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Stokes theory of thin-film ruptureJun 11 2019The structure of the flow induced by the van der Waals destabilization of a non-wetting liquid film placed on a solid substrate is unraveled by means of theory and numerical simulations of the Stokes equations. Our analysis reveals that lubrication theory, ... More
Rearrangement transformations on general measure spacesSep 05 2007For a general set transformation ${\cal R}$ between two measure spaces, we define the rearrangement of a measurable function by means of the Layer's cake formula. We study some functional properties of the Lorentz spaces defined in terms of ${\cal R}$, ... More
Hurwitz complete sets of factorizations in the modular group and the classification of Lefschetz elliptc fibrations over the diskSep 23 2013Given any matrix B in SL(2,Z), we will describe an algorithm that provides at least one elliptic fibration over the disk, relatively minimal and Lefschetz, within each topological equivalence class, whose total monodromy is the conjugacy class of B.
Dynamic Natural Language Processing with Recurrence Quantification AnalysisMar 19 2018Writing and reading are dynamic processes. As an author composes a text, a sequence of words is produced. This sequence is one that, the author hopes, causes a revisitation of certain thoughts and ideas in others. These processes of composition and revisitation ... More
Transferring Knowledge across Learning ProcessesDec 03 2018Mar 22 2019In complex transfer learning scenarios new tasks might not be tightly linked to previous tasks. Approaches that transfer information contained only in the final parameters of a source model will therefore struggle. Instead, transfer learning at a higher ... More
Fermions in an AdS3 Black Hole Background and the Gauge-Gravity DualitySep 02 2011Feb 07 2012We study a model whose dynamics is determined by a Maxwell Lagrangian coupled to a complex scalar and a Dirac fermion field, in an $AdS_3$ black hole background. Our study is performed within the context of the Euclidean formalism, in terms of an effective ... More
Point Leaf Maximal Singular Riemannian Foliations in Positive CurvatureApr 25 2018May 02 2018We generalize the notion of fixed point homogeneous isometric group actions to the context of singular Riemannian foliations. We find that in some cases, positively curved manifolds admitting these so-called point leaf maximal SRF's are diffeo/homeomorphic ... More
On Families in Differential GeometryFeb 08 2013Families of objects appear in several contexts, like algebraic topology, theory of deformations, theoretical physics, etc. An unified coordinate-free algebraic framework for families of geometrical quantities is presented here, which allows one to work ... More
Methyl group dynamics in a confined glassDec 19 2002Feb 04 2003We present a neutron scattering investigation on methyl group dynamics in glassy toluene confined in mesoporous silicates of different pore sizes. The experimental results have been analysed in terms of a barrier distribution model, such a distribution ... More
On Generalized Sierpiński GraphsSep 10 2015In this paper we obtain closed formulae for several parameters of generalized Sierpi\'{n}ski graphs $S(G,t)$ in terms of parameters of the base graph $G$. In particular, we focus on the chromatic, vertex cover, clique and domination numbers.
On a generalization of P(3,n)Nov 29 2008By using techniques of poset representation theory, we present a formula for the number of partitions of a positive integer into three polygonal numbers.
On the canonical connection for smooth envelopesJan 14 2013Mar 19 2013A notion known as smooth envelope, or superposition closure, appears naturally in several approaches to generalized smooth manifolds which were proposed in the last decades. Such an operation is indispensable in order to perform differential calculus. ... More
Truth Table Invariant Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition by Regular ChainsJan 24 2014Jun 10 2014A new algorithm to compute cylindrical algebraic decompositions (CADs) is presented, building on two recent advances. Firstly, the output is truth table invariant (a TTICAD) meaning given formulae have constant truth value on each cell of the decomposition. ... More
Adaptive diffusion constrained total variation scheme with application to `cartoon + texture + edge' image decompositionMay 05 2015We consider an image decomposition model involving a variational (minimization) problem and an evolutionary partial differential equation (PDE). We utilize a linear inhomogenuous diffusion constrained and weighted total variation (TV) scheme for image ... More
SFT computations and intersection theory in higher-dimensional contact manifoldsMar 28 2019We construct infinitely many non-diffeomorphic examples of $5$-dimensional contact manifolds which are tight, admit no strong fillings, and do not have Giroux torsion. We obtain obstruction results for symplectic cobordisms, for which we give a proof ... More
Parallel Implementations of Cellular Automata for Traffic ModelsApr 21 2018The Biham-Middleton-Levine (BML) traffic model is a simple two-dimensional, discrete Cellular Automaton (CA) that has been used to study self-organization and phase transitions arising in traffic flows. From the computational point of view, the BML model ... More
Role of the van Hove Singularity in the Quantum Criticality of the Hubbard ModelApr 16 2011Oct 21 2011A quantum critical point (QCP), separating the non-Fermi liquid region from the Fermi liquid, exists in the phase diagram of the 2D Hubbard model [Vidhyadhiraja et. al, Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 206407 (2009)]. Due to the vanishing of the critical temperature ... More
The Role of the Functionality in the Branch Point Motion in Symmetric Star Polymers: A Combined Study by Simulations and Neutron Spin EchoJul 31 2017We investigate the effect of the number of arms (functionality f ) on the mobility of the branch point in symmetric star polymers. For this purpose we carry out large-scale molecular dynamics simulations of simple bead-spring stars and neutron spin echo ... More
An oracle-based attack on CAPTCHAs protected against oracle attacksFeb 13 2017CAPTCHAs/HIPs are security mechanisms that try to prevent automatic abuse of services. They are susceptible to learning attacks in which attackers can use them as oracles. Kwon and Cha presented recently a novel algorithm that intends to avoid such learning ... More
Elastic magnetic electron scattering from deformed nucleiMar 22 2019Magnetic form factors corresponding to elastic electron scattering from odd-A nuclei are presented. The calculations are carried out in plane-wave Born approximation. The one-body properties are obtained in a deformed self-consistent mean-field calculation ... More
A non-linear minimization calculation of the renormalized frequency $\tildeω$ in dirty d-wave superconductorsDec 19 2018Jan 13 2019This work performs a comparative numerical study of the impurity average self-frequency $\tilde{\omega}$ in an unconventional superconducting alloy with non-magnetic impurities. Two methods are used: the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm as a non-linear minimization ... More
An Optimal Plank TheoremJun 10 2019It is shown that for any sequence $v_1,v_2,\dots,v_n$ of unit vectors in a real Hilbert space $H$, there exists a unit vector $v$ in $H$ such that $$|\langle v_k,v \rangle| \geq \sin(\pi/2n)$$ for all $k$. This a sharp version of the plank theorem for ... More
Meta-Symplectic Geometry of $3^{\rm rd}$ Order Monge-Ampère Equations and their CharacteristicsMar 14 2014May 10 2016This paper is a natural companion of [Alekseevsky D.V., Alonso Blanco R., Manno G., Pugliese F., Ann. Inst. Fourier (Grenoble) 62 (2012), 497-524, arXiv:1003.5177], generalising its perspectives and results to the context of third-order (2D) Monge-Amp\`ere ... More
c-axis magnetotransport in CeCoIn$_{5}$Mar 30 2005We present the results of out-of-plane electrical transport measurements on the heavy fermion superconductor CeCoIn$_{5}$ at temperatures from 40 mK to 400 K and in magnetic field up to 9 T. For $T <$ 10 K transport measurements show that the zero-field ... More
Polaritons in layered 2D materialsOct 14 2016In recent years, enhanced light-matter interactions through a plethora of dipole-type polaritonic excitations have been observed in two-dimensional (2D) layered materials. In graphene, electrically tunable and highly confined plasmon-polaritons were predicted ... More
Measurements of inclusive and differential fiducial cross-sections of $t\bar{t}γ$ production in leptonic final states at $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeVJan 10 2019The latest results of the ATLAS experiment for the production of a top-quark pair in association with a photon using proton-proton collision data from the LHC at a centre-of-mass energy of 13 TeV are summarised here. This includes inclusive and differential ... More
Planarity in higher-dimensional contact manifoldsOct 26 2018We obtain several results for (iterated) planar contact manifolds in higher dimensions: (1) Iterated planar contact manifolds are not weakly symplectically semi-fillable. This generalizes a 3-dimensional result of Etnyre to a higher-dimensional setting. ... More
Complex contact manifolds, varieties of minimal rational tangents, and exterior differential systemsMay 22 2018Feb 25 2019Complex contact manifolds arise naturally in differential geometry, algebraic geometry and exterior differential systems. Their classification would answer an important question about holonomy groups. The geometry of such manifold $X$ is governed by the ... More
$A_\infty$ structures and Massey productsMay 19 2017Jan 11 2018We study the relationship between the higher Massey products on the cohomology $H$ of a differential graded algebra, and the $A_\infty$ structures induced on $H$ via homotopy transfer techniques.
Holomorphic curves in the presence of holomorphic hypersurface foliationsFeb 07 2019We prove a result which establishes restrictions on the pseudoholomorphic curves which can exist in a stable Hamiltonian manifold in the presence of certain $\mathbb{R}$-invariant foliations of the symplectization by holomorphic hypersurfaces. This result ... More
A canonical curve of genus 17May 08 2012Feb 11 2014We compute equations for a Hurwitz curve of genus 17 and we conclude that the canonical ideal of any Hurwitz curve of genus 14 or 17 is generated by quadrics.
Solution to HJB equations with an elliptic integro-differential operator and gradient constraintMay 17 2016Nov 29 2016The main goal of this paper is to establish existence, regularity and uniqueness results for the solution of a Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman (HJB) equation, whose operator is an elliptic integro-differential operator. The HJB equation studied in this work arises ... More
Gravitational perturbations of an ultrastatic wormholeMar 21 2007Nov 08 2011This paper has been withdrawn by the author due to a crucial sign error in equation 1
Is there a higher-order Mode Coupling transition in polymer blends?Nov 08 2005May 11 2006We present simulations on a binary blend of bead-spring polymer chains. The introduction of monomer size disparity yields very different relaxation times for each component of the blend. Competition between two different arrest mechanisms, namely bulk-like ... More
Surface plasmon scattering by shallow and deep surface defectsSep 21 2010Surface plasmon scattering by 1D indentations and protrusions is examined, mainly in the optical regime. The width of the defects is fixed, while its height is varied. Both individual and arrays of defects are considered. Protrusions mainly reflect the ... More
Comparative study of surface plasmon scattering by shallow ridges and groovesSep 09 2010We revisit the scattering of surface plasmons by shallow surface defects for both protrusions and indentations of various lengths, which are deemed infinite in one-dimension parallel to the surface. Subwavelength protrusions and indentations of equal ... More
Symplectic structures related with higher order variational problemsAug 09 2014Aug 15 2014In this paper we derive the symplectic framework for field theories defined by higher-order Lagrangians. The construction is based on the symplectic reduction of suitable spaces of iterated jets. The possibility of reducing a higher-order system of PDEs ... More
A Note on Unitarity of Non-Relativistic Non-Commutative TheoriesApr 19 2001May 02 2001We analyze the unitarity of a non-relativistic non-commutative scalar field theory. We show that electric backgrounds spoil unitarity while magnetic ones do not. Furthermore, unlike its relativistic counterparts, unitarity can not be restored (at least ... More
EiTAKA at SemEval-2018 Task 1: An Ensemble of N-Channels ConvNet and XGboost Regressors for Emotion Analysis of TweetsFeb 26 2018This paper describes our system that has been used in Task1 Affect in Tweets. We combine two different approaches. The first one called N-Stream ConvNets, which is a deep learning approach where the second one is XGboost regresseor based on a set of embedding ... More
The Early Scientific Contributions of J. Robert Oppenheimer: Why Did the Scientific Community Miss the Black Hole Opportunity?Mar 13 2017We aim to carry out an assessment of the scientific value of Oppenheimer's research on black holes in order to determine and weigh possible factors to explain its neglect by the scientific community, and even by Oppenheimer himself. Dealing primarily ... More
Multiple phase transitions in Ce(Rh,Ir,Co)In5 heavy-fermion superconductorsJul 12 2001Jul 17 2001Magnetic susceptibility, electrical resistivity and heat capacity data for single crystals of Ce(Rh,Ir)1-x(Co,Ir)xIn5 (0 < x < 1) have allowed us to construct a detailed phase diagram for this new family of heavy-fermion superconductors(HFS). CeRh1-xIrxIn5 ... More
Enhanced transmission and beaming of light via photonic crystal surface modesOct 28 2003Surface modes are generally believed to be an undesirable feature of finite photonic crystals (PC), unlike point or line defect modes. However, it is possible to make the surface mode radiate by appropriate corrugation of the PC interface. In this paper ... More
Cross-Recurrence Quantification Analysis of Categorical and Continuous Time Series: an R packageOct 01 2013Oct 03 2013This paper describes the R package crqa to perform cross-recurrence quantification analysis of two time series of either a categorical or continuous nature. Streams of behavioral information, from eye movements to linguistic elements, unfold over time. ... More
Crossed Products and Coding TheoryAug 06 2017Nov 04 2018Families of codes such as group codes, constacyclic and skew cyclic codes, some of which independently suggested in the literature, turn out to be special instances of the general family of crossed product codes. Hamming-metric is a main feature of ambient ... More
Dynamics of a rod in a random static environment: non-Gaussianity at large length scalesMar 24 2003We present molecular dynamics simulations of the motion of a single rod in a two-dimensional random static array of disks. For long rods the mean-squared displacement of the center-of-mass shows a cage effect similar to that observed in supercooled liquids ... More
GRAMPAL: A Morphological Processor for Spanish implemented in PrologJul 18 1995A model for the full treatment of Spanish inflection for verbs, nouns and adjectives is presented. This model is based on feature unification and it relies upon a lexicon of allomorphs both for stems and morphemes. Word forms are built by the concatenation ... More
Obtaining Gravitational Waves from Inspiral Binary Systems using LIGO dataOct 12 2016Mar 08 2017The discovery of the astrophysical events GW150926 and GW151226 has experimentally confirmed the existence of gravitational waves (GW) and has demonstrated the existence of binary stellar-mass black hole systems. This finding marks the beginning of a ... More
Coexistence of antiferromagnetic order and unconventional superconductivity in heavy fermion compounds CeRh_{1-x}Ir_xIn_5: nuclear quadrupole resonance studiesJul 31 2004We present a systematic ^{115}In NQR study on the heavy fermion compounds CeRh_{1-x}Ir_xIn_5 (x=0.25, 0.35, 0.45, 0.5, 0.55 and 0.75). The results provide strong evidence for the microscopic coexistence of antiferromagnetic (AF) order and superconductivity ... More
The ALICE trigger system for LHC Run 3Nov 03 2017The ALICE Central Trigger Processor (CTP) is going to be upgraded for LHC Run 3 with completely new hardware and a new Trigger and Timing Control (TTC-PON) system based on a Passive Optical Network (PON) system. The new trigger system has been designed ... More
An independent search of gravitational waves in the first observation run of advanced LIGO using cross-correlationJul 19 2018This work describes a template-free method to search gravitational waves (GW) using data from the LIGO observatories simultaneously. The basic idea of this method is that a GW signal is present in a short-duration data segment if the maximum correlation-coefficient ... More
Meson-exchange currents and quasielastic predictions for charged-current neutrino-12C scattering in the superscaling approachDec 04 2014Apr 14 2015We evaluate and discuss the impact of meson-exchange currents (MECs) on charged-current quasielastic neutrino cross sections. We consider the nuclear transverse response arising from two-particle two-hole states excited by the action of electromagnetic, ... More
Anisotropic intermediate valence in Yb2M3Ga9 (M = Rh, Ir)May 11 2005The intermediate valence compounds Yb2M3Ga9 (M = Rh, Ir) exhibit an anisotropic magnetic susceptibility. We report measurements of the temperature dependence of the 4f occupation number, nf(T), for Yb2M3Ga9 as well as the magnetic inelastic neutron scattering ... More
Crystal-field effects in the mixed-valence compounds Yb2M3Ga9 (M= Rh, Ir)Feb 23 2005Magnetic susceptibility, heat capacity, and electrical resistivity measurements have been carried out on single crystals of the intermediate valence compounds Yb2Rh3Ga9 and Yb2Ir3Ga9. These measurements reveal a large anisotropy due apparently to an interplay ... More
Crystalline Electric Field Effects in CeMIn5: Superconductivity and the Influence of Kondo Spin FluctuationsMar 01 2004We have measured the crystalline electric field (CEF) excitations of the CeMIn5 (M = Co, Rh, Ir) series of heavy fermion superconductors by means of inelastic neutron scattering. Fits to a CEF model reproduce the inelastic neutron scattering spectra and ... More
On the vertex-to-edge duality between the Cayley graph and the coset geometry of von Dyck groupsMar 05 2013Oct 24 2013We prove that the Cayley graph and the coset geometry of the von Dyck group $D(a,b,c)$ are linked by a vertex-to-edge duality.
Posterior Model Consistency in Variable Selection as the Model Dimension GrowsJul 29 2015Most of the consistency analyses of Bayesian procedures for variable selection in regression refer to pairwise consistency, that is, consistency of Bayes factors. However, variable selection in regression is carried out in a given class of regression ... More
Front propagation in an exclusion one-dimensional reactive dynamicsMar 06 2007We consider an exclusion process representing a reactive dynamics of a pulled front on the integer lattice, describing the dynamics of first class $X$ particles moving as a simple symmetric exclusion process, and static second class $Y$ particles. When ... More
Matrix Biorthogonal Polynomials: eigenvalue problems and non-Abelian discrete Painlevé equationsJul 18 2018In this paper we use the Riemann-Hilbert problem, with jumps supported on appropriate curves in the complex plane, for matrix biorthogonal polynomials and apply it to find Sylvester systems of differential equations for the orthogonal polynomials and ... More
Ground-State Phase Diagram of the 1D t-J modelDec 17 2010May 20 2011We examine the ground-state phase diagram of the t-J model in one dimension by means of the Density Matrix Renormalization Group. This model is characterized by a rich phase diagram as a function of the exchange interaction J and the density n, displaying ... More
5-dimensional Bourgeois contact structures are tightMar 28 2019Given a contact structure on a manifold $V$ together with a supporting open book decomposition, Bourgeois gave an explicit construction for a contact structure on $V \times \mathbb{T}^2$. We prove that all such structures are universally tight in dimension ... More
On a geometric framework for Lagrangian supermechanicsJun 08 2016Jun 17 2016We re-examine classical mechanics with both commuting and anticommuting degrees of freedom. We do this by defining the phase dynamics of a general Lagrangian system as an implicit differential equation in the spirit of Tulczyjew. Rather than parametrising ... More
Hallucinating Dense Optical Flow from Sparse Lidar for Autonomous VehiclesAug 30 2018In this paper we propose a novel approach to estimate dense optical flow from sparse lidar data acquired on an autonomous vehicle. This is intended to be used as a drop-in replacement of any image-based optical flow system when images are not reliable ... More
Entangled-like Chain Dynamics in Non-entangled Polymer Blends with Large Dynamic AsymmetryAug 22 2007Jan 16 2008We discuss simulations of a simple model for polymer blends in the framework of the Rouse model. At odds with standard predictions, large dynamic asymmetry between the two components induces strong non-exponentiality of the Rouse modes for the fast component. ... More
Anomalous Dynamic Arrest in a Mixture of Big and Small ParticlesApr 06 2006Jul 11 2006We present molecular dynamics simulations on the slow dynamics of a mixture of big and small soft-spheres with a large size disparity. Dynamics are investigated in a broad range of temperature and mixture composition. As a consequence of large size disparity, ... More
AC susceptibility in deoxygenated YBCO single crystalsNov 13 1999We measured the first and third harmonic of the complex AC susceptibility in YBCO single crystals with different oxygen content. The amplitude of the AC field was varied in presence of an external DC field both applied parallel to the c axis of the crystals. ... More
Effects of Precursor Topology and Synthesis under Crowding Conditions on the Structure of Single-Chain Polymer NanoparticlesAug 02 2017By means of molecular dynamics simulations we investigate the formation of single-chain nanoparticles through intramolecular cross-linking of polymer chains, in the presence of their precursors acting as purely steric crowders in concentrated solution. ... More
Relaxation Scenarios in a Mixture of Large and Small Spheres: Dependence on the Size DisparityAug 28 2006Mar 29 2007We present a computational investigation on the slow dynamics of a mixture of large and small soft spheres. By varying the size disparity at a moderate fixed composition different relaxation scenarios are observed for the small particles. For small disparity ... More
Dynamics of a Rigid Rod in a Glassy MediumOct 20 2003Jun 22 2004We present simulations of the motion of a single rigid rod in a disordered static 2d-array of disk-like obstacles. The rotational, $D_{\rm R}$, and center-of-mass translational, $D_{\rm CM}$, diffusion constants are calculated for a wide range of rod ... More
Blocks in cycles and k-commuting permutationsJun 24 2013Aug 18 2014Let $k$ be a nonnegative integer, and let $\alpha$ and $\beta$ be two permutations of $n$ symbols. We say that $\alpha$ and $\beta$ $k$-commute if $H(\alpha\beta, \beta\alpha)=k$, where $H$ denotes the Hamming metric between permutations. In this paper, ... More
Novel Coexistence of Superconductivity with Two Distinct Magnetic OrdersSep 29 2005The heavy fermion Ce(Rh,Ir)In5 system exhibits properties that range from an incommensurate antiferromagnet on the Rh-rich end to an exotic superconductor on the Ir-rich end of the phase diagram. At intermediate composition where antiferromagnetism coexists ... More
Nature of the many-body excitations in a quantum wire: theory and experimentAug 28 2015The natural excitations of an interacting one-dimensional system at low energy are hydrodynamic modes of Luttinger liquid, protected by the Lorentz invariance of the linear dispersion. We show that beyond low energies, where quadratic dispersion reduces ... More
Competing magnetic states, disorder, and the magnetic character of Fe3Ga4Oct 09 2014Apr 20 2015The physical properties of metamagnetic Fe$_3$Ga$_4$ single crystals are investigated to explore the sensitivity of the magnetic states to temperature, magnetic field, and sample history. The data reveal a moderate anisotropy in the magnetization and ... More
Non-landing hairs in Sierpinski curve Julia sets of transcendental entire mapsNov 16 2010Apr 09 2011We consider the family of transcendental entire maps given by $f_a(z)=a(z-(1-a))\exp(z+a)$ where $a$ is a complex parameter. Every map has a superattracting fixed point at $z=-a$ and an asymptotic value at $z=0$. For $a>1$ the Julia set of $f_a$ is known ... More
Computational Investigation of Microgels: Synthesis and Effect of the Microstructure on the Deswelling BehaviorJun 10 2018We present computer simulations of a realistic model of microgels. Unlike the regular network frameworks usually assumed in the simulation literature, we model and simulate a realistic and efficient synthesis route, mimicking cross-linking of functionalized ... More
Dynamic Arrest in Polymer Melts: Competition between Packing and Intramolecular BarriersSep 30 2008Oct 02 2008We present molecular dynamics simulations of a simple model for polymer melts with intramolecular barriers. We investigate structural relaxation as a function of the barrier strength. Dynamic correlators can be consistently analyzed within the framework ... More
Are quantization rules for horizon areas universal?Aug 19 2012Jul 30 2013Doubts have been expressed on the universality of holographic/string-inspired quantization rules for the horizon areas of stationary black holes or the products of their radii, already in simple 4-dimensional general relativity. Realistic black holes ... More
Formality criteria in terms of higher Whitehead bracketsFeb 08 2019We provide two criteria for discarding the formality of a differential graded Lie algebra in terms of higher Whitehead brackets, which are the Lie analogue of the Massey products of a differential graded associative algebra. We also show that formality ... More
On the logarithmic comparison theorem for integrable logarithmic connectionsMar 01 2006Sep 10 2008Let $X$ be a complex analytic manifold, $D\subset X$ a free divisor with jacobian ideal of linear type (e.g. a locally quasi-homogeneous free divisor), $j: U=X-D \to X$ the corresponding open inclusion, $E$ an integrable logarithmic connection with respect ... More
A Principal-Agent Model of Trading Under Market Impact -Crossing networks interacting with dealer markets-Jul 14 2016Aug 16 2016We use a principal-agent model to analyze the structure of a book-driven dealer market when the dealer faces competition from a crossing network or dark pool. The agents are privately informed about their types (e.g. their portfolios), which is something ... More
Sensitivity indices for output on a Riemannian manifoldOct 27 2018In the context of computer code experiments, sensitivity analysis of a complicated input-output system is often performed by ranking the so-called Sobol indices. One reason of the popularity of Sobol's approach relies on the simplicity of the statistical ... More
The Burgers equations as a first step towards the study of the incompressible flows (Lecture notes, in spanish)May 30 2011In this lecture notes we present the equations and the physics involved in the dynamic of incompressible fluids. We present the mathematical techniques needed in order to prove the existence and uniqueness result for the case where we consider Burgers ... More
CRRA Utility Maximization under Risk ConstraintsJun 09 2011Mar 16 2012This paper studies the problem of optimal investment with CRRA (constant, relative risk aversion) preferences, subject to dynamic risk constraints on trading strategies. The market model considered is continuous in time and incomplete. the prices of financial ... More
The module $D f^s$ for locally quasi-homogeneous free divisorsJun 25 2002We find explicit free resolutions for the $\scr D$-modules ${\scr D} f^s$ and ${\scr D}[s] f^s/{\scr D}[s] f^{s+1}$, where $f$ is a reduced equation of a locally quasi-homogeneous free divisor. These results are based on the fact that every locally quasi-homogeneous ... More
Diffusion and Relaxation Dynamics in Cluster CrystalsJun 05 2007For a large class of fluids exhibiting ultrasoft bounded pair potentials, particles form crystals consisting of clusters located in the lattice sites, with a density-independent lattice constant. Here we present an investigation on the dynamic features ... More
Neutron scattering investigations on methyl group dynamics in polymersAug 29 2005Among the different dynamical processes that take place in polymers, methyl group rotation is perhaps the simplest one, since all the relevant interactions on the methyl group can be condensed in an effective mean-field one-dimensional potential. Recent ... More
Gravitational and electromagnetic signatures of accretion into a charged black holeDec 22 2016We present the derivation and the solutions to the coupled electromagnetic and gravitational perturbations with sources in a charged black hole background. We work in the so called ghost gauge and consider as source of the perturbations the infall of ... More
Water/ice phase transition: the role of Zirconium Acetate, a compound with ice-shaping propertiesDec 09 2016Few compounds feature ice-shaping properties. The only compound reported to have ice-shaping properties similar to that of ice-shaping proteins, encountered in many organisms living at low temperature, is Zirconium Acetate. When a Zirconium Acetate solution ... More
Multivariate Arrival Times with Recurrent Neural Networks for Personalized Demand ForecastingDec 29 2018Access to a large variety of data across a massive population has made it possible to predict customer purchase patterns and responses to marketing campaigns. In particular, accurate demand forecasts for popular products with frequent repeat purchases ... More
A generalization of a classical model in contract theory: The agent behaviorJul 14 2011We present a first approximation of agent behaviour in a generalized model in contract theory. This model relaxes some of the the assumptions of one of the classical models allowing to include a broader range of agents. We introduce the motivation for ... More
Connecting pairwise spheres by depth: DCOPSOct 06 2017Apr 27 2018We extend the classical notion of the spherical depth in \mathbb{R}^k, to the important setup of data on a Riemannian manifold. We show that this notion of depth satisfies a set of desirable properties. For the empirical version of this depth function ... More
HJB equations with gradient constraint associated with controlled jump-diffusion processesJan 25 2017Mar 25 2019In this paper, we guarantee the existence and uniqueness (in the almost everywhere sense) of the solution to a Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman (HJB) equation with gradient constraint and a partial integro-differential operator whose L\'evy measure has bounded ... More
Deep Lidar CNN to Understand the Dynamics of Moving VehiclesAug 28 2018Aug 30 2018Perception technologies in Autonomous Driving are experiencing their golden age due to the advances in Deep Learning. Yet, most of these systems rely on the semantically rich information of RGB images. Deep Learning solutions applied to the data of other ... More
Hartree-Fock energy of a density wave in a spin polarized two-dimensional electron gasNov 12 2003We calculate the Hartree-Fock energy of a density-wave in a spin polarized two-dimensional electron gas using a short-range repulsive interaction. We find that the stable ground state for a short-range potential is always either the paramagnetic state ... More
Minimal dissipation model for bipartite quantum systems at finite temperatureFeb 16 2018May 11 2018We consider the reduced dynamics in a bipartite quantum system (consisting of a central system and an intermediate environment) coupled to a heat bath at finite temperature. To describe this situation, in the simplest possible -- yet physically meaningful ... More
Stochastic dynamics of planar magnetic moments in a three-dimensional environmentFeb 03 2018Jul 01 2018We study the stochastic dynamics of a two-dimensional magnetic moment embedded in a three-dimensional environment, described by means of the stochastic Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert (sLLG) equation. We define a covariant generalization of this equation, valid ... More
The effect of the relative orientation between the coronal field and new emerging flux: I Global PropertiesMay 08 2007The emergence of magnetic flux from the convection zone into the corona is an important process for the dynamical evolution of the coronal magnetic field. In this paper we extend our previous numerical investigations, by looking at the process of flux ... More
Charge and Spin Fractionalization Beyond the Luttinger Liquid ParadigmOct 04 2012Feb 05 2013It is well established that at low energies one-dimensional (1D) fermionic systems are described by the Luttinger liquid (LL) theory, that predicts phenomena like spin-charge separation, and charge fractionalization into chiral modes. Here we show through ... More
Anomalous Molecular Weight Dependence of Chain Dynamics in Unentangled Polymer Blends with Strong Dynamic AsymmetryOct 06 2011Feb 23 2012We address the general question of how the molecular weight dependence of chain dynamics in unentangled polymers is modified by blending. By dielectric spectroscopy we measure the normal mode relaxation of polyisoprene in blends with a slow matrix of ... More
Dynamics in binary cluster crystalsAug 13 2010As a result of the application of coarse-graining procedures to describe complex fluids, the study of systems consisting of particles interacting through bounded, repulsive pair potentials has become of increasing interest in the last years. A well known ... More
Non-invertible transformations and spatiotemporal randomnessFeb 12 2006We generalize the exact solution to the Bernoulli shift map. Under certain conditions, the generalized functions can produce unpredictable dynamics. We use the properties of the generalized functions to show that certain dynamical systems can generate ... More