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Stokes theory of thin-film ruptureJun 11 2019The structure of the flow induced by the van der Waals destabilization of a non-wetting liquid film placed on a solid substrate is unraveled by means of theory and numerical simulations of the Stokes equations. Our analysis reveals that lubrication theory, ... More
New Trends in Parallel and Distributed Simulation: from Many-Cores to Cloud ComputingJul 24 2014Apr 04 2017Recent advances in computing architectures and networking are bringing parallel computing systems to the masses so increasing the number of potential users of these kinds of systems. In particular, two important technological evolutions are happening ... More
Effective electron-electron interaction in a two dimensional paramagnetic systemJun 25 2002We analyze the effective electron-electron interaction in a two dimensional polarized paramagnetic system. The spin degree of freedom, s, is manifestly present in the expressions of spin dependent local field factors that describe the short range exchange ... More
Local field factors in a polarized two-dimensional electron gasNov 20 2002We derive approximate expressions for the static local field factors of a spin polarized two-dimensional electron gas which smoothly interpolate between their small- and large-wavevector asymptotic limits. For the unpolarized electron gas, the proposed ... More
Pair distribution function in a two-dimensional electron gasOct 07 2002May 01 2003We calculate the pair distribution function, $g(r)$, in a two-dimensional electron gas and derive a simple analytical expression for its value at the origin as a function of $r_s$. Our approach is based on solving the Schr\"{o}dinger equation for the ... More
Espaços pseudo-topológicos e descrições do conceito de plausívelMar 22 2016The structure of almost topological space is a variation of the concept of topological space. It emerged as a formalization of a quantifier first order not definable from the usual existential and universal operators, named the quantifier of the plausible. ... More
Fault Tolerant Adaptive Parallel and Distributed Simulation through Functional ReplicationOct 01 2018Mar 26 2019This paper presents FT-GAIA, a software-based fault-tolerant parallel and distributed simulation middleware. FT-GAIA has being designed to reliably handle Parallel And Distributed Simulation (PADS) models, which are needed to properly simulate and analyze ... More
A note on the restricted arc connectivity of oriented graphs of girth fourNov 30 2017Let $D$ be a strongly connected digraph. An arc set $S$ of $D$ is a \emph{restricted arc-cut} of $D$ if $D-S$ has a non-trivial strong component $D_{1}$ such that $D-V(D_{1})$ contains an arc. The \emph{restricted arc-connectivity} $\lambda'(D)$ of a ... More
Fermions on the Electroweak StringNov 28 1994We construct a simple class of exact solutions of the electroweak theory including the naked $Z$--string and fermion fields. It consists in the $Z$--string configuration ($\phi,Z_\theta$), the {\it time} and $z$ components of the neutral gauge bosons ... More
Relativistic Bondi-Hoyle-Lyttleton Accretion onto a Rotating Black-Hole: Density GradientsJun 29 2015In this work, we present, for the first time, a numerical study of the Bondi-Hoyle accretion with density gradients in the fully relativistic regime. In this context, we consider accretion onto a Kerr Black Hole (BH) of a supersonic ideal gas, which has ... More
Top-bottom doublet in the sphaleron backgroundAug 30 1995We consider the top-bottom doublet in the background of the sphaleron for the realistic case of large non-degeneracy of fermion masses, in particular $m_b=5$ GeV and $m_t=175$ GeV. We propose an axially symmetric $(r,\theta)$-dependent ansatz for fermion ... More
Monomorphisms between Cayley-Dickson AlgebrasDec 22 2005In this paper we study the algebra monomorphisms from A_m =R^(2^m) into A_n=R^(2^n) for 0<m<n where the A_k 's are the Cayley- Dickson algebras over the real numbers. We show that for m>2 there are many different types of monomorphisms and we describe ... More
Hopf construction map in higher dimensionsApr 07 2004In this paper, we study the zero set of the Hopf construction map F_n : A_n_ x A_n --> A_n x A_0 given by F_n (x, y) = (2xy, | y|^2 - |x|^2) for n >3 where A_n is the Cayley-Dickson algebra of dimension 2^n over the real numbers.
Large B-Fields and Noncommutative SolitonsNov 13 2001The purpose of this talk is to review a few issues concerning noncommutativity arising from String Theory. In particular, it is shown how in Type IIB Theory, the annihilation of a D3-\bar{D3} brane pair yields a D1-string. This object, in the presence ... More
Re-examining the electronic structure of germanium: A first-principle studyFeb 14 2013Jun 22 2013We report results from an efficient, robust, ab-initio method for self-consistent calculations of electronic and structural properties of Ge. Our non-relativistic calculations employed a generalized gradient approximation (GGA) potential and the linear ... More
On Generalized Sierpiński GraphsSep 10 2015In this paper we obtain closed formulae for several parameters of generalized Sierpi\'{n}ski graphs $S(G,t)$ in terms of parameters of the base graph $G$. In particular, we focus on the chromatic, vertex cover, clique and domination numbers.
Alternative elements in the Cayley-Dickson algebrasApr 21 2004An element a in A_n, the Cayley-Dickson algebra is alternative if (a,a,x)=0 for all x. In this paper we characterise such elements for n>3.To do so,we prove first the so called Yui's conjecture:For a and b pure elements in A_n. If (a,x,b)=0 for all x ... More
Constructing zero divisors in the higher dimensional Cayley-Dickson algebrasDec 22 2005In this paper we give new methods to construct zero divisors in A_n =R^(2^n) the Cayley_Dickson algebras over the real numbers, for n larger than 4, and we also relate the set of zero divisors in A_{n+1} with the Stiefel Manifold V_{2^n -1,2} for n>3. ... More
Truth Table Invariant Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition by Regular ChainsJan 24 2014Jun 10 2014A new algorithm to compute cylindrical algebraic decompositions (CADs) is presented, building on two recent advances. Firstly, the output is truth table invariant (a TTICAD) meaning given formulae have constant truth value on each cell of the decomposition. ... More
Halo Pairs in the Millennium Simulation: Love & DeceptionNov 30 2011In this work I investigate the statistical properties of a huge catalog of closely interacting pairs of dark matter haloes, extracted from the Millennium Simulation database. Only haloes that reach a minimum mass greater than 8.6 \times 10^10 Msun/h (corresponding ... More
The Cosmic Evolution of Halo Pairs: I. Global TrendsJun 16 2011Aug 29 2011Accumulating evidence suggests that galaxy interactions play an important role in shaping the properties of galaxies. For this reason, cosmological studies focused on the evolution of halo/subhalo pairs are vital. In this paper I describe a large catalogue ... More
Exponential improvement in photon storage fidelities using subradiance and "selective radiance" in atomic arraysMar 09 2017Aug 29 2017A central goal within quantum optics is to realize efficient interactions between photons and atoms. A fundamental limit in nearly all applications based on such systems arises from spontaneous emission, in which photons are absorbed by atoms and then ... More
Optical phonon scattering of cavity polaritons in an electroluminescent deviceDec 19 2012A signature of the scattering between microcavity polaritons and longitudinal optical phonons has been observed in the electroluminescence spectrum of an intersubband device operating in the light-matter strong coupling regime. By electrical pumping we ... More
First Principle Local Density Approximation Description of the Electronic Properties of Ferroelectric Sodium NitriteAug 28 2012Oct 13 2012The electronic structure of the ferroelectric crystal, NaNO$_2$, is studied by means of first-principles, local density calculations. Our ab-initio, non-relativistic calculations employed a local density functional approximation (LDA) potential and the ... More
Using off-diagonal confinement as a cooling methodAug 31 2010Jan 27 2011In a recent letter [Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 167201 (2010)] we proposed a new confining method for ultracold atoms on optical lattices, based on off-diagonal confinement (ODC). This method was shown to have distinct advantages over the conventional diagonal ... More
Pure Mott phases in confined ultracold atomic systemsSep 18 2009Apr 19 2010We propose a novel scheme for confining atoms to optical lattices by engineering a spatially-inhomogeneous hopping matrix element in the Hubbard-model (HM) description, a situation we term off-diagonal confinement (ODC). We show, via an exact numerical ... More
Small-scale magnetic flux emergence in the quiet SunJun 01 2018Small bipolar magnetic features are observed to appear in the interior of individual granules in the quiet Sun, signaling the emergence of tiny magnetic loops from the solar interior. We study the origin of those features as part of the magnetoconvection ... More
Logarithmic differential operators and logarithmic de Rham complexes relative to a free divisorJul 09 1998We prove a structure theorem for the differential operator in the 0-term of the ${\cal V}$-filtration with respect to a free divisor. Using this theorem, we give a formula for the logarithmic de Rham complex in terms of ${\cal V}_0$-modules. We also give ... More
Implications of Quantum Computing for Artificial Intelligence alignment researchAug 19 2019Aug 24 2019We explain some key features of quantum computing via three heuristics and apply them to argue that a deep understanding of quantum computing is unlikely to be helpful to address current bottlenecks in Artificial Intelligence Alignment. Our argument relies ... More
A non-linear minimization calculation of the renormalized frequency $\tildeω$ in dirty d-wave superconductorsDec 19 2018Jan 13 2019This work performs a comparative numerical study of the impurity average self-frequency $\tilde{\omega}$ in an unconventional superconducting alloy with non-magnetic impurities. Two methods are used: the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm as a non-linear minimization ... More
On the $k$-partition dimension of graphsMay 13 2018Sep 16 2018As a generalization of the concept of the partition dimension of a graph, this article introduces the notion of the $k$-partition dimension. Given a nontrivial connected graph $G=(V,E)$, a partition $\Pi$ of $V$ is said to be a $k$-partition generator ... More
Optimization of photon storage fidelity in ordered atomic arraysOct 17 2017Sep 04 2018A major application for atomic ensembles consists of a quantum memory for light, in which an optical state can be reversibly converted to a collective atomic excitation on demand. There exists a well-known fundamental bound on the storage error, when ... More
Phase Stability in the Two dimensional Anisotropic Boson Hubbard HamiltonianMar 03 2013May 31 2013The two dimensional square lattice hard-core boson Hubbard model with near neighbor interactions has a `checkerboard' charge density wave insulating phase at half-filling and sufficiently large intersite repulsion. When doped, rather than forming a supersolid ... More
Semigroups with fixed multiplicity and embedding dimensionOct 10 2017Given $m\in \mathbb{N},$ a numerical semigroup with multiplicity $m$ is called packed numerical semigroup if its minimal generating set is included in $\{m,m+1,\ldots, 2m-1\}.$ In this work, packed numerical semigroups are used to built the set of numerical ... More
Polaritons in layered 2D materialsOct 14 2016In recent years, enhanced light-matter interactions through a plethora of dipole-type polaritonic excitations have been observed in two-dimensional (2D) layered materials. In graphene, electrically tunable and highly confined plasmon-polaritons were predicted ... More
Time-Resolved Quasiparticle Dynamics in the Spin-Density-Wave StateOct 12 2006Time-resolved photoinduced reflectivity is measured in the spin-density-wave (SDW) phase using itinerant antiferromagnets UMGa$_{5}$ (M=Ni, Pt). For UNiGa$_{5}$ [$T_{N}$=85 K, $Q$=($\pi$,$\pi$,$\pi$)], the relaxation time $\tau$ shows a sharp increase ... More
An Argument for Weakly-Magnetized, Slowly-Rotating Progenitors of Long Gamma-Ray BurstsNov 19 2013Using binary evolution with Case-C mass transfer, the spins of several black holes (BHs) in X$-$ray binaries (XBs) have been predicted and confirmed (three cases) by observations. The rotational energy of these BHs is sufficient to power up long gamma$-$ray ... More
An Assertion language for slicing Constraint Logic LanguagesAug 14 2018Nov 30 2018Constraint Logic Programming (CLP) is a language scheme for combining two declarative paradigms: constraint solving and logic programming. Concurrent Constraint Programming (CCP) is a declarative model for concurrency where agents interact by telling ... More
Gravitational perturbations of an ultrastatic wormholeMar 21 2007Nov 08 2011This paper has been withdrawn by the author due to a crucial sign error in equation 1
Remarks on Noncommutative SolitonsOct 13 2001Feb 22 2002In the first part of this work we consider an unstable non-BPS Dp-\bar{Dp}-brane pair in Type II superstring theory. Turning on a background NS-NS B-field (constant and nonzero along two spatial directions), we show that the tachyon responsible for the ... More
Gap-anisotropic model for the narrow-gap Kondo insulatorsJul 01 1998Sep 29 1999A theory is presented which accounts for the dynamical generation of a hybridization gap with nodes in the Kondo insulating materials $CeNiSn$ and $CeRhSb$. We show that Hunds interactions acting on virtual $4f^2$ configurations of the cerium ion can ... More
Earth-based detection of the millimetric thermal emission of the nucleus of comet 8P/TuttleJan 18 2011Little is known about the physical properties of cometary nuclei. Apart from space mission targets, measuring the thermal emission of a nucleus is one of the few means to derive its size, independently of its albedo, and to constrain some of its thermal ... More
Rearrangement transformations on general measure spacesSep 05 2007For a general set transformation ${\cal R}$ between two measure spaces, we define the rearrangement of a measurable function by means of the Layer's cake formula. We study some functional properties of the Lorentz spaces defined in terms of ${\cal R}$, ... More
Generating Program Invariants via InterpolationJan 24 2012Apr 23 2012This article focuses on automatically generating polynomial equations that are inductive loop invariants of computer programs. We propose a new algorithm for this task, which is based on polynomial interpolation. Though the proposed algorithm is not complete, ... More
An independent search of gravitational waves in the first observation run of advanced LIGO using cross-correlationJul 19 2018This work describes a template-free method to search gravitational waves (GW) using data from the LIGO observatories simultaneously. The basic idea of this method is that a GW signal is present in a short-duration data segment if the maximum correlation-coefficient ... More
Neutrino Oscillation from Magnetized Strange StarsJan 15 2014Strange-quark matter (SQM) is a likely candidate of the ground state of nuclear matter. Along with many other equations of state (EoSs), SQM seemed to be severely constrained by the recent discoveries of the 1.97 $M_\odot$ PSR J1614-2230 and the 2.01 ... More
Anisotropic intermediate valence in Yb2M3Ga9 (M = Rh, Ir)May 11 2005The intermediate valence compounds Yb2M3Ga9 (M = Rh, Ir) exhibit an anisotropic magnetic susceptibility. We report measurements of the temperature dependence of the 4f occupation number, nf(T), for Yb2M3Ga9 as well as the magnetic inelastic neutron scattering ... More
Extraordinary optical transmission without plasmons: the s-polarization caseFeb 03 2005It is shown that extraordinary optical transmission through perforated metallic films is possible for s-polarization. Although surface plasmons do not exist for this polarization, their role can be played by a surface wave sustained by a thin dielectric ... More
Limits On The Spin Up Of Stellar-Mass Black Holes Through A Spiral Stationary Accretion Shock InstabilityOct 09 2015The spin of a number of black holes (BHs) in binary systems has been measured. In the case of BHs found in low-mass X-ray binaries (LMXBs) the observed values are in agreement with some theoretical predictions based on binary stellar evolution. However, ... More
Neutrino Oscillation from Hidden GRB JetsJan 18 2014Collapsars are the likely progenitors of Long Gamma-Ray Burst (lGRBs). lGRBs have been observed to last for thousands to tens of thousands of seconds, thus making unlikely the neutrino-driven engine as the main mechanism for driving the jets. In this ... More
Crystal Field Effects in CeIrIn5Feb 02 2004In this work, we study crystalline electric field effects in the heavy fermion superconductor CeIrIn5. We observe two regions of broad magnetic response in the inelastic neutron scattering spectra at 10 K. The first corresponds to the transition between ... More
Magnetic Field Effects on Neutron Diffraction in the Antiferromagnetic Phase of $UPt_3$Apr 14 2000We discuss possible magnetic structures in UPt$_3$ based on our analysis of elastic neutron-scattering experiments in high magnetic fields at temperatures $T<T_N$. The existing experimental data can be explained by a single-{\bf q} antiferromagnetic structure ... More
On the vertex-to-edge duality between the Cayley graph and the coset geometry of von Dyck groupsMar 05 2013Oct 24 2013We prove that the Cayley graph and the coset geometry of the von Dyck group $D(a,b,c)$ are linked by a vertex-to-edge duality.
Adaptive Learning with Binary NeuronsApr 29 2009A efficient incremental learning algorithm for classification tasks, called NetLines, well adapted for both binary and real-valued input patterns is presented. It generates small compact feedforward neural networks with one hidden layer of binary units ... More
Front propagation in an exclusion one-dimensional reactive dynamicsMar 06 2007We consider an exclusion process representing a reactive dynamics of a pulled front on the integer lattice, describing the dynamics of first class $X$ particles moving as a simple symmetric exclusion process, and static second class $Y$ particles. When ... More
Exponential collapse with variable time scale driven by a scalar fieldJul 02 2019We study the dynamic collapse driven by a scalar field and the global topology of a relativistic observer that falls with the collapse and cross the horizon of a Schwarzschild black-hole (BH), at $t=t_0$. During the collapse the scale of time is considered ... More
Matrix Biorthogonal Polynomials: eigenvalue problems and non-Abelian discrete Painlevé equationsJul 18 2018In this paper we use the Riemann-Hilbert problem, with jumps supported on appropriate curves in the complex plane, for matrix biorthogonal polynomials and apply it to find Sylvester systems of differential equations for the orthogonal polynomials and ... More
Critical comments on the paper "Crossing $ω=-1$ by a single scalar field on a Dvali-Gabadadze-Porrati brane" by H Zhang and Z-H Zhu [Phys.Rev.D75,023510(2007)]Dec 09 2008It is demonstrated that the claim in the paper "Crossing $\omega=-1$ by a single scalar field on a Dvali-Gabadadze-Porrati brane" by H Zhang and Z-H Zhu [Phys.Rev.D75,023510(2007)], about a prove that there do not exist scaling solutions in a universe ... More
Parallel Sort-Based Matching for Data Distribution Management on Shared-Memory MultiprocessorsMar 20 2017Aug 07 2018In this paper we consider the problem of identifying intersections between two sets of d-dimensional axis-parallel rectangles. This is a common problem that arises in many agent-based simulation studies, and is of central importance in the context of ... More
Relational PK-Nets for Transformational Music AnalysisNov 02 2016In the field of transformational music theory, which emphasizes the possible transformations between musical objects, Klumpenhouwer networks (K-Nets) constitute a useful framework with connections in both group theory and graph theory. Recent attempts ... More
On Convergent Finite Difference Schemes for Variational - PDE Based Image ProcessingSep 16 2013We study an adaptive anisotropic Huber functional based image restoration scheme. By using a combination of L2-L1 regularization functions, an adaptive Huber functional based energy minimization model provides denoising with edge preservation in noisy ... More
Self-Similar Approach for Rotating Magnetohydrodynamic Solar and Astrophysical StructuresJul 06 2018Rotating magnetic structures are common in astrophysics, from vortex tubes and tornados in the Sun all the way to jets in different astrophysical systems. The physics of these objects often combine inertial, magnetic, gas pressure and gravitational terms. ... More
Riemann-Hilbert Problem for the Matrix Laguerre Biorthogonal Polynomials: Eigenvalue Problems and the Matrix Discrete Painlevé IVJul 06 2019In this paper the Riemann-Hilbert problem, with jump supported on a appropriate curve on the complex plane with a finite endpoint at the origin, is used for the study of corresponding matrix biorthogonal polynomials associated with Laguerre type matrices ... More
Inclusion modulo nonstationaryJun 24 2019A classical theorem of Hechler asserts that the structure $\left(\omega^\omega,\le^*\right)$ is universal in the sense that for any $\sigma$-directed poset P with no maximal element, there is a ccc forcing extension in which $\left(\omega^\omega,\le^*\right)$ ... More
Hartree-Fock energy of a density wave in a spin polarized two-dimensional electron gasNov 12 2003We calculate the Hartree-Fock energy of a density-wave in a spin polarized two-dimensional electron gas using a short-range repulsive interaction. We find that the stable ground state for a short-range potential is always either the paramagnetic state ... More
A Short Proof of a Concrete SumApr 12 2016We give an alternative proof of a formula that generalizes Hermite's identity. Instead involving modular arithmetic, our short proof relies on the Fourier-type expansion for the floor function and on a trigonometric formula.
Gravitational and electromagnetic signatures of accretion into a charged black holeDec 22 2016We present the derivation and the solutions to the coupled electromagnetic and gravitational perturbations with sources in a charged black hole background. We work in the so called ghost gauge and consider as source of the perturbations the infall of ... More
Reviewing the case of the atypical central-engine activity in GRB 110709BJun 28 2015The unusual GRB 110709B triggered Swift/BAT twice, with a time difference of $\sim 11$ minutes. Its light curve presented three noticeable peaks but only two were originally identified. In this work, we describe each peak as due to a different central-engine ... More
Explicit Soliton for the Laplacian Co-Flow on a SolvmanifoldFeb 07 2019Jul 11 2019We apply the general Ansatz in geometric flows on homogeneous spaces proposed by Jorge Lauret for the Laplacian co-flow of invariant $G_2$-structures on a Lie group, finding an explicit soliton on a particular almost Abelian $7$-manifold.
Semantic Relatedness Based Re-ranker for Text SpottingSep 17 2019Sep 19 2019Applications such as textual entailment, plagiarism detection or document clustering rely on the notion of semantic similarity, and are usually approached with dimension reduction techniques like LDA or with embedding-based neural approaches. We present ... More
The Burgers equations as a first step towards the study of the incompressible flows (Lecture notes, in spanish)May 30 2011In this lecture notes we present the equations and the physics involved in the dynamic of incompressible fluids. We present the mathematical techniques needed in order to prove the existence and uniqueness result for the case where we consider Burgers ... More
Transition Temperature of a Magnetic Semiconductor with Angular Momentum jJul 20 2005We employ dynamical mean-field theory to identify the materials properties that optimize Tc for a generalized double-exchange (DE) model. We reach the surprising conclusion that Tc achieves a maximum when the band angular momentum j equals 3/2 and when ... More
Dark matter halo creation in moving barrier modelsDec 26 2007Jul 10 2009In hierarchical models, the time derivative of the halo mass function may be thought of as the difference of two terms - a creation term, which describes the increase in the number of haloes of mass m from mergers of less massive objects, and a destruction ... More
Regular compactifications and Higgs model vorticesMay 17 2004We present full numerical solutions to the system of a global string embedded in a six-dimensional space time. The solutions are regular everywhere and do confine gravity in our four-dimensional world. They depend on the value of the (negative) cosmological ... More
The module $D f^s$ for locally quasi-homogeneous free divisorsJun 25 2002We find explicit free resolutions for the $\scr D$-modules ${\scr D} f^s$ and ${\scr D}[s] f^s/{\scr D}[s] f^{s+1}$, where $f$ is a reduced equation of a locally quasi-homogeneous free divisor. These results are based on the fact that every locally quasi-homogeneous ... More
Potential Topography and Mass GenerationSep 03 1997We describe an approach to understanding exponential decay of correlation functions in asymptotically free theories. This approach is systematic; it does not start from any conjectured mechanism or picture. We begin by studying the metric on the space ... More
The orbits of 48 globular clusters in a Milky-Way-Like Barred GalaxySep 13 2006The effect of a barred potential (such as the one of the Milky Way) on the galactic orbits of forty-eight globular clusters for which absolute proper motions are known is studied. The orbital characteristics are compared with those obtained for the case ... More
A decomposition algorithm for computing income taxes with pass-through entities and its application to the Chilean caseSep 14 2016Income tax systems with pass-through entities transfer a firm's incomes to the shareholders, which are taxed individually. In 2014, a Chilean tax reform introduced this type of entity and changed to an accrual basis that distributes incomes (but not losses) ... More
CRRA Utility Maximization under Risk ConstraintsJun 09 2011Mar 16 2012This paper studies the problem of optimal investment with CRRA (constant, relative risk aversion) preferences, subject to dynamic risk constraints on trading strategies. The market model considered is continuous in time and incomplete. the prices of financial ... More
On $ζ(2n)$. Even simplerFeb 10 2016Apr 12 2016We solve an interpolation problem for computing $\zeta(2n)$ in a rather elementary way, by generalizing the main idea in \cite{SE}.
Collapse driven by a scalar field without final singularityOct 17 2018We explore a collapsing cosmology driven by a scalar field which is minimally coupled to gravity in a spatially at and spherically symmetric, isotropic and homogeneous space-time, with a variable timescale that avoids the final singularity. The equation ... More
Breaking the spell of nestednessNov 08 2017Nov 10 2017Mutualistic interactions, which are beneficial for both interacting species, are recurrently present in ecosystems. Observations of natural systems showed that, if we draw mutualistic relationships as binary links between species, the resulting bipartite ... More
Context-aware Human Motion PredictionApr 06 2019Apr 12 2019The problem of predicting human motion given a sequence of past observations is at the core of many applications in robotics and computer vision. Current state-of-the-art formulate this problem as a sequence-to-sequence task, in which a historical of ... More
Sentiment cascades in the 15M movementMay 14 2015Recent grassroots movements have suggested that online social networks might play a key role in their organization, as adherents have a fast, many-to-many, communication channel to help coordinate their mobilization. The structure and dynamics of the ... More
Dynamics and ordering of weakly Brownian particles in directional dryingNov 19 2017Drying of particle suspensions is an ubiquitous phenomenon with many natural and practical applications. In particular, in unidirectional drying, the evaporation of the solvent induces flows which accumulate particles at the liquid/air interface. The ... More
An approximate treatment of gravitational collapseNov 22 2012Aug 30 2013This work studies a simplified model of the gravitational instability of an initially homogeneous infinite medium, represented by $\TT^d$, based on the approximation that the mean fluid velocity is always proportional to the local acceleration. It is ... More
Monopole Solutions in AdS SpaceNov 25 1999We find monopole solutions for a spontaneously broken SU(2)-Higgs system coupled to gravity in asymptotically anti-de Sitter space. We present new analytic and numerical results discussing,in particular, how the gravitational instability of self-gravitating ... More
On Disjointly singular centralizersMay 19 2019We study ``disjoint" versions of the notions of trivial, locally trivial, strictly singular and super-strictly singular quasi-linear maps in the context of K\"othe function spaces. Among other results, we show: i) (locally) trivial and (locally) disjointly ... More
Relative Fisher information of discrete classical orthogonal polynomialsMay 20 2013The analytic information theory of discrete distributions was initiated in 1998 by C. Knessl, P. Jacquet and S. Szpankowski who addressed the precise evaluation of the Renyi and Shannon entropies of the Poisson, Pascal (or negative binomial) and binomial ... More
Reducing the fine-tuning of gauge-mediated SUSY breakingFeb 22 2016Aug 30 2016Despite their appealing features, models with gauge-mediated supersymmetry breaking (GMSB) typically present a high degree of fine-tuning, due to the initial absence of the top trilinear scalar couplings, $A_t=0$. In this paper, we carefully evaluate ... More
Gaussian quantum channels beyond the Gaussian functional form: full characterization of the one-mode caseFeb 19 2019We study one-mode Gaussian quantum channels in continuous-variable systems by performing a black-box characterization using complete positivity and trace preserving conditions, and report the existence of two subsets that do not have a functional Gaussian ... More
Implications of light charginos for Higgs observables, LHC searches and dark matterMay 14 2013A rather high Higgs mass, m_h = 126 GeV, suggests that at least a part of the supersymmetric spectrum of the MSSM may live beyond O(1TeV) and hence inaccessible to the LHC. However, there are theoretical and phenomenological reasons supporting a possibility ... More
Putting Fürer Algorithm into Practice with the BPAS LibraryNov 05 2018Fast algorithms for integer and polynomial multiplication play an important role in scientific computing as well as in other disciplines. In 1971, Sch{\"o}nhage and Strassen designed an algorithm that improved the multiplication time for two integers ... More
Regroupement sémantique de définitions en espagnolJan 20 2015This article focuses on the description and evaluation of a new unsupervised learning method of clustering of definitions in Spanish according to their semantic. Textual Energy was used as a clustering measure, and we study an adaptation of the Precision ... More
Un duel probabiliste pour départager deux présidents (LIA @ DEFT'2005)Mar 11 2019We present a set of probabilistic models applied to binary classification as defined in the DEFT'05 challenge. The challenge consisted a mixture of two differents problems in Natural Language Processing : identification of author (a sequence of Fran\c{c}ois ... More
Status of the DAMIC direct dark matter search experimentSep 30 2015Dec 08 2015The DAMIC experiment uses fully depleted, high resistivity CCDs to search for dark matter particles. With an energy threshold $\sim$50 eV$_{ee}$, and excellent energy and spatial resolutions, the DAMIC CCDs are well-suited to identify and suppress radioactive ... More
Theory of Plasmon-assisted Transmission of Entangled PhotonsAug 13 2003Aug 13 2003The recent surface plasmon entanglement experiment [E. Altewischer et al., Nature (London) 418, 304 (2002)] is theoretically analyzed. The entanglement preservation upon transmission in the non-focused case is found to provide information about the interaction ... More
Continuum intensity and [O I] spectral line profiles in solar 3D photospheric models: the effect of magnetic fieldsJan 27 2015The importance of magnetic fields in three-dimensional magnetoconvection models of the Sun's photosphere is investigated in terms of their influence on the continuum intensity at different viewing inclination angles, and on the intensity profile of two ... More
New Trends in Parallel and Distributed Simulation: from Many-Cores to Cloud ComputingJul 24 2014Recent advances in computing architectures and networking are bringing parallel computing systems to the masses so increasing the number of potential users of these kinds of systems. In particular, two important technological evolutions are happening ... More
One-loop effects in a self-dual planar noncommutative theoryOct 03 2007Nov 16 2007We study the UV properties, and derive the explicit form of the one-loop effective action, for a noncommutative complex scalar field theory in 2+1 dimensions with a Grosse-Wulkenhaar term, at the self-dual point. We also consider quantum effects around ... More