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Asymptotic analysis of exit time for dynamical systems with a single well potentialJun 11 2019We study the exit time from a bounded multi-dimensional domain $\Omega$ of the stochastic process $\mathbf{Y}_\varepsilon=\mathbf{Y}_\varepsilon(t,a)$, $t\geqslant 0$, $a\in \mathcal{A}$, governed by the overdamped Langevin dynamics \begin{equation*} ... More
Complete asymptotic expansions for eigenvalues of Dirichlet Laplacian in thin three-dimensional rodsOct 20 2009Feb 21 2010We consider Dirichlet Laplacian in a thin curved three-dimensional rod. The rod is finite. Its cross-section is constant and small, and rotates along the reference curve in an arbitrary way. We find a two-parametric set of the eigenvalues of such operator ... More
Gap opening in two-dimensional periodic systemsOct 20 2018We present a new method of gap control in two-dimensional periodic systems with the perturbation consisting of a second-order differential operator and a family of narrow potential `walls' separating the period cells in on direction. We show that under ... More
Asymptotics of the eigenvalues of elliptic systems with fast oscillating coefficientsMay 29 2007We consider singularly perturbed second order elliptic system in the whole space with fast oscillating coefficients. We construct the complete asymptotic expansions for the eigenvalues converging to the isolated ones of the homogenized system, as well ... More
Eigenvalues collision for PT-symmetric waveguideJan 24 2014We consider a model of planar PT-symmetric waveguide and study the phenomenon of the eigenvalues collision under the perturbation of boundary conditions. This phenomenon was discovered numerically in previous works. The main result of this work is an ... More
Asymptotic behaviour of the spectrum of a waveguide with distant perturbationsJun 02 2006May 23 2007We consider the waveguide modelled by a $n$-dimensional infinite tube. The operator we study is the Dirichlet Laplacian perturbed by two distant perturbations. The perturbations are described by arbitrary abstract operators ''localized'' in a certain ... More
Initial length scale estimate for waveguides with some random singular potentialsJul 08 2015In this work we consider three examples of random singular perturbations in multi-dimensional models of waveguides. These perturbations are described by a large potential supported on a set of a small measure, by a compactly supported fast oscillating ... More
Discrete spectrum of thin PT-symmetric waveguideMar 18 2014In a thin multidimensional layer we consider a second order differential PT-symmetric operator. The operator is of rather general form and its coefficients are arbitrary functions depending both on slow and fast variables. The PT-symmetry of the operator ... More
Frameworks for two-dimensional Keller mapsJan 13 2019A Keller map is a counterexample to the Jacobian Conjecture. In dimension two every such map, if exists, leads to a complicated set of conditions on the map between the Picard groups of suitable compactifications of the affine plane. This is essentially ... More
Effect of density on microwave-induced resistance oscillations in back-gated GaAs quantum wellsApr 05 2019We report on microwave-induced resistance oscillations (MIROs) in a tunable-density 30-nm-wide GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well. We find that the MIRO amplitude increases dramatically with carrier density. Our analysis shows that the anticipated increase in the ... More
Homogenization of the planar waveguide with frequently alternating boundary conditionsMay 04 2009We consider Laplacian in a planar strip with Dirichlet boundary condition on the upper boundary and with frequent alternation boundary condition on the lower boundary. The alternation is introduced by the periodic partition of the boundary into small ... More
Distant perturbation asymptotics in window-coupled waveguides. I. The non-threshold caseJun 07 2006We consider a pair of adjacent quantum waveguides, in general of different widths, coupled laterally by a pair of windows in the common boundary, not necessarily of the same length, at a fixed distance. The Hamiltonian is the respective Dirichlet Laplacian. ... More
Exponential splitting of bound states in a waveguide with a pair of distant windowsDec 04 2003We consider Laplacian in a straight planar strip with Dirichlet boundary which has two Neumann ``windows'' of the same length the centers of which are $2l$ apart, and study the asymptotic behaviour of the discrete spectrum as $l\to\infty$. It is shown ... More
Planar waveguide with "twisted" boundary conditions: small widthDec 08 2011Jan 09 2012We consider a planar waveguide with "twisted" boundary conditions. By twisting we mean a special combination of Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions. Assuming that the width of the waveguide goes to zero, we identify the effective (limiting) operator ... More
Gap opening and split band edges in waveguides coupled by a periodic system of small windowsMar 01 2012At the example of two coupled waveguides we construct a periodic second order differential operator acting in a Euclidean domain and having spectral gaps whose edges are attained strictly inside the Brillouin zone. The waveguides are modeled by the Laplacian ... More
Creation of spectral bands for a periodic domain with small windowsJul 05 2015We consider a Schroediner operator in a periodic system of strip-like domains coupled by small windows. As the windows close, the domain decouples into an infinite series of identical domains. The operator similar to the original one but on one copy of ... More
Low lying eigenvalues of randomly curved quantum waveguidesNov 06 2012Aug 14 2013We consider the negative Dirichlet Laplacian on an infinite waveguide embedded in $\RR^2$, and finite segments thereof. The waveguide is a perturbation of a periodic strip in terms of a sequence of independent identically distributed random variables ... More
Generalized operads and their inner cohomomorphismsSep 27 2006Jan 07 2011In this paper we introduce a notion of {\it generalized operad} containing as special cases various kinds of operad--like objects: ordinary, cyclic, modular, properads etc. We then construct inner cohomomorphism objects in their categories (and categories ... More
Asymptotics and Estimates of Degrees of Convergence in Three-Dimensional Boundary Value Problem with Frequent Interchange of Boundary ConditionsSep 12 2002We consider a singular perturbed eigenvalue problem for Laplace operator in a cylinder with frequent interchange of type of boundary condition on a lateral surface. These boundary conditions are prescribed by partition of lateral surface in a great number ... More
Polynomial maps over finite fields and residual finiteness of mapping tori of group endomorphismsSep 06 2003We prove that every mapping torus of any free group endomorphism is residually finite. We show how to use a not yet published result of E. Hrushovski to extend our result to arbitrary linear groups. The proof uses algebraic self-maps of affine spaces ... More
On a model boundary value problem for Laplacian with frequently alternating type of boundary conditionAug 06 2002Mar 22 2003Model two-dimensional singular perturbed eigenvalue problem for Laplacian with frequently alternating type of boundary condition is considered. Complete two-parametrical asymptotics for the eigenelements are constructed.
On spectrum of a periodic operator with a small localized perturbationSep 07 2006Sep 08 2006We study the spectrum of a periodic self-adjoint operator on the axis perturbed by a small localized nonself-adjoint operator. It is shown that the continuous spectrum is independent of the perturbation, the residual spectrum is empty, and the point spectrum ... More
Low lying spectrum of weak-disorder quantum waveguidesOct 02 2010Nov 24 2010We study the low-lying spectrum of the Dirichlet Laplace operator on a randomly wiggled strip. More precisely, our results are formulated in terms of the eigenvalues of finite segment approximations of the infinite waveguide. Under appropriate weak-disorder ... More
Tunneling resonances in systems without a classical trappingOct 01 2012In this paper we analyze a free quantum particle in a straight Dirichlet waveguide which has at its axis two Dirichlet barriers of lengths $\ell_\pm$ separated by a window of length 2a. It is known that if the barriers are semiinfinite, i.e. we have two ... More
Geometric coupling thresholds in a two-dimensional stripJun 18 2002We consider the Laplacian in a strip $\mathbb{R}\times (0,d)$ with the boundary condition which is Dirichlet except at the segment of a length $2a$ of one of the boundaries where it is switched to Neumann. This operator is known to have a non-empty and ... More
Bound states in weakly deformed strips and layersNov 30 2000We consider Dirichlet Laplacians on straight strips in R^2 or layers in R^3 with a weak local deformation. First we generalize a result of Bulla et al. to the three-dimensional situation showing that weakly coupled bound states exist if the volume change ... More
Fingerprinting Smart Devices Through Embedded Acoustic ComponentsMar 13 2014The widespread use of smart devices gives rise to both security and privacy concerns. Fingerprinting smart devices can assist in authenticating physical devices, but it can also jeopardize privacy by allowing remote identification without user awareness. ... More
Exploring Ways To Mitigate Sensor-Based Smartphone FingerprintingMar 06 2015Modern smartphones contain motion sensors, such as accelerometers and gyroscopes. These sensors have many useful applications; however, they can also be used to uniquely identify a phone by measuring anomalies in the signals, which are a result from manufacturing ... More
Neutrinoless double beta decay: Electron angular correlation as a probe of new physicsJun 07 2006Sep 12 2006The angular distribution of the final electrons in the so-called long range mechanism of the neutrinoless double beta decay ($0\nu2\beta$) is derived for the general Lorentz invariant effective Lagrangian. Possible theories beyond the SM are classified ... More
Electron angular correlation in neutrinoless double beta decay and new physicsJan 16 2008The angular correlation of the electrons in the neutrinoless double beta decay ($0\nu2\beta$) is calculated taking into account the nucleon recoil, the $S$ and $P$-waves for the electrons and the electron mass using a general Lorentz invariant effective ... More
Effects of heavy Majorana neutrinos at lepton-proton collidersDec 01 2005We discuss the prospects of detecting the processes $e^+p\to\bar\nu_e\ell^+\ell'^+X$ and $\nu_ep\to e\ell^+\ell'^+X$ ($\ell,\ell'=e,\mu,\tau$) under the conditions of the present $ep$ collider HERA and of future colliders. These high-energy processes ... More
Probing new physics in the Neutrinoless double beta decay using electron angular correlationJun 28 2007Jan 16 2008The angular correlation of the electrons emitted in the neutrinoless double beta decay ($0\nu2\beta$) is presented using a general Lorentz invariant effective Lagrangian for the leptonic and hadronic charged weak currents. We show that the coefficient ... More
Magnetoelectric properties of 500 nm Cr2O3 filmsFeb 22 2016May 12 2016The linear magnetoelectric effect was measured in 500 nm Cr2O3 films grown by rf sputtering on Al2O3 substrates between top and bottom thin film Pt electrodes. Magnetoelectric susceptibility was measured directly by applying an AC electric field and measuring ... More
Neutrinoless double beta decay: searching for new physics with comparison of different nucleiDec 17 2011The neutrinoless double beta decay is analyzed using a general Lorentz invariant effective Lagrangian for various decaying nuclei of current experimental interest: $^{76}$Ge, $^{82}$Se, $^{100}$Mo, $^{130}$Te, and $^{136}$Xe. We work out the half-lives ... More
On a Question of Craven and a Theorem of BelyiMay 25 2002Dec 01 2002In this elementary note we prove that a polynomial with rational coefficients divides the derivative of some polynomial which splits in $\Q$ if and only if all of its irrational roots are real and simple. This provides an answer to a question posed by ... More
Convolution structures and arithmetic cohomologyJul 27 1998Jan 03 2001In this paper we construct arithmetic analogs of the Riemann-Roch theorem and Serre's duality for line bundles. This improves on the works of Tate and van der Geer - Schoof. We define $H^0(L)$ and $H^1(L)$ as some convolution of measures structures. The ... More
Derived manifolds and Kuranishi modelsDec 05 2012Jan 12 2014A model structure is defined on the category of derived differentiable schemes, and it is used to analyse the truncation 2-functor from derived manifolds to d-manifolds. It is proved that the induced 1-functor between the homotopy categories is full and ... More
Why Did My Query Slow Down?Jul 18 2009Oct 22 2011Many enterprise environments have databases running on network-attached server-storage infrastructure (referred to as Storage Area Networks or SANs). Both the database and the SAN are complex systems that need their own separate administrative teams. ... More
On band spectrum of Schroedinger operator in periodic system of domains coupled by small windowsDec 29 2013We consider a periodic system of domains coupled by small windows. In such domain we study the band spectrum of a Schroedinger operator subject to Neumann condition. We show that near each isolated eigenvalue of the similar operator but in the periodicity ... More
Topological characterization of various types of rings of smooth functionsAug 30 2011Oct 02 2011Topologies on algebraic and equational theories are used to define germ determined, near-point determined, and point determined rings of smooth functions, without requiring them to be finitely generated. It is proved, that any commutative algebra morphism ... More
Boundedness theorem for Fano log-threefoldsFeb 06 1994Feb 07 1994The main purpose of this article is to prove that the family of all Fano threefolds with log-terminal singularities with bounded index is bounded.
Quotient singularities, integer ratios of factorials and the Riemann HypothesisMay 10 2005The goal of this paper is to reveal a close connection between the following three subjects that have not been studied together in the past: terminal and canonical cyclic quotient singularities, integer ratios of factorials, Nyman's approach to the Riemann ... More
The club of simplicial setsJan 13 2010Dec 15 2010A club structure is defined on the category of simplicial sets. This club generalizes the operad of associative rings by adding "amalgamated" products.
Convex lattice polytopes and cones with few lattice points inside, from a birational geometry viewpointJan 19 2000It is pretty well-known that toric Fano varieties of dimension k with terminal singularities correspond to convex lattice polytopes P in R^k of positive finite volume, such that intersection of P and Z^k consists of the point 0 and vertices of P. Likewise, ... More
Class of the affine line is a zero divisor in the Grothendieck ringDec 19 2014Mar 12 2015We show that the class of the affine line is a zero divisor in the Grothendieck ring of algebraic varieties over complex numbers. The argument is based on the Pfaffian-Grassmannian double mirror correspondence.
On the spectrum of two quantum layers coupled by a windowFeb 08 2007We consider the Dirichlet Laplacian in a domain two three-dimensional parallel layers having common boundary and coupled by a window. The window produces the bound states below the essential spectrum; we obtain two-sided estimates for them. It is also ... More
Positive positive-definite functions and measures on locally compact abelian groupsJun 18 1999The author was recently able to provide a cohomological interpretation of Tate's Riemann-Roch formula for number fields using some new harmonic analysis objects, ghost-spaces. When trying to investigate these objects in general, we realized the importance ... More
Boundedness of Fano threefolds with log-terminal singularities of given indexOct 07 1999Feb 24 2005We prove the boundedness theorem for Fano threefolds with log-terminal singularities of any fixed index. This is an improvement of our earlier result, where we required additionally that the variety is Q-factorial, with Picard number 1. The new ideas ... More
Some Interesting Integer Polynomial MapsJan 03 2013We introduce three simple polynomial maps with integer coefficients that have interesting dynamical properties modulo primes.
Geometrically Nilpotent SubvarietiesMay 13 2015We construct some examples of polynomial maps over finite fields that admit subvarieties with a peculiar property: every geometric point is mapped to a fixed point by some iteration of the map, while the whole subvariety is not. Several related open questions ... More
Minimal discrepancies of toric singularitiesMar 15 1994Jul 15 1994This is the major revision. The main purpose of this paper is to prove that minimal discrepancies of $n$-dimensional toric singularities can accumulate only from above and only to minimal discrepancies of toric singularities of dimension less than $n$. ... More
Asymptotics for the solutions of elliptic systems with fast oscillating coefficientsDec 04 2006May 07 2007We consider a singularly perturbed second order elliptic system in the whole space. The coefficients of the systems fast oscillate and depend both of slow and fast variables. We obtain the homogenized operator and in the uniform norm sense we construct ... More
What is the higher dimensional infinitesimal groupoid of a manifold?Oct 29 2009The construction (by Kapranov) of the space of infinitesimal paths on a manifold is extended to include higher dimensional infinitesimal objects, encoding contractions of infinitesimal loops. This full infinitesimal groupoid is shown to have the algebra ... More
Higher dimensional operadsSep 14 2009Dec 15 2010The theory of operads (May, cyclic, modular, PROPs, etc) is extended to include higher dimensional phenomena, i.e. operations between operations, mimicking the algebraic structure on varieties of arbitrary dimensions, having marked subvarieties of arbitrary ... More
On classification of toric singularitiesApr 29 1998In 1988 S. Mori, D. Morrison, and I. Morrison gave a computer-based conjectural classification of four-dimensional cyclic quotient singularities of prime index. It was partially proven in 1990 by G. Sankaran. In 1991 Jim Lawrence basically proved this ... More
On mirrors of elliptically fibered K3 surfacesFeb 13 2017Feb 27 2017We study a two-parameter family of K3 surfaces of (generic) Picard rank $18$ which is mirror to the $18$-dimensional family of elliptically fibered K3 surfaces with a section. Members of this family are given as compactifications of hypersurfaces in three ... More
On Resolution of Compactifications of Unramified Planar Self-mapsOct 24 2011Apr 10 2012We use the techniques of birational algebraic geometry and some combinatorial arguments related to weighted trees to study the structure of resolutions of compactifications of hypothetical counterexamples to the two-dimensional Jacobian Conjecture. We ... More
A geometric approach to the two-dimensional Jacobian ConjectureDec 24 2009Any counterexample to the two-dimensional Jacobian Conjecture gives a rational map from one projective plane to another. We use some ideas of the Minimal Model Program to study the combinatorial structure of a rational surface, that is obtained by resolving ... More
Exchange coupling of a perpendicular ferromagnet to a half-metallic compensated ferrimagnet via a thin hafnium interlayerMay 08 2017A thin Hafnium film is shown to act both as an effective diffusion barrier for manganese at a thickness of 0.7 nm, and as an effective exchange coupling layer in a sandwich structure with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. The magnetic layers are Co$_{20}$Fe$_{60}$B$_{20}$ ... More
Preparation, characterization, and electrical properties of epitaxial NbO2 thin film lateral devicesJun 22 2015Jul 28 2015Epitaxial NbO2 (110) films, 20 nm thick, were grown by pulsed laser deposition on Al2O3 (0001) substrates. The Ar/O2 total pressure during growth was varied to demonstrate the gradual transformation between NbO2 and Nb2O5 phases, which was verified using ... More
Variability in Spectropolarimetric properties of Sy 1.5 galaxy Mrk 6Oct 04 2013Jan 31 2014Here we present an analysis of spectro-polarimetric observations of type 1.5 AGN Mrk 6, performed with 6m telescope SAO RAN in 12 epochs (2010 -- 2013). Additionally, the inter-stellar mater (ISM) polarization has been observed and its contribution to ... More
Study of the Effect of Annealing on the Properties of Mn2RuxGa Thin FilmsApr 03 2019The effect of vacuum annealing thin films of the compensated ferrimagnetic half-metal Mn2RuxGa at temperatures from 250 to 400 degree Celsius is investigated. The 39.3 nm films deposited on (100) MgO substrates exhibit perpendicular magnetic anisotropy ... More
Unusual void galaxy DDO68: implications of the HST resolved photometryDec 01 2016Dec 07 2016DDO68 (UGC5340) is an unusual dwarf galaxy with extremely low gas metallicity (12+log(O/H) = 7.14) residing in the nearby Lynx-Cancer void. Despite its apparent isolation, it shows both optical and HI morphological evidence for strong tidal disturbance. ... More
Unusual void galaxy DDO68: implications of the HST resolved photometryDec 01 2016Dec 29 2016DDO68 (UGC5340) is an unusual dwarf galaxy with extremely low gas metallicity (12+log(O/H) = 7.14) residing in the nearby Lynx-Cancer void. Despite its apparent isolation, it shows both optical and HI morphological evidence for strong tidal disturbance. ... More
Dynamic screening of a localized hole during photoemission from a metal clusterMar 22 2012Jun 14 2012Recent advances in attosecond spectroscopy techniques have fueled the interest in the theoretical description of electronic processes taking place in the subfemtosecond time scale. Here we study the coupled dynamic screening of a localized hole and a ... More
Investigation of the new cataclysmic variable 1RXS J180834.7+101041Feb 17 2012We present the results of our photometric and spectroscopic studies of the new eclipsing cataclysmic variable star 1RXS J180834.7+101041. Its spectrum exhibits double-peaked hydrogen and helium emission lines. The Doppler maps constructed from hydrogen ... More
Unusual void galaxy DDO\,68: implications of the \textit{HST} resolved photometryDec 01 2016DDO68 (UGC5340) is an unusual dwarf galaxy with extremely low gas metallicity (12+log(O/H) = 7.14) residing in the nearby Lynx-Cancer void. Despite its apparent isolation, it shows both optical and HI morphological evidence for strong tidal disturbance. ... More
Microscopic origin of the mobility enhancement at a spinel/perovskite oxide heterointerface revealed by photoemission spectroscopyOct 16 2017The spinel/perovskite heterointerface $\gamma$-Al$_2$O$_3$/SrTiO$_3$ hosts a two-dimensional electron system (2DES) with electron mobilities exceeding those in its all-perovskite counterpart LaAlO$_3$/SrTiO$_3$ by more than an order of magnitude despite ... More
Polynomial maps over $p$-adics and residual properties of mapping tori of group endomorphismsOct 02 2008We continue our study of residual properties of mapping tori of free group endomorphisms. In this paper, we prove that each of these groups are virtually residually (finite $p$)-groups for all but finitely many primes$p$. The method involves further studies ... More
Asymptotics for the expected lifetime of Brownian motion on thin domains in R^nSep 30 2009Apr 26 2011We derive a three-term asymptotic expansion for the expected lifetime of Brownian motion and for the torsional rigidity on thin domains in R^n, and a two-term expansion for the maximum (and corresponding maximizer) of the expected lifetime. The approach ... More
On a one-dimensional quadratic operator pencil with a small periodic perturbationJul 26 2016We consider a quadratic operator pencil with a small periodic perturbation multiplied by the spectral parameter. It is motivated, in particular, by a one-dimensional Klein-Gordon equation with a time-parity-symmetric perturbation. We study in details ... More
Simplicial approach to derived differential manifoldsNov 30 2011Derived differential manifolds are constructed using the usual homotopy theory of simplicial rings of smooth functions. They are proved to be equivalent to derived differential manifolds of finite type, constructed using homotopy sheaves of homotopy rings ... More
Distant perturbations of the Laplacian in a multi-dimensional spaceAug 02 2006Dec 06 2006We consider the Laplacian in $\mathbb{R}^n$ perturbed by a finite number of distant perturbations those are abstract localized operators. We study the asymptotic behaviour of the discrete spectrum as the distances between perturbations tend to infinity. ... More
On dynamics of geometrically thin accretion disksApr 28 2013Sep 05 2013Axisymmetric accretion disks in vicinity of a central compact body are studied. For the simple models such as vertically isothermal disks as well as adiabatic ones the exact solutions to the steady-state MHD (magneto-hydrodynamic) system were found under ... More
On Calabi-Yau threefolds with large nonabelian fundamental groupsSep 26 2006In this short note we construct Calabi-Yau threefolds with nonabelian fundamental groups of order 64 as quotients of the small resolutions of certain complete intersections of quadrics in $\PP^7$ that were first considered by M. Gross and S. Popescu.
Quasi-coherent sheaves in differential geometryJul 04 2017Jul 28 2017It is proved that the category of simplicial complete bornological spaces over $\mathbb R$ carries a combinatorial monoidal model structure satisfying the monoid axiom. For any commutative monoid in this category the category of modules is also a monoidal ... More
On Wronskians of weight one Eisenstein seriesMar 01 2005We describe the span of Hecke eigenforms of weight four with nonzero central value of $L$-function in terms of Wronskians of certain weight one Eisenstein series.
Chiral rings of vertex algebras of mirror symmetrySep 23 2002Nov 10 2003We calculate chiral rings of the N=2 vertex algebras constructed from the combinatorial data of toric mirror symmetry and show that they coincide with the description of stringy cohomology conjectured previously in a joint work with A. Mavlyutov.
Higher elliptic generaFeb 17 2006Oct 17 2008We show that elliptic classes introduced in our earlier paper for spaces with infinite fundamental groups yield Novikov's type higher elliptic genera which are invariants of K-equivalence. This include, as a special case, the birational invariance of ... More
On a problem with nonperiodic frequent alternation of boundary condition imposed on fast oscillating setsJun 21 2003Nov 27 2005We consider singular perturbed eigenvalue problem for Laplace operator in a cylinder with frequent and nonperiodic alternation of boundary conditions imposed on narrow strips lying in the lateral surface. The width of strips depends on a small parameter ... More
Spectral gaps for self-adjoint second order operatorsOct 02 2010Sep 04 2012We consider a second order self-adjoint operator in a domain which can be bounded or unbounded. The boundary is partitioned into two parts with Dirichlet boundary condition on one of them, and Neumann condition on the other. We assume that the potential ... More
On the conjecture of King for smooth toric Deligne-Mumford stacksJan 18 2008Dec 24 2008We construct full strong exceptional collections of line bundles on smooth toric Fano Deligne-Mumford stacks of Picard number at most two and of any Picard number in dimension two. It is hoped that the approach of this paper will eventually lead to the ... More
McKay correspondence for elliptic generaJun 24 2002We establish a correspondence between orbifold and singular elliptic genera of a global quotient. While the former is defined in terms of the fixed point set of the action, the latter is defined in terms of the resolution of singularities. As a byproduct, ... More
Eigenvalue asymptotics, inverse problems and a trace formula for the linear damped wave equationMay 20 2009We determine the general form of the asymptotics for Dirichlet eigenvalues of the one-dimensional linear damped wave operator. As a consequence, we obtain that given a spectrum corresponding to a constant damping term this determines the damping term ... More
Asymptotics of Dirichlet eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the Laplacian on thin domains in R^dAug 17 2009We consider the Laplace operator with Dirichlet boundary conditions on a domain in R^d and study the effect that performing a scaling in one direction has on the eigenvalues and corresponding eigenfunctions as a function of the scaling parameter around ... More
On the boundedness of the sectional curvature of almost Hermitian manifoldsAug 11 2010We prove the following results: An almost Hermitian manifold of indefinite metric is of pointwise constant holomorphic sectional curvature if the holomorphic sectional curvature is bounded from above and from below. If the antiholomorphic sectional curvature ... More
On stringy Euler characteristics of Clifford non-commutative varietiesMay 17 2018It was shown by Kuznetsov that complete intersections of $n$ generic quadrics in ${\mathbb P}^{2n-1}$ are related by Homological Projective Duality to certain non-commutative (Clifford) varieties which are in some sense birational to double covers of ... More
Stringy $E$-functions of Pfaffian-Grassmannian double mirrorsFeb 12 2015Feb 24 2015We establish the equality of stringy $E$-functions for double mirror Calabi-Yau complete intersections in the varieties of skew forms of rank at most $2k$ and at most $n-1-2k$ on a vector space of odd dimension $n$.
Securing Tor Tunnels under the Selective-DoS AttackJul 19 2011Dec 18 2012Anonymous communication systems are subject to selective denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. Selective DoS attacks lower anonymity as they force paths to be rebuilt multiple times to ensure delivery which increases the opportunity for more attack. In this ... More
Homotopy Gerstenhaber structure on deformation complex of a morphismOct 11 2005$G_\infty$-structure is shown to exist on the deformation complex of a morphism of associative algebras. The main step of the construction is extension of a $B_\infty$-algebra by an associative algebra. Actions of $B_\infty$-algebras on associative and ... More
On the spectrum of a Schroedinger operator perturbed by a fast oscillating potentialMay 25 2005Jun 12 2005We study the spectrum of a one-dimensional Schroedinger operator perturbed by a fast oscillating potential. The oscillation period is a small parameter. The essential spectrum is found in an explicit form. The existence and multiplicity of the discrete ... More
Planar waveguide with "twisted" boundary conditions: discrete spectrumOct 16 2011We consider a planar waveguide with combined Dirichlet and Neumann conditions imposed in a "twisted" way. We study the discrete spectrum and describe it dependence on the configuration of the boundary conditions. In particular, we show that in certain ... More
Self-self-dual spaces of polynomialsAug 13 2003A space of polynomials V of dimension 7 is called self-dual if the divided Wronskian of any 6-subspace is in V. A self-dual space V has a natural inner product. The divided Wronskian of any isotropic 3-subspace of V is a square of a polynomial. We call ... More
Lepton-number violating meson decays in theories beyond the Standard ModelDec 14 2011Dec 17 2011After discussion of mechanisms of lepton number violation, we consider meson decays $K^+ \to\pi^ - \ell ^ + \ell '^ +$ and $D^ + \to K^ - \ell ^ + \ell '^ +$ ($\ell,\ell ' = e,\mu $) with $\Delta L= 2$ in the Standard Model extended by massive Majorana ... More
Generalized problem of two and four Newtonian centersMar 04 2005We consider integrable spherical analogue of the Darboux potential, which appear in the problem (and its generalizations) of the planar motion of a particle in the field of two and four fixed Newtonian centers. The obtained results can be useful when ... More
Exponential parameterization of the neutrino mixing matrix - comparative analysis with different data sets and CP violationOct 27 2016The exponential parameterization of Pontecorvo-Maki-Nakagawa-Sakata mixing matrix for neutrino is used for comparative analysis of different neutrino mixing data. The UPMNS matrix is considered as the element of the SU(3) group and the second order matrix ... More
Quantum waveguides with small periodic perturbations: gaps and edges of Brillouin zonesNov 25 2012Apr 08 2013We consider small perturbations of the Laplace operator in a multi-dimensional cylindrical domain by second order differential operators with periodic coefficients. We show that under certain non-degeneracy conditions such perturbations can open a gap ... More
String Cohomology of a Toroidal SingularityFeb 10 1998We construct explicitly regular sequences in the semigroup ring $R=\CC[K]$ of lattice points of the graded cone $K$. We conjecture that the quotients of $R$ by these sequences describe locally string-theoretic cohomology of a toroidal singularity associated ... More
Research announcement: equations of a fake projective planeOct 10 2017In this short note we announce explicit equations of a fake projective plane in its bicanonical embedding in $\mathbb C\mathbb P^9$.
Introduction to the vertex algebra approach to mirror symmetryDec 23 1999The goal of this paper is to make the vertex operator algebra approach to mirror symmetry accessible to algebraic geometers. Compared to better-known approaches using moduli spaces of stable maps and special Lagrangian fibrations, this approach follows ... More