution and Harnad DualityNov 19 2009Feb 08 2010We interpret the additive middle convolution operation in terms of the Harnad duality, and as an application, generalize the operation to have a multi-parameter and act on irregular singular systems.
Superconducting properties of the ternary transition-metal silicide Zr2Ru3Si4Oct 22 2013Superconducting properties of the polycrystalline Zr2Ru3Si4 were investigated by the electrical resistivity, magnetization and specific heat. By these measurements, bulk superconductivity with transition temperature Tc = 5.5 K was confirmed. Moreover, ... More
Is it possible to unify three kinds of Dark Matters into a Kaluza-Klein Neutrino?Aug 06 2014A unified theory of including all kinds of dark matters into a single species (field) is discussed. In particular, it is considered that the Warm Dark matter (WDM), the existence of which may be required by the detailed $N$-body simulations of galaxies ... More
Hadronic few-body systems in chiral dynamics, -- Few-body systems in hadron physics --Oct 06 2012Hadronic composite states are introduced as few-body systems in hadron physics. The $\Lambda(1405)$ resonance is a good example of the hadronic few-body systems. It has turned out that $\Lambda(1405)$ can be described by hadronic dynamics in a modern ... More
Addendum to: On fibre space structures of a projective irreducible symplectic manifoldMar 08 1999In this note, we prove that every fibre space structures of a projective irreducible symplectic manifold is a lagrangian fibration.
Equidimensionality of complex Lagrangian fibrationsNov 22 1999Nov 23 1999We prove that every irreducible component of a fibre of a complex Lagrangian fibration is Lagrangian subvariety. Especially, complex Lagrangian fibations are equidimensional.
A canonical bundle formular of projective Lagrangian fibrationsSep 30 2007We classify singular fibres of a projective Lagrangian fibration over codimension one points. As an application, we obtain a canonical bundle formula for a projective Lagrangian fibration over a smooth manifold.
Correlated cluster mean-field theory for spin systemsDec 22 2008Apr 27 2009A cluster mean-field method is introduced and the applications to the Ising and Heisenberg models are demonstrated. We divide the lattice sites into clusters whose size and shape are selected so that the equivalence of all sites in a cluster is preserved. ... More
No Black Hole Theorem in Three-Dimensional GravityMay 31 2000Sep 26 2000A common property of known black hole solutions in (2+1)-dimensional gravity is that they require a negative cosmological constant. In this letter, it is shown that a (2+1)-dimensional gravity theory which satisfies the dominant energy condition forbids ... More
On isotropic divisors on irreducible symplectic manifoldsOct 03 2013May 30 2014Let X be an irreducible symplectic manifold and L a divisor on X. Assume that L is isotropic with respect to the Beauville-Bogomolov quadratic form. We define the rational Lagrangian locus and the movable locus on the universal deformation space of the ... More
On deformations of Lagrangian fibrationsMar 12 2009Jun 10 2015Let X be an irreducible symplectic manifold and Def(X) the Kuranishi space. Assume that X admits a Lagrangian fibration. We prove that X can be deformed preserving a Lagrangian fibration. More precisely, there exists a smooth hypersurface H of Def(X) ... More
On nef reductions of projective irreducible symplectic manifoldsJan 06 2006Jan 20 2006Let X be a projective irreducible symplectic manifold and L a non trivial nef divisor on X. Assume that the nef dimension of L is strictly less than the dimension of X. We prove that L is semiample
Inter-Band Effects of Magnetic Field on Hall Conductivity in Multi Layered Massless Dirac Fermion System $α$-(BEDT-TTF)$_2$I$_3$Jan 13 2012We have discovered two-dimensional zero-gap material with a layered structure in the organic conductor $\alpha$-(BEDT-TTF)$_2$I$_3$ under high hydrostatic pressure. In contrast to graphene, the electron-hole symmetry is not good except at the vicinity ... More
Critical Point of a Symmetric Vertex ModelJan 12 2005We study a symmetric vertex model, that allows 10 vertex configurations, by use of the corner transfer matrix renormalization group (CTMRG), a variant of DMRG. The model has a critical point that belongs to the Ising universality class.
Snapshot Observation for 2D Classical Lattice Models by Corner Transfer Matrix Renormalization GroupSep 17 2004We report a way of obtaining a spin configuration snapshot, which is one of the representative spin configurations in canonical ensemble, in a finite area of infinite size two-dimensional (2D) classical lattice models. The corner transfer matrix renormalization ... More
Tensor Product Variational Formulation for Quantum SystemsJan 08 2004We consider a variational problem for the two-dimensional (2D) Heisenberg and XY models, using a trial state which is constructed as a 2D product of local weights. Variational energy is calculated by use of the the corner transfer matrix renormalization ... More
QCD Sum Rules and 1/$N_c$ expansionAug 27 2008The 1/$N_c$ arguments are developed to classify the hadronic states in the correlators. Arguments applied to the $\sigma$ meson correlator enable to separate the instanton, glueball, and, in particular, the $\pi\pi$ scattering states by $1/N_c$ from both ... More
Galactic Wind Signatures around High Redshift GalaxiesApr 04 2007We carry out cosmological chemodynamical simulations with different strengths of supernova (SN) feedback and study how galactic winds from star-forming galaxies affect the features of hydrogen (HI) and metal (CIV and OVI) absorption systems in the intergalactic ... More
Crystal structure of the set of Lakshmibai-Seshadri paths of a level-zero shape for an affine Lie algebraOct 02 2005Let $\lambda = \sum_{i \in I_{0}} m_{i} \varpi_{i}$, with $m_{i} \in \mathbb{Z}_{\ge 0}$ for $i \in I_{0}$, be a level-zero dominant integral weight for an affine Lie algebra $\mathfrak{g}$ over $\mathbb{Q}$, where the $\varpi_{i}$, $i \in I_{0}$, are ... More
Sparse Signal Recovery for Binary Compressed Sensing by Majority Voting Neural NetworksOct 29 2016In this paper, we propose majority voting neural networks for sparse signal recovery in binary compressed sensing. The majority voting neural network is composed of several independently trained feedforward neural networks employing the sigmoid function ... More
Critical velocity of flowing supersolids of dipolar Bose gases in optical latticesFeb 20 2010Aug 05 2010We study superfluidity of supersolid phases of dipolar Bose gases in two-dimensional optical lattices. We perform linear stability analyses for the corresponding dipolar Bose-Hubbard model in the hardcore boson limit to show that a supersolid can have ... More
Scalar field perturbation on six-dimensional ultra-spinning black holesDec 15 2004Jan 05 2005We have studied the scalar field perturbations on six-dimensional ultra-spinning black holes. We have numerically calculated the quasinormal modes of rotating black holes. Our results suggest that such perturbations are stable.
Structure of long-period stacking/order Mg-Zn-RE (RE: rare-earth and Y) phases with extended non-stoichiometry rangesJul 22 2011Sep 21 2011We propose structure models of the unique long-period stacking/order (LPSO) phases formed in the Mg-Zn-RE alloys, based on Z-contrast scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) observations and first-principles calculations. The LPSO structures ... More
Electron Correlation Effects in Non-Centrosymmetric Metals in the Weak Coupling RegimeJan 29 2015Jun 11 2015The two-dimensional Rashba-Hubbard model is investigated in order to clarify the electron correlation effects in non-centrosymmetric metals. The renormalization effect on Rashba spin-orbit coupling (RSOC) is calculated on the basis of second-order and ... More
Higher order approximation of isochronsOct 20 2009Phase reduction is a commonly used techinque for analyzing stable oscillators, particularly in studies concerning synchronization and phase lock of a network of oscillators. In a widely used numerical approach for obtaining phase reduction of a single ... More
Another approach to local cohomology problem in abelian lattice gauge theoriesApr 28 2005A new technique is proposed to classify a topological field in abelian lattice gauge theories. We perform the classification by regarding the topological field as a local composite field of the gauge field tensor instead of the vector potential associated ... More
Golodness and polyhedral products for two dimensional simplicial complexesJun 30 2015Golodness of 2-dimensional simplicial complexes is studied through polyhedral products, and combinatorial and topoogical characterization of Golodness of surface triangulations is given. An answer to the question of Berglund is also given so that there ... More
Polyhedral products for simplicial complexes with minimal Taylor resolutionsJun 05 2015We prove that for a simplicial complex $K$ whose Taylor resolution for the Stanley-Reisner ring is minimal, the following four conditions are equivalent: (1) $K$ satisfies the strong gcd-condition; (2) $K$ is Golod; (3) the moment-angle complex $\mathcal{Z}_K$ ... More
Decompositions of suspensions of spaces involving polyhedral productsMay 19 2015Jul 25 2015Two homotopy decompositions of supensions of spaces involving polyhedral products are given. The first decomposition is motivated by the decomposition of suspensions of polyhedral products by Bahri, Bendersky, Cohen, and Gitler, and is a generalization ... More
Fat wedge filtrations and decomposition of polyhedral productsDec 16 2014May 18 2015The polyhedral product constructed from a collection of pairs of cones and their bases and a simplicial complex $K$ is studied by investigating its filtration called the fat wedge filtration. We give a sufficient condition for decomposing the polyhedral ... More
Spontaneous Symmetry Breakings in $Z_2$ Gauge Theories for Doped Quantum Dimer and Eight-Vertex ModelsAug 10 2004Nov 11 2004Behavior of doped fermions in $Z_2$ gauge theories for the quantum dimer and eight-vertex models is studied. Fermions carry charge and spin degrees of freedom. In the confinement phase of the $Z_2$ gauge theories, these internal symmetries are spontaneously ... More
Lattice study of supersymmetry breaking in N=2 supersymmetric quantum mechanicsDec 27 2018We study supersymmetry breaking from a lattice model of N=2 supersymmetric quantum mechanics using the direct computational method proposed in arXiv:1803.07960. The vanishing Witten index is realized as a numerical result in high precision. The expectation ... More
Spin splitting and Kondo effect in quantum dots coupled to noncollinear ferromagnetic leadsJul 21 2006Feb 15 2007We study the Kondo effect in a quantum dot coupled to two noncollinear ferromagnetic leads. First, we study the spin splitting $\delta\epsilon=\epsilon_{\downarrow}-\epsilon_{\uparrow}$ of an energy level in the quantum dot by tunnel couplings to the ... More
Towards a self-consistent numerical model of late-type galaxies: Calibrating the effects of sub-grid physics on galactic modelsDec 07 2011Dec 09 2011We carry out several isolated galaxy evolution simulations in a fixed dark matter halo gravitational potential using the new version of our N-body/Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) code GCD+. The new code allows us to more accurately model and follow ... More
Subparsec-scale dynamics of a dusty gas disk exposed to anisotropic AGN radiation with frequency-dependent radiative transferApr 12 2016We explore the gas dynamics near the dust sublimation radius of active galactic nucleus (AGN). For the purpose, we perform axisymmetric radiation hydrodynamic simulations of a dusty gas disk of radius $\approx 1\,\mathrm{pc}$ around a supermassive black ... More
In-medium η' mass and η'N interaction in vacuum in the linear sigma modelJan 10 2014We investigate the \eta'N two-body interaction in the context of the \eta' meson mass modification in the nuclear medium. It has been argued in several articles that the masses of \eta' and the other pseudoscalar mesons (\pi, K, \eta) should degenerate ... More
Whitehead products in moment-angle complexesJun 29 2018In toric topology, to a simplicial complex $K$ with $m$ vertices, one associates two spaces, the moment-angle complex $\mathcal{Z}_K$ and the Davis-Januszkiewicz space $DJ_K$. These spaces are connected by a homotopy fibration $\mathcal{Z}_K\to DJ_K\to(\mathbb{C}P^\infty)^m$. ... More
Polyhedral products for simplicial complexes with minimal Taylor resolutionsJun 05 2015Mar 17 2017We prove that for a simplicial complex $K$ whose Taylor resolution for the Stanley-Reisner ring is minimal, the following four conditions are equivalent: (1) $K$ satisfies the strong gcd-condition; (2) $K$ is Golod; (3) the moment-angle complex $\mathcal{Z}_K$ ... More
Homotopy decomposition of diagonal arrangementsMar 31 2014Given a space $X$ and a simplicial complex $K$ with $m$-vertices, the arrangement of partially diagonal subspaces of $X^m$, called the dragonal arrangement, is defined. We decompose the suspension of the diagonal arrangement when $2(dim K + 1) < m$, which ... More
Dynamical supersymmetry for strange quark and $ud$ antidiquark in hadron mass spectrumApr 08 2019Speculating that the $ud$ diquark with spin 0 has a similar mass to the constituent $s$ quark, we introduce a symmetry between the $s$ quark and the $\overline{ud}$ diquark. Constructing an algebra for this symmetry, we regard a triplet of the $s$ quarks ... More
Estimation of gridded population and GDP scenarios with spatially explicit statistical downscalingOct 28 2016This study downscales the population and GDP scenarios given under Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSPs) into 0.5-degree grids. Our downscale approach has the following features: it applies a spatial econometric model to consider spatial and socioeconomic ... More
Variational Monte Carlo Method Combined with Quantum-Number Projection and Multi-Variable OptimizationMay 29 2008Oct 27 2008Variational wave functions used in the variational Monte Carlo (VMC) method are extensively improved to overcome the biases coming from the assumed variational form of the wave functions. We construct a highly generalized variational form by introducing ... More
A Brane World in an Arbitrary Number of Dimensions without Z_2 SymmetryMay 16 2007Aug 03 2007We consider a brane world in an arbitrary number of dimensions without Z_2 symmetry and derive the effective Einstein equation on the brane, where its right-hand side is given by the matter on the brane and the curvature in the bulk. This is achieved ... More
A modification of the Anderson-Mirkovic conjecture for Mirkovic-Vilonen polytopes in types B and CNov 01 2007Feb 12 2008We give an explicit description of the (lowering) Kashiwara operators on Mirkovi\'c-Vilonen polytopes in types $B$ and $C$, which provides a simple method for generating Mirkovi\'c-Vilonen polytopes inductively. This description can be thought of as a ... More
Path Model for a Level Zero Extremal Weight Module over a Quantum Affine AlgebraOct 30 2002Nov 06 2002We give a path model for a level zero extremal weight module over a quantum affine algebra. By using this result, we prove a branching rule for an extremal weight module with respect to a Levi subalgebra. Furthermore, we also show a decomposition rule ... More
Schrödinger equations with time-dependent strong magnetic fieldsFeb 22 2013We consider d-dimensional time dependent Schr\"odinger equations on the Hilbert space of square integrable functions. We assume magnetic and scalar potentials are almost critically singular with respect to spatial variables both locally and at infinity ... More
Topology Change of Black HolesApr 02 2007Oct 31 2007The topological structure of the event horizon has been investigated in terms of the Morse theory. The elementary process of topological evolution can be understood as a handle attachment. It has been found that there are certain constraints on the nature ... More
Anti-de Sitter no-hair, AdS/CFT and the brane-worldFeb 07 2001May 07 2001We study the asymptotic behavior of the bulk spacetimes with the negative cosmological constant in the context of the brane-world scenario. We show that, in Euclidean bulk, or in Lorentzian static bulk, some sequences of hypersurfaces with the positive ... More
Monte Carlo Studies of the Ordering of the Three-Dimensional Isotropic Heisenberg Spin Glass in Magnetic FieldsOct 11 2001Spin and chirality orderings of the three-dimensional Heisenberg spin glass under magnetic fields are studied by large-scale equilibrium Monte Carlo simulations. It is found that the chiral-glass transition and the chiral-glass ordered state, which are ... More
Collective excitation and stability of flow-induced gapless Fermi superfluidsMar 22 2014We study the collective excitation and stability of superfluid Fermi gases flowing with a constant velocity in three-dimensional free space. In particular, we investigate a possible gapless superfluid state induced by the superflow using the mean-field ... More
A simple construction of fermion measure term in U(1) chiral lattice gauge theories with exact gauge invarianceSep 23 2007Feb 18 2008In the gauge invariant formulation of U(1) chiral lattice gauge theories based on the Ginsparg-Wilson relation, the gauge field dependence of the fermion measure is determined through the so-called measure term. We derive a closed formula of the measure ... More
Topology of polyhedral products and the Golod property of Stanley-Reisner ringsJun 12 2013May 16 2016The polyhedral product is a space constructed from a simplicial complex and a collection of pairs of spaces, which is connected with the Stanley Reisner ring of the simplicial complex via cohomology. Generalizing the previous work Grbic and Theriault, ... More
On the Chemical and Structural Evolution of the Galactic DiskMay 02 2014We study the detailed properties of the radial metallicity gradient in the stellar disk of our Galaxy to constrain its chemical and structural evolution. For this purpose we select and analyze $\sim$ 18,500 disk stars taken from two datasets, the Sloan ... More
Vertex-weighted graphs and freeness of $ ψ$-graphical arrangementsNov 16 2015Jan 25 2016Let $ G $ be a simple graph of $ \ell $ vertices $ \{1, \dots, \ell \} $ with edge set $ E_{G} $. The graphical arrangement $ \mathcal{A}_{G} $ consists of hyperplanes $ \{x_{i}-x_{j}=0\} $, where $ \{i, j \} \in E_{G} $. It is well known that three properties, ... More
Induction by Coinduction and Control Operators in Call-by-NameSep 05 2013This paper studies emulation of induction by coinduction in a call-by-name language with control operators. Since it is known that call-by-name programming languages with control operators cannot have general initial algebras, interaction of induction ... More
Geometric free energy of toric AdS4/CFT3 modelsDec 30 2014Jan 22 2015We study the supersymmetric free energy of three dimensional Chern-Simons-matter theories holographically dual to AdS$_4$ times toric Sasaki-Einstein seven-manifolds. In the large $N$ limit, we argue that the square of the free energy can be written as ... More
Exhaustive derivation of static self-consistent multi-soliton solutions in the matrix Bogoliubov-de Gennes systemsDec 24 2015Apr 15 2016The matrix-generalized Bogoliubov-de Gennes systems have recently been considered by the present author [arXiv:1509.04242, Phys. Rev. B 93, 024512 (2016)], and time-dependent and self-consistent multi-soliton solutions have been constructed based on the ... More
Bogoliubov-de Gennes Soliton Dynamics in Unconventional Fermi SuperfluidsSep 14 2015Jan 20 2016Exact self-consistent soliton dynamics based on the Bogoliubov-de Gennes (BdG) formalism in unconventional Fermi superfluids/superconductors possessing an $SU(d)$-symmetric two-body interaction is presented. The derivation is based on the ansatz having ... More
A family of multi-value cellular automaton model for traffic flowFeb 08 2000A family of multi-value cellular automaton (CA) associated with traffic flow is presented in this paper. The family is obtained by extending the rule-184 CA, which is an ultradiscrete analogue to the Burgers equation. CA models in the family show both ... More
One-Dimensional Integrable Spinor BECs Mapped to Matrix Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation and Solution of Bogoliubov Equation in These SystemsNov 24 2010Dec 27 2010In this short note, we construct mappings from one-dimensional integrable spinor BECs to matrix nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation, and solve the Bogoliubov equation of these systems. A map of spin-$n$ BEC is constructed from the $2^n$-dimensional spinor ... More
Black holes in three-dimensional Einstein-Born-Infeld-dilaton theoryMay 25 2001The three-dimensional static and circularly symmetric solution of the Einstein-Born-Infeld-dilaton system is derived. The solutions corresponding to low energy string theory are investigated in detail, which include black hole solutions if the cosmological ... More