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Origin of multistate resistive switching in Ti/manganite/Si$O_x$/Si heterostructuresNov 04 2016Jan 19 2017We report on the growth and characterization of Ti/$La_{1/3}$$Ca_{2/3}$Mn$O_3$/Si$O_x$/n-Si memristive devices. We demonstrate that using current as electrical stimulus unveils an intermediate resistance state, in addition to the usual high and low resistance ... More
Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of ColloidsMar 17 2000The common rules of classical nonequilibrium thermodynamics do not allow an Onsager coefficient like the viscosity to depend on the shear rate. Such a dependence is experimentally well documented, however. In this paper it is shown, using nonequilibrium ... More
Nonequilibrium translational effects in evaporation and condensationOct 28 2003This paper shows how mesoscopic nonequilibrium thermodynamics can be applied to condensation and evaporation. By extending the normal set of thermodynamic variables with two internal variables, we are able to give a new theoretical foundation for a mechanism ... More
Shot-noise suppression by Fermi and Coulomb correlations in ballistic conductorsJun 30 2000Aug 22 2001We investigate the injection of degenerate Fermi-Dirac electrons into a multimode ballistic conductor under the space-charge limited regime. The nonequilibrium current fluctuations were found to be suppressed by both Coulomb and Fermi correlations. We ... More
Active transport: A kinetic description based on thermodynamic groundsDec 17 2004We show that active transport processes in biological systems can be understood through a local equilibrium description formulated at the mesoscale, the scale to describe stochastic processes. This new approach uses the method established by nonequilibrium ... More
Unifying thermodynamic and kinetic descriptions of single-molecule processes: RNA unfolding under tensionSep 17 2007We use mesoscopic non-equilibrium thermodynamics theory to describe RNA unfolding under tension. The theory introduces reaction coordinates, characterizing a continuum of states for each bond in the molecule. The unfolding considered is so slow that one ... More
Thermodynamics for single-molecule stretching experimentsJun 14 2006We show how to construct non-equilibrium thermodynamics for systems too small to be considered thermodynamically in a traditional sense. Through the use of a non-equilibrium ensemble of many replicas of the system which can be viewed as a large thermodynamic ... More
Growth of flat SrRuO3(111) thin films suitable as bottom electrodes in heterostructuresJul 10 2008Thin film growth of ferroelectric or multiferroic materials on SrTiO3(111) with a buffer electrode has been hampered by the difficulty of growing flat electrodes on this polar orientation. We report on the growth and characterization of SrRuO3 thin films ... More
Fokker-Planck Equations for Nucleation Processes RevisitedFeb 27 1998We present a new approach to analyze homogeneous nucleation based on non-equilibrium thermodynamics. The starting point is the formulation of a Gibbs equation for the variations of the entropy of the system, whose state is characterized by an internal ... More
Structural and magnetic properties of ZnO:TM (TM: Co,Mn) nanopowdersAug 01 2006We report on the structural and magnetic characterization of Co0.1Zn0.9O and Mn0.1Zn0.9O nanopowders obtained by a soft chemistry route. We show that those samples fired at low temperatures display a ferromagnetic interaction that can not be attributed ... More
Reversible Ferromagnetic Switching in Zno:(Co,Mn) PowdersJan 19 2007We report here on the magnetic properties of ZnO:Mn and ZnO:Co doped nanoparticles. We have found that the ferromagnetism of ZnO:Mn can be switched on and off by consecutive low-temperature annealings in O2 and N2 respectively, while the opposite phenomenology ... More
Ferromagnetism and increased ionicity in epitaxially grown TbMnO3 filmsOct 28 2008Thin films of TbMnO3 have been grown on SrTiO3 substrates. The films grow under compressive strain and are only partially clamped to the substrate. This produces remarkable changes in the magnetic properties and, unlike the bulk material, the films display ... More
Entropic stochastic resonance: the constructive role of the unevennessFeb 25 2009We demonstrate the existence of stochastic resonance (SR) in confined systems arising from entropy variations associated to the presence of irregular boundaries. When the motion of a Brownian particle is constrained to a region with uneven boundaries, ... More
Biased diffusion in confined media: Test of the Fick-Jacobs approximation and validity criteriaMar 27 2007We study biased, diffusive transport of Brownian particles through narrow, spatially periodic structures in which the motion is constrained in lateral directions. The problem is analyzed under the perspective of the Fick-Jacobs equation which accounts ... More
Noise suppression due to long-range Coulomb interaction: Crossover between diffusive and ballistic transport regimesMar 12 1997Oct 06 1997We present a Monte Carlo analysis of shot-noise suppression due to long-range Coulomb interaction in semiconductor samples under a crossover between diffusive and ballistic transport regimes. By varying the mean time between collisions we find that the ... More
Entropic Stochastic ResonanceJul 16 2008We present a novel scheme for the appearance of Stochastic Resonance when the dynamics of a Brownian particle takes place in a confined medium. The presence of uneven boundaries, giving rise to an entropic contribution to the potential, may upon application ... More
Electron-number statistics and shot-noise suppression by Coulomb correlation in nondegenerate ballistic transportOct 19 1997Within a Monte Carlo simulation we investigate the statistical properties of an electron flow injected with a Poissonian distribution and transmitted under ballistic regime in the presence of long-range Coulomb interaction. Electrons are shown to exhibit ... More
Origin of multistate resistive switching in Ti/manganite/Si$O_x$/Si heterostructuresNov 04 2016We report on the growth and characterization of Ti/$La_{1/3}$$Ca_{2/3}$Mn$O_3$/Si$O_x$/n-Si memristive devices. We demonstrate that using current as electrical stimulus unveils an intermediate resistance state, in addition to the usual high and low resistance ... More
Non-equilibrium thermodynamic description of junctions in semiconductor devicesMar 08 1996Mar 11 1996The methods of non-equilibrium thermodynamics of systems with an interface have been applied to the study of transport processes in semiconductor junctions. A complete phenomenological model for drift-diffusion processes in a junction has been derived, ... More
Double Entropic Stochastic ResonanceAug 24 2009We demonstrate the appearance of a purely entropic stochastic resonance (ESR) occurring in a geometrically confined system, where the irregular boundaries cause entropic barriers. The interplay between a periodic input signal, a constant bias and intrinsic ... More
NMR evidence for selective enhancement of Mo magnetic moment by electron doping in SrxLa2-xFeMoO6Oct 29 200395, 97Mo NMR experiments have been performed on a series of Sr2FeMoO6 and electron-doped Sr2-xLaxFeMoO6 ceramics. Detailed analysis of the NMR spectra from pristine Sr2FeMoO6 conclusively shows that the Mo hyperfine field is mainly due to atomic Mo magnetic ... More
Universality of the 1/3 shot-noise suppression factor in nondegenerate diffusive conductorsMar 30 1998Shot-noise suppression is investigated in nondegenerate diffusive conductors by means of an ensemble Monte Carlo simulator. The universal 1/3 suppression value is obtained when transport occurs under elastic collision regime provided the following conditions ... More
Giant magnetocaloric effect in magnetoelectric Eu1-xBaxTiO3Nov 17 2013We report the magnetic entropy change (Delta Sm) in magnetoelectric Eu1-xBaxTiO3 for x = 0.1- 0.9. We find - delta Sm = 11 (40) J/kg.K in x = 0.1 for a field change of 1 (5) Tesla respectively, which is the largest value among all Eu-based oxides. Delta ... More
Influence of Hydrodynamic Interactions on the Adsorption Process of Large ParticlesJul 06 1994We have studied the adsorption process of non-Brownian particles on a line incorporating hydrodynamic interactionsa and we have numerically analyzed their effect on typical relevant quantities. We compare our model to the ballistic deposition model (BM) ... More
Classification of Basmati Rice Grain Variety using Image Processing and Principal Component AnalysisMay 29 2014All important decisions about the variety of rice grain end product are based on the different features of rice grain.There are various methods available for classification of basmati rice. This paper proposed a new principal component analysis based ... More
Long-Range Correlations in Diffusive Systems Away from EquilibriumSep 29 1993We study the dynamics of density fluctuations in purely diffusive systems away from equilibrium. Under some conditions the static density correlation function becomes long-ranged. We then analyze this behavior in the framework of nonequilibrium fluctuating ... More
Prym varieties and fourfold coversMar 12 2003We describe the isotypical decomposition of the Jacobian variety JW of the Galois extension W-->T of any fourfold cover of smooth connected irreducible projective complex curves X-->T, in terms of Prym's of intermediate covers. We also compute the degree ... More
Oxygen vacancies dynamics in redox-based interfaces: Tailoring the memristive responseNov 23 2018Redox-based memristive devices are among the alternatives for the next generation of non volatile memories, but also candidates to emulate the behavior of synapses in neuromorphic computing devices. It is nowadays well established that the motion of oxygen ... More
Magnetic and dielectric properties of YbMnO3 perovskite thin filmsJul 10 2008Metastable manganite perovskites displaying the antiferromagnetic so-called E-phase are predicted to be multiferroic. Due to the need of high-pressures for the synthesis of this phase, this prediction has only been confirmed in bulk HoMnO3. Here we report ... More
Nonequilibrium thermodynamics versus model grain growth: derivation and some physical implicationsJan 23 2003Nonequilibrium thermodynamics formalism is proposed to derive the flux of grainy (bubbles-containing) matter, emerging in a nucleation growth process. Some power and non-power limits, due to the applied potential as well as owing to basic correlations ... More
Electronic self-doping of Mo-states in A2FeMoO6 (A=Ca, Sr and Ba) half-metallic ferromagnets - a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance studyJun 07 2004A systematic study of (A,A')2FeMoO6 (A,A'=Ca, Sr, Ba) ferromagnetic oxides with double perovskite structure has been performed using 95,97Mo and 57Fe NMR spectroscopy. These oxides are isoelectronic but have substantially different Curie temperatures. ... More
Manganite-based three level memristive devices with self-healing capabilityJun 17 2016We report on non-volatile memory devices based on multifunctional manganites. The electric field induced resistive switching of Ti/$La_{1/3}$$Ca_{2/3}$Mn$O_3$/n-Si devices is explored using different measurement protocols. We show that using current as ... More
On the two principal curvatures as possible entropic barriers in a mesoscopic nonequilibrium thermodynamics model of complex matter agglomerationFeb 06 2003Matter agglomeration mesoscopic phenomena of irreversible type are well described by nonequilibrium thermodynamics formalism. The description assumes that the thermodynamic (internal) state variables are in local equilibrium, and uses the well known flux-force ... More
Epitaxial TbMnO3 thin films on SrTiO3 substrates: A structural studyNov 24 2008Apr 11 2009TbMnO$_{3}$ films have been grown under compressive strain on (001)-oriented SrTiO$_{3}$ crystals. They have an orthorhombic structure and display the (001) orientation. With increasing thickness, the structure evolves from a more symmetric (tetragonal) ... More
Jacobians with group actions and rational idempotentsMay 23 2003The object of this paper is to prove some general results about rational idempotents for a finite group $G$ and deduce from them geometric information about the components that appear in the decomposition of the Jacobian variety of a curve with $G-$action. ... More
LEDDB: LOFAR Epoch of Reionization Diagnostic DatabaseFeb 18 2013One of the key science projects of the Low-Frequency Array (LOFAR) is the detection of the cosmological signal coming from the Epoch of Reionization (EoR). Here we present the LOFAR EoR Diagnostic Database (LEDDB) that is used in the storage, management, ... More
A field-oriented chain of dipolar particles in elongational flowDec 03 1998We study the behavior of an isolated field-oriented chain of dipolar particles in elongational fluid flow. Our main goal is to emphasize the effect of dipolar interactions on the chain's contribution to the pressure tensor and to the viscosities of a ... More
Giant Memcapacitance in Topotactic Redox InterfacesMay 14 2019The possibility to develop neuromorphic computing devices able to mimic the extraordinary data processing capabilities of biological systems spurs the research on memristive systems. Memristors with additional functionalities such as robust memcapacitance ... More
Lateral-drag Casimir forces induced by anisotropyAug 09 2016We predict the existence of lateral drag forces near the flat surface of an absorbing slab of an anisotropic material. The forces originate from the fluctuations of the electromagnetic field, when the anisotropy axis of the material forms a certain angle ... More
Cooperative rectification in confined Brownian ratchetsJan 10 2012We analyze the rectified motion of a Brownian particle in a confined environment. We show the emergence of strong cooperativity between the inherent rectification of the ratchet mechanism and the entropic bias of the fluctuations caused by spatial confinement. ... More
Finite-size effects in intracellular microrheologyApr 05 2006Jul 13 2006We propose a model to explain finite-size effects in intracellular microrheology observed in experiments. The constrained dynamics of the particles in the intracellular medium, treated as a viscoelastic medium, is described by means of a diffusion equation ... More
Self-consistent theory of current and voltage noise in multimode ballistic conductorsJan 12 2002Oct 02 2002Electron transport in a self-consistent potential along a ballistic two-terminal conductor has been investigated. We have derived general formulas which describe the nonlinear current-voltage characteristics, differential conductance, and low-frequency ... More
Entropically-induced asymmetric passage times of charged tracers across corrugated channelsJan 18 2016We analyze the diffusion of charged and neutral tracers suspended in an electrolyte embedded in a channel of varying cross-section. Making use of systematic approximations, the diffusion equation governing the motion of tracers is mapped into an effective ... More
Confined Brownian ratchetsMay 22 2013We analyze the dynamics of Brownian ratchets in a confined environment. The motion of the particles is described by a Fick-Jakobs kinetic equation in which the presence of boundaries is modeled by means of an entropic potential. The cases of a flashing ... More
Jacobians with complex multiplicationJun 23 2009We construct and study two series of curves whose Jacobians admit complex multiplication. The curves arise as quotients of Galois coverings of the projective line with Galois group metacyclic groups $G_{q,3}$ of order $3q$ with $q \equiv 1 \mod 3$ an ... More
Adsorption of colloidal particles in the presence of external fieldJun 15 1995We present a new class of sequential adsorption models in which the adsorbing particles reach the surface following an inclined direction (shadow models). Capillary electrophoresis, adsorption in the presence of a shear or on an inclined substrate are ... More
Shot-noise suppression in Schottky barrier diodesSep 05 2000We give a theoretical interpretation of the noise properties of Schottky barrier diodes based on the role played by the long range Coulomb interaction. We show that at low bias Schottky diodes display shot noise because the presence of the depletion layer ... More
Shot noise as a tool to probe an electron energy distributionJan 11 2002We discuss the possibility to employ the shot-noise measurements for the analysis of the energy resolved ballistic currents. Coulomb interactions play an essential role in this technique, since they lead to the shot-noise-suppression level which depends ... More
A remark on the decomposition of the Jacobian variety of Fermat curves of prime degreeAug 03 2015Recently, Barraza-Rojas have described the action of the full automorphisms group on the Fermat curve of degree $p$, for $p$ a prime integer, and obtained the group algebra decomposition of the corresponding Jacobian variety. In this short note we observe ... More
Entropy production and rectification efficiency in colloids transport along a pulsating channelMar 25 2018We study the current rectification of particles moving in a pulsating channel under the in uence of an applied force. We have shown the existence of diferent rectification scenarios in which entropic and energetic effects compete. The effect can be quantified ... More
Quantum suppression of shot noise in field emittersOct 11 2002Mar 26 2003We have analyzed the shot noise of electron emission under strong applied electric fields within the Landauer-Buttiker scheme. In contrast to the previous studies of vacuum-tube emitters, we show that in new generation electron emitters, scaled down to ... More
System-size scaling of Boltzmann and alternate Gibbs entropiesApr 10 2014It has recurrently been proposed that the Boltzmann textbook definition of entropy $S(E)=k\ln \Omega (E)$ in terms of the number of microstates $\Omega (E)$ with energy $E$ should be replaced by the expression $S_G(E)=k\ln \sum_{E^\prime <E}{\Omega (E^\prime ... More
Strong cooperativity and inhibitory effects in DNA multi-looping processesMar 23 2009We show the existence of a high interrelation between the different loops that may appear in a DNA segment. Conformational changes in a chain segment caused by the formation of a particular loop may either promote or prevent the appearance of another. ... More
Geometrically-tuned channel permeabilityMay 18 2015May 19 2015We characterize the motion of charged as well as neutral tracers, in an electrolyte embedded in a varying section channel. We exploit a set of systematic approximations that allows us to simplify the problem, yet capturing the essential of the interplay ... More
Working under confinementNov 14 2014We analyze the performance of a Brownian ratchet in the presence of geometrical constraints. A two-state model that describes the kinetics of molecular motors is used to characterize the energetic cost when the motor proceeds under confinement, in the ... More
Entropic electrokinetics: recirculation, particle separation and negative mobilitySep 15 2014Sep 23 2014We show that when particles are suspended in an electrolyte confined between corrugated charged surfaces, electrokinetic flows lead to a new set of phenomena such as particle separation, mixing for low-Reynolds micro- and nano-metric devices and negative ... More
Rectification and non-Gaussian diffusion in heterogeneous mediaNov 02 2016We show that when Brownian motion takes place in a heterogeneous medium, the presence of local forces and transport coefficients leads to deviations from a Gaussian probability distribution that make that the ratio between forward and backward probabilities ... More
Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Confined SystemsSep 19 2018Keywords: nonequilibirum phenomena; diffusion in confined systems; dynamics and relaxation in confined systems; entropic transport in confined systems; ion and polymer translocation; forces induced by fluctuations; confined active mater; macromolecular ... More
Comment on "Evidence for absence of metallic surface states in BiO2-terminated BaBiO3 thin films"Jul 02 2018In a recent work by Ji Seop Oh et al., BaBiO3(001) thin films were grown on SrTiO3 by Pulsed Laser Deposition. It was argued that the films are BiO2-terminated from the modelling of angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy experiments. The authors claim, ... More
Slow dynamics and local quasi-equilibrium. Relaxation in supercooled colloidal systemsSep 29 2003We present a Fokker-Planck description of supercooled colloidal systems exhibiting slow relaxation dynamics. By assuming the existence of a local quasi-equilibrium state during the relaxation of the system, we derive a non-Markovian Fokker-Planck equation ... More
Inferring the in vivo looping properties of DNADec 20 2005The free energy of looping DNA by proteins and protein complexes determines to what extent distal DNA sites can affect each other. We inferred its in vivo value through a combined computational-experimental approach for different lengths of the loop and ... More
Kinetics of Particles Adsorption Processes Driven by DiffusionApr 22 1997The kinetics of the deposition of colloidal particles onto a solid surface is analytically studied. We take into account both the diffusion of particles from the bulk as well as the geometrical aspects of the layer of adsorbed particles. We derive the ... More
Suppression of non-Poissonian shot noise by Coulomb correlations in ballistic conductorsNov 24 1999Sep 26 2000We investigate the current injection into a ballistic conductor under the space-charge limited regime, when the distribution function of injected carriers is an arbitrary function of energy F_c(epsilon). The analysis of the coupled kinetic and Poisson ... More
Thermal noise suppression: how much does it cost?Nov 06 2007Oct 02 2008In order to stabilize the behavior of noisy systems, confining it around a desirable state, an effort is required to suppress the intrinsic noise. This noise suppression task entails a cost. For the important case of thermal noise in an overdamped system, ... More
Controlling protein crystal growth rate by means of temperatureMar 23 2011We have proposed a model to analyze the growth kinetics of lysozyme crystals/aggregates under non-isothermal conditions. The model was formulated through an analysis of the entropy production of the growth process which was obtained by taking into account ... More
Radiative heat shuttlingApr 06 2018We demonstrate the existence of a shuttling effect for the radiative heat flux exchanged between two bodies separated by a vacuum gap when the chemical potential of photons or the temperature difference is modulated. We show that this modulation typically ... More
Thermo-kinetic approach of single-particles and clusters involving anomalous diffusion under viscoelastic responseJan 22 2007We present a thermo-kinetic description of anomalous diffusion of single-particles and clusters in a viscoelastic medium in terms of a non-Markovian diffusion equation involving memory functions. The scaling behaviour of these functions is analyzed by ... More
The transition to irreversibility in sheared suspensions: An analysis based on a mesoscopic entropy productionAug 31 2008Jan 06 2009We study the shear-induced diffusion effect and the transition to irreversibility in suspensions under oscillatory shear flow by performing an analysis of the entropy production associated to the motion of the particles. We show that the Onsager coupling ... More
Modeling Theory of Mind for Autonomous Agents with Probabilistic ProgramsDec 04 2018As autonomous agents become more ubiquitous, they will eventually have to reason about the mental state of other agents, including those agents' beliefs, desires and goals - so-called theory of mind reasoning. We introduce a collection of increasingly ... More
Weyl Groups and Abelian VarietiesMar 16 2005Let G be a finite group. For each integral representation $\rho$ of G we consider $\rho-$decomposable principally polarized abelian varieties; that is, principally polarized abelian varieties (X,H) with $\rho(G)-$action, of dimension equal to the degree ... More
Heat and work distributions for mixed Gauss-Cauchy processJul 24 2013Jun 19 2014We analyze energetics of a non-Gaussian process described by a stochastic differential equation of the Langevin type. The process represents a paradigmatic model of a nonequilibrium system subject to thermal fluctuations and additional external noise, ... More
Self-consistent theory of shot noise in nondegenerate ballistic conductorsNov 19 1999Sep 26 2000A self-consistent theory of shot noise in ballistic two-terminal conductors under the action of long-range Coulomb correlations is presented. Analytical formulas for the electron distribution function and its fluctuation along the conductor, which account ... More
Electron spectroscopy of the shot noise reduction effectJun 12 1999A general formula for current noise in a two-terminal ballistic nondegenerate conductor under the action of long-range Coulomb correlations has been derived. The noise reduction factor (in respect to the uncorrelated value) is obtained for biases ranging ... More
Stochastic model for the dynamics of interacting Brownian particlesOct 17 2001Using the scheme of mesoscopic nonequilibrium thermodynamics, we construct the one- and two- particle Fokker-Planck equations for a system of interacting Brownian particles. By means of these equations we derive the corresponding balance equations. We ... More
Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of thermionic emission processes in abrupt semiconductor junctions, including the effects of surface statesApr 16 1996The methods of non-equilibrium thermodynamics of systems with an interface have been applied to the study of thermionic emission processes in abrupt semiconductor junctions, including the effects of surface states . Our analysis covers different situations ... More
Shot-noise spectroscopy of energy-resolved ballistic currentsOct 08 2003We investigate the shot noise of nonequilibrium carriers injected into a ballistic conductor and interacting via long-range Coulomb forces. Coulomb interactions are shown to act as an energy analyzer of the profile of injected electrons by means of the ... More
On temperature- and space-dimension dependent matter agglomeration in a mature growing stageDec 10 2004Model matter agglomerations, with temperature as leading control parameter, have been considered, and some of their characteristics have been studied. The primary interest has been focused on the grain volume fluctuations, the magnitude of which readily ... More
Superdiffusive Conduction: AC Conductivity with Correlated NoiseJan 25 2005We present evidence of the existence of a superdiffusive regime in systems with correlated disorder for which localization is suppressed. An expression for anomalous electrical conductivity at low frequencies is found by using a generalized Langevin equation ... More
Thermodynamics and energy conversion of near-field thermal radiation: maximum work and efficiency boundsFeb 02 2015We analyse the process of conversion of near-field thermal radiation into usable work by considering the radiation emitted between two planar sources supporting surface phonon-polaritons. The maximum work flux that can be extracted from the radiation ... More
Nonequilibrium Stefan-Boltzmann lawFeb 03 2010Feb 10 2010We study thermal radiation outside equilibrium. The situation considered consists of two bodies emitting photons at two different temperatures. We show that the system evolves to a stationary state characterized by an energy current which satisfies a ... More
Driving an electrolyte through a corrugated nanoporeMay 16 2019We characterize the dynamics of a $z-z$ electrolyte embedded in a varying-section channel. In the linear response regime, by means of suitable approximations, we derive the Onsager matrix associated to externally enforced gradients in electrostatic potential, ... More
Kinetics of growth process controlled by mass-convective fluctuations and finite-size curvature effectsJan 11 2005In this study, a comprehensive view of a model crystal formation in a complex fluctuating medium is presented. The model incorporates Gaussian curvature effects at the crystal boundary as well as the possibility for superdiffusive motion near the crystal ... More
Asymptotic analysis of the Gunn effect with realistic boundary conditionsMay 26 1997A general asymptotic analysis of the Gunn effect in n-GaAs under general boundary conditions for metal-semiconductor contacts is presented. Depending on the parameter values in the boundary condition of the injecting contact, different types of waves ... More
Protein motors induced enhanced diffusion in intracellular transportFeb 04 2009Diffusion of transported particles in the intracellular medium is described by means of a generalized diffusion equation containing forces due to the cytoskeleton network and to the protein motors. We find that the enhanced diffusion observed in experiments ... More
Khinchin theorem and anomalous diffusionOct 31 2008Dec 10 2008A recent paper [M. H. Lee, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 190601 (2007)] has called attention to the fact that irreversibility is a broader concept than ergodicity, and that therefore the Khinchin theorem [A. I. Khinchin, Mathematical Foundations of Statistical ... More
Strong Electron-Phonon Interaction and Colossal Magnetoresistance in EuTiO$_3$Mar 07 2017Sep 19 2017At low temperatures, EuTiO$_3$ system has very large resistivities and exhibits colossal magnetoresistance. Based on a first principle calculation and the dynamical mean-field theory for small polaron we have calculated the transport properties of EuTiO$_3$. ... More
Near-field thermodynamics: Useful work, efficiency, and energy harvestingApr 08 2014We show that the maximum work that can be obtained from the thermal radiation emitted between two planar sources in the near-field regime is much larger than that corresponding to the blackbody limit. This quantity as well as an upper bound for the efficiency ... More
Stationary states and phase diagram for a model of the Gunn effect under realistic boundary conditionsMay 26 1997A general formulation of boundary conditions for semiconductor-metal contacts follows from a phenomenological procedure sketched here. The resulting boundary conditions, which incorporate only physically well-defined parameters, are used to study the ... More
Heat engine driven by photon tunneling in many-body systemsFeb 03 2015Jul 07 2015Near-field heat engines are devices that convert the evanescent thermal field supported by a primary source into usable mechanical energy. By analyzing the thermodynamic performance of three-body near-field heat engines, we demonstrate that the power ... More
Influence of hydrodynamic interactions on the ballistic deposition of colloidal particles on solid surfacesJul 05 1996The ballistic deposition of particles by taking hydrodynamic interactions (HI) into account has been studied by means of computer simulations. The radial distribution function of the assembly of particles deposited on a plane has been determined as a ... More
Near-field thermodynamics and nanoscale energy harvestingApr 28 2014We study the thermodynamics of near-field thermal radiation between two identical polar media at different temperatures. As an application, we consider an idealized energy harvesting process from sources at near room temperature at the nanoscale. We compute ... More
Large adiabatic temperature and magnetic entropy changes in EuTiO3Aug 17 2015We have investigated the magnetocaloric effect in single and polycrystalline samples of quantum paraelectric EuTiO3 by magnetization and heat capacity measurements. Single crystalline EuTiO3 shows antiferromagnetic ordering due to Eu2+ magnetic moments ... More
Tuning the electronic properties at the surface of BaBiO3 thin filmsAug 26 2015Jun 03 2016The presence of 2D electron gases at surfaces or interfaces in oxide thin films remains a hot topic in condensed matter physics. In particular, BaBiO3 appears as a very interesting system as it was theoretically proposed that its (001) surface should ... More
Aperiodic quantum oscillations in the two-dimensional electron gas at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaceMar 07 2019Despite several attempts, the intimate electronic structure of two-dimensional electron systems buried at the interface between LaAlO3 and SrTiO3 still remains to be experimentally revealed. Here, we investigate the transport properties of a high-mobility ... More
Inconsistence of super-luminal Cern-Opera neutrino speed with observed SN1987A burst and neutrino mixing for any imaginary neutrino massSep 25 2011Mar 05 2012We tried to fit in any way the recent Opera-Cern claims of a neutrino super-luminal speed with observed Supernova SN1987A neutrino burst and all (or most) neutrino flavor oscillation. We considered three main frame-works: (1) A tachyon imaginary neutrino ... More
Some surface subgroups survive surgeryApr 07 2001It is shown that with finitely many exceptions, the fundamental group obtained by Dehn surgery on a one cusped hyperbolic 3-manifold contains the fundamental group of a closed surface.
Quantitative determination of the level of cooperation in the presence of punishment in three public good experimentsOct 25 2006Nov 21 2007Strong reciprocity is a fundamental human characteristic associated with our extraordinary sociality and cooperation. Laboratory experiments on social dilemma games and many field studies have quantified well-defined levels of cooperation and propensity ... More
Representations of algebraic groups over a 2-dimensional local fieldFeb 14 2003Jun 14 2004We introduce a categorical framework for the study of representations of $G_F$, where $G$ is a reductive group, and $\bF$ is a 2-dimensional local field, i.e. $F=K((t))$, where $K$ is a local field. Our main result says that the space of functions on ... More
Hecke operators on quasimaps into horospherical varietiesNov 11 2004Nov 10 2006Let $G$ be a connected reductive complex algebraic group. This paper is part of a project devoted to the space $Z$ of meromorphic quasimaps from a curve into an affine spherical $G$-variety $X$. The space $Z$ may be thought of as an algebraic model for ... More
Superconductivity and antiferromagnetism in the two-dimensional Hubbard model: a variational studyAug 21 2007A variational ground state of the repulsive Hubbard model on a square lattice is investigated numerically for an intermediate coupling strength (U = 8t) and for moderate sizes (from 6 x 6 to 10 x 10). Our ansatz is clearly superior to other widely used ... More