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Layered posets and Kunen's universal collapseMay 30 2015Jul 16 2016We develop the theory of layered posets, and use the notion of layering to prove a new iteration theorem (Theorem 6): if $\kappa$ is weakly compact then any universal Kunen iteration of $\kappa$-cc posets (each possibly of size $\kappa$) is $\kappa$-cc, ... More
Chang's Conjecture and semiproperness of nonreasonable posetsMay 01 2016Let $\mathbb{Q}$ denote the poset which adds a Cohen real then shoots a club through the complement of $\big( [\omega_2]^\omega \big)^V$ with countable conditions. We prove that the version of Strong Chang's Conjecture from \cite{MR2965421} implies semiproperness ... More
Resistivity of the Two-Channel Kondo Model in Infinite DimensionsMay 17 1994May 20 1994Analytic results for the resistivity of the two-channel Kondo lattice in a particular infinite dimensional limit (Lorentzian density of states) are presented. It is argued that in the absence of symmetry breaking phase transitions or applied fields there ... More
Hyperparameter Optimization and Boosting for Classifying Facial Expressions: How good can a "Null" Model be?Jun 14 2013One of the goals of the ICML workshop on representation and learning is to establish benchmark scores for a new data set of labeled facial expressions. This paper presents the performance of a "Null" model consisting of convolutions with random weights, ... More
Theory of "ferrisuperconductivity" in $U_{1-x}Th_xBe_{13}$Jul 08 1999We construct a two component Ginzburg-Landau theory with coherent pair motion and incoherent quasiparticles for the phase diagram of $U_{1-x}Th_xBe_{13}$. The two staggered superconducting states live at the Brillouin zone center and the zone boundary, ... More
One-, Two-, and Three-channel Kondo effects for a model Ce$^{3+}$ Impurity in a MetalAug 29 1995We present studies of a simple Anderson model Hamiltonian for Ce$^{3+}$ ions in cubic symmetry with three configurations ($f^0$,$f^1$,$f^2$). Our Hamiltonian includes: (i) One-channel Anderson model; (ii) Two-channel Anderson model. Using the third order ... More
Superconductivity in the Anderson LatticeMay 25 1993Using an anisotropic hybridization matrix element, V($\vec k$), reflecting cubic symmetry at the ``rare-earth'' sites of the infinite U Anderson lattice, we calculate the bare quasiparticle scattering amplitude to order 1/N using slave Bosons and find ... More
Diphoton Excess at 750 GeV from a Radion in the Bulk-Higgs ScenarioDec 17 2015Apr 07 2016In this work we point out that the diphoton excess recently presented by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations might originate from a radion in the bulk Higgs scenario within a warped extra dimension. In this case the couplings of the radion to massive gauge ... More
Smoothing and mean-covariance estimation of functional data with a Bayesian hierarchical modelFeb 24 2014Jul 07 2015Functional data, with basic observational units being functions (e.g., curves, surfaces) varying over a continuum, are frequently encountered in various applications. While many statistical tools have been developed for functional data analysis, the issue ... More
Limitations of the Standard Gravitational Perfect Fluid ParadigmMar 25 2009Sep 16 2010We show that the standard perfect fluid paradigm is not necessarily a valid description of a curved space steady state gravitational source. Simply by virtue of not being flat, curved space geometries have to possess intrinsic length scales, and such ... More
Correlated hybridization in transition metal complexesSep 09 2005May 17 2006We apply local orbital basis density functional theory (using SIESTA) coupled with a mapping to the Anderson impurity model to estimate the Coulomb assisted or correlated hybridization between transition metal d-orbitals and ligand sp-orbitals for a number ... More
Extending Chacon-Walsh: minimality and generalised starting distributionsMar 24 2005In this paper we consider the Skorokhod embedding problem for general starting and target measures. In particular, we provide necessary and sufficient conditions for a stopping time to be minimal in the sense of Monroe(1972). The resulting conditions ... More
Search for a heavy top t' to Wq in top eventsOct 17 2009We present a search for a massive quark (t') decaying to Wq and thus mimicking the top quark decay signature in data collected by the CDF II detector corresponding to 2.8 fb^-1. We use the reconstructed mass of the t' quark and the scalar sum of the transverse ... More
Clique Topology Reveals Intrinsic Geometric Structure in Neural Correlations: An OverviewAug 08 2016This publication serves as an overview of clique topology -- a novel matrix analysis technique used to extract structural features from neural activity data that contains hidden nonlinearities. We highlight work done by Gusti et al. which introduces clique ... More
A note on the $R_\infty$ property for groups $\mathrm{FAlt}(X)\leqslant G\leqslant \mathrm{Sym}(X)$Feb 08 2016Aug 22 2018Given a set $X$, the group $\mathrm{Sym}(X)$ consists of all bijections from $X$ to $X$, and $\mathrm{FSym}(X)$ is the subgroup of maps with finite support i.e. those that move only finitely many points in $X$. We describe the automorphism structure of ... More
On the Universal Central Extension of Hyperelliptic Current AlgebrasMar 11 2015Jul 20 2015Let $p(t)\in\mathbb C[t]$ be a polynomial with distinct roots and nonzero constant term. We describe, using Fa\'a de Bruno's formula and Bell polynomials, the universal central extension in terms of generators and relations for the hyperelliptic current ... More
Large-time uniqueness in a data assimilation problem for Burgers' equationJul 19 2012There is currently a great deal of interest in the 4D-Var data assimilation scheme, in which one uses observational data to find the optimal initial condition for a differential equation by minimizing a cost function over the set of all possible initial ... More
Layered posets and Kunen's universal collapseMay 30 2015Sep 29 2017We develop the theory of layered posets, and use the notion of layering to prove a new iteration theorem (Theorem 6): if $\kappa$ is weakly compact then any universal Kunen iteration of $\kappa$-cc posets (each possibly of size $\kappa$) is $\kappa$-cc, ... More
Spin-Wave Multiplexed Atom-Cavity ElectrodynamicsJul 10 2019Significant resources are now being devoted to develop intermediate scale quantum systems with tens of quantum bits, tunable interactions, and independent control of each element. Ion traps, superconducting circuits, tweezer arrays of neutral atoms, and ... More
Selection Rules for Two Channel Kondo Models of U and Ce ions in MetalsAug 12 1992Aug 14 1992Symmetry based selection rules are developed providing minimal criteria for the existence of two-channel Kondo interactions between conduction electrons and the low energy degrees of freedom on U$^{4+}$ and Ce$^{3+}$ in a metal host, assuming that the ... More
Efficient Bayesian hierarchical functional data analysis with basis function approximations using Gaussian-Wishart processesDec 23 2015Dec 12 2016Functional data are defined as realizations of random functions (mostly smooth functions) varying over a continuum, which are usually collected with measurement errors on discretized grids. In order to accurately smooth noisy functional observations and ... More
Optical conductivity of wet DNAJan 25 2005Apr 25 2005Motivated by recent experiments we have studied the optical conductivity of DNA in its natural environment containing water molecules and counter ions. Our density functional theory calculations (using SIESTA) for four base pair B-DNA with order 250 surrounding ... More
Monoclinic phase in the relaxor-based piezo-/ ferroelectric Pb(Mg$_{1/3}$Nb$_{2/3})O_3$-PbTiO$_3$ systemJul 12 2001Dec 21 2001A ferroelectric monoclinic phase of space group $Cm$ ($M_A$ type) has been discovered in 0.65Pb(Mg$_{1/3}$Nb$_{2/3})O_3$-0.35PbTiO$_3$ by means of high resolution synchrotron X-ray diffraction. It appears at room temperature in a single crystal previously ... More
Polarization rotation via a monoclinic phase in the piezoelectric 92%PbZn1/3Nb2/3O3-8%PbTiO3Sep 14 2000Dec 13 2000The origin of ultrahigh piezoelectricity in the relaxor ferroelectric PbZn1/3Nb2/3O3-PbTiO3 was studied with an electric field applied along the [001] direction. The zero-field rhombohedral R phase starts to follow the direct polarization path to tetragonal ... More
Origin of the high piezoelectric response in PbZr(1-x)TixO3Dec 07 1999Mar 30 2000High resolution x-ray powder diffraction measurements on poled PbZr(1-x)TixO3 (PZT) ceramic samples close to the rhombohedral-tetragonal phase boundary (the so-called morphotropic phase boundary, MPB) have shown that for both rhombohedral and tetragonal ... More
New Features of the Morphotropic Phase Boundary in the PbZr(1-x)TixO3 SystemJul 20 1999Recently a new monoclinic phase in the PbZr(1-x)TixO3 ceramic system has been reported by Noheda et al. for the composition x= 0.48. In the present work, samples with Ti contents of x= 0.47 and 0.50, which are both tetragonal below their Curie points, ... More
"Wigner crystal" and "stripe" models for the magnetic and crystallographic superstructures of La0.333Ca0 .667MnO3Dec 22 1998The crystallographic (charge-ordered) and magnetic superstructures of La0.333Ca0.667MnO3 were studied by high-resolution synchrotron x-ray and neutron powder diffraction. In the antiferromagnetic structure, which was refined using a non-collinear model, ... More
Hyperopic Cops and RobbersOct 27 2017We introduce a new variant of the game of Cops and Robbers played on graphs, where the robber is invisible unless outside the neighbor set of a cop. The hyperopic cop number is the corresponding analogue of the cop number, and we investigate bounds and ... More
Chang's Conjecture and semiproperness of nonreasonable posetsMay 01 2016Feb 16 2018Let $\mathbb{Q}$ denote the poset which adds a Cohen real then shoots a club through the complement of $\big( [\omega_2]^\omega \big)^V$ with countable conditions. We prove that the version of Strong Chang's Conjecture from \cite{MR2965421} implies semiproperness ... More
Forcing axioms, approachability, and stationary set reflectionJul 16 2018Apr 07 2019We prove a variety of theorems about stationary set reflection and concepts related to internal approachability. We prove that an implication of Fuchino-Usuba relating stationary reflection to a version of Strong Chang's Conjecture cannot be reversed; ... More
Prevalence of Generic Laver DiamondMay 12 2014Viale \cite{Viale_GuessingModel} introduced the notion of Generic Laver Diamond at $\kappa$---which we denote $\Diamond_{\text{Lav}}(\kappa)$---asserting the existence of a single function from $\kappa \to H_\kappa$ that behaves much like a supercompact ... More
Applied statistics: A reviewAug 27 2007The main phases of applied statistical work are discussed in general terms. The account starts with the clarification of objectives and proceeds through study design, measurement and analysis to interpretation. An attempt is made to extract some general ... More
Algorithms, Initializations, and Convergence for the Nonnegative Matrix FactorizationJul 28 2014It is well known that good initializations can improve the speed and accuracy of the solutions of many nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) algorithms. Many NMF algorithms are sensitive with respect to the initialization of W or H or both. This is especially ... More
Design and interpretation of studies: relevant concepts from the past and some extensionsMay 10 2015Principles for the planning and analysis of observational studies, as suggested by W.G Cochran in 1972, are discussed and compared to additional methodological developments since then.
Concepts and a case study for a flexible class of graphical Markov modelsMar 06 2013With graphical Markov models, one can investigate complex dependences, summarize some results of statistical analyses with graphs and use these graphs to understand implications of well-fitting models. The models have a rich history and form an area that ... More
Optimal Graphs for Independence and $k$-Independence PolynomialsOct 09 2017The independence polynomial $I(G,x)$ of a finite graph $G$ is the generating function for the sequence of the number of independent sets of each cardinality. We investigate whether, given a fixed number of vertices and edges, there exists optimally-least ... More
Graphical Markov models: overviewJul 29 2014May 04 2015We describe how graphical Markov models started to emerge in the last 40 years, based on three essential concepts that had been developed independently more than a century ago. Sequences of joint or single regressions and their regression graphs are singled ... More
Calculations of the Knight Shift Anomalies in Heavy Electron MaterialsJun 11 1997Jun 12 1997We have studied the Knight shift $K(\vec r, T)$ and magnetic susceptibility $\chi(T)$ of heavy electron materials, modeled by the infinite U Anderson model with the NCA method. A systematic study of $K(\vec r, T)$ and $\chi(T)$ for different Kondo temperatures ... More
Bridging Phases at the Morphotropic Boundaries of Lead-Oxide Solid SolutionsNov 10 2005Ceramic solid solutions of PbZr(1-x)TixO3 (PZT) with compositions of about x= 0.50 are well-known for their extraordinarily large piezoelectric responses. The latter are highly anisotropic, and it was recently shown that, for the rhombohedral compositions ... More
Staggered Pairing Phenomenology for UPd_2Al_3 and UNi_2Al_3Jun 24 1997We apply the staggered-pairing Ginzburg-Landau phenomenology to describe superconductivity in UPd_2Al_3 and UNi_2Al_3. The phenomenology was applied successfully to UPt_3 so it explains why these materials have qualitatively different superconducting ... More
Naturalness made easy: two-loop naturalness bounds on minimal SM extensionsJul 25 2016The main result of this paper is a collection of conservative naturalness bounds on minimal extensions of the standard model by (vector-like) fermionic or scalar gauge multiplets. Within, we advocate for an intuitive and physical concept of naturalness ... More
Naturalness made easy: two-loop naturalness bounds on minimal SM extensionsJul 25 2016Feb 27 2017The main result of this paper is a collection of conservative naturalness bounds on minimal extensions of the standard model by (vector-like) fermionic or scalar gauge multiplets. Within, we advocate for an intuitive and physical concept of naturalness ... More
Exotic Kondo Effects in Metals: Magnetic Ions in a Crystalline Electric Field and Tunneling CentersApr 10 1997Aug 28 1997This review article provides an overview of the physics of the two-channel Kondo impurity model as manifested in two-level systems in metals and certain actinide/lanthanide ions in metals. Basic models are presented, followed by a discussion of the multiplicative ... More
High-t Diffraction at HERAJun 01 1999The double dissociation photoproduction cross section for the process gamma p -> XY, in which the systems X and Y are separated by a large rapidity gap, is measured at large 4-momentum transfer squared |t| > 20 GeV^2 by the H1 Collaboration at HERA. This ... More
Bezoutians and Tate ResolutionsJun 19 2006This paper gives an explicit construction of the Tate resolution of sheaves arising from the d-fold Veronese embedding of P^n. Our description involves the Bezoutian of n+1 homogenous forms of degree d in n+1 variables. We give applications to duality ... More
Homomorphisms and Higher Extensions for Schur algebras and symmetric groupsAug 26 2005This paper surveys, and in some cases generalises, many of the recent results on homomorphisms and the higher Ext groups for q-Schur algebras and for the Hecke algebra of type A. We review various results giving isomorphisms between Ext groups in the ... More
Homomorphisms between Weyl modules for SL_3(k)Aug 26 2005We classify all homomorphisms between Weyl modules for SL_3(k) when k is an algebraically closed field of characteristic at least three, and show that the Hom-spaces are all at most one-dimensional. As a corollary we obtain all homomorphisms between Specht ... More
Ramsey numbers for partially-ordered setsDec 16 2015Nov 28 2016We present a refinement of Ramsey numbers by considering graphs with a partial ordering on their vertices. This is a natural extension of the ordered Ramsey numbers. We formalize situations in which we can use arbitrary families of partially-ordered sets ... More
A Simple Uniformly Valid Test for InequalitiesJul 15 2019We propose a new test for inequalities that is simple and uniformly valid. The test compares the likelihood ratio statistic to a chi-squared critical value, where the degrees of freedom is the rank of the active inequalities. This test requires no tuning ... More
Chromatic Polynomials of Oriented GraphsOct 12 2018Dec 20 2018The oriented chromatic polynomial of a oriented graph outputs the number of oriented $k$-colourings for any input $k$. We fully classify those oriented graphs for which the oriented graph has the same chromatic polynomial as the underlying simple graph, ... More
Equations of Parametric Surfaces via SyzygiesOct 11 2000Feb 22 2001The revised version has two additional references and a shorter proof of Proposition 5.7. This version also makes numerous small changes and has an appendix containing a proof of the degree formula for a parametrized surface.
Tate Resolutions and Weyman ComplexesJul 20 2009We construct generalized Weyman complexes for coherent sheaves on projective space and describe explicitly how the differential depend on the differentials in the correpsonding Tate resolution. We apply this to define the Weyman complex of a coherent ... More
Secant varieties of toric varietiesFeb 16 2005Apr 27 2006Let $X_P$ be a smooth projective toric variety of dimension $n$ embedded in $\PP^r$ using all of the lattice points of the polytope $P$. We compute the dimension and degree of the secant variety $\Sec X_P$. We also give explicit formulas in dimensions ... More
Making a Science of Model SearchSep 23 2012Many computer vision algorithms depend on a variety of parameter choices and settings that are typically hand-tuned in the course of evaluating the algorithm. While such parameter tuning is often presented as being incidental to the algorithm, correctly ... More
Regularity and Segre-Veronese embeddingsMay 29 2008This paper studies the regularity of certain coherent sheaves that arise naturally from Segre-Veronese embeddings of a product of projective spaces. We give an explicit formula for the regularity of these sheaves and show that their regularity is subadditive. ... More
Certain families of Polynomials arising in the study of hyperelliptic Lie algebrasFeb 03 2016The associative ring $R(P(t))=\mathbb C[t^{\pm1},u \,|\, u^2=P(t)]$, where $P(t)=\sum_{i=0}^na_it^i=\prod_{k=1}^n(t-\alpha_i)$ with $\alpha_i\in\mathbb C$ pairwise distinct, is the coordinate ring of a hyperelliptic curve. The Lie algebra $\mathcal{R}(P(t))=\text{Der}(R(P(t)))$ ... More
Vector-valued stochastic delay equations - a semigroup approachJun 28 2010Nov 12 2010Let E be a type 2 UMD Banach space, H a Hilbert space and let p be in [1,\infty). Consider the following stochastic delay equation in E: dX(t) = AX(t) + CX_t + b(X(t),X_t)dW_H(t), t>0; X(0) = x_0; X_0 = f_0. Here A : D(A) -> E is the generator of a C_0-semigroup, ... More
On the applicability of quantum-optical concepts in strong-coupling nanophotonicsJul 04 2019Rooted in quantum optics and benefiting from its well-established foundations, strong coupling in nanophotonics has experienced increasing popularity in recent years. With nanophotonics being an experimentally-driven field, the absence of appropriate ... More
Self-consistent Treatment of Crystal-Electric-Field-Levels in the Anderson LatticeSep 17 1996We consider an Anderson lattice model with a spin 1/2 degenerated conduction electron band and localized ionic CEF-levels, classified according to the irreducible representation of the point group of the lattice. We present the self-consistency equations ... More
A Simple Model for Coupled Magnetic and Quadrupolar Instabilities in Uranium Heavy-Fermion MaterialsSep 08 1992We present a mean-field calculation of the phase diagram of a simple model of localized moments, in the hexagonal uranium heavy-fermion compounds. The model considers a non-Kramers quadrupolar doublet ground state magnetically coupled with a singlet excited-state, ... More
Optimal Domination PolynomialsApr 12 2019Let $G$ be a graph on $n$ vertices and $m$ edges and $D(G,x)$ the domination polynomial of $G$. In this paper we completely characterize the values of $n$ and $m$ for which optimal graphs exist for domination polynomials. We also show that there does ... More
An Optimal Skorokhod Embedding for DiffusionsDec 12 2002Given a Brownian motion $B_t$ and a general target law $\mu$ (not necessarily centered or even integrable) we show how to construct an embedding of $\mu$ in $B$. This embedding is an extension of an embedding due to Perkins, and is optimal in the sense ... More
An Arecibo Search for Pulsars and Transient Sources in M33Apr 21 2011We report on a systematic and sensitive search for pulsars and transient sources in the nearby spiral galaxy M33, conducted at 1.4 GHz with the Arecibo telescope's seven-beam receiver system, ALFA. Data were searched for both periodic and aperiodic sources, ... More
Interferometric Observations of Powerful CO Emission from the three Submillimeter Galaxies at z=2.30, 2.51 and 3.35Jul 16 2003Nov 10 2003We report IRAM Plateau de Bure, millimeter interferometry of three z=~2.4 to 3.4, SCUBA deep field galaxies. Our CO line observations confirm the rest-frame UV/optical redshifts, thus more than doubling the number of confirmed, published redshifts of ... More
A survey of diffuse interstellar bands in the Andromeda galaxy: optical spectroscopy of M31 OB starsNov 03 2010We present the largest sample to-date of intermediate-resolution blue-to-red optical spectra of B-type supergiants in M31 and undertake the first survey of diffuse interstellar bands (DIBs) in this galaxy. Spectral classifications, radial velocities and ... More
Detection of fast transients with radio interferometric arraysFeb 14 2013Apr 12 2013Next-generation radio arrays, including the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) and its pathfinders, will open up new avenues for exciting transient science at radio wavelengths. Their innovative designs, comprising a large number of small elements, pose several ... More
Low symmetry phases in piezoelectric systems: PZN-xPT single crystal and powderSep 28 2001In this review we address some of the experimental challenges found in the x-ray diffraction characterization of the low-symmetry phases recently discovered in the PZT, PZN-PT and PMN-PT piezoelectric systems around their morphotropic phase boundaries. ... More
Transport Properties of the Infinite Dimensional Hubbard ModelAug 05 1992Results for the optical conductivity and resistivity of the Hubbard model in infinite spatial dimensions are presented. At half filling we observe a gradual crossover from a normal Fermi-liquid with a Drude peak at $\omega=0$ in the optical conductivity ... More
Interpretation of interaction: A reviewDec 07 2007Several different types of statistical interaction are defined and distinguished, primarily on the basis of the nature of the factors defining the interaction. Illustrative examples, mostly epidemiological, are given. The emphasis is primarily on interpretation ... More
Low-temperature phases in Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3: A neutron powder diffraction studyAug 09 2004A neutron powder diffraction study has been carried out on Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 in order to resolve an ongoing controversy about the nature of the low-temperature structure of this strongly-piezoelectric and technologically-important material. The results ... More
Theory of One-Channel vs. Multi-Channel Kondo Effects for Ce$^{3+}$ ImpuritiesDec 05 1994Aug 07 1995We introduce a model for Ce$^{3+}$ impurities in cubic metals which exhibits competition between the Fermi-liquid fixed point of the single channel Kondo model and the non-Fermi-liquid fixed point of the two- and three-channel Kondo models. Using the ... More
Evaluating the role of data quality when sharing information in hierarchical multi-stock assessment models, with an application to Dover SoleApr 10 2018Oct 20 2018An emerging approach to data-limited fisheries stock assessment uses hierarchical multi-stock assessment models to group stocks together, sharing information from data-rich to data-poor stocks. In this paper, we simulate data-rich and data-poor fishery ... More
Frequentist statistics as a theory of inductive inferenceOct 27 2006After some general remarks about the interrelation between philosophical and statistical thinking, the discussion centres largely on significance tests. These are defined as the calculation of $p$-values rather than as formal procedures for ``acceptance'' ... More
Scaling analysis of a model Hamiltonian for Ce$^{3+}$ impurity in a cubic metalMar 05 1996Mar 11 1996We introduce various exchange interactions in a model Hamiltonian for Ce$^{3+}$ ions in cubic symmetry with three configurations ($f^0$,$f^1$,$f^2$). With the impurity pseudo spin $S_I=1/2$, our Hamiltonian includes: (i) One-channel $S_c=1/2$ Anderson ... More
Measuring and Understanding Sensory Representations within Deep Networks Using a Numerical Optimization FrameworkFeb 17 2015A central challenge in sensory neuroscience is describing how the activity of populations of neurons can represent useful features of the external environment. However, while neurophysiologists have long been able to record the responses of neurons in ... More
Implicitization of surfaces in P^3 in the presence of base pointsMay 23 2002Apr 29 2003We show that the method of moving quadrics for implicitizing surfaces in P^3 applies in certain cases where base points are present. However, if the ideal defined by the parametrization is saturated, then this method rarely applies. Instead, we show that ... More
Phase Diagram of the Two-Channel Kondo LatticeSep 20 1996The phase diagram of the two-channel Kondo lattice model is examined with a Quantum Monte Carlo simulation in the limit of infinite dimensions. Commensurate (and incommensurate) antiferromagnetic and superconducting states are found. The antiferromagnetic ... More
The Hubbard Model at Infinite Dimensions: Thermodynamic and Transport PropertiesAug 11 1992We present results on thermodynamic quantities, resistivity and optical conductivity for the Hubbard model on a simple hypercubic lattice in infinite dimensions. Our results for the paramagnetic phase display the features expected from an intuitive analysis ... More
A unifying class of Skorokhod embeddings: connecting the Azema-Yor and Vallois embeddingsJun 02 2005In this paper we consider the Skorokhod embedding problem in Brownian motion. In particular, we give a solution based on the local time at zero of a variably skewed Brownian motion related to the underlying Brownian motion. Special cases of the construction ... More
Central Exclusive Di-jet Production at the TevatronAug 24 2005We perform a phenomenological analysis of dijet production in double pomeron exchange at the Tevatron. We find that the CDF Run I results do not rule out the presence of an exclusive dijet component, as predicted by Khoze, Martin and Ryskin (KMR). With ... More
On Closed Graphs IJun 21 2013Dec 31 2014A graph is closed when its vertices have a labeling by [n] with a certain property first discovered in the study of binomial edge ideals. In this article, we prove that a connected graph has a closed labeling if and only if it is chordal, claw-free, and ... More
Diagrammatic Kazhdan-Lusztig theory for the (walled) Brauer algebraSep 21 2010We determine the decomposition numbers for the Brauer and walled Brauer algebra in characteristic zero in terms of certain polynomials associated to cap and curl diagrams (recovering a result of Martin in the Brauer case). We consider a second family ... More
Beyond the Zero-Binding Approximation in QuarkoniumOct 07 2002The hadronic decays of quarkonium and the B meson inclusive decay into J/Psi + X, if treated in the zero-binding approximation, suggest a value of the strong coupling constant much smaller than the value implied in the standard model by running from measurements ... More
Dilatonic Black Holes, Naked Singularities and StringsJul 23 1992We extend a previous calculation which treated Schwarschild black hole horizons as quantum mechanical objects to the case of a charged, dilaton black hole. We show that for a unique value of the dilaton parameter `a', which is determined by the condition ... More
Diffractive production of high pt photons at HERADec 23 1999We study the diffractive production of high pt photons at HERA. We have implemented the process as a new hard sub-process in the HERWIG event generator in order to prepare the ground for a future measurement.
Correlation effects in the presence of a spin bathNov 19 2018In this work we analyze the effect of a bath of spins interacting with a quantum Ising model in terms of a hierarchy of correlations. We show that this formalism can be used with general spin systems and baths, and discuss the concrete case of a transverse ... More
Robust hedging of double touch barrier optionsAug 29 2008We consider model-free pricing of digital options, which pay out if the underlying asset has crossed both upper and lower barriers. We make only weak assumptions about the underlying process (typically continuity), but assume that the initial prices of ... More
3D MHD Modeling of the Gaseous Structure of the Galaxy: Setup and Initial ResultsJul 29 2002We show the initial results of our 3D MHD simulations of the flow of the Galactic atmosphere as it responds to a spiral perturbation in the potential. In our standard case, as the gas approaches the arm, there is a downward converging flow that terminates ... More
Martingale optimal transport with stoppingJan 22 2017Nov 22 2017We solve the martingale optimal transport problem for cost functionals represented by optimal stopping problems. The measure-valued martingale approach developed in ArXiv: 1507.02651 allows us to obtain an equivalent infinite-dimensional controller-stopper ... More
The geometry of multi-marginal Skorokhod EmbeddingMay 26 2017The Skorokhod Embedding Problem (SEP) is one of the classical problems in the study of stochastic processes, with applications in many different fields (cf.~ the surveys \cite{Ob04,Ho11}). Many of these applications have natural multi-marginal extensions ... More
Imaginary crystal bases for $U_q(\widehat{\mathfrak{sl}(2)})$-modules in category $\mathcal O^q_{\text{red,im}}$Dec 04 2018Recently we defined imaginary crystal bases for $U_q(\widehat{\mathfrak{sl}(2)})$- modules in category $\mathcal O^q_{\text{red,im}}$ and showed the existence of such bases for reduced quantized imaginary Verma modules for $U_q(\widehat{\mathfrak{sl}(2)})$. ... More
Renormalization of the two-dimensional Lotka--Volterra modelApr 01 2008We show that renormalized two-dimensional Lotka--Volterra models near criticality converge to a super-Brownian motion. This is used to establish long-term survival of a rare type for a range of parameter values near the voter model.
On joint distributions of the maximum, minimum and terminal value of a continuous uniformly integrable martingaleJun 03 2014Mar 28 2015We study the joint laws of a continuous, uniformly integrable martingale, its maximum, and its minimum. In particular, we give explicit martingale inequalities which provide upper and lower bounds on the joint exit probabilities of a martingale, given ... More
Discretisation and Duality of Optimal Skorokhod Embedding ProblemsFeb 23 2017We prove a strong duality result for a linear programming problem which has the interpretation of being a discretised optimal Skorokhod embedding problem, and we recover this continuous time problem as a limit of the discrete problems. With the discrete ... More
High-resolution [C II] imaging of HDF850.1 reveals a merging galaxy at z=5.185Jan 10 2014New high-resolution maps with the IRAM Interferometer of the redshifted [C II] 158 micron line and the 0.98mm dust continuum of HDF850.1 at z = 5.185 show the source to have a blueshifted northern component and a redshifted southern component, with a ... More
Extraordinary nonlinear plasmonics in graphene nanoislandsOct 08 2014Nov 25 2014Nonlinear optical processes rely on the intrinsically weak interactions between photons enabled by their coupling with matter. Unfortunately, many applications in nonlinear optics are severely hindered by the small response of conventional materials. ... More
A massive parsec-scale dust ring nebula around the yellow hypergiant Hen3-1379Mar 18 2013On the basis of far-infrared images obtained by the Herschel Space Observatory, we report the discovery of a large and massive dust shell around the yellow hypergiant Hen3-1379 . The nebula appears as a detached ring of 1 pc diameter which contains 0.17 ... More
Influence of Correlated Hybridization on the Conductance of Molecular TransistorsNov 04 2006We study the spin-1/2 single-channel Anderson impurity model with correlated (occupancy dependent) hybridization for molecular transistors using the numerical renormalization-group method. Correlated hybridization can induce nonuniversal deviations in ... More
Theory of adiabatic Hexaamminecobalt-Self-ExchangeDec 02 2002We have reexamined the thermally induced Co(NH_3)_6^{2+/3+} [Co(II/III)] redox reaction using the first principles density-functional-theory method, semiclassical Marcus theory, and known charge transfer parameters. We confirm a previously suggested mechanism ... More
Multi-Orbital Hubbard Model in Infinite Dimensions: Quantum Monte Carlo CalculationJun 15 1998Using Quantum Monte Carlo we compute thermodynamics and spectra for the orbitally degenerate Hubbard model in infinite spatial dimensions. With increasing orbital degeneracy we find in the one-particle spectra: broader Hubbard bands (consistent with increased ... More