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Three-body forces and shell structure in calcium isotopesSep 29 2010Jul 02 2012Understanding and predicting the formation of shell structure from nuclear forces is a central challenge for nuclear physics. While the magic numbers N=2,8,20 are generally well understood, N=28 is the first standard magic number that is not reproduced ... More
Tabby: Explorable Design for 3D Printing TexturesOct 30 2018This paper presents Tabby, an interactive and explorable design tool for 3D printing textures. Tabby allows texture design with direct manipulation in the following workflow: 1) select a target surface, 2) sketch and manipulate a texture with 2D drawings, ... More
On birational superrigidity and conditional birational superrigidity of certain Fano hypersurfacesJan 27 2015Jun 22 2016We prove birational superrigidity of every hypersurface of degree N in P^N with singular locus of dimension s, under the assumption that N is at least 2s+8 and it has only quadratic singularities of rank at least N-s. Combined with the results of I. A. ... More
Duality for local fields and sheaves on the category of fieldsOct 18 2013Mar 22 2018Duality for complete discrete valuation fields with perfect residue field with coefficients in (possibly p-torsion) finite flat group schemes was obtained by Begueri, Bester and Kato. In this paper, we give another formulation and proof of this result. ... More
A q-analogue of the Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchy of type A and q-Painleve systemMay 21 2011Jun 16 2014In this article, we propose a q-analogue of the Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchy of type A. We also discuss its relationship with the q-Painleve VI equation and the q-hypergeometric function.
The universal quantum invariant and colored ideal triangulationsDec 25 2016Jun 02 2018The Drinfeld double of a finite dimensional Hopf algebra is a quasi-triangular Hopf algebra with the canonical element as the universal $R$-matrix, and one can obtain a ribbon Hopf algebra by adding the ribbon element. The universal quantum invariant ... More
A Particular Solution of a Painlevé System in Terms of the Hypergeometric Function ${}_{n+1}F_n$Apr 01 2010Oct 07 2010In a recent work, we proposed the coupled Painlev\'e VI system with $A^{(1)}_{2n+1}$-symmetry, which is a higher order generalization of the sixth Painlev\'e equation ($P_{\rm VI}$). In this article, we present its particular solution expressed in terms ... More
Higher order minimal families of rational curves and Fano manifolds with nef Chern charactersJun 30 2016Aug 31 2016In this paper, we investigate higher order minimal families $H_i$ of rational curves associated to Fano manifolds $X$. We prove that $H_i$ is also a Fano manifold if the Chern characters of $X$ satisfy some positivity conditions. We also provide a sufficient ... More
An invariant for embedded Fano manifolds covered by linear spacesMay 10 2017Jun 19 2017For an embedded Fano manifold $X$, we introduce a new invariant $S_X$ related to the dimension of covering linear spaces. The aim of this paper is to classify Fano manifolds $X$ which have large $S_X$.
Convergence of Brownian motions on RCD(K,infty) spacesMar 29 2016Jan 26 2018Suppose that metric measure spaces X_n=(X_n, d_n, m_n) satisfy RCD(K,infty) conditions with m_n(X_n)=1. Then the measured Gromov convergence (introduced by Gigili-Mondino-Savare '13) of X_n is equivalent to the weak convergence of the laws of Brownian ... More
Convergence of Brownian Motions on Metric Measure Spaces Under Riemannian Curvature-Dimension ConditionsMar 21 2017Jan 31 2018We show that the pointed measured Gromov convergence of the underlying spaces implies (or under some condition, is equivalent to) the weak convergence of Brownian motions under Riemannian Curvature-Dimension (RCD) conditions.
A Solution to Yamakami's Problem on Advised Context-free LanguagesFeb 02 2015Yamakami [2011, Theoret. Comput. Sci.] studies context-free languages with advice functions. Here, the length of an advice is assumed to be the same as that of an input. Let CFL and CFL/n denote the class of all context-free languages and that with advice ... More
Birational superrigidity and K-stability of projectively normal Fano manifolds of index oneOct 17 2018In this paper, we prove that every projectively normal Fano manifold in $\mathbb{P}^{n+r}$ of index $1$, codimension $r$ and dimension $n\geq 10r$ is birationally superrigid and K-stable. This result was previously proved by Zhuang under the complete ... More
The Hannan-Quinn Proposition for Linear RegressionDec 20 2010We consider the variable selection problem in linear regression. Suppose that we have a set of random variables $X_1,...,X_m,Y,\epsilon$ such that $Y=\sum_{k\in \pi}\alpha_kX_k+\epsilon$ with $\pi\subseteq \{1,...,m\}$ and $\alpha_k\in {\mathbb R}$ unknown, ... More
On pathological properties of fixed point algebras in Kirchberg algebrasMay 30 2019We investigate how the fixed point algebra of a C*-dynamical system can differ from the underlying C*-algebra. For any exact group $\Gamma$ and any infinite group $\Lambda$, we construct an outer action of $\Lambda$ on the Cuntz algebra $\mathcal{O}_2$ ... More
An f-chromatic spanning forest of edge-colored complete bipartite graphsJun 13 2011In 2001, Brualdi and Hollingsworth proved that an edge-colored balanced complete bipartite graph Kn,n with a color set C = {1,2,3,..., 2n-1} has a heterochromatic spanning tree if the number of edges colored with colors in R is more than |R|^2 /4 for ... More
Six-dimensional Painleve systems and their particular solutions in terms of hypergeometric functionsDec 24 2012Jun 16 2014In this article, we propose a class of six-dimensional Painleve systems given as the monodromy preserving deformations of the Fuchsian systems. They are expressed as polynomial Hamiltonian systems of sixth order. We also discuss their particular solutions ... More
Convergence of loop erased random walks on a planar graph to a chordal SLE(2) curveAug 05 2014In this paper we consider the natural random walk on a planar graph and scale it by a small positive number $\delta$. Given a simply connected domain $D$ and its two boundary points $a$ and $b$, we start the scaled walk at a vertex of the graph nearby ... More
The approximation property and exactness of locally compact groupsJan 16 2019Apr 27 2019We extend a theorem of Haagerup and Kraus in the C*-algebra context: for a locally compact group with the approximation property (AP), the reduced C*-crossed product construction preserves the strong operator approximation property (SOAP). In particular ... More
Elementary constructions of non-discrete C*-simple groupsApr 11 2016Recently Raum has given the first examples of locally compact non-discrete groups with the simple reduced group C*-algebra, answering a question of de la Harpe. Here we construct such groups whose proof relies only on results in the discrete case.
Non-Depth-First Search against Independent Distributions on an AND-OR TreeSep 21 2017Suzuki and Niida (Ann. Pure. Appl. Logic, 2015) showed the following results on independent distributions (IDs) on an AND-OR tree, where they took only depth-first algorithms into consideration. (1) Among IDs such that probability of the root having value ... More
On zeros of self-reciprocal polynomialsNov 13 2012Dec 14 2012We establish a necessary and sufficient condition for all zeros of a self-reciprocal polynomial to lie on the unit circle. Moreover, we relate the necessary and sufficient condition with a canonical system of linear differential equations (in the sense ... More
The set of common fixed points of an n-parameter continuous semigroup of mappingsJun 11 2004In this paper, using Kronecker's theorem, we discuss the set of common fixed points of an n-parameter continuous semigroup of mappings. We also discuss convergence theorems to a common fixed point of an n-parameter nonexpansive semigroup.
Complete descriptions of intermediate operator algebras by intermediate extensions of dynamical systemsMay 05 2018Feb 25 2019Practically and intrinsically, inclusions of operator algebras are of fundamental interest. The subject of this paper is intermediate operator algebras of inclusions. There are two previously known theorems which naturally and completely describe all ... More
Construction of minimal skew products of amenable minimal dynamical systemsMar 04 2015Mar 09 2016For an amenable minimal topologically free dynamical system $\alpha$ of a group on a compact metrizable space $Z$ and for a compact metrizable space $Y$ satisfying a mild condition, we construct a minimal skew product extension of $\alpha$ on $Z\times ... More
Non-positivity of certain functions associated with analysis on elliptic surfacesMar 02 2007May 29 2008In this paper, we study some basic analytic properties of the boundary term of Fesenko's two-dimensional zeta integrals. In the case of the rational number field, we show that this term is the Laplace transform of certain infinite series consisting of ... More
Symmetries of the Coefficients of Three Term Relations for the Hypergeometric FunctionsMay 06 2016Any three hypergeometric functions whose respective parameters $(a, b, c)$ differ by integers satisfy a linear relation with coefficients which are rational functions of $a, b, c$ and the variable $x$. These relations are called three term relations. ... More
Almost finiteness for general etale groupoids and its applications to stable rank of crossed productsFeb 16 2017Jul 13 2018We extend Matui's notion of almost finiteness to general etale groupoids and show that the reduced groupoid C*-algebras of minimal almost finite groupoids have stable rank one. The proof follows a new strategy, which can be regarded as a local version ... More
A generalization of heterochromatic graphsFeb 23 2011In 2006, Suzuki, and Akbari & Alipour independently presented a necessary and sufficient condition for edge-colored graphs to have a heterochromatic spanning tree, where a heterochromatic spanning tree is a spanning tree whose edges have distinct colors. ... More
$(g,f)$-Chromatic spanning trees and forestsSep 27 2018A heterochromatic (or rainbow) graph is an edge-colored graph whose edges have distinct colors, that is, where each color appears at most once. In this paper, I propose a $(g,f)$-chromatic graph as an edge-colored graph where each color $c$ appears at ... More
Tensor interaction contributions to single-particle energiesNov 07 2006We calculate the contribution of the nucleon-nucleon tensor interaction to single-particle energies with finite-range $ G $ matrix potentials and with zero-range Skyrme potentials. The Skx Skyrme parameters including the zero-range tensor terms with strengths ... More
Fabrication of InP nano pillars by ECR Ar ion irradiationApr 11 2011Regular arrays of InP nano pillars have been fabricated by low energy Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) Ar+ ion irradiation on InP(111) surface. Several scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images have been utilized to invetsigate the width, height, and ... More
Testing the direct CP violation of the Standard Model without knowing strong phasesAug 19 1999Aug 24 1999Reference to recent papers and experimental feasibility are added. The paper will not be published in a hard-copy journal.
Long-distance final-state interactions and J/psi decayJan 13 1998To understand the short-distance vs long-distance final-state interactions, we have performed a detailed amplitude analysis for the two-body decay, J/psi into vector and pseudoscalar mesons. The current data favor a large relative phase nearly 90 degrees ... More
Information Geometry and Statistical ManifoldOct 09 2014We review basic notions in the field of information geometry such as Fisher metric on statistical manifold, $\alpha$-connection and corresponding curvature following Amari's work . We show application of information geometry to asymptotic statistical ... More
A canonical system of differential equations arising from the Riemann zeta-functionApr 09 2012Sep 23 2016This paper has two main results, which relate to a criteria for the Riemann hypothesis via the family of functions $\Theta_\omega(z)=\xi(1/2-\omega-iz)/\xi(1/2+\omega-iz)$, where $\omega>0$ is a real parameter and $\xi(s)$ is the Riemann xi-function. ... More
Inelastic final-state interactionOct 29 2007Apr 15 2008The final-state interaction in multichannel decay processes is sytematically studied with application to B decay in mind. Since the final-state inteaction is intrinsically interwoven with the decay interaction in this case, no simple phase theorem like ... More
The X(3872) boson: Molecule or charmoniumAug 24 2005Nov 19 2005It has been argued that the mystery boson X(3872) is a molecule state consisting of primarily D0-D0*bar + D0bar-D*0. In contrast, apparent puzzles and potential difficulties have been pointed out for the charmonium assignment of X(3872). We examine several ... More
Axial-vector meson mixing in orthocharmonium decaysSep 25 1996The new BES measurement on the two-body decays of J/psi and psi' into an axial-vector meson and a pseudoscalar meson is analyzed with the axial-K mixing including the one-photon annihilation contribution. A somewhat puzzling pattern of the K_1^+ K^- decay ... More
Topologically nontrivial time-dependent chiral condensatesJul 18 1996Topologically nontrivial time-dependent solutions of the classical nonlinear sigma model are studied as candidates of the disoriented chiral condensate (DCC) in 3+1 dimensions. Unlike the analytic solutions so far discussed, these solutions cannot be ... More
Composite gauge-bosons made of fermionsMar 24 2016Jul 11 2016We construct a class of Abelian and non-Abelian local gauge theories that consist only of matter fields of fermions. The Lagrangian is compact and local without containing an auxiliary vector field nor a subsidiary condition on the matter fields. Because ... More
On the Long-Term Modulation of Solar Differential RotationJul 22 2014Long-term modulation of solar differential rotation was studied with data from Mt. Wilson and our original observations during Solar Cycles 16 through 23. The results are: i) The global B-value (i.e. latitudinal gradient of differential rotation), is ... More
Irreversibility and Entropy Production in Transport Phenomena IMar 10 2011Mar 30 2011*First-principles derivation of the entropy production in erectric static conduction. *The second-order (symmetric) density matrix contributes to the entropy production. *New schemes of steady states formulated using a relaxation-type von Neumann equation. ... More
Epimorphisms between $2$-bridge knot groups and their crossing numbersJun 15 2016Suppose that there exists an epimorphism from the knot group of a $2$-bridge knot $K$ onto that of another knot $K'$. In this paper, we study the relationship between their crossing numbers $c(K)$ and $c(K')$. Especially it is shown that $c(K)$ is greater ... More
An analogue of the Chowla-Selberg formula for several automorphic L-functionsJun 05 2006In this paper, we will give a certain formula for the Riemann zeta function that expresses the Riemann zeta function by an infinte series consisting of $K$-Bessel functions. Such an infinite series expression can be regarded as an analogue of the Chowla-Selberg ... More
Some remarks on the local class field theory of Serre and HazewinkelMar 18 2009Oct 18 2013We give a new approach for the local class field theory of Serre and Hazewinkel. We also discuss two-dimensional local class field theory in this framework.
Duality for cohomology of curves with coefficients in abelian varietiesMar 25 2018Jan 02 2019In this paper, we formulate and prove a duality for cohomology of curves over perfect fields of positive characteristic with coefficients in Neron models of abelian varieties. This is a global function field version of the author's previous work on local ... More
Minimal ambient nuclear C*-algebrasOct 19 2015Feb 27 2016We provide examples of ambient nuclear C*-algebras of non-nuclear C*-algebras with no proper intermediate C*-algebras. In particular this gives the first examples of minimal ambient nuclear C*-algebras of non-nuclear C*-algebras. For this purpose, we ... More
Amenable minimal Cantor systems of free groups arising from diagonal actionsDec 26 2013May 29 2014We study amenable minimal Cantor systems of free groups arising from the diagonal actions of the boundary actions and certain Cantor systems. It is shown that every virtually free group admits continuously many amenable minimal Cantor systems whose crossed ... More
Simple equivariant C*-algebras whose full and reduced crossed products coincideJan 22 2018Apr 06 2018For any second countable locally compact group G, we construct a simple G-C*-algebra whose full and reduced crossed product norms coincide. We then construct its G-equivariant representation on another simple G-C*-algebra without the coincidence condition. ... More
Birational rigidity of complete intersectionsJul 01 2015Jun 22 2016We prove that every smooth complete intersection X defined by s hypersurfaces of degree d_1, ... , d_s in a projective space of dimension d_1 + ... + d_s is birationally superrigid if 5s +1 is at most 2(d_1 + ... + d_s + 1)/sqrt{d_1...d_s}. In particular, ... More
On the hyperfine interaction in rare-earth Van Vleck paramagnets at high magnetic fieldsDec 09 2002An influence of high magnetic fields on hyperfine interaction in the rare-earth ions with non-magnetic ground state (Van Vleck ions) is theoretically investigated for the case of $Tm^{3+}$ ion in axial symmetrical crystal electric field (ethylsulphate ... More
Three-body forces and the limit of oxygen isotopesAug 18 2009Jun 19 2010The limit of neutron-rich nuclei, the neutron drip-line, evolves regularly from light to medium-mass nuclei except for a striking anomaly in the oxygen isotopes. This anomaly is not reproduced in shell-model calculations derived from microscopic two-nucleon ... More
Aging dynamics in reentrant ferromagnet: Cu$_{0.2}$Co$_{0.8}$Cl$_{2}$-FeCl$_{3}$ graphite bi-intercalation compoundJun 21 2004Aging dynamics of a reentrant ferromagnet Cu$_{0.2}$Co$_{0.8}$Cl$_{2}$-FeCl$_{3}$ graphite bi-intercalation compound has been studied using AC and DC magnetic susceptibility. This compound undergoes successive transitions at the transition temperatures ... More
A Study of Cooling Time Reduction of Interferometric Cryogenic Gravitational Wave Detectors Using a High-Emissivity CoatingSep 19 2013In interferometric cryogenic gravitational wave detectors, there are plans to cool mirrors and their suspension systems (payloads) in order to reduce thermal noise, that is, one of the fundamental noise sources. Because of the large payload masses (several ... More
All-Optical Switch and Transistor Gated by One Stored PhotonJan 14 2014The realization of an all-optical transistor where one 'gate' photon controls a 'source' light beam, is a long-standing goal in optics. By stopping a light pulse in an atomic ensemble contained inside an optical resonator, we realize a device in which ... More
Magnetic Ordering of CoCl_{2}-GIC: a Spin Ceramic -Hierarchical Successive Transitions and the Intermediate Glassy Phase-Sep 07 2006Stage-2 CoCl$_{2}$-GIC is a spin ceramic and shows hierarchical successive transitions at $T_{cu}$ (= 8.9 K) and $T_{cl}$ (= 7.0 K) from the paramagnetic phase into an intra-cluster (two-dimensional ferromagnetic) order with inter-cluster disorder and ... More
Refined Generalization Analysis of Gradient Descent for Over-parameterized Two-layer Neural Networks with Smooth Activations on Classification ProblemsMay 23 2019Recently, several studies have proven the global convergence and generalization abilities of the gradient descent method for two-layer ReLU networks by making a positivity assumption of the Gram-matrix of the neural tangent kernel. However, the performance ... More
Off-Diagonal Long-Range Order in Bose Liquids: Irrotational Flow and Quantization of CirculationApr 19 2001On the basis of gauge invariance, it is proven in an elementary and straightforward manner, but without invoking any {\it ad hoc} assumption, that the existence of off-diagonal long-range order in one-particle reduced density matrix in Bose liquids implies ... More
Rank-1 lattices and higher-order exponential splitting for the time-dependent Schrödinger equationMay 16 2019May 17 2019In this paper, we propose a numerical method to approximate the solution of the time-dependent Schr\"odinger equation with periodic boundary condition in a high-dimensional setting. We discretize space by using the Fourier pseudo-spectral method on rank-$1$ ... More
A refinement of the local class field theory of Serre and HazewinkelApr 10 2011Jul 10 2012We give a refinement of the local class field theory of Serre and Hazewinkel. This refinement allows the theory to treat extensions that are not necessarily totally ramified. Such a refinement was obtained and used in the authors' paper on Fontaine's ... More
Ghost characters and character varieties of 2-fold branched coversAug 02 2017It is known that for any knot $K$ every (meridionally) trace-free $SL_2(C)$-representation of the knot group $G(K)$ gives an $SL_2(C)$-representation of the fundamental group $\pi_1(\Sigma_2K)$ of the 2-fold branched covering $\Sigma_2K$ of the 3-sphere ... More
Trace-free characters and abelian knot contact homology IIAug 02 2017We calculate ghost characters for the (5,6)-torus knot, and using them we show that the (5,6)-torus knot gives a counter-example of Ng's conjecture concerned with the relationship between degree 0 abelian knot contact homology and the character variety ... More
Relations between a typical scale and averages in the breaking of fractal distributionMar 02 2004We study distributions which have both fractal and non-fractal scale regions by introducing a typical scale into a scale invariant system. As one of models in which distributions follow power law in the large scale region and deviate further from the ... More
Majorana and Majorana-Weyl fermions in lattice gauge theoryJun 16 2004Aug 11 2004In various dimensional Euclidean lattice gauge theories, we examine a compatibility of the Majorana decomposition and the charge conjugation property of lattice Dirac operators. In $8n$ and $1+8n$ dimensions, we find a difficulty to decompose a classical ... More
Enumeration of the Chebyshev-Frolov lattice points in axis-parallel boxesDec 16 2016For a positive integer $d$, the $d$-dimensional Chebyshev-Frolov lattice is the $\mathbb{Z}$-lattice in $\mathbb{R}^d$ generated by the Vandermonde matrix associated to the roots of the $d$-dimensional Chebyshev polynomial. It is important to enumerate ... More
Blow-up versus global existence of solutions to aggregation equationsApr 22 2010A class of nonlinear viscous transport equations describing aggregation phenomena in biology is considered. Optimal conditions on an interaction potential are obtained which lead either to the existence or to the nonexistence of global-in-time solutions. ... More
On the minimax optimality and superiority of deep neural network learning over sparse parameter spacesMay 22 2019Deep learning has been applied to various tasks in the field of machine learning and has shown superiority to other common procedures such as kernel methods. To provide a better theoretical understanding of the reasons for its success, we discuss the ... More
On Asymptotic Behaviors of Graph CNNs from Dynamical Systems PerspectiveMay 27 2019Graph Convolutional Neural Networks (graph CNNs) are a promising deep learning approach for analyzing graph-structured data. However, it is known that they do not improve (or sometimes worsen) their predictive performance as we pile up more layers and ... More
Quantum Statistical Mechanics of Ideal Gas Obeying Fractional Exclusion Statistics: A Systematic StudyApr 09 1998Apr 10 1998The quantum statistical mechanics of an ideal gas with a general free-particle energy obeying fractional exclusion statistics are systematically investigated in arbitrary dimensions. The pressure relations, the relation between pressure and internal energy, ... More
An easily verifiable proof of the Brouwer fixed point theoremSep 17 2011We give a remarkably elementary proof of the Brouwer fixed point theorem. The proof is verifiable for most of the mathematicians.
Characterization of digital $(0,m,3)$-nets and digital $(0,2)$-sequences in base $2$Jul 12 2018We give a characterization of all matrices $A,B,C \in \mathbb{F}_{2}^{m \times m}$ which generate a $(0,m,3)$-net in base $2$ and a characterization of all matrices $B,C\in\mathbb{F}_{2}^{\mathbb{N}\times\mathbb{N}}$ which generate a $(0,2)$-sequence ... More
Duality theories for p-primary etale cohomology IIIOct 04 2018May 07 2019This paper is Part III of the series of work by the first named author on duality theories for p-primary etale cohomology, whose Parts I and II were published in 1986 and 1987, respectively. In this Part III, we study a duality for p-primary etale nearby ... More
Spikes and diffusion waves in one-dimensional model of chemotaxisJul 30 2010We consider the one-dimensional initial value problem for the viscous transport equation with nonlocal velocity $u_t = u_{xx} - \left(u (K^\prime \ast u)\right)_{x}$ with a given kernel $K'\in L^1(\R)$. We show the existence of global-in-time nonnegative ... More
Generator of an abstract quantum walkAug 29 2015May 07 2016We consider an abstract quantum walk defined by a unitary evolution operator $U$, which acts on a Hilbert space decomposed into a direct sum of Hilbert spaces $\{\mathcal{H}_v \}_{v \in V}$. We show that such $U$ naturally defines a directed graph $G_U$ ... More
Excitons in two-dimensional atomic layer materials from time-dependent density functional theoryMay 16 2019Time-dependent density functional theory (TDDFT) has been applied to the calculation of absorption spectra for two-dimensional atomic layer materials. We reveal that the character of the first bright exciton state of bi-layer hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) ... More
Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchies of type A and fourth order Painleve systemsApr 22 2009We study the Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchies of type A_n^{(1)} associated with the regular conjugacy classes of W(A_n). A class of fourth order Painleve systems is derived from them by similarity reductions.
Equilibrium Points of an AND-OR Tree: under Constraints on ProbabilityJan 31 2014Mar 04 2015We study a probability distribution d on the truth assignments to a uniform binary AND-OR tree. Liu and Tanaka [2007, Inform. Process. Lett.] showed the following: If d achieves the equilibrium among independent distributions (ID) then d is an independent ... More
Accelerated Sparsified SGD with Error FeedbackMay 29 2019We study a stochastic gradient method for synchronous distributed optimization. For reducing communication cost, we are interested in utilizing compression of communicated gradients. Our main focus is a {\it{sparsified}} stochastic gradient method with ... More
A search for deeply bound kaonic nuclear statesJan 18 2005We have measured proton and neutron energy spectra by stopping negative kaons on liquid helium4. Two distinct peak structures were found on both spectra, which were assigned to the formation of new kinds of strange stribaryons. In this paper, we summarize ... More
Green's function method for strength function in three-body continuumDec 10 2009Feb 10 2010Practical methods to compute dipole strengths for a three-body system by using a discretized continuum are analyzed. New techniques involving Green's function are developed, either by correcting the tail of the approximate wave function in a direct calculation ... More
Coulomb corrected eikonal description of the breakup of halo nucleiOct 15 2008The eikonal description of breakup reactions diverges because of the Coulomb interaction between the projectile and the target. This divergence is due to the adiabatic, or sudden, approximation usually made, which is incompatible with the infinite range ... More
de Haas-van Alphen effect of correlated Dirac states in kagome metal Fe3Sn2Sep 28 2018Oct 16 2018The field of topological electronic materials has seen rapid growth in recent years, in particular with the increasing number of weakly interacting systems predicted and observed to host topologically non-trivial bands. Given the broad appearance of topology ... More
Electric dipole response of $^6$He: Halo-neutron and core excitationsMay 24 2014Electric dipole ($E1$) response of $^{6}$He is studied with a fully microscopic six-body calculation. The wave functions for the ground and excited states are expressed as a superposition of explicitly correlated Gaussians (CG). Final state interactions ... More
Kondo-induced giant isotropic negative thermal expansionMay 08 2019Negative thermal expansion is an unusual phenomenon appearing in only a handful of materials, but pursuit and mastery of the phenomenon holds great promise for applications across disciplines and industries. Here we report use of X-ray spectroscopy and ... More
Ribbon polymers in poor solvents: layering transitions in annular and tubular condensatesNov 04 2008Nov 05 2008We study the structures of a ribbon or ladder polymer immersed in poor solvents. The anisotropic bending rigidity coupled with the surface tension leads ribbon polymers to spontaneous formation of highly anisotropic condensates in poor solvents. Unlike ... More
A Concordance Model of the Lyman-alpha Forest at z = 1.95Dec 21 2004Dec 30 2004We present 40 fully hydrodynamical numerical simulations of the intergalactic gas that gives rise to the Ly-alpha forest. We make artificial spectra from each and measure three output parameters: the mean flux, a measure of the most common Ly-alpha line ... More
On nonlinear scattering for quantum walksNov 02 2017Nov 07 2017We study large time behavior of quantum walks (QW) with self-dependent coin. In particular, we show scattering and derive the reproducing formula for inverse scattering in the weak nonlinear regime. The proof is based on space-time estimate of (linear) ... More
Dynamics of solitons for nonlinear quantum walksAug 08 2018Feb 18 2019We present some numerical results for nonlinear quantum walks (NLQWs) studied by the authors analytically \cite{MSSSS18DCDS, MSSSS18QIP}. It was shown that if the nonlinearity is weak, then the long time behavior of NLQWs are approximated by linear quantum ... More
Genera of two-bridge knots and epimorphisms of their knot groupsJul 12 2017Let $K,K'$ be two-bridge knots of genus $n,k$ respectively. We show the necessary and sufficient condition of $n$ in terms of $k$ that there exists an epimorphism from the knot group of $K$ onto that of $K'$.
Absolute Energy Calibration of X-ray TESs with 0.04 eV Uncertainty at 6.4 keV in a Hadron-Beam EnvironmentJan 13 2016A performance evaluation of superconducting transition-edge sensors (TESs) in the environment of a pion beam line at a particle accelerator is presented. Averaged across the 209 functioning sensors in the array, the achieved energy resolution is 5.2 eV ... More
Lifetime measurements of first excited states in 16,18CNov 26 2007The electric quadrupole transition from the first 2+ state to the ground 0+ state in 18C was studied through lifetime measurement by an upgraded recoil shadow method applied to inelastically scattered radioactive 18C nuclei. The measured mean lifetime ... More
Measurement of forward neutral pion transverse momentum spectra for $\sqrt{s}$ = 7TeV proton-proton collisions at LHCMay 21 2012Oct 02 2012The inclusive production rate of neutral pions in the rapidity range greater than $y=8.9$ has been measured by the Large Hadron Collider forward (LHCf) experiment during LHC $\sqrt{s}=7$\,TeV proton-proton collision operation in early 2010. This paper ... More
MAHALO Deep Cluster Survey II. Characterizing massive forming galaxies in the Spiderweb protocluster at z=2.2Sep 24 2018This paper is the second in a series presenting the results of our deep H$\alpha$-line survey towards protoclusters at $z>2$, based on narrow-band imaging with the Subaru Telescope. This work investigates massive galaxies in a protocluster region associated ... More
Experimental determination of the topological phase diagram in Cerium monopnictidesJul 20 2017We use bulk-sensitive soft X-ray angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and investigate bulk electronic structures of Ce monopnictides (CeX; X=P, As, Sb and Bi). By exploiting a paradigmatic study of the band structures as a function of their spin-orbit ... More
Probing the weakly-bound neutron orbit of $^{31}$Ne with total reaction and one-neutron removal cross sectionsNov 20 2009Jan 28 2010A candidate of a neutron-halo nucleus, $^{31}$Ne, contains a single neutron in the $pf$ shell. Within the Glauber and eikonal models, we analyze reactions used to study $^{31}$Ne. We show in a $^{30}$Ne+n model that the magnitudes of the total reaction ... More
QED$_{4}$ Ward Identity for fermionic field in the light-frontAug 07 2008In a covariant gauge we implicitly assume that the Green's function propagates information from one point of the space-time to another, so that the Green's function is responsible for the dynamics of the relativistic particle. In the light front form, ... More
Gluing Feynman diagrams in NDIM: Insights into the three-point vertexAug 11 2008Three-point vertex diagram plays a key role in the whole renormalization program of several QFT (quantum field theory) models such as QED, QCD, the Standard Model of eletroweak interactions and so forth. The exact analytic result for the triangle diagram ... More
FluxMarker: Enhancing Tactile Graphics with Dynamic Tactile MarkersAug 12 2017For people with visual impairments, tactile graphics are an important means to learn and explore information. However, raised line tactile graphics created with traditional materials such as embossing are static. While available refreshable displays can ... More