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A More Accurate Fourier TransformJul 06 2015Fourier transform methods are used to analyze functions and data sets to provide frequencies, amplitudes, and phases of underlying oscillatory components. Fast Fourier transform (FFT) methods offer speed advantages over evaluation of explicit integrals ... More
Impossible? Publication Quality Research with the Weakest 10% of Incoming FreshmenNov 30 2012Undergraduate research is widely regarded as a high impact practice. However, usually only the highest achieving students are rewarded with undergraduate research opportunities. This paper reports on the successful implementation of a student research ... More
Evidence for Magnetoreception in Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus), Black Drum (Pogonias cromis), and Sea Catfish (Ariopsis felis)Nov 30 2015Over the past few decades, magnetoreception has been discovered in several species of teleost and elasmobranch fishes by employing varied experimental methods including conditioning experiments, observations of alignment with external fields, and experiments ... More
Review of Magnetic Shark Deterrents: Hypothetical Mechanisms and Evidence for SelectivityNov 24 2014Several papers published since 2006 describe effects of magnetic fields on elasmobranchs and assess their utility in reducing negative interactions between sharks and humans, including bycatch reduction. Most of these repeat a single untested hypothesis ... More
An Acoustic Demonstration of Galileo's Law of Falling BodiesFeb 08 2011An acoustic method is presented for analyzing the time of falling motion. A ball is dropped from a measured height. The dropping device makes a distinct sound a well-determined time (roughly 14 milliseconds) after release. The ball subsequently makes ... More
The Evening Tutoring Center at the United States Air Force AcademyFeb 09 2011The United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) has opened an Evening Tutoring Center to provide after-hours tutoring every evening before class days. The center focuses on first and second year courses in challenging quantitative disciplines: mathematics, ... More
Acoustic methods for measuring bullet velocityDec 27 2008This article describes two acoustic methods to measure bullet velocity with an accuracy of 1% or better. In one method, a microphone is placed within 0.1 m of the gun muzzle and a bullet is fired at a steel target 45 m away. The bullet's flight time is ... More
Unions of arcs from Fourier partial sumsFeb 03 2010Mar 03 2010Elementary complex analysis and Hilbert space methods show that a union of at most n arcs on the circle is uniquely determined by the nth Fourier partial sum of its characteristic function. The endpoints of the arcs can be recovered from the coefficients ... More
Performance testing of lead free primers: blast waves, velocity variations, and environmental testingOct 23 2014Results are presented for lead free primers based on diazodinitrophenol (DDNP)compared with tests on lead styphnate based primers. First, barrel friction measurements in 5.56 mm NATO are presented. Second, shot to shot variations in blast waves are presented ... More
Terminal Performance of Lead-Free Pistol Bullets in Ballistic Gelatin Using Retarding Force Analysis from High Speed VideoApr 04 2016Due to concerns about environmental and industrial hazards of lead, a number of military, law enforcement, and wildlife management agencies are giving careful consideration to lead-free ammunition. The goal of lead-free bullets is to gain the advantages ... More
Gyroscopic Stability of Open Tipped Match Style Rifle BulletsJan 16 2014Oct 16 2014Earlier work has produced formulas for predicting stability of rifle bullets of near uniform density and also for plastic-tipped rifle bullets. These formulas have been shown to be accurate within 5%. However, the original Miller stability formula for ... More
Aerodynamic Drag and Gyroscopic StabilityAug 15 2013Oct 16 2014This paper describes the effects on aerodynamic drag of rifle bullets as the gyroscopic stability is lowered from 1.3 to 1.0. It is well known that a bullet can tumble for stability less than 1.0. The Sierra Loading Manuals (4th and 5th Editions) have ... More
EI VideosApr 11 2012The Quantitative Reasoning Center (QRC) at USAFA has the institution's primary responsibility for offering after hours extra instruction (EI) in core technical disciplines (mathematics, chemistry, physics, and engineering mechanics). Demand has been tremendous, ... More
Studying the Internal Ballistics of a Combustion Driven Potato Cannon using High-speed VideoMay 04 2013A potato cannon was designed to accommodate several different experimental propellants and have a transparent barrel so the movement of the projectile could be recorded on high-speed video (at 2000 frames per second). Both combustion chamber and barrel ... More
Effects of periodic forcing on a Paleoclimate delay modelAug 07 2018Jan 11 2019We present a study of a delay differential equation (DDE) model for the Mid-Pleistocene Transition (MPT). We investigate the behavior of the model when subjected to periodic forcing. The unforced model has a bistable region consisting of a stable equilibrium ... More
Comparing Terminal Performance of .357 SIG and 9mm Bullets in Ballistic Gelatin Using Retarding Force Analysis from High Speed VideoAug 21 2015High-speed video has emerged as an valuable tool for quantifying bullet performance in ballistic gelatin. This paper presents the results of testing four .357 SIG bullets using high-speed video of bullet impacts in ballistic gelatin to determine retarding ... More
Elements of $C^*$-algebras Attaining Their Norm in a Finite-Dimensional RepresentationJul 06 2017We characterize the class of RFD $C^*$-algebras as those containing a dense subset of elements that attain their norm under a finite-dimensional representation. We show further that this subset is the whole space precisely when every irreducible representation ... More
Photometric Trends in the Visible Solar Continuum and Their Sensitivity to the Center-to-Limb ProfileFeb 23 2015Jun 25 2015Solar irradiance variations over solar rotational time-scales are largely determined by the passage of magnetic structures across the visible solar disk. Variations on solar cycle time scales are thought to be similarly due to changes in surface magnetism ... More
Small-Network Approximations for Geometrically Frustrated Ising SystemsJul 14 2011The study of frustrated spin systems often requires time-consuming numerical simulations. As the simplest approach, the classical Ising model is often used to investigate the thermodynamic behavior of such systems. Exploiting the small correlation lengths ... More
Efficiency of minimizing compositions of convex functions and smooth mapsApr 30 2016Aug 14 2017We consider global efficiency of algorithms for minimizing a sum of a convex function and a composition of a Lipschitz convex function with a smooth map. The basic algorithm we rely on is the prox-linear method, which in each iteration solves a regularized ... More
A Tentative Role for FOXP2 in the Evolution of Dual Processing Modes and Generative AbilitiesAug 11 2014It has been suggested that the origins of cognitive modernity in the Middle/Upper Paleolithic following the appearance of anatomically modern humans was due to the onset of dual processing or contextual focus (CF), the ability to shift between different ... More
Is Carbon Cycling Keeping Pace with Increases in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide?Dec 20 2018Carbon dioxide (CO2) increase has been well documented, and global net primary production is of importance to a variety of ecological topics. Since CO2 increases primary production in laboratory experiments, the global effects of increasing CO2 on global ... More
Measuring Bullet Velocity with a PC SoundcardJan 14 2006This article describes a simple method for using a PC soundcard to accurately measure bullet velocity. The method involves placing the microphone within a foot of the muzzle and firing at a steel target between 50 and 100 yards away. The time of flight ... More
Non-Gaussianity in Two-Field InflationNov 30 2010Dec 14 2010We derive semi-analytic formulae for the local bispectrum and trispectrum in general two-field inflation and provide a simple geometric recipe for building observationally allowed models with observable non-Gaussianity. We use the \delta N formalism and ... More
The CP Puzzle in the Strong InteractionsOct 03 2001This lecture, directed to an broad audience including non-specialists, presents a short review of the problem of strong CP symmetry maintenance. The problem is defined and the possible solutions briefly reviewed. I discuss the way in which Roberto Peccei ... More
Hyperelementary assembly for K-theory of virtually abelian groupsSep 13 2005Feb 16 2006Controlled $K$-theory is used to show that algebraic $K$-theory of virtually abelian groups is described by an assembly map defined using possibly-infinite hyperelementary subgroups. The Farrell-Jones summand (coming from infinite subgroups) is parameterized ... More
Fractions in elementary educationNov 10 2013This paper is one of a series in which elementary-education practice is analyzed by comparison with the history of mathematics, mathematical structure, modern practice, and (occasionally) cognitive neuroscience. The primary concerns are: Why do so many ... More
High-speed measurement of firearm primer blast wavesMar 13 2012This article describes a method and results for direct high-speed measurements of firearm primer blast waves employing a high-speed pressure transducer located at the muzzle to record the blast pressure wave produced by primer ignition. Key findings are: ... More
Generalized network structures: The configuration model and the canonical ensemble of simplicial complexesFeb 12 2016Jun 06 2016Simplicial complexes are generalized network structures able to encode interactions occurring between more than two nodes. Simplicial complexes describe a large variety of complex interacting systems ranging from brain networks, to social and collaboration ... More
B Physics and CP ViolationNov 14 2001These lectures provide a basic overview of topics related to the study of CP Violation in B decays. In the first lecture, I review the basics of discrete symmetries in field theories, the quantum mechanics of neutral but flavor-non-trivial mesons, and ... More
Cores of s-cobordisms of 4-manifoldsMar 31 2004The main result is that an s-cobordism (topological or smooth) of 4-manifolds has a product structure outside a ``core'' sub s-cobordism. These cores are arranged to have quite a bit of structure, for example they are smooth and abstractly (forgetting ... More
Group categories and their field theoriesNov 08 1998Nov 21 1999A group-category is an additively semisimple category with a monoidal product structure in which the simple objects are invertible. For example in the category of representations of a group, 1-dimensional representations are the invertible simple objects. ... More
The triangulation of manifoldsOct 28 2013Nov 12 2013A mostly expository account of old questions about the relationship between polyhedra and topological manifolds. Topics are old topological results, new gauge theory results (with speculations about next directions), and history of the questions.
The two-star model: exact solution in the sparse regime and condensation transitionApr 24 2015Apr 28 2015The $2$-star model is the simplest exponential random graph model that displays complex behavior, such as degeneracy and phase transition. Despite its importance, this model has been solved only in the regime of dense connectivity. In this work we solve ... More
Derivation of Delay Equation Climate Models Using the Mori-Zwanzig FormalismFeb 08 2019Models incorporating delay have been frequently used to understand climate variability phenomena, but often the delay is introduced through an ad-hoc physical reasoning, such as the propagation time of waves. In this paper, the Mori-Zwanzig formalism ... More
A Compact Multi-Planet System With A Significantly Misaligned Ultra Short Period PlanetJun 21 2018Oct 29 2018We report the discovery of a compact multi-planet system orbiting the relatively nearby (78pc) and bright ($K=8.9$) K-star, K2-266 (EPIC248435473). We identify up to six possible planets orbiting K2-266 with estimated periods of P$_b$ = 0.66, P$_{.02}$ ... More
The Mid-Pleistocene Transition induced by delayed feedback and bistabilityDec 20 2017Nov 09 2018The Mid-Pleistocene Transition, the shift from 41 kyr to 100 kyr glacial-interglacial cycles that occurred roughly 1 Myr ago, is often considered as a change in internal climate dynamics. Here we revisit the model of Quaternary climate dynamics that was ... More
Problems on homology manifoldsOct 17 2003Mar 18 2009A list of problems prepared for the proceedings of the Workshop on Exotic Homology Manifolds, Oberwolfach June 29-July 5 2003.
Studies of single top quark production at the TevatronJan 19 2011In this paper we present several measurements of single top quark production from the CDF and D0 experiments at the Tevatron. The various analyses utilize integrated luminosity ranging from 2.1 to 4.8 fb -1. The results include the observation of single ... More
Dual decompositions of 4-manifolds II: linear invariantsSep 20 2001Mar 06 2004This paper continues the study of decompositions of a smooth 4-manifold into two handlebodies with handles of index $\leq2$. Part I gave existence results in terms of spines and chain complexes over the fundamental group of the ambient manifold. Here ... More
The Mid-Pleistocene Transition induced by delayed feedback and bistabilityDec 20 2017The Mid-Pleistocene Transition, the shift from 41 kyr to 100 kyr glacial-interglacial cycles that occurred roughly 1 Myr ago, is often considered as a change in internal climate dynamics. Here we revisit the model of Quaternary climate dynamics that was ... More
Basin bifurcations, oscillatory instability and rate-induced thresholds for AMOC in a global oceanic box modelJan 29 2019The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) transports substantial amounts of heat into the North Atlantic sector, and hence is of very high importance in regional climate projections. The AMOC has been observed to show multi-stability across ... More
Basin bifurcations, oscillatory instability and rate-induced thresholds for AMOC in a global oceanic box modelJan 29 2019Apr 11 2019The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) transports substantial amounts of heat into the North Atlantic sector, and hence is of very high importance in regional climate projections. The AMOC has been observed to show multi-stability across ... More
Detecting Earth-like Biosignatures on Rocky Exoplanets around Nearby Stars with Ground-based Extremely Large TelescopesMar 22 2019As we begin to discover rocky planets in the habitable zone of nearby stars with missions like TESS and CHEOPS, we will need quick advancements on instrumentation and observational techniques that will enable us to answer key science questions, such as ... More
To Apply or Not to Apply: A Survey Analysis of Grant Writing Costs and BenefitsMar 13 2015We surveyed 113 astronomers and 82 psychologists active in applying for federally funded research on their grant-writing history between January, 2009 and November, 2012. We collected demographic data, effort levels, success rates, and perceived non-financial ... More
Recursive strategy for decomposing Betti tables of complete intersectionsAug 17 2017We introduce a recursive decomposition algorithm for the Betti diagram of a complete intersection using the diagram of a complete intersection defined by a subset of the original generators. This alternative algorithm is the main tool that we use to investigate ... More
Fast Bayesian Inference for Exoplanet Discovery in Radial Velocity DataJan 27 2015Inferring the number of planets $N$ in an exoplanetary system from radial velocity (RV) data is a challenging task. Recently, it has become clear that RV data can contain periodic signals due to stellar activity, which can be difficult to distinguish ... More
Constraints on the Geometries of Black Holes in Classical and Semiclassical GravityNov 20 1997Constraints on the geometries of static spherically symmetric black holes are obtained by requiring that the spacetime curvature be analytic at the event horizon. Further constraints are obtained by requiring that the semiclassical trace equation be satisfied ... More
Constraints on Black Holes in Classical and Semiclassical Theories of GravityJul 11 1997Constraints on the geometry of a static spherically symmetric black hole are obtained by requiring the spacetime curvature to be analytic at the event horizon. For a zero temperature black hole further constraints are obtained by also requiring that the ... More
A Cyber Science Based Ontology for Artificial General Intelligence ContainmentJan 28 2018The development of artificial general intelligence is considered by many to be inevitable. What such intelligence does after becoming aware is not so certain. To that end, research suggests that the likelihood of artificial general intelligence becoming ... More
Fixing Numbers of Graphs and GroupsJul 11 2018The fixing number of a graph $G$ is the smallest cardinality of a set of vertices $S$ such that only the trivial automorphism of $G$ fixes every vertex in $S$. The fixing set of a group $\Gamma$ is the set of all fixing numbers of finite graphs with automorphism ... More
Secrets of Successful Science ProjectsDec 28 2016Over the past several years, the authors have served as teachers, qualified scientists, mentors, and/or parents on dozens of science projects. These projects ranged from elementary school projects that can be completed in a weekend to high school and ... More
High-speed measurement of rifle primer blast wavesFeb 08 2011This article describes a method and results for direct high-speed measurements of rifle primer blast waves employing a high-speed pressure transducer located at the muzzle to record the blast pressure wave produced by primer ignition. Our key findings ... More
Summary and Outlook for 9th International Symposium on Heavy Flavor PhysicsNov 14 2001This is the summary talk of a meeting held at the California Institute of Technology Sept 10-13, 2001. I do not attempt to summarize all the beautiful experimental results we have seen this week, nor to repeat the lively theoretical discussions that have ... More
``Theoretical mathematics'': Toward a cultural synthesis of mathematics and theoretical physicsJul 01 1993Is speculative mathematics dangerous? Recent interactions between physics and mathematics pose the question with some force: traditional mathematical norms discourage speculation, but it is the fabric of theoretical physics. In practice there can be benefits, ... More
Homogeneous BandsNov 29 2016A countable band $B$ is called homogeneous if every isomorphism between finitely generated subbands extends to an automorphism of $B$. In this paper we give a complete classification of all the homogeneous bands. We prove that a homogeneous band belongs ... More
Homogeneous BandsNov 29 2016Aug 10 2017A countable band $B$ is called homogeneous if every isomorphism between finitely generated subbands extends to an automorphism of $B$. In this paper we give a complete classification of all the homogeneous bands. We prove that a homogeneous band belongs ... More
Cusp shapes of Hilbert-Blumenthal surfaces and floor simplicityNov 07 2017Apr 20 2018We introduce a new fundamental domain for the cusp stabilizer of a Hilbert modular group over a real quadratic field K=Q(sqrt n) of class number 1, computed using a Dirichlet domain for the maximal unipotent subgroup. This region is the product of R^+ ... More
Powder Lot Variations: A Case Study with Varget - Hodgdon ExtremeJan 27 2015Small arms propellant distributor Hodgdon claims that rifle powders in its Extreme line have small velocity variations with both temperature changes and lot number. This paper reports on the variations in average velocity of four different lots of Hodgdon ... More
Measuring thrust and predicting trajectory in model rocketryMar 09 2009Methods are presented for measuring thrust using common force sensors and data acquisition to construct a dynamic force plate. A spreadsheet can be used to compute trajectory by integrating the equations of motion numerically. These techniques can be ... More
Fragmentation of protoplanetary disks around M-dwarfsJul 23 2016We investigate the conditions required for planet formation via gravitational instability (GI) and protoplanetary disk (PPD) fragmentation around M-dwarfs. Using a suite of 64 SPH simulations with $10^6$ particles, the parameter space of disk mass, temperature, ... More
Excited states in Bethe ansatz solvable models and the dressing of spin and chargeNov 23 2012Jun 21 2013A general formalism for the study of excitations above equilibrium in Bethe ansatz solvable models is presented. Nonzero temperature expressions for dressed energy, momentum, spin and charge are obtained, and it is found that the dressed spin and charge ... More
An explicit Abelian surface with maximal Galois actionMar 30 2018We construct an explicit example of a genus $2$ curve $C$ over a number field $K$ such that the adelic Galois representation arising from the action of $\operatorname{Gal}(\overline{K}/K)$ on the Jacobian of $C$ has image $\operatorname{GSp}_4(\widehat{\mathbb ... More
A Statistical Examination of the Short Term Stability of the Upsilon Andromedae SystemJun 09 2000Because of the high eccentricities (~0.3) of two of the possible planets about the star Upsilon Andromeda, the stability of the system requires careful study. We present results of 1000 numerical simulations which explore the orbital parameter space as ... More
Modulated trapping of interacting bosons in one dimensionAug 18 2014We investigate the response of harmonically confined bosons with contact interactions (trapped Lieb-Liniger gas) to modulations of the trapping strength. We explain the structure of resonances at a series of driving frequencies, where size oscillations ... More
Finite domination and Novikov rings. Iterative approachAug 15 2011Oct 12 2011Suppose C is a bounded chain complex of finitely generated free modules over the Laurent polynomial ring L = R[x,1/x]. Then C is R-finitely dominated, ie, homotopy equivalent over R to a bounded chain complex of finitely generated projective R-modules, ... More
Spin Observables in Antilambda-Lambda Production from Antiproton-Proton Annihilation with a Transverse Inital State PolarizationAug 04 2000The formalism describing the scattering of two spin-1/2 objects is reviewed for the case of antilambda-lambda production from antiproton-proton annihilation. It is shown that an experiment utilizing a transverse target polarization can, in principle, ... More
Bayesian analysis of polarization measurementsFeb 01 2012A detailed and formal account of polarization measurements using Bayesian analysis is given based on the assumption of gaussian error for the Stokes parameters. This analysis is crucial for the measurement of the polarization degree and angle at very ... More
The (In)Stability of Planetary SystemsJan 09 2004We present results of numerical simulations which examine the dynamical stability of known planetary systems, a star with two or more planets. First we vary the initial conditions of each system based on observational data. We then determine regions of ... More
A Variational Bayes Approach to Decoding in a Phase-Uncertain Digital ReceiverJul 04 2011This paper presents a Bayesian approach to symbol and phase inference in a phase-unsynchronized digital receiver. It primarily extends [Quinn 2011] to the multi-symbol case, using the variational Bayes (VB) approximation to deal with the combinatorial ... More
Triple cascade behaviour in QG and drift turbulence and generation of zonal jetsMay 08 2009We study quasi-geostrophic turbulence and plasma drift turbulence within the Charney-Hasegawa-Mima (CHM) model. We focus, theoretically and using numerical simulations, on conservation of {\em zonostrophy} and on its role in the formation of the zonal ... More
Hubbard-Shastry lattice modelsNov 22 2011Feb 24 2012We consider two lattice models for strongly correlated electrons which are exactly-solvable in one dimension. Along with the Hubbard model and the su(2|2) spin chain, these are the only parity-invariant models that can be obtained from Shastry's R-matrix. ... More
Permutation Group Symmetry and CorrelationsJun 11 2013Correlation factors are constructed that are consistent with the permutation symmetry group of N Fermions at given value of the filling factor.
Into the third dimension: stochastic measurements of Stokes parameters within the Poincaré sphereOct 05 2014Inspired by recent use of polarimetry to study the Cosmic Microwave Background and extragalatic supernovae, a foray into the statistical properties of Stokes parameters expressed in spherical coordinates is began, allowing circular polarization and linear ... More
Experimental Tests of the Proportionality of Aerodynamic Drag to Air Density for Supersonic ProjectilesOct 26 2015Pure theory recognizes the dependence of supersonic drag coefficients on both Mach number and Reynolds number, which includes an implicit dependence of drag coefficient on air density. However, many modern approaches to computing trajectories for artillery ... More
Shock Tube Design for High Intensity Blast Waves for Laboratory Testing of Armor and Combat MaterielJan 30 2015Shock tubes create simulated blast waves which can be directed and measured to study blast wave effects under laboratory conditions. It is desirable to increase available peak pressure from ~1 MPa to ~5 MPa to simulate closer blast sources and facilitate ... More
Methods for Accurate Free Flight Measurement of Drag CoefficientsMar 18 2015This paper describes experimental methods for free flight measurement of drag coefficients to an accuracy of approximately 1%. There are two main methods of determining free flight drag coefficients, or equivalent ballistic coefficients: 1) measuring ... More
A $55 Shock Tube for Simulated Blast WavesFeb 21 2015Shock tubes are commonly employed to test candidate armor materials, validate numerical models, and conduct simulated blast experiments in animal models. As DoD interests desire to field wearable sensors as blast dosimeters, shock tubes may also serve ... More
Early Results from APOKASCSep 08 2014Asteroseismology and spectroscopy provide complementary constraints on the fundamental and chemical properties of stars. I describe the first results from APOKASC, a collaboration between the Kepler asteroseismic science consortium (KASC) and the SDSS-III ... More
Static and dynamic properties of shell-shaped condensatesDec 12 2017Jul 17 2018Static, dynamic, and topological properties of hollow systems differ from those that are fully filled as a result of the presence of a boundary associated with an inner surface. Hollow Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) naturally occur in various ultracold ... More
A TESS Dress Rehearsal: Planetary Candidates and Variables from K2 Campaign 17Jun 08 2018We produce light curves for all ~34,000 targets observed with K2 in Campaign 17 (C17), identifying 34 planet candidates, 184 eclipsing binaries, and 222 other periodic variables. The location of the C17 field means follow-up can begin immediately now ... More
Device for Underwater Laboratory Simulation of Unconfined Blast WavesJun 08 2015Shock tubes simulate blast waves to study their effects in air under laboratory conditions; however, few experimental models exist for simulating underwater blast waves that are needed for facilitating experiments in underwater blast transmission, determining ... More
Is it Possible to Accurately Identify a Shooter's Face as Illuminated by the Muzzle Flash of a 22 LR Pistol?Oct 22 2014The science of firearms muzzle flash has been dominated by three perspectives: 1) Does the muzzle flash reveal friendly positions to naked eye observers so as to draw fire from enemy combatants? 2) Can flash signatures be recognized by electronic surveillance ... More
Environmental and fishing effects on the dynamic of brown tiger prawn (Penaeus esculentus) in Moreton Bay (Australia)Jun 16 2013Dec 18 2013This analysis of the variations of brown tiger prawn (Penaeus esculentus) catch in the Moreton Bay multispecies trawl fishery estimated catchability using a delay difference model. It integrated several factors responsible for variations in catchability: ... More
The cone of Betti diagrams over a hypersurface ring of low embedding dimensionSep 23 2011Feb 20 2012We give a complete description of the cone of Betti diagrams over a standard graded hypersurface ring of the form k[x,y]/<q>, where q is a homogeneous quadric. We also provide a finite algorithm for decomposing Betti diagrams, including diagrams of infinite ... More
Errors in Length-weight Parameters at FishBase.orgApr 27 2011To investigate possible errors, length-weight parameters from were used to graph length-weight curves for six different species: channel catfish, black crappie, largemouth bass, rainbow trout, flathead catfish, and lake trout along with the ... More
Topological quantum error correction in the Kitaev honeycomb modelMay 03 2017Aug 31 2017The Kitaev honeycomb model is an approximate topological quantum error correcting code in the same phase as the toric code, but requiring only a 2-body Hamiltonian. As a frustrated spin model, it is well outside the commuting models of topological quantum ... More
The Formation of the Oort Cloud in Open Cluster EnvironmentsJul 31 2007Apr 02 2008We study the influence of an open cluster environment on the formation and current structure of the Oort cloud. To do this, we have run 19 different simulations of the formation of the Oort Cloud for 4.5 Gyrs. In each simulation, the solar system spends ... More
Weighted norm inequalities of (1,q)-type for integral and fractional maximal operatorsJun 13 2016We study weighted norm inequalities of $(1,q)$- type for $0<q<1$, $\Vert \mathbf{G} \nu \Vert_{L^q(\Omega, d \sigma)} \le C \, \Vert \nu \Vert, \quad \text{for all positive measures $\nu$ in $\Omega$},$ along with their weak-type counterparts, where $\Vert ... More
Quasiparticle Interactions in Fractional Quantum Hall Systems: Justification of Different Hierarchy SchemesAug 21 1999The pseudopotentials describing the interactions of quasiparticles in fractional quantum Hall (FQH) states are studied. Rules for the identification of incompressible quantum fluid ground states are found, based upon the form of the pseudopotentials. ... More
Composite Fermions and the Fractional Quantum Hall EffectMay 18 1999The mean field (MF) composite Fermion (CF) picture successfully predicts low lying states of fractional quantum Hall systems. This success cannot be attributed to a cancellation between Coulomb and Chern-Simons interactions beyond the mean field and solely ... More
Landau level mixing in the nu=5/2 fractional quantum Hall stateSep 28 2006The nu=5/2 fractional quantum Hall state is studied numerically, directly including the effects of electron scattering between neighboring Landau levels. Significant reduction of the excitation gap caused by the LL mixing explains the discrepancy between ... More
Excitonic complexes in quantum Hall systemsAug 20 2003The formation and various possible decay processes of neutral and charged excitonic complexes in electronic integral and fractional quantum Hall systems are discussed. The excitonic complexes are bound states of a small number of the relevant negatively ... More
Hund's Rule for Monopole Harmonics, or Why the Composite Fermion Picture WorksOct 07 1998The success of the mean field composite Fermion (MFCF) picture in predicting the lowest energy band of angular momentum multiplets in fractional quantum Hall systems cannot be found in a cancellation between the Coulomb and Chern--Simons interactions ... More
The interplay of classes of algorithmically random objectsMar 21 2015We study algorithmically random closed subsets of $2^\omega$, algorithmically random continuous functions from $2^\omega$ to $2^\omega$, and algorithmically random Borel probability measures on $2^\omega$, especially the interplay between these three ... More
Critical Dynamics of Superconductors in the Charged RegimeJun 30 2003Feb 27 2004We investigate the finite temperature critical dynamics of three-dimensional superconductors in the charged regime, described by a transverse gauge field coupling to the superconducting order parameter. Assuming relaxational dynamics for both the order ... More
Disfluencies and Human Speech Transcription ErrorsApr 08 2019This paper explores contexts associated with errors in transcrip-tion of spontaneous speech, shedding light on human perceptionof disfluencies and other conversational speech phenomena. Anew version of the Switchboard corpus is provided with disfluency ... More
Ground-Based Radial Velocity as Critical Support for Future NASA Earth-Finding MissionsMar 24 2019Future space-based direct imaging missions are poised to search for biosignatures in the atmospheres of potentially habitable planets orbiting nearby AFGKM stars. Although these missions could conduct a survey of high-priority target stars to detect candidate ... More
Three-body correlations and finite-size effects in the Moore--Read states on a sphereJul 16 2004Two- and three-body correlations in partially filled degenerate fermion shells are studied numerically for various interactions between the particles. Three distinct correlation regimes are defined, depending on the short-range behavior of the pair pseudopotential. ... More
Spin instabilities and quantum phase transitions in integral and fractional quantum Hall statesNov 28 2001The inter-Landau-level spin excitations of quantum Hall states at filling factors nu=2 and 4/3 are investigated by exact numerical diagonalization for the situation in which the cyclotron (hbar*omega_c) and Zeeman (E_Z) splittings are comparable. The ... More